Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Flying Types

Konichiwelcome everyone to yet another amazing list of amazing little creatures called Pokémon. In the previous top 5 we discussed my favorite five bug types. Lets swoop from the sky as we are super effective against bug types.. with the flying type. This list was super easy to make unlike some others. While I love the flying typing, I don’t really like flying type pokémon all that much. I don’t hate them either.. I just feel very neutral about nearly all of them, those who remain make my list!

Rules and Honorable Mentions

We have been over these rules for a few times now but for any newcomer, here is my set of rules. I always use them to point out two honorable mentions as well. The key in this all is diversity. So a dual type will only make it on ONE  lists of it’s typings. Say I like Slowbro than it would be on either my water list or my psychic list, never on both. Since the flying type is primarily used as a secondary typing this applies to SOOOO much pokémon for me. Charizard will be in my top 5 fire types.. since I find it more a fire type than a flying type so it is disqualified here. Rowlet is one of my favorite starters ever.. but I count it more as a grass type since it is the grass starter.. so it will be featured on another list.

Normally I will go by their primary typing as their main type.. but if I think a pokémon is more akin to it’s secondary typing.. like Corviknight  it will not feature here either. The biggest honorable mention and yet another spoiler for a future top 5 is Ducklett. A Water flying type.. with a pink shiny! I love ducks, I love pokémon.. I love pink..it’s perfect!

Another rule would be that I can only use one entry per evolutionary line. While I am allowed to pick my favorite of a series, I will take their entire line into account. For example I really like Ledyba, but I really dislike Ledian.. since the line has no future it will get a demerit and Ledyba will not make it on this list. I want to showcase pokémon in multiple situations.. which is also why legendaries do not make it on this list very often.

The final rule is that the pokémon has to actually feel like it’s typing. The biggest offender in this for the flying type is Gyarados. While I love Gyarados I can NOT see him as a flying types. Sure he can fly in some games and he can conjure up storms and such but the flying type is not the AIR type. With the most iconic storm (early gen)  storm moves being twister…which is a dragon type move. Gyarados is NOT a flying type it is a Water Dragon.. not a water dark either .. a water dragon.. Game Freak can tell me all it wants.. but Water-Flying is just wrong.. so obviously it doesn’t go on the flying list.

Flying Type Number 5

For whatever ungodly reason The Pokemon Company’s policy on flying types goes a little something like this? “Is it a bird? “  If your answer is yes that pokémon is a normal/flying type. In some cases I agree, like pidgey, spearow, hoothoot and Pidove.  They are very basic animals and that gets the normal type for it. Sure! However my beloved Chatot has the head of a music note, and the tail of a metronome. It’s super colourful and has this neck collar like those coats those testosterone boys and fake tan girls wear during winter. You know the one with a dead Zigzagoon in the neck area?! Nickleson?! Not sure.. I skipped that trend. Chatot is such a weird pokémon that did such a unique thing in the world of pokémon that because of it’s sheer quirkiness quickly conquered my heart.  It is also one of the pokémon that makes the strongest case to the sound type.. a typing I hope will someday come to the game.

Chatot’s design is based on music stuff crammed onto the body of a parakeet and the design does feel truly unique and really like a pokémon. It has terrible stats and according to it’s pokédex entry is a true pacifist. It has a tongue in its beak that the same as a human tongue, having the same level of control over it as well. Thus it can mimic human speech or other pokémon cries. Which it does to befriend the pokémon to make sure it doesn’t get attacked. However this action would become one of the strangest moves in the entire pokémon series. At least for Gen IV and V. In Diamond and Pearl , Platinum , Black , White and their sequals Chatot could mimic YOUR voice. It’s signature move Chatter allowed you to record your voice and based on it’s volume it would have a better chance to confuse. 

Of course this led a pokémon with only a 410 base stat total to be banned from pokémon competitions because people used it to make it should racist slurs and curse words in tournaments which is a big no no! Which lead  to Chatot being one of the weakest pokémon ever to be banned. Nowadays the move no longer has the ability to record your voice but just confuses 100% off the time.. A confusion that bypasses substitutes with a moveset that is completely catered to getting around those pesky plushies.

It has decent speed, and decent special attack and with some EV’s in those stats Chatot can become something your opponents have difficulty dealing with. I have only used it during some Romhack playthroughs but I was amazed at how good it was for Nuzlocke like situations where it can come in to confuse your enemies, set up some stat boosts during this and then keep on confusing it’s opponent. The set I enjoy playing most is with Chatter, Double Team, Work Up and Synchronoise with a healing berry. Usually with a spore or paralyse user on my team as well.

Flying Type Number 4

In Kalos we could basically find a better version of Chatot in the form of Noivern. So this once more is a pokémon I think should get the sound typing rather than it’s Dragon Typing.  The Dragon Typing does make it very sturdy and gives it some good resistances it also becomes super frail to ice Offensively it has about the same stats as Chatot but Noivern gets a lot more speed and a lot more moves, so it is a better monster.. without the iconic move. Bat dragons are also kind of cooler than a Parakeet.. yet at the same time it is kind of edgy! I do like myself a bit of colour and cute.. but I really gotta admire this design regardless. It looks strong and fierce and like a flying type! It feels like it could be a Jojo Stand if it had some mechanical parts.

Noivern has a great roll in the X&Y anime or XY&Z I guess but  that always helps make a pokémon more coveted. We see so much of it’s personality and Noivern is great. One of my favorite Ash Pokémon ever. The Kalos Region was my favorite when it comes to Ash adventures and him having cool pokémon like these really helped. While the one Mister Ketchum owned seemed sweet enough it looks mean so let’s look at the pokédex entries.

Apparantly nothing can defeat it when fighting in the dark, it can use echolocation to find you.. these waves are so strong they can turn boulders to pebbles. These same waves can be use to weaken their opponents as it will use it’s fangs to finish it’s prey off! That’s more like it! However ONE pokédex entry makes it seem like a sweetheart yet again. While it is always being described as cruel and vicious giving one a nice ripe fruit of the flavor that it likes will make it instantly tame… nawwww who is a big hungry night sky killer!

Now in combat Noivern is a bit weird. By far it’s best ability is infiltrator. Which allows you to bypass substitutes. However it’s moveset is mostly soundbased.. which bypasses substitutes.  I mean I still run it with BoomBurst because it offers a nice guaranteed neutral move, Draco Meteor, Hurricane and Dark Pulse with Choice Specs as a item. When it’s available to me in playthroughs of Rom Hacks or Fan games I prefer to give it an assault vest so I can capitalize on the Dragon Type resisting just about everything except for Dragon Fairy and Ice. Dark Pulse can be replaced by Flamethrower so it can cover its main weakness, it WILL outspeed virtually all Ice Types but I found going with the dark pulse to be nicer so it can deal with psychic types or ghost types that outspeed it and deal neutral damage.

Flying Type Number 3

Ho-Oh is my favorite legendary bird and one of my favorite legendaries ever. There is just something about the way it was build up from the first episode to the anime before meeting it in Pokémon Gold at the top of Tin Tower. I am not sure why, but Moltres never really felt like a phoenix to me.. I love phoenixes, is that the corrupt plural? Phoenixci ? Just Phoenix?So I was happy to be given a proper one! Pokémon Gold is my favorite pokémon game so I am sure that helps as well. It doesn’t help it is the rainbow pokémon either! And just look at the design it is so much cooler than Lugia’s! Who wants a white fish bird when you can have a phoenix.

It loves other pokémon and brought back to life the three legendary dogs, it is said to bring about happiness to everyone who own one of it’s feathers. It is even said to live near a rainbow! It is so cute!  Fire and flying is an excellent defensive typing only being weak to water, electric and rock type moves. Resisting Steel , Fairy and Fighting type moves  it resists some of the most competitive typings being immune to ground which is yet another dominant typing. Another sign that this pokémon can play nice with a lot of people! It doesn’t seem to like rock types very much though, being 4x weak to them. His weakest stat his physical defence is also exploited by the fact that rock type moves usually are physical. I guess there is no brown in the rainbow! Does that also mean anime girls never throw up rocks? In that case I might be doing something wrong.

Ho-Oh as a legendary really benefits from the very healthy post game in pokémon Gold and Heartgold, there is still an entire region to run through so the legendary is actually useful for more than the pokémon league alone. Which makes it al lot more viable than other pokémon. The fact that it is a physical fire type also distinguishes it from its peers. Sacred Fire, Brave Bird, Recover, Zen Headbutt is a nice set to run on this beast, yet because it is physical it is also one of the best fly users. You can take the HM to zip around and still have it deal massage damage. It has superb special defence and it it’s special attack is also good enough so you can run it as a special attacker.

Flying Type Number 2

A slightly less amazing special tank of the sky is my penultimate favorite flying type. Togekiss. Togetic was a lame evolution of an adorable pokémon that just felt lackluster, keeping the pokémon off my team during my Gold playthrough. By the time I obtained a Heart Gold Cartridge .. things changed though because now the little bugger could evolve. Togekiss is the perfect little Egg-Angel a girl could wish for.. Maybe it’s more an Angelic-Egg than the other way around though. It’s design is rather unique and feels adorable trough all three steps, the fact that it evolves to friendship and shiny energy .. really make it a pokémon I really dig. The white red and blue composition with its abstract shape make it feel like a Mondrian painting. It has the lamest shiny though.. instead of white with a blue gloss it is white without a gloss more pure white. 

It’s one of the happiest Pokémon in terms of lore as well. Misty eventually leaving Togetic behind was one of the saddest moments I saw in the anime but reading Pokédex entries warms my heart again. So Togekiss is such an improvement.  The Jubilee Pokémon is the pacifist pokémon. It will never show itself to people seeking conflict. Yet when you respect other people and animals rights it will share it’s blessings with you. How cute! It will even bring you gifts if you are a sweet person. Think of all the gifts we good get just by being nice to each other! So not only is the design is sweet, this pokémon would actively make you a better pokémon. I am pretty sure that pokémon battling counts as conflict though so .. it gets a bit confusing from there! Since it is actually quite useful in battle and it needs battle to level up.

Like I said before Togekiss is quite tanky on the special defence side of things. Equipped with the abilities like  Serene Grace and Super Luck you can build some various sets build around landing critical hits or special effects. Mostly Serene Grace and Special Effects make this pokémon quite nice to use. Land Flinches more easily with, Getting a Burn to half your opponents physical attributes. It can become really good with moves like Ancient Power and Stored Power combined with Serene Grace as well. Moves like Wish to give it reliable recovery are always good on it as well. You can have a lot of fun with this Angelic Egg! Fairy Flying is a great offensive typing  and no slouch defensively either. It has a fair few weaknesses but it’s immunity to Ground and Dragon can get you a long way.

My Favorite Flying Type

With distance Archeops is my favorite flying pokémon! I LOVE this pokémon. It is my favorite fossil Pokémon ever, it would be my favorite rock type but I chose to elect this as flying type rather than a rock type. While I get classifying dinosaurs as Rock types, the fact that all fossils except for the Gen VIII ones are all rock types makes me distinguish them by secondary type. Thus Archeops to me counts as a flying type. It is based on the first bird and is a mix between dinosaur and a bird and I love that design. It makes for such a good fossil pokémon. It is really funny to me as well.

So while this pokémon is the predecessor of all birds it isn’t a strong flyer. It can’t take off at will it needs a running head start, it can run up to 25 miles per hour and flies slower.  So .. down hill you might be able to catch up to it on a bike.. else on a simple scooter. However with a speed modifier of 110 this thing is quite fast in game. It’s best move is a flying type move which according to it’s lore is a weaker attribute of the pokemon. I like my clunky pokémon and this to me is the pinnacle of clunky . It’s fly animation also is so adorably choppy! It is the perfect way to amalgamate types like Rock and flying! It’s shiny is bad but that goes for most things on this list.  I like Ho-Oh’s and Chatot’s fine but the rest is meh. Archeops I really love for how it battles though.

Archeops is one of those negative ability pokémon people can make fun off. Along with Slaking, and Regigigas it has one of those as well. As a result it’s base stat total is a very respectable 570 though , but in Archeops case it’s stats get cut in half as soon as it gets under half HP. Before that moment it has an amazing 140 attack stacks and 112 special attack.  Which means this barely flying bird can hurt! It is usually run with the move acrobatics. A base 55 power move that grows a lot stronger if Archeops doesn’t hold an item. This essentially means that in normal playthroughs this thing is a monster! I had an Archen (the pre-evolution) named Flock in Black and White. Flock was named because it was a flying rock. I loved Flock so much that I actually bred it’s offspring to use in Pokémon Y.  It’s son Minairal became was the first level 100 pokémon I ever had. I just had so much fun using it naturally leveled up to level 100. Acrobatics, Rock Slide, Dragon Claw and Fly made this pokémon nearly the only one I used. If Minairal is so fun to level to max.. I bet it deserves my number 1 spot.

Yet another type has been charted! More pocket monsters received love! We are now only at 1/3th of the pokémon type list journey! Next week the Electric type will go up! Who is your favorite flying type?! Do you use this type a lot?
Tell me all about it in the comments! Until then! Fly you fools!

Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Bug-Types

Super effective against  the psychic type we discussed last week are the creepy crawlies. The bug type! A typing that oftenly is considered the weakest type, which in actuality is the ice type.  While the Bug knows quite a few lackluster Pokémon , probably the lowest base stat across the board there are a few great ones in the mix.
Here are my favorite five. 

Rules and Honorable Mentions

To keep this list diverse , a pokémon mentioned in one list can not qualify for my favorite in another list. Otherwise I could rank so many pokémon on double spots which would take the fun and the diversity away, these post are made to showcase different pokémon after all. Luckily  there is no such bug in my top five. Orbeetle came close in both psychic and bug category but there are just to many pokémon greater than it. By the same logic for diversity I am also only allowed to name one Pokemon per evolution line. If I like a prevolution but it is not viable to use in any way.. the next line will be held against it. These are my favorites in general not just my favorite looking once. As such Snom did not make the list. He is a sort of meme now he is adorable but he is completely unusable for anything besides his looks.

A Pokémon also has to feel like it belongs to the typing I discuss. If I do not identify the pokémon as a bug it will obviously not be my favorite bug type. While the bug type is probably the type I most consistently agree with.. pokémon belong to said type there is one exception and that is Pineco. The pinecone pokémon. I am not a biologist but I am pretty sure a pine cone is not really a bug. Nor is it’s evolution that is like a nut! Both should be grass type instead.  Now I know it said it’s a bagworm..but no it’s not Wormadam is a bag worm. I love Pineco though.. so it does get an honourable mention

A final honorable mention goes to Kricketune, this pokémon has the best pokémon cry in the game and that is basically someone that everyone will agree with me on. 

Bug Type Number 5

While Heracross and Pinsir are bugs I hold close to my heart, I never really liked their movesets.  Henry the Yanma was a companion during one of my first adventures in pokémon Gold. It was such a happy little fellow and he performed quite well for a bug. I loved Henry, but I had to give him up just before the pokémon league  to stand a better change. I wished it was just a bit better. Gen IV answered my prayers. Henry II evolved into a mean green fighting machine. It is one of the most awesomely designed bugs, though bug types are very well designed in general. Surprisingly so.  Would this list have been about design I would have had a much harder time. I guess it makes sense since pokémon started as a bug catching game idea.

When I said it was mean and green I am not kidding either. Yanmega fighting style is described as biting apart foes while flying at high speeds. Being able to flap it wings so hard that it can also cause critical internal injuries.  That is pretty scary, the shiny is even scarier. It’s a sickly blue with bright pink dots. It looks like it’s about to bite you apart.. but don’t worry you won’t even know it did. Apparently it is so fast that it can quarter you in an instant. A full restore isn’t going to fix that one. Nor would a revive I think.

Yanmega in combat is a bit of a tricky one to use. It is a bug so it’s frail.  It can come with the ability Speed Boost and honestly that is always the ability you want to use on this dragonfly.  It is a really good ability. This mon can be good with some rock, flying and bug moves at it’s disposal. It covers most of its weaknesses and has a immunity and two quad-resistances. (Damage is only 25% of what it would be on a normally effective pokemon). Yanma evolves into Yanmega when learning ancient power. When Ancient Power is used has a chance to boost all stats of Yanmega with one tier.  While the move has low base power we often see this attack come into play with this pokémon. Not because it’s effective but because it’s fun.

If Yanmega is set up enough and gets lucky enough it can sweep trough teams but there is always a chance it doesn’t get there.  Having Speed Boost means usually one slot of your moves is spend for protect. To guarantee you can outspeed anyone. Usually I run it with air slash, bug buzz and ancient power, but I have made variations of the set.  As an item I tend to give it a kings rock.. just for fun and flinch chances. Weakening berries are also a good option for it to use.

Bug Type Number 4

Here Pinkie goes again, putting another useless pokémon in her top 5’s. Shuckle is NOT a good pocket monster!? Wrong.. Shuckle is terrifying.Shuckle is the most defensive pokémon in the entire game. It can get so high defence that is is ny immortal. I have battled with shuckle hearing people cry in agony over how broken the little thing is. I deeply hope that one day it will get an evolution…just a slip of their mind.  Not because I really want to use A Shuckler , but so I can break the defences of the worm in a rock even harder. It would be unbreakable. That is pretty neat.

On first glance you’d say that Shuckle looks rather weak and that would be true it has the lowest attacking stats there are in the game.  A total of 20 (10 in each)  for attacks make it the weakest offensive pokémon in the game. While Chansey’s physical attack is lower than Shuckle’s it’s special attack is higher.  Happiny ties with it.  Yet Shuckle has the highest defence stat of any pokémon. Shuckles BASE unboosted defence is 230  his special defence is as well. This means that a Shuckle is tougher than a MEGA-Steelix and MEGA-Aggron. While both have 230 points in one stat shuckle has it in both.  Now to make things worse Shuckle get access to Shell Smash and can have the hidden abillity Contrary.. in which stat upgrades become downgrades and downgrades become upgrades.  This means that Shuckle can fairly easily boost it’s defences to 1120 without applying EV’s .

If you are patient Shuckle can win by doing absolutely nothing. If you do not get toxic, IOW if you can get your own Shuckle Paralysed, it can use toxic and infestation to out-stall your opponent in pure despair. Friends gave up on battles with me just because they forgot to bring a counter for my Shuckle.. or I kill the counters for Shuckle before they can use them against the little creature. There is no real set to run on it. You always run it with Toxic, Infestation, Shell Smash and usually Protect, though I prefer Sand storm. There is no real other way around it..but people sleep on this pokémon so much that in all it’s cuteness it can seem like an Eldritch Being.. So it earns a place on my list.

Bug Type Number 3

My middle of the list Pokémon is actually a Semi-Pseudo Legendary. What does this mean?  Well A Pseudo-Legendary pokémon is something that is NOT a legendary but has over 600 base stats. A semi-pseudo legendary has only a smidge less but the pokémon are usually so rare or hard to obtain/work with they are often mistaken to be part of the elusive group. It still means this pokémon will be pretty powerful! Also it can die from a slightly bouncy pebble on the side of the road so be careful when you use it. Probably that is the reason why it is not an actual Pseudo Legendary right?! But let’s take a dip into its lore. 

Volcarona replaces the sun when it’s light is blocked out by Volcanic ashes. When it fights it sets the sky ablaze with the tiny embers that fall when it falls from its wings. Because of how scary a burning sky looked ancient civilisations fear this creature thinking it was some harbinger of the apocalypse as it displayed the rage of the sun. Historical tales tell how it was born from a flaming cocoon to save people and pokémon that were starving from the cold. Now I can see how people reading the pokédex would attribute some legendary qualities to it. The way it is often found will only heighten that idea and the fact that you need to train a Larvesta up to level 59! To get it to evolve makes it even more elusive and special feeling. That is also the reason why this pokemon doesn’t take the top spot for me… because honestly.. you’ll never really end up using this sun god bug in playthroughs.

Competitively , the fact that is four times weak to rock and that makes it a bit hard to use.  It is in theory a more reliable variant of Yanmega. It does the same thing only instead of flying type moves it attacks with fire.. which is cooler already a bug tossing fire is more interesting than  a bug flapping its wings. It’s signature move Fiery dance has a 50% chance to boost it’s best stat, special attack by one stage. That stat is 135.. for this pokémon.. meaning this pokémon can burn and buzz as hard if not slightly harder than a Machamp can punch.  Mewtwo has a special attack of 154.. so this pokémon in terms of offence almost equals Mewtwo.. Mew and Celebi for example only have 100 in these stats so it has them beat. If you teach this Pokémon Silver Wind.. which is basically the same move as Ancient Power but as a bug type move along side Fiery Dance it becomes a self buffing maniac that lives up to his semi-pseudo legendary status. 

Bug Type Number 2

How shocking! My second favorite pokémon is the six legged spider Galvantula. Now this spot is sometimes swapped with Ariados depending on my mood. However since my number 1 spot shares it’s typing with Ariados Galvantula usually ends up on top. It’s a nice Pokémon to use even if this one has the worst stats yes of any pokémon on this list. Why is it so high? Why because I adore Joltik..it’s so super cute that I love carrying it with me, when it transforms into an okay Pokémon that is enough for me!  It gets saved by it’s main ability which make it quite useful and it looks darn good. It’s shiny is subtle but impressive and while it’s six legs might make it not a spider.. it is still a great creature to have on my squad.

Bug and Electric are usually staples I do not oftenly run on my team. Electric is something I’d rather play the Ice Type for, and  I usually have something to cover the things bug beats already as well. However when combined it is a really effective type combo that usually fits rather well in my time and that I can have fun building a theme around. It has no real interesting pokédex lore though.. most of it mentioning it has electric webs that paralyses it’s pray while it eats it leisurely.  Kind of what we would expect from an electric spider though. On my first playthrough of Unova (Black and White) I had a Joltik/Galvantula named Lemon. I think I chosen Snivy as a Starter and ended up replacing it with Lemon as my squad leader.. because I liked it more. 

In combat Galvantula is good because of its ability Compound eyes, which boosts accuracy of moves by 30% This means Thunder is suddenly very reliable.  Teach it Sticky Web as an entry hazard (which lowers enemy speed) and it can take big chucks of health away from whoever faces it. Teach it Electro Web to give your other team members a speed advantage as well, teach it Bug Buzz to lower special defence.. Galvantula is there to make you help you drop your opponents stats . Which kind of feels it make a bit like a real spider. Not that a real  spider really lowers your speed but once you are caught in its web you are big trouble. Since it only has six legs I am also not as freaked out as I see it.. I think it’s cute! Which is weird what another set of legs can do.  Speaking of legs.. are those mouth legs feelers or legs .. could it be it only has 4? It usually seems to rest on them so maybe they are both?!

Bug Type Number 1

Stat-wise this Pokémon is almost a physical counterpart to it’s generation friend  Galvantula. (Gen V had really good bugs) With a speed stat of 112 and a attack stat of 100 it does seem “average” in the bigger sea of Pokémon. However I REALLY prefer this thing. A pokémon I could only describe as a Centipede War horse from hell. It is called the Megapede Pokémon and if you google the word you find out this is indeed a very correct way to describe it. This horse from hell also gets the Speed Boost ability which means it’s super fast. There is no running away from a thing that can gallop so fast.

Scolipede chases after it’s target and then grabs them by their neck using its claws. Keeping tight.. as soon as your resistance begins to weaken and you begin to pass out it injects you with a deadly poison to finish you off. If you try to run it will maul you with it’s horn and it will keep horn until it prevails. Resistance is futile you will be murdered. This pokémon is also a perfect pokémon for the evil team to use. It does feel menacingly and evil and rather than someone sending in a Raticate.. this feels at least somewhat scary. It’s evolution line tells a story and it is based on Kaiju there is a lot of planning that went into this pokémon. It’s shiny is a bit lackluster, just brighter red and a more sickly detail colour it doesn’t really do anything for me the original is way better. Purple venom feels more poisonous than blue turquoise poison. Don’t ask me why but it is! Well Actually Turquoise seems painful.. purple more deadly.

In combat there are sets that are so broken it had to be banned with special rules. Using the Move Sword Dance, this Pokémon can use it’s speed up ability to boost two super important stats two stages at the same time. It then can pass those stat boosts on to better pokémon using the move Batton Pass. A big no no in the competitive scene , especially since this pokémon can deal some massive damage itself as well. It can just burn itself out till it’s near death then switch all those stats onto the next pokemon.  Mega Horn and Poison Jab are usually the moves you want to use on this beast and when it has at least one Sword Dance up that makes this beast a proper sledgehammer of a bug. It is one of the bugs that uses the strongest bug type move and if it could ever learn the new Leech Life it will be truly something to fear and it already scares me quite a bit…which is good since it’s a bug type! It should!

Who is your favorite Bug-Type? Which bug deserves a shout-out?! Would you like to have any of these as your pocket monster? Don’t be a fly on the wall! Crawl into the comments and bee part of this. Ant don’t forget to leave a like! Bugs like some sugar!

Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Psychic Types

My dear island guests , the Psychic type is super effective against the fighting type so using this technique it steps in the ring. The question which are my favorite fighting types are much harder than most other types. I do not dislike the type at all, nor is it my favorite type, yet almost all psychic types are good in some way or another. Where usually I have deep depths and high highs the psychic type is 7’s and 8’s throughout the board. I even kind of like Bruxish!

Rules and Honorable Mentions

Starting with this list I am instating a new rule. Any duel types that make it on one list can not make it on another. For example Medicham is my favorite fighting type but it would be a bit redundant to put it here. I will favorite it to the type I most associate it with.  This gives more pokémon a chance to shine. Other rules apply like normal like only one entry per evolution line.  While I am free to choose what form I want.. If I dislike later forms and have to evolve them to be able to play them.. those later forms will be held against them. So while I am quite fond of Woobat, Swoobats weird design kinda ruins it for me. The same would apply to Munna.. but I love Woobat just a bit more.

Another rule, a type has to “feel” part of it’s typing to me. If a Pokémon doesn’t feel like a psychic type to me or I don’t use it as one, it will not make this list. Luckily the Psychic type really has good atmosphere and there are virtually no pokémon I would exclude from the type this way. Only one I could think of is the pokémon Victini and even than I still could believe it. Though I’d make it pure fire type.  The final rule is that pokémon has to have it’s typing in its base form. So no Silvally , Arceus or Genesect with typing stuff equipped to them or Mega Evolutions that change typing. Zen Mode Darmanitan is a pokémon I really love that is excluded for this reason. 

Psychic Type Number 5: Mewtwo

Let’s begin with the favorite pick of just about everyone else. Mewtwo is THE icon when it comes to psychic type pokémon and for good reason.  He is the embodiment of the type.The poster boy of the psychic type.   He is the second most powerful pokémon ever and when we count his mega evolutions he even IS the strongest pokémon ever. Even outclassing Arceus.  His design is very menacing and well done, his portrayel in all sorts of media is sublime. He gets some great pokémon cards,  I like playing him in Smash, he is a decent villian in the sub version of the pokémon movies and his part in Detective Pikachu , I like him in Pokken. Mewtwo does deserve to be listed and favorited.

 So why is he my number 5 pick and not number 1?  Because he is to easy to love. Mewtwo gets so much attention we get that been there done that sensation He feels like the easy pick for its power and because that I like him less. It is the same reason I do not like Charizard all that much.. though much less prominent in this case. His spot in the top 5 in favor of Espeon and  Hatterene is saved because of the lore  and how connected Mewtwo is to the world of pokémon. Mewtwo is an important part of the pokémon world. The yang to Arceus yin in a way. Nature versus science,  a theme that is very important to pokémon. In a way he is more pokémon than anything else on this list or any other poké list for that matter.

In combat he is mostly disallowed because of his high stats, but we all know we run a set with psychic on it because of nostalgia. With the inclusion of Mega Mewtwo X however it now also can be ran as a physical set, trough moves like Psycho Cut, Foul Play and  Power Swap. The special set, usually ran along Mega Mewtwo Y comes with Psystrike  and Aura Sphere but I have seen with the nostalgic psychic from time to time as well. Regardless of what you put on your Mewtwo it will hurt like a truck..because it’s Mewtwo. You can’t really go wrong. Not the best pokémon to use if you want a challenge but one hell of a lucky find if you play randomised Nuzlockes because it will wreck hard. It still is the most powerful pokémon ever.

Psychic Type Number 4: Galarian Ponyta

Of course I had to include this rainbow unicorn. While of course it’s final evolution Galarian Rapidash is better, and I will be discussing that one for a viable battle set (because it can’t be run with eviolite or something)  galarian Ponyta is my favorite form of the two. It just feels so happy and cute and fluffy and I WANT one. Had I not spent the entire 24 hour livestream of Glimwood Tangle hoping for more.. and had galarian Rapidash had become a pegasus with a flying type instead of the fairy type.. this line would have taken my number one spot. Still.. a fluffy unicorn that has rainbow patterns when it is happy! That is amazing! If we Dutch believed in Santa that is what I would ask of him… we have this other old bloke who rides a white horse so he would probably steal it from me and never look back.. so I never got to.

When Pokémon and My Little Pony meet, you get this beautiful equine creature. It’s black horn is also super cute. Just seeing this little beast parade around your camp having fun while it is racing other pokémon just made me smile so hard. I loved tossing a ball to it, feeding it banana curry and of course waving a stick with a bell in front of it. This pokémon which I named Flufflepuff,  is still my favorite horse pokémon, and though I do prefer the shiny of the original fire variant of this pokémon it’s base design far surpasses that of its kantonian counterpart. If I could just customise it a bit and give it a cutie mark it would have been absolutely perfect.

Galarian Rapidash can be quite fun to play with during a playthrough through the Galar Region. It’s eyes are a bit to arrogant for me. Which prevent it from being higher on this list. What makes it fun to use is how diverse it’s moveset can be. It still learns a bunch of fire moves to cover the bugs it is weak against, it gets access to moves like High Horse Power for some earth type hits, it has psycho cut, which isn’t seen on a lot of other pokémon other than Malamar and Mewtwo as there are not a lot of physical fighting types out there.  While it’s stats aren’t too amazing with its strongest stat  being speed at 105 and attack at 100 it borders on being “average”. Yet that is what made this pokémon fun to me. There is a nice balance in its power and frailty which makes it interesting to use. It learns lots of elemental attacks and with the way Galar balanced T.M’s and T.R’s  It can be fun to kit out the unicorn with a custom set for each fight. A unicorn that won my won my heart, even if I am not all over the rainbow for it.

Psychic Type Number 3: Wobbuffet

Now this might polarise some people, Wobbuffet, that is such a useless pokémon!?  Honestly it really isn’t. I love the blue weird thing. From its intrinsic stiffness and weirdness, to it The weird lipstick thing on the females as a gender difference I find hilarious, and it is my favorite Team Rocket Pokémon. Just so awkward I love awkward things. It’s voice in the anime is something I am very endeared to and just the fact that it’s one of those.. what is that supposed to be pokémon adds to it’s mystique.. of which their actual is non it’s just Wobbuffet.  While I could easily give this spot to Alakazam that one is basically just slightly lesser Mewtwo while Wobbuffet is completely it’s own thing. I could have given this spot to Hypno.. who steals kids and made some big lore splashes but no.. I love this pokémon so much more.

Wobbuffet has no interesting Pokémon Lore, in fact it doesn’t really do anything…at all.. It just stands there. It’s pokédex entry says so. It just is there to endure other pokémon’s attacks. If it encounters another Wobbuffet it does even less as it stops eating to out endure the other of its kind.  So if you’d put a female Wobbie and a male one in the daycare centre with some incense in reality they would not breed for you to get a wynaut .. they’d die of starvation showing off to each other. The only weakness of Wobbuffet is it’s tail. When you attack that.. it does down.. but it will always try to take you down with you.. and this is why I love Wobbie so much as a Psychic type.

This pokémon is all about predictions. It can only learn Counter, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond, Safeguard, Encore, Amnesia and Charm.. well that and Splash.. but we all know what happens if you use that move.  It’s stats are very bad but they do not matter. All that matters is it’s hp.  Counter will double any physical damage taken and send that towards your opponent, Mirror coat does the same but for Special damage and Destiny Bond will take a target down with it.. it goes down before it uses another move. If Wobbuffet is actually hit and you as it’s trainer predict correctly it basically means the opponent goes down. Encore which locks an opponent into their last used move can guarantee success in this. Obviously a Machamp will try to punch it so counter is a good option.. but you can only take so much hits so at one point you need to set up destiny bond. During gameplay plenty of pokemon are mixed sets.. so using Wobbie can just be so much fun.. that actually involve predicting the future! So it deserves this spot!

Psychic Type Number 2: Gardevoir

Yes this scored very highly since my first playthrough of Gen III and is a regular staple on my team. Ever since it has gotten the fairy subtype that has even increased how much that I love it.. now when I say that I love it.. I do not mean that in any physical or lustful kind of sense.. which apparently is a thing you need to clarify around this Pokemon. It is often waifu ed and lewded and though I will not kinkshame. I love it’s totally unique design  Even among the human like pokemon. Weirdly enough until Galar this Pokemon never belonged to the human like Egg group and only played with amorphous Pokemon.

Gardevoir is the near perfect pokémon, it looks unique , it looks psychic, it has great stats, awesome moves, gets love in all media  but ,with exception for the meme and lewding scene , not OVERLY much. It looks like it’s evolution is telling a story and over time it only has gotten better with the addition of split evolution Gallade. It’s cute a girly, even if it isn’t always a female pokémon and a testament of being yourself. I took one along on my Omega Ruby playtrough just because I knew Wally would have a Mega Gallade in the end. I wanted to give them an epic showdown naming it Virgo as I named my main theme after constellations and I had to capture a pokémon to fit that constellation.  She was my most memorable Gardevoir.

A well played Gardevoir with Trace can do amazing things but is rather situational so the synchronize  set usually more stable. Regardless of your ability though , Gardevoir hits hard. Mega Gardevoir hits harder With a special attack of 165  and a special defence of 135 it dwarfs even legendaries. While still a fair bit away from Mewtwo’s base stat total of 680, it hits harder (specially)  than Mewtwo and it takes more hits (specially) than Mewtwo.. for the role it’s going to be used as it’s simply amazing.  Equip it with Psychic , Moonblast, Shadow Ball and Hidden Power Fire (or Pixilate boosted Return)  and it can get around just about everything. In base form it’s one of the best looking pokémon in the entire game and while it’s mega evolution is a bit balloony for my taste I still enjoy it looks. When a pokémon kicks ass and looks good doing it.. you got a good one!

Psychic Type Number 1 : Mew

It’s Psychic, It’s Pink, It is adorable and playful. While I had trouble determining which pokémon would be on this list there was no doubt in my mind that Mew is my favorite psychic type. Have I mentioned it’s pink?!  Mew has gotten significantly less love than Mewtwo over these past few years but it has been made up for in spades with mystery.
Britain once voted the identity of the Stig from Top Gear as one of the greatest mysteries of the world.. but had Nintendo played their cards a bit closer to the chest I’d theorise “how to get Mew” in Pokémon Red and Blue could have made this list.

Everyone knows about that truck that his hidden on the water next to the SS Anne.  Temtem made a amazing reference to it by placing a island with a  truck somewhere on the map hinting a powerful Temtem might be hiding there. I caught a Missingno and somehow managed to trade it with strength and cut equipped in order to finally get Mew from underneath that truck (As rumors stated the pokémon using strength needed a level higher than 100) No Mew!  I got Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap in the hopes to get it to my Game Boy game.. I caught Mew in Snap.. but I still did not know how to get it in my game. I wanted so bad because the movie made it seem so adorable and playful.. it became that toy people said you could not play with.

In lore Mew is basically the genetic ancestor of every non legendary pokémon. Basically the son of Arceus that got lonely and made some friends to play with.. the lake trio was involved in creating Mew (Uxie Azelf and Mespirit) but how can a pokémon that is basically the source of all other pokémon NOT be the best psychic type out there?  Every Pokémon is like part of it! Without it there would not be any starters to start your journey with.. without it  zero of the other pokémon on this list would exist.

In combat Mew is absolutely amazing. It learns  all learnable moves and it gets 100 stat points in everything. Which means there is no correct way to build Mew.. everything you do is fine. Physical Tank with Screens? Viable.. Speedy Special Sweeper with wide covery? Viable. Toxic Stall set?! Okay! .. It will never be your best option for either of these things but it will always keep your opponent guessing. In a way Mew is still the mystery it has always been. When your opponent brings a Mew  you never know what you are going to get. Unlike with a box of chocolates.. what’s in that should at least be on the back! While Mew’s mysteries live on we now know to things about Mew for sure. It is my favorite Psychic type by a large margin and he is not under the truck.. no .. the way to find Mew has since been found! An ancient secret has been unlocked… You can purchase a single Mew alongside a Pokéball controller for the price of 50 dollars!

What is your favorite Psychic type?! Like I said this one was hard.. there are just so many good ones , so please show the love for your favorites! All pokémon deserve it some love! Next week we will cover the bug type! See you then…and hopefully in the rest of my posts! Do not forget to subscribe!


Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Fighting Types

Hello again my dear island guests, it is time for another top 5! Another Pokémon type! So let’s go super effective against our previous lists and pick the fighting type to discuss this week. A type that is very close to my heart, because for a long type it composed my favorite deck to run  in the pokémon TCG!

Rules And Honorable mentions

Like always the same rules apply!, In this case.. special forms do not count. Mega Lopunny, Mega Mewtwo and Meloetta all gain the fighting type and could be considered for this list. However I did not feel it was right to select pokémon like these for a list like these. Only one pokémon per evolution line.Also if I can not prevent evolution without an everstone an evolution that will make the pokémon less awesome will be held against its earlier form.  For example while I love Clobbopus, I do not like Grapploct nearly as much, and while I could still not learn it taunt.. I did not know the first time and the Pokémon was kind of ruined for me. So it just gets an honorable mention here.

Secondly and more vaguely the pokemon has to fit to my standards of fighting type. If I don’t believe it’s a fighting type and the typing has just been added to give it STAB boosts, it will not make the list. Noticeable examples for me are Marshadow , the adorable little ghost , which in my eyes should be pure ghost and Bewear. Whose typing I would not know.. I guess I’d give it Normal-Fairy. It’s strong sure.. but it likes hugs and just wants to do bear things. It’s based on a stuffed animal.. that doesn’t really scream fighting type to me.. so while it is in my heart it’s not on the list. What said..let’s start the match. 

Fighting Type Number 5: Lucario

Lucario is a bit the de facto favorite fighting type of people and it made many favorite lists and here it is yet again. So what exactly is so great about Lucario?! First of all it basically has Ultra Instinct.. or Tsuna’s  Hyper Intuition from Hitman Reborn. By sensing the fighting aura of it’s opponent it can read the movement of it’s opponents now that is cool! Designwise I’d put it in the top ten of best designed pokémon easily and this pokémon has gotten so much love in just about every bit of pokémon media that it is hard to miss or not find an incarnation you like. It was amazing and heartwarming in it’s own movie.. it made me cry, it’s a great character in Pokken, he is a pretty solid fighting in Smash. Lucario does it all.  His mega evolution nicely designed as well.

In battle Lucario is also a gambit, he has an great 110 base stat in both special as physical attack. While it’s physical moveset is more diverse getting access to all elemental punches, ghost, ground, dragon  fighting steel the covery is amazing. Yet Special Lucario gets access to calm mind to bolster his somewhat lackluster defences and has access to some of the most competitive moves like Focus Blast for stab, Shadow Ball for weakness covery and Dark Pulse for trying to get scummy flinches. Lucario is so diverse you can literally build your very own fighting badass. I like having options and few come more diverse than this fan favorite. I would dress up like him.. but I doubt I could pull it off!

For just 80 dollars this could be you!

Fighting Type Number 4: Breloom

Breloom is a bit of  a weird fighting pokémon. At first glance you might not say it is fighting.. yet to me this one is very deeply connected to the typing. Because back in the time I played Showdown Breloom was a pokémon that kept kicking my ass. A friend by the name of Olivia ran one in her team and it was insanely strong. With a base stat of 130 in physical attack it also has Lucario beat in a straight up conflict of strength.  While it lacks in the other stats, it’s access to priority moves and speed reduction can make it a hassle to get around. It’s ability technician makes these abilities double in base-power. While frail.. it hits like a truck which makes Breloom fun to use. I am very keen on glass cannons, Pokemon can be kinda easy and I care for my Pokémon I do not want them to faint so it makes things fun!  

What really sells me on this Pokémon is it’s design though. I am not sure why but it mesmerises me. It feels awkward yet speedy. It’s a mushroom chicken.. thing. While of course i could have put Blaziken on the list in its stead as the thought fighting chicken but Breloom has something I really  a personality quirk that I miss in Blaziken. While Blaziken is cool this is a pokémon I end up caring for. Blaziken just doesn’t do that for me. This little super fastly shadowboxing plant guy never got enough love and than I could finally use it on my squad.  I even got a secret ability one which is what makes it so good. A technician boosted Mach punch .. I could have named it Saitama! I named it Colonel though! Because of the military color scheme and the chickeny face vibe. I shall always remember Colonel!

Fighting Type Number 3: Falinks

Gen VIII had a few pokémon I absolutely fell in love with and this pure fighting type pokemon is one of them.Even if it never made my squad because it did not fit in with my Princess Tea Party theme it became endeared to me. I would have called mine.. The Bobs.. because  well it’s a bunch of little spartan ball like things that have the cutest marching animation. Not a lot of fighting pokémon can get away with looking cute and still feeling like a fighting tupe Point and case Stufful. Kirby that looks like he stole the powers of Leonidas followed by a bunch of his allies really works well for a fighting type. Their special move No Retreat is super cute as well and really shows the warrior atmosphere. Which is kind of a new take on the fighting type. Up until now fighting types usually were martial artists or wrestlers but this is a very interesting take that I am up for.

Falinks is a regular in Pokémon Showdown random matches as well. While it’s base stat total isn’t amazing nor are it’s stats, as its hidden ability it can learn Defiant and having acces to No Retreat which boosts all stats in return for being unable to switch out can make it  hard to deal with. With just one boost it’s defense and attack are up their with the bigger names already. While Close Combat will decimate it’s defenses it’s speed and attack will remain. So to best utilize this you might put it on a sticky web team with something something that uses sleep as well.  It is also useful in PvE  because it is one of the few creatures that can learn false swipes. A move that will always leave your opponent on 1 hp. So it is great to hunt shinies with! While you get it a bit to late in game to really be fully used on in game team you still should be able to take it along if you are prepared to struggle a bit against special attackers. It’s a great charming pokemon and one of the best things  Gen VIII gave us.

Fighting Type Number 2: Machamp

I considered Scrafty for this list because I really like the dragon dancing power set. Yet for the same reason as in the Dark Type list it did not make the cut. While  I in both cases considered it like a close too favorite.. it is just a single battleset I like. I REALLY like it.. but in the end I had to scrap it.. for Pokémon I love for several reasons. Take Machamp for example. He was a staple in my TCG deck.. in two renditions, a evolution card that boosted my mons attacks and a EX version that worked as a revenge wall. Bring up Pokémon Twilight wings again. Bea and her Machamp were quite heartwarming, though not as heartwarming as Wooloo. Machamp is THE  first trade evolution I ever got as well as the first self caught shiny I ever got. A  Pokken character as well, the first I played, Machamp has been there for me in so many ways.

Now Machamp was one of the first thoroughly broken pokemon as well. It learned No Guard as an ability and Fissure as a move. Which meant it could land 1 hit KO moves with 100% accurancy. While the set always was somewhat “Illegal’  and hard to obtain, it is THE most famous Machamp build for those know know the basic of battlesets. Now other than that.. Machamp can be a bit dull to run.. It punches.. so he gets all the punchy moves, including the elemental ones. It just gets about everything you expect from it so it works great.. both in PvE and in PvP as it is diverse enough to be viable yet it slightly misses that excitement. That being said this is an excellent Pokémon that is easy to use and easy to master for beginners.  It’s diverse moveset can really help you in learning to call your opponents plays. Knockoff, Ice Punch, Cross Shop , Bulk Up goes for miles and really can help you rip trough an opponents team. Given how OP fighting Dynamax moves can be, this really is special in it’s own slightly dull way.

Fighting Type Number 1: Medicham

The ace of my fighting pokémon deck.. the card that one me an anime con tournament and that is feared by my friends who ever faced the my double kicking medicham deck. This card is the reason this pokémon is here because I have such fond memories of it. It doesn’t hurt that it wears a pinkish kind of suit and the whole concept of Fighting Psychic really works for me. It’s such a cool typing and while Gallade is arguably the more stylish choice with the higher stats.. I really like this pokémon so much better. Medite it’s basic form, has become sort of a meme in my group of friends. A non Pokémon friend called it “smurf with a more stupid head”.. or sometimes “Diaper Smurf”  and the little tyke became endeared to us through this silly nickname.  While Lucario can read Aura’s of Pokémon trough battle skill Medicham learned to do this through starvation and meditation. It kind of reminds me of piccolo of dragon ball z but pinker! Pinkolo!

Definitely the weakest pokemon on this list, with a base stat of only 410 and a physical attack of 60! It has BAD stats. Very bad even. However when trained up with the ability Pure Power that attack stat gets doubled when it enters battle.Putting it at an attack of 120 which is fairly on par with most the monsters here. However in games where it has it’s mega evolution this beas’s base stat grows to 100 and thus a base attack power of 200 due to its ability! Now THAT is scary! It even always has the Pure Power ability when evolved so it also saves you a lot of breeding. So it can hit hard!  Yet that isn’t the only way you can run this. Medicham can be used as a screen setter as well. Screens are defensive buffs that offer significant damage reduction for either physical  or special attacks.. and both can be set up at the same time. It can set up the two major weather conditions of sun and rain. Which means you can always have your opponent guess on what type of set you use. In a game where a wrong guess or read can lead to absolute defeat..having something like Medicham  can be much scarier for an opponent than a high stat total.Just like in martial arts it doesn’t always matter who is physically the strongest but how well you read your opponent. Also did I mention it’s kinda pink?!

This list was so much harder to make the fighting type has a lot of good pokémon that really emobdy their type well and with Kubfu  coming out in the near future it hasnt become any easier to pick. So many fighting types are absolutely great! So which one is your favorite?! Leave a comment and see you next time!

Top 5: Normal Type Pokémon

Two top fives in one week?! How uninspirational of me! Yet it is time to talk about pokémon again and stories about pokémon are just so much easier in top five form since there are so many of them and so much stories to tell! I never told you my favorites of each type, so let’s start with the most basic one! The Normal Type.

Before we start a few rules. I will only use one entry per evolution line. Other than that I have to actively use them AS normal types. Chansey for example is one of my favorite pokémon ever, but I run it as a toxic stall or counter set (a poison and fighting type move.. as well as a normal type recovery)  it just doesn’t feel like a normal type to me.

Ditto and Smeargle are in a similar situation for me. Pokémon who once were normal  type do not count either, their typing stands as it is currently. Dual typings are allowed..but did not make the list this time. Yet now you know for the future! Now onto the ranking

Normal Type Number 5: Regigigas and Slaking

Another top 5 AND a shared spot… Boo Pinkie Boo… but hold up! These two normal types have a shared trait that endears me to them. Aside from their monstrous strength they are known for having BAD abilities. Their abilities hinder them and make them unpractical to use, which compensates for their amazing stat pool. Slaking has to skip his turn every other turn and Regigigas has it’s stats quashed for the first five turns it is on the field. 

Slaking is the more viable of the two as it usually is set in as a revenge killer using moves like retaliate, or sometimes slash. It’s first form Slakoth shares it’s truant ability but it’s second form VIgoroth has the ability Vital Spirit which prevents it from even being asleep Design wise Slaking feels rather intimidating even it it’s lazy… something I would see as a viable evolution of Snorlax as well… just  not AS large. This is the only normal type that gave me more trouble as  the infamous Whitney’s Miltank. In Pokémon Colosseum the final boss Evice uses a Slaking alongside a Slowking that skillswaps the bad ability away leaving a relentless raging monster for you to face . Truly scary.

Regigigas is a bit of a weird beasty. It’s robot/golem like thing that makes the weirdest cry that really endeared me to it. It’s fun to try to keep a Regigigas alive on the field until it can unleash its full stats.  The issue I have with this one however is that if another pokémon keeps boosting it’s stats .. it can outdo even a Regigigas at it’s “normal”  level.  So you have to find ways to break Regigigas ability, which makes it super fun to use in double battles. But I even had fun with it in singles.. pairing it up with a Cofagrigus, who has the ability to create an infections ability to everything that uses contact moves… thus would allow you to replace it’s hated Slow-Start.  You really have to build your team around these two..which makes for fun little dips into battle and for memorable pokemon.

Normal Type Number 4:  Wooloo

While I loved the feeling of the world in Gen VIII’s  Pokemon Shield, there were few pokemon I feel head over heels for. Of course there was Galarian Ponyta, Polteageist and Alcremie but I had little sentiment for Corviknight or Perserker for example. I would describe the 8th generation of pokémon games as having lots of pokemon that I think “Wow thats an awesome looking pocket monsters’ but lacking in “O.M.A. I love it I love it.. add it to the team now”. However Wooloo was definitely in the latter category. It’s the generation mascotte and a lot of work went into making Wooloo and it shows.

Wooloo quickly became a fan favorite and was turned into a meme. I cried a bit when my Wooloo evolved because even though it was still my pokémon some of that appeal had gone. I swore not to catch another Wooloo because I loved Beep so dearly that even now that he became kinda ugly, nothing would take his place. So I started to shiny hunt for a black one., why do  normal types have such awesome shinies anyway?! My Switch controller broke which ended my hunt and I sending them in was a bit difficult for me.. since it happend in Corona time.. so I just got a new controller and Animal Crossing. Which meant I haven’t searched for Beep Beep yet since.

Wooloo DID make me cry a second time. During the animated series Pokémon Twilight Wings. It’s a  seven episode series of 6 minute short episodes, telling self contained stories from the pokémon game universe, opposed to the more liberate anime universe. These stories are connected by the fact that they feature a corviknight taxi, hence the name. The third episode is about Hop’s (your rival) Wooloo. This six minutes of animation are amongst the best I have seen. This is so utterly adorable and charming and since it is on the pokémon official channel I can share it with you! If you want to spend six wholesome minutes please.. look at this youtube link.. if you are using wordpress reader.. please look at it from my site.. or just look it up after.. it is so worth it.

Normal Type Number 3: Furret

Another  route 1 rodent making it on this list makes a lot of sense in my opinion. You encounter these pokémon first in the game, so whenever you add them to your team very soon. You build a bond with them because they are often lackluster in stats. You struggle with them so you talk to your screen. You can do it Sentret, you can get a flinch Rattata or even I’ll EV train you into a Bidoof! While Hoehn Form Linoone is the most competitive and “factually” good starter it never became that endeared to me. Simply because I first  caught a Poochyena instead and ran that on my team.  Had I had the third gen rodent as my first encounter the day I first played pokémon Sapphire, this spot might have belonged to the shaggier , belly drumming rodent.

Yet it was not the case so my favorite rodent is that of my favorite pokémon game.  Sentret’s evolution Furret has since the publication of pokémon animation have gained some pretty big popularity, Walking all across the world to the sweet tunes of Accumula Town (Gen V had some REALLY good music) it has walked into people hearts as well. The Shiny Furret Candycane is one of my most treasured pokemon  in Pokémon Go, It’s pink! It has some minor combat options as a  Frisk , Toxic Orb , Physical Sweeper, with moves like Trick , Brick Break and Facade. It’s solid and cute and it walks in my mind a lot. It is a perfect analogy for mt brain at times.

Normal Type Number 2: Cinccino

Now it is actually time for pokémon I use in battle and really enjoy running on my team. It’s the Chinchilla pokemon  Cinccino, whose name I always spell wrong. Cinccino is the evolution on Minccino.. so it has the the tiniest name change of all the evolutions. It’s cute and fluffy and it has the ability Skill Link. which makes it quite useful. 

While Aipom, my number six ..so barely not on this list shares this ability , Cinccino can run it much more effectively.  Skill link is a move that make sure multiple hit move always hit the maximum amount of times. The little chinchilla learns, tail slap (which gets same type attack bonus), Bullet Seed (which is a grass type move) and Rock Blast (which is a rock type move if you would believe it) 

Equipped with a Choice Band, this pokémon  can really kick ass and take names. It’s super easy to counter and it is very frail. Unlike chansey this one gets access to a solid Normal move it can deal a lot of damage with, it can be fun and trolley if you run it with a Kings Rock which allows for super high chances to flinch your enemy which can be great in a toxic stall team. There is just so many ways I can have fun with this little guy and ontop of that it just looks super cute and fluffy! I really want a plushie of this one as it looks Kawaii as  heck and I just want to snuggle it’s fur!

Normal Type Number 1: Exploud

Exploud has a horrible shiny, it goes from a blueish purple to a more Muk/Grimer is purple.  Changing from a Lavender shade to something more akin to the Amethyst or muddy Lilac spectrum is not that special. With both 91 base attack and base special attack it can really make you hurt. Pokemon like these is where the normal type shines hence it is my favorite. 

It’s sound based moves, like Hyper Voice and Boomburst, move through substitute. Not a single type resists them, though ghost types are immune.However Exploud can come with the Scrappy Ability which solves that problem as well. It’s super reliable and since you usually would only use it for it’s sound move it’s great with Choice Specs.  Really fun to use as it just shouts it’s enemies to their demise.

It’s ugly. but it’s ugly in a good way. Whenever you look at it you feel like it is gonna be loud and obnoxious and gonna ruin your party and that is exactly what an Exploud does. It’s the number one pokémon to justify making Sound  an official pokemon type and it that happens.. you bet I will get a plushie of Loudred as well. It is just such an amazing pokémon to me. It’s evoltion line tells a story of it getting louder and angrier as it evolves and it makes sense for it to go that way.

There is also something oddly satisfying about yelling, Exploud use Boomburst to your game.You encounter it relatively early in Hoehn as the shy and pink Whismur.. so of course  since I caught that Poochyena I mentioned earlier.. I’d take this as my normal type. Given that Zinnia made me like Whismur even more it just helped push this pokémon to greater heights to me. Fun to use, solid design and for now embodies what the normal type to me is about! An absolute number 1.

Special Shout-out to The Holy Mailman
Whose love and support on my Ko-Fi go above and beyond!
His love for the Furret Walking the World is big.. so let’s hope the song sticks in his head for the entire day! That way I can repay him for all the love… trough earthworms!

Which is your favorite normal type?
What type should I list next?
Let me know in the comments and enjoy Paradise!


Top 5: Pokémon I Forget Exist

Now I bet this is a list very little people are waiting for! The top five Pokémon I keep forgetting are a thing! So I bet for most of you this will be a list of “these are pokémon?” But I have been recently been replaying Pokémon Reborn and hunting for shinies. Thus I encounter many pokémon and since the game kind of starts handing you Never Used tier pokémon at the start, I encounter a lot of these. There are a few rules in this list such as one entry per evolution line.. because obviously if I forgot one stage exists I barely know the other as well.

Forgotten Pokémon Number 5: Buizel

This is the strangest case of a pokémon I keep forgetting about.  Each time I see the sea weasel pokémon or it’s evolution it barely registers with me. Even though I really like the design of a weasel with flotation devices. I recently caught a shiny one in Pokémon Reborn and I was like… oh yeah that’s a pokemon!. When it was first released in Pokémon go (and that’s not even that long ago) I had the same experience. There is something so forgettable to me about this pokémon that It faded away in relevance within months. Which isn’t even the weirdest thing.

Buizel and it’s evolution Floatzel formed a important part of my playthrough of Pokémon  Pearl. It was of my core squad members. I know it was there… but that is all I can remember about it.  I know I started with Piplup that I nicknamed Scottie Pippin, I also had a Shinx/Luxio/Luxray that I named Star Boy. Even though I already had a water pokémon I know Floatzel came with me… but I can’t remember what it did, where I caught it, what I nicknamed it. It definitely existed but still I have no memories of it. I actively used it and was charmed by it’s design so much I kept it even with type redundancy.. yet in my mind there is nothing.

This  is very uncharacteristic for me. I know what table at which restaurant I sat in 27 years ago, I knew what I ordered and where it was on the menu… and yet a Pokémon that I carried with me for an entire game… I think…. is one of the pokémon that keeps slipping my mind. Even the Floatzel I have in Reborn I like forgot the next day! Oh right I have a Floatzel now?!

Forgotten Pokémon Number 4: Chingling

Another Pokémon that Reborn remembered me it existed. I think the shiny one in reborn is the first one I ever bought catching. It’s evolution Chimecho outdated it but I didn’t even know that. I  have ONE memory of Chimecho and that is seeing it in the anime going Chim-Chow.. and I was like.. that’s how you say it?! And it’s not! It’s pronounced as Chime and Echo strung together… so why do I remember this?! I can’t even find the episode anymore?! It’s baby form.. even more forgettable. It’s one of those breed with incense things and since Gen IV was a loaned game to me.. I never got into finding them all.

Chingling is a bell with a ribbon and a psychic type. It’s only known feat to me is that it appears on both this list and the next pokémon top five I have planned. It’s pokédex entries are bland and even when evolved it knows little good combat moves. I have known zero people who used Chingling or Chimecho and I have watched Pokémon Free for all Roulettes for years now (where people battle with randomly rolled pokémon)  and I don’t think I ever saw a chingling or Chimecho there. I can recognise it when a picture is shown to me, but it one of the ones that fils me with the greatest doubt.

Forgotten Pokemon Number 3: The Spiky Eared Pichu

Now it might be a bit unfair to put a special event pokémon on here…but  I know all the other ones!? In fact if a pokémon is more unique and rare should we not be able to remember it more?! It’s even an event in my favorite pokémon game! So I would count among those mystical pokémon or movie releases and the likes but I know all of those. For this list I was scrolling true a list of all the types to make sure there aren’t pokémon I forget.. you know kinda needed for this type of list. When I passed this one I knew it had to be included.

I know all the cosplay forms of Pikachu, I know all it’s cap forms and in general I am fairly up to date with  the line but to hear there is a special form.. was new to me… though I remember knowing it before. Like when I saw “Spikey Haired Pikachu” I was like “THats a thing?” then when I read how you are supposed to take the Pikachu Coloured Pichu (which I do remember.. although vaguely.. on account of lame it’s name is) to Ilex shrine I was like… wait I do know this! I also remember that Pichu..except I don’t.

The Spikey Eared Pichu can not be traded outside Heart Gold Games (not sure if that is fixed now or not) It can not evolve and so it’s not really anything you can do anything with. It isn’t even that special looking. It just has three little spikes and can only be female.  I often wonder why all those special pikachu forms exist , however when I am confronted with this Pichu.. I only wonder.. did It really exist?

Forgotten Pokémon Number 2: Deerling

Now I am fairly alone on this but I do not mind if Pokémon are depicted as objects. People really hate Vanilluxe and Klefki  and I really like them myself. I think it is cute that monsters can also take on the shape of objects and it helps distinguish them. What I dislike more is pokémon that are “just a <blank>” with the exception of Wooloo.. man do I love Wooloo. But you know the kind.. pictures of animals and you wonder.. am I looking at a pokémon or at an actual animal. Examples are Finneon, Sentret, Herdier, Pidove and Deerling. 

Now Deerling can be Pink and Green but also a orange or brown depending on what season you catch it in. If you get a fall or winter deerling it’s kinda like Bambi with a Ribbon. It is the only pokémon I keep forgetting it’s typing off.. and it has a unique typing! Why did fire hit me super effectively?! Oh wait it is a grass type. Unless you catch the green spring form.. it doesn’t feel like a grass type and if I use the green form.. I keep forgetting it’s a normal type.

There is something so aggressively forgettable about this pokémon to me that I can’t even  remember it while I use it. While Sawsbuck makes an occasional appearance in Pokémon Showdown I keep thinking it’s like an alternate evolution for Skiddo for some reason (probably because  they use the green one). The fact that I forget one of the pokémon that can be pink is speaking volumes on how forgettable this is to me. Me not remembering a pink pokémon?! There aren’t even that many deer pokémon, with other than them just Stantler being there and Xerneas of course. It’s moveset is very similar to Gogoats and it arguably might be better because it gets a boost on Normal Attacks so it deserves some love. Unfortunatly by the time that I post this I probably will already have forgotten it.

Forgotten Pokémon Number 1: Glameow

In the entire pokémon library there is only one pokémon  whose name I keep forgetting. Whose existence is only know to me because I casually like the evolution..thinking it is the evolution to Purrloin. A Pokémon I very much loved until it began to stand up straight.  Glameow evolves into Purugly, which sounds like it could come from the third loveliest cat pokémon in the game. With some slight recolouring I think the evolution would be better than Liepard as well. Glameow however.. means nothing to me. 

It’like a diva cat with a springy tail. The springy tail have seen on spoink already, the diva behaviour works better on Snivy, Misdreavus even Kirlia and Gardevoir to an extent.  It feels a bit like the Gen IV’s rendition Spearow to Pidgey.. this feels like edgier counterpart to Bidoof. At least bidoof became a meme. I love my bidoof pokemon cards. I am not even sure if Glameow cards exist. It doesn’t help that they made it grey. I even tried to imagine it’s design after looking at it and I still remember it wrong. I remember it with make up in the face and facing the other way around.. so my retention span for this pokemon is less than 15 minutes.

Maybe it is because I am not a cat person, I really like using Normal types.. so that can’t be it! This is the only pokemon whose name I keep forgetting. I keep forgetting what generation it is from and I know nothing about it’s moveset. It’s pokedex entry tells us how it plans to hook it’s claws in it’s trainers nose if it isn’t fed.. but it hides these fantasies so it’s a meanie bo beanie as well! It’s also described that when it is happy it purrs. So even the pokédex doesn’t really know anything about it! It literally just does stuff a normal cat can! Oh it also stares at an enemy before clawing at it… just like a cat and it’s prey again.Which is kind of a relief.. I haven’t been mean to a pokémon.. just to a cat..but less real.

Honorable Mentions

Finneon and Lumineon are pokémon people easily forget but I really like them. Mostly for their cries because state wise they are quite forgettable indeed. I do love both their designs though and I feel like they are a welcome addition to the plentiful fish pokémon the game has.  Clamperl is another pokémon that is quite forgettable due to it only existing under water on diving spots, and the strange methods to evolve it.

Yet Clamperl with Shell Smash a move it legally learns has the potential to have one of the highest attack stats possible in the game, which makes it memorable at least. Gorebyss wears Ariels Bra and it has slightly become a meme for that and Huntail.. is an okay-ish pokémon! THat honestly could have made this list but he is something I just don’t actively remember than something I forget.

What are some pokémon you keep forgetting?! Did you remember the pokémon on my personal list?  I have a feeling lots of people will mention Audino..but I have a weak spot for that one. Let me know in the comments!
Audino might feature in the next top 5 next to chingling.. so maybe you can already take a guess what we will be talking about next time?! Impress me!


Pinkie Plays on eBay Part 2: More Weird Pokémon Stuff

It is time to search eBay again for weird pokémon stuff we did not know existed and we did not know we need. Last time we looked at some weird categories and found out there were a lot of vagrants. What will our search give us this time? Again per category we will look at something I would buy.. something I would not buy and something nodbody should buy! What shall we find today?! To the tall grass  patches of eBay and let’s find out.

Category 1: Pets

This time I made a very interesting discovery! The Dutch eBay has very different categories and also other entries per category! So my searching grounds have expanded a bit. While I was not really baffled by what I found this time around I think I have found some hilarious entries all the same. So how do we give our pets some Pokémon Glam?

Item that I do want: Jigglypuff outfit for your French Bulldog

I love dogs that go oink! I like dogs that are kind of awkward looking and I like dogs that aren’t  higher than my knees. You know something that can sit on the bed and might as well be a slobbering plushie. My sister has a frenchie that is adorable so when I saw this costume I really got way more excited than I should. I mean I bet once I can get a toy poodle (my ideal dog.. I love them so much)  I can get them a suit like this. But just look at how awkward the costume looks. That look on the dogs face and especially that exquisite colouring. I can have a Pink Poké Dog! Helium Smiling Balloon Yeah! Coming in at €52,54 this is a bit steep for putting a molten jigglypuff on top of your dog but at least it looks very soft and fluffy!

Looks like the dog isn’t having happy thoughts about it’s owner!

Item that I do not want: The Pokéball Cat Carrier Backpack

Cats do not like Pinkie and as a result Pinkie does not like cats. As such I didn’t even know they made special backpacks to carry your cat. So if this is very common I am sorry! However for those who like to pretend Mister Whiskerson is their own little Skitty, Pokemon has a solution for them. A backpack shaped like a pokéball. With a transparent bubble so your cat can look outside! This looks very similar as to how Pokemon look in their pokéball in the manga actually so I have to give them points for coming up with a sensical product. Still the idea of carrying a cat in a backpack is already kinda weird to me. Let alone to pretend it is in a pokéball than… actually I would only carry a cat around like that but still. It’s odd! This only costs 35 euros plus some change which really makes me doubt the quality of it though.. Then again I have no experience with this and unless they make one for ducks… or dogs dressed like Jigglypuff I am probably gonna pass them up regardless.

This add does make it look pretty awesome!

Item that I think Nobody wants:  The Pokémon Cardboard Cat Home

I know little of cats but I do know they like to hide in cardboard boxes. So  of course you have to slap a pokémon sticker onto that to make some money! This is not just any cardboard box! This is a cardboard box that has a snorlax shaped hole in it.. and two Purloin shaped light holes in the back. Here and there you can find some other pokemon shaped holes.. but other than that it is a normal brown cardboard box.  So obviously .. cardboard that had shapes delicately cut out of them will set you back 40 euros. Now sweet readers do not take this the wrong way..but if you pay 40 dollars for a cardboard box with holes in it, which you can basically do yourself with a box cutter and a printer (which you can also get together for that same amount of money) I do not think you are that sound of mind.  Sure it is a very solid cardboard box.. but still this is a cardboard box worth the price of a week of groceries… please don’t buy stuff like this!

This costs 40 dollars!

Category 2: Special Services

Now this sounded very .. uhm.. special.. unfortunately I was severely disappointed with what people offered there. For some reason it is fairly common to sell Pokémon Shinies.. either for Sword and Shield.. (for about 2,50 each)  or in Pokémon go… averaging at 20 dollar each. Going up to 70 dollars for a single shiny or 450 dollars for an account with a shiny legendary or 2. I do not get why people would do this.. but hey I am an alien.. so if you really want to buy a shiny or sell one go ahead I just feel like this goes against what pokémon is about.. but hey for the avid collector wanting peace of mind.. go you I guess.

Item that I do want : I WILL reveal your name! In this POKEMON GO style video intro.

I have NO idea what this does. Except for the title and a vague picture I have no idea what this guy will do. I assume he will make a video of a pokeball opening and my name showing. So I could use it on youtube. I have no idea on the animation though , the font he will use, the time it will take.. or even if he needs my name! Perhaps he is psychic and can guess it and show that in this video. That would be a neat trick to see. He will reveal my name is all that I know. For the totally manageable price of 5 dollar I could see myself buying this just for the LOLs.What will it be.. we do not know.. but I have wasted money on Mystery Bags before so this can’t be that much worse! I mean he WILL reveal my name surely that beats a pencil topper!

This is all we see on his eBay page!

Item that I do not want: Guy Who Makes Pokémon Printables for a Birthday Party

I saw this one surprisingly much! Using very generic images as well as selling prints that are not your own, which I am pretty sure is not allowed, people are making birthday invitations for little kids. Now who DOESN’T have a friend these days who at least can photoshop a little?  I mean , I might be ignorant here but a guy downloading the pokemon text font (which I have as well) and writing Happy Birthday Dylan on a screen grab by adding the font and a white text box is not really a service that should require being paid for. I honestly would do it for free. Sure I might attend people I have a Ko-Fi but I would never call myself a professional kids birthday invitation maker.  The weirdest one I saw was on who printed them on Hershey Mini Chocolate Bar wrappers. No where does he specify if that includes the treat as well. But really the sheer amount of invitation makers surprised. There were like 12 separate entries of them.. in which he already prepared a print and showed it as the displayed picture… that doesn’t sound like a sound business strategy!

This is Hoehn Ash with most of his Kanto Team…but it’s not! BAD invitation!

Item I think no one would buy:  Where to find Pikachu …… dot com.

This entry is listed several times on the marketplace and claims that wheretofindpikachu.com is a very hot Pokémon Go website. I guess if you only played Pokémon Go for like a day you might not encounter a Pikachu and wonder where he is but there are SOOOO many Pikachu events in this game that I really wonder. Is anybody ever really looking for Pikachu?  He can be found everywhere. What is the potential for a domain like that? What can you do with Where to Find Pikachu? I guess you can make a webshop that sells Pikachu goods but with a website like this you better darn make sure you have the legit ones .. and those are quite pricey. Plus just selling Pikachu Stuff … I am not sure it’s easy to make enough cash with it to justify the 5000 dollar asking price for this domain.  There is simply to much Pikachu in the world. I mean I have like 3 Pikachu’s at home and I am not even THAT big of a Pikachu Fan I mean if you count ALL the Pikachu you can find in my house alone.. I guess we could even find like up to 20 of them (Pokémon Cards and other depictions would count) so really.. he is like the easiest pokémon to find.

Whats with the cryptic images for Pokémon Specialty Services?

Category 3: Crafts

Now crafts is not the weirdest category to expect some pocket monster in. But it is a perfect category to find some weird and goofy looking entries in. Please be noted that I do not want to insult anyone’s craft but I am all about honest. If you say you make Pikachu it has to look like Pikachu.  I am sorry if you feel hurt for me telling you it doesn’t look like the orginal, that doesn’t mean I can do it better nor do I need to be to pass judgement. I know what Pokémon look like and if they end up looking very different I can still notice despite my lack of skill. I might not be doing it better but I am also not asking money for it. Again I respect anyones craft and hope they had a lot of fun making it and if that is so all credits to them. I will be honest when it comes to purchasing these kind of things.

Item that I do want:  Pokémon INSPIRED Crochet Toys

See, THIS is how I like it. The Brit selling these calls them Pokémon Inspired toys! So they can get away with inaccuracies. Great. Honestly I love these! They have just the right amount of clunk and derpiness and just enough pokémon flair for me to honest want to collect these. Thank you these are amazing. So I just found the knitting paterns but I bet I can buy one as well if I offer enough money!  I will admit they don’t look a lot like their pokémon counterpart but there is this uniqueness and a style in these I still can really adore. I would love to sit these on one of my shelves. So there you go! You don’t always have to be the very best! As long as what you do reflects you!

I really love these.. but I can’t knit or do that crochet thing myself!

Item that I do not want: Pokémon Crafted Rave Gear

I encountered a LOT of RAVE gear during my search of the web. Like either people really like to take pokémon stuff to rave parties or people made it and no one wants to buy it thats why there is this much! The weirdest thing I have encountered was this Umbreon Face Mask.  That doesn’t look like you can see through it well at all. Another highlight was the Trippy Pikachu Necklace, which features a budha like Pikachu variant made out of ironing beads. Do people really wear that kind of stuff to raves? I mean.. I have visited a dutch Rave once or twice in my life and I never saw people with face masks or pokemon toys wrapped around their neck.  I found a lot of people trying to sell me happy pills though! I ran and never came back! Perhaps if I had a Umbreon mask over my face they would not ask!?

Item that I think nobody wants: Stained Glass Pikachu

Shipping glass from across the world is already an iffy business. So if I buy something it has to be spot on at least. This stained glass Pikachu ..isn’t really spot on. It kinda looks like stained glass fell on him.. and we just see him through the stained glass.  Props for using the old Pikachu build though. Honestly though, this is one of those things that is hard to sell. When a light is passing through it .. it looks quite alright..ish.. but when you hang it on your wall to display it.. it really doesn’t work for me. We get this dark smudged fragile attempt at Pikachu that you really need to display in the light.. but the backside of it looks scary as  pink poo! It just feels like Freddy Krueger lives in this one to me and I am sure I can not be the only one who thinks so. I lost the exact price in my notes but this one did not come that cheap either (I think somewhere between 50 and 70 euros) so I would say this one is an item we can pass.

I am sorry Stained Glass person.. I really do appreciate what you have made, I am happy you can use your fandom in such creative ways. I just do not really think people would .. or should .. buy it. This is yours be proud of it! I love you for making this.. and dear readers I love you all! Keep smiling and I will see you all in the next post!



The OFFICIAL TOP 10: Pinkie Reviews Google’s Top 10 Pokemon 2020

It was pokémon day not to long ago. Now I wanted to do something for pokémon day.. but I figured we kind have to many “days” CAPSLOCK SPEAK day, talk like a pirate day,  three variants of valentines day, may the fourth as star wars day. It’s like we have a day for everything! Did you know that on february 27 it is not only Pokemon day, but also Polar Bear Day, Chili Day and Protein day… So was I busy saving a polar bear.. popping protein pills to get all jacked up or maybe I ate to much chili…and you know! You can decide.. February 28 was chocolate souffle day..but that did not turn out good for me. On the 27th The Pokémon Company and Google released a ranking of the most popular pokémon and today I will discuss their ranking and how I feel about it.

Honorable Mention: Snow .. Number 38

Snom to my surprise gained massive popularity in the pokemon community. It isn’t really good..it’s a Snom! It’s a bug ice type which make it’s quad weak to  both rock and fire and does not have very good resistances due to how bad the ice type actually is… balance wise. Snom won my heart for how cute it is though and it since have become some sort of a meme. I would have suspected Falinks to be higher than Snom those guys are so adorable but I am still happy to see something as innocent like Snom on this list. Simply because it has no gameplay… let alone competitive play use, I know people really voted for it because they love it! There is also no nostalgia for it.. this is just a entry of pure love! And it made me smile.


Number 10: Gengar

Gengar is a pokémon I love to bits, it is a well designed, scary but fun pokémon that is also fun to use in both gameplay as well as competitive play. While I do think his gigantamax is just a poor man’s version of his terrifying mega-evolution Gengar has always gotten a lot of love and support from the pokemon community and it is well deserved. Had I make to make my own top 10 I think Gengar would be somewhere in the middle bracket. Ghost and Poison type is still fun for me to use. His lore simply telling you to give up hope when it’s behind you still is one of the most ominous pokédex entries to date and they make a pokémon powerful and scary enough to back it up. A well deserved candidate.

Gengar is a really fun Pokémon! So are his other stages!

Number 9: Gardevoir

Now I know why she is on this list… you vagrants, but seriously Gardevoir is a great pokémon and once again worthy of a top 10 entry.  For those who don’t know Gardevoir is one of these pokemon people do lewd a lot. It is a very feminine pokemon that more or less mimics a bride. However due to gender ratios in the games she first appeared in and still existing as a male form Gardevoir has also gotten a nasty reputation to be.. something of an ugly word in its context that rhymes with clap. It’s a bit of controversy about a lovely pokémon. I had many Gardevoirs on many teams and I love raising one! It’s just fun and she gets a very good moveset and utilities so I really love her.  Her sleek white pink and green design is among my favorite colour schemes of all pokémon and if I ran one never did it felt lackluster. Definitely a great choice! 

Since I assume this is why people voted for it I shall include it educationally!

Number 8: Rayquaza

Mega-Ray is definitely my favorite Mega-Evolution in the entire pokémon series. It looks stunning. Even among the legendaries it is one of my favorites, though I do feel this spot should have gone to Mew. While I adore Rayquaza’s design his impact on the pokémon world is just so much less than Mew’s. Still amazingly designed though so I do get why people would vote for this one.  The problem I have with legendaries is that you get them so late into the game, I never really get a bond with them. The only mythical/legendary I really enjoyed was Victini because you could get it so early in the game. Rayquaza is something you get LATE LATE game. Like it’s an endgame pokémon and even then it’s late. So I never really felt a bond which pokémon such as those. Poipole being another exception mostly because it’s kind of Eldritch Pikachu. In the TCG Rayquaza has always had some good cards and figurine wise.. that would be the one I really want, as far as a usable legendary I think there are more memorable options.

I wish for Girl’s Pantsu! Shen..Uhm oh.. I used the wrong balls!

Number 7: Garchomp

This one is the first I actively disagree on. Garchomp is a great pokémon but it’s such a normy answer. Sure it is great to use a Garchomp in competitive battles as it truly is a fearsome beast with heaps of potential.. I just don’t find it fun to use.Garchomp uses Earthquake, Swords Dance,  Outrage and another physical attack. There isnt that much wiggle room. Maybe you can give it Dragon Dance instead but meh! My biggest issue with the pokemon however is that it is not fun to raise.Training a Gibble I never found fun. Training Dragons from early on I never found fun.. with the exception of Goomy and Deino and the latter evolves ridiculously late.  I am also not a big fan of Garchomps design.. it’s angry land shark with blades for arms. I always felt it was a bit to Edgy.. Like Bisharp.. They both feel more like Digmon to me.. so yes I can’t agree with this one.. but I understand you guys who voted for it. Now go listen to your my chemical romance cd’s because this next one is not your cup of tea.

The best thing about Garchomp! It reminds me of Cynthia!

Number 6: Sylveon

Oh my Arceus, My favorite Pokémon is in the top 10! Yes YES! YES. I love you guys. Not only is Sylveon the best eeveelution ever ( though most disagree with me still)  it is also a very solid allrounder pokémon. That can both be tanky and deceptively aggressive. Dynamaxing has hurt how good it is (due to how fairy Max moves work) but I still love the pokémon and it’s very concept. It’s the pokemon that evolves by love (and knowing Fairy moves) not friendship but love! Well .. it used to.. now it evolves by friendship..but stil. It is a pokémon that completely symbolises love and it’s pink! How can I not love it. Sylveon is a strong pokémon that with his ability pixilate and the move hyper voice can turn into a total ringer! It its tremendously fun to use to raise as you really need to spend time with your pokémon to play with it and feed it and actually get a pet like feeling, so it’s very easy to bond with and I adore that and everything about it.

My Number 1! Always!

Number 5: Umbreon

Clearly you guys don’t know what the best Eeveelution is. Umbreon is better than Sylveon? Heck no! Not in my world! It has the better shiny though and it is my second favorite Eeveelution. In fact it might just be top 10 material for me as well. Umbreon is a toxic staller pokémon and while I would put Chansey in it’s spot in the top 10, I love myself a good toxic staller. This Pokémon is known as Blacky in Japan.. well actually Burraki I guess but still.  It is in the top 3 of my favorite shinies and it’s an adorable little thing. My issue with it that unlike Sylveon , Umbreon isn’t that fun to use during actual gameplay, it has more weaknesses than chansey.. but also has the same as my pink egg nurse, just different immunities but Chansey has such high hp that it doesn’t matter. Unlike Sylveon I never really found reason to use Umbreon, though Foul Play is better than Seismic toss. Also it was hassle to raise it at night.. because I could not play my game that late when I was a kid. Only on a holiday and a weekend. If it was in my top 10 it would take the 10 spot.. or it is slightly below. Still solid taste.. unlike the next slot.

It’s shiny is so pretty and subtle!

Number 4: Charizard

First of all you picked the wrong starter.. Team Bulbasaur!  Secondly.. I really think Charizard stuff has been overkilled.  He has gotten a Gigantamax, Two Mega-Evolutions, each TCG set has Charizard ringers, he had a major role in the Ash anime as well as in Origins.  Charizard feels so available that it is hard not to love. I get why it is beloved but I am surprised that so many still support the old dog. In all honesty I never saw the appeal as much.  I loved him in the anime.. the bond growing between him and Ash but that has later been done even better. Charizard to me feels like Pewdiepie. I am sure there is good content to be had but it also shouts a bit “buy my merch” Still a great classic because it is the dream pokémon of an 8 year old boy and those who never grew that much further into the franchise but for those who us who have been in this journey for so long.. this kind of feels like a REALLY?! pick for me. I am happy it is just number four though

If you ask a Gewunner who is your favorite Pokémon!

Number 3: Mimikyu

A … we return to good taste. I adore Mimikyu and find it infinitely funny that the one mimicking an OG is the more popular one of the two. Mimikyu is a ghost pokémon that dresses up like Pikachu because it also wants to be loved.. but if people see it’s true body they get cursed and oftenly perish. So it makes a costume that is very dear to it and which it will take very good care off, repairing it as soon as it is broken and not resting until it’s fixed again.  This is one of those pokémon that truly touched by heart in a big way. He is the plushie I am missing most in my collection! Mimikyu is fun in the anime, it’s great during gameplay and even can see some lower tier competitive play. It has gotten quite a bit of love in the tcg and merch department as well so no matter which way you go there will be some Mimikyu for you.. without it being overly obnoxious. A great choice that is definatly in my own top 5.

Mimikins is my favorite Mimikyu

Number 2 : Lucario

By far the worst pick on this list. It feels so normie. Lucario is a solid pokémon with a cool design and I did enjoy Korina and her Lucario in the anime but it is just a Mewtwo Echo Fighter in Smash, It’s so so in the pokemon tcg and for some reason it can never really live up to my expectations in games. Lucario feels slower than he should be and deals less damage than I think it should. It looks strong and cool but it also feels really catered to 8 year olds. I get why people are nostalgic for Charizard so I forgive them for voting for such a dudebro pokémon but Lucario.. I don’t know! It had that one movie it was really good in but I never really saw the appeal. At best I’d count him as my 5th favorite fighting type and MAYBE it’s in the top 3 of steel types for me. My second favorite Pokémon has now become Alcreamie I truly love it but I do get why it hasnt made this list

Korina might be waifu Material, Lucario is as well to some!

Number 1: Greninja

I’d go as far as saying Greninja is my favorite final water evolution. I love Primarina and Blastoise as well but Greninja had something that seemed much cooler than Water Types usually are. There is many water starters I prefer over it’s basic form Froakie, yet none evolve as cool as this one. It’s probably also one of my favorite water types to raise due to how diverse he is and how it makes so much more sense to use on land than most water pokémon.  It’s protean ability which allows it to switch typings only makes it better. Since we now have Libero Scorbunny, which also allows it to switch typings base, a cool little tug of war is going on between those two. (Since Greninja gets a lot of dark type moves and Cinderace gets a lot of fighting types they might alternate between which one is super effective.

Greninja was also such a star in the anime, their bond even topping that of Ash and Charizard! In fact I might even argue their bond was better than that of Ash and Pikachu. Which is why never forgave Ash for abandoning it. Is Greninja that greatest pokemon ever? No… battlebond (Where it transforms into a hybrid between him and ash) feels to flimsey in games. Yet I do get the appeal. Not a top 10 pokémon for me by a longshot but a top 50 entry for sure. I also get why people love it which feels like a completely genuine pick so I am happy it at least got this much love! It shows that Pokémon is more than nostalgia.. it’s about bonds as well. And that is a message I can very much get behind.

Leave it to Ash to abandon a Pokémon that can go Super Saiyan.. because they are so in Sync!

Of course you should not take my opinion to seriously. Each Pokémon on this list has earned their love way or another. If yours is not here it doesnt mean it is trash either. That is the beauty of this series. Each finds what they love in different packages! I simply explained my view on these!
Who do you think should be added to this list?! Remember that I love you all and don’t forget to keep smiling



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Top 5: Pokémon Battle Themes

Being short on time and ill prepared, I would not want to leave you island guests without content. So let’s have fun with something nice and easy that is close to my heart. Pokémon stuff! I saw a bad horror movie yesterday as well, but since I want to blog about love now, rather than burning a movie to the ground I rather praise the franchise I so adore. Since I do not have a lot of time to photoshop I protected me from myself and picked a blogging topic that did not need images. MUSICA! So here are my five favorite battle themes from the games and series.

Battle Theme Number 5 : Blue’s Champion Theme (Pokémon Origins Version)

Now I could easily place this one right on top of my list for nostalgia reasons and use the original version but that would be a bit lame. While the original rendition is in my eyes till the best game rendition this anime version is truly the perfect symbolism to how it matured over time.  Those beginning notes almost sound like an alarm going off, warning you that you are about to battle the toughest battle of your life. As a child this was…sorta true. Blue was a tough battle but I never found him that threatening. 

Something in the way he is build up. You beat him over and over again so if you fight him at the end, he doesn’t really feel like a champion. If we compare that to for example a Cynthia or Leon who have been build up as super strong trainers, this fight does not feel THAT special to me.  Had we not just encountered Blue outside victory road earlier I might feel differently, but all I could think was.. he could not have gotten THAT much stronger could he? When you battle Red at the end of Gold and Silver (and their remakes) he feels a lot more menacing. Blue’s theme was also used as the champion theme for Trace.. who even feels weaker so I just never felt situations where this dire when hearing this theme. Still it’s one of the very best.

Battle Theme Number 4: Zinnias’ Battle Theme (Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire)

One of my favorite pokémon titles of all time was Pokémon Omega Ruby, while other fans criticize it for being to samesies.. I was not allowed to get the original pokemon ruby and sapphire by my dad. He said Pokémon was for kids and I had outgrown it.. so I could only play that one as a illegal rom, and only if he was not watching. So in a way I never was at ease when playing the game. When I finally got to play it in peace and legal I felt so much more at ease.  The mysterious character Zinnia, that is new to these remakes had fascinated me from our first encounter. She strongly reminded me of a real life girl I was having strong feelings for. I had not been open and out as being into girls for to long, (after realising it took me a few years to dare to flirt or show interest in girls in fear of pushing them away and due to this fear I just ended up not realy feeling in love) 

Zinnia is a young woman who lost her child Aster due to unknown reasons.  Being part of a dragon clan she travels the lands to try and prevent the world to end. Yet she goes about it in some dubious ways at times.  She is constantly followed by a helpless whismur that she called Aster, which you trough research can find out is the name of her lost infant. I respected the character and it was one of the first mature characters your character sort of gets a bond with.  Her theme has some darkness to it in it’s baseline while the main melody due to the accordion like themes sounds odd from which we can also read her scars. Zinnia got odd due to the pain of her loss, yet still is a brave fighter trying to do good. And this theme conveys that very well to me. Plus it’s the theme of the only pokémon character I ever crushed on.. so makes me look at it from rose tinted glasses. You could say that that is a bad thing but I would love to have pink glasses.

Battle Theme 3 : Ultra Necrozma Battle (Ultra Sun and Moon)

No matter how big of a Pokémon fan you are, no matter how much of a Negative Nancy or Positive Petra you are we can all agree one thing. Pokemon games are REALLY easy. We invent challenges for ourselves called Nuzlocke where a pokémon fainting equals it’s permadeath to make the dame more challenging. We hack the games to make them more challenging and even then we still manage to beat them. So imagine the surprise among the pokémon community when we first encountered this additional villian in Ultra Sun and Moon. When Necrozma absorbs Nebby (which is already pretty shocking)  we see the birth of one of the most.. and most likely even THE most challenging bossfight(s) in the entire series.

I saw so many Nuzlocke fail under the might of this extraordinary and creepy pokémon. A legendary that basicly mega evolves AND gets the totem boost is nothing to scoff at. It’s moveset has super effective counters for SO many pokémon. If he hits you super effectively, the pokémon is basically dead as if you do not power grind , knowing that it will come it will be of a lot higher level than you should be. Very few pokémon can resist it. It’s battle theme feels menacing and celestial, it feels like you are facing something bigger than that which you have ever faced and this in fact ..at least until you face Eternamax form Eternatus. I love the theme of the latter..but that one feels to much like a big hero’s reversal so there is not as much tension as in this doozy!

Battle theme 2: Gym Leader theme (Sword and Shield)

Now I am not one to say that new is always better and some 16 bit and 8 bit music is truly great Yet in Pokémon’s case I do feel that the classic themes are somewhat overplayed. We all know it and love it and that is great. Yet in recent times we have begun the cycle of nitpicks and are beginning to critique everything on nitpicks and instead of looking at why we love a franchise we look for reasons to drop it. Pokémon Sword and Shield does indeed have pokémon locked behind time gates (not behind paid dlc.. except for the new forms and new pokémon) sure, the game is shorter , but it made endgame more accessible than ever.I do not mind the people who give Game Freak honest feedback, I do mind the people trying to boycott the game for having a shorter campaign or for being so anti DLC they do not see it’s simply a product of the age we live in. I felt really sad that my beloved community had turned into Nat-Dexxers hating on the new game and SwooShers hating on Nat Dexxers. Can’t we just focus on what we like about pokémon and stay united. You do not have to buy a game you do not like nor do you have to dislike a game because others critique it. 

I felt alone and I  was wondering if it became wrong to love pokémon still. I took my first steps in the world of Galar with some reluctance. Was it still okay to love pokémon?  This all changed as soon as I stepped into that first gym battle. I loved the cute gym puzzle, I loved how Galar made pokémon feel so much more real. Like an actual sport!  I loved the world building in Galar. That odd theme gave me an “as scene on tv” kind of feel. It was strange but good. Still okay just… until you knock out your opponents second to last pokémon. When we enter the final phase of the battle  the crowds in the stadiums begin to chant .. and it was amazing. For the first time it wasn’t just my character standing in that arena! I was there!
Then I saw youtubers really loving this song as well. Wherever I watched I saw them doing that same crowd as the chant.  Now when I ever doubt if it is wrong to love pokémon I hear all those youtubers and other video streams chant this song and I know that there is nothing wrong with me… and I want to battle some more! That is some powerful stuff!

Battle theme 1: Alolan Champion Theme (Pokémon Sun and Moon)

Pokémon Sun and Moon have some of my favorite music, my favorite city theme, my favorite pokémon professor theme, my favorite elite 4 theme and my favorite champion theme. That last one is so much greater than anything else. Not only does it walk a great balance of nostalgia as being its own track. It represents something that is unheard of and never been done in any pokémon game. When you face professor Kukui as your final challenge at the end of the elite four you would really think it is his theme. However is not. If you repeat this challenge, you can face various trainers and with all of them we see the same theme play out. Even if you fight Hau .. who has a very specific theme! How is this possible?  Then you realise it… as soon as you beat the Alola league the words that show us the truth appear on the screen “Congratulations, you are the first champion in the alola league’ This song is your theme.

Starting with the first notes, the first pokémon game began with, this song isn’t about your rivals determination.. or the high stakes in this match. It’s about your journey as a trainer.  Kicking of very tiny and swelling in intensity it has show how we have grown as trainers. With both intense and whimsical parts it encapsulates every aspect of being a trainer. Throughout the song we see a lot of classical elements of mostly pokémon main themes.
This is not just a song about your journey through Alola but your entire career as a pokémon trainer. In all the other regions there were champions before us and there will be after we have gone, but in Alola we became the first! We have become the very best.. like no one ever was.

Pinkie To The Rescue Squad: What Pokémon Would I Be?

With the Pokémon Dungeon Mystery Dungeon  Rescue Team DX demo now being live it’s the perfect time to look at oneself and wonder. What Pokémon would I be?  Because based on your personality this game will assign you one of I think 15 (maybe it’s one more or less) pokémon to represent you.  I shall go one step beyond. I will look at my abilities , nature, elemental disposition and capabilities as well as my persona to determine in which Pokémon I should be transformed. Of course you’re invited to follow the same system to find out who you are! So here we go!


First of all let us specify what stat disposition you have.  We are not D&D characters that can choose a class and then distribute our skills to make that class work. We are born with certain abilities and aptitudes and we develop those as we grow older. Pokémon Stats are, HP, Attack (Physical) Special Attack (Magic-like Stuff)  Defence (How much slaps can you take) Special Defence (How much intangible stuff can you take) and speed.
Then we pick two skills we would be very poor at and two skills we are very good at. In real life I have three main weaknesses. My Physical Strength is very low due to my issues to control my muscles properly, nor do they develop as proper as they should if I train. (It’s complicated just trust me in this)  this of course also influences my speed in the same way.
So at first sight these two would be my weaknesses.. 

(this would be me as A pokémon! Pinkie use Tackle! “Yes Master” …… Pinkie hurt herself by being a clutz)

Oddly enough one of my strengths would be HP. Even if I am frail and get sick very often, I have survived things doctors felt I could have easily died from. I fell off a lot of stuff and into a lot of stuff, I drank bad stuff and others things and I always came out feeling still rather okay. My special defence meanwhile.. a few mean words can make me cry, wouldn’t be anything special. My Special Attack however would be my main skill. I tend to be able to make people do what I want, bend their will to mine (less evil than it sounds)  and manipulate them.. attack them on a mental level. Mindgames, but I would also be able to give them strength again to move on, give them advice to cheer up and other things. My main stats thusly would be HP and Special Attack. HP and Special Attack is already a difficult combination to find a good pokémon with!  Yet if you had a luckier draw, let’s take it to the next step.

(I can tell exactly what my friends think! We never play Poker)

Elemental Disposition

Next it is time to find out what elements I match with. Of course my you could just pick your favorite typings here , which would to me be Fairy, Poison and Normal but two of those types do not match me.  I rarely consider myself normal. Oftenly to my own dismay, I just can’t really relate to any normal human beings, up to a point that I kind of consider myself an alien. That definitely means I do not have the aptitude to be a normal type. Even when I tried in real life, I failed at that so I do not think It would work out as a pokémon. Poison types can not be poisoned (unless someone has the corrosive ability) but I sure as hell definitely get poisoned from time to time.  While I think a sickly poison type could be an amazing pokémon in design we have never seen such a thing and therefore I can not identify as such. They cause sickness non are really sick. So that one is out. I despise cold and snow so ice types are out as well. Plants I touch wither and die so clearly I am not a grass type either. I very much dislike warriors and like I said I am physically weak and my physical defence isn’t anything special either so I am not a match for ground, fighting steel or rock types either.
All electric pokémon are too speedy for me nor can they ever be paralysed. My legs often do not work properly so I would not be a good Pikachu either.
I imagine Ash yelling me to dodge and instead I would fall flat on my face in sheer panic.

(Weird Fact: When I was searching for Dojiko stuff and clumsy girls Google showed me a lot of my own posts.. Google knows!)

Water, Ghost,  Dark , Fire, Fairy, Psychic and bug I do not directly see myself mismatching with. Dark type is evil type in Japanese and at times I can be a bit of a manipulative witch. Water types tend to suit my stat disposition very well and I like warm hot places quite a lot. I like to cutesie things up and play mind games so yes I could be one of these five types. However two of these qualities are waaaaaay more dominant in my persona as the other two. I play mind games each week, I like  to place myself in another’s position and think about what they want, I want to know and oftenly CAN tell what my friends are thinking. So I’d be a great psychic type! Fairy pokémon get access to moves like Baby-Doll Eyes, Charm, Decorate, Sweet Kiss, Spirit Break and Let’s Snuggle Forever. That’s pretty much my modus operandi right there! I do not think I have nearly as much compatibility with water moves, because making someone wet is way to unpanda for me. While I do love to burn people I mostly mean that in the insult kinda way.. which is more a psychic type or ghost type thing. String shot is more something guys do and I am not very good at surfing or diving.  So yeah.. . I’d say I am either a psychic or a fairy type. 

(If you guys help me become a legendary blogger maybe one day I can be Tapu Lele)

Personality and Role

So with that step done it is time to look at what role I would fill on the battlefield. I would not call myself someone who is much of a sweeper. I do not like attacking full force. Even if someone angers me I want their fall from grace to be slow. That feeling that they are slowly losing control. If someone makes me happy and they struggle I would want them to recover. However also her I am for the slow burn method. Instead of flatout healing you, I’d rather give my friends the tools to heal themselves. For example my gay best friend is in a very toxic friendship. Instead of just hugging his pain away my efforts to help him focus on  making him realise that relationship is toxic so he can break free and prevent pain in the future as well. Instead of giving people a fish , I prefer teaching them how to build a fishing rod. Even if that means having them be hungry for two additional days or so. So while I am helpful and also a bit offence I do not want to take the spotlight in that. I do not want to be the person who freed you from that toxic guys.. I want to be the person who convinces you to lose the toxic guys.. so you took that important step yourself. If someone is mean to me and I take them down a peg, I do not slap you in the face or flat out humiliate you in return. I make sure you realises things are going wrong , that you are losing control and that the way you have handled things is not the right way. Get me on wrong foot and you are oftenly a lot worse of than me and being sorry isn’t always enough anymore.  In terms of Pokémon thusly I would be a pokémon that controls momentum of the battlefield. Buffing my teammates, debuffing the enemies and perhaps some damage over time or counter strategy mechanics.

(Why do final fantasy time mages have such a stupid outfit? Not very fashionable)

I am a manipulator. diplomat  and a tactician, I do not care about raw power I care about control. The safety and happiness of my friends is very important to me. I am good at cheering people up, but also good at  talking my enemy of the ledge. I prefer words over actions, I’d rather befriend my enemies rather than fighting them. While I am not quick to resort to violence and discuss peaceful solutions to our problems once I get angered I have a hold over many people. However I am quick to lose in a straight up fight so it’s important for me to remember that I have friends to fall back on. Even if I do not wish to put them in harm’s way, two or three people can achieve more than one. If my friends wish to help me I should allow them to help me like they would allow me to help them. We are not alone. Together we’re strong. 

A person like me should be an Aromatisse

Aromatisse is the fragrance pokémon, they leave a very strong impression on people because of the scents they produce. According to the Shield Pokédex they can produce any sort of scents to give them an edge.  From sweet scents that bolster their allies to foul smells that sap an opponents will to fight. While I do not actually use scents myself I do use emotions, sentiments , wisdoms, lessons or simply words and experiences to bolster my friends or demoralise my enemies. Like fragrances these are intangible phenomena that can influence people at least as much  Aromatisse best quality is her HP with a base stat of 101 she won’t go down easily. Her special attack of 99 shows she is capable of some of the more intangible forms of offence as well. Aromatisse is one of the slowest fully evolved pokémon across the entire lineup of the series. When I was a tiny Pinkie people always lapped me at gym class, people surpassed me left and right but life is not a race, nor do I want to reach the finish that quickly so I am happy being slow. Aromatisse has a very diverse moveset catered towards support she can set up defensive screens to keep your allies safe, set up weather to weaken your opponents  or strengthen your team, she can control momentum with moves like encore (which locks your enemy into their last used move) She can set up terrain, protect from status and even has a chance to heal. With a few offensive moves to help out, including a few voice moves which goes through defensives substitutes. We both aren’t highflyers nor are we very competitive but when we step in we can alter everything and you don’t know what exactly. It’s always a mindgame and I like that role!

Of course there is also the design of Aromatisse that factors in, she is pink and fairly girly. Personality wise we  do very much overlap as well. Yet I would like you all to know that I actually did not select her on being pink, that was a nifty coincidence.  HP and Special Attack Main stats are rare beasties in the pokémon world, and at first I thought a pokémon like Braixen would match well. This cheerful little fox impressed me in Pokken Tournament  but it turned out to be way too aggressive for me. Stats Wise Musharna and Aromatisse where the closest match . While I like the dream theme around the other pokémon it got this update that it is quite a big grump and that it’s dream mist can make your nightmares become reality forever.. that seemed a bit mean. I am not THAT grumpy.

Meanwhile the pokémon that I have chosen to identify with has some design qualities that closely resemble myself and fit my own theme. While this pocket monster definitely won’t win any beauty awards in terms of designs it’s a mix of a medieval  plague doctor and a cancan dancer. Which is kind of the story of my life. A plague doctor is someone who fights of disease and particularly the nasty kind. Now I can relate to that given my own health situation. Yet it’s also a pokémon that always tries to keep cheerful as shown by the cancan dancer part.. which cutes things up! So I do feel this is quite a great analogy for who I am. It is said  that this pink fluffy bird pokémon’s fragrance is to strong for most people to handle. I would compare that to my personality. While I am a delight to hang out with, I sometimes can be a bit odd and a bit much to handle because I do not compromise in who I am. My personality , my scent will always show trough! So I am Aromatisse!