My dream: A trip to Pokémon Café Tokyo

Some people dream about making a trip around the world, others wish to see the seven wonders of the world, other want to see all the art of the great masters. I dream of going to Japan one day, Tokyo most likely. I want to dine or lunch at the Pokémon Café and shop my Mudbray (Arse Pokémon)  off in the pokémon center. Unfortunately since my health prevents me from proper employment in most branches, it may be just a dream. It is a nice dream to talk about though.

Mew’s Fluffy Marshmallow Drink

While doing my research for this post I literally upset my own heart. I made it flutter so hard by cuteness overload I had to take a minute to calm myself. I am THAT excited for these kind of things. I imagine this must be how a normal girl feels when she looks at Chris Hemsworth. I feel like I am looking at a Magikarp using splash! Nothing Happens. Some people can stare at the Mona Lisa for hours and question the emotion on her face her feelings .. the brushwork blahblahblah. I look at things like that and be like… saw it in that movie.. nice that I saw the real one.. but it looks the same to me. Nice story to tell , moving on. This process takes me about thirty seconds to a minute. Sure it’s impressive but so is the floor in the Louvre. So is the cleanliness in Disneyland, you don’t see us fawning over that. I do not get excited because ‘I need to be’. When Robert Downey Junior is close to me, I’ll get just as scared as normal humans do. I’d might not even take a picture with him.. it’s just a person. It’s cool if you take a photo with him because people know him!’ Well I took a picture of me with a coca cola bottle in the background that’s more famous than Robert Downey Junior.. and that wasn’t impressive. I like what I like and I don’t have to go crazy over the common thought.

However I was looking through the official website of the pokémon café for this website and I moaned and squeed and went Oh YES, loudly. My tiny neighbour must have believed I had the best carnal encounter in years. Truth of the matter is I saw that the Pokémon Café serves a Mew’s Fluffy Marshmallow Drink. It looks like the most amazing drink in the world and it’s really basic. Just a 10 dollar cranberry yoghurt drink with strawberry flavor and lots of marshmallows with a cute mew straw. Yet somehow..the entire picture together.. tied to my favorite franchise, this drink is THE thing I  desire to have tasted most in my life right now. I have eaten in fancy restaurants have drank $400 dollar a bottle whiskeys and fancy red wines of my birth year and still this is the thing I want to taste most. Even if it can’t hold a candle towards others in quality or taste and not even in complexity. Yet this to a fan like me might be the ultimate food experience. It gets even better, I know that if I ever eat at the pokémon café it will for me be my best food experience ever and one I will never forget. Will I ever make it there? I am not sure, but does it even really matter? I already feel all fluffy inside knowing this exists and having a fantasy about a yoghurt drink just makes me incredibly happy for some reason.

Screaming at a cheesecake

  Just looking at one item on the menu made me all spinny and happy in my head and the goodness  absolutely doesn’t stop there. Having alternating menu’s what you find is always a surprise. An omelet shaped like a pikachu’s butt while he is trying to hide from something is a dish for example. A curry with pikachu shaped bread is a hearty meal for everyone to enjoy… and enjoy! There are other great drinks like the gengar grape smoothie and the legendary bird shakes. If you buy a drink you get a coaster to keep for free! And that’s done with a mini game! The server approaches you with a tablet which lets you randomly pick,  from what I assume would be the starter pokémon or the original 150 you get a coaster for you! To keep! Yay! That makes the Mew Marshmallow Drink a bit more affordable by comparison. The plates you can not keep, which is a shame because those look adorable as well. Squeee! No matter if it’s a poké paw, a pikachu head or an eevee head or even a snorlax shaped rice bowl.. it all needs to go into my kitchen someday. The Eevee hamburger needs to go into my belly as well.. gotta eat em all! The food is that adorable.

At the moment of writing they are serving cute halloween plates of Zorua Pikachu and a Meowth pumpkin pie for example. I outgrew smilies on my pancakes but this I will never outgrow. The real kicker is when you see they have a Jigglypuff Cheese cake! It’s decorated with some chocolate music notes and strawberry or raspberry jelly decorations as well. Now this alone would be enough to kill me, but during my intensive research to my dream I have found out other qualities about it as well.  People seem to love this dessert as it tastes great.. but they did something with the texture as well… get this .. they made jigglypuff .. a little jiggly! By now I am screaming at the Jigglypuff cake on my screen! I choose you! While my human eyes actually begin to transform into desirefull anime eyes…which hurts by the way,  so I am screaming at the little jiggly cheesecake. The burgers from what I hear are nothing special but I would not order a burger in Japan anyway! I want the curry and maybe an omelet as a starter. Of course I would also have to eat one of the seasonal specials so I guess when I actually get there I will be screaming at the Jigglypuff Cheesecake as well! I ate too much!!I will eat you to! Gotta eat you al! People will think I am insane, though I genuinely expect the restaurant to be full of people like me. We all scream at the Kawai Cheesecake and nearly die of happiness. 

Max Happiness

My heaven is located in Nihonbashi near Tokyo Station, on the 5th floor of the Takashimaya department store.  I do believe the pokémon center is right next to it so all I need is a little apparantment adjacent to them and the ability to the plushies and food I want and I would work there for free for the rest of my life.  Arceus knows how I will do my laundry or pay my doctor bills but I would be in bliss. I could start my days with a Ditto fruit salad.. which has a bit of blueberry yoghurt next to it decorated with a ditto eyes and smile. I am crying with happiness just thinking about eating it every day!  A nice omelet for lunch and some adorable sweets to go! Because yes! They also sell candies and little sweet buns that are perfect on the go. Reservations are mandatory in the restaurant but of course I would just book a life-time in advance , and I can do that cause you can reserve a spot there using english!  So aside from money I got my plan laid out! I do play the lottery and I totally deserve this so we know it is just a matter of time until I am a winner and migrate to the café.

I’d settle for a once in a lifetime visit though if I only win a little money! Maybe one day the pokémon company will discover how much I love the franchise and allow me to work for them! And pay me enough to make the trip! Bliss! Now the biggest issue about a one time visit is , would be the limitations of my suitcase. I would definitely have to pay extra to ship all the stuff I want to bring along back. In the café I can buy mugs, plates and plushies! By now I am in love with a marshmallow drink, screaming of at a cheesecake, crying of joy by thinking of eating Ditto Yoghurt everyday… I might just begin spewing rainbows in a bit.

A Million Starmie

I realise I am wearing rose coloured goggles. The food only gets 3,5 stars out of 5 on Trip Advisor and one guy left a negative comment about it on a website called Japan Experience.. saying he wasted his money  and it was the worst food he ate in Japan. Well I hope he chokes on a Mcdonald’s hamburger! I very well realise that what this place serves is Mall-Food.. for Mall prices. Yet many foodies describe the same phenomenon when someone eats their mothers home cooking.  It may not taste that great to those who do not share your sentiment.. but to you , your mother’s cooking is quite possibly the best in the world. My mother’s thai green curry I prefer over any restaurant who probably does it better. Food can be an experience, food can be emotion, you do not eat with just your mouth but your brain as well. While your taste buds and nose may not taste something that is particularly tasty.. the brain can ‘season’  a dish because its ‘your favorite’ or mamma cooked it.. or because it looks like a friggin adorable… *intense yelling* jiggly jigglypuff!Coca Cola in a can tastes nicer in it’s can because we know it’s coca cola than it tastes inside a glass. Unless it’s an official glass .. which Mcdonalds and the other evil burger flippers hand out like candy.  If you put housebrand cola in a coca cola glass it also tastes nicer. We might taste food with our mouth and nose, we truly experience it with our brain. 

Inside a café that displays a lot of pokémon, has lights and plants shaped like pokéballs and background music from pokémon, I know I could even eat one of the annoying kids running around there and it would still taste great. I could even just eat their shoes and still be hungry for more. This is one of the most ‘pokemon’ experience known to man. I will have a good time there even if I get shot inside the place. This is what makes it a dream to me, I might even go there if I knew I would die afterwards. It is something I want to experience that much.  Should I ever be able to get myself there, I will probably book two days to visit it.. because the first day I might be dazed. This is my Disneyland .. maybe even my heaven. Words fail to describe how deep it touches me. It might be a glorified fastfood place .. but the heart wants what it wants.  This is not a review of the restaurant and should I go there the result will be I love it , regardless if I had a tasty meal.  On yelp I would give it a million Starmie, and another million Staryu as well.. you need to do that stuff anyway in pokémon lets go so here have them! Two Million stars! This dream I would not accept critique about, if I want to waste my hypothetical money on this I should Charity or sanity be damned this is my dream and everyone should be allowed to spend money on their true dream. So yes my carbon footprint would improve and yes there are healthier foods etc. But no people do not need the money more! I need it for my dream and nothing is more important to someone than be able to live their dream. Not even being a good person. So think bad of me all you like for having such a silly dream. Keep the hate to yourself though as I just want to sip my Mew’s Fluffy Marshmallow Drink while I dry my tears of joy  and scream at my cheesecake!

Question to my readers:

What is your ‘petty/selfish’ dream (No ‘that everyone is happy’ dreams here)

A less than informative post for you this time but hey, you at least learned a little bit more about me again. Also a lesson, never let the general opinion stand in the way of your own happiness. You never know if you do it right for someone else.. and you will always know if you do right by yourself. So make sure you are happy! It’s okay to have ‘petty’  dreams!
That of course doesn’t mean you should not support anyone.. but find a balance that works for you! We all matter, you matter, I matter! Be happy, have a dream!

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Poké Wars: Blue Hope (Part 3)

Hey little monsters, it is time once again to move to a galaxy far far away. It is time for the third official installment of Poké Wars: Generation IV Blue Hope. In Part 2  which you can read here, Rioluke met up with Rotom W and 3 people by purchasing them from the Patrat sandcrawler with his uncle Unowen. Soon it turned out that Rotom Wash did not want to abandon it’s former mission and and took off in the night. The Riolu and the magneton chased him only to be attacked by sandshrew people. At the last moment the threesome was rescued by a man named Obi the Alakazam, formerly known as Obi the Kadabra. When it was revealed that Rotom W had plans for a secret weapon they had to deliver to a contact on Galaraan, Rioluke realised Overlord Metwo would send his forces to retrieve those plans. He rushed home only to find it in ruins! Check the end of this post for links to the other parts.

Chapter 7: It’s on Galaraan

Princess Rita sat in her cell for Arceus knows how long when two cloned pokémon came to get her. It was a Zubat and a Bulbasaur, the last one roped her with his vine whip. It hurt her quite a lot, she had endured a lot of torture to loosen her tongue and her body was quite frail and cut still.  There was this weird Pokémon that tortured her shaped like a lamp, it burned her with its ghostly fires while trying to look at her soul. It was quite horrible. She knew that if she that thing was praying on her soul and looking straight into it. She nearly told what she knew, she had to come up with a plan because surely she could not fool Dark Blader in this state. Rumors said he could read her aura with his dark powers. He would be able to spot deceit in her aura. She would have to pick something credible, something that would hurt her to mention. As a plan began to form in her head as a little of her soul died… at least Lampent would not get it now.

Princess Rita was led to a observatory in a huge space station. Helmed by some Drowzee as well as some cloned Toucannons who appeared to be the space stations gunners all gazed at her with a look of horror  in their eyes, like they had a good idea on what would come next. Smogon Tar Chin took the lead and broke the silence. ‘We will not ask again , where is the rebel gym!’ His tone was vicious and disrespectful clearly not respecting her status as royalty. It was his tone that gave Rita some resolve. She would not be talked to this way by the likes of him. ‘Aah  Smogon Tar Chin, I thought I smelled a poorly written reference from my cell but now that i am standing here I am still disappointed’ The Smogon set pokémon looked angry for a moment but then bit off with a smirk. ‘I would not have guessed you have a sassy nature “princess” you’d do well to be as talkative when the dark lord is asking you questions, you can’t keep pretending you have a quiet nature for long’ The Bisharp standing next to him looking menacing lifted his hands as the hypno clenched his throat.  ‘You should not put ideas of being quiet into the princess head, if I have to spend more power points to make her talk I will make sure you’ll both regret it’. As Dark Blader turned his head to Rita , she suddenly felt as if her mind was being probed, an unseen assailant noticing her superficial thoughts. ‘Indeed princess Rita this is not going to end well for you anyway’

Princess Rita was running out of time, she had too make up her mind. She knew her plan would cost millions of life, would she have the strength to push through with it? She would have to sacrifice millions so that billions could live. Would she be able to say the words? She had no room to give this any more thought for he would pick up on her conflict. She HAD to buy time, she could not let hope be snuffed out. She thought about her adoptive mother and father and about all those pokémon out there in the galaxy she never met.  Being on board of a weapon that allegedly was able to capture planets she knew very well what would happen next. Her pain would hopefully be enough to deceive Dark Blader. She took one deep breath and then uttered the words. ‘It’s on Galaraan, the rebel gym is on Galaraan’
Dark Blader looked at her menacingly, would it have been enough. ‘Set course for Galaraan’ he ushered. Rita shed a single tear not show her weakness to these two. She had just sacrificed her homeworld for but a glimmer of hope.

Chapter 8: Not the mons

Rioluke stood in distraught seeing his home ransacked, destroyed. His aunt and uncle gone. Surely they must have been send to Bill. He wept for their loss. Alakazam padded his shoulders and told him. ‘Rioluke, you are the son of a Pokéknight , you have to fight this pain, pain leads to suffering and suffering leads to the dark side of the aura. Rioluke was intrigued despite his grief ‘You are saying I could be a Poké Knight?’ Alakazam shook his head. ‘I am saying you may HAVE to become a Poké Knight in order for us to save the galaxy! Going against the overlord will be very hard otherwise.’ Anger still lingered in Rioluke but he could for some reason sense wisdom and truth in the words of the old man. He knew  somehow that their journey would become a long one, for a moment Rioluke sensed it’s destiny. ‘How do we get of this rock though? I don’t have money for a spaceship, even if I can fly one’ Rioluke said in his squeaky voice. The Alakazam could not help but chuckle ‘Of course you would, your father was a great pilot as well, we will go to Phenac City and find someone who can move us past the overlord’s blockades. There should be plenty of smugglers. Rioluke nodded, he stared at his home for one last time before mounting his landspeeder along with his three companions as they raced towards Phenac City together.

After little over an half hour speeder ride they began noticing a growing presence of clone pokémon.  Luke could have sworn he saw a cloned squirtle riding on a huge Salazzle, which is a big lizard but Alakazam swore there was nothing there. Rotom just bleeped at the discussion. 3-people translated this as. ‘Rotom W says  that there have been several incidents of this occurring across the galaxy. People of younger generations seem to perceive the galaxy somewhat differently at times, often more lively and special, while the older generations see the galaxy more barren but often more vicious and raw. Yet he absolutely assures you that those people young people see in the background will never really interact  much with the world.’ Alakazam and Rioluke still bickered for a bit who was seeing the world right but eventually they were approached by two cloned pokémon. Citizens two of your passengers seem to meet a general description of non organics wanted by Overlord Mewtwo, prepare to be searched. Alakazam smiled at them and showed him a spoon, waving it across the man’s face. ‘I would hate to waste your time officer, these are not the pokémon you are looking for’. The cloned pokemon shook his head confused for a bit. ‘That’s right, these are not the pokémon we are looking for! Move along citizens, glory to the overlord.’  The pale squirtle tapped the vehicle signalling Rioluke could drive into town. Which he did staring at Alakazam in awe. ‘How did you do that?’ 

Rioluke moved to town seeing all shorts of shady Pokémon. While plenty of law patrolled outside the town, as little seemed to dwell within. The most odd pokémon staring at him and his landspeeder.  At least selling the vehicle off would not be very difficult, this should be able to pay for a flight from one of these shady folks. A shady penguin pokémon seemed very interested in particular. Alakazam noticed as well and told Rioluke.  You just go inside that cantina and I shall sell the landspeeder, it might be best if you don’t .. know what they will pay for it’. Rioluke nodded, he would most likely not like the price his beloved landspeeder would be sold off for. Alakazam might squeeze out a few poké more with that mind stuff off his anyway. The non organics were tasked with making sure no one should steal the speeder, they could zap their attackers into paralysis.  Rioluke walked into the cantina alone, where a catchy tune was playing being played by a group of elgyem.

Chapter 9: Who shot first?

The cantina was even seedier on the inside then the outside. As soon as Rioluke walked inside he was immediately the   subject of some scrutinous looks. The little fighting pokémon was looking for someone looking like a pilot when he accidentally bumped into a Walrein.. a big Walrus Pokémon that seemed  to be accompanied by a Pignite. The Walrein began barking at our hero in a language he did not understand. ‘I-I am sorry for bumping into you mister but I do not understand what you are saying’ The pig pokemon looked at him and snickered. ‘He says he doesn’t like you’. This made Rioluke quite sad, he just wanted to make new friends, he was still a baby pokemon after all who had no one in this world. And now this Walrein did not like him already.  The pig saw him looking sad and let out a greasy sounding snicker again. ‘Hehehehe and I don’t like you either’ Rioluke began to cry a bit by the bullying. ‘I.. I am sorry.. you don’t like me’. Rioluke turned to the bar and ordered some Blue Blue Milk when the pig grabbed him. ‘I got a death sentence on twelve systems so be warned’ he said threateningly. ‘I .. I will be carefull, sorry you don’t like me mister’ the fox like kid says now fighting his tears more and more’. The pig motioned to the walrus to move in closer when that one was being struck by a large blue beam. Solid about one an armlength in size, eerily humming. The walrus began to colour red and was promptly send to the pc. ‘You killed my friend’ the pig yelled in panic. ‘Well you were threatening to kill my associate and all our weapons kill on first hit.. otherwise I would have just sliced a fin off.’ 

Meanwhile at a table in the back the pair was being watched by a hoodlum scarfty and his ursaring pal. While distracted by the death of the Walrein though  they did not notice a little bug pokémon crawling onto a chair at their table when it readied it’s blaster under the table it coughed. It was a little orange yellow bug worm with a cute pink nose  and a horn on its head. It was the most infamous weedle in entire Phenac city. In a very nasal tone it began to address the scrafty. ‘Shaun Yolo, how nice we finally see face to face once more.. Halva really wants his money now’ The scrafty sat back in the couch he was sitting on putting his feet on the table. ‘Ah Weedo, they let anybody in these days’ the hoodlum would say while pointing at the weedle but also pointing out Rioluke with his eyes. ‘Halva has put a bounty on you Shaun, and I think I will collect after all that stunt you pulled on me on Unovellia cost me a lot of money.’ The weedle  moved his capture gun under the table unlocking it with a click.’ The bear pokémon next to Shaun roared. ‘Easy Bakka, it’s not like i’m in danger or anything’ the scrafty said while crossing his feed on the table and putting his hands in his neck. Weedo laughed ‘I would not be so sure about th…’  before he finish the sentence he was shot by a capture blast coming from a blaster Scrafty had hidden behind the couch. The little weedle faded away in red light while his blaster fell on the floor. Shaun did not really notice it anymore his mind was working overtime. “Darn it if Halva the Zygarde has put a bounty on me I have to get out of here. Yet my ship  is locked away by those clone pokémon. Then he looked closer to the old man who just extinguished his capture saber after slaying the Walrein. Then he looked at the sniffling riolu and smirked. These suckers might be his way out. He beckoned over the Rioluke ‘Hey Kid, you look lost , how about we have a little chat’. Rioluke looked at Alakazam as he looked a bit worried. No twisting realities for each generation this time. ‘Should we even meet with him’ the young man asked Obi ‘ he clearly shot first!’

Question to my readers:

What is your favorite Star Wars species/race ?

So we conclude yet another chapter of this story! In the next part we will see daring escapes, dogfights, epic captures  and celestial body confusion! Make sure to follow my blog to not miss an exciting new episode of Poké Wars: Blue hope!

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Trainer Profile: DIO

Hello again little Watsons , last week’s profile of the villain Perfect Cell did well amongst you all and it was a very amusing write up for me as well.  Since we are detectives of course , the pursuit of making profiles for dangerous enemies seems like a noble practice so we will do so again today. This week we look at a man who is a time bending, manipulative mastermind. You might have thought it was You might have thought it was Thanos .. but it was DIO!

Trainer Type: Evil Team Boss

Mister Brando is a man who would fit many archetypes for trainers.  He would definitely be able to become a Champion, he has some qualities of a gentleman and most definitely would also fit the role of an Ace Trainer as the man turned vampire can be quite an elitist son of a jynx. However his modus operandi is very unlike most of the trainers n the pokémon-world accept for Evil Team Boss. When Dio has a problem he sends his underlings to deal with it rather than deal with things himself. He doesn’t play as much of an active role as a champion would, he isn’t as interested in a fair competition. He wants his ultimate goal of achieving heaven (a goal only revealed in stone ocean/ part 6). A world in which he can clear any uncertainty. Rule over people by giving them peace of mind. Of course translated into pokémon he and his team that we shall call team Divination (because of his desire to get the perfect godlike form, as well as a reference to the tarot card stands of his followers and himself), try to eliminate pokémon battles as their outcome would be unpredictable and will allow people to grow stronger to eventually match an topple Dio. paranoid as he is. 

Throughout the entirety of Stardust Crusaders, and later looked back on in Stone Ocean, Dio is a manipulator who makes people do things for him rather than to them himself.  He has minions which we can divide into grunts, like how Kakyoin and Polnareff and Hol Horse used to be or executives. Like Pucci and Enyaba and to a lesser extend the egyptian gods stand users near the end of Stardust.  Dio would rule over Team Divination much like somewhat of a Hybrid between Giovanni from Gen I and Cyrus from Gen IV. Having the well mannered and respectful behaviour Giovanni shows to the likes of Archer but having the disrespect for lesser life, much like how Cyrus disrespects life. 

Preferred type: Dark Type

While Dio keeps a very diverse team of underlings his own combat style is pretty direct. Crafted plans are for his minions while when he fights he usually relies on sheer force.  Of course if you are reading this you are very likely to know all about his Muda-Muda-Muda which definitely would be of the fighting type I opted to choose the Dark Type for the best hit for him instead. Dark types easily  fall into the mostly physical category as wel, thusly reflect Dio as well. What makes this type resemble him more than the fighting type is the dark types usually go for the cheap shots. They throw Sucker Punches, Feints , they  throw taunts or items using the movie Fling. Throughout his fights we see Dio using his Stand to land cheap shots on his enemies.

Flinging knives at his opponent with frozen time. Dio taunts his opponents but is not above flattery to manipulate people either. By now of course you must surely understand that Flatter is yet again a dark type move. Foul Play is yet another  move of the type that seems to be made for Dio. Throwing a steamroller on an enemy while engaged in fisticuffs seems like pretty foul play to me. Being a vampire Dio has a pretty nasty bite as well, and with the type being called Evil-Type in japanese, it seems quite useless to argue with this typing.

The Team

Signature Pokemon: Zoroark (Dark Type)

Zoroark is the perfect signature pokémon  for Dio. No it doesn’t resemble it’s stand, we will deal with that one in a bit! Dio nowadays isn’t really best known for his Muda Muda or not even for it’s Za Warudo. Dio is best known for his meme! You thought we would talk about Za Warudo but is I Dio!. You know those kind of shenanigans.  Whenever we think of Dio.. we think of that. Now it happens to be there is a perfect pokémon for this and it is Zoroark. Being a dark type he already is right up Dio’s alley but this is a very special pokémon! Zoroark in the game possess the ability illusion. This makes Zoroark look like another pokémon in your team. Say for example you run a team with Croagunk.. a psychic and poison type, which is 4 times weak to psychic moves and a Zoroark, as long as you lead (being the first pokémon send out)  with Zoroark your opponent will see you sending out Croagunk. He will surely try to use a psychic move to hit you but finds out your pokémon is immune, thusly he loses as turn. Only after Zoroark has been hit once will the illusion break.

‘You thought it was Croagunk but it was ME ZOROARK!’ It’s an incredibly useful battle strategy in the pokémon games. Zoroark will always take on the appearance of the last Pokémon in your team unless that pokémon is fainted or a Zoroark. It will copy nickname, gender, and even shininess to make the surprise complete. It plays dirty by forcing the opponent into a suboptimal play by underestimating it’s speed or attacks. It is one of the best designed and most beloved dark types as well, directly mimicking Dio’s natural born Charisma, Zoroark has that too. While Dio’s Warcry is Wryyyyyyyyy Zoroark’s one is actualy Yrrrwwwwwwwwww which is the same thing but backwards!

Physical Sweeper: Machamp (Fighting Type)

Of course when it  comes to physical attacks there is no other choice than Machamp. Arguably, Hitmonchan is more of a punchy pokémon but the many arms of the final Machop evolution sells this quality a bit more. Being overly muscular like any Jojo character, it was between this Pokémon and Buzzwolle and I need the Legendary Pokémon to be something else so it had to be Machamp, even though Buzzwole poses a bit more. Machamp’s pokédex entries state some very interesting things however.

In pokémon gold for example his entry states “It quickly swings its four arms to rock its opponents with ceaseless punches and chops from all angles’. That is close enough to a Muda Muda Muda level of attack. Yet this gets better in Pokémon FireRed entry “Its four ruggedly developed arms can launch a flurry of 1,000 punches in just two seconds”. Pretty sure that Za Warudo is capable of similar features. Finally in Pokémon moon his pokédex entry say he can easily lift dump trucks , and while some entries even stay he can move mountains the feat described in Moon make it at least plausible he can lift up a steamroller.  Of course Dio’s Machamp would have to be equipped with fightinium-z, the z crystal needed to use the move all out pummeling in the pokémon games but Dio has shown time and time again that he doesn’t really mind some bling. 

Physical Wall: Yamask/Cofagrigus (Ghost Type)

Now rarely do I come across a case where an entire evolution line fits the subject in question but in the form of Dio’s physical wall we got one. While his Part III counterpart would have the Cofagrigus the Dio from Phantom Blood would still carry a Yamask.  Yamask is a ghost pokémon who carries a stone.. mask with him.. which has the face of the human it once was. Dio’s journey into villany truly began when he first put on the Stone Mask from that series. A mask of the dead that turned him into the vampire. Yamask is a basic ghost pokémon has a fairly high physical defence modifier. Even in the first series we see Dio as someone who is quite durable. Yet as a villain he also still has a long way to go and a lot of growth to experience. Only in the arrival of part three we see him fully grown into the megalomaniac we all know and love and it all starts with the find out the black coffin. Which happens to be the shape that cofagrigus likes to take. Well Sacrophagus..but hey Dio was in Egypt.

While extremely slow, this is reminiscent of Dio’s role in the show. We know he is there, but he doesn’t really do anything of sorts until the last half of the second season. The sarcophagus pokémon is also known for its ability Mummy, while the ability doesn’t do much itself it bestows it on others. Much like a trend that Dio started when he began transferring his abilities using the golden arrows.  Everything that survived the encounter gets bestowed with the ability as well as it spreads. Somewhat alike how to stands spread and now Dio works once more. Cofagrigus is also a well known Trick Room user.. a move which is said to distort time. Finally since it is a ghost type it can even be seen as an undead, because ghost types in the pokemon can still reproduce and hatch from eggs and all. So an undead mask and sarcophagus pokemon , that can also bend the laws of time, has a lot of punchy arms and knows how to bestow his ability on others. Yes this sure is a fit.

Special Sweeper: Houndoom (Dark-Fire Type)

Dio has the tendency to use his underlings kind of like dogs. Through a natural charisma they become very loyal to him and willing servants. The devotion Enrico Pucci has for him, but also that of his followers in Stardust Crusaders is akin to that of a loyal dog. So it would make sense to give Dio a loyal dog to symbolise this. Houndoom makes a lot of sense for this. While there are plenty of other dog pokémon they all tend to be physical sweepers or walls and Dio has this covered himself. He uses his henchmen to fill his own gaps. He is aware of what he can and can not do and gathers followers to compensate. He can not go out in the light so sending a henchman that is strong in the sunlight is definitely something that would work for him , it represents his minions quite well and it has a mega-evolution as well. Symbolising how Dio is able to push his followers past their limit by forcing a bond and giving them a cause and Zeal allowing them to become stronger than ever before.

Houndoom choose their leader themselves which is a staple of how Dio chooses his minions. They are never forced they all serve him willingly. While this is mostly based on the vast difference in their strength, this is similar to how Houndoom and Houndour choose to serve. Houndoom is a hellhound, a dog who has toxic fire burning within him. There is something about Dio and a dog on fire, that seems quite fitting as well. But for the love of Arceus I can’t seem to recall that one scene of episode 1 of phantom blood.  

Special Wall: Umbreon (Dark Type)

Another Dark Type, Umbreon like Dio plays the long con. It plays the role of a toxic staller.  It tries to stay safe while withering it’s opponents away slowly, using moves like wish to keep it’s health up while using moves like toxic to bring their opponents health down. The way vampires work in the world of Jojo is that they are everlasting because of their determination and  will power.. which basically replaces their life essence. While this does not fully pan out with Kars for example, one can argue that since he became a vampire god he is lifted from said burden. So in a way a vampire keeps its health up by wishing for it.. with zeal.

Umbreon of course is also the moonlight pokemon, the eeveelution you can evolve by leveling it up in the dark/ at night. As a vampire of course this is Dio’s route as well. He would only be able to level up his eevee and night and the way Dio treats people is with friendship. These friendships might be fake to an extend in his eyes as these people or his pokemon would be tools but they all seem to definitely consider him as a friend. Dio in fact is quite friendly with his inner circle. Talking about philosophy and deeper thoughts with them. There is a form of trust and sharing. So I think he would definitely be able to bond with Eevee enough to form an Umbreon. He would also know how to play the pokémon properly  to realise its maximum potential. Umbreon is often played quite offensively, but a good set doesn’t really have an offensive move. Dio has the patience to blossom this oddball of an eeveelution into the weapon it can be causing despair in his opponents.

Legendary: Dialga (Dragon-Steel type)

Dialga is here for obvious reasons. There are few pokémon that can alter time but Dialga one. Aside from Celebi , which is a little grass fairy it in fact is the only one.  Now Dio can use women , men and children alike .. but a little grass pixie and him would not get along. Dialga can speed up, slow down and even stop time. Definitely the best alternative out there to Za Warudo (the world). Alongside Palkia and Giratina or sometimes Arceus in the latters stead it is part of the creation trio. Dio’s goal was basically to create HEAVEN .. or the ideal world where everyone has peace of mind with him as it’s ruler it makes sense he takes on a pokémon of the creation four as they are more aptly named. Even from a design perspective ,the way Dialga and Palkia are shaped are fairly close to the way stands are designed. While stands are rarely quadrupeds the mix of metal and flesh as well as the crowns and other design elements seem to fit the style quite well. Dialga also exists in a realm outside ours allowing to fade in again much like Dio’s main offence. An ability the pokémon doesn’t really have in the games but it’s canonical so Dio would most likely be able to draw it out.

Dio throughout his existence in Stardust Crusaders is unable to use his full power. Not unless he feasts on the blood of a living Joestar. He locked away his true potential when he fused his head with the body of Jonathan Joestar which held him back until he drank the blood of Joseph Joestar. This partially inspired the plans to deal with the bloodline in Part 3, his fate was connected to the Joestars until that point. He achieved a new form when serving those bonds..sort of .. he looked different at least. Dialga has a Primal form, which it can reach by being severed from its ability to control  Both Dialga and Dio reach new forms when they break free of their destiny, not really great on their sanity. But I am sure that if they work together they can rule THE WORLD!.

Question to my readers:

Which character would you like me to cover next?

With a stand or with Pokémon, Dio will always be a terrifying foe to face in battle. Cunning, intelligent and oh so charming. Do not cross this villian unless you are very well prepared.
To fight Dio bring a lot of fighting types and make sure your they know some dark moves as well, maybe a Zen Headbutt as well and you might be able to win. Some Pokémon may die though. Dio has ended a friendship or two.

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!

The New Pokémon Series

Recently we got new about the newest Pokémon series announced. Unfortunately we will not see Marnie as a protagonist or even one of the Galar people as companions yet the series will revolve around an interesting concept which could save it.

Ash is Back

Let’s first address the elephant in the room, the series opted for the safe route and decided to let Ash and Pikachu make their return. Something I expected but really rooted against. It remains unclear if we get a rebooted Ash or a continuation who once more left his pokémon behind.  In the teaser that was revealed we hear him yelling he wants to be a pokémon master, which he kind of became already so softly I hope to see a rebooted version. The concept of the series however seems to make this unlikely. It seems more to become more akin to a legacy season.  However looking at his design Ash looks younger once again. His eyes have become a lot brighter and bigger, his hair spikes upwards rather than horizontal, giving him a more playful and energetic look. He wears a vest that closely resembles his vest in season one, similar as how the title changed back to pokémon, without a subtitle.  Similar to when he first began. The white sleeves of the vest are gone though.. instead it is sleeveless and he wears a white shirt underneath.. to produce a similar look still. His shoes also look look like an updated version of Gen I Ash. For some reason though they chose to replace his jeans with shorts. Which this reporter doesn’t find that fashionable.  It makes him look like a Youngster. It’s weird because his buddy walks around in skinny jeans. His Rotom Dex will become more smartphone like.

Let’s Go

This time Ash will be accompanied by an androgynous boy named Go. Dark skinned, blue eyes with some bobby pins in his hair and somewhat feminine eyes he appears to be a fully original character. Whose design I find very agreeable. Having a cool demeanour around him he comes across as a confident young trainer of his own. Not something like the throwaway followers like Max or Bonnie and more passionate than Gym Leaders like Cillian or Clemmont. In fact by the looks of it it almost seems as if the series will focus slightly more on Go.

This time Ash will be accompanied by an androgynous boy named Go. Dark skinned, blue eyes with some bobby pins in his hair and somewhat feminine eyes he appears to be a fully original character. Whose design I find very agreeable. Having a cool demeanour around him he comes across as a confident young trainer of his own. Not something like the throwaway followers like Max or Bonnie and more passionate than Gym Leaders like Cillian or Clemmont.

In fact by the looks of it it almost seems as if the series will focus slightly more on Go. The teaser makes it look like it will be a two protagonist series, yet Go’s goal seems to be very central in the story. When he was a young boy Go met Mew and he wishes to find him again. Featured both on the poster and it being an adorable sound bite at the end of the short teaser, this search seems to be an extremely relevant aspect of the plot. More so than Ash potential gym challenge. Yes I am saying potential gym challenge because it may not even be about it at all.  Could this be a series in which we pass the torch? Moving from Ash to Go? It would be very interesting and a very open ended way to handle Ash departure. Pleasing both his supporters as those who wish to see him retire. In the japanese version he will be voiced by Daiki Yamashita who is best know , at least recently, for his voice portayel of Deku from My Hero Academia The only thing I do not like about Go so far is giving him a Scorbunny as his partner pokémon. Making it seem like the best pick! Cleary that honour should go to Sobble!

Traveling across the lands

What makes this series potentially interesting is the concept. On the reveal poster we saw a globe featuring all the regions and they will all be visited in this anime. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn , Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos , Alola AND Galar. A trip across the world to find Mew. This is where a non rebooted Ash comes in. It would be a lot more rewarding to see everyone Ash has interacted with in those regions to react to his championship title  and to reminisce , it would validate Ash alongside Go for this story. It would be nice to see May again, if we found out that Max has tragically died (I really hated him in the anime) it would even be nice to see Ash and Serena catch up that way.

Yet it would also make sense to let the rebooted Ash travel alongside Go.. picking up after Ash first saw Ho-Oh they could travel together to find the legendaries who influenced their lives so much. The concept has potential but makes it hard to be focussed around a gym challenge. Without a rebooted Ash this makes perfect sense though!  He already is a champion so he would pursue other goals, with two protagonists it would also prevent us from having to look at a double gym battles should Go be into similar endeavours. It would make for an interesting show if we deal with other teams rather than getting stronger and stronger but instead focus on the more mysterious side of the pokémon world. Questing for other goals than a simple competition can lift the series much more into a exciting serial anime with less of the ‘filler’ content the other shows had. There definitely is potential in this one but a lot of dangers too. 

A birthday gift

The new series will begin airing on the seventeenth of November. The day of my birthday.  Now this series could be a lovely gift or something I trade in immediately it remains to be seen. I am getting a Sylveon rug for my birthday as well and I will gift myself the Pokémon Sword game of course, so it has a lot of great gifts to compete with.  Sun and Moon got a lot of flack for its art style..but the fluidity it brought to animations was actually great, with the developments in style it looks a bit more crisp as well. While the main character might not appeal to me all that much anymore this would be the way to make him more appealing.

If the other regions however turn out to be filler in between Galar gym badges this show will be dropped faster than a bungee jumping Snorlax.  Since I am a little social bug I might be quite busy around that day but reviews will be coming and they will be honest! The transition from Kalos to Alola was to much of a drop-off for me to fully follow the series.  Yet this time we don’t see a badass Ash reverting back into a kid. This might be something I can get behind. Keep following me up until december at least to find out if this show is any good.

Question to my Readers:

Do you like the concept of this new series?

While I feel incredibly mixed about the idea, there is potential to build the show out in a new way, yet if they do not innovate this will turn out to a big dud. Either way we either will have a Gyarados of a series or a Magikarp of a series.. no in between for this one. Let me know what you think in the comments.
The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again