Bobbing with Pink Headphones: Pinkie puts a Tune to it.

So I am NOT a big music person, like at all. I never listen to pop music except for when I am forced too.. like when I am in a bar to have a few drinks or in a mall and the music system plays that stuff normal people listen on a radio. I know Nickelback from the memes, Justin Bieber from being so hated on youtube and Rihanna from being in Battleship. Kayne West is a gay fish and if I had to name a foreign singer kinda person I would mention Vitas.. or by the handle he is better know: Weird Russian Singer. So when Inkisbane from In Search of Number Nine nominated me, I had a true challenge ahead of me. So if you came here for insightful thoughts about music you might be better of checking his post on the matter, by clicking on the cocktail below.

Rules- Shakira

Apparently Shakira wrote a song about rules, a long time ago. I certainly never knew! I also never noticed how much she actually sounds like an Otamatone when she sings. She really does though! See.. thats kinda putting a tune to something right? Well no!  Like with Shakira’s songs there are a few rules I must abide by. The challenge itself goes like this.

Step 1: Choose any number of western songs from any genre that you think best shows up a anime or manga genre.
If you want to pick more than 1 from each section that is fine. Of if you can’t name something from a specific category that is fine as well.
Step 2: Explain why you think your choice works, is it the lyrics? The tune and the beat? Or is the music video?
Step 3: Link back to the original post and also the one who tagged you…though technically it’s not in the rules but you’d make me a sad Pinkie if I did not get to read your posts.
Step 4: Include the Put a Tune To It, in your tages so everyone following this thingy can follow it easily.
Step 5: Nominate Around 1-5 Bloggers.

Now because I am a rebel I am going to do step 3 first, though in the original format it was just rules anyway but I felt like saying it this way.  The” Put a Tune to it” tag was created by Dewbond who writes on “Shallow Dives into Anime”. Read his original thoughts by clicking on the cocktail below.


Like Inkisbane I wanted to show of something AMV first, because the theme of AMV”S really fit the brief of putting a tune to it. The first one I will put down here isn’t even that special, except for the fact that it was the first AMV I ever saw.  I was a late in life Weeaboo. who discovered I liked this all along, without knowing the word that only in high school discovered true anime. I was shunned by my class and put in the left-over project group. Three big anime fans. We had to start a business together and they were hellbend on opening an anime shop (hypothetically of course) as soon as I looked deeper what Anime was.. to give a proper presentation I was smitten. When I texted the group I was one of them now… they send me this AMV.

Now that I am looking back on it, this one was kinda dull and bland but back then it was one of the hypest things I have ever seen. Even that angry music was still kinda okay. I had a bit of a brief edgy phase back then when I wore black and skull thingies. Right before I went completely sick and dedicated my life to pink.  Speaking of Edgy.. my current friends even if I did not know them around then had this edgy kinda phase too. They were really into My Chemical Romance. For AMV competition in 2011 my friends made a video to the song Dead, based on the highschool of the dead anime. I was blown away and so were a lot of other people. For the sake of their privacy as well as their contacts going dead I reuploaded it to my own youtube channel, but make sure to show your appreciation if you like it. I will show it to them! Unfortunately the pair since split ways so this way , both will get their love still.

Shounen: Alles is Liefde – Bløf

Now onto the main event, and rebel as I am.. I cheat. Rather than selecting a song that perfectly encapsulates the genre I chose a song that is a perfect intro to basically any any random Shounen series.  Now I want you to memorise these steps and picture them in your head with the song.. while keeping your eyes closed. Of course this works best on a second viewing. Of course I am talking about the musical flow off the song and not about the actual lyrics. When the drums kick in you can just see the main character running through the grass with their friends and as the first lick is given of the guitar we get a view of  Hidden Leaf village, social society or U.A Highschool. As the main baseline sets in we see the logo of whatever shounen we are watching. When the lyrics set in we get those still shots of characters of the main cast with a monochrome colour. Sakura Reading A book with a green filter, Ichigo playing with Yuzu with an Orange filter, Midoriya putting on his suit as all night does the same in black and white. When the chorus sets in, we see the main character Naruto running to the villian tossing some kunais as we get some cool battle shots. 

Alles is liefde… “Getsuga Tenshou, Alles is liefde, Rasengan, we see the villains pose as a shadow reveals there will be an even bigger villain in the future. At just past the 2 minute mark is the perfect cut off to start the new episode. It might be 30 seconds to long, but still near darn perfect. In reality this song is about everything being about love! Pretty good message for on my channel..but like pure and innocent love… not the lewd kind! I’m a pink Panda.

Cyberpunky Copl ike Stuff: Duality – Slipnot

Sure Cyberpunky Cop Like Stuff might not be coined as an official genre but still that is what this song goes to. Imagine images of Spike Spiegel, Psycho Pass and even death note to an extend. Perhaps even ghost in the shell and Evangelion. I am not sure how to explain properly but it’s one of those anime that isn’t very colorful with a lot of greys and browns. The character is usually a heavy drinker and a tortured soul and while he is discovering a streak of murders he finds out that the government isn’t up to anything good. Now he has to fight against everything he once stood for to save an innocent woman with special powers or of mysterious origins in a criminal ridden city.

Taking refuge among those he used to lock up, on the run from justice.. seeking actual justice. Perhaps he can have a dead wife or his kid got shot , which led to his wife to fall into despair and divorce him.. that kind of stuff.  Of course it would not just be a straight up fill noir, because than we would need some jazz. No there has to be hover bikes, flying cars and guns that should around corners. Government people in white suits. There’s plenty of anime that fit that brief. And this song is very fitting for it as well.

Slice of Life :  Mamma Mia – Abba (Nightcore Version)

Probably pushing the boundaries again of what is allowed, this was still to good not to share.  While the original swedish original (hey I do know some foreign singers other than Weird Russion Guy..Yay) is mundane enough in terms of lyrics and does indeed encapsulate the simplicity of the slice of life genre it lacks that sugarcane sweetness we all so deeply desire.
You know in my opinion in any Slice of life opening your main cast of girls has to be able to do a silly bunny dance, or a duck dance.. anyway silly dance is required. It needs to be high energy overly sweet and Kawaii-Desu!.

“Luckily” we have a “genre’  that is perfect for this.
As you can probably tell by the thingies I am using, I am not a big fan of the Nightcore genre. Like it’s just pitch shifting and changing speed. It does sound Kawaii though. And since  both the hairy Swedes and the Weeb who sped it up more than likely come from the west I think this should be allowed as my entry. Just listen to this music. It starts out with a girl laying on the grass of those weird japanese canal things where they fly their kites and stare at pictures in lockets. As she holds the locket against her heart we see her heart broken, when she looks down again her friends are standing in front of her smiling at her reaching their hands. She takes their hands and in a rainbow swirl we see them to their bunny dance and see their chibi version chase new boys! One of them is a Bifauxnen, another a Shota and yet another is a monkey… the gross girl of the group seems to hug the monkey a lot in the opening. Eventually we see them all trip on each other and tumble down the hill where they laugh as we look at the guys from a frog perspective, trying to help them up as the setting sun creates a lens flare that makes room for the title. 

You’re the one that I want

I’ve got tags, we’re multiplying! And I’m losing control!
Cause.. the song flow, that your supplying!
It’s electrifying

You better shape up! Because I need you man!
And my heart is set on Yuu!
You better shape up! Yes Mallow understand!
And my final pick is Foo(vay’s cauldron)

You’re the ones that I want… you’re the ones I want want.. Oooh Ooh Ooh
The ones that I want…..Ooh Ooh Ooh
That was a very random way of selecting my nominees. So if you don’t want to do this, by all means feel free to skip and if I didn’t sing about you feel free to nominate yourself with that You are the ones I want line! Just let me know in the comments! Alright with that I shall join my insanity for dinner. It’s a weird way of selecting people.. but at least I put a Tune to It.