Camp Coconut

Welcome to Camp Coconut, the place of the resort where we look at some special little creatures. We shall call them the Coconuts. The Coconuts are a special type of island resident… you see at night when things seem at their darkest they help fix ze resort. They do this by supporting ze blog in very special ways like bring coffee or paintwork. We have established this place to truly show them appreciation they deserve!  Take a sneak peek at their wonderful lives.. and rumor has it that if you click on ze coconut people they will take you to magnifique places across ze interweb! Bon! Let’s get inspecting!

Where the people taste like Bounty Bars!

Meet the Coconuts

King Coconut: Holy Mailman

Look at the top of the camp is the throne of King Coconut! He reigns over all the other Ko-Fi and other supporters by having done the absolute most to help out this blog! It is said that King Coconut was one a mail delivery person, while others say he worked with the wire and the lights. The King is also a lord.. an edge lord! He drinks his coffee black and from the skull of his enemies! He does not have a lot of enemies though because he is actually quite cuddly though. The fur on his outer shell is extremely soft making the king very cuddleable. He also is a very good egg who always chooses others over himself. Very few are as altruistic as King Coconut. 

The King has a pretty good taste in video games however his music taste is quite abhorrent. It sounds so angry! Like watching a Tom and Jerry Cartoon and the music is constantly whacking a hammer on Tom’s foot!  Very angry sounds.  He as tried headbanging ..but then he realised he was just a coconut with some stick arms and legs!  He  is very sweet but he tries to look tough! Because otherwise everyone would come after his Milk.  Pinkie however can see through and she just thinks King Coconut is an amazingly sweet fruit that sometimes tries to be a bit cooler than he actually is! He does not need to be cool to be loved by Pinkie though! She is very grateful to him for all his support.

The King has also provided us with a speech which goes:
‘Hello, island guests, I hope your stay has been nice and warm. As the king coconut I hope you’ll enjoy Pinkie’s stories and continue to do so. Also, uhm…. Unlike she says I don’t… Really like my coffee black, I do it to look cooler… But anyway, you be nice to Pinkie, otherwise you might notice your air conditioners mysteriously stop working when the heat is most unbearable. Got it? Good, let’s be friends so it won’t happen.’

Thank you for your support! Holy Mailman

The Shy Coconut: Mikekelly666

Look at that behind palm tree! You see that coconut hiding there! That is the shy one! While it can be an absolute little devil, oftenly you do not see or hear this coconut even though it’s oftenly around!  It is like Santa’s elf.. if it sees an island guest asleep on a tanning bed and they are about to get sunburned it will apply ze suncream to protect ze guests. If your drink is about to run out of ice it will fill it up for you! The shy coconut is a great little supporter that has helped us out many times.. but has also done some amazing work for the people around the resort. This coconut does not speak often..but when it does it is words of kindness that leave it’s mouth! One day it was strolling along the beach and he found himself some devil ears! Do they not look adorable on him! I bet his milk would taste a devilishly good!! Or even incroyable!

Thank you for your support! MikeKelly666

The Flower Coconut: TsubakiKuro

Wherever there are pretty girls this coconut can be found! It loves to bring girls flower necklaces Pinkie stole as an idea from Hawaii! Even though her actual resort would be located somewhere closer to Indonesia or Malaysia.  It is said that this coconut roams across the  island searching for flowers to make necklaces with and talking to bluebirds to find pretty girls to give the necklaces  too. When the Flower Coconut hands you a necklace that means you are beautiful.. or have a big.. uhm.. raque..  It will always give away all the flowers it finds except for the black ones it makes hair ornaments for itself with that!

Thank you for your support! TsubakiKuro

The Buddy Coconut: Ospreyshire

When we look at this little coconut the Buddy is quite a bit more sociable than the others.  It always approaches island guests to strike up a conversation and let me tell you this one can bring some heavy subject matter. As a coconut it can give you hard subject matter and food for thought, but also a nice sweetish snack as it’s methods of conversation. This coconut is well traveled picking up flavours from across all over the world but with an emphasis on african flavours this little one can offer you a very unique experience! Be wary not to piss it off tough. We are pretty sure he knows a lot of special wrestling techniques you have never even laid eyes on.  An amazing addition to our island that keeps up our standards just a bit and our anime view list inspired.

Thank you for your support! Ospreyshire

The Playful Coconut: Multifaceted Oceleot

This little creature has a peculiar hobby he collects figures that are even tinier than itself. Painting them is his passion! He once told Pinkie that it’s very important zo thin the paints! When Pinkie did not, he shot her with some plastic balls from a prop gun! Which he seemed to enjoy a lot as well. This coconut is always busy playing games with people.. sometimes a complicated game with the minis it’s collect.. other time it’s wargames with the plastic balls. Since she bruises easily and does not like Coconut juice everywhere Pinkie has replaced  pellet guns with laser guns and now ze wargames do not make you go ouchie! The playful coconut is also very much into  Mario Kart.. though it always picks ze motorcycle vehicles! It once crashed on of these cycles so now there is a crack in his shell!

Thank you for the support! Multifacted Ocelot

The Bookworm Coconut: Taryn

A very easy going coconut that doesn’t leave the premisse of its house all that often! Why would it? It has all the books it wants in it’s vast library! Those lucky enough to encounter this Coconut await a vast selection of stories and literary knowledge of the highest level. This Coconut is well know to sometimes stroll by the pool and tell the people reading vogue to read a good book instead. With a slew of question it can pinpoint exactly the book for you. It is a very recognisable coconut as well due to it’s oversized glassed. But hey eye-ware for Coconuts isn’t that easy to find! It is said that if you want to summon this Coconut to your side all you have to do is flip pages of a book! It can’t contain it’s curiosity and will come check out what book you are reading.

Thank you for the support! Taryn

The Woo-Woo-Fishy Coconut: Summer Foovay

Before the crack of dawn this little Coconut leaves it Cabin to go fishing! It has a selection of colourful rods , each colour symbolises a certain day of the week. Even though it will only use it’s yellow rod on a Sunday, it is never afraid to lend one of it’s other rods to some Island Guests who also want to give fishing a try.  This little drupe (the correct botanical classification of a coconut) doesn’t limit itself to fish for oceanic creatures either. On stormy days during Jellyfish season it also fishes for cats! Very special ones at that. No one knows how the Woo-Woo-Fishy coconuts manage to do this but some say it has something to do with that weird altar she keeps in her hut! Others say it has to do with those strange dances this Coconut performed in the deeper jungles!  All that we know for sure is that money seems to be a great bait for fishing for special cats!

Thank you for the support! Summer

The  Drawing Banana: Bananabel Split

This kawaii creature started to hang out with the coconuts after King coconut almost  single handedly supplied the fees needed for her work… in fact the King did support enough.
Without the Banana Pinkie would still be in her infancy and now her face is truly unique. This banana made Pinkie transcend from a generated asset into a custom one and for that we will be forever grateful to her. She was a delight to work with and charges very acceptable fees as long as you provide an idea and do not require a lot of expensive background stuff! She is hard working and fast and surprisingly girly for a Banana! That always has the stigma of being such a male dominated fruit! She really likes ice cream and chocolate sauce so Island goers are advised to protect their ice coops when she is near… no refunds will be given if Banabel eats your ice cream! If anyone ever needs their portrait painted though we highly recommend you seek her out!

Thank you for my Avatar! Bananabel Split

How Camp Coconut Works

Camp Coconut is meant as a whimsical “reward” for those who support me on Ko-Fi or Patreon.  For simply supporting once you get your own “Coconut” with a link to your website.. or a weblink of your choice , which you can  pass me through the website’s contact for, twitter, e-mail , discord or whatever way you can and want me to convey a message. The more you donate the more flamboyant your coconut can be and the more appreciation text it will receive. By clicking on any of the coconuts you will be taken to the weblink of their choice! Or by default their blog.  I would happily link your twitter, but will do that only if you want me to.  Of course no NSFW content is allowed as  link nor any politically influencing links. Charities etc are allowed. You are even allowed to Rickroll people. All Coconuts automatically get nominated for all Blog Awards!

If you support Pinkie on Patreon you can even get a higher tier of Coconut. Unlocking a Discord where I will host a game nights every so often.. depending on server population. These will usually be easily accessible browser based games or very cheap to purchase games. Such as online Cards Against Humanity (but with a twist) , Skribble ( Online Pictionary , with custom community based words) Pokémon Showdown (where I will teach you how to Pokemon if needed) Maybe even Among Us and heck I’d be down to try some Smash or Mario Kart or something with Patreons somehow! Or maybe even Sword and Shield Dynamax adventures.. the sky is the limit. I will at least host something fun every week! People will also get a post on me creating their Pokémon Team. (I will gift these to some people that I like enough or do something kind for me.. but this way you are sure that it will follow fast!
I will also write a thank you letter for all second tier Coconuts on Patreon!

Our highest Tier gives you acces to what I feel is a nice cute reward. You get to join the Paradise Tabletop .. an adventure based on classic D&D but where you play your Coconut and go on epic quests.. such as .. Fighting hoards of Jellyfish plaguing the Island Guests.. finding the missing cocktail ingredients or fixing Paradise power! In this world you are very tiny so everything is very large. A giant rat.. is just a regular rat. A dire wolf.. is just Paris Hilton abandoned pet.. which she forgot on the island after buying a new bag at the giftshop!
A pick up and play type of deal! I will always try to make sure there is one game a month to play, for players so the same module might be hosted several times.. if this thing ever gets popular. Game explanation will be included in this Tier Rewards.

Kofi supporters do not get tiers, instead among them we elect King or Queen Coconut
King (or Queen)  Coconut is the biggest supporter and is allowed to write a little bit of their own text on whatever subject matter they like.. as long as it is not polarising, political or dividing. Girls rule, boys drool would not be allowed nor would Vote(Person)  Boycott (Company)  etc. Just a nice fun text.  This text may also contain a second link of their choice.
While for now only the king may have this speech, this may change in the future with ongoing support, or unforseen acts of kindness etc. The system will evolve as we grow!  Yet will linger even if we support stops! For I am eternally grateful for those who helped me so far! You will always be my beloved coconuts!

If you want to be a Coconut, or perhaps some other kind of supportive fruit feel free to visit my Ko-Fi or Patreon page or write me a message on how you can support this blog in your way! If I am in the search of particular skillsets that will always be mentioned in my contact page as well! More importantly, do not think this is ever a requirement I simply see these as an opportunity that allows people the option to show support! I love you all , if you do not have the possibility or intend to support that is perfectly fine as well. You have since become my blogging family and made Paradise actually feel like a home to me!  Thank you all and enjoy your stay in Pinkie’s Paradise.