Random Video Game Duck: Pinkie Plays Time Lord (NES)

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Princess Pinkie has returned with a gaming post!

Salutations, Loyal Subjects and Sweet Island Guests. One of the hardest things of a content creator is content selection! Now as I grow more discontent about reviewing, I decided to spice them up a bit!  I wanted to do Reviews on Random content!  Even video games!  I love Retro Games and the way I used to play games in the past is go to your local video store and rent some video games!  Only back then there was no internet! You randomly picked a game and played it! Zero idea on whether it was good or not! To relive that experience I found a randomiser that spits out a random classic console game! Today we played Time Lord on NES! But first.. my totally “original” intro lyrics.  

For the purpose of this format an emulator has to be used as many games on this list will be to obscure to obtain physically
<End of Disclaimer>

Song intro

She’s Gonna Take You back to the past!♫
To play some random games really fast!

No walkthroughs! And No reviews! This is gonna be a blind playthrough!
Some games are good but most are bad!

She will play things she wished she never had!

She is the most random gamer, without much luck!
She’s the Random Nintendo Duck!
She’s the Random Arcade and Sega Duck!
♫She’s the Random Video Game Duck!

All credits to the James Rolph and the AVGN, this is just a spoof!

Time to play Time Lord

Time Lord Screenshots for NES - MobyGames

Time Lord is a platformer game on NES! The game was released in America in 1990 and fairly limitedly in Europe in 1991.  It was developed by Rare LTD and Published by MB Company. MB standing for Milton Bradley! Which is like the most 90’s sitcom character name ever by the way! The game is classified as a Platformer, but feels more like an early beat’em up, like River City Ransom. After playing through the entire game it is a bit of a mixed bag of reviews, with most people really liking it and some very much hating it! Once again I find myself a bit in between! Though I severely vere to the dislike side of things! One should note that I do this from the stance of a blind playthrough! I will admit that replaying this game now would make it a much more digestible experience but the first experience is …odd to say the least.  No walkthroughs, No Nintendo Power! How manageable is the game?!

HonestGamers - Time Lord (NES)

The goal seems rather simple! Each stage holds five time orbs! Collect them all and you beat the level! Travel through time to delete the influence of evil aliens on the space time continuum. And yes that is also the entire story of this game! You are told this and while I have no idea WHY the aliens have put 5 time orbs for you to function as a tutorial they did!  However the tutorial is in no way similar to the actual game experience!  So in stage one we gather five time crystals in our current time to hop back in time for the first time! And that is when the Dodo Doodoo starts to show up for me!  The controls are fairly tight though instinctively it feels as if I am jumping with the wrong button and punching with the wrong button! That might be a fault on my end though! The game looks okay.. but kind of bland for a game that game out fairly late in the NES life span.

The Good, The Bad and the Clam!

Time Lord Screenshots for NES - MobyGames

If you read my blog and actually remember what I say, some of you might know that Turtles in Time is one of my favourite SNES titles out there and this game is VERY  similar to that one!  Just less advanced. You beat up enemies, travel through time and each stage has a boss!  The time zones you visit are varying , you play through the future, medieval times, the wild west, the age of pirates, world war 2 and the future again! Every stage but one.. has a fitting boss (but more on the odd one out later)  for example in the medieval times you fight a Dragon.. which feels like something aliens could put there to mess up time!  Or in the Wild west you face a gunslinger with better weapons! Pretty good stuff!  The stages look distinct and all have their own music. Controls feel okay, but could be a bit sharper. Having Select switch weapons is a great thing I wished to have seen in more games! The game is highly functional which given that I am going to play random games for the foreseeable future already is a big bonus! So I would not go as far as say that this game sucks donkey sausage or I’d rather eat a skunk’s rotten defecation exit than to play this game, but going as far as saying that this is a good game?! I ‘d rather not go that far either.

time lord nes Cheaper Than Retail Price> Buy Clothing, Accessories and  lifestyle products for women & men -

This game has 4 major flaws that really and I mean REALLY spoil the broth for me!  Let’s begin with the biggest gripe!  Like most NES games this one can be finished a a manner of minutes.  As long as you know what to do that is! The game only has six stages which is fair. which will take you about 20 ish minutes to beat! Which is a good thing.. because if you play the game for 24 minutes and 34 seconds and still have not reached the ending.. you will hit a game over! No further edits, you have to play the game from the very beginning! Which isn’t THAT big of an issue since the whole game can be finished in about 20 minutes…on paper. Now there is a problem in the main time zones! As this game requires you to SEARCH out the HIDDEN location of the time Orbs.  Some of these orbs locations are REALLY cryptic as well.. such as having to pick up 20 mushrooms in the medieval level..or ringing the ship bell three times in the pirate level. So playing this game without hitting a game over blindly is practically impossible! And that already design wise is a chips load of fudge!

Listing of Nintendo NES games starting with the letter t - Page 5 - The  Video Games Museum

This goes hand in hand with the second issue of the game!  Many of the orbs in this game.. need to be picked up IN ORDER! Which doesn’t seem to bad but 3 out of the 6 stages make you do some serious backtracking! The worst offender of this is the World War II level who places an Orb right at the start of the game but you can only collect it last. So not only do you need to familiarise yourself with the location of the orbs, you also need to find the easiest way to get from A to B as you basically are forced to speed run this game.  Some of the orbs found in the game require trick jumps to pull off and I haven’t been able to consistently do that even if I know how the controls work!  Other orbs require you to make leaps of fate down a pit.. but since the game is in 2.5d  you can still miss an item because you are to much in the foreground or background Climbing back up takes you about a 30 seconds to a minute, so if you mess up a few times to get the perspective run, you will inevitably hit a game over. 

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The third issue is that the game is rather stingy with lives! Enemies keep constantly respawning  based on where you are in the level, so the backtracking will drain a fair bit of health! Especially in the later stages, where you need weapon upgrades to take down enemies without punching them a million times, your first run to get the items, which means you will get hit, then you have to backtrack to find all orbs which means you will take damage. If you arrive at the final boss with less then at least 2, 5 lives left  I dont think there is a way to beat it! It’s damage is nearly unavoidable, which is only amplified that by the time you arrive there you will have just a few minutes left to beat it. So you will play sloppy! Other bosses can take away huge chunks of life as well.. but they can’t hit you at all if  you find their golden spot and move in depth a bit while you can hit them no matter what plane you are on , they can only hit you if you are dead center.. if they hit you though you lose like half a life bar. The World War 2 boss i particularly hard and pretty much you will never make it through a stage in one go!  

Time Lord (NES) Final Battle + Ending - YouTube
This is how the final boss looks!

The fourth and final issue is that the final boss does NOT feel like a final boss! It feels like a scrub thing you encounter in castlevania! It’s three alien skulls on brains that spit birds at you! I knew aliens were my enemy  but these don’t look like big bad guys! This looks like the guys R2D2 and C3PO take care off while Luke  slashes at the real thing! I got really frustrated that a Mid Boss was kicking my ass.. until I finally got past it.. and realised I had beaten the game! It is not the worst boss though! The worst boss is in the pirate stage!  You may wonder .. How do you fudge up a Pirate Captain?! Well it’s not a pirate captain.. not even a pirate! The villain in the pirate themed level… is a clam! And like a clam it doesn’t really do anything! You just throw daggers at it until it dies! Why would a CLAM be the thing aliens use to disturb time! I mean it’s a big one.. but why not give blackbear a lightsaber or something.. that would seem more effective jeez!

Chocolat and Clam covered Steak

On my last run, the one I knew I was gonna beat the game on, I had a fair bit of fun! The game isn’t bad, it’s design is just fundamentally wrong! To beat the game you basically are expected to run into 6-ish game overs at least. It isn’t all that difficult to navigate through these stages but the clock pursuing you punishes you for inexperience. You are literally unable to complete the game from inexperience! You can play flawless and not get hit YET still you will be forced into a game over.. because .. who in their right minds would try to pick mushrooms until a red orb appears in a beat em up game. Who  would ring a bell three times to make an orb appear.. especially when an earlier bell shows up that just drops coins!  Which only increases your score..but cost you time to get so why would you?! The core gameplay is fun.. but it is not rewarding to play as a gamer and goes against my gaming instincts of fairness.

Time Lord - NES - Nerd Bacon Reviews

I want to lose a game because I suck at the game! I want to get better! Just simply learning the map doesn’t count at getting better at the game!  If I hit a Game Over because I hit the bell on the pirate ship too many times, I don’t feel accomplished if I skip it the next time around and DO find an orb in the next bell. I feel robbed! I don’t mind getting a bad ending for taking things slow.. take Metroid for example! That has a time limit as well but I can still be quite content if I beat it in a slow run.. here I just die! I played about 12 to 15 times, some of which was caused by pure frustration but one of them happened by time out in the final stage! I was just too slow in killing the World War 2 boss to get to that monster with as many lives as possible! As I believed he was a mid boss! That was very annoying!

This game is like grocery store steak and store bought chocolate mousse and take away clams.  As separate elements they are super passable and enjoyable!  We don’t always need fine dining and store bought can still be fine!  The steak is seasoned pretty well, the clams while not the freshest and some taste a bit funky are still clams! It’s hard to fudge those up and the chocolate mouse is a great desert that most people would not say no to! The problem is this game just throws it all together. There is no way to enjoy your steak without tasting the clams and the chocolate mouse as well.. and it just doesn’t combine! 

Houshou Marine (1,000,000 subscribers) : Hololive

I wanted a pirate boss! I love pirates! Marine is probably the VTuber I would make my wife!  So the fact that I could have fought her in this game but I got a clam instead annoys me!  I know I am into clams as well but NO! This is not a good stage boss!  Who ever thought that was a good idea!  This is clearly made by people who understood games and marketing.. yet the thing this game fails to understand is the gamer!  That is why I would consider this game a failure! Speaking of which.. since this guy is supposed to be a Time Lord, where is his phone booth?!

Next installment of Random Video Game Duck.. we will launch a Sega Master System game? Will it be good? Will it be bad? I do not know! All I know is that it will be drawn at random! Any NES game you’d like to see me play?! Or do you hope I land on a particular Master System title?! Let me know! Oh dear.. the song is hear! I gotta go! Stay random!

♫♩ She’s the Random ………..Video Game ………Duck! ♩♫

Pinkie Ranks: Top 5 N64 Songs/Soundstracks

Welcome back again little lights of my life!  Today I will ramble more about gaming! Why?! Because as a Virtual Blogger it is now my task to have factually correct opinions!  So to celebrate that I am right I really wanted to do a top 5. I wanted to do a top 5 Kaiju first.. but I realised.. I really have to know them a bit better. Mamma Mothra is considered the mother of monsters so .. maybe Godzilla is like my brother.. I might need to learn more about him before I think he is a bit basic.

 So because I was listening to video game music while listening to this post .. how about I review video game music again! From the N64 this time!  As I did SNES and NES in the past! Like with them, only one entry per franchise (uhm kind off) ..with an honourable mention in the same game (most of the time) .

<Disclaimer> All the Songs Are YouTube Videos, to hear them read this post on my actual website. <End Of Disclaimer>

Number 5: SS Anubis – Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini was a great game on the N64 that would have never really been on my radar. Shooting bugs with an anime girl, a guy in space armor and a dog wasn’t something I was particularly interested in at the time.. it looked “kiddy” yet did not play kiddy.. so I kinda found that dumb! So I decided to rent Star Wars Shadows of the Empire instead… man I really disliked that game! The shooting was so awful.  I returned the game the same day as I took it out.. even though I rented it for a week.. I did not want Shadows to be my weekend!  The Video Game Store Owner recommended me to Jet Force  Gemini instead and since I wanted space Violence I reluctantly agreed. My mind was blown. This game was so much better!  It also had really great music! Very different from what you expect such a cute looking game.  The game played so smooth as well.. so I actually kept renting this until I finished it! …Which meant I would have been better off buying it.. .but oh well.

SS Anubis is a track that has a super foreboding tone, but also something big! It had this  explorative.. spy movie like quality that also really worked well for alien stuff. Those were some strange times!  It is very loopable.. and non intrusive and easy to put on a loop, by it’s own it might sound a bit boring for those who have never played the game.. but there was a way that these tracks were designed where ingame sound and audio blended together in such a nice cocktail that this always left an impression on me! A second favourite of mine is the fire planet Eschebone!  I mean.. there are just so many pretty sources of light there and.. the music is absolutely bone chilling. There is a real sense of danger and evil there.. and even though the level absolutely sucks donkey kong.. with the last K being replaced with a D but it’s theme was amazing. Rare did an amazing job. I could have filled this list with just rare songs alone and it would still be a great list. They are on here a lot.. in fact….. the next entry might be Rare as well!

Honourable Mention: Eschebone

Number 4: Sloprano – Conker’s Bad Fur Day

I love platformer games, yet on Nintendo 64 that love was tested a bit.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mario 64. It’s a great game don’t get me wrong but there were a lot of stars that aren’t fun to collect. I now.. and always will dislike a game that requires ultra specific , conditions such as entering a level at 12 o clock to stop all the moving parts, or figuring out some super vague secrets. Nowadays I do enjoy playing through it. .but then I was heavily leaning towards Team Rare. Donkey Kong 64 is a game I (as one of the few people)  really liked (except for playing the Arcade games)  and Banjo Kazooie, in my eyes blows Mario completely out of the water. So when  a platformer was said to release with lot of potty humor, violence and Teddy Bears I was on board all the way! I had a lot of fun with the multiplayer but I had even more fun with the campaign.. especially the earlier parts.

Sending bees to a sunflower, so she gets ticklish enough to show her boobs to a horney and hungover king bee… and of course.. fighting a giant turd by the power of conjuring context sensitive toilet paper. I loved this game so much and in part it is because of the Opera Scene.. weirdly I am a sucker for Opera music in video games and this one is no different.. although a bit low brow!  It’s a song sung by a baritone piece of poo that flings parts of his body at you and the entire opera is metaphors for the excrement. However the way how tempo in the song is used to ramp up difficulty and the comical and clever text pushed this towards some greater heights. While I would not say this track is “forgotten” I often see it passed over for the DK Rap, which I will cheat with and make my honorable mention here. Conker Had great music troughout the game, I very much love the main theme as well.. but since these are the two most iconic N64 songs with Vocals..both by Rare and the same type of game .. I think it is allowed.. and that way you can compare and agree with me that Sloprano is a more unique song!

Honourable Mention : DK Rap – Donkey Kong 64

Number 3: Gerudo Valley – The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda  Ocarina of Time was my first experience with this absolutely amazing franchise, with either this or Windwaker being my favourite installment. The Minish Cap taking a close third. My little sister forced me to call the main character we know as Link Turban8  (Tulband8 in Dutch)  or she would reset my game over and over.. so  my first Journey with Turban8 was quite unique.. I had never played a game like  this before and here it became clear that I was a true gamer and my sister was not.  We had to play together but I picked up on the nuances of this game fairly quickly and in the end she abandoned playing this so Turban8 was strictly controlled by me.  I loved the music of this game so much, the overworld theme, Zelda’s Lullaby,  Saria’s song.. this game blew me away! Music was an actual theme in the game and I would often just try to match the songs that were playing in the background. I learned to do this pretty okay as well.. and I adapted to a new way of Video game thinking.. away from the SNES platformer mentality.

One song impressed me so much more than the others, and that was the song of Gerudo Valley!  My oh my did I love that song. The temperament of that song, the punch it packed and the “Bandito” theme really made this an absolute bob!  I would often return to Gerudo valley just to hear that amazing song. Song of Storms will be put forward as my honourable mention, it can’t hold a candle to Gerudo Valley for me though! I love this song SO much! I loved it so much it was in my dreams! I once dreamed I got married to a video game character and we had to dance on the music! I just soared like an eagle to Gerudo  Valley! Even did the rose/flamenco thing!  Hmmm….I watched a lot of cartoons back then! I wasn’t able to beat the game at that age, the temple of Shadow and Spirit proved too tricky for me.. but I kept coming back to this game and falling for the song over and over again. I was so happy it got to be a thing in Smash Bros as well!  They also made an absolute amazing Mariachi version of this!

Number 2: Rainbow Road – Mario Kart 64

When I was just a little Pinkie, I had a little friend with a bowl cut, who always invited me to come play Mario Kart on SNES.. I always lost and did not  think I would like the sequel.. I hated SNES Rainbow Road to the core!  My friend always beat the living daylight out of me! So when I first got Mario Kart 64 I kind of was upset! I didn’t really like that game.. I always played it with my friend because they wanted to play it, not because I liked it.. but I quickly realised how good this game actually is! I loved how this game controlled.. I loved the new weapons and I could actually stay on track and .. since I was not friends with Bowlcut  anymore.. I did not really lose to anybody.. except my sister .. but she would punch me if she lost, so I faked losing a lot.  Regardless , whenever she was not there I would race the AI on harder cc’s and win!  I had so much fun! Then I had to do Rainbow Road.. and it was AMAZING.

Rainbow Road 64 is my favourite Mario Kart Track and Track ever.  It really felt like the end of a (short)  journey and instead of being punished .. like in the last one you were rewarded with a gorgeous track..which almost took as long to complete as the entire rest of the game.  Seeing those character depictions on the sky, the sense of actually driving on a Rainbow.. it did more to me than being just a great track.. and track.. I think my love for Rainbows came from that game.. before that I kinda felt they were overrated but I loved Rainbow Road 64 so much that I even made a Mario Kart Rainbow Road Dungeon in my Digimon campaign. It was super fun! During the game the track almost constantly played and no one was ever annoyed by this music looping.  It hits all the right notes of grandeur, space and lightheartedness. This isn’t a final dreadful trial for you to overcome.. this is a reward.. your victory lap!  That is to me what Rainbow Road should be. The track before that,  should be the final trial. This game got that feeling right, and this track is a perfect accompaniment for it. Oh right.. honourable mention.. Koopa Troopa Beach I get.. cause Island vibes?! It isn’t even in the same ballpark though.. heck.. if Rainbow Road is Yankee stadium.. then Beach isn’t even in America.

“Honourable” Mention: Koopa Troopa Beach

Number 1: The Entire Soundtrack – Banjo-Kazooie

I know , I know, this sounds like yet another cheat.. but you can really take your pick here and pick from anything in this library of this game. Freezy Peaks, Gruntilda’s Lair, Spiral Mountain,  the actual main theme, every single track is amazing.. but before we get into that let’s talk a bit about my history with this game. I was reluctant to pick  this up as Mario 64 had been a bit of a mid-experience for me.  When I say MID I mean that in the softest way possible. I had a great time, but I no where nearly loved this game as much as I loved Super Mario World. I did not love it as much as Super Mario Bros 3 either. It was somewhere around Mario 2 and 1 for me. However because of how much I loved World.. this felt like a disappointment.. I did not care too much about how impressive 3d was. I wanted a fun game I could play with my Sister, I wanted Yoshi, Especially Stompy.. my Yellow Yoshi (my sister claimed the blue one). Then Banjo came and I expected the same experience.. but I was blown away! This game.. was SOOO much better. I am sorry but it just really is. Mario 64 is a great game.. but Banjo… it’s the near perfect collectathon platformer. It is one of those 10/10 games for me.

The gameplay, the  humor, the synergy and most of all the music. This music style is SO unique! I am not good with backoffice names.. especially when it comes to music.. or voice actors.. I don’t really care who voices a character as long as I like the voice. I love the voice acting in a Hat in Time .. yet I have no idea who did it.. I love the music in Blast Corps.. I have no idea who did it! When it comes to music I know two names. Nobuo Uematsu, who I still refer to as “that Final Fantasy Guy” and that there is Grant Kirkhope. All respect to Uematsu.. but he just makes amazing music.. Grant Kirkhope’s music is so unique and so is …Kirkhope, I’d almost call it a genre.  I can recognise if a song is a Kirkhope and that style feels so catered to the iconic bear and bird. Even if it is used in other games it is as if you can taste that love for this franchise. Whenever I hear a Kirkhope song.. I imagine a Bear and a Bird jamming out to it. There is a love for the characters here.. a LOT of it. After this game .. this type of music and sound design became part of this type of game.. so it simply is just outstanding and I can not pick a favourite. It was the birth of something new.. and I’ll take it as a whole! If I ever would be a VTuber, I would very much would like an Kirkhope style intro! If he’d make one I’d begin streaming the next day!

Thank you for reading trough another of my posts! If you want to support the blog , interact with me in the comments and tell me your favourite N64 song! If you want to support me even more, consider buying me a coffee or becoming a Patreon!

Pinkie Reacts in writing! Full Xbox Games Showcase July 2020

Hello again Island Guests! Today I am gonna do something I haven’t done in a fair bit. Be somewhat relevant. Now I know this post will go up when the news is almost a week old.. but that still passes as relevant for me! Rather than talking about Retro Games or Weird games.. or a new pokémon one! I will tell you what I think about what is coming!  Today I react to the Xbox Games Showcase of July 2020.

Okay.. guys , I think presentation wise Microsoft blew Sony out of the water. There was a lot more gameplay trailers, more release dates and more hype.  Heavily focussing on first and second party developers was such a smart move because this is all stuff you might buy the Series X for. Well stuff will come out for PC in some cases.. but let’s be honest.. PC Gamers and console gamers are by now almost completely different demographics. Regardless this really felt like a lineup for just about everything Microsoft! There was less room for technobabble which I appreciated. Let’s be completely honest here, Haptic Feedback doesn’t determine what system you will  get it’s the games. At least for me .. and this showcase was all build for that! No Price Range for the Series X though either.. are they waiting for each other to announce their price?! It’s not like I can afford one right away anyway.. and with how the console market works getting one day one seems a bit silly now.. but I would have at least like that bit of info.   Anyway let’s look at the games and I will judge them on how likely it would make me buy an Xbox series X if I had ample money.

All screenshots I use have been taken from this video that I will share with you so you can follow along in intervals if you wish!

This took a big chunk of the presentation! About a fifth of the entire presentation was Halo and I can see why. The last two Halo’s have not been received all that well and this one seems like a return to format. The Old armor is back, the colours and the general design reminds me of the original trilogy and in particular Halo: Combat Evolved the first game. I played the trilogy and liked it fine enough! This looks like a First Person shooter I actually  would sort of like to play. That being said the fact that I would like to play it because how retro it feels might make it a bit safe at the same time. There is a grappling hook thing now that looks quite fun.. and similar to something i have seen in Doom Infinite. Not only can you zip to other places it can also help you grab and toss items.  The music is awesome again, the characters I have seen are appealing so I already felt a bit engaged with the story..but I am not fully convinced yet I should play this over Halo 1. 

Would I buy a console for it?
Maybe! If I still feel like Halo after replaying Combat Evolved?!

State of Decay is not my brand of Zombie game.. I prefer the chaos of Left 4 Dead.  So when the third game was announced I did not feel much! I am happy for the people who love this series but to me it just isn’t my brand.  The fact that we seem to get more zombie animals is cool but I am already not very appealed by winter settings. This trailer in my opinion did not really need to exist, this type of game screams Gameplay. I would like to see how combating Zombie deer would work how this weapon functions and if camping is a in game gimmick.  What this trailer shows could have been reached with a poster. Great for people wanting a sequel but it will not convince anyone new to this series I think.. I was not convinced at least.

Would I buy a console for it?
No but I might watch a let’s play

My days of wanting pretty graphics is something I left far behind me.. but there are always those who want to look at amazing graphics above anything else. While I have no doubt the gameplay of Forza is adequate I have always found the series incredibly boring. Much like Gran Turismo. I prefer PGR as a “realistic” series or Burnout as a fun racing series. I even enjoyed The Crew a fair bit when I tried the trial. This to me feels empty. Again no gameplay so I have no idea how good the game will look when actually racing.. and if I was part of the demographic.. I think that is what really matters. The visuals in this trailer look amazing but if this is not what happens in game.. I don’t think people very much care. I am happy for Forza fans they now know they get their title…and since nowadays everything has to be announced as a trailer.. I get why it is here.. but again.. this does nothing what the words “Forza Motorsports is coming to Series X”   could not do.

Would I buy a console for it
Heck No! sleeping meds are cheaper! Both would just put me to sleep

Rare’s new game peaked my interest.. this game looks like it might be a mix between Avatar (as in the last Airbender one)  Pokémon and stuff like Horizon Zero Dawn.  Yet I could be completely wrong, I do not know because this once more is not a gameplay trailer. The Breath of the Wild aesthetic it has to it appeals.. but makes it feel a tad to “artsy”  for me.. given how the trailer runs.  I am not sure if I am going to think this game is actually FUN or just beautiful and impressive. For example I found Breath of the Wild Beautiful and impressive but not every fun. It is clear that creatures will play a very important role in it.. but what that role is exactly is unknown! Are they just creatures you need to help with a task or do you actually use them to complete tasks?  I have no idea. I am intrigued.. very much so.. but I am not sure what this is. It has potential , it has beauty, and it looks very original ..but I just do not know what this ends up being.

Would I buy a console for it?
I do not know!

No this game has nothing to do with the Backstreet Boys. This game developed by Dontnod is basically Life is Strange 3. We see a choose your own adventure type game where a brother and sister reunited and bond over their past.. but mysterious powers reveal that there might be more playing than they initially would have thought. Life is Strange was one of my favourite playthroughs of the last decade while the sequel did not do all that much for me. This story seems more appealing to be, the plot lines that are thrown out in this trailer do feel intriguing and this trailer manages to capture a certain tension I would like to see in a video game like this. At the same time I do tend to find these type of games overly expensive as you can really only complete them once. Maybe twice but then the joy is gone a bit. The fact that this one will be episodic as well makes me think this will be very much the same thing. I would probably love to play this one.. but only once the parts are all bundled together for a sweet deal. Definitely something I will be keeping an eye out for ..as the vision mechanic seems neat.. but also something I do not mind waiting for.

Would I Buy A Console for it?
No but I would buy it if I had the console!

This trailer made me incredibly uncomfy and slightly hurt my eyes. Ori 2 as I will call the game was a well received game that now gets a 120 FPS + enhanced music version on the Series X.  The trailer however was two screens next to each other with one running at 60fps and one at 120 fps.. slowed down so we could really see the stutters in the 60fps one. It felt like seeing one of those spot the differences books but it is really hard for me to notice. I mean sure I notice there are more animation frames in the 120fps version.. now that it is slowed down but it hurt my brain to look at it like that. Ori is a great platformer that unfortunately is not for me due to all the jump linking and me being very twitchy. Focussing on trying to spot a difference made me a bit queasy so while I think it’s great that this is here for Ori fans .. I am not convinced you can actually notice the framerate difference with human eyes… at least when it is not slowed down.

Would I buy a console for it?
No I need the money to buy a bucket! And some aspirine!

I love Silly expansions. Old World Blues for Fallout New Vegas ,Far Cry Blood Dragon and TIny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep  are among some of my favourite expansions and this does that same thing. I love the style, I love the humor and I would have enjoyed the game a bit more if this was more the overall tone of the game. I found myself a bit bored when playing Outer Worlds though and I wish this had been in the base game instead. So it is a step in the right direction. It makes me want to pick Outworlds up to give it another try! So I can say it’s a good trailer. I will probably try the game again, back out and not bother with the DLC though.. but who knows things might change. I might actually get some fun out of this.

Would I buy a console for it?
No but I would give a game I dropped another chance for it!

More Obsidian goodness came in the form of Grounded. A team based survival game that holds a bit in between Fortnite (Building wise)  Honey I shrunk the kids (the movie) and  your typical survival shooter. It goes into early acces on steam on the 28th of July I think and it looks actually quite fun! It was also by far the funniest trailer! “If You are waiting for the biggest game of the year” …… Wait for Cyberpunk 2077.  I laughed out loud! Thank you Obsidian.  The game looks to good for my Laptop to run but this would be something I would play with friends had I had friends who like to play this. The friends who do played team based games said “I don’t want to play as children” so they were out!  I’d probably not be able to run the game either way but man.. this trailer was funny, special and I loved this games feeling.

Would I buy a console for it?
Yes! If I could buy the friends as well!

This gave me some heavy Lord  of the Rings Vibes.. in a good way. I could almost see imagine seeing a Balrog come.. after those first moments of “gameplay”. The trailer just shows us an arrow landing and a swordsman using runic magic to gain a buff for something ominous coming. This looks like a game I want to play, this sounds like a game I would like to play! There is a lot of atmosphere in this and has got me semi hyping over a fantasy for the first time since I saw the Dawnguard trailer for Skyrim! Maybe even stronger, this checks all the fantasy boxes for me.  The arrow part with the narrator I could not care very much for.. it was just those last 5 seconds that grabbed me.. but that grabbed me so hard  that it would not let me go that easy.

Would I buy a console for it?
Yes….if I had the money I totally would!

Another Interactive Drama ..but without the paranormal aspect. I did not like this one! The style of the trailer.. and if this is the graphical style of the game as well.. which I’ve seen in a few games before, isn’t for me. I see nothing gripping in terms of story yet. Where  Tell me why really seems to focus on the mysterious elements in its storytelling it is why it justifies being a game to me. This seems to focus more on the drama and that jittery style really takes me out of it. I am not much for visual novels either so I am not the demographic here, but while I might enjoy this as a movie I do not think  I’d like this as a game. The style CAN work .. but again I would need a mystery game for it.. where I get pieces to my puzzle. The missing frames are like info I am missing. I do not mind mind the style in Phoenix Wright or Danganronpa but this feels to artsy..like it’s done to be different not to make the story better.

Would I buy a console for it?
I would not know if I’d even play this game right now.

A trailer, with  a thankful guy in it. I didn’t even know Hellblade 1 was a thing and upon looking up it’s gameplay I don’t think this is something for me. It looks very epic and warrior like , with a lot of mysticism and stuff.. but this also looks a bit to gritty to me. To Feral. It seems really catered towards it’s current fanbase and isn’t a good bit to call in new players I think. No gameplay, no story..just shouting and fire. I have no doubt it will be a good game to some but as is this was one of the most forgettable presentations to me!

Would I buy a console for it?
What even is it?! I might need to play part 1 first!

I like this game and I loved the original! I would play this if I could .. but the thing is .. I already knew that! There were already a lot of good trailers showcasing both the settings and the gameplay and to be honest I didn’t really want this trailer.. It’s just more!  Like how Pokémon reveals to much Pokémon. My reaction to this trailer was mostly like.. What the Giratina happened to Jack Black’s beard! It looks so wild and .. not very good! Why is his voice so dark all the sudden! Such a change from his old style.. it’s cool that he sings a song for this game and it works.. but it would have been so much more awesome to discover this if I ever played the game than seeing him sing it .. with that beard! Great game.. WEIRD presentation

Would I buy a console for it?
Yes.. but I will never be able to unsee that beard if I do!

I am skipping this one! I have very few nice things to say about the franchise after my first two weeks playing the first game. I really dislike the reaction they took and I have some stronger feelings I should probably not discuss! If you like Destiny 2 .. please check it out in the showcase Hope you enjoy. I skipped it.

Man does Pripyat trailer well, every game that has it I instantly want to play. There is just something about it that is the perfect mix of gloom and tension. This game also adds a lot of supernatural elements to the town near Chernobyl. I wonder if this game will actually arive on schedule unlike the first one.  I wasn’t a big fan of the gameplay of the first one so I need to wait until the gameplay trailer to see if the second one might be better. If I am fair though I kind of had my fill of post apocalyptic gathering and survival games. They are kind of the Isekai genre of the video game industry. It’s all pretty good but it is all very samesy as well. The fact that this could be Metro, could be a radiation zombie apocalypse game and more.. and a lot of youtubers did not recognise it tells me  something this game might lack that thing to make it it’s own still.

Will I buy a console for this?
I need to wait until the gameplay trailer before I can truly tell.

It looks pretty! Vermintide in the 40.00 universe. The best thing I liked about this trailer is the Fat Shark Logo. Warhammer 40k is one of those things that is simply to dark and edgy for me. It’s about angry man shooting their guns at angry things and killing and getting killed makes more people angry. There is evil stuff that needs to be shot down.. and there’s alien races that need to be shot down. Valor in combat isn’t my thing. Warrior Races aren’t my thing, and I just discussed dark survival horror like shootouty things in a derelict setting before. I hope King Coconut will have fun playing it if he can but this universe and me are polar opposites. I don’t hate it and I think it should exist.. but keep it away from me please.

Will I buy a console for this?!
I am to pink for Warhammer 40.000

I love Tetris 99 for Switch! Such a great evolution of Tetris.. and once more they did it again. Tetris where you can play your Tetriminos on other players fields. Big blocks?! Psychedelic colours and the gameplay of Tetris Effect that was one of the best games of 2018? I am on board!  That’s all I have to say about it because.. it’s tetris! The trailer is people having fun playing Tetris. Tetris is great! This Tetris might be better than all the other Tetris.

Would I buy a Console for this?
I bought Tiger Electronic Tetris so why not a Series X!

This feels like Super Mario Sunshine on Xbox Series X for me.. you play a person going to an alien planet and you can clear up “The Gunk”  Not by rinsing it up by sucking it up.. so in a way this now seems a bit like a hybrid between Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. So far I love it!  This is my type of game! The main character looks super fun and unique as well and the world as far as we have seen it feels quite unique being quite dark and gloomy but also really steering into the alien like aspect. It almost feels a bit Ridley Scott’esque in terms of design and I don’t think we have seen that into many video games. We mostly get really luscious worlds or snow covered worlds or purple words…This has me more excited now than Psychonauts!

Would I buy a console for this?
I would even get one out of a pile of gunk for it!

The game of the show for me! This is something I might ACTUALLY get the console for if I ever had the money!  I will probably stick with Switch.. but The Medium being a console exclusive game makes this machine at least a bit coveted for me! I like horror games in the Resident Evil and Evil Within sort of gameplay, mainly the latter seems to have a lot in common with this one.. but the chance to play each level as both the regular level and some sort of hellscape sometimes even at the same time seems so awesome! The character design between both worlds is awesome and the tone of the trailer is fantastic. We see both gameplay and world building and it is truly amazing. This is stuff I’d like to play!  No! This is stuff I want to play! I will probably end up following a YouTuber play this start to finish and be enthralled by every minute of it! This is the stuff Pinkie likes to play.. well that and cute and retro platformers.

Would I buy a Console for This?
I would build a machine to be able to play this!

Phantasy Star 2 , A super generic Call of Duty like shooter, some information about Game Passes … I honestly do not care.. I am happy people still get to play their beloved Phantasy Star ..and yay for Xbox series X having options but yeah .. meh! Generic Shooter X is just a gun go brrrt  game! Bam we are done with those things! Onto the final thing!

We just saw a pixie being eaten…and a title..and that is enough for me to want this game so bad!  No gameplay.. no world building.. no story reveals.. no characters…just a single Pixie being eaten and I already want the game! And it is developed by Xbox Game Studios..so I am pretty sure this will be an exclusive!  So……

Would I buy a Console for this!

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