Pinkie is bad at Crafting Yet she got nominated for the Craft Lover Award?!

You deserve this award, take a chance! With these words the Craft Lover Award opens in its logo! Now other than crafting dinner or creating scissor based injuries while trying to craft something.. only to give up after I bled all over the cosplay I tried to make.. or the pokémon thingy I tried to make out of papers, I am not sure I actually do deserve a reward by this name! I love crafted things… but my motor skills are really bad for crafting! I took a chance and accepted the reard anyway! However it came with a few rules.

Selina’s very own Blog tag!

Selina from  the blog “Craft Lover” or Selina’s Craft World created this tag and it is in concept very similar to the Sunshine Blog Award or the Real Neat Blog Award. So here are the basics! As written on Selina’s site!

  • Put the Craft Lover Award logo on the top of your post.
  • Thank the person that nominated you.
  • Answer their 10 questions.
  • Nominate up to 10 more people.
  • Ask them 10 more questions.
  • Comment on their posts to let them know they got nominated for the CRAFT LOVER AWARD!!

Like always I will not be telling people they have been nominated for the reward in any comments as I prefer comment sections to be topical myself I instead will link to specific posts so people get a pingback instead.

Thank you to Selina for nominating me among the first  six people to participate in this. She deviates from her own rule in a way I actually find really inspiring and engaging so I will follow her example. Instead of 10 named nominations I will do six the other four spots will go to people commenting on the blog! It is a nice sentiment to create some extra community engagement I think.. making blog tags a bit more proactive. Very smart on your end Selina.

This is a crafty Selina rather than a crafting one.. but close enough!

Selina’s website is about crafts and inspiration. In the times of the virus you can find a lot of inspirational quotes, healthy smoothie recipes, and she even tells you how to get your kids some fingering practice, using a cardboard pipe and a screwdriver. Now as a musical, slightly spastic grey sexual single woman without the money to break my NEET status, I doubt I will need that craft any time soon but her words of wisdom are always welcome! Check out her blog and enjoy one of the cutest most innocent bloggers I have seen around the web!

Selina’s Questions

What is your favorite animal and why?

Ducks! I love ducks. The way they waddle, the way they sound and even the way they emote. A duck can make a great pet and a great friend. There is this awkwardness to a duck, or maybe rather a lack of elegance in a duck I really like. I like non-elegant pets such as sharpei dogs or any dog with piglike qualities, pigs and ducks! Just everything about a duck I find amazing.

Like the way their little feet go pat pat on the ground, their easy to clean droppings and the fact that you get an aquatic, land based and avian pet all in one!  The ducks also have a great theme song for the moon… but that is another story. A certain Dr Cannard also told me being nice to ducks is also great for your health.. but he was kinda a quack.

Ducky Goodness!

Which post of Selina’s is my favorite?

Not my favorite type of question. I feel social pressure to pick something the writer is really proud of. Some post I write mean more to me than others and if people would favorite others I feel kinda sad for that other post.
Posts have feelings to! So I will just tell you about some posts I really like.. maybe my favorite, maybe another posts asks me and I can tell .. that THAT one is my actualy favorite.

I really like Selina’s most recent featured Quote Pablo Picasso once said “Everything you imagine is Real” though he probably said it in spanish.  As a Dungeon Master this already really sits well with me.. but it is also something I live my life by. What if my plushies can actually hear me?! I imagine a personality for them, is that me coming up with it or is it actually picking up something from a realm unknown to us.. Maybe in some place that personality is real.. so I always try to treat them right. Same goes for posts on the web! They might cry if I am to mean!

Last time I answered this question is her post on a snow globe!  Since then she added a crafted penguin to the mix as well that really looks interesting.. because it’s kinda like a duck!  Unfort in the time of the virus there is no way I am going out to get me some feathers! So it will have to wait. For just a bit.. but I will let my readers find these posts on her blog herself.. just so they can see the other fun content she makes.

Did not make this just googled! I want that tablecoth though

What is your favorite Book

Pinkie is not that much of a book reader anymore. Between other people’s blogs, an ocassional manga and every piece of media I consume I find books the most bothersome to keep up with. I have very little space to keep physical books, I do not have the cash for an E-Book and while I enjoy a good story I rather enjoy 20 from you all on WordPress , along with two anime series. I loved books but I rarely find the time for it now. My taste in books is in fantasy/adventure and mystery novels and there is a sense of fatigue that can sneak into those. Mystery Novels, like the Dan Brown books tend to show repetition and along with the time I spend on a book compared to the time of a movie I just prefer to spend it elsewhere.

If I had to name a book  by name though it would be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I think I finished the entire book in two days. It has great character development, plenty of interesting set pieces and challenges and of course a very dark, somewhat twist ending. The entire Harry Potter book series is close to my heart still and as it stands with my feelings on big reading projects nowadays it is likely to linger in that top spot.

Who is your favorite blogger (apart from yourself) and why?

Do any of my split personalities like Princess Pinkie and Chibi Pinkie count? No! Well I guess I am going to have to gush a bit more about how amazing Irina is then. When I first saw her blog name “I Drink and Watch Anime” I was thinking, “Oh that might be someone who doesn’t take things to seriously she might be interesting to follow” Since then I have been proven both right and wrong in the most wonderful way.  Irina is both insightful as airy.

Her content has a level of rambliness yet also of great care for the subject matter, Irina writes for herself and I can imagine her laughing at her own jokes and that just shows in her blog. I can only half imagine the amazing person that is behind it and it is to connect with people like her that I restarted blogging. There are plenty of other blogs I deeply admire but in all honest Irina’s blog somehow is a fair bit ahead on the competition for me, so when asked for my favorite I can not lie or be PC and talk about someone else. Not sure why but it just connects with me.

Who do you look up to and why?

No one, this might seem sad but I feel that I have to find my own way. By creating idols I really want to be as I will do things that are not me. I feel very strongly about this sentiment ever since I was in a dire situation with my health. I wanted to be me. I bowed out the OWLS legacy post because I did not want to promote, following in someone else their footsteps! There are better people out there than me sure, smarter and even in positions I covet. Yet they aren’t me. There are some great and inspirational people in the world, but just because Bono helps the kids in Africa doesn’t mean we should. Just because all those YouTubers totally and really play Raid Shadow Legends, …. really.. they do?! 

Everybody lies is a quote from M.D.  Gregory House that I firmly believe in. We all pretend to be altruistic and noble but in reality we all do what feels right to us.  Who knows I might really want to help the children in africa.. If I struggle to pay my bills, I can’t help there either. Not being able to help , or aspiring to be a Hollywood actress I look up to , I set myself up for disappointment. So the person I want to be is me! Recently I have really started to look down on Gwyneth Paltrow though so there is that.

I really REALLY dislike her and these endavours! The show is terrible too!

When did you start blogging

I made some attempts before but Pinkie’s Paradise/Pokemon is the first thing that really took off. The blog started on the 16th of June 2019 but I started writing for it three days prior. It was a Thursday if I remember correctly.  Playstation Network and Fortnite had major issues that day! Which cause quite a ruckus. On this day the Pokémon Company also made it possible for mariages in Japan to include Pikachu’s to get married alongside you (not even joking here)

I really want to see the Pikachu tails to see if they did this right!

Wby did you start blogging

Around the time I started blogging my best friend was moving away, the other friends of the group are quite Hikikomori so I feared I would be left alone. I wanted to talk about stuff with a passion again, have fun with pokemon and anime stuff and find some amazing people to befriend so I would not feel as alone! I also am filled with so many stories and ideas that now I finally could let out! I wanted to do that on youtube at first..but my voice is to weak.. and the friend who would have helped was the one that moved away! This was my little place on the internet I can host myself.

Do you like blogging, If so why?!

No, I am actually being held against my will by a one eyed man named Osmandiyas, he has put a device around my heart called the imagination engine, in which he harvest the power of my creativity to power up his giant combiner robot named Stavros. If Stavros gets enough power it will take my brain and use it as the AI..which I guess isn’t A then. If I refuse the imagination engine however will crush my heart and I will only be able to produce lame memes.. and strive for Tiktok Stardom..send help.

Just kidding I do enjoy my blogging endavours just fine.. why? Because I can be the truest me I can be.. I can put my thoughts into code.. which shows letters to anyone who reads. Regardless how my health will fare, both mental as physical there will always be a place where I left a legacy.. where my thoughts are mine and mine alone. Unaltered by pressure or conformismn.. this is me.. and I enjoy being me…
(Osmandiyas made me say that…still send help!)

How are you feeling today?

At the moment of writing this my heart is being a bit troublesome , so I am going to need to lay down for a bit after I finish this. I also have a nagging headache and I am thinking I might get a discharge a bit later if things keep up. I slept poorly and kinda overate on lunch. Someone in my flat is playing their music very loud and it isn’t very good music and along with my headache that adds some annoyance to the mix.

I am however entertained while writing this post with a strangely explainable sense of euphoria, no I did not take any herbs or chems , somewhere deep inside I feel very happy and pink. Even though I kinda feel like some digimon poo otherwise. Having some fun talks on discord with some friends so all in all 6/10. Ask me in the comments how I feel when you read this though! I might be 10/10 then!

Did you help your family today?

No, I did not. I live by myself a fair while away from my family. I do not have a driver’s license and I have weak I am to scared to visit them with public transport. My dad and I are on fairly cold terms with each others, with him this year not even having shown up on my birthday, nor letting himself be heard at christmas.

My only grandparents left, live even further away with grandpa not recognising me due to stage 4 dementia, grandma always being a bit wary around me due to my quick to flip over health. Mom and my sister are on fairly good terms but in lockdown all we do is call a bit, as we all are a bit loners by nature we phone about once a week. Sometimes twice, sometimes we skip a week.. so all I can help them with is staying healthy and staying me.. the person they love.. but I don’t count that one. Not a big family person! So here is the Whooves family!

Nominees and Questions

The Nominees

Like I said before I will follow Selina’s system of 6 people being hard nominated and the other 4 being those who want to comment. Both as an experiment and to make these tags a bit more engaging! Here we go first my nominations.

-Because I talked about her anyway, and since she is doing more quick tags due to all the time pressure let’s nominate Irina! Maybe if we all tag her and she gets a few easy posts she can actualy finish Kingdom Hearts.

Since I basicly have seem them do every tag and I want them to keep up with the full set of all tags out there.
A Geeky Gal
The Otaku Author

Since their names popped up in my head first when thinking of more people!


  1. What do you think about the new WordPress editor?! Pinkie has a lot of troubles with the new block editor how about you guys?
  2. If you were to describe yourself as a candy or cake (something sweet at least) what would you be?
  3. If you were to describe yourself as something mechanical what device would you be?
  4. What is your greatest weakness when it comes to blogging?
  5. Say you switch bodies with an anime (or other fiction source ) character, in which character would we never notice you switched places? (IOW pick an anime character that is like you , or you could easily pretend to be)
  6. What is a YouTube Channel you watch regularly?
  7. What does your latest whats-app message say.. out of context. (If personal info skip to the next unless you want to share)
  8. At what time in the day do you generally write your blogs
  9. Have you ever written for your blog while drunk?
  10. What do you see in this inkblobby thing?
I shall comment on your post with what I saw!


Making the Internet a Happier Place : The Super Happy Love Award

Each week on the Internet it’s something people are chasing with torches and pitchforks. Whether it is burning someone’s career for a horrible tweet of 10 years ago, or trying to ruin a game company for making the first actually bad game in their career. Nowadays we even want to corporately murder companies for not producing AS good of an anime or AS good of a game as their prequel ones.  In fact if they are not better and improved in EVERY single way and if it does not have EVERY similar feature the BEST of their genre have to offer, it means they are 0/10. If you like something that isn’t perfect you are an idiot as well. Well I say enough! I do not want to live in such a world and I am fighting back! For every skull shaped cloud of hate they will release, I will release a muffin topped with a cotton candy cloud with shimmer sprinkles of love! And I need your help! Enter The Super Happy Love Award

It’s time to heal the internet, for to long has our safe space been a feeding ground teaching us to be as negative as possible. With this blog tag we start making a vaccine! We show that passion can be genuine! We give love to those who deserve it and praise the ones that have done something important for us.  The ones we love , even when fictional, are oftenly only human after all. With this blog tag I want to spread love for all the fandoms and united fans in positivity again! No longer will we shake our heads and say “this isn’t the <insert fandom> that we used to know.. they destroyed our beloved. NO! We stand together and join forces and turn this into “Remember the time that <insert fandom> did this amazing thing! I LOVE IT!. How will we do it? With this blog tag? How does it work? Well here are the rules.

Happy Little Rules

This is a fairly simple blog-tag , even though it has a BIT more rules than most others. Why?! You will see… teehee!

  1. Thank the one who tagged you and if at all please tag the original post as well. This is my first blog tag and a bit of a passion project so I would like to see where it spreads! Oh and use Super-Happy-Love as a tag!
  2. Display the Super Happy Love Logo in your post Share the rules!
  3. Choose a minimum of 2 out of these 6 prompts to answer in this blog! More is always allowed! These six prompts are as follows!
    – Tell about a person you love, this can be a friend, partner but also a celebrity or even youtuber who means a lot to you. As long as they once took breath on this earthly realm you are allowed to  pick them… Tell us why you love them.
    Write something about a fandom or franchise you love. It can be your favorite game series or about just about anything that is bigger than just a single product! Tell us why you live this so much!
    Tell us something about a character that you love. Do you have a Waifu, a Husbando, maybe a mentor or someone who taught you a valuable lesson. Tell us why you love them.
    – Tell us something about a piece of music that you love. Does a anime intro mean a lot to you? Did you have a special memory to a pop song, like your first dance at your wedding? Maybe a piece of video game music? If you love it, you should tell us why!
    Show us why you love a piece of media so much! A Book, A Game, A Anime, A Movie maybe even a random piece of fan art, you are free to pick as long as you can show us why you love it.
    Write something about yourself that you love! For those who like a challenge, there is a hard mode in this blog prompt as well. Tell us why you love a certain aspect of yourself
  4. Put on your rose tinted glasses. For once you are allowed to gush about the things that you love without having to balance it out with negatives so that you seem objective. In fact your are actively encouraged not to bring negativity into this tag. So no “Nowadays.. <topic>  is poopoo but back in my days.. .it was great. Just say it was great! Love is blind after all!
  5. Tag 6 bloggers you love so they can take on this challenge as well.
  6. Everyone who comments something lovely about your post ALSO gets nominated. (Should they so choose)

Why does the number six appear so often? It’s the number of Venus, goddess of love.  So please try to respect the number of nominees if at all possible. Since I created this tag I shall answer all questions.

Tell us something about a person you love

There are so many people I love, but I guess this spot has got to go to my best friend. Let’s call her Bean. She will get why and she is a small sprout!  Bean and I have only met a little over two years ago but in this time she became incredibly important to me. I had a rough time when I met Bean. Struggling with my identity and my friends where moving away. She is a person I could very deeply connect with. While I have plenty of friends I can talk deeply with I have had little geek friends who could associate with my mindset. If I felt sad it was either.. let’s go to a big party a drink the pain away or let’s go to the sauna to relax. Bean and me go hunting pokemon together, we have a quick lunch and gossip, we watch pokémon movies together or a hilariously bad horror movie. With Bean I never have to pretend to be someone else or more mature, with Bean I can make jokes without having the fear that she would not understand. 

Before the age of Bean I went out drinking with normie friends and a female friend got a major burn on a friend. I shouted..ooooh you don’t need a burn heal you need a full restore. I found that so funny myself that I nearly peed myself. My friends however almost hurt themself in confusion. Bean is different though! Bean gets me, she would laugh at this stupid joke.. probably even harder than me as she adores little memes and has this delightfully silly sense of humor.  With Bean I can weeb out and yell Nani and Kawaii! She understands what those means and is more inclined to buy me the thing as a gift! If I yell Kawaii around my normal friends they think I bit my tongue! Bean also treats me to lunch a lot and I am very grateful for those! She is an amazing friend I can really connect with like no other!

Write something about a franchise you love

I doubt this will come as a surprise but I love Pokémon! I love everything about it.  Ever since those magical first steps on 6 december 1999 the games have never let me go.  Even before that the anime warmed my heart. I cried the entire day at the Bye Bye Butterfree episode and when it looked like Ash was giving up Pikachu I cried again. I was so proud when I beat the pokemon league in my first game , and I showed everyone my amazing Parasect and was amazed finding out they had a Golem. I have traveled across the lands searching far and wide and I thank game freak for everything they have done for me. Without them I would not have been the same.. or as strong of a person.

Pokémon made me more sociable, it showed me the power of a fanbase and how despite our differences we can be united through love. I swooned over a sylveon plush with people I do not know and we both ended up encouraging getting one. I met new people,  who accepted me, I played adventures I never thought I would. I was introduced to my love for trading card games trough this and I had my first mini LARP. On top of bucket list is visiting the pokémon café in Tokyo and have a Mew Fluffy Marshmallow Drink , as well as spending a lot of my money there on cute plates and adorable dishes. Maybe I will never have the money but at least it gave me a dream. Something to chase after. The franchise is the reason that I am part of this wonderful online community that is called WordPress! And now I can fight to make the internet a more happy place! With my pokémon buddies by my side!

Tell us something about a character that you love

There are plenty of characters I loved and I already talked about a fair amount of them. Since I do want to offer something new it’s time to talk about another fictional character that I absolutely adore. That character might seem like a very weird one to adore so much but she deserves every bit of my love and more. That character first appeared in the Lego Movie as part of Emmett’s crew and the oddball  Leader of cloud Cuckoo Land her unique and pink design immediately inspired me. She fights for positivity and smiles and does so in her completely unique way. Throughout the entire movie she has the most cartoony depiction, changing colours and even shapes based on her emotions and thusly appears to be very open. Her fight for positivity make her a perfect character as the one to be loved in this first Super Happy Love Award post.

Unikitty also has her own cartoon show simply named Unikitty in which we get more of the lovable cat unicorn to love.  We see a character that has her cheeks change based on what emotion she feels, never really hiding what you feel. We see a character that serves as an inspiration for anyone who isn’t standard. It is okay to be you, no matter what you are, no matter how different you are. We see other characters attempt this but none are as surreal as Unikitty. She loves parties, sparkly things, positivity , cute things and cheering people up. She dislikes her arch nemesis Master Frown, unfriendly individuals, negativity and candy corn! So .. while I have difficulty relating to most human characters I have no issue relating to this rainbow, colour changing unicorn cat thing made out of legos… I love it!

Tell us something about a piece of music you love

Now I could talk about Ducktales the moon theme again but I will not. I will talk about another piece of game music.  I am going to talk about A Hat in Time : New Adventure. This song came to me in a time I was suffering some gaming fatigue. Yet within minutes after playing Hat in Time, I felt that old magic I should feel as a gamer again. New Adventure to me signifies that feeling. So to me it’s a song about the magic of gaming. About finding your inner child and playing. We become Hat Kid.. a platform hero who also likes  to play around and have fun. This song is all about having fun.

The theme is also remixed into other tracks of the game, like You Are All Bad Guys phase 3, in a way it is hat kid’s theme without being named as such. It’s a song about the innocence and loving fun. For that reason I used this as the theme also as the personal theme for my Eldritch OC Luma. In a contemporary fantasy campaign my group has to raise an Eldritch Baby and keep her safe from the evil forces of R’lyeh since she is the only one who can destroy the breaches between Earth and the realm of chaos beyond time and space. I made new friends with this campaign and love writing it and hosting sessions every day. It is so much fun and I love role playing the character of Luma. Each time I get to play her theme a smile appears on my face and the worries of the day wash away.

Show us why you you love  a piece of media so much.

I could cheap out and write something about my favorite pokémon game but honestly I love so much of them I would not know where to start. Like I already told you I would one day love to own an original NES with a copy of Ducktales.. or even have a ducktales cartridge made as an art piece on my wall. Another game I have strong memories about like that is the Nintendo 64 version of smash.  I used to play this one with my little sister in a fairly unconventional way. We would play mostly with Kirby and and Pikachu.. her being Pikachu and me being the pink blob that Sakurai blessed us with. We would play tiny sketches. For example.. Pikachu is traveling to his vacation by Great Fox on the Sector Z stage. Kirby tries to engage in conversation and make a friend while Pikachu wants to be left alone. They end up fighting , Kirby still thinking this is play.

Each time we would play a new sort of sketch and come up with a new tiny adventure. Everytime we would get out of school we would start of with this like a little ritual. After that homework and if we finished it we would meet again in front of the tv. If we finished homework early we would play a few more matches before our shows would start. One of my favorite sketches we did was Mario and Luigi having a Moustache contest. Where they argue who had the more beautiful moustache. Loser had to shave of their moustache. It was all so silly but it was one of the closest memories I have with my sister. It was one of few things that fully could bring us together and often mom would come watch and bring us some crips, a nice little family moment all made possible through a video game.

Write something about yourself that you love

So this  is the hardest part to talk about but here we go. I love the little child in myself. For a thirty three year old I might not be the maturest woman of my age. I still love unicorns, I talk to imaginary creatures and I often pretend to be a princess. and I sometimes play with plushies for a bit. Last night I failed a picture Captcha because I had to select two specific pictures and I felt bad for the other picture that looked cuter so I clicked it as well. It deserved a click. If someone talks about harming a imaginary creature or talks bad about a cutie I still feel for it because maybe in some alternate reality those things can still hear us. Maybe we have not discovered yet that there are other forms of intelligence that we just not comprehend. So I even try to treat my plushies nice.. just in case.

Of course I can face reality and lose that magic to appear more as a coherent person. I could look at a game that I dislike and think it’s just a stupid piece of plastic. Yet  in my world maybe to some extend it has some feelings. Maybe a developer who worked really hard just wished with all their might that someone would love that thing they made and that by saying kind words I could make them a little bit happier as well. I mean I will always be honest, if you ask me for my opinion you will get MY opinion.. and not a lie fabricated to please you, but I also think there is no need to be unnecessarily harsh to things… because you never know! Maybe sometime it will come alive! Maybe to a certain extend  our mind set can influence the world if we are more positive. Maybe I am naive for liking something even if it’s not the best thing ever and that I just enjoy playing with it. Yet it is a thing that also allows me to love live and appreciate little things. By thinking just a bit like a kid, we can add some shine to things they do deserve but from adults rarely get.

Six Bloggers I love

Now it is time for the nominees. Here nominated six bloggers we love or we love to take on this challenge.  Some kind words for those bloggers are in order I think.

A girl and her anime:

She nominated me for my first blog tag, so I figured it would be fitting to nominate her for my first blog tag. 

Fred from A Natural:

Someone who made me more positive about myself and helped me find more love for myself. I think he deserves to spread the love around.

Irina from Drunken Anime Blog

Was there ever any doubt? I know she is really busy and doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but I feel that this blog tag is right up her alley!

Foovay’s Cauldron

Foovay has expressed very positive reactions to my aspirations to make this blog tag a thing so I really feel she deserves a nomination. 

Megan a Geeky Gal

I tag Megan a lot but that is because I really love her writing style, I have seen her take on many blog tags across the web. Might as well make her set complete with this new one!

K at the movies

Finally I nominated Kat from K at the movies. It is said that K can defeat me in combat but as the ancient old phrase goes. Make love .. not war!  This blog tag gets K a chance to live by that motto. 

And remember, if you are not tagged but you love my blog and leave a nice comment you ARE nominated! It’s in the rules!

Bobbing with Pink Headphones: Pinkie puts a Tune to it.

So I am NOT a big music person, like at all. I never listen to pop music except for when I am forced too.. like when I am in a bar to have a few drinks or in a mall and the music system plays that stuff normal people listen on a radio. I know Nickelback from the memes, Justin Bieber from being so hated on youtube and Rihanna from being in Battleship. Kayne West is a gay fish and if I had to name a foreign singer kinda person I would mention Vitas.. or by the handle he is better know: Weird Russian Singer. So when Inkisbane from In Search of Number Nine nominated me, I had a true challenge ahead of me. So if you came here for insightful thoughts about music you might be better of checking his post on the matter, by clicking on the cocktail below.

Rules- Shakira

Apparently Shakira wrote a song about rules, a long time ago. I certainly never knew! I also never noticed how much she actually sounds like an Otamatone when she sings. She really does though! See.. thats kinda putting a tune to something right? Well no!  Like with Shakira’s songs there are a few rules I must abide by. The challenge itself goes like this.

Step 1: Choose any number of western songs from any genre that you think best shows up a anime or manga genre.
If you want to pick more than 1 from each section that is fine. Of if you can’t name something from a specific category that is fine as well.
Step 2: Explain why you think your choice works, is it the lyrics? The tune and the beat? Or is the music video?
Step 3: Link back to the original post and also the one who tagged you…though technically it’s not in the rules but you’d make me a sad Pinkie if I did not get to read your posts.
Step 4: Include the Put a Tune To It, in your tages so everyone following this thingy can follow it easily.
Step 5: Nominate Around 1-5 Bloggers.

Now because I am a rebel I am going to do step 3 first, though in the original format it was just rules anyway but I felt like saying it this way.  The” Put a Tune to it” tag was created by Dewbond who writes on “Shallow Dives into Anime”. Read his original thoughts by clicking on the cocktail below.


Like Inkisbane I wanted to show of something AMV first, because the theme of AMV”S really fit the brief of putting a tune to it. The first one I will put down here isn’t even that special, except for the fact that it was the first AMV I ever saw.  I was a late in life Weeaboo. who discovered I liked this all along, without knowing the word that only in high school discovered true anime. I was shunned by my class and put in the left-over project group. Three big anime fans. We had to start a business together and they were hellbend on opening an anime shop (hypothetically of course) as soon as I looked deeper what Anime was.. to give a proper presentation I was smitten. When I texted the group I was one of them now… they send me this AMV.

Now that I am looking back on it, this one was kinda dull and bland but back then it was one of the hypest things I have ever seen. Even that angry music was still kinda okay. I had a bit of a brief edgy phase back then when I wore black and skull thingies. Right before I went completely sick and dedicated my life to pink.  Speaking of Edgy.. my current friends even if I did not know them around then had this edgy kinda phase too. They were really into My Chemical Romance. For AMV competition in 2011 my friends made a video to the song Dead, based on the highschool of the dead anime. I was blown away and so were a lot of other people. For the sake of their privacy as well as their contacts going dead I reuploaded it to my own youtube channel, but make sure to show your appreciation if you like it. I will show it to them! Unfortunately the pair since split ways so this way , both will get their love still.

Shounen: Alles is Liefde – Bløf

Now onto the main event, and rebel as I am.. I cheat. Rather than selecting a song that perfectly encapsulates the genre I chose a song that is a perfect intro to basically any any random Shounen series.  Now I want you to memorise these steps and picture them in your head with the song.. while keeping your eyes closed. Of course this works best on a second viewing. Of course I am talking about the musical flow off the song and not about the actual lyrics. When the drums kick in you can just see the main character running through the grass with their friends and as the first lick is given of the guitar we get a view of  Hidden Leaf village, social society or U.A Highschool. As the main baseline sets in we see the logo of whatever shounen we are watching. When the lyrics set in we get those still shots of characters of the main cast with a monochrome colour. Sakura Reading A book with a green filter, Ichigo playing with Yuzu with an Orange filter, Midoriya putting on his suit as all night does the same in black and white. When the chorus sets in, we see the main character Naruto running to the villian tossing some kunais as we get some cool battle shots. 

Alles is liefde… “Getsuga Tenshou, Alles is liefde, Rasengan, we see the villains pose as a shadow reveals there will be an even bigger villain in the future. At just past the 2 minute mark is the perfect cut off to start the new episode. It might be 30 seconds to long, but still near darn perfect. In reality this song is about everything being about love! Pretty good message for on my channel..but like pure and innocent love… not the lewd kind! I’m a pink Panda.

Cyberpunky Copl ike Stuff: Duality – Slipnot

Sure Cyberpunky Cop Like Stuff might not be coined as an official genre but still that is what this song goes to. Imagine images of Spike Spiegel, Psycho Pass and even death note to an extend. Perhaps even ghost in the shell and Evangelion. I am not sure how to explain properly but it’s one of those anime that isn’t very colorful with a lot of greys and browns. The character is usually a heavy drinker and a tortured soul and while he is discovering a streak of murders he finds out that the government isn’t up to anything good. Now he has to fight against everything he once stood for to save an innocent woman with special powers or of mysterious origins in a criminal ridden city.

Taking refuge among those he used to lock up, on the run from justice.. seeking actual justice. Perhaps he can have a dead wife or his kid got shot , which led to his wife to fall into despair and divorce him.. that kind of stuff.  Of course it would not just be a straight up fill noir, because than we would need some jazz. No there has to be hover bikes, flying cars and guns that should around corners. Government people in white suits. There’s plenty of anime that fit that brief. And this song is very fitting for it as well.

Slice of Life :  Mamma Mia – Abba (Nightcore Version)

Probably pushing the boundaries again of what is allowed, this was still to good not to share.  While the original swedish original (hey I do know some foreign singers other than Weird Russion Guy..Yay) is mundane enough in terms of lyrics and does indeed encapsulate the simplicity of the slice of life genre it lacks that sugarcane sweetness we all so deeply desire.
You know in my opinion in any Slice of life opening your main cast of girls has to be able to do a silly bunny dance, or a duck dance.. anyway silly dance is required. It needs to be high energy overly sweet and Kawaii-Desu!.

“Luckily” we have a “genre’  that is perfect for this.
As you can probably tell by the thingies I am using, I am not a big fan of the Nightcore genre. Like it’s just pitch shifting and changing speed. It does sound Kawaii though. And since  both the hairy Swedes and the Weeb who sped it up more than likely come from the west I think this should be allowed as my entry. Just listen to this music. It starts out with a girl laying on the grass of those weird japanese canal things where they fly their kites and stare at pictures in lockets. As she holds the locket against her heart we see her heart broken, when she looks down again her friends are standing in front of her smiling at her reaching their hands. She takes their hands and in a rainbow swirl we see them to their bunny dance and see their chibi version chase new boys! One of them is a Bifauxnen, another a Shota and yet another is a monkey… the gross girl of the group seems to hug the monkey a lot in the opening. Eventually we see them all trip on each other and tumble down the hill where they laugh as we look at the guys from a frog perspective, trying to help them up as the setting sun creates a lens flare that makes room for the title. 

You’re the one that I want

I’ve got tags, we’re multiplying! And I’m losing control!
Cause.. the song flow, that your supplying!
It’s electrifying

You better shape up! Because I need you man!
And my heart is set on Yuu!
You better shape up! Yes Mallow understand!
And my final pick is Foo(vay’s cauldron)

You’re the ones that I want… you’re the ones I want want.. Oooh Ooh Ooh
The ones that I want…..Ooh Ooh Ooh
That was a very random way of selecting my nominees. So if you don’t want to do this, by all means feel free to skip and if I didn’t sing about you feel free to nominate yourself with that You are the ones I want line! Just let me know in the comments! Alright with that I shall join my insanity for dinner. It’s a weird way of selecting people.. but at least I put a Tune to It.

A tale of tiny Pinkie (The Geeky Childhood Tag)

It’s a new year my dear Island guests. It’s also a year I am starting of rather busy with plenty of people wanting to meet to convey their new year’s wishes. You know the thing, lot’s of coffee and tea events, means also a lot of resupplying, lots of extra house cleaning, additional traveling and all that. So while I am being a busy bee, let’s catch up on some blogger tags I missed either during my hiatus or still have got to do.  We start of with a tag I was mentioned in today! But this one seemed like a good place to start of the new year. A look at my first steps into geekdom. The Geeky Childhood Tag. I was tagged by Lyn, the Otaku Author, who has my thanks. Check out his blog and cool reviews. And of course you can watch HIS answers by clicking on the cocktail below!

The Rules of the Tag

Normally we begin these things by stating the rules, which involve tagging the one who tagged you, a set number of people to tag and displaying a logo. However this time there are no rules. I have no logo to display nor do I have to tag a certain amount of bloggers. So I would like to tackle this a bit differently. I shall tag three people down below, but also nominate every other reader. Just leave a comment below that you would like to take up my invitation and I shall add you to a list to bloggers who actually like to do these tags. Plenty of you out there do not like to participate in these and I have no oversight in who likes these things and who doesn’t. Since most of these post usually have a limited amount of people I can nominate and I hate excluding people to the core, I would at the very least like to keep a list of people who like to engage with these thing. If you have done this tag already, feel free to post a link to yours in the comments, again to show me you are into the taggy thing! Taggers for taggers and all! Please help me give these little nuggets to people who actually enjoy them!

With that being said it’s time to explore my geeky childhood.

Where did your geek come from? Parents? Siblings? Destiny?

Unfortunately the story of me being geeky isn’t a particularly happy one. You see as the tiny thing I was there was already some signs of the wall of my later condition. My motor skills where sub par. I had great difficulty walking stairs, licking my lips, doing some other stuff. While I got therapy, my fine motor skills began to improve but my crude motor skills deteriorated.  I ran funny, I got dressed in the most awkward ways and I was very clumsy. Even with therapy a gap appeared that grew. I was slower, more accident prone and cramped than others so I never really fully got to appreciate playing outside. I was always the slowest to dress up with my girly friends, I was always the first to be tagged out on the schoolyard and got hurt when we would adventure. I broke toys due to sudden loss of motor control for a brief moment and stuff like that. So I never fully got to enjoy myself as much as others did.

Then mom and dad gave me an NES, a way to play where I would not get in the way of myself. For the first time I could play with my friends on the same level, I was as good as Mario 3 as they were, or better. I still liked talking to my girls of course but I didn’t really need to compete in those other things anymore. Of course by the time the SNES came out,  we became old enough that you start bullying each other so in a span of three miserable years I virtually lost all my friends. Except for those who like geeky things and gaming because I actually was kind of good in that. They introduced me to more and more geeky stuff and so I became a geek. It’s the first thing I did not suck at and the first thing that did not alienate me. My first safe space.

The First Geeky Thing You Got Into

So while gaming was the geeky thing that turned me into a geek, the first thing  I officially got into was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the eighties cartoon. Though in europe or at least in the Netherlands we used to call it Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles back than. Twix was still called Raider back in those days as well so you know it’s some early life stuff for me. The neighbour boy across the streets who came over to play a lot was really into turtles so we watched it together and I really got invested in it. The neighbour girl was his niece so she also watched it with us at times but we just connected less, I always felt like I was inferior to her so I sorta rebelled and took more from the neighbour boy than the girl. So rather than dress up like a princess I dressed up like a turtle…and crashed my tricycle when my bandana got caught up in the wheels. I really could have used a half shell right then and there. Turtle-ouwww-er!

Favourite Movie as a Kid

I was a huge disney kid when I was young and later really into power rangers. Now you might think I will say I liked the Power Rangers movie best when I was a kid but no!! That movie sucks.. Even as a kid I saw how much that CGI sucked. I stuck mostly to the disney classics. One of my favorite disney movies however was not even a disney classic. It was Ducktales the movie! It was something we recorded on tv on a video tape (jeez this post makes me feel old) I watched it so much I knew exactly how long to fast forward through the commercials. It was aired on a belgium network and at the end of the movie, when G became a real boy and the subtitles were over, a clip of a belgium singer would play. It was this belgian comedian pretending to be a typical gay guy singing about how manly he is. Times sure have changed. Check this stuff out!

Now while Ducktales the movie is a contender for favorite movie, I gotta say there was one movie that was above it. A movie that I probably should not have been watching at that age yet, but it was Gremlins and even more so Gremlins 2. I loved the mogwai Gizmo when I was a kid. I loved it sooo much. I even had a gizmo plush that at some point just disappeared from my memory. I knew I had one and I was super excited when I got it.. but I think someone might have broken it and mom just gifted me stuff to make me forget..because .. suddenly it’s not there anymore.I did not win the lottery this year so I can’t afford one of those real mogwai toys you got now. Those look so friggin good. The gremlin movies had it all for me, they were scary, they had people die, it was super colourful, very random , adorable beyond  my wildest imagination and the second one featured all sorts of superpowered monsters. Heh I really haven’t grown up a lot have I , thats still the kind of stuff I love.

Favourite Video Game as a Kid

Once upon a time there was a licensed property title that was actually good. A game that allowed you to treasure hunt in transylvanian castles, the amazon rainforest, the himalayas, the deepest mine of africa and even the moon.That game was Ducktales for NES , the first game I ever finished and too this day one of the best video games I have ever played and something that shaped me as a gamer and  completely defined my tastes. To this day I still prefer retro style platformers, like Shovel Knight, The Messenger, Cave Story and of course the ducktales remake. The NES ducktales was what made me cry when I had to sell my old NES. I was into the SNES now and I wanted money for new toys and more games so mom and dad helped me sell it. While I had not issue letting go of Mega Man 2, Mario 3, Turtles 2, Gremlins  and Adventure in the Magical Kingdom (those were all the games I own I think) I cried to see Ducktales go.. not the NES itself, not other games.. just Ducktales. If have exclaimed my love for the moon theme before, but this game has amazing music, great flow and it’s challenging enough for a kid yet finishable It’s one of those.. game-overing resets all you progress games but I didn’t care as kid. I completed it , several times. The moment your race up to reach that number one dime before magica DeSpell and Flintwood Glomgold get there is the perfect closing of a perfect little adventure.One day I hope to get a NES with a copy of the game again…or even just a copy of the cartridge to display as a trophy. When that day happens I’ll definitely Woohoo!

 Favourite Book as a Kid

This one will be somewhat lost in this is a dutch book, that only got translated in danish, lithuanian. japanese, korean and german. It’s called “De Griezelbus” which roughly translates to “The bus of Horrors, or the bus of scares. This is a serie of six five books that tell the tale of the victims of P.Onnoval , an anagram for the writer of this series Paul van Loon.  In the books a horror book author, invites a school class to join him in his Bus of Horrors , where he will tell them stories out of his new book. Yet the class doesn’t know Onnoval is in fact really a werewolf that is just stalling them with his stories until the moon comes out so he can eat and kill them. In the second part he rises from his death as a vampire and tries again, in the third he exists as a virtual presence trying to possess someone. Each time the formula is the same, kids get trapped in a bus and here horror stories as they have to find a way to escape from the clutches of this evil man. It’s a mix of an overarching  narrative and horror short stories in alternating order. Since the short stories mostly end badly you really to worry about these kids in the main story.Like the bad endings of the shorts sort of reprogram your brain let go of that feeling that everything will work out in the end.

My favorites in the series are the second one and even more so the third one. In the second one I really cared for the students trapped in the bus for some reason and in the third one the plot really had me invested. In the third one the childeren get told the stories trough virtual reality, but each round one character gets to see the story trough the eyes of the main person. By having them experience their own deaths or something extremely traumatic in first person.. Onnoval breaks their spirits one by one with no escape. Those who experienced the trauma usually go catatonic or extremely meek, as a kid this felt as such a good evil ploy! Credits to the fourth book for having my favorite short story. In this one two girls get to camp out in a museum that has a new egypt exhibition what is build up as a night full of horrors ends up a ploy for the museum ward to poison and mummify them so that two of the mummy girls of the exhibition can go free in their stead.The short ends with the reveal that one of the girls was poisoned from the very start and as she force feeds her friend the poison both go along with the ward willingly (trough the poison) in order to be mummified and placed in the display…. darn, I was a messed up kid.

Favourite Memory as a Kid

I didn’t have to much of a happy childhood, the bullying was relentless, no one wanted to trade pokémon with me..because I was me. People threw worms at me or forced me into barbed wire.. or chased me so I would fall in a pit of trash they made. While by now I have to admire the dedication that was put into making my life miserable it did mean that I might not have AS amazing memories as little miss populair or something., There are two contenders for my favorite memory one is a bit more grand than the other. The less grand memory is simply the memory of me beating Donkey Kong Country. By far my favorite SNES game  This game was one of the hardest to beat and I worked hard to get good at it, dedicated myself and the first time I took down King K Rool i felt an emotion I rarely felt in my childhood. Pride. It might have been a silly thing to be proud about but this game mattered to me. I had no trouble in school to get good grades whatsoever so when I was best of the class with grades, I never really felt proud, I was always one of the top contenders and I never really had to work for it. Unfortunately me getting sicker later ruined that as I could not coast trough things anymore due to being absent a lot and it tripped me up.. but anyway.. Donkey Kong was one of the first times I experienced genuine pride… directed at myself, it’s nice to experience it , especially if you never had it before.

The second memory is a bit more grand, it’s a chain of events that is a mix of bad luck that lead into something positive.  It all started with a competition held by a local bakery that got his supply from a local windmill. They held a colouring competition and me being creative, created blossom out of my moms nail polish on the trees,  made the sky a sunset orange rather than a normal blue and really made it feel like a warm spring late afternoon. My creativity led me to win the first price, I remember the second price was a set of lego’s shaped like a windmill which I really wanted to have…but I won the first price. So I had to go up the windmill to fetch my price.  This scared the bejeezus out of me as the stairs there.. along with my motor skills and on and off fear of heights, this already was a terrible experience. I managed to get up there.. all cried up and flustered, just to find out they wanted to take pictures of me and ask me questions for a local newspaper. My first anxiety attack was the result… yaaay fun! Turns out I won a brand new bike… which I was way to tiny for..but of course for the picture I had to get on the bike regardless…. I fell off…. So now I had a bump on my head, a red up cry face, an anxiety attack and a bike that was to big for me.  Things weren’t looking good. I was very upset. Than my parents took me the city treated me to a “frietje met kroket” some dutch junk food that is basically french fries with a stick of breaded beef stew, deep fried. Than dad told me he would sell the bike and I could get a gameboy for the money of that bike. So I got my gameboy and got a game and finally that day turned around. The day I got my gameboy is still etched into my memories and I was one happy camper. I never got that lego windmill though.

A Character You Looked Up To as a Kid

Since being the cool kid was out of the question from a very early age, I guess I determined I would be the good thing. So as a kid I took on a sensible role model. Captain Planet. Saving nature and saving animals was something I deeply respected, as well as his other wisdoms such as to stay in school and all that standard be a kid crap. I loved shows that focussed on saving nature. Right now I have really moved away from that, it’s not like I don’t care anymore but we can take things a bit far, I matter as well, at least for me. While I listened to captain planet… and dutch santa for that matter, I risked falling into that. “All work and no play make Pinkie a.. giant douche ‘  kinda trope. While most of our cartoons were subbed they also got pulled from tv very fast. Which meant we had to watch the rest on the german station RTL. Captain Planet in german is much harder to follow for a non native german speaker. I mean I can still talk with germans, like casually but when we talk about poison gasses, types of poulton, deforestation and such.. yeah I am gonna lose track.

So soon I replaced Captain Planet as my hero with Dotty, the mouse inventor of the rescue rangers. I pretended to be her a lot, I would love to invent stuff like her so I spend all day in my room playing to be dotty inventing stuff. Among my greatest inventions for example were.. putting water in your piggy bank so if someone stole your money you could follow the water on the floor and find out who stole it, Attaching a Lego shark to a pencil.. because the lego shark made everything look cooler.. and the msot famous one.. my glow in the dark lamp. It’s a desk lamp on which I melted all sorts of glow in the dark stuff. It would charge the glow in the dark stuff when you used it as a desk light.. and if you entered your room in the dark .. it would glow and you would always be able to find the light. Of course it looked like ..basically a lamp dipped in candle wax, it would stink of molten plastic every time you turn it on, drip hot plastic on your skin if you weren’t careful  and mom threw it away after a few days, ..but Dotty at least inspired me to invent something! It was awesome… then again those might be the plastic fumes talking.

A Character That Scared You as a Kid

I never really had big troubles with  monsters in series or anything. Shredder from the Turles never scared me, nor did Stripe in Gremlins. While I found some characters exciting I never really feared”the monster under my bed”. So my parents thought I was immune for it. It was an evening like any other, I just played with a punch of cardboard turtle toys, I got from my aunt and uncle, they were amazing when a new episode of Ducktales was on tv. It was the episode that in english is called  Duckworth’s Revolt. In this episode the butler of Scrooge Mcduck gets abducted by aliens and Huey Duey and Louie follow to rescue him from the evil Vegedonians. Evil vegetables that force you to labour in their gardens for life.. or throw you in the vacuum of space. Brigadier Broccoli, Lieutenant Garlic and Sergeant Squash, there was also a whipping plant that never got a name but that one looked darn evil as well. Sergeant Squash for some reason scared the soul out of me.

That night I had nightmare after nightmare about Sergeant Squash about being forced into slavery or crushed into death. That’s right when the little ducks ask what happen if they don’t work for him he tells them he will squish and squash them. The dutch voice actor does it with so much intensity that too this day I still can hear those words that haunted me that night. Even adding it to scenes where the orginal did not use it.. as a catchphrase. You see them nearly throw the butler into space and yeah these aliens were cruel. I could hear them patrolling the hallway in our house. I screamed in terror so much that night my mom took my out of bed and forced me to rip apart all those new turtle toys as punishment. It did not help. now I felt sad and scared.. and anger to my mom.  When I woke the next time I guess my mom saw the terror in my eyes for real and I saw she regretted making me tear up those toys… “Oh shit Pinkie is really scared I messed up” It was as if I could read my mothers thoughts in that moment. I told mom I deserved my punishment to try and make her feel better as I knew I forced her hand. I did not get any sleep that night, I stayed up..pretending to be a sleep , but I was staring at the empty book that once held those cardboard toys, while behind me in the hallway I still heard them…Squish Squash..Squish Squash… Never did I get so spooked by anything ever again… and why it was this particular thing I don’t even know.

And the Nominees are:

As Told by Carly

And of course everyone reading this will be able to participate! Let me know if you are interested in doing Tag Posts or not in the comments! I’ll make a list!

Saturday Special: The Real Neat Blogger Award

It is always nice to get an award let alone one that uses a Peachy Pink in its logo. It’s all thanks to Megan of A Geeky Gal. I really like her blog, it is all very neat with a nice personal note to. Both her Youtube channel as her her blog show a lot of herself. It also helps that her icon is pink! That is a big plus in my book. It seems that she mains the wrong console, Playstation over Nintendo, but she is excited about Animal Crossing so we can forgive that. She seems very down to earth and charismatic which also shows in her youtube videos! I doubt she is actually a no-maj/muggle but I can’t prove that yet! Help me uncover evidence  by visiting her blog and youtube!


The Rules

  • Display the Award Logo.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them seven questions.

Questions to Pinkie

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

I always have a bit of difficulty talking about this, not having the healthiest of hearts the easiest answer would be in a jar, in some weird place.  Yet that might a bit to grim even if it is almost halloween. So lets alter this question a bit too , where do you want to be in 10 year. In which case I would love to own a bar, dedicated to boardgames and hopefully even D&D. A geek bar where people come to play trading card games, D&D  and where sing Jason’s Paige theme song every time on Karaoke night. Most off all I just want to be able to be myself in ten years, free myself from the societal stigmas as much as I can. Just be me and have everyone know that what they see is 100% the true me. I want to be able to walk in a pink coat across the street not caring if people think I am immature. , I want to be able to host game night for my friends and people thinking.. “good for her” rather than “they should just go to a bar like normal people”.

I would love to have some money to spend and have a pet duck named Eggs and a pet Sharpei (wrinkly dog) named Steak. Possibly living in the city of Utrecht. Of course I would also settle for a job for the Pokémon Company or working in the Pokémon Café but that might be hard to do, yet one can dream. I at least would love to do something with storytelling and geekdom. Enabling others to be themselves like me.Not be like me.. just encouragin people to be themselves.

Who or what is your spirit animal

The easy answer would be a unicorn! I could leave it at that and anyone who even remotely knows me would say, yep that’s right. Yet that would be boring content so my answer would be Fluffle Puff.  This character first appeared on Dan vs FiM and later on Fluffle Puff Stories. She was created by Fluffymixer.

She is a pink Fluffy Pony. She is a a gay pink ball of fluff and randomness that is very happy and loves everything and sees everything as alive and such.  She lives together with her partner , whom is a bit of a Tsundere Eldritch Pony type kind of thing. Fluffle features in the song Pink Fluffy Unicorn Dancing on Rainbows, which has become somewhat of an anthem of me. She embodies everything I wish to be about. I would also like to get myself a Tsundere Goth girl which I can annoy by pinking up the house or by buying new sets of plushies.. and she reluctantly can not help to crack a smile seeing me bounce in happiness. I even made a video about a look in my mind which shows this best.

So this my mind!
And the actual Song!

What is one thing on your bucket list

The easy answer here would be: A pink bucket preferably with Hello Kitty on it.  I would not really call that a list however as it is the only bucket I would ever want.. unless there is a bucket with pokémon on it too which there probably is.  I however assume we are referring to the things I want to do before we die. That one is easy for me to answer as well. I want to travel to the Pokémon Center in Tokyo and the neighbouring Pokémon Café. More specifically I want to visit that Pokémon Café and have a Mew’s Fluffy Marshmallow Drink, a pink strawberry flavored drink with a Mew Straw a lot of marshmallows and heart candy on top. I am fairly consistent in my desires, if it’s pink, cute, sweet or geeky I want it. So something that meets all those conditions would be very high on my list. This drink combines a lot of my desires and dreams together into a somewhat achievable sounding goal ,so it made the list.  If you want to know more about that dream… I ramble about it in this post!

What is your strategy for the zombie Apocalypse.

Spoilers! I would try to become a beloved blogger and find fans who would give their lives to keep me safe.. just kidding that is the easy answer again. Honestly I would be in pretty hot water,  living in a one exit flat at seven high. Then again my home town is known for a rapper guy who claims he has 100 guns and 100 bullets. He tells everyone how whack he is and if how you cross him he will amputate your leg. So I count on him dealing with the zombies. Since he is an idiot though I doubt he will last to long. So I will create a body suit made out of all my plushies. Zombies can’t infect me  if I am covered by a three cubic feet of cotton. So after creating the ultimate form of armor i’d probably roll around like a Katamari adding new plushies to my suit as I go on. I’d probably take shelter in the government instance that provides benefits, no one goes there willingly not even the staff so I would assume it’s just an empty place where even zombies have some latent memories of .. ‘braaaaain….let’s not go there’

What movie/book character are you most like.

Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon (the game version) would be the easiest answer. But she is not from a book or a movie! A girl who fights to find her own voice and identity in a world that is foreign to her. She is someone I very much like but there is a character I feel is closer to me. That character is Princess Unikitty.. or regular Unikitty. From the Lego Movie!  It’s a pink unicorn cat hybrid, that I remember as the leader of Cloud Cuckoo land but I can’t find written proof about that memory. It doesn’t really matter as her home gets destroyed soon anyway. She is a character who lives for being different who openly rebels against being normal.. but also someone who’s main agenda is to be happy, dressing the world with happy bubbly euphemisms and living in a bit of a fantasy bubble. Underneath all that pink frosting of a personality there is a lot deeper stuff as well. She can strike with furious anger when something stands in the way of her happiness. Her true  dream is that everyone will be happy and creative and in those goals I relate to those ambitions a lot.

We have to build our own dreams and stop all dreaming about the same stupid picket white fence. Umbrella dreams, like the american dream, make me sad. It feels like brainwashing to shove is into socially desired behaviour. The entire goal to get married have children, live in the country… eeewww. I mean it’s fine if you want that.. but it doesn’t tell the world a single thing about YOU. It doesn’t make you , you.. it just makes you ‘alive’. Unikitty for me is the prophet of the message “ you do you,” . I wish to inspire that way of thinking  in people as well. One of my friends just wants to be normal but she can’t explain why she wants it, she just has to because other people would think less of her otherwise.. when I tell her “that’s why they want you to be normal but why do you want it? ‘ she can’t answer. She doesnt know because it is not really her talking it’s the common good. I WANT A MEW’s FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW DRINK, because it would make me happy. I want to blog because I feel I have a message to tell. My life goal is not to achieve everyone’s goals.I want to be remembered. Oh Pinkie.. that was an odd one.. she wore a crown of leaks once.. just because.. is something I’d rather see people talk about then. ‘Oh it’s that girl that was married to the baker’s younger sister.. yeah I heard they want to adopt a child soon’ that last conversation talks about me but says nothing about me! I do not want that.. And again Unikitty to me is the fictional character that shares my vision like that.  She has multiple forms as well, like me and my other Pinkies! So a perfect pairing.

If you could do anything for a living , what would it be.

The Easy answer would be.. see question 1.. but you know it by now I don’t do that. A Pokémon Master is a bit to unrealistic and a pro pokémon player would be to vanilla. I would love a job at the Pokémon Company… ‘so if you are out there PC! I WILL move to Japan.. or anywhere in the world for you!’  Let’s take this answer on the more interesting tour though because I wanna have money. So if I could do ANYTHING in THIS world, besides working for Pokémon.. I would love to be a singer. Unfortunately my condition is bad for my motor skills so I can not dance and my voice is oftenly weak so I can’t sing either, but hey I could be anything by the question by Arceus will I be anything. Of course I would produce ‘pink’ music. Like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Love Live and a bit of Hatsune Miku. Mostly Kyary though! The english version of it.. for international success. For those who don’t know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. On the stage with lots of ornaments and fun and cute costumes seems like a dream to me. I do like to sing, it makes me happy even if I am bad at it, going at it with a geeky and pink angle would only make it batter and me one happy pink little thing. The crown jewel of my career would be if I could sing one of the theme songs for the pokémon anime!

(My favorite song first! I would love to make a clip like this!)
(The most famous one)
(And Finally an idication how my english style of it would be)

If you were forced to wear a warning label what would yours say?

Do not Microwave, I may look cute and fluffy but I do not microwave very well!. I would explode! Even if I don’t I doubt it is good for my mechanical parts. I guess if I would have an ACTUAL warning symbol I guess it would have to be. Warning: Excessive use can lead to unexpected behaviour. I am good at manipulating, not necessarily in a abusive way but I can get people to do what I want fairly easily. If me and my friends go out and we are looking for a place to go to I almost always  am the one that gets to push her pick. Not because I am that stuborn, but because I make you want what I want. For example say I want to eat sushi and my friend wants to go eat Italian. I look for a desire in that person that overlaps more with sushi than Italian and I pull on that. For example to a health minded friend I’d say.. I prefer sushi because they also have a lot of less Carb options on the menu like Sashimi and normal prawns and Cucumber or something. Too a social friend I say I like it how during Sushi it’s a bit easier to talk with all the shared food on the table ( I don’t know why but Sushi actually talks easier than some other sorts of food). Then they become like ‘I want that too’ after which they are like wax in my hands. I get my way without my friends ever feeling duped because I simply give them something they desire in return, even if that is just a bit of an illusion.

During a board game with social aspects I can make players make the moves I want them to make. I can read their intentions based on their regular playstyle and lure them into traps. Yet it will never because I advised you to make the move .. I make you want to make that move because I know you well enough to trick you into it. You will not feel duped by me.. you feel YOU misplayed. That sounds a lot eviller than it actually is, I just make sure that everybody gets something they want… I just happen to maybe get just a little more out of it than you, but unless you know me VERY well, you’ll barely notice.

Questions FROM Pinkie

Now it is time to ask seven questions to seven people! And since the questions megan asked me where fairly personal I will follow the same course. Adding a bit of a halloween touch to it all because why not.

1. What is the thing that you fear most?
2. You are a character in a horror movie (a teenager) what trope would you be?
3. What do you think comes after death?
4. You are now a Horror Villain, what is your backstory and what is your main weapon?
5. What is the weirdest (mysterious)  thing you have ever experienced (think ghosts, aliens , elvis spotting etc)
6. You become a ‘classic’ monster you can choose between, A vampire who sparkles and has to drink to death. A werewolf, who loses control at moonlight and will hunt, a green skinned warty witch who eats children or a regular zombie what do you choose?
7.  What is your favorite scary movie?
(Bonus question : What is that weird thing standing behind you?)


Tiger Anime
A Girl and Her Anime

Of course if you do not participate in such challenges that is totally fine! If at all possible try to pass on your nomination to someone else deserving, so we can all keep meeting new people and learn more about our wonderful community.
If I haven’t mentioned you and you really want to participate let me know! I have two nominations left which I like to save for someone wanting to answer these questions!
Thanks again Megan for the nomination, This one was really fun to do!

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