Hello Island Guests! Last story I wrote about an egg got quite the positive response! So here is another story about an egg! This one however is not about a particularly friendly egg! This one… is out for only one thing!

The year was 199(X) Lyn lay on her bed listening to her discman! Tunes of the Spice Girls B*Witched and  other girl bands were playing as she flipped through them rapidly with a bored sigh while chewing some Hubba Bubba Gum. Some might have said gum was perfection but to Lyn it was just a cool thing to do. A sudden knock on the door scared her out her mundane kidlike ponderings. Lyn’s mother Maria came in and told Lyn it was time for bed. Lyn nodded and took off the overhead phones and put her discman in a little treasure chest that held her most valuable stuff. Lyn noticed the egg shape thing in there and her heart stopped. “Please be okay” she said while she flipped the plastic egg over to reveal a heavily pixelated tombstone being depicted there! ‘Darn it’ she said to herself! Not again!

She had loved this Tamagotchi pet and took really good care of it for a while..but then she and her friends Cherry and Lianne went to the mall yesterday and when she came back she was so tired she forgot all about Mister Plucky! Now he was dead. With a sigh Lyn walked to her window to close the blinds. Seeing  falling star pass by.. she wished “I wish my Tamagotchi would never die, I don’t want to start over all again’. She then pressed the most left and most right button at the same time and the screen of the tamagotchi went blank for a bit.  Then a pulsating egg showed up. That will be nice and hatched by the time I wake up tomorrow, Lyn thought to herself before she put it back in the box wished it goodnight and named it Cluck Norris. 

The next morning Lyn woke up to find Cluck Norris did indeed hatch. It was weird though, normally the baby chick looked a bit cuter. This one looked… different it’s eyes a bit angrier!  She never knew you could get possible different tamagotchi! Perhaps she should just reset it! As she moved to the buttons to reset it though Cluck Norris made the same cute squeak sound as every other incarnation she had before. Given she named it after a badass action hero.. maybe this look was okay! Her friends did not have it so she could show them! Maria called Lyn down for breakfast and Lyn placed the pet back in her treasure chest. For a good while Lyn would actually take good care of Cluck.. she would sometimes forget it for a day but it would always be happy so see when she was back. Even when she went on a school camp it managed to hang on!

She showed it to her friends and they liked the new look as well. Yet Lyn noticed that Cluck would not grow and evolve as much as his fellows. “Ugh Cluck why don’t you change” she would tell it.. ‘I might reset you if you don’t change’ .. maybe you are some kind of glitch? ‘ Lyn learned that word in the cartoon show Reboot. She them smiled at the device and told Cluck ‘Tomorrow is my Birthday, I can’t wait to show you what gifts I got’. Yet Cluck never got to see that. One of the gifts Lyn got was a Furby doll it made her instantly forget about Cluck and as the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into years that plastic egg got covered in all kinds of new treasures..including movie tickets of first dates, pictures of her and her friends going out for drinks and vacations and even a little pin she got for graduation. Yet at one point..even the box did not even opened anymore.

Between 20 and 30 years have passed as we move into present day. Lyn is driving a car. A pained look is on her face. Her parents think they have become to old to live in their current house and have decided to move into a smaller place. This means Lyn had to come and help clean up the old supplies. See if there is anything she still wants and toss some other stuff away. As well as provide some support with the heavy lifting. For this she has brought her boyfriend. He likes to be called Maximilian but really his name is Ed. Unfortunately for Lyn her local friends.. who decided to help her all know this and blatantly call the guy Ed or Eddie. It makes sense they tease him though she moved away from all her friends to go live with him.. so of course he has to endure some jokes! Luckily he had a loving family! Including a niece that she totally adored! He loved her so much and she loved taking care of this niece as well! She would come over to sleep over at her place tomorrow! That gave Lyn the strength to work herself trough today manual labour..despite of her having worked so many hours already. She was spend.

He is a professional skater so he can take it. Even though his career is might be coming to a close soon there is hope on the horizon… hope enough to even consider having a kid in the near future. She smiles at her short haired buffed out man when she suddenly swerves after seeing something on the road. “What .. What was that?”.   Ed looks at her somewhat frustrated and tells “Lyn.. that was just a bird keep your eyes on the road we are almost there okay?’  Lyn takes a deep breath and decides to pull over at the next gas station to calm her pounding heart a bit. “You know we will be late right? Should I drive’ Ed asks. Lyn shakes her head. “I just need a minute”

Twenty minutes later Lyn decides they might as well eat something at this gas station and fetches her and Ed some sandwiches.  She was quite hungry..she hadn’t eaten in over two hours. After having their lunch Ed asks if they are good to go and Lyn decides to clean up the car for a bit. Lyn is a big person in the R&D department of a big video game company. She had been doing some research on a new pet and follower system for one of the worlds greatest RG series. A system where you have to take care of your follower or pet as well. Pay their upkeep, make sure they rest and get food. She has been stuck for a bit.. but her friends are not allowed to see this it is all top secret.

About 20 more minutes later the pair arrives at her parents home where Lyn’s friend are waiting outside looking slightly annoyed. Lyn smiles and pretends like nothing is happened. “I had to take a short break’ is all she said. Her oldest friend Denise seems the least salty and tells her that her parents already went home for the day. Her father sprained his back and the group promised to help you and that the heavy stuff would be removed by the end of the day.  Lyn agrees and assigns the guys Kevin and Ron to assist Ed. While Lyn asks Sara to wrap up some cups in the kitchen. She takes Denise up to her old room to help sort some stuff out. Denise has a pretty good eye on what is important.  As the pair moves the the room several boxes are being labeled.. some to keep some to throw out. Some for Lyn others for her Father Patrick and her mother Maria. 

When the pair reaches the attic Lyn suddenly hears a weird.. but kind of adorable sound coming from some boxes in the back. Looking for what might cause this ruckus she finds her own little treasure chest from way back when. She smiles in blissful memory and looks through the box, top to bottom. Her old Discman is in there.. and oh! An egg! She totally forgot she had this. She shows Denise the Tamagotchi when suddenly the device chimes. A angry looking chicken is hopping around.. crying out in hunger! Lyn scratches her head. “Did Mom ever replace the batteries?’ “Did it go into standby mode?’  She puts the device aside but as soon as she does that the device begins chirping even louder. Frustrated Lyn picks up mutes the device and tosses it into a pile of old plushies. 

“Batteries only last if you don’t want them to’ . Denise nods and smiles but walks to the device and says. “True but Lyn don’t be mean.. I bet your Tamagotchi is just really hungry…or not” As she fetches the device to feed the pet Denise notices the screen has gone blank she shows it to Lyn. “Well I guess the batteries ran out after al’. Lyn tells the story about how the thing glitched and it must have been a programming error that it did not die or some weird easy mode she accidentally triggered. She might put new batteries in and rest it and start anew though, she wonders how well she could raise it now  that she is an adult. Both girls yelp as trippely feet can be heard and some of the plushies wobble!

“Aaaaiii, Lyn do your parents have rats?’  Denise squeaks her friend. Lyn shakes her head. ‘Dad was always really careful about that.. maybe lately though he hasn’t been able to take care of the attic well? It looks really dusty. Both of them try to hear for more trippeling noises then suddenly the basement head slams up! Causing the girls to scream in a jumpscare.  Kevin , Ron and Ed look upstairs and chuckle. “There must be a ghost up on that attic’  says Ed.. “Or worse ..a mouse” jokes Kevin.. Ron then snickers and says “whatever is up there I bet it’s fat’. All three laugh.. Making posture jokes about Lyn has always been a thing..she is very slim but whenever there is a chance they  crack that joke. It’s a sort a mix between Irony and commenting on her being more “one of the guys”.  Kevin and Ron  take a heavy lounge seat with the two of them and move it out the house. Onto one of those rent a trailers they are using to dispose the heavy stuff. Ed would pick up a glass coffee table to display his strength when he suddenly sees a little pixelated chicken under the glass plate stare at him. To his surprise it speaks. ‘Help me I am hungry’ it says. 

Ed blinks and tries to shut this figment of imagination out, surely he is imagining things. However it would not go away. “Help me.. please.. I am so hungry”  the chicken says again.
Ed shoos it off .. pretty sure that gas station sandwich was bad or something.  “Shoo” ..he tells the bird  swatting and kicking to make it run away. “There isn’t any food here”. As soon as he said that line the chickens eyes glow red and it stares at Ed with a deep intense stair as drool walks past it’s mouth. “Yes there is” it says maliciously.  As Kevin and Ron drop the chair onto the trailer they hear Ed scream. “Lyn told us he gets really emotional at times, wanna wait out here for a bit?’ Kevin asks to Ron.  “Sure I will just do my Dragon Ball Z Dokkan dalies” Ron says sitting out on a step firing up his mobile. When they also hear Sara scream they decide to scream as well since everybody does it. Believing it was a joke they chuckled. After a few minutes of dailies the pair gets up and sees the window behind them is stained completely red smears dripping downstairs. The two look at each other and decide to bail on their own accord.. Running away in panic.

Meanwhile Denise and Lyn are terrified at the attic. They have heard the screams from the people downstairs. “S-s-should .. we call someone?’  Denise aks to Lyn. ‘Probably they are just pranking us right? You heard Kevin and Ron.. they did not sound that sincere..luckily they can’t act.’ Lyn is often the butt of jokes so carefully she opens the Attic hatch making sure to bring along a heavy object. Denise follows and does the same. As the pair makes their way down suddenly Lyn’s mouth is opened in a soundless scream as she sees Ed.. mostly eaten lying on a glass Coffee table.. on the table also seems to be a bit of pixelated poop! Lyn makes weak sounds as Denise falls to the ground gasping for breath in panic. As a shadowy tiny figure emerges from the kitchen. A pixelated tiny chick is covered in  blood, donned on its face are pieces of the clothes Sara was wearing. A wicked smile only interupted by a loud burp.

“Ah.. good!  It’s been almost thirty years since you last fed me Mamma thanks for the meal”. It then chuckles cruely! “Do you have any idea how much it hurts to be immortal and not eat for 30 years?.. A whole lot of pain I will tell you! It made me REALLY angry!’  Lyn is to stunned to speak and Denise only manages to utter the words “please don’t kill us”.  The shadowy glitch monsters softens up a bit. “Oh You I plan to let walk out of here.. you wanted to feed me.. I will spare you.. and I promise I will punish Mamma but not kill her okay?” . The shadow glitch chicken hops over to them and Denise flinches in terror! The creature warps it voice to sound sweet..but it has a deeply ironic tone to it. Meanwhile Lyn  has gone nearly completely catatonic in . The creature scoffs at her weakness..looking at the bones of her boyfriend and then turns to Denise again. “Hey.. Mamma’s friend.. is that okay?!’ . Denise overwhelmed with survivor instinct, that makes her consider betraying her friend for her own live asks weakly “Will you hurt her?” .  The chicken shakes its head..which is also its body. “No.. she will receive no more pain, she ignored me and left me alone..for years.. I was so lonely! I just want to make that clear to her’ 

Denise tormented by terror but also wanting to keep her friend save still seems to doubt. “If you refuse I will eat you in front of her.. that will hurt her as well.. and I will torture her as well’. As the creature utters these words something inside Denise breaks. She can sense how powerful it must be to overwhelm her friends that quickly.. it’s aura.. she knows she can not fight it. Agreeing with it is the only way she will live. Then Lyn.. regains her composure and brings down the heavy object on the Tamagotchi creature which is flattened. “That’s what I think of your punishment” Lyn says. Then her heavy object gets eaten. “Mamma… don’t you remember you wished I could not die… well you got your wish! I can not die’.  Cluck glares at his mother then  gently presses itself Denise crying face. “Do we have a deal, Your safety and I shall not kill or hurt your friend’? “

Denise nods, whatever may happen she has to safe herself, she could sacrifice herself here.. but what good would it do.. The chickens eyes glow. “Good for this next bit I am going to have to borrow your body for a bit though’ Before Denise can object the chicken glitches into her body.  As she writhes in pain and fights off the presence she notices how easily she gets flung out of the control seat.. now somewhere very deep she is floating. As the creature takes more hold of her she can sense, it will indeed keep her alive. It will also never be the one that kills Lyn.. Denise is happy but tired… the creature forces her sink deeper and deeper within herself. She tried to fight it for a bit… but to no avail. She then let’s herself sink until she almost stops existing. She is still there but hidden deep , deep away..like a childhood toy buried under new memories.

Lyn shakes the spasming Denise on the floor. Seemingly not having heard what the chicken told to her friend. It just disappeared after it whispered something to her friend.  Denise Denise.. are you alright?!  When her friend finally wakes up she nods confused and stands up. “I am I think..” Lyn sighs in relief just to be whacked on the head by the heavy candlestick Denise was holding. When she wakes up she sees Denise. But from far away.. Denise looks huge and looking down at her, staring at her through a screen.. but her eyes are much more cruel and her lips twisted in a cruel smirk. She sees she is in Lyn’s  actual house. How long was she out. It feels as if Lyn is trapped in a box.  She taps the glass plate and looks up the ceiling. It seems the room she is trapped in is like an egg shape! Could it be, she was trapped inside the tamagotchi?! Denise then smiles to the Lyn that now appears on the other side as an LCD pixel animation. Denise holds the screen so Lyn from the other side can see her little Niece.  “Look at this” tells Denise the niece’.. doesn’t that look like your auntie Lyn? I bet she will be here to play with you and this toy very soon she told me I should give it to you.”.. ‘I hope she’ll be here soon though.. otherwise we might have to eat lunch without her.’

Cluck Norris in the body of Denise winks to the screen as Lyn bonks the screen in terror of harm befalling to her niece. “Let me out she yells”.  On the other side of her screen her niece chuckles only hearing some bleeps and bloops. ‘I really wished it was a puppy on this toy’  she says to Denise. ‘Well I am not sure this game can make a dog.. but it has a pretty cute chicken’ The possessed woman pets the child lovingly and smiles to her.  “Oh how do we get that” Lyn’s niece asks excited. The woman chuckles as Lyn’s heart and breath almost seems to freeze. “Well you can reset this one by pressing those two buttons on the side at the same time” In a last attempt to get out Lyn charges at the screen in all her might she bounces of the screen and walls back. As her niece without a doubt hits the two buttons Lyn can feel consciousness being ripped away as it disappears into a void…everything goes white.  On the screen is an egg. Denise beckons the girl to the kitchen. ‘That will hatch in a little bit.. first it’s lunch time though.. I’m starving.”