Aloha Island Guest and welcome to the contact form!  Do you wish to speak with the manager privately?! Here is your chance! Just fill in this handy form and the manager should be alerted and respond to you within a week! If she doesn’t please try again. She is quite scatterbrained you know or visit her Twitter or Ko-Fi page!  I would love to get into contact with you!

Do you wish to join team Pinkie?! Do you want to do partner up with the manager and do a Collab?! Do you just want to be nice.. or propose to her in marriage?! This form has been automatically generated JUST for you! The manager looks forward to seeing your reaction please note though a few rules are in effect. Which you can find below the form! The manager would really appreciate it if you read and respect these rules! That way she does not need to get upset and wish horrible things upon you! We do hope you will have fun filling out this form and the manager will be looking forward to your mail!

Contact Rules:

No non constructive hate, any form of excluding political views , grammar policing and spam emails will not get a response always and be acted against. Pinkie’s Paradise is a Clean Island and we actively work to keep it that way. If we can keep WordPress clean while doing so we will happily do so.

Requesting me to play a game/watch an anime , discuss a Pokemon topic etc I prefer to have done in the comments. This is more inviting to other Island Guests to join the discussion, the more the merrier desu ne?. The contact form is intended for behind the scene interaction between you and me. Please do not use the form for stuff like “Check out my blog!” Please use Twitter for that kind of stuff, I am open to find more bloggers but again.. let’s keep it on an open community platform. If I might find something amazing I bet other people would as well! I am not THAT weird.

Finally the management will try to respond as fast as possible! However we cannot guarantee the manager is available all the time, due to a fluctuating physical and also mental health. Please respect the managers private space and I am sure we can all get along and make you have a wonderful stay at Pinkie’s Paradise.

Join Paradise!?

While I do not have any expectations in this regards, in the spirit of inclusion I would very much welcome people to join the Paradise staff. Perhaps you like blogging but dislike having to maintain a space? Perhaps you are an artist that wishes to display their art in some place cute! Who knows! All I’ll say I think it would be amazing if we could have a team! No deadlines, no real requirements or pressure just having fun! Feel welcome to reply!

Of course this also comes with a few small rules surrounding the branding of the blog but Paradise in theory should be for everyone. Do note that I can not pay the staff.. so it would not be an actual job! A fictional job on a fictional island, involving real work and real friends!
Doesn’t that sound neat! What are you waiting for then! Scroll back up again and sign up today!