Top 5: Starter Pokémon

Dear little subjects, tuesdays mean we get to rank some stuff in the right way. That is right you get another fully factual correct list. That is right, I am princess Pinkie and I am right! Isn’t that right Iamwright, my dear shiny aipom jester? ‘Bi bi’!  See he agrees! Today we will look at the best starter pokémon. In this top five we will not only take battle prowess into account , their designs, evolutions, usability versatility and their appeal are all taken into consideration. While the strongest starters will be a thing on its own.. these are factual best starters… I princess Pinkie declare it.

Starter 5: Oshawott

Oshawott should not really be on this list  because I don’t care that much for the evolutions. Yet it is so freaking cute! It’s the most adorable Pokémon asides from maybe Cyndaquil. I had a blast watching the anime seasons of black and white because of Ash’s Oshawott. It had such a strong personality. While Ash had several strong personalities on his team before , Oshawott really made me smile.  Treecko was great, the original starter trio was classic but Oshawott for me stole every scene it was in. I hoped it would never evolve and lucky for me it never did. Oshawott’s journey was great, it was a pokémon Ash had that did not grow into a ridiculous powerhouse despite being unevolved. It was a klutz and it had to grow into a capable pokemon actually learning it moves. Thus as a viewer we actually bonded with it.

While it’s evolutions are not the greatest I do think he is the most original starter of the Unova region. An otter that uses the scallop on its belly as a blade to attack with. Snivy and Tepig , the other Unova starters have a bit lackluster evolutions as well and are much more just a an arrogant snake and a jolly pig. All of the starters are semi competitively viable though, I encounter them a few times  in Pokémon Showdown , with Serperior being the best of the three. However no matter how powerful Oshawott’s rival is.. it is not that memorable. I bonded with Oshawott during my Unova journeys. So why Oshawott is not the best designed, nor the strongest but of it’s generation it is the most memorable. Since the generation had two games a bond was formed and it made Oshawott something that all the starters on this list have in common. He is unforgettable.

Starter  4: Charmander

Now this pick will make me a bit unpopular amongst the fanboys because in the eyes of the many Charmander is definitely the best starter. Yet the sheeple are wrong. I am right.. and it’s not even the best starter of its generation. Charmander is a great starter that definitely should be on this list , but over the years it’s popularity has diminished how great it is in my eyes. Charizard is REALLY overused. Especially when it comes to the pokémon TCG.  He is the Marilyn Monroe, the Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Hiddleston of its generation. Everyone is into it, which means we get more and more stuff with it featured stuffed down our throat. Each set in the trading card game gets a special charizard. Each line of of toys or gimmicks comes with the first fire starter. It makes loving it very easy and shows it it must be really well designed to earn such love.

Yet the big issue is that that love is a very biassed one. If you did not think Marilyn Monroe was sexy, something was off with you if you don’t like Loki from Avengers as a woman .. you must be a lesbian or insane. We get influenced to love these symbols and Charmander is the same. Do you love it because you really love it or do you love it because WE love it? Charmander gets cool features in new games because so many people love it, which makes it cooler. Emotionally it feels like that creates some distance between me and the pokémon. True love for a pokémon is shown when you have to defend it against those who hate it.  In sickness and in health. Charmander is so loved there is no real ‘in sickness’ So my love for it is there , it could never really deepen. It is competitively viable, well designed, has a cute depiction in the anime, even though the charizard not obeying skit gets old fast, it basically does everything right. It’s a ten out of 10 pokémon that falter I simply can’t love as much as the others because it is so easy to love.

Starter 3: Cyndaquil

The little fire mole from the second generation was my trust companion on most of my Johto journeys. It felt like a bit of an underdog, starting of very frail looking and growing up into the ferocious typhlosion. Of all the starters it feels like it goes through a journey along the trainer. A theme we don’t really ever see return which is a shame. The from zero to hero thing fits pokémon so well.  Once more it forms a bond. While Cyndaquil is mostly well liked it pales in comparison to popularity of pokémon like Greninja and Charizard. It has become a bit forgotten. There hasn’t been any Typhlosion pokémon cards in a good while, there are barely any toys of plushies themed around the mon circling around, it hasn’t really featured in a pokémon game in a long while and in the anime the second generation seems mostly forgotten as well. Which is an incredible shame.. but also a testminoy of this pokémons impact of me.  There is little for me to collect about the pokémon and aside from the main game, it basically has gone extinct. Cyndaquil however has enough charm and personality to linger in our minds..but you and it have to work a bit for that love.

Competitively Typhlosion is solid you can play it in a few different ways running it choice scarfed or choice specced to run either an Eruption or Lava Plume set. You can play around with it though, having a great move pool you can tinker this little starter into a killing machine of your own that truly feels like your own. Cyndaquil has the charm and power to stand its ground.  Doing something what non of the other fire starters really do… look weak and frail. It makes me want to protect it and raise it… and since that is the point of the games those are pretty good qualities for a starter pokémon.

Starter 2: Rowlett

The symbol of OWLS makes it appearance once again, this time on my favorite starters list. Rowlett is the grass and flying type starter of the Alola region, which has quite a strong story behind it. Growing from a pest to a legend but drawing closer to extinction, it has quite a deep message behind it , which I discuss in this earlier post,  what makes it a great starter is EVERYTHING. Again super adorable in the tv series, but also starting out so harmless to REALLY evolve. There is a journey there. Charmander ,while having a great evolution still, just goes from lizard to angrier lizard. Totodile goes from alligator, to bigger alligator. Rowlet evolves from somewhat dandy prey, to a hunter who learned to toss vanity aside. It has a story and journey.  It starts out as just a little ball and the cutscene where you first pick it up and look in its eyes is great. Having access to a unique z-move the Alola starters have something unique going for them. Sinister Arrow Raid is probably my favorite of the three. Sparkling Aria is nice too but Rowlett’s line definitely has the most unique feeling one.

Rowlett also feels more tied to hawaii (or Alola)  than the other two. I know the type of cat is very common there but the whole wrestler or opera singer thing just feel less pokémon to me compared to the hunter. Again its story is conveyed so much stronger. Rowlett has one of the cutest cries those little koo’s it makes makes me want to slap an Everstone on it and keep it that cute little ball forever. Much like how it stays in the Sun and Moon anime, where it is a delightful little orb of chaos and comedy. So charming! The Alola Pokémon  in the anime are all kinda charming but Rowlett is like Oshawott a show stealer. Rowlett however with it’s sleeping is more dependent on Ash making them feel more like a pair. Something you can project on your virtual Rowlett making bonds even stronger. In the series it goes through a series of emotions, it is a lot more stressed can be dumbfounded at it makes silly mistakes. As such it becomes much more relatable. Greninja was brave and lost a few battles.. but he always tried it’s hardest there wasn’t much to blame, so we end up with something that does feel much more like a battle pet. With Rowlett we can relate to both the trainer caring for it as well as the pokémon itself, which allows us to form a whole different kind of battle bond.

Starter 1: Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur has the unfair advantage of being my first starter, but it is also ..sort of the starter Gamefreak wanted you to start the adventure with.. it was basically the “easy mode, the difficulty where you begin’ for generation 1. Does that make it the best? No.. I played all the Kanto starters several times over, each one at least twice in the original game, then all of them once in Fire Red, plus all the times I traveled with some of them in Rom Hacks.  The last category I nearly always pick Bulbasaur though. Competitively viable both in regular as mega form (mostly mega though) it’s sheer bulk and versatility makes it stand out. Having by far the most unique design of the original three you do not just love a lizard, or a turtle with a squirrel tail (which later just disappears). Bulbasaur is a bullfrog with a seed on it’s back that slowly begins to blossom as it evolves. Once more telling a tale, albeit a much simpler one.. it is the flower that goes from seed to fully grown plant. Charmander and Squirtle respectively just grow bigger and more awesome.  I love all of them to but getting Bulbasaur to evolve feels so right. Rewarding in a way, it’s journey feeling more right.
The first two gyms are easy and the third gym can’t really hurt you either.  Then you begin to have a bit of a harder time around the mid way point facing Erica , Koga, Sabrina and Blaine. The last two being able to hit you super effectively and the Koga en Erica shrug off all your attacks. Finally you overcome your limits and are super effective against the final boss again, to show you are ready for the big leagues. A perfect metaphor for your journey as a trainer and a perfect narrative.

The anime has also shown us that it is loyal to a fault,choosing to not evolve because it wants to be who he is. Two values that are very important to me.  The episode that charmander evolves into charmeleon and becomes disobedient is one of my least favorite episodes. The bond between Ash and Charmander was ruined to adhere to a mechanic of the games. Sure he wasn’t charmanders original trainer so it can happen… but that little guy loved Ash.. they destroyed that love.  Bulbasaur chose not to evolve.. maybe even not to disobey Ash or at least to stay true to itself. Ash ended up saying goodbye to Squirtle .. saying goodbye to Charizard and yet Bulbasaur lingered, while not in his party he became a sort of leader of Ash’s left behind pokémon.. still loyal still itself. The greatest starter of them all.

Question to my readers

Who is your favorite starter?

Now that we factually have established the best starters it is time to lay down and get Iamwright to wave a palm leaf to me and feed me grapes Well or at least I am going to imagine doing that while thinking up a new top five for you next week. If you wanna help and make a suggestion feel free to do so in the comments. Untill I am right again my little loyal subjects.

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again

What if Ash started with Eevee, Part 1

Another Wednesday, Another What If, now that this blog is one week old, things are really beginning to flow. Last week, we began the story of What if Red had joined team Rocket at Nugget-Bridge. This week we will take a crack at an arguably more popular story. The story of Ash Ketchum, now that he has his own Eevee in the sun and moon anime, it begs the question. What if Ash started with that other mascotte from the very start. What if Ash started with Eevee?!

Chapter 1: A rough morning
Our story starts , much like the beloved original, Ash excited about his starting his Pokémon journey  stays up way past his bedtime and in his sleep, he accidentally breaks Voltorb alarm clock. When he finally gets to Professor Oak’s lab, he bumps into Gary and here we will find the story is beginning to branch off. Gary you see is followed by a Pikachu.

Ash sees Gary and one of his partners

Oof, with a loud thumb, Ash just slammed into the boy walking with such swagger, the force toppling the already unstable Ash over. The arrogant looking boy takes a look at him, his hairs perfectly groomed kempt upwards in a flowing waving motion, donned in simple yet expensive blue long sleeve, a pendant representing balance around his neck. He would look onto Ash and say, well well you must be Ash, a little late to the party are you? Well at least you got to meet me’ Ash looks at the boy and can only usher out ‘Gary?’ before he is once more interrupted by his soon would be rival. “Not only did I get the bester starter from professor Oak, I also got this special Pokémon, since you did not show up gramps felt it was best to give him to a capable trainer. ‘ He spins the Pokéball with hs starter around and looks at Pikachu, who turns his back on him. ‘Sure he might be a little sassy but he will fall in line soon enough, after all who can resist the charm of Gary Oak?’ Gary’s cheerleaders do their thing, while he gets into his car and takes his leave, Ash being the sole person remaining when the professor shows up. ‘Oh goodness, I did not believe you would show up anymore, a lot of would be trainers get cold feet to leave the house, so… well I am afraid I do not have anymore Pokémon for you Ash, return next year and be in time and you can start then’
Unlike the prof from the original timeline Oak, now having made a mistake,  takes a more sympathetic stance with Ash. Our hero , who has had the worst morning of his life, shows his age as he begins crying. ‘I really wanted a Pokémon, how could I have been this stupid, m-my clock.. I broke it…’ Oak looks at Ash and says ‘There there, crying in your Pajamas  is not a very good look for a young trainer, perhaps I can give you something after all, my grandson might benefit from someone a bit more humble like you. However Ash, i’ll warn you this Pokémon was never intended for a young trainer like you, you may found your journey very difficult, perhaps it would be wiser to come back next year. Ash wipes his tears as his eyes flare up. “No professor this is the year I will become a Pokémon master, no matter how difficult the challenge will be.

Ash dreams of the night before might never come true!

Chapter 2: Who’s  that Pokémon?
Samuel, yes that is Oak’s first name,  would take Ash to his lab.’ I have been doing some research on this Pokémon, it can evolve into three separate Pokémon,I was studying how that is possible, and if maybe other Pokémon can evolve in multiple ways as well, however it is quite timid, it doesn’t seem very eager to battle and seems to be scared to death of evolutionary stones, because it is so scared it also doesn’t seem to like playing with other Pokémon either. Yet perhaps you can draw something out of it that I could not’ Oak looks at Ash in a pensive matter, his grey hairs somewhat thinning, as his age and work stress is beginning to show in his appearance.  ‘Oh and I should also mention this Pokémon is to scared to be in its pokeball’ Oak walks into a room where an Eevee is sitting in a cage eating some pellets, flinching when the two come in. ‘It’s alright Eevee , this will be your new trainer Ash’. The young boy excitedly moves to the cage and holds out its hand to let Eevee sniff it. The creature having basically understood what the professor just said to it sniff’s Ash hand, and reacts surprisingly enthusiastic. ‘Oh look at that professor it seems to like me!’ Ash clamoured with joy. Oak nods with a smile, a look he would become somewhat familiar for. Ash releases Eevee out of its cage and asks the little monster if it is ready for an adventure. The creature flinches a bit, adventures sure sound scary, yet it does like this boy. For some reason it makes Eevee feel safe, kind off.
And so Eevee and Ash set out to adventure together, at the gate of Oaks lab, Delia Ketchum stood to wave her son goodbye, giving him some actual clothes rather then Pajamas, as well as some camping supplies, and LOTS of clean underwear. ‘Whose this little darling’ Delia would ask her son, as Eevee hid behind it’s new masters legs. ‘Mom this is Eevee and with it by my side I swear on this day that I will become a Pokémon master.’ Ash put on the cap from his bag as he said so, taking a pose, that kinda looks silly from a boy in his sleepwear. Delia knew her son had always been a dreamer so she just chuckled and waved at her son, teary eyed as he and Eevee began to follow route 1 towards Viridian city, she would miss her boy so much!

Eevee was not a big fan of crowds

Chapter 3: Killing two birds, with one stone.
About an hour or so into their journey Ash began to truly notice how skittish Eevee was with each sound it would hop in of his legs, sheltering itself against the scary wind or ominous moving twigs. ‘Come on Eevee, you don’t have to be that scared of everything, don’t you pokemon like adventures normally?’ Our hero would say this with some despair and annoyance in his voice. Eevee shaked it’s head fastly in response it was not ready for adventure yet, when suddenly a rustling sound could be heard , as a pidgey popped up from the grass.”Ah Pidgey, Eevee let’s capture it’  Ash took a stance waiting for Eevee to jump by his side, however Eevee chose to tactically retreat and stare at the scene from a bush. ‘Oh come on Eevee’ Ash shouted. The sad looking eyes in that shrubbery however made Ash forgive his Pokémon fast as he told it to just look and see how he would do it. Ash however had not one bit of expertise when it came to Pokémon so he found out fairly soon he would have to deal damage to a Pokemon to capture it. After trying to use his pyjama to trap the pidgey, and getting blown away of wind, eevee screamed in terror fleeing up the tree. ‘Are you sure you can not help me weaken it? ‘ The young trainer would look up at the fox that was now stuck in a tree, just to see it heavily shake it’s head again. Ash picked up some rocks, missing the first stone he scared away three pidgeys, but in the distance he spotted one that was sitting perfectly silently, he would hit it capture it and thus he could teach Eevee how pokemon should normally behave as well, things might work out after all. He just had to land this hit, he trained for this when he tried tossing pokeballs, carefully aiming and YES!
Ash rock hit the bird straight in it’s head, however it turned out this was not a pidgey. It was a young spearow. With some tears in it eyes from the sharp pain it glared at Ash and began it’s attack.

Ash made Spearow miss a delicious worm, he had been looking forward to it a lot!

Chapter 4: A fated meeting
Spearow took flight on a collision course with Ash, who managed to stumble away. As the angry bird pulled up, his gaze met that of a terrified Eevee, deciding it would be its next pray Spearow aligned his flightpath to peck the living hell out of that terribly spoiled, owned pokémon. It hated trainer pokemon and it would pay for what it’s master did to him. While Ash shouted at the spearow to leave his eevee alone, Eevee in blind panic fired a sand attack at its attacker hitting it dead in the eye. The spearow shrieked in pain, getting sand tossed into your eye hurts a lot, blinded by the process it slammed into the tree. Spearow now dazed and confused and angrier than ever felt helpless in this moment, signaling he was in trouble and afraid of being captured he send out an S.O.S call , a call that was answered by plenty of allies.  Ash and Eevee saw the sky darkening as at two dozen, if not more spearow came charging towards them.”Eevee Ruuuuuun” Ash commanded, however the pokemon would have run anyway, the pair began to dash of towards a small waterfall in the distance. ‘Don’t worry I will keep you safe pal’ The ten year old looked at his partner trying to inspire some confidence, to no avail. Eevee spurred on by pure terror began moving faster than Ash could run, not hearing Ash cry for it not to run ahead, it’s mind to clouded by fear. The pack of spearow taking advantage of this to catch up with the Eevee began pecking at it relentlessly, causing to to sustain heavy injuries. Ash, only now becoming a target picked up the injured little fox and with one big plunge jumped off the waterfall. Being dragged by the current, the next thing Ash clearly remembers was being pulled out of the water by a , quite stunning young lady. “Oh my are you okay”  she asked looking visually shocked. ‘Yeah I am doing alright’ the boy would reply grunting a bit in pain as he does so. ‘Not you! your Pokémon, it needs help right away, there is a Pokémon center in the city not far from here’ Misty would look very concerned, where in the classic story it was a pikachu and one of the Pokémon types she isn’t too friendly with , seeing a harmless eevee injured this time, would push her concern over an important edge. ‘Here take my bike, you’ll get there faster’ she would say. Ash would thank her before sprinting off with Eevee in the bike’s basket. Ash thought to himself… “Ash now is the time and place to show what your worth, you have to protect Eevee’, sprinting off with the bike as fast as he could. 

Ash and Misty’s meeting was a bit more friendly….just a bit.

Chapter 5: Ash
Our unfortunate protagonist could not outrun the Spearows for to long, being knocked off the bike, Ash knew this would be his final stand, the skies darkened by storm clouds. ‘Eevee get in your Pokéball, I can keep you safe… just hurry up in and get inside’. The wounded fox creature saw how Ash was about to take some serious damage to protect it, something awakened in Eevee, it had never seen bravery before now..but seeing his new trainer willing to take all these hits for it, filled eevee with strength.
As the spearow began their attack on Ash, Eevee jumped on his shoulders to join the fight. The cowardly pokémon launched it first ever quick attack, having finally found someone to fight for. As the quick attack struck one of the spearows, Eevee realised it’s attack was not very effective. The pair was completely brutalised by the group of swarm of spearow, as Ash saw how they were still attacking his already knocked out Eevee, he knew that this would end badly, that was the last realisation he had before everything went black.

The Spearow would not stop attacking Ash and Eevee for a good while after they went down

He had no idea how many time had past but Ash woke up to a slander hand grabbing his wrist. “Looks like he is alive” a feminine voice says.  The hand that isn’t being held by the slender hand is suddenly licked by a narrow tongue. Ash opens his eyes just to notice Misty checking his pulse and Eevee, covered in grey dust licking his hand. Noticing he is covered in the dust himself, he tries to get up. To his surprise , he doesn’t have any trouble with it at all. Nothing hurts at all! As he tries to dust himself, the girl asks him for his name. ‘It’s Ash’ he replies. ‘I know it’s ash, but how did it get here, and what is your name boy?’. The orange haired girl sounds quite demanding yet there is still a lingering calmth in her voice.  ‘I mean my name is Ash’. The woman giggles a bit, well then Ash covered in ash, my name is Misty’.
Our hero pets his pokémon which gets dusted off a bit with each pat. ‘How did you heal your pokémon so fast, and what’s with the spa treatment in the middle of the road?’  Misty sounds curious as she examines him, doesn’t she notice he wounded he is Ash wonders. That’s when he realises he has no injuries at all, not a single bit of flesh is cut anymore, yet his clothes are in bad shape. ‘I … I don’t know’ the boy must confess he has absolutely no idea on what happened. ‘I thought we were going to die’ Ash looks down to the ground, noticing some weird rainbowlike reflection, he looks up to the sky to see where it is coming from, only to see clear blue skies. ‘Well, we will figure it out, looks like you can use someone who can teach you a bit about Pokémon, I’ll travel along a bit with you… think of it as way of me saying thanks for returning my bike back safely to me. Misty points towards her bike that although being covered in ash, still looks quite fine.’Thanks.. that might be useful, right Eevee?’ The Ketchum boy looks at his partner which shouts out his name with enthusiasm, looking eager for an adventure now. “Ash there is something in your hair” Misty would  gently touch the boys head, seeing how caring he is for his eevee made her smile, gently caressing the hair before taking the item and handing it to the boy, their gazes lingering on each other for a bit. Looking at the item in his hand, he realises this was what gave off that weird rainbow reflection from before. In his hand rest on bright multicoloured feather that seems to give off some shine.

Eevee and Ash stared at their relic for quite a while, while night began to set in.

In the distance a balloon lingers in the air, three strangers are using magnifying glasses to see the group. A female whips her hair back as she removes the binoculars from her eyes. Did you see that? That boy and his Pokémon died out there… than that stuff fell out of the sky. I bet the boss would like that feather very much’. A posh male voice would add ‘and I bet he would not mind an Eevee that came back from the dead either. The third voice doesn’t belong to  a human but to a pokemon a golden coin shimmering on its forehead as it simply agrees with the others “That’s Right!”

The End

Yay my little monsters, part one has concluded, I quite like how this turned out. Expect some major changes coming in the near future. Until then, let me know if you are Team Pikachu or Team Eevee, leave a like to brighten up my day but most of all stay pink!