Pokémon Top 5: Favourite Ice Types

Hello my sweet island guests, get a fruity little drink! Today I’ve got the ice!
The Ice type  is commonly seen as one of the worst two typings in the entire game. While good against the Grass, Flying Dragon And last weeks ground type, it’s weaknesses to fire, steel rock and fighting make it quite a struggle to use these things. Their defences are usually very flimsy while many are built like tanks.. Today we look for a little ray of sunshine amongst the ice types. Let’s hope they don’t melt!

If you have been keeping tracks of these list by now you do know the rules. No pokémon from earlier lists and only one entry per evolution line which in this case is much less of a problem because there is only one good unevolved ice type pokémon and even then I do not mean it in the viable sense. The only good, non fully evolved ice type is of course Snom! He’s so adorable!He also feels like an ice type because of well his name.. and his colour! He’s precious we should all protect snom! A single pebble can kill him so he’s no list material but still!

The second rule I always wield is.. the pokémon has to feel to me like it’s typing and ooh boy.. does the ice type miss that mark a lot. Of the 53 ice types out there 9 do not feel like ice types at all to me. That would arguably be more if I count the cold water pokémon. Lapras however I do count among the list that do not feel like ice types to me. Perhaps because the anime branded it as native to tropical islands but yeah that doesn’t feel icey to be.. it’s gigantamax does. Then again I think it would be better as a water-sound type. I do not like Lapras though.. so it would not make the list regardless. Sneasel and Weavile also don’t really feel like Ice types to me! I love using them and I run them with ice moves but why is it an ice type?! I don’t really see it. Same goes for Jynx . 

A final shout out goes to Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan. I really don’t like the design of it’s normal mode.. but when it goes into Zen Mode using its ability I love the design. The fire and ice typing is fun as well.. but SO much ice types have quad weaknesses and this on does as well.  Given that Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan needs to be  below a certain amount of health to transform into his ice and fire state, it is a temporary form pokémon and thus not eligible for this list. Still a great design though. 

I am gonna get strung up for this by the Pokémon community but I LOVE Vanilluxe! The ice cream pokémon it looks so Happy! The idea of a snow cone pokémon  I find perfectly okay! People complain that it’s ice cream and say Gen I pokémon were better no stupid objects. We had a Pokéball  that evolved into an inverse Pokéball.  We had a stick in the ground that became three sticks in the ground and we had two magnets on an eyeball! The whole idea of Pokémon is seeing creatures you have never seen before. If you just want cats in varying colours go play that cat mobile game.  Vanilluxe is great!  It deserves love! It is probably THE pokémon that everyone would look at at say “Now THAT’s an ice type”  along with very few others.  Along with about half the full ice types.  My test for this would be.. imagine a black and white picture of the pokémon.  No colour.. could you still say it’s an ice type? Heck yeah I could!

Vanilluxe comes into existence when two Vanillish (it’s pre-evolution) partially melt in the sun! When they go out to play at night together they freeze up together and now are one entity! This gives them the ability to cause powerful blizzards that can freeze just about everyone. However this ice-cream is also a bit of a hot head! It gets angry a lot and when both heads get angry it will cover the land in a huge snowstorm regardless if friends or foe are in there! It just throws a tantrum! An Ice type that is a hot head! I love it! Of course Pokémon Sun and Moon had to add some darkness to it’s pokémon entries by stating that both it’s head have separate brains that can agree and disagree with each other.. making it’s power alternate! It also was stated there that it can occur that one of the heads is lost! If that is so the other still can live in relative comfort! How said! You just got a forever friend and then it’s head is blown off and you live with just the body of your friend. Basically.. it’s just Dio then I guess

In combat Vanilluxe is not bad either! It has an okay base speed of 79 but it can learn the ability weak armor which easily allows you to crank that up! It also has some speed boosting moves. Ice body and Snow Warning as an ability can come in clutch as well. It’s attack being at 95 which is also fairly high makes it that it’s Explosion move can also hurt like heck! It’s defences are quite okay as well! Not great but not trash either so it could possible take a hit and if it’s too damaged you just blow it up and take your opponent with you.  It gets powerful ice moves such as blizzard and ice beam but it also learn Flash Cannon a nice steel type special move to give it some weakness-covery against rock! It gets the move Sheer Cold as well which can knock your opponent out in a single hit. .if luck is on your side!  It was a great addition to my  princess tea party team in Galar (An Apple Pie, With some Whipped Cream, A scoop of Ice and Some hot tea, all with a fairy princess and her magical unicorn)! 

A pokémon that is both an ice type and a fairy type. That looks super pretty and is inspired on the nine tailed fox? Of course that would make the list! This pokémon is probably the most pretty Alolan form across the line!  I wish I could have made this my favorite but unfortunately it has two major flaws. It’s stats aren’t all that great with everything but speed hovering at around 75, only being specially defensive. It is quad weak to steel type moves though.  It’s great for killing dragons though! Also have I told you it looks pretty?! This definitely is the prettiest pokémon on the list.. heck I think it might be one of the prettiest pokémon ever! What it lacks up for in battle aptitude it  makes up for in style.  Many times over! During my fairy only type run in Alola,  Shirona  was my Alolan Ninetales and while I noticed she lacked the ability to hit hard.. she made my team look pretty and helped me deal with a bunch of peky types! Sometimes style does go over substance.

This design is reflected in the  pokédex lore it has been given. Due to it’s looks it has been revered as a deity before it was identified as a regional version of Ninetales. This has to do with the fact that in the mountains these majestic pokémon dwells there lives a deity. When seeing a snowy beautiful pokémon like this of course it was given divine qualities. This also is in part because Alolan Ninetales will guide lost hikers back to the foot of the mountain. However it does not do this out of kindness it does this because it wants the hikers gone from it’s mountain to protect the deity! Other deities seem to visit the areas they live in as well making it even more important that they are left alone. Those who damage the nature in the areas they live in.. do not get the kind treatment to safety. It will never forgive anyone who scars it’s mountain.  So there you go! This is a pokémon that is above humans it rather plays with deities! That’s top 5 worthy!

In battle Alolan Ninetales does not have a lot of oomph! It’s attack stats are just to poor. It usually is made to be into a supportive wall setter. Equipped with the ability Snow warning and the Light Clay Item, this pokémon can set a unique barrier that shields against both physical and special moves (it needs to be hailing for it to do so though.. hence the ability which sets up the snow/hail) This means you give it the move encore as well to prevent your opponent from setting up or force a switch if they set up weather to counter you.  Very important to carry that move then! Offensively there are two main types of pokémon that can set up the weather in your disfavor in general,  Grass types set up the sun while Water types set up the rain! (Rock and Fire types can set weather but you switch out against them anywya) By taking the move Freeze-Dry you have super effective special moves against both grass and water so that is a good shoutout to take as well. For a fourth move you should let it know Sheer Cold. Random One Hit Knock Outs can be good since when the shields are up, Ninetales becomes a tad throwaway.

A penguin that has a block of ice on it’s head that is also a head already sounds like a perfect pokémon for me! So adorable and derpy!  This is the type of design I love! I am fairly alone in that because some people seem to hate this pokémon despite of how cute it looks!  When it is hit by a physical move the ice cube shatters and it becomes penguin with a super tiny head that has turned all blue from the cold! I love it so much! In the Crown Thundra DLC trailer we have seen recently we see an Eiscue in the water.. it’s floating there because it’s head is just a big ice block! It looks so fun! Squeee! I just imagine the little feet trampling at all their might underneath the water to get anywhere but it just doesn’t work! So it has to let the current take it where it wants to go! If you read any of my lists before you know I really appreciate clunk in Pokémon.

Since this is a Gen VIII pokémon we do not have a lot of pokédex entries yet ..but what we have is super cute! It does indeed mention that it likes to drift in the ocean to keep its head super cold! It likes the big head it seems! When it breaks it reveals a slightly worried expression that has enamoured many people in the pokémon world and I totally get that! I love that face I just want to squeeze it in it’s tiny cheeks and tell it’s a good boy and I will help it get it’s favorite head back! Yes I will! Mamma will put a block of ice on your head! When it is drifting about the ocean it uses it’s little hair that grows out of the ice block as a fishing rod.  When it’s in it’s small faced form the single hair reacts to it’s thoughts. The hair is in straight connection to the brain so  when something is on it’s mind the hair emits a cold aura. I just want to put a little ribbon in there! 

In battle Eiscue can be amazing! It learns Belly Drum.. and combining that with a hp recovery berry, and it’s ice face ability this pokémon is rather amazing. Belly Drum boosts it’s physical attack stat from a base 80 attack to a base 320 attack. If it moves into its tiny face form by being hit physically it’s speed stat becomes 130 too. Which means it hits fast  and REALLY REALLY hard. If you combine it with a Dynamax it can even set up the hail and get it’s square head back to be bulky in defence over speedy! The only problem.. it doesn’t really matter it has bulky defence as the head shatters if it’s hit with a physical move and the head shattering negates any damage! So … in the ice head form it has a lot of wasted stat points, which is a shame and prevents it from being higher up this list. Liquidation avalanche and facade are good physical moves to run on this good boy!  The ability Ice face is kinda tricky to understand and I do not have the room to go into detail.. so google if you need.. but if used properly this penguin can kick some ass.

A very close to number one second this time around in the form of the Gen 3 pokémon Walrein. While I have used one on my team in my first playthrough of Pokémon Sapphire, I really warmed up to the pokémon trough my playthrough of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. There is something about seeing a Walrus in 3d with animations that makes it more charming. I also really needed it on my team as it destroys Salamence which I saw often in that game.  Designwise it’s about as much as you can do with a Walrus I guess. While I do not like that all water pokémon are blue, or most of them at least,  the blue on this one along with the white really does well to sell the cold qualities it possesses. It looks kind of dopey which I do like.. it doesn’t feel as ugly and mean as some other stage 2 pokémon. It keeps that beloved pet vibe more than say Tyranitar or Exploud for example. 

It’s pokedex entries do not state to much interesting facts about this pokemon, other than that it is very fat! There have been 12 pokedex entries of Walrein  to date and 11 mention it’s thick layer of blubber. The only one that doesn’t mentions that when a Walrein is the leader of a herd it will battle anything that invades it’s territory and it will continue to fight to keep it’s herd safe regardless if that means it’s own death. It can even lose it tusks in these battles.  All the other pokédex entries state that it is protected by it’s large amounts of blubber. The blubber shields it from both the cold and enemy attacks. The real impressive feat however is that it can break 10 tons of iceberg with a single attack with its tusk! Now that is an effective ice cube maker!  I bet it would be neat to use at parties! Crushed ice for everyone!

In battle it’s quite okay! It’s hindered by the poor stat average most ice types have.. with only a very high hp count and the other stats being okay! However.. due to its ability Thick Fat it is so bulky it makes up for that weakness. It can just tank! It will not die easily!  As for movesets.. that is a bit tricky! I ran my most beloved Walrein, Hoomphrey on a coliseum game, which means 2 v 2 battles. Moves like Surf and Blizzard are great shout outs for that.  It’s special attack is capped at 95 which is really quite alright certainly given it’s high hp, so special moves are your bread and butter. I personally run it with rest for a full recovery and sleep talk. But Snore is also a okay move to put on this pokémon. There are plenty ways to play but I do really prefer to break this one out in 2v2 battles. In 1v1 I kinda see how it does not deal as much damage as it could. Still it’s  also nice PvE playthroughs as it learns a nice amount of HM’s and is able to use them in combat rather effectively. A great allrounder that I wish would have gotten just a little more punch.

Even now I feel like .. should this be here? Does it feel enough like an ice type?! Heck there was  time I didn’t even know it was an ice type! It was only when I started playing competitive battles with my friends that i discovered skill link, kings rock Cloyster using ice type attacks with stab.. murdered EVERYTHING. I always liked Cloyster quite a bit as it had one of the most interesting designs in Gen 1 for me. I loved that black pearly little head in that spikey shell. Of course in Gen 1 this was a rather terrible pokemon. A good looking but terrible pocket monster. It lacked some good moves, it lacked anime support. Shellder being involved in Slowpokes evolution and having such an iconic but annoying cry in the anime made me aware of this pokémon .. rather than the pokemon itself . However since the invention of the ability skill link and the move Shell Smash.. killer oyster is exactly my battle style! The kings rock item makes it so much better even!  I really love it!  I have since used that spec in a playthrough with my main guy Hurl-Pearl. 

For some reason this pokemon seems rather hated in the pokémon-world.. well or at least they think there is a pearl inside and they want to reach it.  As it is stated that once a Cloyster closes its shell no one can open it.. not even someone with superior strength. It is also stated that not even bombs can open it! Mentioning no one managed to get inside to take a look at it’s interior .. It can “swim” by swallowing up water and shooting it out the back…. that sounds kind of dubious and kinda clunky but well it’s a shell  so I am sure it doesn’t poop out water or anything… “it uses this same system to to shoot its spikes a it’s opponent”.. Uhm wait.. it shoots spikes out of it’s ass?! That’s kinda cool! Do shells even have asses though?! It has a hole in the back that expel excess material at least. Sounds like an ass! The spikes on its body are its main method of attacking. They are so hard that old tribes used the spikes that Cloyster lost.. by shooting them away as their weapons.  The spikes are even so hard that even missiles can’t break them! Why are humans shooting missiles at cloyster and why do they try to blow them up! You meanies!

In combat this by far is one of my favorite pokemon to use ever! Skill Link, as an ability makes your pokémon always hit the maximum amount of times a move can hit.  Icicle Spear and Rock blast are both offensive moves that hit up to five times and the coverage amongst them is quite solid. Shell Smash will boost your speed Attack and Special Attack in trade for your Special Defence and Defence.. but with a White Herb that first skill down step is negated.  Or like me you could give it a Kings Rock! Which grants an attack a 10% chance ability to flinch. However due to skill link you now have five 10% chances.  That makes the chance of flinching pretty high! A flinch means a pokémon can not move that turn. So this pokémon can deal massive damage with a huge chance to stun your pokémon! I know there are better builds like the herb..but Kings Rock is just so funny!! Hurl-Pearl and me.. we are Nakama! I think this pokemon is very nICE!

What is your favorite ice type? I am predicting a lot of Articuno answers here, but proof me wrong?! Do you use the ice type a lot?! Let me know! Next week we will discuss the other “weakest” type, the rock type! Which Pokémon do you think will be on there?! Since Rock Types are super effective against the ice type..some ice pokémon are already coming up with a counter! See you next time!

Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Bug-Types

Super effective against  the psychic type we discussed last week are the creepy crawlies. The bug type! A typing that oftenly is considered the weakest type, which in actuality is the ice type.  While the Bug knows quite a few lackluster Pokémon , probably the lowest base stat across the board there are a few great ones in the mix.
Here are my favorite five. 

Rules and Honorable Mentions

To keep this list diverse , a pokémon mentioned in one list can not qualify for my favorite in another list. Otherwise I could rank so many pokémon on double spots which would take the fun and the diversity away, these post are made to showcase different pokémon after all. Luckily  there is no such bug in my top five. Orbeetle came close in both psychic and bug category but there are just to many pokémon greater than it. By the same logic for diversity I am also only allowed to name one Pokemon per evolution line. If I like a prevolution but it is not viable to use in any way.. the next line will be held against it. These are my favorites in general not just my favorite looking once. As such Snom did not make the list. He is a sort of meme now he is adorable but he is completely unusable for anything besides his looks.

A Pokémon also has to feel like it belongs to the typing I discuss. If I do not identify the pokémon as a bug it will obviously not be my favorite bug type. While the bug type is probably the type I most consistently agree with.. pokémon belong to said type there is one exception and that is Pineco. The pinecone pokémon. I am not a biologist but I am pretty sure a pine cone is not really a bug. Nor is it’s evolution that is like a nut! Both should be grass type instead.  Now I know it said it’s a bagworm..but no it’s not Wormadam is a bag worm. I love Pineco though.. so it does get an honourable mention

A final honorable mention goes to Kricketune, this pokémon has the best pokémon cry in the game and that is basically someone that everyone will agree with me on. 

Bug Type Number 5

While Heracross and Pinsir are bugs I hold close to my heart, I never really liked their movesets.  Henry the Yanma was a companion during one of my first adventures in pokémon Gold. It was such a happy little fellow and he performed quite well for a bug. I loved Henry, but I had to give him up just before the pokémon league  to stand a better change. I wished it was just a bit better. Gen IV answered my prayers. Henry II evolved into a mean green fighting machine. It is one of the most awesomely designed bugs, though bug types are very well designed in general. Surprisingly so.  Would this list have been about design I would have had a much harder time. I guess it makes sense since pokémon started as a bug catching game idea.

When I said it was mean and green I am not kidding either. Yanmega fighting style is described as biting apart foes while flying at high speeds. Being able to flap it wings so hard that it can also cause critical internal injuries.  That is pretty scary, the shiny is even scarier. It’s a sickly blue with bright pink dots. It looks like it’s about to bite you apart.. but don’t worry you won’t even know it did. Apparently it is so fast that it can quarter you in an instant. A full restore isn’t going to fix that one. Nor would a revive I think.

Yanmega in combat is a bit of a tricky one to use. It is a bug so it’s frail.  It can come with the ability Speed Boost and honestly that is always the ability you want to use on this dragonfly.  It is a really good ability. This mon can be good with some rock, flying and bug moves at it’s disposal. It covers most of its weaknesses and has a immunity and two quad-resistances. (Damage is only 25% of what it would be on a normally effective pokemon). Yanma evolves into Yanmega when learning ancient power. When Ancient Power is used has a chance to boost all stats of Yanmega with one tier.  While the move has low base power we often see this attack come into play with this pokémon. Not because it’s effective but because it’s fun.

If Yanmega is set up enough and gets lucky enough it can sweep trough teams but there is always a chance it doesn’t get there.  Having Speed Boost means usually one slot of your moves is spend for protect. To guarantee you can outspeed anyone. Usually I run it with air slash, bug buzz and ancient power, but I have made variations of the set.  As an item I tend to give it a kings rock.. just for fun and flinch chances. Weakening berries are also a good option for it to use.

Bug Type Number 4

Here Pinkie goes again, putting another useless pokémon in her top 5’s. Shuckle is NOT a good pocket monster!? Wrong.. Shuckle is terrifying.Shuckle is the most defensive pokémon in the entire game. It can get so high defence that is is ny immortal. I have battled with shuckle hearing people cry in agony over how broken the little thing is. I deeply hope that one day it will get an evolution…just a slip of their mind.  Not because I really want to use A Shuckler , but so I can break the defences of the worm in a rock even harder. It would be unbreakable. That is pretty neat.

On first glance you’d say that Shuckle looks rather weak and that would be true it has the lowest attacking stats there are in the game.  A total of 20 (10 in each)  for attacks make it the weakest offensive pokémon in the game. While Chansey’s physical attack is lower than Shuckle’s it’s special attack is higher.  Happiny ties with it.  Yet Shuckle has the highest defence stat of any pokémon. Shuckles BASE unboosted defence is 230  his special defence is as well. This means that a Shuckle is tougher than a MEGA-Steelix and MEGA-Aggron. While both have 230 points in one stat shuckle has it in both.  Now to make things worse Shuckle get access to Shell Smash and can have the hidden abillity Contrary.. in which stat upgrades become downgrades and downgrades become upgrades.  This means that Shuckle can fairly easily boost it’s defences to 1120 without applying EV’s .

If you are patient Shuckle can win by doing absolutely nothing. If you do not get toxic, IOW if you can get your own Shuckle Paralysed, it can use toxic and infestation to out-stall your opponent in pure despair. Friends gave up on battles with me just because they forgot to bring a counter for my Shuckle.. or I kill the counters for Shuckle before they can use them against the little creature. There is no real set to run on it. You always run it with Toxic, Infestation, Shell Smash and usually Protect, though I prefer Sand storm. There is no real other way around it..but people sleep on this pokémon so much that in all it’s cuteness it can seem like an Eldritch Being.. So it earns a place on my list.

Bug Type Number 3

My middle of the list Pokémon is actually a Semi-Pseudo Legendary. What does this mean?  Well A Pseudo-Legendary pokémon is something that is NOT a legendary but has over 600 base stats. A semi-pseudo legendary has only a smidge less but the pokémon are usually so rare or hard to obtain/work with they are often mistaken to be part of the elusive group. It still means this pokémon will be pretty powerful! Also it can die from a slightly bouncy pebble on the side of the road so be careful when you use it. Probably that is the reason why it is not an actual Pseudo Legendary right?! But let’s take a dip into its lore. 

Volcarona replaces the sun when it’s light is blocked out by Volcanic ashes. When it fights it sets the sky ablaze with the tiny embers that fall when it falls from its wings. Because of how scary a burning sky looked ancient civilisations fear this creature thinking it was some harbinger of the apocalypse as it displayed the rage of the sun. Historical tales tell how it was born from a flaming cocoon to save people and pokémon that were starving from the cold. Now I can see how people reading the pokédex would attribute some legendary qualities to it. The way it is often found will only heighten that idea and the fact that you need to train a Larvesta up to level 59! To get it to evolve makes it even more elusive and special feeling. That is also the reason why this pokemon doesn’t take the top spot for me… because honestly.. you’ll never really end up using this sun god bug in playthroughs.

Competitively , the fact that is four times weak to rock and that makes it a bit hard to use.  It is in theory a more reliable variant of Yanmega. It does the same thing only instead of flying type moves it attacks with fire.. which is cooler already a bug tossing fire is more interesting than  a bug flapping its wings. It’s signature move Fiery dance has a 50% chance to boost it’s best stat, special attack by one stage. That stat is 135.. for this pokémon.. meaning this pokémon can burn and buzz as hard if not slightly harder than a Machamp can punch.  Mewtwo has a special attack of 154.. so this pokémon in terms of offence almost equals Mewtwo.. Mew and Celebi for example only have 100 in these stats so it has them beat. If you teach this Pokémon Silver Wind.. which is basically the same move as Ancient Power but as a bug type move along side Fiery Dance it becomes a self buffing maniac that lives up to his semi-pseudo legendary status. 

Bug Type Number 2

How shocking! My second favorite pokémon is the six legged spider Galvantula. Now this spot is sometimes swapped with Ariados depending on my mood. However since my number 1 spot shares it’s typing with Ariados Galvantula usually ends up on top. It’s a nice Pokémon to use even if this one has the worst stats yes of any pokémon on this list. Why is it so high? Why because I adore Joltik..it’s so super cute that I love carrying it with me, when it transforms into an okay Pokémon that is enough for me!  It gets saved by it’s main ability which make it quite useful and it looks darn good. It’s shiny is subtle but impressive and while it’s six legs might make it not a spider.. it is still a great creature to have on my squad.

Bug and Electric are usually staples I do not oftenly run on my team. Electric is something I’d rather play the Ice Type for, and  I usually have something to cover the things bug beats already as well. However when combined it is a really effective type combo that usually fits rather well in my time and that I can have fun building a theme around. It has no real interesting pokédex lore though.. most of it mentioning it has electric webs that paralyses it’s pray while it eats it leisurely.  Kind of what we would expect from an electric spider though. On my first playthrough of Unova (Black and White) I had a Joltik/Galvantula named Lemon. I think I chosen Snivy as a Starter and ended up replacing it with Lemon as my squad leader.. because I liked it more. 

In combat Galvantula is good because of its ability Compound eyes, which boosts accuracy of moves by 30% This means Thunder is suddenly very reliable.  Teach it Sticky Web as an entry hazard (which lowers enemy speed) and it can take big chucks of health away from whoever faces it. Teach it Electro Web to give your other team members a speed advantage as well, teach it Bug Buzz to lower special defence.. Galvantula is there to make you help you drop your opponents stats . Which kind of feels it make a bit like a real spider. Not that a real  spider really lowers your speed but once you are caught in its web you are big trouble. Since it only has six legs I am also not as freaked out as I see it.. I think it’s cute! Which is weird what another set of legs can do.  Speaking of legs.. are those mouth legs feelers or legs .. could it be it only has 4? It usually seems to rest on them so maybe they are both?!

Bug Type Number 1

Stat-wise this Pokémon is almost a physical counterpart to it’s generation friend  Galvantula. (Gen V had really good bugs) With a speed stat of 112 and a attack stat of 100 it does seem “average” in the bigger sea of Pokémon. However I REALLY prefer this thing. A pokémon I could only describe as a Centipede War horse from hell. It is called the Megapede Pokémon and if you google the word you find out this is indeed a very correct way to describe it. This horse from hell also gets the Speed Boost ability which means it’s super fast. There is no running away from a thing that can gallop so fast.

Scolipede chases after it’s target and then grabs them by their neck using its claws. Keeping tight.. as soon as your resistance begins to weaken and you begin to pass out it injects you with a deadly poison to finish you off. If you try to run it will maul you with it’s horn and it will keep horn until it prevails. Resistance is futile you will be murdered. This pokémon is also a perfect pokémon for the evil team to use. It does feel menacingly and evil and rather than someone sending in a Raticate.. this feels at least somewhat scary. It’s evolution line tells a story and it is based on Kaiju there is a lot of planning that went into this pokémon. It’s shiny is a bit lackluster, just brighter red and a more sickly detail colour it doesn’t really do anything for me the original is way better. Purple venom feels more poisonous than blue turquoise poison. Don’t ask me why but it is! Well Actually Turquoise seems painful.. purple more deadly.

In combat there are sets that are so broken it had to be banned with special rules. Using the Move Sword Dance, this Pokémon can use it’s speed up ability to boost two super important stats two stages at the same time. It then can pass those stat boosts on to better pokémon using the move Batton Pass. A big no no in the competitive scene , especially since this pokémon can deal some massive damage itself as well. It can just burn itself out till it’s near death then switch all those stats onto the next pokemon.  Mega Horn and Poison Jab are usually the moves you want to use on this beast and when it has at least one Sword Dance up that makes this beast a proper sledgehammer of a bug. It is one of the bugs that uses the strongest bug type move and if it could ever learn the new Leech Life it will be truly something to fear and it already scares me quite a bit…which is good since it’s a bug type! It should!

Who is your favorite Bug-Type? Which bug deserves a shout-out?! Would you like to have any of these as your pocket monster? Don’t be a fly on the wall! Crawl into the comments and bee part of this. Ant don’t forget to leave a like! Bugs like some sugar!

The OFFICIAL TOP 10: Pinkie Reviews Google’s Top 10 Pokemon 2020

It was pokémon day not to long ago. Now I wanted to do something for pokémon day.. but I figured we kind have to many “days” CAPSLOCK SPEAK day, talk like a pirate day,  three variants of valentines day, may the fourth as star wars day. It’s like we have a day for everything! Did you know that on february 27 it is not only Pokemon day, but also Polar Bear Day, Chili Day and Protein day… So was I busy saving a polar bear.. popping protein pills to get all jacked up or maybe I ate to much chili…and you know! You can decide.. February 28 was chocolate souffle day..but that did not turn out good for me. On the 27th The Pokémon Company and Google released a ranking of the most popular pokémon and today I will discuss their ranking and how I feel about it.

Honorable Mention: Snow .. Number 38

Snom to my surprise gained massive popularity in the pokemon community. It isn’t really good..it’s a Snom! It’s a bug ice type which make it’s quad weak to  both rock and fire and does not have very good resistances due to how bad the ice type actually is… balance wise. Snom won my heart for how cute it is though and it since have become some sort of a meme. I would have suspected Falinks to be higher than Snom those guys are so adorable but I am still happy to see something as innocent like Snom on this list. Simply because it has no gameplay… let alone competitive play use, I know people really voted for it because they love it! There is also no nostalgia for it.. this is just a entry of pure love! And it made me smile.


Number 10: Gengar

Gengar is a pokémon I love to bits, it is a well designed, scary but fun pokémon that is also fun to use in both gameplay as well as competitive play. While I do think his gigantamax is just a poor man’s version of his terrifying mega-evolution Gengar has always gotten a lot of love and support from the pokemon community and it is well deserved. Had I make to make my own top 10 I think Gengar would be somewhere in the middle bracket. Ghost and Poison type is still fun for me to use. His lore simply telling you to give up hope when it’s behind you still is one of the most ominous pokédex entries to date and they make a pokémon powerful and scary enough to back it up. A well deserved candidate.

Gengar is a really fun Pokémon! So are his other stages!

Number 9: Gardevoir

Now I know why she is on this list… you vagrants, but seriously Gardevoir is a great pokémon and once again worthy of a top 10 entry.  For those who don’t know Gardevoir is one of these pokemon people do lewd a lot. It is a very feminine pokemon that more or less mimics a bride. However due to gender ratios in the games she first appeared in and still existing as a male form Gardevoir has also gotten a nasty reputation to be.. something of an ugly word in its context that rhymes with clap. It’s a bit of controversy about a lovely pokémon. I had many Gardevoirs on many teams and I love raising one! It’s just fun and she gets a very good moveset and utilities so I really love her.  Her sleek white pink and green design is among my favorite colour schemes of all pokémon and if I ran one never did it felt lackluster. Definitely a great choice! 

Since I assume this is why people voted for it I shall include it educationally!

Number 8: Rayquaza

Mega-Ray is definitely my favorite Mega-Evolution in the entire pokémon series. It looks stunning. Even among the legendaries it is one of my favorites, though I do feel this spot should have gone to Mew. While I adore Rayquaza’s design his impact on the pokémon world is just so much less than Mew’s. Still amazingly designed though so I do get why people would vote for this one.  The problem I have with legendaries is that you get them so late into the game, I never really get a bond with them. The only mythical/legendary I really enjoyed was Victini because you could get it so early in the game. Rayquaza is something you get LATE LATE game. Like it’s an endgame pokémon and even then it’s late. So I never really felt a bond which pokémon such as those. Poipole being another exception mostly because it’s kind of Eldritch Pikachu. In the TCG Rayquaza has always had some good cards and figurine wise.. that would be the one I really want, as far as a usable legendary I think there are more memorable options.

I wish for Girl’s Pantsu! Shen..Uhm oh.. I used the wrong balls!

Number 7: Garchomp

This one is the first I actively disagree on. Garchomp is a great pokémon but it’s such a normy answer. Sure it is great to use a Garchomp in competitive battles as it truly is a fearsome beast with heaps of potential.. I just don’t find it fun to use.Garchomp uses Earthquake, Swords Dance,  Outrage and another physical attack. There isnt that much wiggle room. Maybe you can give it Dragon Dance instead but meh! My biggest issue with the pokemon however is that it is not fun to raise.Training a Gibble I never found fun. Training Dragons from early on I never found fun.. with the exception of Goomy and Deino and the latter evolves ridiculously late.  I am also not a big fan of Garchomps design.. it’s angry land shark with blades for arms. I always felt it was a bit to Edgy.. Like Bisharp.. They both feel more like Digmon to me.. so yes I can’t agree with this one.. but I understand you guys who voted for it. Now go listen to your my chemical romance cd’s because this next one is not your cup of tea.

The best thing about Garchomp! It reminds me of Cynthia!

Number 6: Sylveon

Oh my Arceus, My favorite Pokémon is in the top 10! Yes YES! YES. I love you guys. Not only is Sylveon the best eeveelution ever ( though most disagree with me still)  it is also a very solid allrounder pokémon. That can both be tanky and deceptively aggressive. Dynamaxing has hurt how good it is (due to how fairy Max moves work) but I still love the pokémon and it’s very concept. It’s the pokemon that evolves by love (and knowing Fairy moves) not friendship but love! Well .. it used to.. now it evolves by friendship..but stil. It is a pokémon that completely symbolises love and it’s pink! How can I not love it. Sylveon is a strong pokémon that with his ability pixilate and the move hyper voice can turn into a total ringer! It its tremendously fun to use to raise as you really need to spend time with your pokémon to play with it and feed it and actually get a pet like feeling, so it’s very easy to bond with and I adore that and everything about it.

My Number 1! Always!

Number 5: Umbreon

Clearly you guys don’t know what the best Eeveelution is. Umbreon is better than Sylveon? Heck no! Not in my world! It has the better shiny though and it is my second favorite Eeveelution. In fact it might just be top 10 material for me as well. Umbreon is a toxic staller pokémon and while I would put Chansey in it’s spot in the top 10, I love myself a good toxic staller. This Pokémon is known as Blacky in Japan.. well actually Burraki I guess but still.  It is in the top 3 of my favorite shinies and it’s an adorable little thing. My issue with it that unlike Sylveon , Umbreon isn’t that fun to use during actual gameplay, it has more weaknesses than chansey.. but also has the same as my pink egg nurse, just different immunities but Chansey has such high hp that it doesn’t matter. Unlike Sylveon I never really found reason to use Umbreon, though Foul Play is better than Seismic toss. Also it was hassle to raise it at night.. because I could not play my game that late when I was a kid. Only on a holiday and a weekend. If it was in my top 10 it would take the 10 spot.. or it is slightly below. Still solid taste.. unlike the next slot.

It’s shiny is so pretty and subtle!

Number 4: Charizard

First of all you picked the wrong starter.. Team Bulbasaur!  Secondly.. I really think Charizard stuff has been overkilled.  He has gotten a Gigantamax, Two Mega-Evolutions, each TCG set has Charizard ringers, he had a major role in the Ash anime as well as in Origins.  Charizard feels so available that it is hard not to love. I get why it is beloved but I am surprised that so many still support the old dog. In all honesty I never saw the appeal as much.  I loved him in the anime.. the bond growing between him and Ash but that has later been done even better. Charizard to me feels like Pewdiepie. I am sure there is good content to be had but it also shouts a bit “buy my merch” Still a great classic because it is the dream pokémon of an 8 year old boy and those who never grew that much further into the franchise but for those who us who have been in this journey for so long.. this kind of feels like a REALLY?! pick for me. I am happy it is just number four though

If you ask a Gewunner who is your favorite Pokémon!

Number 3: Mimikyu

A … we return to good taste. I adore Mimikyu and find it infinitely funny that the one mimicking an OG is the more popular one of the two. Mimikyu is a ghost pokémon that dresses up like Pikachu because it also wants to be loved.. but if people see it’s true body they get cursed and oftenly perish. So it makes a costume that is very dear to it and which it will take very good care off, repairing it as soon as it is broken and not resting until it’s fixed again.  This is one of those pokémon that truly touched by heart in a big way. He is the plushie I am missing most in my collection! Mimikyu is fun in the anime, it’s great during gameplay and even can see some lower tier competitive play. It has gotten quite a bit of love in the tcg and merch department as well so no matter which way you go there will be some Mimikyu for you.. without it being overly obnoxious. A great choice that is definatly in my own top 5.

Mimikins is my favorite Mimikyu

Number 2 : Lucario

By far the worst pick on this list. It feels so normie. Lucario is a solid pokémon with a cool design and I did enjoy Korina and her Lucario in the anime but it is just a Mewtwo Echo Fighter in Smash, It’s so so in the pokemon tcg and for some reason it can never really live up to my expectations in games. Lucario feels slower than he should be and deals less damage than I think it should. It looks strong and cool but it also feels really catered to 8 year olds. I get why people are nostalgic for Charizard so I forgive them for voting for such a dudebro pokémon but Lucario.. I don’t know! It had that one movie it was really good in but I never really saw the appeal. At best I’d count him as my 5th favorite fighting type and MAYBE it’s in the top 3 of steel types for me. My second favorite Pokémon has now become Alcreamie I truly love it but I do get why it hasnt made this list

Korina might be waifu Material, Lucario is as well to some!

Number 1: Greninja

I’d go as far as saying Greninja is my favorite final water evolution. I love Primarina and Blastoise as well but Greninja had something that seemed much cooler than Water Types usually are. There is many water starters I prefer over it’s basic form Froakie, yet none evolve as cool as this one. It’s probably also one of my favorite water types to raise due to how diverse he is and how it makes so much more sense to use on land than most water pokémon.  It’s protean ability which allows it to switch typings only makes it better. Since we now have Libero Scorbunny, which also allows it to switch typings base, a cool little tug of war is going on between those two. (Since Greninja gets a lot of dark type moves and Cinderace gets a lot of fighting types they might alternate between which one is super effective.

Greninja was also such a star in the anime, their bond even topping that of Ash and Charizard! In fact I might even argue their bond was better than that of Ash and Pikachu. Which is why never forgave Ash for abandoning it. Is Greninja that greatest pokemon ever? No… battlebond (Where it transforms into a hybrid between him and ash) feels to flimsey in games. Yet I do get the appeal. Not a top 10 pokémon for me by a longshot but a top 50 entry for sure. I also get why people love it which feels like a completely genuine pick so I am happy it at least got this much love! It shows that Pokémon is more than nostalgia.. it’s about bonds as well. And that is a message I can very much get behind.

Leave it to Ash to abandon a Pokémon that can go Super Saiyan.. because they are so in Sync!

Of course you should not take my opinion to seriously. Each Pokémon on this list has earned their love way or another. If yours is not here it doesnt mean it is trash either. That is the beauty of this series. Each finds what they love in different packages! I simply explained my view on these!
Who do you think should be added to this list?! Remember that I love you all and don’t forget to keep smiling



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