Moving On

This won’t be a long post, but it needs to be said! About two months ago I took my Hiatus , promising I would return to blogging once I settled a bit in my streams a bit… that time has come.. but the desire to blog is no longer there.

Why I am Moving on

I have written a few post about how blogging did not give me the energy I want. How I felt out of touch with the community and how stuff like ghost liking and empty comment sections. It did not do what I wanted it to do… at least to me personally! I earned a respectable number of follows, with 600+ i wasn’t a microblog…. but over half of them were ghost follows. For example I have 17 aquarium sites following me.. just because I wrote about fish playing Pokémon. Streaming to me … fixed that.

The energy I found in streaming was so overwhelming and it makes me feel so alive.. and myself, that I feel I can not fully return to blogging. The communities are very different, and while I very much appreciate people in the blogging community as well, the energy of the streaming Vtubing community resonates much stronger with me. During blogging I felt much more a need to conform.. and do the general thing.. while in streaming I feel I can be much more me.. and do my own thing that is off the beaten path. It can be done in blogging but it to me once to often resulted into high effort low result posts.

It doesn’t help that I have increasingly fallen out of love with anime. I still like it it fine… but the passion is gone. The newer anime are fine, but to me there is nothing I can talk about! My opinion in the end is moot. I am an casual anime enthousiast, but talking about things you enjoy I feel.. is not strong enough.. to really put yourself on paper you have to talk about what you love. Gaming and especially retro gaming is what has my heart the most… and that is a medium that goes not translate to well to blogging. Sure for modern games we can write reviews, material is plenty available and everything is on such a level that gaming hits the same…. retro gaming however is different. There is no way to write how bad controls can be, how mid 2000 a game can feel without showing it. And if you have ever seen my blog tags, you could already see I want to tell things.. fairly visually.

WordPress was duct tape for me.. to create content. I wasn’t out as a trans woman yet , so my voice could not be heard. I was ashamed of it. So I had to find a way to make content without my voice! Content I could make by myself. Yet my heart truely belonged in the video world and the vtubing world and as I got to know more and more people in that world who helped me find the courage to reveal my voice.. and do what I really wanted to do… the shine vanished of blogging for me. Because it was a choice I made to deny myself.. in a way it will always be a shackle I keep on myself.. to not be the me I truely wanted to be…. but me setteling… well I am done with setteling. I want my pure happiness.

I had the idea to start over, make a website about content creation.. of any kind, make it a sort of a springboard for my Twitch career. Yet it would not work! In the past I begged people to follow me on YouTube as it would mean the world to me of people would help me get my numbers up. That post got almost 30 likes, while my YouTube subscribers grew by less than 5. It could give me a few extra follows sure! Yet I just feel so strongly that my efforts are better spend on social media like Twitter… or making a Tiktok even. I reached with WordPress what I want to reach with it.. I have beaten that game.


It doesn’t help that by not paying for my subscription in time , all the visual work on the website has been nullified. It has been all taken away , and my laptop struggles currently so it would not be to easy to restore either… a cosmic farewell gift as it were that told me… you made the right choice!

Now while I do not get the energy I need here anymore, that does not mean I hated my time on WordPress… it simply prepared me for the next arc. WordPress was my Chuunin Exam, so that afterwards I could soar like a Ninja..Unicorn-Duck-Princess. It made me realise my voice mattered, no matter what shape I take. I made some amazing friends.. and I do promise i will return to read their blogs in the near future, and you can always talk to me on Twitch, e-mail, discord or Twitter. I will talk to just about everyone and I am thankful to you all for being there on my journey! I have seen some amazing talents, some heart warming people and some of you made me cry! I cried in good and bad ways .. so trough blogging I truly lived and experienced something and I would not trade it in… thank you all!

I was welcomed in communities, I might not even have fully belonged in, I was welcomed among talented and amazing writes and I received many compliment that to this day I feel I was not worth off. I know that those who looked after me around here will look after me in the future on mediums such as Discord Twitch and Twitter… regardless if I pull the plug right here.. I won.. I got what I wanted.. and I have you all to thank.

Yet I expected to find it more difficult to wrap this up… to start crying and feel a compulsion to find a way to blog anyway! I am that kind of girl! You know .. I love you all , so I expected I could not give it up, yet here I am more confident than ever that this indeed is the right choice for me! I would like to thank my staff, and they will be allowed to continue on here if they wish! I will not kill off the site!
They are also very welcome to do some other projects with me in the future.. like maybe a blog on my Kofi, a Twitlonger discussion or heck even guest appearances on streams would be fine! This is not the end… this is just a metamorphosis! I evolved! You guys were my Moon Stone… so thank you.. everyone!

Yuni D’uque of Fabuland

Where do we go from here?!
Well of course I would not leave you guys without shouting out all the ways to contact me!

First of all, I have become fairly active on Twitter!

Secondly a Discord is coming once I have reached 100 Twitch followers! Which is currently only 25 followers away! A link will be posted on my Twitter and of course my Twitch! Speaking of which.

Due to some technical issues I switched from YouTube to Twitch for streaming. Mostly because of lower chat delay, which was huge for me as well as some other factors such as my OBS integration being better and over all me having less bugs.
Regardless! Here I stream about 4 European evenings around 8PM BST. I am a retro focussend variety streamer! So if that sounds up your alley… be sure to join!
Once I reach 100 followers there, we will have a celebration Stream, so any support is appreciated.

Finally I also have a YouTube .. I recently made a new intro for my Twitch channel which I uploaded there.. but I will alos start making some special YouTube content soon.. once I get a bit more comfortable with watching my own content!

Check out my channel opening here as it will link you to my channel as well!

I hope to see you at my Twitch, or soon I will see you on your blog.. but for now this has been Pinkie’s Paradise! I thank you all for reading.


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Princess Pinkie

A 34 year old, super pink, Geek blogger, from the Netherlands behind the keyboard. A 21 year old , Unicorn-Duck Princess VBlogger on the border of imagination and reality!

24 thoughts on “Moving On”

  1. Sad to see you hang it up around here for good, but I’m very happy that you’ve found something that reignites that spark within you! Streaming seems like a great fit for you, and it’s awesome that you’re enjoying it so much. I wish you the best of luck with your channels and any other future endeavors! 🙂

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  2. Glad to see you’ve found a positive outlet to continue your creative journey. I will admit I didn’t always understand the depth of the anime conversation but you were a very positive and engaging author on the subject matter.

    Good luck in your next chapter on your journey.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Although I’m sad to see you leave the blogging corner of the Internet, I’m glad that it was able to offer you a platform and find your voice. Your posts have always been so unique and a pleasure to read! I’m glad you’ve found a passion in becoming a VTuber, and I’m hoping I can catch one of your streams soon! I’ve dropped you a follow so I can hopefully drop by one day 😊 Wishing you all the best!

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  4. I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving WordPress. I also apologize for not being as active in checking out your more recent posts. It’s been great how you were able to find a voice as well as a blogging identity. Truth be told, I still don’t feel like I fit in some of the WP communities like aniblogging or film critics (no disrespect to the ones I do follow and interact with obviously). Not going to lie, I’ve been feeling burnt out with some of my other interests and wondered if my voice was making a positive impact regardless of the topic or blog I put content on. I hope your streaming and VTuber endeavors go well for you.

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  5. I wish you luck in everything you do in the future. I get a lot of the things you say about blogging. It can be kind of hard to feel validated in it in a lot of ways, so I can definitely understand it not being enough. I feel like blogging is just a really good starting point for content creation and is something I really enjoy a lot, but there will likely be a time will I’ll move on to bigger and better things as well, though I do hope I can keep the blog too. As you said, it helps you evolve, and that’s a great thing. I wish you luck.

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  6. Good luck to you in your video adventures! My own WordPress activities have been greatly reduced. The phantom followers and empty comment sections are a bit of a drag. Good place if you just want to express ideas, but if I want to interact its usually on the other guy’s blog.

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  7. Thank you for providing me a boatload of confidence, enthusiasm, encourage and a platform to write. No one has helped or believed in me like you did. I was so excited to work with you I wrote my own intro 😂

    You have the greatest sense of humor in the world and I am proud of you in so many ways! You’ll always be my big blog sis! I am following your twitch now too which I will try to catch soon. Please don’t be a stranger – if you ever go on IG – look me up and I will push the hell out of your twitch account ❤️ ❤️

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  8. You do what is right for you.

    While I didn’t often have specific comments to add, most of the time, I did enjoy the energy you brought to your posts. I will miss it. Take care and live happy! 😉

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  9. Sad to see you leave the blogging world but you gotta do what is right for you. I’m glad to see you are streaming and expressing yourself that way! I’m actually trying to start a let’s play channel in the next couple weeks or so, maybe we could collab sometime 😛

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    1. A collab sounds fun! I’d be up for that 😉
      Yeah leaving was no easy decission but I feel likr this is the right choice, so I can focus, but totally keep me updated on your channel 🙂

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  10. Yeah, this had to be done. I always loved my days on the island, and Sunny says he will never leave but he’s content to sit and fish and dream and play with his sea monster. That sounded wrong somehow. Anyway, you’ve widened my own horizons by dragging me off to watch streams, so thanks for that, too 😀 Blessedbe

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