Pretty Princess Pinkie: The Phantom Menace

Hear Ye Hear Ye! Princess Pinkie has returned with a new movie & Shows post

Greetings my loyal guests and subjects!  Tis with a great smile that I announce a new sort of column on my blog!  Many blogging guides on the internet tell us that when writing a blog we should curb your enthusiasm nor should we be overly negative. In this double series I will do both! In Pissy Princess Pinkie I will take a super negative attitude.. but in a fun way.. and in Pretty Princess Pinkie I will spout unbridled Enthusiasm! Since I started Pissy with a movie that is commonly known to be shit.. I will do the same for Pretty Princess Pinkie.

A long time ago, in a cinema only a small drive away

Jedi Temple Location Gallery |

I did not have a great childhood! I was bullied for my motor skills a lot and spent most of my time alone. My dad and I had  a poor bond but when mom had to work during the weekend and my sister would spend the entire day at a friends birthday party, he took me to see a movie that would change my life, in a way. That movie was Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. A movie that is always under fire from the community, yet a movie that I hold in much higher regard than most. For many reasons!  Because this was the movie that evolved Star Wars from a Sci Fi Western trilogy towards a big epic world. The original trilogy was amazing..but what Phantom Menace did for the world of Star Wars really changed my life.  Not the movie itself persé… but the afterthoughts. For one I am 100% sure that without establishing the politics and groundwork that were created in this movie , we would have never gotten the Old Republic stuff.. after all there would not be an old Republic without the Republic.

All The Force Powers In Star Wars Canon: Light Side, Dark Side & Universal  | Editorial | Star Wars

To me, Star Wars Episode 1 back then and up to this day felt like a natural evolution of Star Wars, we first see the aventures of the one, than the adventures of the few and here we see the adventures of the many.  Instead of a lonely boy or a rebel group, we see well established forces such as the Jedi Order, the Galactic Senate, and the citizens of a planet fight for what they believed in… as a whole. Very unlike the old Star Wars movies, it was stuff you could form an opinion about. The Emperor and Vader in the original trilogy functioned as an absolute and undisputable evil. Here we CAN actually make choices. Do we indeed believe the Trade Federation blockade is justified?! Most likely not!, after all they tried to kill the diplomatic envoy..however they only do this after protocol has been breached and known mind sorcerers were sent to their ship.  Naboo ends up in a similar situation, do we fight, do we flee do we garrison up?!  This to me validated the entire concept of the force.

Star Wars Behind The Scenes - Queen Amidala - Star Wars The Digital  Collection - YouTube

While I love the original trilogy the concept of the Light and The Dark side was kind of flat!  With the Dark Side , being flat out “evil”. It is said anger does lead to the dark side, but except for the very last part never was their a trial.. to test once affinity with a specific side of the force. Here a Jedi constantly has to make choices about what is just. Sometimes what is just isn’t what is right and it creates a much more dynamic world. A world I was enchanted by, a world I shared with my dad… of course he did not really care but that was a time he wanted to do something nice for me.. and he must have seen me lit up because I adored what I saw!  Even when I was little(ish)  these mind game kinds of things really vibed with me. I love stuff like that and maybe this is where that began.

The Living Force vs The Unified Force

Kaadu |

Back then I did not know about all the extra lore there was to find out there! I just wanted to have a big fish. And Jar Jar on a Kaadu as toys !   I mean.. I love ducks and unicorns so why would I not love a duck horse.  Regardless, many naysayers tells you that Episode 1 is boring and I could not disagree more. I loved how this laid the foundation of the Living Force Theory and the Unified Force theory., which is a division between two types of Jedi.. one believing that the force is a single entity that is all around. more like .. “god”  as it were. These were typically the very wise and classic Jedi, like Yoda and later Obi Wan…before Qui Gon’s passing. Yet others believed in the living force. That the force was inside all of us.. bound to someone and somethings on more personal levels. These Jedi lived more in the present and were less “religious” and the most prominent follower of the Living Force was Qui Gon.  This division was notable from episode 1 on.. and it was what made the jedi cool to me!  Before this I never really thought the Jedi were cool.. but Qui Gon.. propelled them into the stratosphere. 

Benjamin Halling - Droideka

That opening scene and the fight against the Droideka was insane! The new laser sounds, the shields, the rolling! This is what a sci fi weapon should feel like to me! These made so much more sense than those “walking camel things”  To this day I still feel like that.   The idea of having a robot roll and zip around like that, allowed a design to be bulky and intimidating yet never just clunky!  The whole concept of using droids fits in so well with the theme of this movie as well… do we believe in the ancient doctrines or do we believe in the  talent and promise of the individual was a theme for Anakin, the Living Force theory vs the Unified force Theory for the Jedi… and are Droids stronger.. who all follow one mission without fail and without mistakes… or is humanity stronger, who is prone to mistakes.. but can also think out of the box.  This theme is even used with Jar Jart to an extent.. in the form of.. he is very different from the standard gungan.. he is not part of the whole.. does that make him weak?! In a way this is a story about diverging from the standard. Should we?! Will we?! What are the consequences?

Star Wars: Liam Neeson is niet benaderd om zijn rol als Qui-Gon Jinn  nogmaals te spelen in Live-Action show

This is a clever choice from Lucas because not only does it give the world much more depth, you create a lot of grey areas as well. Lando was a huge dick for betraying Han in Cloud city but in the prequels and mainly episode 1 that could have been given more depth. Does he believe in the power of the empire.. or in these unlikely people that might break the status quo?! That more Black and white approach worked very well in the orginal because we did not know where the story was going. We felt things.. but in the prequels we KNOW Obi Wan survived, we KNEW Qui Gon  most likely would not, we know what is going to end up happening to Anakin, so by formatting it like a Space Western like before one could easily become to predictable.. and that is a pitfall I think the part 2 and part 3 fell into a bit more, but this movie surpised me a lot. 

The Force is Strong with This One

Laser Brains — polis-massa: Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Phantom Menace”...

Yes Jar Jar can be annoying, but so can C3PO.. we saw those characters grow, to me Jar Jar was a needed disruptor because Qui Gon and Obi Wan as Jedi would not make the same choices Luke made. They already went on missions and were experienced.. and the life of a Jedi is not as exciting as the movies might make it seem . A good Jedi can fight himself off a ship filled with droids. A Great Jedi tries to make sure he doesn’t need to draw his saber at all. This mentality calls for a character like Jar Jar and while his speech is kind of vexing that is kind of the point. He is not meant to be annoying for annoyance sake, he is there to show how strong and composed someone like Qui Gon is. How he differs from Obi Wan.. who doubts Jar Jar more. We all KNOW Anakan is the chosen one so we KNOW Qui Gon is right about him, seeing Obi Wan and Qui Gon argue about that life form is not interesting because we know who is right! With Jar Jar however that is different. 

Does Qui-Gon use his hands to eat after he catches Jar-Jar's tongue? -  Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

In my eyes the whole point of Jar Jar is .. .”If I had a lightsaber I would have cut of his head by now” … it shows us the audience the tranquility of a true Jedi not to be phased by the clowning. He doesn’t hurt drawing in a younger audience either and also shows us an important lesson, you don’t need to have amazing super powers or space magic or be a highly skilled  person to be a hero! Sometimes what matters is that you are there.. fighting for what you believe in!  Star Wars as a whole can be a bit preachy and say that power comes only to a few.. Jar Jar all makes that feel a bit less toxic!  Besides that Gungan city looks gorgeous! It’s a great visual that at least to me screamed much more sci fi than.. North pole or Tunesian Desert. This movie sells that a bit stronger to me anyway.

The mask is latex Watto in Star Wars I : The phantom menace | Spotern

I love the Mos Eisley Cantin in the original episode IV and sure there are a lot of alien races but the bar itself doesn’t feel all that alien. Episode 1 shows that aspect much better. Alien sports, alien locales and alien weaponry. Mos Espa has a “logic” to it, feeling less like a showcase and more like a lived in world. While I love Devornian and Talz (that are shown in episode IV).. one could argue that they are monsters and they can walk on Sesame Street as well..sort of speak of course. In every scene though this movie felt very sci-fi to me.  Much more than many scenes in the original did. While many of the aliens in the original looked cool, here there identity mattered. Like how Sebulba as a Dug has a super quick reaction time and Watto is Immune to force tricks and how ihis species greed contributes to the role he plays. You can’t say that for “Do You Wanna Buy Some Death Sticks” guy or .. “My Friend Doesn’t like you” guy!

Naboo Starfighter screenshots, images and pictures - Giant Bomb

The Naboo starfighter is also one of my favourite fighter jets, over the X wing. It just pops so much more in space! It’s so good!  That scene also works well because we see Anakin having established these powers before.  Let’s compare that with Rey who learned how to force heal out of nowhere. Yes, Force Healing is an actual power.. but we never saw Luke have it, we never seen Leia read ancient texts about it, it came out of nowhere. While the pod racing scene and this scene can also easily explain why Anakin is so adept in combat which also is expanded upon later, AND that calls back to the original as to that family trait is what allowed Luke to hit the Death Star Exhaust.  The Pod Racing scene is not just cool for the sake of being cool! It shows us that the character of Anakin has certain abilities within a “recreational” environment. An ability that is later expanded upon and that would have made much less sense without the podracer being there. The Sequel Trilogy hardly ever did that.

Star Wars' Dave Filoni explains why the Duel of the Fates in The Phantom  Menace is so important

The Duel of the Fates Scene to this day is my favourite Lightsaber duel and it introduced a weapon that looks cool, but also has been proven to  be more beneficial than one initially might think. The deflector shields opening and closing gave that fight such a great timing and sense of dread as well. It made it so different and much more in line with the Jedi, once more establishing how different they are from the Sith and the teasing Maul. Maul would only later develop a personality and people complain about that.. but Maul served the role he had to in this movie. The Lapdog of Sheev, the loyal assassin that just did his job, an inescapable threat. We didn’t need to know anything about him because that is not what he was here for.  Sure I thought he was super cool, and I was glad they gave him a persona and made him turn out to be alive for the Clone Wars series and even a cameo in Solo. In fact if Maul had his persona he had later in the series I think it would have made the movie less cool! Now he was an enigma.. who was that man.. What is a Zabraki!  It wasn’t answers we was answers we wanted and that is how you get people hooked! He was the ultimate nobody and that’s what made him scary.

Lucas Arts | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic | Games

To me this was the movie that for the last time we got an uncompromising Lucas. After this he had to tone down Jar Jar because he was so hated, he had to fix this and he had to fix that.. because people were not on board with his vision. While Episode 2 and 3 clearly still had Lucas’ hand to it.. this one to me is the last one that feels like Lucas work… After that I saw more of his signature or  that feeling in the Old Republic Stuff. Knights of the Old Republic is one heck of a strong game.. and if I were to point out what Star Wars movie inspired it most.. I would say it is this one.

With Swoop Racing, , the general spaceship design, the political themes and the duality between light and dark in everyone.. this is the movie that lead into that…at least that’s how I see it. Without Knights of the Old Republic I would have never started Roleplaying in the Old Republic game, without having played that I would have still been blogging in dutch for my dutch friends.. I’d probably have given up by now or went for something very different.. so Episode 1 in a way is yet another of those corner stones that got me into blogging.. which shows the movie has a heck of a lot more power than just it’s scenes.

Maybe this Star Wars movie is not as entertaining at face value  as some of the others, maybe it lacks  a bit more of that lovable cast of rogues the original offered.. I get that yet at the same time it very much knows how iconic these other characters are.. it doesn’t have to try to replace them with the faces of a new generation like the sequels did. It doesn’t try to be better or bigger r than Empire,  it tries to be something else and deepens the Star Wars world. It tries to add weight to what has come before and what will come after, much more than blindly supporting the main cast, This movie asks you to think! And that is why I think it is such a great sequel, it doesn’t try to top it.. or repeat that success.. it tries to add something and that to me it more than does. While I would agree that this is not the best Star Wars movie, I think for the world of Star Wars and the expanded universe it just might be the most important one.

What is your favourite Star Wars movie? Do you have a movie you love that the world seems to hate? What is a product that you would just be super positive about? What colour would your lightsaber be in star wars?! (New lore says YOU colour the crystal, though each colour has meaning) let me know some stuff in the comments and let’s get a talk going! I will get back to you as soon as I finished “meditating” and dreaming about having a bleepy bloopy droid for my own! Cause remember my dears! Friendship is Magic, but dreams are even more wonderful! Oyasumi!

The Story of the Pink Sith: Sy’ra Delinda

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
A young girl was born a daughter of a Sith an Alderaanian Noble and my Imagination.  While Roleplaying as this character, the writer of this post strengtheneth herself, rediscovered herself and would gain insights that would forever change her world. This is the story of that character.

Sy’ra was the first born daughter of the marriage between Maximilian Delinda and his wife, back then Lord Ragnya Zilas. Where Maxmilian intended his daughter to be the 9th succesor of the small Noble House Delinda on Alderaan, Ragyna had other plants. Murdering her husband while making it seem as an accident.. so she could use the spawn she just bred.. as a vessel for her to live on in.. forever beautiful. When she was  the age of 6 , Maxmilian passed away and the house Delinda was left to her mother  name until Sy’ra could take over.  The Lord of the Sith moved her daughter to the Planet of Tatooine.. where she would try to strengthen the body and break her mind. Each day Sy’ra would receive force training, tasks way to complicated for a young girl like her to complete, if she would fail.. and she would always be set up TO fail she would be taken out to the caves  nearby their residence in the dune sea, where she would be hit with a salt encrusted dulled blade To make sure she suffered a lot of pain.. but her body would harden.

Sy’ra got inspired by the colour pink!

Just before sunset Sy’ra would be forced to walk home on her own force, not getting supper if she would be late. As she dragged herself out of the cave each day.. drops of blood would fall into the almost perfect white sand. She would use these pink crystals to steel her resolve! The pain was over now for the next couple of hours, she got out of the cave stronger. Pink became a symbol of her determination.. her passion! These crystals reflected who she would become so one day she might escape and live the life she wanted. One day Sy’ra managed to escape, sneaking herself into some of her mother’s supplies she was smuggling to the planet of Taris. A planet she would spend almost three years on in the wilderness. She would become somewhat bewildered. Claiming she’s able to talk to animals, and even the local pest. The Rakghouls. A gambler found her on the planet while scavenging for gambling money and he took her to Nar Shaddaa  where he planned to ante this new slave for some extra pocket money.

He quite soon lost her to Guilded Girada hotel and casino, where Sy’ra spend her life happily as part of the staff, slowly getting back again. Enjoying the company of people who do not want to harm, posses or kill her very much. At the age of sixteen she even began singing in the casino, now making quite a name for herself.. it did not take long for her mother to find her. Seeing how Sy’ra had grown she was ready for the ritual! Ragnya slew all of her daughters  friends in front of her trying to break her spirit before she would take that over. Powerless to stop it, Ragnya started the Ritual that would end Sy’ra.. who in a last act of defiance shattered her own mind.. to break her mother.. As a result her mother was contained to a single shard in her mind.. but she  lost all sense of her former self.

Sy’ra and the Crystal Stars preforming on Nar Shadaa
The Type of songs Sy’ra would sing
And a weeby singing voice reference

Years passed and the woman who forgot her own name was now wandering across the galaxy. A voice in her head guided her to Dromund Kaas, homeworld of the Sith. A female voice.. which to her knowledge was her god! She kind of hated the voice too though although she did not know why.  On the Sith Homeworld she was picked up by a man named Lord Kangan, a Dark Side force healer who was intrigued by the strange way she talked. Sy’ra could not remember meaningless world.. only stuff that  had imagery either visual or vocal. He worked under Darth Kraujas and Darth Gaur, who she referred to as Cloudmass and Growl , the closest association her mind could make with the words. These pureblood sith tortured her relentlessly for simply mispronouncing their names and will the girl could still not store anything in her broken mind.. the lesson of that words sometimes mean nothing was deeply imprinted upon her. Her mind trapped in perpetual confusion trapped in between extreme cruelty and extreme kid-likeness as well her amazing aptitude with mind affecting techniques made her a source attention for many in the order.

Lord Kangan discovered the source of the problem and found out her mind had been shattered in five major pieces, Signifying a persona or time of her life prior to her mind shattering.. each shared represented by a item of her past. By finding these items Kangan slowly mended the mind of the young girl and as she became more and more aware of herself she become more and more Sy’ra again. A sith girl who saw the hollowness of words as a core value , who was gifted in mind techniques and who seemed to possess some wisdom beyond her years. As she grew stronger she began to remember more and more. .as if she had been staring at her own life as an outsider. She noticed how even the darkest Sith had rallied behind her to help her.. not from the good of her heart but because they wanted to stroke their own ego. She discovered that when she was so nice and childlike people talked to her because she was not a threat. This is how she discovered there was a Niche in the Sith world that was ready to exploit! When two friends of her saved her from torture she in her own eyes well deserved she smiled and at the confused lord’s gaze answered with.. “Friendship is Magic”

Sy’ra would then pursue a path of being an actual friend to people in the Sith world.. someone they could genuinely trust. She would be the confidant of many, willing to help everyone out even at her own risk. She took in the brain damaged apprentice Veytria as someone she became a guardian off. She showed the almost personality less apprentice of her orders leader what fun mean, by singing a song about it and she began wearing pink again. Much to the dismay of her leadership who told Sy’ra over and over again that Pink is not a Sith colour she needs to wear either Black, Red.. or other dark shades. Sy’ra rebelled against this concept stating that it was a symbol of passion. She was forced to face the head master’s  apprentice in a duel.. if she would lose she would die.. if she would win she would be allowed to wear Pink. The apprentice refused to fight Sy’ra , since they did not wish to kill a friend after which the odd clothed companion  was forced to fight an even more powerful foe.

While she suffered defeat at the hand of Darth Kraujas his  cyborg, she never backed down. As the Darth was about to step up and order her death, two other Darths in order stepped up and said she had proven herself enough, followed by four lords, followed by nearly all the apprentices in the order. Sy’ra gave them a resource they needed, they could not live without any longer. Sy’ra realised that despite codes and faith.. and believes every species in the galaxy has this need for at least some sort of social contact. Since the Sith are so easy to mistrust.. by simply being true in her beliefs that she would never do that she became that golden goose. Sy’ra  experimented how far she could push this. She married Veytria , taking her away from another in the order .. who still wanted to be her friend. She managed to become the godmother of one of the Darth’s children, Alexia Murr and managed to break protocol allowing them to address each other on a first name basis.  She even managed to get partial ownership of a Nar Shaddaa club simply for renting herself out to a Darth outside her order as a friend.

Sy’ra’s life was turned upside down when her wife’s brain condition got worse and she suffered complete apathy. This was the worst that what could happen to anyone in her opinion as she hated people without their own beliefs. Her order crumbled and her best friend and link to the Empire died.. or at least that’s what she thought. She consulted one of the remaining darths of the order. Asking her to make her forget Veytria and her friend.. as Sy’ra unlike other Sith did not use pain and anger as her main emotions to use the force, she used happy memories and the desire to make more of them as her inspiration. Darth Gaur Betrayed this unique sith  and made her belief she was her apprentice.. seeking a new life, the pair arrived at the Azure Academy.

Sy’ra who made it to a lord in the other order quickly grew in the order. Her unique mental techniques like the dark side variant of Malacia and her whole way of thinking outside the box.. not seeing interrogation the same as others would.. but instead showing kindness to the fragile minds to make them slip and then punish them to make them spill even more in confusing surprised everyone. Sy’ra more so than other siths new how mind works. She did not cater to fears and respect. She however  catered to desires, in a non sexual sense. While there were a few suitors, Sy’ra found the male minds to one sided and predictable to ever be interested in.. always favoring them more “unstable” persons, who did have hopes and dreams for themselves. She became one of the most desirable apprentices of her academy, which allowed Darth Jessina to uncover what Gaur had done to her. She claimed Sy’ra as her own apprentice and noticed a reluctance of the girl to cast force lighting , force choke or any other techniques that actual dealt damage.

The girl  even refused to carry a lightsaber most of the times stating she would rather focus on using the force with both hands. Forsaken the ancient practice of Niman, she dabbled more into Sith Sorcery. Darth Vess a Zabraki female that was a powerful force walker despised her pacifist ways and tried to make her flunk her lessons. She told Sy’ra a sith should never care about others that are weaker than them. The pink sith promised that she would prove the Darth wrong before long. A few months later.. Sy’ra managed to mary this Darth.. at her wedding bringing up this statement as a reminder. Now having access to A Darths power base, Sy’ra was promoted to Lord.. the same title she had in the old order as well.  This was very opposed by the Purebloods, the red skinned sith, who also joined  the school Sy’ra now was a student  of.. cursing her for her non traditional ways. However by then Sy’ra had used friendship to win the Loyalty of Darth Jessina, Darth Syrien and Darth Vess. She also had adopted two powerful sith in her family as sisters. Lord Lormia and Darth Ashe.  All loved her like family.. and would fight to protect her.

Sy’ra’s beliefs of togetherness began to grow more and more followers. Enemies she had, she either gave such horrible experiences.. that they would never challenge her again.. for example by making them vomit and impaling them with the vomit using cryokinesis or she befriended them. The best example of the last was the apprentice of her current wife.  Lelianne, a cyborg sith, who was the heir of the Black Blade Mandalorian clan. First seen as a rival Sy’ra never validated this rivalry.. she had already won the girl. This girl could fight that.. but she would lose her love then anyway..because Vess would kill Lelianne out of spite for hurting Sy’ra.  The pink sith instead offered her friendship to Lelianne, basically as a “who knows I may die someday and you can have another shot, but you can’t win by fighting me “ argument. Lelianne took the offer and the two became such close friends, with the cyborg being inspired by ways of the oddest Sith that she swore her loyalty to Sy’ra and that of her clan. Sy’ra helped the clan out and as a sign they now worked for her.

Meanwhile her enemies began to get desperate , this could not be happening, Sy’ra knew very few powerful techniques in the force, but she had so many friends she could seize control of the school without even having to show up. She  never had such intentions so no one could really be convinced that the pink friendly girl  would be bad for them. They were better for Sy’ra than the other way around, which was completely by Sy’ra’s design.. she had only so much time to befriend people….but Sy’ra still offered them something that was missing in the Empire.. someone they could trust. One of the few Sith that also would hang out with non force sensitives, it did not take long for Sy’ra eventually convinced the head of the school guard staff, who was head of his own Mandalorian clan to swear loyalty to her too. Promising he could mary her daughter.. of whom she adopted two, this made sure that the second suitor of her daughter Glissa, A Cathar lord.. would try to suck up with her as well. Like dominoes Sy’ra played everyone.. while still being legit in her friendship.. she made sure these friendships benefited her.

A final showdown threatened  between the classic Sith and Sy’ra’s side. A duel on the other side led by Ahandra Horuset. The showdown.. a debate , was she a true sith?!
Ahandra said that the pink girl  knew less powerful techniques then anyone.. but Sy’ra proved her wrong.. she was friends with so many darths and because she said she feared for her life they all taught her one of their more powerful techniques. When Ahandra said the pink  lacked the strength to be a true icon of the Sith, Sy’ra said .. by simply asking all those willing to help her she could carry a spaceship on her hands. When the pureblood  stated her rival  lacked the passion to be a sith Sy’ra told this tale to her.. proving  has never stopped doing what she beliefs in. Ahandra saw strength as simple muscle density, power as how much electricity your lightning can generate. 

Sy’ra dropped those definitions and looked more at what those feats should be able to accomplish. Pink..not belonging on a sith is simply a one way perception not based on anything as clearly she had nearly defeated every member in her order.. not trough combat.. but by making sure no one could ever strike at their beloved friend. She did not have to scheme to rise to the top.. everyone who meant anything in the order.. at least that was relevant to her told their own weaknesses.. in the hope that Sy’ra could offer advice. They showed their strengths.. wanting to prove to Sy’ra that they could keep her safe when she was scared or upset.. even if that fear might have been amplified. She did not need to plunder and kill to get her wealth because people just willingly gave stuff to their friend in need, which she then bartered until she had wealth. No one noticed what she had been doing because she did not SHOW her power. She did not dress up like a scary monster that needed to intimate because people underestimating her was much more powerful. Simply by being not normal.. and steering away from the path Sy’ra avoided all the obstacles on that path and had a journey no one saw. away from being standard and it payed off.

After that Sy’ra would be promoted yet again, being made a teacher allowed to study Sith Alchemy.  Which she used to make her wife pregnant with a natural born daughter. Darth Vess died in childbirth leaving everything to the Delinda heir. Her Powerbase had now become so great she could claim the title of Darth without contest.  Sy’ra had ample  people that would fight for her.. and much to her own desire they would not die for her.. as she reckoned those who want to live will fight harder than those willing to die! Sy’ra gathered an army of people who had their own desires still meaning they all constantly would improve but tied by bonds ever lasting she did not have to make to much efforts to stay safe.

When a follower did not have those aspirations she awoken them inside them. Like when Lelianne only saw herself as a tool. She was encouraged to find her own way.. which enabled perpetual growth in the loving army of the Pink Sith. Sy’ra took her leave from the academy having learned how to splice animals together she would combined the horses of Endor with the mighty horned Reek and the fluffy sharped fanged Nexu cat.  Once they were done they would give all her friends one of these single horned warhorses.  The school had provided her with all the study materials and students to help her work out the kinks of this secret project, so now she was done here! Risking war with the purebloods would be detrimental now.

As she took into space , Sy’ra had fun experimenting about, while friends kept sharing information with her, keeping her informed keeping her strong without lifting a finger. She became a Darth and the only force power she actively used while pursuing that goal was to give herself a true born daughter. The rest of her force powers.. just for show and misdirection. Who needs force powers when you got amazing friend’s like Syra’s .

This had been established through roleplay so every character that is not Sy’ra or Ragnya is not someone I have written. It is another player that we won for ourselves.  The moral of this story is that everyone needs a friend no matter how “evil” they might be.  Good stuff can happen if you do good. While my OC definitely wasn’t good and could be very cruel she succeeded by being different and showing a kind spirit.
You can be different too and be accepted if you find the right people! Friendships are a power that ended up being proven to be more powerful than the most powerful lords and Darths.. so I do think Sy’ra was right! Friendship IS magic

Five Movie Characters I’d Invite to New Years Eve

So I had some time and creativity left so it’s time for a very late night post for me. The fourth installment in the series of my New Years Eve Party, but the final one I will be  actually writing. So spoiler, in the next post I won’t refer to this one .. save for an edited line here or there. This list gave me the most trouble, five movie characters I’d invite to New Years Eve… why is this more difficult? Because most of the time movie characters a re other people as well.. which makes it weird.  Luckily I mostly worked my way around that. Check out our movie guests and enjoy.

Movie Guest Number 1 : D-O (Star Wars) : The PA System

I have seen Rise of the Skywalker ……. and it was not good.  Disney managed to turn Star Wars in a Disney afternoon cartoon that is stupid and has little good elements. It had some good scenes, the characters are still pretty awesome…except for Rey and the atmosphere is there.. but that’s about it.  The story I am.. let’s say not a big fan off but there is a thing that I kinda liked about this movie. A funny new little character, that is basically your new Porg, Ewok, Gungan or insert other cutesie comic relief thing. A very old basic droid named D-O (pronounced Dio) A tiny megaphone on a wheel, which has some mastery of galactic basic making it one of the few droids we can actually understand. It’s straight to the point and brief speaking in terms as “Wheel Squeaky” “Wheel Unqueaked… thank you”  which gives it a charm. It will be perfect to let roll around the area and do some announcements , Buffet opened, restrooms clogged, band now playing, stuff like that. You see I am oftenly ignored when I say things like these.. people do not pay attention to me… but a megaphone on a wheel that’s waaaaaay more interesting………*sigh*

Of course he would also be invited for the memes. I could tell it to give Kamina a kiss and when some other guests fall for his charm the little wheel with a megaphone would say…”Ha you thought you kissed him first but it was I D-O”  You gotta love memes! Just having it run around shouting Za Warudo would also be adorable, and I am already getting incontinent with laughter when I am thinking of making it sprint on the road while it shouts Roado Roller..Daaaaaaa… see since it’s a wheel it rolls on the road.. and it is called D-O. Everyone will love this thing so much! Does D-O have other practical uses? No, it’s design and size make it absolutely unfit for anything else than just announce some stuff. It’s tinier than BB8 so it would probably even have trouble knocking down a beer bottle. It can tell you things about the sith and all that stuff, but disney made that stuff so edgy and evil looking that every person with some semblance of sanity and common sense would say… nah!  D-O can help up us gather and can facinate you if you see it moving about, but hey if we use it as a PA system it will still be more functional as it was in that Disney flick.

Movie Guest Number 2: The Four Horsemen : The Magicians

The band will not be able to preform constantly they will have to have some time of between sets. Of course I need a spectacular act for that and what act is greater than a show of the four horsemen. These magician thieves were introduced in the Now You See me Movies. Two flicks I just absolutely adored. It’s campy ..but such good camp and the shows of the four magicians. I would very much like to be there. Why? Because they steal millions and give it to the crowd. Of course there is a catch to it which means I might not be bestowed with any free cash but since I am writing the rule.. it definitely would happen. We could see them rob a bank and we would get the cash as a crowd. Now that is something else than pulling a bunny from a hat. Though in the second movie one of the horseman talks about pulling a hat from a bunny. Now that I would like to see.  Apparently the trick did not go over to well with the crowd though, I bet PETA is involved. Ugh… I just wanna see good magic tricks and in their movies the protagonists sure treat us to a few damn good tricks. For those who haven’t seen Now You See me yet.. you’d be in for a treat. With the second movie focussing more on street tricks, they can even perform elsewhere when the band is on stage. Great versatility.

(Those gloves on the girl are a bit to edgy for my taste)

Now why would I choose magic as a surprise act? Well since I am selecting on a movie base.. if I’d pick Clowns I’d be doing us all a disservice.  It, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Joker, Clownnado (clowns in a tornado)! This is a list of movies featuring clowns and I would not want any of them at my party.  I do not like any other circus act either besides magic, and this is magic that can make us wealthy. There is an appeal to having everyone be fooled on a massive scale, an excitement that your mind is interpreting something wrong. You know you are being fooled but you do not know how. The Horseman do that on steroids. Merrit McKinney  is the hypnotist of the group who could perhaps unpanda me or hypothise me a date, Daniel Atlas played by Jesse Eisgenberg and me could have very interesting coversations while Jack Wilder picks a few pockets for me, sorry for all of you but a girl has gotta eat. Lula , the second female horseman seems like an interesting character as well,  just someone who is fun to hang out with and learn some scams from and to play mindgames on my friends so I beat them more easily in board games. Wealth, Power and the ability to mindfuck your friends. This is what Gold D Roger promised to those who would find his treasure at the end of the Grand Line but since I get seasick in a bathtub. I will take this route and follow the horsemen.

(There will be no rain in Paradise but the horsemen could stop it)

Movie Guest Number 3 : Elsa : The Daycare lady

So an animated character and another character belonging to the disney cartel made her way on this list. Yet this one is for good , good reasons. You see I hate children. Like honestly they make me super uneasy. Since I don’t fully control my motor functions and can twitch and sometimes even full spasm an arm or a leg I am SUPER afraid of hurting them while they run around me.  Because I can never explain them something is wrong with me and they competely demonise me, which triggers an anxiety in me .. makes me more tense and enlarges the problem. Childeren make me so uneasy I go through actual lengths to avoid them. Babies is probably my most irrational fear, while I love baby yoda I’d cut off and sell my own legs not to have to go to a baby shower. In fact I think I have never been to one since the darkest day. In my past  when I was like the age of 12 and my “dissease/disability” wasnt as apparant yet a friend of my mothers once gave me a baby to hold. It threw up on me and the tense thing started. I could not hold on to it properly anymore and I really hurt it. By accident of course and it was fine just in pain.. people started to yell at me and I freaked out turned into a brick of tension. I tried to run but I could not and hurt myself as well.It wasn’t the only snafu I had, the twitch started to happen more and more and my unhapiness around kids increased. Since everyone is welcome at my party.. and some of you may have kids that means I need someone to look after them. Who better than Elsa of Arendelle?

(Peta will have something to say about feeding a Lizard just snow Elsa!)

Children flock to her, and she can create ear muffs for herself so she doesn’t hear those accused banshee wails  those little people produce. If Elsa is anything like the people who cosplay her she will do well with kids as well and be able to tame the wild minions of satan. Should she truely be unable to appease them she can always encapsulate them in ice and leave them to defrost for a while. Sure their heart might freeze but with a kiss from their mother and it’s all better. She even has access to a world beyond ours, in a sense where we can safely deposit children without any physical evidence to be found by law enforcement. Convenient!!! I really don’t wish harm upon the little imps but if it would be the only way to keep them away from me…. I’d have a difficult choice to make. Anyway.. Elsa is beloved by both kids and grown ups, can  drive people wild if she sings Let it Go on the Karaoke machine and she can even do some effects for when our band preforms Snow Halation. So much options to go with for Elsa.. though I heard she really doesn’t want to build a snowman with the kids. Of course we can investigate the rumors that Elsa might be into women.. but if the kids are around her, I shall not be the one who does the research, but at our party anything can happen.

(When I move trough my hair like that it’s always a mess! Gimme that power)

Movie Guest Number 4: Ron Burgundy:The  Social Media Hyper

As a blogger I would of course not just throw this New Years Party without any reason. I’d want to create some new fans, grow and create that haven where people talk and interact with each other. A real blogging friendship of sorts. Of course that means playing the social media game and I am not good at that. Now a backwards thinking white cisgender male privileged  news reporter that clearly does not know the meaning of the word PC that is a much better choice. Think about it, everyone who knows Ron Burgundy loves it when he is acting like an insensitive asshole.. so he can not say anything wrong. That kind of power is incredible in this day and age. He could hate or love my party and either way he would perfectly amusable to people. Some people would not be allowed to bash my party because I am not privileged, not straight and not a man so only Ron Burgundy can tell what he truly feels.  He might hate women and thinks we have less of a brain, but should he like the party it would be quite amazing. More than likely he won’t but think about it, getting roast by Ron Burgundy could still be pretty hype. He roasted Justin Bieber so I would be honoured if the thinks the party is bad as well. Plus the whole social media circus would make me super famous so I better make sure I stay Classy.

(Stay Class WordPress Readers)

There is something about the 70’s honesty that really appeals to me. It is something we forgot. We have to be so correct about everything that our opinions don’t matter anymore as long as they are not pc. Our own voice has drowned in a sea of things we have to take into account. We need a Ron Burgundy who isn’t afraid to step onto things .. without doing it to troll or provoke. Just speak your mind in an honest matter, no matter how petty your opinion might be, because petty opinions still matter.  We can only say things to each other if they are nice, so sometimes we are nice just to be able to say something even if we don’t really agree. Not Ron Burgundy! He says what he thinks, nothing more nothing less. He can create some buzz for me as some memes. Plus I think it could make for a great Ron Burgundy movie, where he ends up in a pink bubbly tropical drink filled resort filled with anime character and social justice warriors. I could sell the movie rights.. while getting hyped on twitter… oh wow finally my days of poverty are over! Thank you Ron Burgundy.

(Perhaps we can find out the mystery of the three shells together as well)

Movie Guest Number 5: Indiana Jones: The lost and Found Guy

Now I plan for you all to have a fun and memorable evening but I also plan to get you nice and liquored up so our memories of the night might end up a bit blurry. People will lose their stuff, like keys, coats, self respect and wallets.  Since we are on a beach things tend to get lost even easier taken by the sand or of course the local tribes might take your wallet or your girlfriend to sacrifice it to their fire god… of course the island is perfectly safe.. it’s just the Eldritch Pokémon, the local tribes, pirates and our own drunkenness that can pose a bit of a risk. Dr Henry Jones is the ideal man to help us the day after. The man found the arc of the covenant. He found the crystal skull and of course the holy grail. Surely he can help us find our keys as well. Digging up our relics by the beach is what he used to do as an official archaeologist. Should the tribal folk get our stuff he can venture into their temple of doom to get our missing party goers back.  An ideal guy to keep our stuff together and deal with our hangovers. and get our shit back together again. If he can find relics he can find keys right? Let’s find out.

(Indy can use the sand

Besides think of it how amazing it would be if the Indiana Jones theme begins playing when an old man with a whip and cowboy head is just searching the beach for your left slipper when the Indiana Jones themes begins playing… or is it the Turkish Star Wars theme.. those are eerily similar. So yeah, he’s looking for your slipper and the theme starts playing pretty amazing. I bet if we can get the one from the earlier movies that some people will like his whip as well. Just watch out for rolling boulders. Luckily for doctor Jones my island is completely snake free. Which means he will not get distracted while looking for your stuff either. He isn’t an ideal choice though, for example he oftenly travels with an asian kid… that drives.  I do not like children so I really hope he doesn’t take that one along. Perhaps I should make sure I have a driver with the final post so Short Round can stay at home. The good doctor is kind of a womaniser and gets into situations with kinda gross food, so he might make the evening a bit less classy than it could be. He doesn’t appreciate good swordsmanship for example. Now I do not mind if you have some fun with good old Indiana or if you use him to find ancient relics hidden on my beach to keep them for yourself. Have fun! But whatever you do ! DO NOT let that man near my fridge.

And that concludes our movie characters. My next post will be in but a few hours after I had some sleep. With five game characters I’d invite to New Year’s Eve we shall conclude this guest list of epic proportions and ready ourselves for the party of the decade. .. which is funny because it will also be the last party of the decade.  For those incapable of reading the final post before we move into 2020. Happy New Year!

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Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part 3)

Hey little monsters, it is time once again to move to a galaxy far far away. It is time for the third official installment of Poké Wars: Generation IV Blue Hope. In Part 2  which you can read here, Rioluke met up with Rotom W and 3 people by purchasing them from the Patrat sandcrawler with his uncle Unowen. Soon it turned out that Rotom Wash did not want to abandon it’s former mission and and took off in the night. The Riolu and the magneton chased him only to be attacked by sandshrew people. At the last moment the threesome was rescued by a man named Obi the Alakazam, formerly known as Obi the Kadabra. When it was revealed that Rotom W had plans for a secret weapon they had to deliver to a contact on Galaraan, Rioluke realised Overlord Metwo would send his forces to retrieve those plans. He rushed home only to find it in ruins! Check the end of this post for links to the other parts.

Chapter 7: It’s on Galaraan

Princess Rita sat in her cell for Arceus knows how long when two cloned pokémon came to get her. It was a Zubat and a Bulbasaur, the last one roped her with his vine whip. It hurt her quite a lot, she had endured a lot of torture to loosen her tongue and her body was quite frail and cut still.  There was this weird Pokémon that tortured her shaped like a lamp, it burned her with its ghostly fires while trying to look at her soul. It was quite horrible. She knew that if she that thing was praying on her soul and looking straight into it. She nearly told what she knew, she had to come up with a plan because surely she could not fool Dark Blader in this state. Rumors said he could read her aura with his dark powers. He would be able to spot deceit in her aura. She would have to pick something credible, something that would hurt her to mention. As a plan began to form in her head as a little of her soul died… at least Lampent would not get it now.

Princess Rita was led to a observatory in a huge space station. Helmed by some Drowzee as well as some cloned Toucannons who appeared to be the space stations gunners all gazed at her with a look of horror  in their eyes, like they had a good idea on what would come next. Smogon Tar Chin took the lead and broke the silence. ‘We will not ask again , where is the rebel gym!’ His tone was vicious and disrespectful clearly not respecting her status as royalty. It was his tone that gave Rita some resolve. She would not be talked to this way by the likes of him. ‘Aah  Smogon Tar Chin, I thought I smelled a poorly written reference from my cell but now that i am standing here I am still disappointed’ The Smogon set pokémon looked angry for a moment but then bit off with a smirk. ‘I would not have guessed you have a sassy nature “princess” you’d do well to be as talkative when the dark lord is asking you questions, you can’t keep pretending you have a quiet nature for long’ The Bisharp standing next to him looking menacing lifted his hands as the hypno clenched his throat.  ‘You should not put ideas of being quiet into the princess head, if I have to spend more power points to make her talk I will make sure you’ll both regret it’. As Dark Blader turned his head to Rita , she suddenly felt as if her mind was being probed, an unseen assailant noticing her superficial thoughts. ‘Indeed princess Rita this is not going to end well for you anyway’

Princess Rita was running out of time, she had too make up her mind. She knew her plan would cost millions of life, would she have the strength to push through with it? She would have to sacrifice millions so that billions could live. Would she be able to say the words? She had no room to give this any more thought for he would pick up on her conflict. She HAD to buy time, she could not let hope be snuffed out. She thought about her adoptive mother and father and about all those pokémon out there in the galaxy she never met.  Being on board of a weapon that allegedly was able to capture planets she knew very well what would happen next. Her pain would hopefully be enough to deceive Dark Blader. She took one deep breath and then uttered the words. ‘It’s on Galaraan, the rebel gym is on Galaraan’
Dark Blader looked at her menacingly, would it have been enough. ‘Set course for Galaraan’ he ushered. Rita shed a single tear not show her weakness to these two. She had just sacrificed her homeworld for but a glimmer of hope.

Chapter 8: Not the mons

Rioluke stood in distraught seeing his home ransacked, destroyed. His aunt and uncle gone. Surely they must have been send to Bill. He wept for their loss. Alakazam padded his shoulders and told him. ‘Rioluke, you are the son of a Pokéknight , you have to fight this pain, pain leads to suffering and suffering leads to the dark side of the aura. Rioluke was intrigued despite his grief ‘You are saying I could be a Poké Knight?’ Alakazam shook his head. ‘I am saying you may HAVE to become a Poké Knight in order for us to save the galaxy! Going against the overlord will be very hard otherwise.’ Anger still lingered in Rioluke but he could for some reason sense wisdom and truth in the words of the old man. He knew  somehow that their journey would become a long one, for a moment Rioluke sensed it’s destiny. ‘How do we get of this rock though? I don’t have money for a spaceship, even if I can fly one’ Rioluke said in his squeaky voice. The Alakazam could not help but chuckle ‘Of course you would, your father was a great pilot as well, we will go to Phenac City and find someone who can move us past the overlord’s blockades. There should be plenty of smugglers. Rioluke nodded, he stared at his home for one last time before mounting his landspeeder along with his three companions as they raced towards Phenac City together.

After little over an half hour speeder ride they began noticing a growing presence of clone pokémon.  Luke could have sworn he saw a cloned squirtle riding on a huge Salazzle, which is a big lizard but Alakazam swore there was nothing there. Rotom just bleeped at the discussion. 3-people translated this as. ‘Rotom W says  that there have been several incidents of this occurring across the galaxy. People of younger generations seem to perceive the galaxy somewhat differently at times, often more lively and special, while the older generations see the galaxy more barren but often more vicious and raw. Yet he absolutely assures you that those people young people see in the background will never really interact  much with the world.’ Alakazam and Rioluke still bickered for a bit who was seeing the world right but eventually they were approached by two cloned pokémon. Citizens two of your passengers seem to meet a general description of non organics wanted by Overlord Mewtwo, prepare to be searched. Alakazam smiled at them and showed him a spoon, waving it across the man’s face. ‘I would hate to waste your time officer, these are not the pokémon you are looking for’. The cloned pokemon shook his head confused for a bit. ‘That’s right, these are not the pokémon we are looking for! Move along citizens, glory to the overlord.’  The pale squirtle tapped the vehicle signalling Rioluke could drive into town. Which he did staring at Alakazam in awe. ‘How did you do that?’ 

Rioluke moved to town seeing all shorts of shady Pokémon. While plenty of law patrolled outside the town, as little seemed to dwell within. The most odd pokémon staring at him and his landspeeder.  At least selling the vehicle off would not be very difficult, this should be able to pay for a flight from one of these shady folks. A shady penguin pokémon seemed very interested in particular. Alakazam noticed as well and told Rioluke.  You just go inside that cantina and I shall sell the landspeeder, it might be best if you don’t .. know what they will pay for it’. Rioluke nodded, he would most likely not like the price his beloved landspeeder would be sold off for. Alakazam might squeeze out a few poké more with that mind stuff off his anyway. The non organics were tasked with making sure no one should steal the speeder, they could zap their attackers into paralysis.  Rioluke walked into the cantina alone, where a catchy tune was playing being played by a group of elgyem.

Chapter 9: Who shot first?

The cantina was even seedier on the inside then the outside. As soon as Rioluke walked inside he was immediately the   subject of some scrutinous looks. The little fighting pokémon was looking for someone looking like a pilot when he accidentally bumped into a Walrein.. a big Walrus Pokémon that seemed  to be accompanied by a Pignite. The Walrein began barking at our hero in a language he did not understand. ‘I-I am sorry for bumping into you mister but I do not understand what you are saying’ The pig pokemon looked at him and snickered. ‘He says he doesn’t like you’. This made Rioluke quite sad, he just wanted to make new friends, he was still a baby pokemon after all who had no one in this world. And now this Walrein did not like him already.  The pig saw him looking sad and let out a greasy sounding snicker again. ‘Hehehehe and I don’t like you either’ Rioluke began to cry a bit by the bullying. ‘I.. I am sorry.. you don’t like me’. Rioluke turned to the bar and ordered some Blue Blue Milk when the pig grabbed him. ‘I got a death sentence on twelve systems so be warned’ he said threateningly. ‘I .. I will be carefull, sorry you don’t like me mister’ the fox like kid says now fighting his tears more and more’. The pig motioned to the walrus to move in closer when that one was being struck by a large blue beam. Solid about one an armlength in size, eerily humming. The walrus began to colour red and was promptly send to the pc. ‘You killed my friend’ the pig yelled in panic. ‘Well you were threatening to kill my associate and all our weapons kill on first hit.. otherwise I would have just sliced a fin off.’ 

Meanwhile at a table in the back the pair was being watched by a hoodlum scarfty and his ursaring pal. While distracted by the death of the Walrein though  they did not notice a little bug pokémon crawling onto a chair at their table when it readied it’s blaster under the table it coughed. It was a little orange yellow bug worm with a cute pink nose  and a horn on its head. It was the most infamous weedle in entire Phenac city. In a very nasal tone it began to address the scrafty. ‘Shaun Yolo, how nice we finally see face to face once more.. Halva really wants his money now’ The scrafty sat back in the couch he was sitting on putting his feet on the table. ‘Ah Weedo, they let anybody in these days’ the hoodlum would say while pointing at the weedle but also pointing out Rioluke with his eyes. ‘Halva has put a bounty on you Shaun, and I think I will collect after all that stunt you pulled on me on Unovellia cost me a lot of money.’ The weedle  moved his capture gun under the table unlocking it with a click.’ The bear pokémon next to Shaun roared. ‘Easy Bakka, it’s not like i’m in danger or anything’ the scrafty said while crossing his feed on the table and putting his hands in his neck. Weedo laughed ‘I would not be so sure about th…’  before he finish the sentence he was shot by a capture blast coming from a blaster Scrafty had hidden behind the couch. The little weedle faded away in red light while his blaster fell on the floor. Shaun did not really notice it anymore his mind was working overtime. “Darn it if Halva the Zygarde has put a bounty on me I have to get out of here. Yet my ship  is locked away by those clone pokémon. Then he looked closer to the old man who just extinguished his capture saber after slaying the Walrein. Then he looked at the sniffling riolu and smirked. These suckers might be his way out. He beckoned over the Rioluke ‘Hey Kid, you look lost , how about we have a little chat’. Rioluke looked at Alakazam as he looked a bit worried. No twisting realities for each generation this time. ‘Should we even meet with him’ the young man asked Obi ‘ he clearly shot first!’

Question to my readers:

What is your favorite Star Wars species/race ?

So we conclude yet another chapter of this story! In the next part we will see daring escapes, dogfights, epic captures  and celestial body confusion! Make sure to follow my blog to not miss an exciting new episode of Poké Wars: Blue hope!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!.

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Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part 2)

Hello again little monsters it is time to go back to the world of Poké Wars, in the first part we saw two mechanical pokémon escape from Princess Rita’s ship the Vikavolt, after it was assaulted by Mewtwo’s evil forces led by Dark Blader. With the stolen plans for a secret weapon called the MAS STAR Rotom W kept talking about a secret mission but the magneton 3-people did not want to hear any of it so they separate ways. Only to get captured by mysterious creatures. As fate would have it a young Riolu named Rioluke Skypuncher is in need for some magnets and a washer right in that moment as he and his uncle Unowen travel to a Patrat Sandcrawler. To read up on that part of the story you can click here to go to part 1. If you need a brush up on who the characters were again check out part 0!

Chapter 4: For the last time

A Drowzee was approaching the large Bisharp standing in the conference room of the houndoom shaped Doom Cruiser. ‘Lord Blader, we have scoured every inch of the Vikavolt  and there are no traces of the stolen plans whatsoever’. The Drowzee gulps as he can sense the metallic man emitting a dark Aura. ‘Did anyone get away admiral’ Dark Blader says in the most cold of tones. ‘No my lord, one escape pod launched but we detected no life signs on board it seems like that woman made a mis………’  Before Drowzee can finish his sentence he grabs his throat as it seems to close up by an exterior force. ‘You have disappointed me for the last time admiral, clearly those plans must have been on that escape pod’. Using the move Throat Chop from a distance Dark Blder finishes of the poor drowzee who falls to the ground lifeless. He addresses the Hypno with the tar on his chin. ‘Smogon Tar Chin, you better do something about the failure of your subordinate or the next one who will fall shall be you’.   The hypno clenches his throat as he feels the aura dancing around it. ‘I will send the clone troopers right away Lord Blader.’

Meanwhile Rioluke and his uncle had arrived at the Patrat sandcrawler. It had been a bit of a hike with the speeder bike out of commision but it had given the pair a chance to have a good heart to heart. The Riolu’s unown uncle had told the boy he really could be replaced in just two good seasons. The two bonded a bit over how fast Rioluke had grown and how uncle Unowen would miss the boy he always had considered as his son. While the mood between the two was still a bit tense they both knew they loved each other. Now they had traveled far towards Outskirts Stand, which was in the middle of the Sea of Sand to not only fix their broken relationship but also Rioluke’s landspeeder but also replace Aunt Natu’s  washing machine. The Patrat were displaying various goods. Unowen immidiatly spotted a washing machine that looked great to him. Waking closer to expect it he was already negotiating the price. Patrat were unable to produce normal speech but with nods within a few moments Unowen had bought himself a new washing machine. Meanwhile the riolu was looking for a new suspension system but the only thing of the sorts was a shiny Magneton. ‘How much for the shiny?’ he asked. The Patrat showed 3 fingers. ‘Three hundred poké?’

The fighting type pokemon looked sad the price seemingly to steep for him when the magneton suddenly spoke. ‘I beg your pardon young man but we must say that 300 poké for us is quite a steal, we speak all pokémon languages, posses levivate and are schooled in both etiquette and diplomacy.’  Rioluke sighed. ‘I just need you to fix my Landspeeder’ to which the golden hued cluster of magnets replied. ‘I do possess the potential to let something magnet rise as well , so I can assure you I am well fit for the ask as well as many others. ‘It’s fine luke my son..’ the unown said. I will cover that for you.  The rioluke beckoned the magnet over as the Patrat came closer to strike the deal. While pushing the washing machine across the sand suddenly unownen noticed something. ‘Hey Patrat.. are you trying to trick us? This washing machine has a C for it’s energy label! What are you trying to pull of here?’ The patrats squeeled disgruntedly. ‘No i am not buying something that can cause even more heat on this planet.. so off with it .. I want an economic model.’  The letter O pokemon was bouncing up and down upset and angered. ‘Master now that I am in your services may I suggest purchasing that orange washing machine over there?’ It is possessed by an electric ghost so it will never consume power and will only run out if it faints.. a quick revive and it is good to go again. The washing machines traded places and Unowen was happy that this washing machine could actually levitate across the desert himself. On the way back the old sigil and the young dog had a conversation…for the last time. 

Chapter 5: Off on a secret mission

Early the next morning Rioluke was woken up by 3-people who sounded upset. I am so sorry master.. please do not scrap us… I told him I vouched for him and he could absolutely not do this ..but he kept going on about some secret mission! I really tried to stop him.’  Rioluke rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and asked ‘What are you talking about’ The trio of magnets in panic replied. ‘Rotom W of course master ,he took of on his mission about an hour ago’  Rioluke shot up in his bed. ‘No no no.. if my aunt doesn’t have her washing machine we can not wash the Miltank ‘s cuddle quilt! If they aren’t happy they wont give enough Blue Blue Milk and I am stuck here for another season. We gotta find him what else do you know’
The Rioluke quickly got up and began gathering some supplies. ‘Well master he kept going on about some man called Obi the Kadabra. He wants to go seek him as the princess ordered’  Rioluke turned around quickly ‘A princess?’The magneton nodded ‘Yes she was captured aboard the starship we were on.. she kept whispering stuff to the washing machine said she had something for him to hand to this Kadabra person.’  Rioluke replied while fetching a stick like weapon ‘Could this Kadabra have evolved into an Alakazam?’ The magnets bobbed in the air as if trying to give a shrug. ‘I do not know master , they do share the same evolutionary line so it would indeed be possible, however the criteria for an Alakzam are quite strict.’ His master however was barely listening and preparing his landspeeder. ‘Magneton use Magnet Rise to make my speeder fly again’ Rioluke would speed away from home to find the droid heading towards the territory where Alakazam was rumored to dwell , hoping he could find the washing machine before something bad happend to it. Luke new very well what dwelled in that area! Sandshrew People!

Rotom Wash was merrily bleeping as he was on his way to Kadabra’s last known location.  He would complete his secret mission and get a kiss from the beautiful princess for being a hero!  The washing machine looked around the cliff walls he was traversing remembering the first time he was captured.. that would not happen to him again. Listening closes he could hear the sounds of something what seemed like a donkey that mated with a seal in the distance far far away, no traps on top of the cliffs either. He was almost there.. just a twenty minute walk west.  Somewhere in the hills close to Phenac City and Pyrite Town. That was where he would earn his medal. The Seal-Donkey sounds came closer as Rotom W analysed that chances of his success. Anything living out here would mostly likely use ground type moves, he was immune to those, he should be safe. Suddenly he noticed some yelling though! ‘W it is us?! Rioluke and 3-people, please wait’. Rotom was unable to outspeed the landspeeder anyway so he decided to obey orders for now allowing our protagonist and the nervous little sidekick to catch up to him. ‘Why  did you run away little guy? Why didn’t you tell me about your mission’ Rioluke would look at the washing machine in a dissapointed manner. ‘That is right Master Rioluke was worried sick about you.. not me I do not care much i you die.. but he is our new master we should at least do our best… Master Rioluke , I am sure, has enough of your antics’ Rioluke turned around and said. ‘No I am going to help him! If the princess needs our help it must be worth our time’  Magneton ‘s eyes turned smug! ‘See , W , we are going back home exactly as I……whhhhaaaaat?’ The magnets looked at the fighting type baffled. ‘Oh come one 3-people it will be an adventure it will be the most fun we will have on this planet for two seasons , besides what is the worst that can happen.’ Haven not even spoken those words fully yet Rioluke heard the Seal Donkey sounds from very up close.. as one of the Sandshrew people hit him with a ferocious tackle..knocking Rioluke to a ledge below. 

Chapter 6: But that would lead them……..

The first thing Rioluke saw was not one but at least three Sandshrew people on the cliffs he fell off from, two more near their totem-gogoats. This was looking bad. They would definitely crush him to death or use those defunct home made capture beams to surely send him to the pc.. or even in the glitch. Crawling back to his feet their ferocious war cry bosomed fear even into the likes of the magneton and the rotom wash. With the sandshrew being electric types both of them would miss their best offensive moves.If they would be smacked to the ground by them.. their electric typing would make them super vulnerable to ground type attacks as well. ‘Leave them alone’ Riolu would yell, one of the Sandshrew balled up and hit him again. A super annoying alert begin to fill Riolu’s head, he was close to fainting, this could not be the end! A sand attack from a third sandshrew prevented him from counter attacking blinding his sights. His fist hitting only the sky , very true to his namesake. His world was dark, awaiting the final blow in utter blindness he suddenly began hearing some ghostly noises. Was this the sound of the pokémon in the box? Were these the sounds of what they came to call “Bill?’ Suddenly he felt a small whack against his forehead.. nothing that hurt him enough to faint.. just a tab by what felt like a small egg like object.  ‘Foolish Boy, you should not have come here this unprepared’ Alakazam whacked the riolu with his spoon once more. Rioluke who began to regain his sight a bit just saw a yellow shape in front of him. ‘What are you even doing here boy?’ the man like pokémon grumpily asked. ‘My Washing Machine is looking for someone named Obi the Kadabra, we are visiting Alakzam to see if they are related. The princess needs Obi the Kadabra’. The Alakazam sighed. “Get that sand out of your eyes and follow me, we have a lot to talk about’

Alakazam took Rioluke and the mechanical pokémon back to his home where he revealed to them that indeed he was once Obi the Kadabra, general in the army of the Galatic Monarchy  and Poké Knight of the Poké Order. He even confessed to having known Rioluke’s father.  ‘You knew my father?’ Rioluke’s ears twitched as he heard that. ‘Yes , much like me he was a brave poké knight, strong with Aura, he was supposed to bring balance too the aura until  Dark Blader meant his end. ‘My father was killed by Dark Blader?’ Riolu looked upset, having been told his parents had died this was still a harsh fact to deal with. ‘Luke I sense you are strong in the aura like him, perhaps you can even be a Poké Knight one day. However lets focus on the task at hand, you said this washing machine had a message for me?’ On this cue Rotom W opened a little drawer normally meant for suds to go in the machine revealing a tiny USB device.  The mustachioed psychic pokémon took it out. A I see it is hidden in the Technical Machine for Focus Blast.. this princess is a smart one. The Pokémon placed the device against his head as by magic t seemed to resonate with him. He looked quite serious. Rioluke, this little washing machine holds the plans for a weapon of great power, A weapon that can capture entire planets.’ Rioluke looked shocked. ‘Entire planets…that is terrible, we must get this in the ands of the rebels then. The overlord can not be allowed to build this weapon.. and if he does the rebels should know how to destroy it. Where do we need to bring this? I am coming along! … but wait… … the overlord, he must want these plans back … if they knew these pokémon landed on this planet.. than the trail would lead them back………. home’!’

Question to my Readers:

What is your favorite scene from A New Hope? 

And that is where we will be leaving things for this week.  Next week we will meet our third and final main character for this story. Rioluke will face some nasty surprises and Rita will also be popping by. Lots of Poké Wars for you to enjoy still to go! The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!

Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part I)

Finally the time is upon is to start a story I promised someone a long long time ago. We will see a familiar story unfold in a new way as we retell Star Wars Episode IV New Hope. Earlier I told you about Poké Wars Generation IV : Blue Hope already. In part 0 I explained some of the main characters that will be featured in this story and my reasons behind them. If you feel confused to what Pokémon I am using check it out there. As for now please enjoy my story.

Chapter 1: Laundering Plans

A galariaan cruiser is flying through the space of the Outer Region quickly. The Vikavolt V3 may have once looked pristine but the exterior is now scarred with burns of capture beams, paralyze beams and even some frozen protrusions can be seen. It is losing speed fast as a dark vessel in pursuit ever draws closer. Its being chased by a Doom Cruiser, one of the flagships of Galactic Overlord Mewtwo. Wonders of technology based on the Pokémon Houndoom. Hellhounds is what these ships are nicknamed, because houndoom quite looks like that with dark skin.. a fire red maw and bony protrusions sticking out everywhere. It’s pointed tail and goat like horns give it a devil like quality that has been copied onto this ship.   These ships hunt down those who dare to rebel against the overlord and his cloned armies. As a volley of red and green beams is are being exchanged between the buglike and doglike ship one of the hellhounds beams manages to strike the Vikavolts engine room..capturing their engine. The rebel ship is now dead in space.

Inside the ship an utmost annoying alarm is going off while brave but basic pokémon make their way to the docking bay, where they are sure to be boarded soon. A look of fear in all of their eyes as they know they are about to get into a battle they can not win. They would certainly get hit by a capture beam if they would try to use the escape pods. Even if they used decoys the technology would allow any organic lifeform to be detected by scanners, allowing the Doom Cruiser to pick of the proper once. THis battle would be their last stand and they would face it armed to the teeth.. and with ridiculous looking helmets. Soon a light began to erupt from the docking bay doors. In the top corner the corners of the door began to melt. 

Meanwhile princess Rita was scurrying of in a dark corner. The Gothorita looked grumpy, like she always did.. but today she was in a even grumpier mood than ever.  The princess of the planet Galaraan knew she would be killed or captured, most likely captured so she could reveal the location of the rebel gym and hand over the plans some brave people gave their lives for. She had to get them off the ship and out of the hands from the overlord or everything would be lost. She sat on a washing machine that suddenly reacted to her.  For some reason it could only react in some beeps and bloops that were programmed into the washing machine. ‘I do not understand you… who are you anyway?’ said the Princess confused.  The washing machine pokémon stared back at her and emitted a series of bleeps, when suddenly tree magnets that had been hiding on a shelve began to talk. ‘He says his name his name is Rotom W (double U), he is an electric ghost that one day possessed a washing machine to pull a prank on me but now he can’t get out.’ The magnets floated off the shelf making a formal motion to the princess as best as they could.  It had a golden hue across their magnets but one of them was silver, something a lot of people would never notice. ‘Our name is Fe-3-people, but mostly people refer to us as 3 people, we are your humble servants princess’ Princess Rita checked out her non organic companions as in her head a plan began to form. ‘W, could you open your door for me? I have some dirty laundry I need to put inside!’

Chapter 2:  Enter Dark Blader

The door of the docking bay burst open as the cloned pokémon stormed into the room.  A bit to eagerly, one cloned Zubat bumped his head on the doorway sending it tumbling through the sky before it would land on the floor. The cloned pokémon looked ‘odd’ stripped of their pigmentation because Mewtwo had used his own DNA to fill in the holes. Their eyes black and soulless , bred this way as a tool of intimidations, Mewtwo’s soldiers were quite scary to look at.  However a a side effect off the eyes being bred to look scary it had really harm the clone-troopers eyesight. Their accuracy was as bad as any other pokémon that had been hit with the move Smokescreen three turns in a row. Yet this time they where on quite a lucky roll as a gunfight ensued. One by one each of the Pokémon fired their beam gun at each other. These guns were fitted with technology to capture a pokémon based on an ancient technology by a now eliminated species they called the Rakata, big giant pink skinned pokémon that were smarter than them but with way less battle prowess. These Rakata used balls to seal pokémon inside after which they would be used in combat for the Rakata’s pleasures. But the species had since vanished from the galaxy after they all started infighting over stupid stuff. Since pokemon could not hold these balls or they would be captured they adapted them into rifles and beam swords. Since a Pokémon can not own a pokémon however the capture pokémon would be send somewhere beyond this reality. The Pale Zubat that had hit the doorway had finally recovered and fired a confuse ray at the rebels. The confused geodude  rebel’s turn was next as he readied his rifle he felt his head spin. “I’ll send you to Bill .. Overlordian scum’ he said while firing his rifle inside his own hand as he began to fade into someones pc. 

A big beam of light suddenly was lit as a Bisharp entered the room, holding a red tinted humming capture beam saber. The Rebels tried to fire at him in their turn, but by using Sucker Punch he got to move first, dragging his sword over them and sending them in the process. Many rebels threw down their weapons hoping they would be imprisoned rather than captured in the other way. The Bisharp commanded a cloned Pikachu alongside a cloned Squirtle and Bulbasaur to find the princess and the plans and he would clean up here. ‘Yes Lord Blader”  The pikachu said while bowing. Pikachu new Dark Blader was strong in Aura, a force of some kind only accessible to some pokémon. Aura much like Pokémon came in two types. The Dark and Light Type, or the aura of death and life respectively. In ancient time this aura was created by Ultra Necrozma or so it was said, which it had used to create Totem Pokémon. Mewtwo..was one of these totem pokémon when he ordered the execution of all others except for Dark Blader. Nowadays there were only a handful of stragglers left and Dark Blader hunted them down being strong in the dark side of the aura. Representing Ultra Necrozma’s darkside. He had the power to apply phyiscal moves from a distance ..  a powerful ability indeed, he should not fail him. Pikachu encountered princess Rita at the escape pods who was putting on a little show, that Pikachu and his squad completely believed. ‘Oh dear me.. I am such a helpless woman.. I wanted to escape in an escape pod and while trying to open the door I accidentally launched it.. ‘ Pikachu grinned at the woman’s s misery. He set his rifle to paralyse and as princess Rita dashed towards the next escape pod she got hit by a paralyzing wave. ‘Lord Blader will be pleased.. take her to him right now’ Pikachu commanded to the Bulbasaur and Squirtle. They took the psychic lady towards the menacing dark type. The paralysed princess smirked towards Dark Blader and made a biting remark towards him. ‘Lord Blader.. the Overlords Lapdog to what do I have the honour’ The Steel dark type looked at her and with a very metallic voice spoke to her. ‘Where are the plans princess?’ She looked at him cold and said ‘I am afraid I must have left them in my other pants’ Dark Blader chuckled a bit. ‘Princess if you do not tells us where the rebel gym is or where you hid the plans we have ways to make you talk’

Chapter 3: Blue Blue Milk

The escape pod was tumbling towards the planet of Tat-Orre the two mechanical life forms in it held in place by some form of artificial gravity unaware they were being scanned by the Doom Cruiser. A Hypno with his hands folded behind his back was staring at it asked a Drowzee for a report. ‘There is no life forms aboard of that escape pod sir, it must have been a woman who pushed a wrong button’ The Smogon smirked. “Women’ .. A Smogon was the highest rank a pokémon could get in the armies of Mewtwo. It stood for someone who had proper effort values , a decent nature and a strong moveset. Among the Hypno’s this old man who named himself Tar Chin, after the decoration he gave himself, was the best of the best. ‘Let it go then’ the man said. No use firing a capture beam on an empty escape pod. The staff of the Doom Cruiser stared at the escape pod until it entered the atmosphere of the desert planet.  Inside said escape pod everything began to shake as final landing had been initiated. ‘Ooh Goodness Oh dear.. we are to young to die’  the golden magnets set sounding quite stressful. The washing machine simply omitted some cheerful sounds. ‘How can you be excited at a time like this W we are crashing on an unknown planet’ Fe-3-people bit towards the washing machine which blooped merrily in response. ‘An adventure and secret mission?… What exactly did that princess whisper to you while she was shoving things inside you?’ 3 people would have ranted more at the washing machine but at that moment the pod dug itself into some desert sand. They had landed.

Climbing outside the pot the pair stared at the endless sands and the double sun. The scorching heat around them was unnoticed by the pair yet the magnets seemed to complain anyway. ‘This heat will warp our dimensions and the sand will get everywhere..we do not want to be soften by the sunlight before a wild predator attacks us’ After that the mechanical creature spun its magnets around and turned to Rotom Wash. ‘I detect a settlement about one route south from here we should go there’ W responded with some ferocious bleeping. What do you mean you want to go north, there is nothing there according to my sensors’ 3-people responded only to be met with an immediate determined bleep response. ‘Your mission is there?! Well I am not sure we agreed on this mission.. I am not going there, if you want to go there to die that’s fine by me..but I will make my way to the settlement.’  Rotom wash looked at 3-people a bit sad and than turned his back to him blooping annoyedly. ‘You are already dead?! You are a ghost type? Well excuse me for wanting to save my own life you selfish little washing machine I shall go south’ Rotom Wash and 3-people began to go their separate ways, both feeling a bit sad to have been abandoned by the other but their own goal was the most sensible one. About an hour of walking in W reached a rocky canyon. I hope 3-people is going to be alright , it thought to itself before noticing some falling rocks. It’s eyes scouring the canyon searching for life. Suddenly two pairs of red and yellow eyes lit up from a dark space and some critter sounds could be heard.  Before W could even let out a bleep a powerful beam was fired at the washing machine, electrical short circuiting the washing machine.. a short melody began to play before it powered down.. Rotom had fainted.

‘Rioluke? ….RIOLUKE?’ Unowen the old letter was floating towards his adoptive son’s domicile dome.. ‘Rioluke did you milk the shiny Miltanks yet?’ The letter entered the room to find out his boy wasn’t there. He sighed knowing exactly where the boy would be hanging out. As he climbed the hills he saw the young boy playing in his landspeeder, shooting at wompratttata with great success. Unowen could not help but smile, Rioluke’s reflexes were the greatest his had ever seen. The boy felt trapped on this planet, but since the letter pokémon nor his wife Natu had any hands he needed him around for just one or two more harvests. After he sold two more harvest of blue blue milk he would be able to send the boy of to pilot school and hire a farmhand. ‘Rioluke!’ He shouted once more.. this time the Riolu heard him, the blue doglike pokemon lost his concentration and hit a rock formation with his landspeeder which in turn seemed to malfunction. The boy tumbled outside his speeder as it was unable to keep his altitude up. ‘Thanks uncle, now look at what you made me do’ Rioluke shouted at him annoyedly. Now I am going to replace the levitation magnets! ‘Did you milk the Miltanks?’ Unowned asked. ‘Yes uncle of course.. like every day.. and every day for the next two shitty years of my life’  Rioluke responded clearly frustrated. ‘Son… I know you are not happy about this… and I wish your aunt and me could help you sooner, but things haven’t been the best for us in the last two seasons but I promise you, just two more seasons and you can go’ Rioluke began climbing up the rocks towards his uncle. ‘That’s what you said two seasons ago’ Unowen sighed. ‘I am sorry.. hey look let me make it up to you a bit.. your aunt Natu broke the washing machine I am going to buy a new one, how about you go along and I’ll buy you some of those magnets to fix your landspeeder? The Patrat Sandcrawler is stopping nearby anyway. Unowen saw a smile appear on the Riolus face, which was slightly bigger than a normal Riolu, as he stood there on top of the cliff with one of the suns setting behind him he had a hero like quality. Maybe the boy he had accepted as his son was indeed meant for greater things. In his head some copyrighted music played as he saw that brave little Pokémon both not realising this would be one of their final moments together.

Question to my readers:

What is your favorite Star Wars character? (NB there is a wrong answer)

So we  have come to the end of our first part of this epic journey. This trip will take us some time to complete. A tale of old friends with new faces, , of intertwining fates and franchises and simply a lot of fun awaits. I love doing these stories and I do hope you like them as well!
Let’s see what happens next! Until then, thank you so much for reading and if you haven’t yet already please subscribe to this blog it would mean so much to me!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is Blasting off again

Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part 0)

A long time ago in the Netherlands far far away from most of you, I came up with the idea to do a pokémon inspired Star Wars retelling. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked…. Okay that one is not true .. there was just a bit of a difficult period in which producing content was difficult but now it’s almost time to write my Magnum Opus of ‘spoofs.  This time though I decided to add in a part 0.
Here I will discuss the main characters and briefly give you some heads up on the pokémon they are based on. Rather than spamming a name I can refer to them by species on occasion then, to reduce word spam. Also I do not have to make a single episode where I explain every character. During the stories any non major characters will also be revealed trough similar ‘pokédex Entries’. I’ll try to add these characters to part 0. Since New was quite a story, Blue Hope will take several weeks to complete.

Now let’s talk characters.

The Heroes

Rioluke Skypuncher

Luke Skywalker eat your heart out because here we have Rioluke Skypuncher the riolu. Riolu is a Pokémon introduced to us in Generation IV in the Sinnoh Region. Quite oftenly classified as one of the baby pokémon.  Being a pure fighting type Riolu at first doesn’t seem to have a Luke with our favorite desert dweller. Yet both Riolu and it’s evolution Lucario (I bet you can see the potential in that one) are sensitive to a hidden energy in the pokémon world called Aura. While Riolu has not mastered the Aura yet it can still to an extend communicate through ripples of Aura and can use it to improve it senses. It is stated that Riolu posses great strength stamina and endurance which allow it to go on long journeys which make this pokémon a pretty perfect fit. Rioluke Skypuncher lives with his uncle unownen and aunt natu on a shiny miltank farm on the planet Tat-Orre.  A name based on the desertous Orre Region in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon Gale of Darkness XD. (That is not an emote but a title). Orre is pronouced like Oreo without the least in my world.

While all his friends are signing up to be a part of the rebellion he has to stay on the planet to harvest the BlueBlue milk (Miltanks give Moomoo milk and Blue Milk is a Star wars thing so since the Miltank are shiny they give this type of milk here as shinies are alternatively coloured pokémon.) Bored with his life he spends most of his days trying to shoot Womp-Rattata with his landspeeder. But recently his magnetic suspension system broke. Poor Rioluke knows little what he’ll be in for.  
The title Blue Hope is a refference to Riolu’s skin colour and the orginal title Blue Harvest.

Princess Rita

Princess Leia has been replaced by the much cuter Gothorita also known as Princess Rita hails from the planet of Galaraan. Galar is the region where Pokémon Sword and Shield will be set. If you wonder how to pronounce it imagine how Hermione Granger would say it and you’ll probably get very close. Now to address the elephant in the room, did I select Gothorita to play Leia for her hair buns? I most certainly did! I thought of selecting the pokémon Slurpuff for it (though we will see that one make its appearance if this star wars spoof does well)  but Gothorita felt more elegant. This pokémon also is more likely to have the spunk that Leia has in the original movies compared to the whipped Dream Pokémon.

Gothorita is said to draw her power from the stars which will help Rita find strength as well when she most needs it. Gothorita creates friends for herself by hypnotising children and playing with them at night. While this has nothing to do with our story and Rita will not go this route in our story I thought it was an interesting bit of trivia for you to know. Like the Pokémon thought Rita and Leia can be quite manipulative and make people do something they would not have done otherwise.

Shaun YOLO

No one knows Shaun’s real name but he is a scrafty, so his name is probably close to that. It is said that Shaun was fleeing his home world of Unovellia (a combination of the american inspired Unova region and Corellia, han Solo’s home planet) and he picked the very unpokémon like name Shaun. When the custom officer asked him if he was sure he said YOLO. This all was tied in to everything important to his character happening to him on a single adventure but that is a prequel story we will only tell as soon as we have finished all the prequels and actually start on the sequels. Scrafty is the Hoodlum Pokémon and he’s very american, which makes him a very good fit for the role of Han Solo.

He has Moxie and can intimidate his enemies. It’s pokedex entry in the games state that it may be rude, it will take very good care of his friends it’s family and it’s turf. Shaun’s turf is his beloved spaceship the Millennial Mantine. A lot of people think this ship is worthless and slow and not as potent as ships of the generation before it he manages to do amazing things with this ship. It’s his baby and he will never leave it behind. However a deal he has made with Halva the Zygarde is risking his beloved ship if he can not pay up soon.

Obi the Alakazam

That’s right we aren’t even trying with this one! Formerly known as Obi the Kadabra was a PokéKnight serving the Pokécouncil and the Galactic MONarchy until Councillor Mewtwo got elected to be the new MONarch and ended democracy. When Kadabra traded in his old life for a new one, unbeknownst to  the rebels he evolved into a Alakazam. Alakazam is one of the four Gen I trade evolutions, the name change fits a certain minor element in the story but most of all we just needed an old man that can teach Rioluke the ways of the force. Alakazam is unable to forget anything he ever learned or knew. Having an IQ of over 5000 he will always have the intellectual highground.

While he was still a Kadabra he was the PokéMaster of  a young boy named Pawnianakin Skypuncher, the father of Rioluke but he claims that his student was killed by the loyal henchman of Galactic Overlord Mewtwo. Like any Alakazam Obi’s senses and abilities are increased exponentially when he closes his eyes. While his old body may be frail his mind is still extremely capable. 

The Villians

Galactic Overlord Mewtwo

Pale and Veiny, desiring absolute power, Mewtwo and Sheev Palpatine are basically the same person already depending on your chosen rendition. Both harbouring a big hate for a certain group inside civilisation and both well spoken, elegant and arguably the most powerful creature out there. (We do take extended universe into account and not just the disney cannon.. in fact if Rise of the Skywalker is going to be half as bad as the Last Jedi was there is going to be some heavy Retcons in those should i ever retell them). Since I talked about Mewtwo extensively I will just relink you that post though.  Galactic Overlord Mewtwo rose to power after from the shadows he managed to instigate several wars. Pretending to be all for the MONarchy he was elected their ruler in an attempt to end all these wars, at this time he suspended all democracy and became a fierce dictator. The PokéMaster Tapu Bulu tried to stop him but Pawnianakin interfered.. leading to the results we see today.

Mewtwo plans to use his new space station the MAS STAR  to capture all the rebels and send them to someone’s pc. In Pokémon when you have six or more pokémon on your team when you capture another they are sent to someone’s pc where you can later withdraw them.. but until then they don’t really live or exist they just are energy stored inside energy.In other words if you are ‘send to the pc’ you are kind of dead in this universe. Both Lightsabers as blasters are actually capture beams in this story, since pokémon cant handle pokeballs (as it would suck themselves up)  so they use beams to attack each other. 

Dark Blader

Darth Vader is replaced by Bisharp the Dark and Steel type pokémon seemed to be a great fit for the man permanently clad in a form of armor. It’s pre-evolution Pawniard and Bisharp share the ability inner focus with Riolu which we will use in explaining “The Aura” . The pre-evolution Pawniard also has the ability defiant which is an important trait for it to have in our mythos. Bisharp and Lucario share an egg group, which again is quite important to our narrative.. because we all know what will happen if I ever make it to the final part of The Overlord Psy Strikes back.  So it’s defiant, edgy, armoured a Dark type.. that all fits Darth like a glov- uhm ..mechanical hand. Now this guy is made up entirely out of blades which means we can give him a sound a like name that is actually pretty legit. Dark Blader. While Corviknight might have been an aesthetically better fitting pokémon it would give us a lot of trouble in the process. Bird Pokémon aren’t really great to use in situations like these.

Bisharp has red armor though, like the lightsabers of the bad guys. Did you know that the reason why all Sith Lightsabers are red is that they are artificial crystals? Unlike the Jedi who find a crystal to bond with, they make on using Alchemy. Why? Because these artificial crystals have a slight chance to short out non alchemical crystals. Bisharp takes pride in his blades being the best of the best as well. Bisharp can take down a target even a friend without changing it’s facial expression. Dark Blader is going to need this ability in the story to come…although he does have a type advantage already.

The Supporters

Bear Bakka

Instead of a wookie, we just have a very hairy and angry bear right here. Unfortunately for Chewie this time he his name sake is not chewing tobacco. This time he is named for his apparent lack of intelligence. While proven very capable to those who make an effort in getting to know the Wookie at first glance, Chewie does seem like your standard D&D barbarian.. a bit slow.

Since most of my readers are weeaboos or at least otaku i figured the description many star wars haters have given chewbacca .. stupid bear would fit but like any good Tsundere we do it secretly affectionate. Hence the name Bear Bakka. Ursaring goes stronger if he is angry thanks to his ability guts, he grunts and shouts a lot and he has brown fur. No real deep reasons here. Same can be said for most of the supporters though, as their backstory isn’t as relevant anyway and their impact on the narrative and personal growth is a lot less compared to our heroes.

Rotom W (Rotom Double U)

R2D2 will be replaced by a washing machine. Why? Well let’s talk about Rotom a bit first. Rotom originally is a ghost electric type pokémon introduced in generation 4. Soon however we find out it can posses all sorts of appliances to create mischief. Including a lawn mower, a stove, a fan, a fridge and finally the washing machine. Rotom Wash and Rotom Heat come about as close as we get to a pokémon like R2 that still fits in the mechanical theme.

It has some or R2’s blue elements and has the right amount of ‘clunk’ It can zap his targets just like R2 and it’s kind mischievous. Now why would Princess Rita put her secret plans in a washing machine? Well .. hiding plans in a droid seems fairly obvious compared to hiding them in a washing machine. I would check all the droids memories if I was an evil henchman but I would never think of checking inside the laundry. So there you go.. I am a bad henchman.


C-3P0  has been the one who has been mutated the most of the sake of this story. Yet nothing really changes. I needed a golden hued pokémon that I can break into pieces without it being too harmful to it, that can be deemed mechanical. Phew.. that’s a bit of a difficult task. A certain legendary might have fit the brief quite well but I really doubt I can put C-3PO on that level. So i chose to go with Magneton. For those who don’t know, Magneton is a pokémon consisting out of 3 magnemites stuck together. While their main colour is silver their shiny variant is goldenish (though this oftenly isn’t really shown on the anime art.

Magneton is one of the few pokémon that know screech which I find fitting for C-3PO and since it’s mechanical and consists out several very much identifiable parts it’s a pretty good fit. The fact that it’s made out of 3 seperate pokémon.. sort off.. but not really but still make it easy for others to refer to the droid replacement as 3people. C3PO being mostly referred to as 3P0 thusly is as close as we can get. The protocol droid was my encounter with the Mandela effect, I vividly remember him being solidly gold while in actuality he has one silver lower leg. So this brings me to the question I have for my reader!

Question for my Readers:

Do you think I should make one of the eyes silver to refer the leg, or do you like me remember C3PO’s to be entirely golden?

Now before I round up this post I shall present you with a little treat. Next week will start our story… but this week I will already give you that with which we start all star wars movies!

That’s it for this post, arigato for reading again! Let me know your answer to my question in the comments and may the aura be with you!
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