Now I have enough Sunshine to create a mini sun now: Sunshine Blogger Award 7

Hello Island Guests while I am writing this my brain still is very much like cheese on a Pizza.. it’s so broken I hallucinate Pineapple on the pizza as well! Ewww! Tropical though! So yeah I might have a heatstroke! Maybe it is because of all this sunshine?! That’s right! Siesta Week is concluded with YET another Sunshine Blogger award! If you are a regular  you know this would happen because I told you.  If you haven’t! There are TWO other Sunshine Awards of mine and both are pretty good! I had a hard time saying that because I should not say that off my own posts!

The Rules Again

I am gonna be brief again about the rules. Show the logo, thank the one who nominated you. Answer 11 questions, nominate 11 people, and ask them 11 questions.  Of course I change that up! I nominated 11 people over my 3 posts. Targeting people with more specific questions. If you want to join in one of these tags all you have to do is ask. I will put your blog in the list including links so that is free promo right there! That excuses me from the rule breaks right?!  If you want to check out a copy pastable list of the rules check out my other sunshine awards or even better visit my amazing nominator!

The amazing 7mononoke nominated me this time around. They have this completely unique blog that delves deep into the mindset of characters, with a few amazing reviews to boot! So if you want to read something with a bit more substance and than my usual posts they are definitely checking out! Speaking about the checking out, let’s check out their questions. 

For you, how do you tell if an anime is high quality in terms of visuals?

Honestly.. I don’t.. There are styles I like and I dislike and usually the flashier and more extravagant the more I like it. I HATED the visual style of Tower of God and really dislike some screenshots I saw  of The God of High School.. but I love the graphic style of Kill la Kill, The Rolling Girls, Tengen Toppa and Kyousougiga. I rarely call animation good.. I just say what I like. Flip Flappers is something I have recently fallen in love with.. so yeah I guess the answer would be . .bright colours? Super Natural visuals?! Jojo’s is yet another example …ooh and  No Game No Life. So yeah COLOURS!  I am pretty sure! So if I ever say I like the visuals I say I like the colours. The brain is such an amazing tool that can fill in blanks so I for one seek out the impossible rather than that which moves smooth! I like big contrasts as well.

Maybe that is also why I dislike visuals in anime like Attack on Titan and stuff like Vinland Saga as well. I want a certain level of surrealism  in my animation. It helps the  suspense of disbelief. If I see a very gritty drawn anime,  more often than not feel less invested.. as if I know the limits more. I really love anime with intentionally bad animation as well! It makes me laugh! One style I have particularly come to enjoy is the new fluent animations in Dragon Ball Broly. The most recent movie yet again I am not that facinated by how fluent the motion is but how different the colours are. It might look simpler, but what is there feels really right and it can be contrasted so much more! Yet in reality I do not really know.. I can see stuff I like and go like.. ooh pretty.. and then see the faces in God of High School and go like… the end it’s not that important to me.

Do you like to listen to anime OSTs sometimes?

I do that a lot. Music to me is much more about memories rather than inspirational texts. Not being all that active in the romance scene, the whole break up songs or love song idea already doesn’t gel with me.  I can’t relate.. and even worse.. I do not care  about other people’s love lives. Sure I want my friends to be happy.. but hearing how Rihanna had a bad boyfriend does NOTHING for me. So that’s a lot of music out of the window already. When music invokes a memory however.. for example the fight music for an anime fight I really loved it gets my blood pumping.. sort of. I am slightly more inclined to listen to game soundtracks than Anime variants but when I write my anime fan fiction I almost always listen to anime music. Every once in a while I do listen to my favourite anime openings, English covers or the Love Live stuff!

What’s an anime that you consider a masterpiece?

This is a hard one, a masterpiece is something I would recommend to everyone. My taste is a mix of super generic and super weird. I generally dislike Iscar movies. I do feel that The Godfather is no doubt a masterpiece.. but I don’t like it. The thing that is closest for me would be Kyousougiga. Make sure to watch the explanation episode to see the deeper themes and this is a very deep show.  It is certainly not for everyone. but there are a lot of artsy elements in it to fit the brief.  My biggest recommendation at the moment  would be Flip Flappers though! I just think that one is a bit more accessible and slightly more low brow so I am not sure if I would call it a masterpiece, I love a lot of anime but calling something a Masterpiece usually ruins it for others. Overhyping kills anime. I have my gallery of sweethearts though.

What’s an anime that’s so horrible you think it shouldn’t exist?

That is a bit of a meanspirited question. Every anime has a fan, and as long as an anime has a single has the right to exist. There are also very few anime I passionately hate as I usually just think an anime is not for me.  I think  saying you are a fake anime fan because you do not like (x)  is the same as saying stuff like. “You did not like Game of Thrones?..Well then you just don’t like TV Shows” The world of anime is so vast and the fact that it exists means it has an audience. Just like Mobile games.. A friend of mine actually plays Raid Shadow Legends *hurling sounds*  and she loves it. Good for her.. so my feeling towards it doesn’t mean it should not exist.  I feel the same way about anime. Every anime has a fan and as long as one person gets joy.. it should exist. We aren’t forced to watch something we don’t want, we can just walk away and pretend it doesn’t exist. No need for erasure!

I have spoken out against a few anime that I really dislike.. but I mostly dislike them as much as I do because I can’t say anything bad about them. A friend even kicked me out of his house once for saying Geass is just okay, I had some issues with the writing and the way mechs felt shoehorned in. I didn’t even say it to hurt him.. he ASKED me , what Anime do you think is overrated. That hurt! and it made me shift from not liking the anime to actively disliking it. Yet no matter how much I dislike something  The fact that it is out there doesn’t make my life worse, I don’t have to watch it if I don’t want to. If I’d delete it.. I might gain one night with my friends where they initially planned to watch Geass, but my friends clearly would lose so much more. If that anime is worth kicking me out of their house for.. by saying I thought it was okay..but not great.. than clearly it means more to them then to me.I would never take that away from them.. and I think that goes for every anime. Even the ones worst reviewed on MAL..someone out there in the world is super proud that their mommy or daddy helped made this.. or voiced that  character…for them it will always be more important than to me. So all anime should exist. Maybe I would erase, Erased… just for the memes…

Awww snap! Wrong Series

What are your favorite colors for anime eyes?

Let’s see how many people can guess this one! For those who don’t know the answer yet.. it’s a bit of a mix between red and white and if you look at my blog you may find hints. Others than the obvious I really like golden eyes or bright yellow ones. I also like it when they are special like Nia’s eyes in Tengen Toppa, or like people who have galaxy eyes. I don’t like Naruto eyes though! So I guess my absolute favourites would be pink ones with something special like a pink iris, white heart shape pupil! Sorry if that shocked your world!

Can you help 7Mononoke think of some cover/banner image ideas for Anime Rants?

Sure.. I will add in a few suggestions. The general idea I have is based on the fact that you take a lot of inspiration from psychology. So I would either use a psychiatric couch  with an anime character laying on it and your avatar being there as the psychologists. Talking.. ranting.. or I would find a  picture of a brain and use it in a sort of diagram with some anime characters surrounding it. I will show you a suggestions. Because that is kinda my thing!

Something in this vein! Of course this version has a lot of errors in it because it is just a suggestion but I could see you use something like this. It shows your intellectual and psychological take on anime.. is in green which is your main colour and has a few nice contrasting tones. The inkt blob stuff is to even add more credibility to the shrink theme and of course your avatar is there! Cause she looks smart as well!

 Did you know I, 7Mononoke have a Patreon account now? Check out the question on my blog for a link!

I did not know this! I checked it out it seems cool but did not know what your tiers meant! But how cool you offer extra content for those Patreon followers. I am to scatterbrained for that I would forget! Did you know I have a KoFi?  In fact  every writer for Pardise can have their own Ko-Fi or Patreon.  I might get a Patreon myself one day.. If I can think up a cute banner for it. Untill then here is my Ko-Fi.

I am unable to support you right now even if I like too.. but if I ever get sponsored by a Billionaire who wants to pay me millions for my site.. I will be there! I am a total sell out!  Heck for a big enough cheque I’d even say Raid Shadow Legends is awesome! For just a bit more I am going to keep up that lie that I like that game as well. Heck I might even say Kirito is amazing to make bank.. or put Lelouche on anything other than the Kill spot in Kiss , Mary , Kill.  But until people come with big checks.. I am just a NEET. So I am sorry 7Mononoke I’d love to help……

Disclaimer: No need to feel bad though! I have enough to pay my rent food and occasional outing with friends, just no money left to burn after that!

How old were you when you got into anime?

While I watched Alfred J Quack from my earliest days and loved Maple Town when I was three years old or so, that real anime moment for me did not not come until April 2008. That meant I was already 21 years old.. the same age as I am now.. just I have been 21 for twelve years now. .. getting close to my 13th 21th birthday. So yeah.. much like with anything in my life I was a late bloomer.  Part of this was due to me being very much bullied and trying to be normal.  It did not work out and now I am a weeb.. Yet as a result I have only reached my anime maturity after I was 25. When I was a lot more emotionally calm. This is why I still very much treasure some of the super classics even if they are not THAT good. Like Digimon, Dragon Ball Z and Medabots heck even Oban Star Racers. So this is why my taste in anime is like the super kiddy classic stuff.. and the super weird stuff. Maple Town is still pretty cute as well!

In your opinion, can an anime still be “good” and have poor, cheap art/animation?

Have you ever played a retro game and loved it? Of course!  Manga draws in people even when it is non animated in the form of Manga.  That means that story can just be as enjoyable with cheap art. Plenty of Manga don’t have great art either. Not that I am a big manga buff. I love retro games.. stuff where the visual quality also matters less. To me the best games and anime aren’t the ones that do everything right.. to me the best anime are the ones that do some things so amazing that you can forgive their other flaws. The flaw I prefer the most is bad visuals.. as I can sorta spot them but don’t care that much.

There is a  visual design that can kill shows for me like Digimon Appmon or those shows that use a lot of that quasi cgi..but design is but an element.  An anime has to have heart. A lof of anime with bad quality visuals now have that and they have to try harder.. kind of like that South Park episode about ugly kids.  I would rather date a girl with burn scars in her face but who is witty and has great stories than date a beauty who can not shut up how coveted she is. Anime is exactly the same.  I will NEVER EVER watch an anime just because it has good visuals.  At worse bad visuals reduce the number of episodes I give an anime a chance to win me over. Weird visuals do draw me in but they don’t need to be good! Yay for Gal and Dinosaur.

Do you have trouble getting motivated to write blog posts and if so why do you think that is?

In this day and age, everything can be measured. We see how fast our own blog grows, how fasts others grow and how much likes we both get. As a result it is easy to start comparing.
For example my Breaking Bad X Shokugeki Crossover Challenge blog did pretty terrible. A lot more effort went into that one than say.. One of these blog tags. I score pretty well on those.
I won’t on this one because it will come out late. If I post past 13:00 oh clock my time, my posts usually go dead. Because bigger and better bloggers post around this time as well. I get flooded under bigger names. That can be very demotivating. Add in the fact that we are brainwashed over social media over the importance of likes. Trough YouTube we get a feeling that people are here for you, while in reality they are here for the community. It’s very easy to get caught up in toxic self importance. When it seems like 40 people like what you read the brain is quickly to say .. people love me. Which to an extent is true.. people do notice us! Yet it is easy for those 40 likes to become your new standard. In that case only getting 8 likes.. will make it easy for you to think.. People are done with me now.

However all those measuring tools we get mean nothing.. because we can not look inside peoples heads. I know some people who mean a lot to me only click like on my blog without reading…or so I think..perhaps they just do not know how to respond. Perhaps they are on their phone and typing a response is annoying.. and perhaps i am right and they did not even read my post.That is only a handful of options yet we tend to assume the worse. If I get less likes than normal I think people hate me now cause I preformed better earlier. While maybe there is like a big press conference in the states and everyone is the time they return to their reader my post is pushed way down.. that has NOTHING to do with me. Perhaps WordPress is not showing my posts in reader.. it happend before! Yet because we as a species let our highs become our new standards.. each time I break a record I could wonder.. why doesnt this post preform as well. As long as you write for others, WordPress will start to burn you out. If you are a hobby writer like me.. do it for yourself and the rest is a bonus. Any like or comment is a bonus not a new benchmark! How others score should be completely left out create your own happy little world.

Have you ever taken a MBTI 16 Personality test and if so what type were you?

Yes I am an INFP , mediator type personality. I am sure 7mononoke can tell you much more about this role but it is said that these persons love to act and play a role..As a Tabletop roleplayer that makes sense. They are also inclined to pick up writing.. I wonder when I will start doing that. They talk using metaphors  and compare stuff with other things oftenly to make their point. If you ever read ANY of my blogs you have seen me do this a lot. Like A LOT.  INFP people can easily get consumed in their causes.  Like me wanting a more positive internet.. and they can get consumed by that. Which you have seen me do as well.

I do think these tests a a bit like Horoscopes,  and people are  always in flux. There are times I turn off my emotions and are ruled by logic. There are times I am more extroverted so to say that his label defies me is going a bit far. I do think at best the tag will help you understand me. I do not act a certain way because I am INFP.. I am INFP prone because I act a certain way. I am not definable by my bias to logical or emotional thinking. Being an introvert doesn’t mean I can not be extroverted in fact some of my friends might call me an extrovet because they do not remember me being introverted. In the end I am Pinkie.. Pinkie will act like Pinkie because she is Pinkie and not because she is INFP .. so while you can take a gamble on how I will respond, Pinkie reserves the right to surprise you still! This might not even be my final form.

My Questions and Nominees

So normally this tag tends to stick into the anime Community a lot! So I decided to let it break out of there a bit and nominate some more gamely guys and gals. I also made a gaming inspired questionaire! Should any of the nominees want to want to change this to a medium of their choice, comics, anime, tv shows.. just reword the question! If you want to join this gamer edition.. let me know in the comments and we will add you and all.

So Here is the questions:

1. Pick a video game character to make your new head of State. Why that character?
2. What fictional character would be their running mate (or whatever you have below your head of state)
3. If you could implement a gameplay element of any game into real life what would it be?
(For example Quikload, Character customisation in front of a mirror, or two player mode when you wiggle a stick)
4. If you could implement a real life element into a game.. what real life element would that be and for what game
(For example Tasting Food in Senran Kageura Bon Apetite)
5.If you could replace a video game villian.. who would you be.. and how would you do better than them?!
6. What was the first game you ever played?
7. What was the first game you have ever beaten.
8. What was the first game you ever co-opped.
9. What is your proudest gaming achievement.
10. Tell us about a gaming buddy that means/meant the world to you.
11. What is the weirdest game you have ever played?

My Nominees are:

Heather from Just Geeking By , I know you might not be able to write well right now but know that I love your content and whenever you are ready I would love to see these questions answered.

Winst0lfPortal, haven’t heard from you in almost a week so I hope you are okay! You made me do some amazing tags so I felt at least i could offer this to you back in return.

Pix from Shoot the Rookie: They recently had their third anniversary and i haven’t given them a gift yet! One of my answered questions will explain why! So a blog tag will have to do!

Solarayo from Ace Asunder: Recently they have been trophy hunting.. and a Blog Tag Award is like a trophy right? Trophy’s and Awards are the same thing right?! So here is a very unique one!

I hope you all enjoyed! I wish everyone an amazing weekend and if you have something bad to say.. be careful I HAVE An infinity glove! Proof is above!

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17 thoughts on “Now I have enough Sunshine to create a mini sun now: Sunshine Blogger Award 7”

  1. This post made my day!!! Thanks so much for answering my questions in so much detail. I agree now that no anime should be erased. Thanks for your take on that. I love all your character art all throughout the post. It’s really awesome and cute. The suggestion for the site banner is wonderful! Thanks for that too! Please keep bringing sunshine in our lives. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The character art is in most of these question tags, at least since sunshine blogger 4 , it helps make the stories a bit personal!

      Glad the banner idea was liked.

      I am really warming up to the idea of erasing Erased.. even though I liked it.. it could lead into a wonderful sketch xD

      Thanks for the nomination I had a lot of fun doing this one!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good answers.
    It is quite surprising to hear the same thing from other blogger that I too believe in. Blogging for others can burn you out, in fact nobody should do that (unless u r paid to so like a job). That is why I made an entire post to remind myself of why i started blogging so that I do not fall into the trap of likes comments and views. We need to understand that blogging is not social media.

    Looking at blogging as something that provides satisfaction and something as a hobby is better.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Blogging can be a weird thing! I actually started for the wrong reasons so I could not make a post like that .. but I learned in the year I was around so that will have to count! I am happy with what I do now and feel much less demotivated at least! Now I am just unfocussed xD


    1. The tag is very active in the anime community keeps going round and round , the questtion i asked and you have to answer should be all about games unless i copied the wrong ones xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There that should have fixed it , sometimes when I copy and past from Google Docs WordPress just replaces a block above instead of the lower one.. since I made a list after I did not notice.. my deepest apologies! SO you have to answer the questions I asked xD Not the ones I answered xD


  3. “What are your favorite colors for anime eyes?” Could you please not leave me in total shock again with the answer to that question. Seriously, it’s already very hot outside, and with the answer you gave I was so very much in shock that it took me a while to recover. Okay…I’m back now 😊
    All joking aside: Congrats on yet another well deserved nomination! Your posts really are a ray of sunshine every day! I really was shocked by the way when I read that your recent Breaking Bad crossover post did terrible. I really don’t understand that as I absolutely loved that one! Sometimes it’s so weird this whole blogging thing isn’t it? Posts we think will do poorly are succesful, and post we expect to do well…do horrible. Like you say though: it’s a hobby, and sure it’s fun if a post does well, but in the end it’s a hobby which you do for yourself. And that’s most important! Anyways…here’s too many more awards in the future, which I’m pretty much convinced you will get 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words like always.

      Af far as the Breaking Bad tag doing bad, like I said there is a multiple for reasons if I post around 13:00 to 16:00 my blog has preformance issues, because I think it’s posting rush hour. Just I do images on launch day so a post is fresh in my mind and it took me a bit to long.
      Friday is a bad day for posts as well. I get a LOT of homepage views but a LOT less post clicks. In the end with 13 likes it is about on par what to “fan fiction” posts do to me, usually covering more western things really eats in my numbers as well. So it was a bit of an odd combination xD

      I don’t mind that much , at least not as I used to , but still blogging for your audience can be unrewarding because of how unpredictable it is. Audience is a bonus .. that saves from burnouts!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I know what you mean about the timeframes. I often wonder what the best time is to post as well…but honestly haven’t been able to figure it out lol. Sometimes I post on a certain day and I get loads of views/likes. Then I post a week later at the same day and I don’t get those same views. Anyways, I never care much about stats anyway. I hardly ever look at them, as I’m just interested in writing, and checking out other blogs. Sure if nobody would read my stuff, that would be a bit annoying, but other than that…it’s just fun, and that’s the most important thing. So…agree with what you wrote😊

        Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re just racking up all the Sunshine Blogger Awards! Those were fascinating answers to those questions. I agree that not every animated thing is going to be good just because it has brilliant animation. I really like Yugo the Negotiator and Hikaru no Go and the animation quality isn’t the best part of those shows for example.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehee yeah so much sunshine! I even got one more left to go and another blog award coming tomorrow! Yay!

      Hikaru I noticed has quite bad animation at sometimes.. like distant shots having no detail at all. Yet I also think we have a brain.. we can imagine.. When I get sucked it .. I just imagine that face as the show moves.. only when I edit in my screenshots I go like.. yikes..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s certainly the case! Hahaha! Wow, those awards just keep on showing up.

        I do agree and I mention it in my review. The distant shots can be bland and I got annoyed with the freezing background characters. It’s a miracle the story and characters are so good that I can overlook it, but this isn’t sakuga quality. Pierrot certainly puts more effort if it’s an action series like Naruto or Bleach.


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