Hear ye Hear Ye

The Princess of Paradise, Pinkie Greets you for visiting her island!  An island located between reality and fiction! A place where the two meet! In other worlds a place where we can engage with fellow fans and our fandom! o take a tropical drink, sit by the pool or the Mario Tennis Court (we don’t have an actual tennis court, just a big tv on some gravel)  and enjoy your stay in Paradise!  If you want to meet the team on Twitter, click on our pictures to our pages!

 The Princess of Paradise

Let’s begin with a little about the ruler of Paradise.  Pinkie is a VBlogger and aspiring VTuber. She quickly realised she was not like other humans. You see Pinkie exists, in both in reality, typing this across on her slightly crappy laptop!  While also being a Princess of a tropical island here in the world that borders make belief.  She is a being that exists twice.  The real Pinkie was born and raised in the Netherlands, she identifies as female and her passport says her age is higher than 21!  About 13 years or so! … But to all who ask, she is 21!  She is officially a NEET but due to health reasons. Her health has gone down hill a bit recently which made her decide to do 1 post every other day, rather than one post a day. Which means you will get 3 or 4 posts from her every week.  Pinkie writes about various subjects, and with her strange mind it will always be a guess on what type of content you are going to get. Her big dream is to be able to afford a trip to Japan and visit the Pokémon Café in Tokyo and have a Mew Fluffy Marshmallow Shake.. and eat the Jigglypuff cheesecake!

Her other self started out as a Chibi mostly talking to Pokémon. Picking up the managerial tasks on Paradise however made her grow up fast and she became an anime character of sorts.  Sharing a dream of her real life self to become a form of an idol she saw her chance to become a VTuber and took it! Having been attacked and killed by Mothra, Pinkie transformed into a Kaijuman!  However , things did not feel right! The moth felt weak, sick and trying to be YouTube as a Moth gave so much trouble that Pinkie new.. she had to eolve even further, beyond a Moth, beyond a manager.  She discovered she was actually very much like a Digimon.. and by talking to the manager of fictional Sony…she was made a Japanese Princess, and got the power to evolve in her new form. Yuni “Pinkie” Ahiru now Princess instead of Manager of Paradise. She could make her life  easier  as royalty and now she finally was imbued by the power of her true spirit animal. Both Fictional Pinkie  and Real life Pinkie hope to add (Malkavian) Vampire to their state of being at one point!.

The Staff


Kuro was the first Staff member to join Pinkie’s team! It was a rainy day when fictional Kuro arrived on Paradise, which surprised Pinkie.. because Paradise is never rainy! However as she quickly found out, Kuro is a bartender of skill, but also a writer of Lovecraftian, Japanese horror which means it always rains around Kuro. Kuro can make very bubbly and light drinks..but prefers to make your throat and soul burn!  She has a stack of magazines that Pinkie being a homo-romantic demi sexual, both in real life and in virtual life,  stays away from.  Kuro has a little hut both sitting over the pool pump and the ice machine. So that Kuro’s rain clouds provide them with free water.

In real life Kuro is an American whose twitter profile makes you think they are canadian.  Having a fondness for pot noodles VTubers and those edgy visual novels. Like their counterpart Pinkie has no doubt they have a stack of manga that she doesn’t want to browse. Kuro may very well share the content of these books though!   So if that is something you are interested in! Kuro will spice up Paradise soon with their horror stories….or pinkie’s.


Indigo joined the staff as the security officer of Paradise, but is often also used as the tech guy.. because we don’t have enough STAFF yet.  That does mean he is a bit busy to write at times, but he is a loyal supporter of Paradise either way! Like a good little Ninja he sneaks around Paradise and swoops in when he needs to! Defending me when people are mean. He looks like an Edgelord and pretends to be an edgelord by writing on all sorts of gloomy dark and gritty games.  He is working on a series that is a hybrid between our tabletop sessions and Bloodborne!  Pinkie also thinks at one point he hopes to manifest a Space Marine on the island.

In real life Indigo lives in Finland, where he on occasion electrocutes himself. He is into D&D, Warhammer and a lot of viking and war stuff. He knows a lot about old wars, and old weapons and he likes to camp…and then have a big LAN party!  Which means Indigo is a big party boy! No matter if it’s a D&D Party to join or a LAN party he is there.. to have fun with his friends and stay sober!  If you stay sober long enough, which Pinkie doesn’t , he might even tell you on how some sort of gun works!


Sunny came to the island on a raft, it looked cobbled together by twigs, logs, rope and kelp. All he had with him was a bright yellow bucket!  He just began cleaning some canana’s and started living in the broom closet. When Pinkie confronted him.. instead of tossing him out she made him the official Cabana Boy of the island, and by using the term.. he seemed to think it was okay to bring mature ladies with him to visit the Broom closet.  So Pinkie gave him a cabin of his own. Which he dismantled and rebuilt closer to the sea!  Now Sunny occasionally shows up at the resort to tell about his fishing endeavours, fun board games, or amazing Paradise adventures. Everything he does, is ocean themed though!  Every email he sends comes with a starfish!  Pinkie doesn’t even know how he manages that.. but hey benefits of living on Paradise I guess.

In real life Sunny is portrayed by Blogging Bestie Summer, close friend to Pinkie and owner of her very own blog where she talks a lot about her life and some stuff like witchcraft, cartoons and where she showcases some of her sketches!  A free spirit like Sunny, but a lot more functional. She has a colourful live and that shows in her amazing and creative writing. Being the second most frequent STAFF member on Paradise, chances are you have seen a Sunny post or two! Their fascination with big monsters makes a great pairing with Pinkie who likes her monsters pocket sized! Two besties writing together , having fun makes Paradise a good place!


Caught for peeing in a pool, Periwinkle joined the STAFF after he had shown exceptional skill, cleaning that pool. He was very surprised himself.. “What’s wrong, why doesn’t this suck” he asked.  You see Periwinkle normally plays a lot of very bad games for the Playstation 2.  A console which I am sure has seen a lot of wear and tear. Regardless, Periwinkle is a slightly unhinged member of the crew that finds rage in his games and relaxation in his new job at Paradise. He shares his rage about games like American Chopper with us, To keep us safe from buying budget bin items! An important job and someone has to do it.  Too bad he keeps inviting people to pee in my pools!  Luckily he did not know about the secret pools!

In real life , Periwinkle is an american dad,  who much like Periwinkle loves his Playstation 2, so much so he has multiple machines!  Talk about dedication!  Like Indigo he is a lover over tactics and war stuff. Retro gaming is something he can bond over with Pinkie, as well as a love and affection for media that is deprived of factual quality!  One of the Staff Members Pinkie has gotten to know best in the time that she knows him! He is a great addition to the team. Not nearly as unhinged as virtual Periwinkle.. the good man is actually a good egg! 


A Little Mischievous Cherry Dragon that likes to play games! When her original island shunned her this little dragon decided to have fun regardless!  Finding a new hobby of cooking in the process! When she discovered that  she could make fictional money doing so , on an island of misfits and weirdos like her, she could not be happier! She is loved by STAFF, Coconuts and islanders alike! Though sometimes she is reluctant to show her dragon eye and her cherry hair buns!  If she shows you her real eye, she considers you a true friend! There is a problem though, if she likes you that much she can’t stop pranking you either.. and if you ever seen Dragon Maid the anime, you know how out of hand dragon panks can get.

In real life Cherry is a sweet swedish mother, the clearly loves to cook for her family, but also one that is very geeky! She loves the deep cuts!   A game is not beat until you know every bit of lore about it!  Dark Souls, Warhammer and Warcraft seem to be her forté!  She will write a lot about cooking, and cooking in video games! Yet she is free as a butterfly, or flying dragon to do more!  Like the character, there is no doubt that during her stay on Paradise, Cherry will totally surprise you! 


Do you want to join our team of plucky bloggers?! Let us know!  By using the contact form or reading the STAFF wanted post! We welcome everyone of any age of any skill, as long as you follow a few very simple rules! Check the Staff Wanted, notification on how to join!


MRW I'm having an imgur arguement and can't seem to type fast enough - GIF  on Imgur

Paradise isn’t a place that operates in a single Niche!  We are geeks! However it may manifest!  We do not let yourself be bogged down or tied down, so we aren’t a review site! Neither do we exclusively do fanfiction!    We report about our geekly lives, tell you our opinions on stuff we watched or played, we take you on a journey trough our fandom, and we do it whenever we want!  That’s right Paradise doesn’t really have a set upload schedule!  I try to upload something every other day, with staff posts filling up the days between, but as I have a lot of health issues, I won’t guarantee an upload schedule! It keeps the stress away and the fun up in this blog!   We are a pretty active blog though.

In the future Pinkie will try to get her YouTube VTube career going again , so who knows you might even see a bunch of videos in the near future!  Either way all our posts are  identifiable with some handy little icons. This way you can quickly recognise if the content of the day is for you! Of course you gotta be checking out the blog through the homepage for that!  I am not sure if you can see it through the reader… but hey! You checked this about so clearly you are on the main page!  I’d say the icons mostly speak for themselves. Anime uses the crunchyroll logo, as that’s where I watch anime. The rest.. I am pretty sure you can deduce by glancing at our other categories! I try to offer you a wide variety of content, but the staff leans a bit heavier into gaming!

my edits wolf success Blood Lad staz charlie vlad bromance on u two epic  walk tho chuutan •

I would love to find a more anime minded person joining the staff. I do love anime, but I don’t like reviewing it all that often too much!  I somehow found out that analysing an anime is often less enjoyable and I want to be taken for a ride!  Which is strange because I really love analysing movies!  I guess I am much more interested in the world behind a movie, and less interested in the world behind the anime! I do like coming up with ideas for anime myself, or altering stories of some, so I still talk about anime a fair bit! Either way I will try to keep a bit of a balance between reviews and other stuff.. but an anime reviewer joining us would really be a boon!

Stuff I will never do, nor accept is political stuff! I do support many movements , I am a lefty/liberal  and I do care about the state of the world, but Paradise is a place for everyone.  I do not claim to know all the answers, I do not claim to be as inclusive as I can be in some of my stories, but I write from experience…I base characters on people I know and interact with and nothing is ever done with the intention of excluding.   I will never tell a conservative person their views are wrong, nor will I tell a more extreme lefty I think they are exaggerating. Everyone’s opinion is valid in their own way! So I won’t dabble in a post seeking social justice, or the opposite. I do not believe conflict is resolved by pointing out someone is wrong.  I believe in finding a common ground, and building bonds so people they can tolerate each other and talk about their opinions will achieve more.. though maybe a bit slower!  Live and let live! That is the rule for creating content on this blog, and also the code of conduct!


This mentality is why the blog is called Paradise! You can always come here to relax and take a load off! Never will we really school you in the real world implications of an anime! Or the social comment that a game might have! I will not talk about how an anime borrows from the world great authors or some experimental theater. We are not here to prove the greatness of the products we love.. but we are here to promote the fun we had! To share the love. Have fun and relax! So we decided to set this blog on a fictional vacation resort! On occasion we write stories about our misadventures as well… so here is a map to help you find your fictional way.

To help you find your litteral way you can use the contact form for all your questions and we will answer as soon as possible! Unless your question is “would you be interested in paying us for better SEO” or something like it! In which case I will ignore your message. Well the mean ones or the lewd ones I will ignore as well! I haven’t had any of those yet though! If you can’t wait for an answer and need it fast, you can either poke me on Twitter or directly mail at: