Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part I)

Finally the time is upon is to start a story I promised someone a long long time ago. We will see a familiar story unfold in a new way as we retell Star Wars Episode IV New Hope. Earlier I told you about Poké Wars Generation IV : Blue Hope already. In part 0 I explained some of the main characters that will be featured in this story and my reasons behind them. If you feel confused to what Pokémon I am using check it out there. As for now please enjoy my story.

Chapter 1: Laundering Plans

A galariaan cruiser is flying through the space of the Outer Region quickly. The Vikavolt V3 may have once looked pristine but the exterior is now scarred with burns of capture beams, paralyze beams and even some frozen protrusions can be seen. It is losing speed fast as a dark vessel in pursuit ever draws closer. Its being chased by a Doom Cruiser, one of the flagships of Galactic Overlord Mewtwo. Wonders of technology based on the Pokémon Houndoom. Hellhounds is what these ships are nicknamed, because houndoom quite looks like that with dark skin.. a fire red maw and bony protrusions sticking out everywhere. It’s pointed tail and goat like horns give it a devil like quality that has been copied onto this ship.   These ships hunt down those who dare to rebel against the overlord and his cloned armies. As a volley of red and green beams is are being exchanged between the buglike and doglike ship one of the hellhounds beams manages to strike the Vikavolts engine room..capturing their engine. The rebel ship is now dead in space.

Inside the ship an utmost annoying alarm is going off while brave but basic pokémon make their way to the docking bay, where they are sure to be boarded soon. A look of fear in all of their eyes as they know they are about to get into a battle they can not win. They would certainly get hit by a capture beam if they would try to use the escape pods. Even if they used decoys the technology would allow any organic lifeform to be detected by scanners, allowing the Doom Cruiser to pick of the proper once. THis battle would be their last stand and they would face it armed to the teeth.. and with ridiculous looking helmets. Soon a light began to erupt from the docking bay doors. In the top corner the corners of the door began to melt. 

Meanwhile princess Rita was scurrying of in a dark corner. The Gothorita looked grumpy, like she always did.. but today she was in a even grumpier mood than ever.  The princess of the planet Galaraan knew she would be killed or captured, most likely captured so she could reveal the location of the rebel gym and hand over the plans some brave people gave their lives for. She had to get them off the ship and out of the hands from the overlord or everything would be lost. She sat on a washing machine that suddenly reacted to her.  For some reason it could only react in some beeps and bloops that were programmed into the washing machine. ‘I do not understand you… who are you anyway?’ said the Princess confused.  The washing machine pokémon stared back at her and emitted a series of bleeps, when suddenly tree magnets that had been hiding on a shelve began to talk. ‘He says his name his name is Rotom W (double U), he is an electric ghost that one day possessed a washing machine to pull a prank on me but now he can’t get out.’ The magnets floated off the shelf making a formal motion to the princess as best as they could.  It had a golden hue across their magnets but one of them was silver, something a lot of people would never notice. ‘Our name is Fe-3-people, but mostly people refer to us as 3 people, we are your humble servants princess’ Princess Rita checked out her non organic companions as in her head a plan began to form. ‘W, could you open your door for me? I have some dirty laundry I need to put inside!’

Chapter 2:  Enter Dark Blader

The door of the docking bay burst open as the cloned pokémon stormed into the room.  A bit to eagerly, one cloned Zubat bumped his head on the doorway sending it tumbling through the sky before it would land on the floor. The cloned pokémon looked ‘odd’ stripped of their pigmentation because Mewtwo had used his own DNA to fill in the holes. Their eyes black and soulless , bred this way as a tool of intimidations, Mewtwo’s soldiers were quite scary to look at.  However a a side effect off the eyes being bred to look scary it had really harm the clone-troopers eyesight. Their accuracy was as bad as any other pokémon that had been hit with the move Smokescreen three turns in a row. Yet this time they where on quite a lucky roll as a gunfight ensued. One by one each of the Pokémon fired their beam gun at each other. These guns were fitted with technology to capture a pokémon based on an ancient technology by a now eliminated species they called the Rakata, big giant pink skinned pokémon that were smarter than them but with way less battle prowess. These Rakata used balls to seal pokémon inside after which they would be used in combat for the Rakata’s pleasures. But the species had since vanished from the galaxy after they all started infighting over stupid stuff. Since pokemon could not hold these balls or they would be captured they adapted them into rifles and beam swords. Since a Pokémon can not own a pokémon however the capture pokémon would be send somewhere beyond this reality. The Pale Zubat that had hit the doorway had finally recovered and fired a confuse ray at the rebels. The confused geodude  rebel’s turn was next as he readied his rifle he felt his head spin. “I’ll send you to Bill .. Overlordian scum’ he said while firing his rifle inside his own hand as he began to fade into someones pc. 

A big beam of light suddenly was lit as a Bisharp entered the room, holding a red tinted humming capture beam saber. The Rebels tried to fire at him in their turn, but by using Sucker Punch he got to move first, dragging his sword over them and sending them in the process. Many rebels threw down their weapons hoping they would be imprisoned rather than captured in the other way. The Bisharp commanded a cloned Pikachu alongside a cloned Squirtle and Bulbasaur to find the princess and the plans and he would clean up here. ‘Yes Lord Blader”  The pikachu said while bowing. Pikachu new Dark Blader was strong in Aura, a force of some kind only accessible to some pokémon. Aura much like Pokémon came in two types. The Dark and Light Type, or the aura of death and life respectively. In ancient time this aura was created by Ultra Necrozma or so it was said, which it had used to create Totem Pokémon. Mewtwo..was one of these totem pokémon when he ordered the execution of all others except for Dark Blader. Nowadays there were only a handful of stragglers left and Dark Blader hunted them down being strong in the dark side of the aura. Representing Ultra Necrozma’s darkside. He had the power to apply phyiscal moves from a distance ..  a powerful ability indeed, he should not fail him. Pikachu encountered princess Rita at the escape pods who was putting on a little show, that Pikachu and his squad completely believed. ‘Oh dear me.. I am such a helpless woman.. I wanted to escape in an escape pod and while trying to open the door I accidentally launched it.. ‘ Pikachu grinned at the woman’s s misery. He set his rifle to paralyse and as princess Rita dashed towards the next escape pod she got hit by a paralyzing wave. ‘Lord Blader will be pleased.. take her to him right now’ Pikachu commanded to the Bulbasaur and Squirtle. They took the psychic lady towards the menacing dark type. The paralysed princess smirked towards Dark Blader and made a biting remark towards him. ‘Lord Blader.. the Overlords Lapdog to what do I have the honour’ The Steel dark type looked at her and with a very metallic voice spoke to her. ‘Where are the plans princess?’ She looked at him cold and said ‘I am afraid I must have left them in my other pants’ Dark Blader chuckled a bit. ‘Princess if you do not tells us where the rebel gym is or where you hid the plans we have ways to make you talk’

Chapter 3: Blue Blue Milk

The escape pod was tumbling towards the planet of Tat-Orre the two mechanical life forms in it held in place by some form of artificial gravity unaware they were being scanned by the Doom Cruiser. A Hypno with his hands folded behind his back was staring at it asked a Drowzee for a report. ‘There is no life forms aboard of that escape pod sir, it must have been a woman who pushed a wrong button’ The Smogon smirked. “Women’ .. A Smogon was the highest rank a pokémon could get in the armies of Mewtwo. It stood for someone who had proper effort values , a decent nature and a strong moveset. Among the Hypno’s this old man who named himself Tar Chin, after the decoration he gave himself, was the best of the best. ‘Let it go then’ the man said. No use firing a capture beam on an empty escape pod. The staff of the Doom Cruiser stared at the escape pod until it entered the atmosphere of the desert planet.  Inside said escape pod everything began to shake as final landing had been initiated. ‘Ooh Goodness Oh dear.. we are to young to die’  the golden magnets set sounding quite stressful. The washing machine simply omitted some cheerful sounds. ‘How can you be excited at a time like this W we are crashing on an unknown planet’ Fe-3-people bit towards the washing machine which blooped merrily in response. ‘An adventure and secret mission?… What exactly did that princess whisper to you while she was shoving things inside you?’ 3 people would have ranted more at the washing machine but at that moment the pod dug itself into some desert sand. They had landed.

Climbing outside the pot the pair stared at the endless sands and the double sun. The scorching heat around them was unnoticed by the pair yet the magnets seemed to complain anyway. ‘This heat will warp our dimensions and the sand will get everywhere..we do not want to be soften by the sunlight before a wild predator attacks us’ After that the mechanical creature spun its magnets around and turned to Rotom Wash. ‘I detect a settlement about one route south from here we should go there’ W responded with some ferocious bleeping. What do you mean you want to go north, there is nothing there according to my sensors’ 3-people responded only to be met with an immediate determined bleep response. ‘Your mission is there?! Well I am not sure we agreed on this mission.. I am not going there, if you want to go there to die that’s fine by me..but I will make my way to the settlement.’  Rotom wash looked at 3-people a bit sad and than turned his back to him blooping annoyedly. ‘You are already dead?! You are a ghost type? Well excuse me for wanting to save my own life you selfish little washing machine I shall go south’ Rotom Wash and 3-people began to go their separate ways, both feeling a bit sad to have been abandoned by the other but their own goal was the most sensible one. About an hour of walking in W reached a rocky canyon. I hope 3-people is going to be alright , it thought to itself before noticing some falling rocks. It’s eyes scouring the canyon searching for life. Suddenly two pairs of red and yellow eyes lit up from a dark space and some critter sounds could be heard.  Before W could even let out a bleep a powerful beam was fired at the washing machine, electrical short circuiting the washing machine.. a short melody began to play before it powered down.. Rotom had fainted.

‘Rioluke? ….RIOLUKE?’ Unowen the old letter was floating towards his adoptive son’s domicile dome.. ‘Rioluke did you milk the shiny Miltanks yet?’ The letter entered the room to find out his boy wasn’t there. He sighed knowing exactly where the boy would be hanging out. As he climbed the hills he saw the young boy playing in his landspeeder, shooting at wompratttata with great success. Unowen could not help but smile, Rioluke’s reflexes were the greatest his had ever seen. The boy felt trapped on this planet, but since the letter pokémon nor his wife Natu had any hands he needed him around for just one or two more harvests. After he sold two more harvest of blue blue milk he would be able to send the boy of to pilot school and hire a farmhand. ‘Rioluke!’ He shouted once more.. this time the Riolu heard him, the blue doglike pokemon lost his concentration and hit a rock formation with his landspeeder which in turn seemed to malfunction. The boy tumbled outside his speeder as it was unable to keep his altitude up. ‘Thanks uncle, now look at what you made me do’ Rioluke shouted at him annoyedly. Now I am going to replace the levitation magnets! ‘Did you milk the Miltanks?’ Unowned asked. ‘Yes uncle of course.. like every day.. and every day for the next two shitty years of my life’  Rioluke responded clearly frustrated. ‘Son… I know you are not happy about this… and I wish your aunt and me could help you sooner, but things haven’t been the best for us in the last two seasons but I promise you, just two more seasons and you can go’ Rioluke began climbing up the rocks towards his uncle. ‘That’s what you said two seasons ago’ Unowen sighed. ‘I am sorry.. hey look let me make it up to you a bit.. your aunt Natu broke the washing machine I am going to buy a new one, how about you go along and I’ll buy you some of those magnets to fix your landspeeder? The Patrat Sandcrawler is stopping nearby anyway. Unowen saw a smile appear on the Riolus face, which was slightly bigger than a normal Riolu, as he stood there on top of the cliff with one of the suns setting behind him he had a hero like quality. Maybe the boy he had accepted as his son was indeed meant for greater things. In his head some copyrighted music played as he saw that brave little Pokémon both not realising this would be one of their final moments together.

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So we  have come to the end of our first part of this epic journey. This trip will take us some time to complete. A tale of old friends with new faces, , of intertwining fates and franchises and simply a lot of fun awaits. I love doing these stories and I do hope you like them as well!
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