Breaking Bad X Food Wars: The Crossover AU Challenge!

Hello my Dear island guests.  We all get inspired by our fellow bloggers sometimes. This time I was very inspired by the very first person who ever replied to my blog.  Anime and Fanfiction as I know her or Fanfiction Anime World as her blog is known now. I knew her real name.. but I must admit it slipped my mind a little ago, so if you read this, please refresh my memory! She created a lovely idea of splicing two fandoms in some crossover! What fascinated me most is how she spliced a western show with a Japanese video game. She spliced The Owl House with Pokémon Sword and Shield. This could make a great series of blogs for my fanfiction. 

As I still can’t play enough boardgames to keep up my board game versus… this would be a great substitution. So today I take part in her challenge.. and will use it as a pilot for a potential series! If I have fun writing it. Today I shall Splice Shokugeki No Souma or Food Wars.. and Breaking Bad.

Note: This Post will contain major spoilers for Breaking Bad, though most spoilers are only implied. The ending of Breaking Bad directly influences the plot of my new show. So a spoiler warning is in effect.

Breaking down the Elements

No, I will not be calling this show Bad Food. Nor will I be going with Baking Bad. Instead we will be calling it  Shokuji Aoi which translates into “Blue Meal” or “Blue Food” While I could make the show a super silly spoof , I opted out of that idea. There are real stakes in this anime and the theme would be less commercial than Food Wars itself..Tonewise there are elements of Madoka in this series. manifesting more in ways like Wixoss. But still mostly being a splice between just Breaking Bad and Food Wars. It would be a one season series consisting of about 12 to 20  episodes. It would go up on Netflix or HBO. While in a “complete” series” there would of course be more depth and fleshing out I will discuss the major plot points. And thus the major characters/battles.

The Important Characters from Breaking Bad

Walter White/Heisenberg

Gustave “Gus” Fring

Jane Margolis

Mike Ehrmantraut

Lydia Rodarte-Qualye

Lydia (Laura Fraser) – Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

The Important Characters from Food Wars would be:

Soma Yukihira

Alice Nakiri

Ryou Kurokiba

Hisako Arato

Megumi Tadokoro

There would be other characters from each show but these would be the main five for each.
I used Western naming conventions as the setting would be Albuquerque New Mexico. Yet set in an alternate version of the Food Wars universe.. In this show teams of two would compete in a cooking war. But unlike the Shokgeki this would be much more buisness like. While the Shokugeki cast fights for rewards, the Breaking Bad Members fight not to be punished Losing teams would be eliminated. For one half of the cast .. eliminated would be very literal. 

The Set Up

The show would oddly enough be directly set AFTER the events of Breaking Bad.  We see the final scene of the show repeated. Walter White being on the ground with the cops drawing closer to his location. On his mouth a smile.. his eyes staring into infinity. When suddenly the cops are nowhere to be seen. Jesse Pinkman shows up.. voiced by Aaron Paul …only it is not him.  “Yow Bitch.. you should not have gone and done that “  he tells Walter. “Game Over Bro’ . Walter looks confused, the place he is at seems to glow blue, he sees a lab, but it almost seems to exist in negative space.. as if he sees a negative of a lab. Jesse then changes into Walt Jr ‘Dad you promised you would come home”  he says. Walter groans and asks the presence in front of him to cut the bullshit.. “What is happening”. Walt Junior changes into Skyler and tells Walter he never understood. It is okay though.. he gets one more chance!  Walter had been a bad person in his life.. and normally people like him do not get reborn.. but this spirit got bored so he could do with some entertainment. Walt could come back.. and reunite with his family.. but for that he would have to cook!

The presence then changes into  the classic Walter..before he had been diagnosed with cancer and begins to explain to him that he will be sent to another world.. to live a new life .. a form of purgatory if you will.  There he would meet a few of the people he (had) killed and would have to do battle with them.  The one who loses a battle would fade away forever.. send to hell where they all surely belonged. The winner however would be able to return to their old life.. as if nothing ever happened. Getting the life they wanted back.Walter asks if he has to kill them again.. because whoever it is.. if he killed them once he can do it again. The god shakes his head and tells Walter he has to cook!

In Albuquerque a few kids , some of the greatest cooks in their world can assist them.. he is to partner up with one and report to a battlefield.. if he fails to reach a battlefield in time .. he will automatically lose and be sent to hell. Walter Agrees , no one is a better cook than him.. even if he would encounter Gil.. and starts his challenge. Walter asks for the mysterious god’s identity who only introduces himself as Tet.. now looking like Hector Salamanca. Still thinking Walt is the best chef he moves into the streets of Albuquerque. Yet when he meets Yukihira..he realises.. that his style of cooking ain’t just going to cut it. That trickster that had  fooled him. The winning cooks from the Shokugeki universe get promised one wish of this world’s god upon their return to their world. Yet if he loses.. he gets send to hell! Who is this god that likes to play games with them?! Can he get his second chance?

The Pairings

Walter White.. who introduces himself as Hank Heisenberg to Soma immediately notices how different he and the boy are.  This guy is impulsive, simple and somewhat brash. He reminds him of Jesse but less of pottymouth. Both had that glint in their eyes though, both follow their heart over their mind. Over the course of the series they would develop a similar, but less toxic relationship. Their foodstyle would be Yukihara’s simple but bold dishes mixed with Walter’s chemical bag of trickery. Turning a tomato blue by causing a reaction, making a cold dish suddenly heat up by triggering a chemical reaction that would suddenly Flambé a dish. Think Soma’s dishes with a bit of magic. Over the course of the series we see them get further apart and closer together. Soma is actually interested in “Hank”’s Science and we see Walter take a mentoring role towards the kid as the show progresses.. even if they do not always trust each other. Unlike other cooking matches, in Shokugeki these challenges are done from Foodtrucks, elements that much better fit the Breaking Bad theme as Soma and Heisenberg’s food truck will be a converted camper.

Lydia the slightly timid woman working with the neo-nazi’s would be paired up with Hisako. Both characters have shown somewhat similar character traits and both are very concerned with their health in their own way. So Hisako’s healthy cooking style would be amplified by Lydia’s knowledge in that department. To keep things fair everyone has been granted your typical Isekai skill boost so suddenly Lydia knows all sorts of chemical secrets to make stuff healthier.. or heck even more addictive.. Some challenges will be weighed on sales numbers and Lydia is pretty good at making deals. So all in all this pairing would work rather well. Their Food Truck is an Eco-friendly vehicle with a slightly pretentious tone to it. To reflect Lydia’s twisted values.

Mike Ehrmantraut and Ryou Kurokiba would be paired up as both are depicted as fairly volatile right hand people. Both can stand up for themselves as they need to and both have that “hunter” quality over them. Mike in this team plays a bit the role of gatherer. In Breaking Bad he takes care of people so it is safe to say he might have a similar skill set when it comes to hunting animals to get the better produce. He also seems like the type that really enjoys fishing. Which bounces off with Ryou well. Both have this psychotic quality as well that doesn’t always show. Oftenly they are just the silent right hand man but when stuff hits the fan both can get very dangerous! And because they are the right hand man the next pairing makes a lot of sense as well. Their Foodtruck would be something of a Burglars van, with no licence plates, blinded windows and a whole lot of black!

Gustavo Fring and Alice Nakiri are a pair made in heaven. While Alice isn’t as blatantly evil as Gus she does have that same cold and logical personality quirk.. a sense of entitlement and superiority while also not being too afraid to be humble. Both are manipulative and cunning. Alice focuses on molecular Gastronomy, and Gus his catering  experience will make them great rivals to Walter and Soma. They are basically a role reversal of that pair.With Alice doing what Walt does.. and Gus doing the humble style fried food Soma is known for.  They are just more willing to cheat than Soma would. Alice above anyone else has a wish to rise above the rest of her family. We let this play out before the third Food Wars season when tensions between everyone were still super high. This would allow for more personal development and also keep the plot from stranding due to friendship being in the way to much. They work from a Pollos Hermanos food truck and when Alice asks what it means Gus lies to her telling it means Chicken Geniuses.. praising her intellect and skill. Alice believes this and his happy to be validated.

The Final pair would be Megumi and Jane. While Jane is hardly innocent in the series she is also the one who least deserved her faith. She just ends up being in over her head. She has the least impressive skillset. However as a drug addict she spends plenty of her money on forbidden substances. Still having to feed Brock her specialty is making something out of nothing. Managing to turn an egg and some soy into a delicious umami rich sauce, or creating a herb crust out of chives and garlic when all other spices run out. There is an honesty to her cooking .. of caring for others. Of all the Breaking Bad characters her personality comes closest to that of Soma cooking for others rather than herself. Megumi is of course a great pairing with a bit of the good guy personality and we have already seen she can bounce of Soma’s creativity rather well so this pair would do much the same.  Their food truck would would have bright colours and cute fish. Jane as a mother knows that it would be hard to draw in kids to eat they have to go with something bright so they can also draw in younger people.. and thus their parents. Jane is also the only one who will not tell Megumi she will be send to hell if she loses. The poor girl is just a kid, she can not handle that.

We need to cook!

Walter and Soma would not be very compatible at first. Walter feels guilt for what he did to Jesse but at the same time triggers heavily on any boyish behaviour Soma shows. Heisenberg is very prone to be overzealous throughout. So to have a chance in this competition none of the major teams can be his first match.  Instead their first match will be against Tuco and Nao both characters have shown signs of being somewhat deranged and it turns out their madness is incompatible. While Nao’s style of creating a foul smelling dish that is actually amazing would normally work, Tuco unblances her dish and the pair gets easily eliminated. As Tuco is sent to hell and Walter and Soma win by sheer luck Heisenberg realises he must take this seriously. Meanwhile Soma struggles to steal wishes from other people..because Soma doesn’t really have a wish!  He just wants to keep on cooking. This will be his battle.   The battle will here are less like a classical Shokugeki and more like Soma’s battle against Kuga where profit raised determines the winner.  There are judges however that taste the food which may persuade some customers. In case of Tuco and Nao’s cooking this became very clear where suddenly no one wanted to eat at their truck! Even if Tuco held people at gunpoint.

Fairly soon in the series Heisenberg and Soma face off against Lydia and Hisako. Hisako confesses to Soma she is in love with Erina and wants to wish for the strength to confess. This triggers Soma to almost forsake a match.. Without Soma Walter can not win and he will not be sent to hell by Lydia.First he tries to talk Souma into focusing on the match! “Souma WE NEED TO COOK” he would shout but to no avail.  So instead he begins talking to Hisako and discovers she is in love with Alice’s sister, he has seen Alice before in an earlier episode but did not face her. He then manipulates her into thinking that even if she would confess to Erina there is still a chance she could turn her down. She might be wishing for herself to go through unspeakable pain. Soma at this point is too oblivious to Walters intentions and tells her she might not do that.. but then realises Erina has been spending a lot of time away from Hisako. Walt’s words then make her mistrust Erina and almost sure she would be rejected so she states that she will wish for her heart to be closed off so she never would have to feel that pain. Now Soma gets in the fight to protect Hisoka from herself. Putting up his best dish yet.. and Lydia is sent to hell as Walter just says “Bye Lydia”.  Soma, still oblivious to Walt’s cruel nature, just comforts Hisoka and tells her she will help her gather the courage to confess… he also cheers her up with his food. She nods and accepts defeat gracefully. 

The Henchmen and the Pizza

This match triggers the god Tet to go discontent! It’s no fun if people take their loss so gracefully! So he alters the rules to make it more enjoyable for him to watch. Those who lose shall never have their wish granted and everyone has to write their wish down and keep it in a special sealed envelope. You can no longer change it, and if you reveal it your team is disqualified. The next important match Walter and Soma fight is Ryo and Mike.. a match against something minor would have occured in the form of Etsuya and Gil.  Etusya’s wish would be very gatekeepers prompting Souma to properly dominate him to prevent him from ever corrupting their school that much. However when it is time to face Ryo , Soma struggles to let him give up his dream. In this match Walter is also having some guilt feelings in his battle against Mike. It is one of the few things he regrets. He has also been getting closer to Yukihira. In that minor match, he thought Soma a lot..who was very grateful and they made an amazing dish. Using fish eggs.. but making neutral pop rock candy in between to create a literal flavour explosion.

The challenge this time is to make a Pizza. Ryo makes a fantastic seafood Pizza but Walt comes up for a chemical reaction to make the most light air filled crust in a pizza ever.. light as a feather, while Soma comes up with a with a way to mix blended anchovy through a sauce for a less intense anchovy experience but still a flavor explosion. Before they are able to plate up though both find themselves to be unable to finish the others off.  They know this will put them on top.. but both struggle to finish of their rivals. The other team sees this and begins to scream at them.

Ryo yells and Soma for just letting him win, who does he think he is.. his wish is not worth it if he did not earn it.. If Soma would let him win that wish would just be as toxic as not having the wish in his entire lifetime. In fustration Ryo throws one of the Pizza’s on the roof of Walts foodtruck. This resonates with Soma and he is back in the game. Mike tells Walter that even if he thinks Walter is an asshole.. he did nothing Mike would not have done.. he would have just done it less stupidly.. this business they were in is about survival. He would love Walter to go to hell but he would much rather send him there himself. If he really is such a quiter, he is free to give up but then he would be even less of a man than Mike thought of him now.  Shocked Walter looks at the Pizza on his roof, he  is reminded of his son, of his wife, of the little one!  He can not quit here. Walter gets back in the game.. and he and Souma win by a small margin. Walter apologises to Mike and who scolds at him that he did not learn anything from last time. Before he is sent away he tells Walter to beat that son of a bitch Fring.

Antagonistic Battles

Before they face off against Gustavo though Soma challenges Tet to a Shokugeki. If he wins all the invalidated wishes become possible again. If he loses the Shokugeki he can get sent with Walt to hell should they lose. The god refuses this stating that only Soma’s soul would not be enough to feed him the despair of the others. So Soma changes the bet. If Soma wins he gets to alter his wish, if he loses he can be sent to hell like earlier. The god agrees and we see a classic Shokugeki. Here we see a jury appear consisting of Saul Goodman, Dojima Gin and a food critic from our world.. anyone who wants to make a cameo will do. Just a third world. A blind tasting will determine the winner and while the god conjures the most luxurious ingredients of the world, Soma manages to blow him out of the water with the first dish he ever made in the series.  The bacon wrapped Pork roast… but with elements of what he learned along the way. The jury can taste that dish tells a story while the other almost felt self indulgent and arrogant of the chef. So Soma can alter his wish.. he smiles as he writes down a new one.

The match against Gus and Alice begins.. This is set up as the final battle, their biggest competitors, if they win here they can take the entire tournament.  Becoming more and more aware of Walt’s cruel nature however Soma tries to redeem the man. Seeing how bad Gus is however.. makes him quickly play this match very serious! He states that he made an important wish and he can not lose!  Alice and Gus cheat throughout the match, changing their prices, giving people back false change for better results..Tet ignores any plea to rectify this as he is just having fun! Alice molecular gastronomy skills allow a chicken to fry in it’s own fat. For our  protagonists, as a dish the young boy and the drug lord create a steak remicincent of the chaliapin steak don, which is tenderised by the enzymes in onions.

However in this case they create gelantisnied cubes of onions that tenderise the meat and due to the gelatin texture make the brain think it has both a sauce and is even more tender. The gelatine cubes are of course also blue. Blue is also a cuisson being a way of meat being cooked.. being even below rare.  So on top of the dish they present a Blue salted carpaccio with rocket leafs.  The Heisenberg Double Blue they call it and with it they defeat Gus and Alice super special, chemical reaction fried chicken. As Gus’ face melts off as he is sent to hell he straightens his tie one more time and then it is over. Soma thanks Heisenberg for teaching him this. While Soma’s food style is very honest he loves messing with people’s minds so he does really learn a lot and really sees Walter as a mentor..something that changes something deep within Heisenberg. 

Breaking Better

Soma and Heisenberg have reached the finals. Where they face Megumi and Jane. Megumi was super worried as she wished for her entire village to prosper. If her wish gets corrupted they will all suffer because of it. Soma tells her not to worry and that he has her covered. She should just cook to the best of her extent and make this a final worth fighting for. Walter faces off with Jane.. who stares at him with eyes filled with hate. “I was weak, but you let me die? Why”  The bald man stares back and with tears in his eyes he says “I was weak as well’. ‘For the first time in my life I was someone.. not just a teacher.. I was Heisenberg’ … he then swallows. ‘But Heisenberg was nothing.. without Jesse, nothing without Saul, without Skylar and without Junior.’ I could not see it back then you were in the way.. you had to go. I needed Jesse’. Soma and Walter whisper a bit. Walt scribbles down a few notes.  ‘Soma follow this process in the exact order  that way we have our winning dish , you will have your wish’.

Walt looks at Jane and tells her she would have killed Jesse as much as he would almost had.. at least he had the strength to save him.. she was weak.. she even left her own son behind for drugs. “So did you Walt so did you’.  The man shakes his head. ‘No I left my son behind for his future! I pushed him away because I wanted him to be happy’. ‘You left your son because you were weak.. and you’re still weak, if you’ll go back you’ll be dead within a week so I am sending you to hell where you belong with all your weakness. Jane cries in anger but instead of breaking.. like she is sure what Walter is aiming for finds a passion to oppose this horrible man. She finds a strength within her she will prove him wrong.. IF she gets back she will never do drugs again, she hated that this man was right.. but she would force him to be wrong! Megumi gets angry at Heisenberg as well! Causing her to lose any anxiety she might have. She is particularly angry at Soma though who seems to be laughing with what Heisenberg is doing.

When the final dishes are to be revealed Megmumi shows a take on her rainbow Terrine, while she missed several flavours Jane refused to give up on this dish as this could definitely give them the win.. even though her mind was being assaulted she came up with some great choices to supplement the dish. The jury is in awe of the dish and tells Soma he has to have come up with an amazing dish if he wishes to compete. He grins and lifts a cloche. As Megmumi sees the dish she gasps. ‘Soma .. Mister Heisenberg….why?!’ Under the cloche is Soma’s Squid with Peanut Butter. A chemical reaction in the Peanut butter has turned it purple making the dish look even more gross.  Soma laughed and said it was Heisenbergs idea. Walter speaks to him and tells him his name is not Heisenberg his real name is Walter White. Jane looks confused. “Walt why .. did you give up” .  Walter smiles… “I am the one who decides who lives and dies.I am not the man who waits to be killed. I decided…. You did a horrible thing Jane.. but I did plenty. This Tet guy may make people able to live with what I did.. he can not make ME able to live with it. Junior.. .. he is grown up.. he doesn’t need me anymore.. but there are two people out there in that world who need you.’  She thanks him and nods. 


Tet scoffs.. Hah but now Soma will not have his wish. Soma tells he trusted Mister White he saw him change.. from a cruel drug lord into a loving teacher, trying to do what is right for his family and the people he loved. He knew he would do the right thing here. Soma then reveals his wish. “I wish for everyone’s wish to be lost forever’ “By your own rule.. this wish now must be negated.. and can never come true”  The God yells in frustration..but then laughs. “Well played, you have bested me twice’ ‘Young Tadokoro , plenty of fish and wealth shall descend upon your village and it will prosper during your lifetime and the next.. now you and Jane go Home. “Walter White.. it is time for you to go to hell’ Walt nods but asks.. “Could I ask you for a final goodbye.. I know I was a bad person but this has to give me some good will’ The god thinks.. ‘No one will be able to see you.. just a final look’ Walt nods. That is plenty.
A little later Jane suddenly is back.. she’s in a hospital. Jesse is sitting next to her bed.. he seems to have thought she slipped in a Coma.. misremembering her death.He looks weak.. cried out.. like he has been through hell since her death.. As she opens her eyes a flicker of hope returns to his eyes.. it’s not much.. he is almost too weak to stand up.and give her a hug. Almost… A single bag of Heisenberg money is suddenly underneath ther hospital bed.. they do not know how it got there.. but they do not care either. They will use it to start anew.

Walt Junior is sitting on the couch watching some tv when suddenly there is a knock on the door. “Don’t open it” says Skylar.  It’s late.. they can come back tomorrow. Something compels Junior to go to the door .. as he opens it there is no one where.. yet he can not help but feel watched. Weirdly he feels loved at that very moment.. A big gust of wind shows up.. it’s about to storm. .a lone black pork pie that blows across the street, but no one can be seen.  Just for a flash old memories overwhelm Junior a bit and a single tear rolls down his cheek.  He closes the door and walks back into the living room. “Who was it?” Asks Skyler.. As Walt takes one last look at his wife and baby Holly.. as his spirit transitions into the afterlife he says “I told you Skyler. I am the one who knocks’.

And that brings and end to this crossover between two series that should not really cross-over! Yet that is part of the fun! Check out Fan Fiction and Anime World’s take on her challenge! I might turn this into a series on here taking the challenge up on a monthly basis! Do you have any idea for a cross over let me know!

The ‘A to Z of Favourite Anime’ – Challenge

Hello Island Guests! This week is easy mode week for me! It’s so hot my brain doesn’t work so I will mostly just answer questions and tags and do ..that kinda stuff! Sending my brain to the repairman in this heat and these times is just awful, so we will take it nice and easy. Today I will be finally taking part in the A to Z Favourite Anime Challenge! And I am breaking rules to do so!  Why?! Well because I love some of these anime to much and this is the best way to insert them all! It’s not like I play by the rules of blog tags other times anyway?!

I was nominated by Irina Celestial Sparkles and Foovay for this one so a big shout out and thank you for them. This post is originally called Railgunfan75’s Anime Favorites A-Z Challenge as it was created by Railgunfan75 but I do not put another bloggers name in my titles. Do check him out if you have never heard of him before! But since I am late on this tag I doubt that you don’t. I used the title Lina from TIny Ugly Animal came up with because I really prefer to leave names out of the equation.

Nominating Three People here

Mallow: I do try to acknowledge him a lot! He is the heart valve of the aniblogging community! He is a bit hidden among us but he helps out so much and keeps us very much alive! I really admire what he does so let’s see if I can admire his taste just as much!

Blerdy Otome: I know like me you can sometimes experience a bit of gatekeeper behaviour so let’s show everyone how Otaku we really are!

Fred: I really like your general taste in anime! So by making you list 26 of them I might find a new gem or two! Up to 26.. so this one is more for me! He does deserve all nominations he gets a million times over though!

These are the rules

-Pick a favourite series/movie for each letter of the alphabet. For titles starting with “a” “an” or “the” use the first letter of the next word of the title.

Okay this one I rule I shall stick with, due note that my favourites do not necessarily mean the series I think are best.  They are my favourites that can be that they mean something deeper to me despite their possible flaws.Some of them I would not even like to rewatch again but I love them deeply.

-Since many titles have multiple names based on the language that you are using please pick one language for the entire list (Use all English titles or all Japanese titles) and let the readers know which language you will be using. If a title has the same name regardless of the language then it can be used in any list.

This is the rule I am going to break as I find it a bit of a silly rule. I should show my favourites here, if I had to classify them all in the same language I would have to pick anime I like significantly less in their favour?! Nah! I will give both titles to the japanese ones as I tend to stick to the English ones, but I love these shows dearly they deserve the shout out instead of other in favour of naming consistency.. I haven’t seen THAT much anime so I am not going to limit myself even further. This is my island and here:

-If you don’t have a title that fits under a particular letter, you can name another favourite from a different letter in it’s place, just indicate which letter spot you are using for that series. This can be done up to three times. If you can’t fill a spot then you can leave it blank. No more than 26 total series are allowed.

No more than 26 series are allowed? That I will determine myself. I will probably stick to the rule but shoutouts of love should never be limited! I will mention a few other names that did not make the cut though more so that I can explain myself on why I did break the language rule.

-Including a picture for each series is encouraged

Now that I can agree on!

-Share who tagged you for this challenge and nominate 3 more to try it themselves and include links to their blogs.

That is totally normal I did that by instinct!

-Just have fun with this challenge. 

Now that I have stated I will break some rules to make it more fun for me, I will thank you very much! Now onto the actual list!

A: Aoi Hana/Sweet Blue Flowers

So I start with a Japanese title right away, while I do prefer English titles, this show is just way better than Air Gear or Akame Ga Kill so I am going with the Japanese I can highlight my actual favourites It’s just a beautiful small story that had such relatable characters. I identify with Fumi , the series main character a lot and Achan is just a great little bubble of energy. I hate Yasuko because she is very much like a person I know in real life.. someone I could never hate and Yasuko became the perfect vent. So this show helped me deal with stuff as well! Cute and very human!

B: Bloom into You

This series gave me a semblance of a Waifu but also made me identify with a main character a lot. While Sayaka definitely was the strongest character for me in the second half, this story about a girl who can not fall in love is very in line with my Demi-Sexual nature and while I do crave some affection, I always understood her mindset perfectly. The soft animation is also something that really called out to me. B is a really good letter anyway. I could think of a lot of candidates. Few however resonate so strong with me as a person! A lot of these themes feel like a bit of my life.. and it is the series that made me want to have a phonestrap. Those are Super cute!

C: Cardfight Vanguard

I like card games, I like Card Game anime and I really liked this card fighting anime.   Sure quality wise it can’t hold a candle to Clannad, but this show I watched with my friends to teach ourselves how the Card Game worked.  We played a lot of matches with decks we got for no money at all oftenly after a few episodes of the show. That experience really trumps anything other C anime could throw at me. This gave me more than just a show. It gave me a pleasant experience with friends. So while I could easily discredit this show as just a Yu-Gi-Oh knock off  this is my favourite despite any quality problems. Misaki is the female on the team and I really liked her as a character as well. Very different from your usual girl. 

D: Digimon

The Adventure series was a big part of my childhood but even well after that Digimon remained a large part of my life. I hosted a digimon roleplay, I played a lot of the Digimon games, I read a lot of Digimon lore and I love series that have fictional evolving creatures battle each other. The music of this show  up until that series with the guy who punches digimon to make his evolve was great. The series also showed a more grim world than Pokémon.  So I am not specifying the series, each part up until rescue squad had a memory to me! Tri and the new series are pleasing to me as well.. yes it has all the rights to be called my favorite. Once more.. it’s not the best D I have seen.. but it is the one I will keep coming back to.

E: Earth Defence Club Love

I know the show is actually called Cute High, Earth Defence Club Love.. but I had no serious contestants for E otherwise I would have to give this to Elfen Lied. I haven’t seen any other shows with an E and I am not the biggest Elfen Lied fan. The first episode is nice to experience but after that the quality just dips! Cute High Earth Defence Club Love however is amazing! I like how it’s a genre spoof but does it really well.. (in the first season)  I can watch their transformation scene over and over again and still roll on the floor laughing satisfied.  The whole concept of the monsters being stuff and people there are unloved is so amazing and resonates with me really well.  I deeply love this show! Just for it’s silliness.

F: Flip Flappers

I haven’t even finished this show yet but I love it so much already that I am very sure that at the end of the run it will beat out FLCL for me. Flip Flappers is well on it’s way to make it into my top 10 of all time. This show is cute, sweet, weird, colourful and completely surreal. There is a level of depth in all the antics too and much like Kyousogiga it has this Alice in Wonderland feeling I really appreciate. Even the character names are super cute which make me not mind that the shout each others name all the time. Their weapons are cute, and Uexkull is adorable. This show makes me giddy to get up every Saturday. The show has a very girly energy, bright but also somber at times at it makes me smile the biggest of smiles.

G: Gakkou Gurashi (School Live) 

This one will make rule sticklers pissy because not only is it a Japanese name in a list with English names.. I also switched Gurren Lagann to the T also giving that it’s Japanese name. I use names mixed and the Mecha Anime I have always called Tengen Toppa so that’s where it will go! Gakkou Gurashi is my favourite thing to recommend to people who want an anime to watch, just because of the mind games this show plays if you at least avoid spoilers. I can’t talk about it to much but just know it is one of my absolute favourites!  This is an experience! It’s certainly weird but it’s sheer concept is something I really REALLY like! So much that it is one of my all time favourites. Sure it got a bit bland in the end but nothing gave me a viewing experience like this one.

H: Hunter x Hunter

My Favourite Shounen show should definitely make this list, I could not get into the volleyball anime everyone talks about so even while I am not a big fan on Gon, this show itself is very amazing. In part because it doesn’t rely on it’s main character that much. I love the whole set up of the main character more living through the story then setting it. Gon gets caught up in events rather than be a trigger.  He has to deal with the world instead of the world dealing with him. This results in the world feeling so much more alive and real! The way Nen is fleshed out really appealing to me as well and with people like Hisoka they and Killua they have such a strong line of slightly creepy characters.

I: Is this a Zombie?

Switching back to the English title, for the same reason as I always switch.. I love this show and want it to be features.. but the population in great anime in the K department is very dense for me. It’s Japanese title is Kore Wa Zombie Desuka.. and I feel like that’s the name it’s more widely known as as well? Yet the letter I had no noteworthy contestants to how great this show is! It’s funny and has some amazing characters! It’s colourful , it’s weird has magikewl girls.. and magikewl girl guys!  What more can a girl loving random anime want! The end credits are amazing as well.  There is a bit of a trend visible to what I like and I do require a certain does of whackyness in my anime in general.. that or being really heartfelt. So yeah Intial D would not make the cut even if it tried.. bitchin soundtrack though!

J: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

I usually am not that big of a fan of very male energies in anime so I would have thought I hated Jojo’s. I watched it reluctantly because a friend really wanted to watch it fully expecting to despise it.  But it has one thing going for it that apparently is a bigger pull for me. It’s Bizarre.  I love Battle Tendency a lot and most of the other parts I really enjoy as well. There is just this thing to me about it! The music, the colour shifts into unnatural pallets for no reason at all. It glues me to the screen and each time we see a new Stand I adore how this weird thing works again. If I need to pick a part it would be part 2, but since that is included with Part 1 which is my least favourite part.. I am not sure if I could pick Season 1.. in that case it would go to the Stardust Season 1.. but for me Jojoj’s is Jojo’s so I nominated them all in one.
I might have cheated here and there with my list but I can definitely STAND by this pick!

K: Kill la Kill

Man if I had to use Kore Wa Zombie Desku Ka this would have been a four way tie.  What pushed Kill la Kill to this top spot is the memories it has given me besides the anime itself.  Just listening to Before my Body Runs dry with friends and singing along at a super hot convention day. Rewatching Mako Dialogue and try to speak like her as some form of game.. and of course, this is a show featuring a Magical Girl (close enough at least)  taking on weird people..and of course the weirdest alien life form you might have seen. The plot is bonkers with organisations such as Nudist Beach trying to protect the world from evil clothing company Revocs.. and a girl fighting with half a scissor What’s not to like!

L: Love Live School Idol Project

Love Live has a special place in my heart! I discovered it through a free rhythm game on my mobile and I just fell in love with the songs.  When I saw gundam toys mimic  dances of some cute anime girls I just had to check the show out and it did not disappoint. Love Live is just an energy boost for me. The original more so than the newer series as I like the music a lot better, but Start Dash and Snow Halation and Aishiteru Banzai are songs I sing regularly.. this show gave me those so it goes on the list. Kotori would be my favourite person from the group.. but admittedly also the one I’d strangle first if she is in a talkative mood! This show has taught me how to be an idol as well.. so since I want you all to love me.. and this post here goes! NICO NICO NIIIIII!.. please don’t unfollow!

M: Madoka

I know Madoka isn’t the official title and it’s actually Puella Magica Madoka etc.. but no one calls it that. The Japanese name is Mahou Shouja Madoka Magica I think so at least one of the official titles starts with an M but if I call  Madoka I don’t think there is ANYONE here.. who is confused to what show I mean. While I do find this show to be overrated by my friends who say it’s the best thing ever.. I love the surreal worlds, the dark undertones,  and the magical girl aspect of it.  There is a gravitas around Madoka that you do not expect and it has weird elements, yuri elements, it has  pink protagonist, cute looking monsters? Speaking of Monster.. barely missed the top spot! Madoka did so much more for the anime and copsplay community Do I even need to explain why it’s here?! It’s Madoka!

N: No Game No Life

By now I bet you can imagine  why this makes my list. It’s a weird, colourful show that has some magical elements a lot of amazing characters and it’s the one place where it can seem people have already won a game of Rock Paper Scissors before the game is played! Take the explanation from Yu-gi-oh and put it in a more Yu-Gi-Oh season 0 like jacket.. then add a pinch of Madoka and a dash of Jojo and you have No Game No life. Season Zero Yugi was super murderous as well and some of these battles in this series really resemble that. It all adds to the bizarrity of it which makes it so amazingly watchable to me. The whole idea that the main character is actualy two seperate characters trying to achieve godhood.. by putting the Win before cest..was very creative and slightly disturbing. I could have done without the family love..but I can appreciate the anti social tone it is presented with.

O: Oban Star Racers

I am not even sure this is anime but it is a French Japanese production so I decided it counts. Now that Mangwha can become anime.. I think if Western folks try to make an anime it still should be called anime! It looks anime enough and is super heavily anime inspired. There is a beautiful story on how this show was a passion project and that shows in the series itself. There is not a lot of money or amazing talent involved but people loved what they made it and it shows so hard. One of the things I haven’t told you I liked yet. is Tournament Arcs…This series I could describe as Madoka meets Star Wars  Podracing Meets Tournament Arc. There is a bit of Zoids in there as well I guess! I saw this on western tv and noticed how different it was .. in a way I like to think this is the serie that rekindled my love for anime. Also the hair of the team boss.. is amazing! They don’t design anime characters like that anymore.

P: Pokemon

I mean those who follow me for a long time probably could see this one coming. Again this is not the one I’d rank as the best. However this show and in particular the first series had such a great and in the end positive impact on my live I can hardly say it’s not my favourite. Without this anime I would not be writing this post. Without the series I would never would have asked for Pokémon Blue for the fest of Sinterklaas. Without the adventures of Ash I would never have fallen in love with the geek communities. I would have never bonded with some of the geeks that made my life the way it is now. I didn’t even follow the series anymore but when I read and saw that Ash finally became a champion after so many years, I shed a little tear of joy! It’s also why I cant bring myself to watch the new season. I love this series for what it did for me.. more so than what it is..but this definitely deserves a spot.

Q: (Q)Kyousogiga

Did you know that Kyousogiga is written with a blind Q.. ? A silent Q would be a Q you can not hear so a blind Q is a Q you can not see. Just stare at the title for about an hour you will see! It’s a story about a man who paints a bunny and due to a special power he can make it real.. but then the bunny falls in love with him and begs a female Buddha to borrow her body so they can be in love together.. the Buddha allows this and the two deside to found a new world inside a painting. A perfect little family with a boy who killed himself. A buddha and a demon girl.  Yet then both mother and father disappear leaving behind a world that is full of weird colourful things with amazingly weird  rules and things get weirder when a girl with a giant Hammer filled with colorful orbs shows up! This girl shares the name of the lost mother.. and a weird battle to find family in this new world begins… Weird colourful and a girl protagonist using semi magical powers and a schoolgirl outfit to ward of evil.. no surprise why I pick this.

R: Reborn

This is the English title of Katekyo Hitman Reborn.. but well K  was taken a few times over. By a lot of clever swapping around I was able to put this little treasure of mine onto my list. Reborn does a lot what Hunter X Hunter for me does as well. It shows a perpetual growth in it’s character. Where Naruto just gains new techniques, Hunter x Hunter and Reborn show that the fighters actually enter new stages of fighting.  From doing random tasks naked Tsuna learns to control his zero flame, uses to learn his rings, which can unlock box weapons, which can fuse with their main weapons. It’s great! Add in a bunch of babies, colourful pacifiers, a tournament arc and really great characters and yes this show is right up my alley.  Of course you have to get trough quite a large amount of bad episodes at the start but it’s worth it.

S: Samurai Flamenco

This is another show I haven’t finished yet but deeply love so far. I really love Sentai shows, they are colourful..weird and you know where I am getting at with this.  Samurai Flamenco is not exception to this preference of mine. Yet it also is extremely down to Earth at the same time. It explores territory that I have not seen before.. Anime weirdness..with real life Logic.. and I adore it for that.  The characters , while I have my grips with some all feel pretty real and if you are a geek who ever imagined having super powers  they are pretty relatable, this is also a show about being a fan of something a lot! There is a lot of Meta humor in there which pleases me as we.. like characters recognising Sentai patterns.. but by stating they are aware of it thir enemies can then adap! Just a very clever and fun show.

T: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Just Gurren Lagann in English apparently.. I thought it was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann there as well.. is my favourite anime show of all time.  So obviously it would make this list.  It did so by the name I know for it. For those who don’t know what it is about. Humanity is driven to live underground. When a young boy with a drill finds a head like thing.. he discovers it’s a big mecha! He takes his best friend to the surface with this Mecha and discovers it’s ruled by beastman! They steal another Mecha and the best friend decides to slam the head mecha into the tinier one to see if they can combine.. from there on out their adventure just becomes weirder and more colourful with the plot going so insane that in the end people end up throwing galaxies at one another!  This show made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me sick with grief. 

U: Unko-San

This show tells the adventures of a little brown fairy that lives in the bowels of a certain island. For those who do not speak Japanese .. Unko being a brown fairy means it’s a log of poop! A log of poop that has the ability to grant luck to the unlucky. So for example when one little poop commits suicide because he can no longer pay his father’s hospital bills, it sinks into a clam farm..because they do not want a poo resting between them they give it a pearl which it can use to pay of it’s fathers depth.. Who keeps getting gored by a bull. This show had like 7 or 8 episodes each of 2 and a half minute long. It’s hard to find nowadays but back in the day I watched them all. So since it is the only anime with a U I ever finished .. it’s on the list. But you can put Konosuba here instead if you really want.

V: Vampire Princess Miyu

Not a great show but a very solid middle of the roader that made for an enjoyable watch in my vampire phase. It was one of the first random anime I ever watched..except for the word vampire and was one that really introduced me more and more to Japanese culture. I do not have a ton to say abot this one as even considering Unko San this is the my least favourite of the list and there are better Vampire shows out there.. but if you  really want  to watch a show starting with a V you can do a lot worse as well! It has a nice mysterious and tormented main character, a plot that is a bit retro but still quite engaging and interesting visuals.  There is also a lot of pretty music in this show!

W: Wixoss

I thought the show was called Card Selector Wixoss but apparently it can be called Wixoss as well.  This show is something I really like a lot more than what it’s worth! This is a mix between the grim elements of Yu-gi-oh and the grim elements of Madoka.  What seems like an innocent cardgame ends up being the most sick and twisted game I have ever seen. If you win, you lose , if you lose you lose.  There is SOOO much darkness in this show and it is amazing.  It also has Card Battles? Heck yes! It seems like a weird but fun game and the fact that the characters are all female prevents that super dominant male energy I dislike from sneaking in. This show takes a little to get started but once it has you by the lady parts it doesn’t let you go until it is done. Since the original run of the show more content has released with new rules.. but just as dark of implications! I should really continue it sometime.

X: X- men Anime

For a little while there was a small project where western products got remade into anime. I think it was X-men, Blade and Wolverine, possibly Iron Man as well.  I watched the X-men show and really liked it. It had a grit about it and a interesting story about secondary mutation that tied into Jean Grey’s phoenix origins but this time influenced characters like Emma Frost. It was nice to see a different take on the western show and it really felt quite anime like. I loved the visuals and the colour usage. Maybe because I compared it to the 90’s cartoon but still… It is a nice quick watch and if you are an X-men fan it surely is worth a peek. Again I am sure there are purists that say “this isn’t anime” but to me it very much is! I experienced it AS anime so it IS MY favourite anime starting with an X. Also my only one.

Y: Yu-Gi-Oh (5D’s)

Originally I planned to let GX win but then when I was writing why I realised I liked 5’ds Better. I do agree that playing cardgames on motorcycles is dumb but the entire world building with organisations like Arcadia, the way the slums in Satellite worked, the importance of the five dragons, the signers, the prison tattoos it all mashed so well with that holographic technique. Kalin’s zero hand deck was super special, the dark signers were great and I felt so bad for people dying. It had sticking deaths, duelists forcefully having to kill their own friends and of course death races. The Synchro Summon mechanic also made the cheating characters had to go through a little less noticeable..even if they could grow cards out of thin air. The way people dialogue when summoning their synchro’s was super cool and the music was very strong in both the sub and the dub!  YuYuhakusho was a close contender, but I did not care for the last arc.. and Yu-Gi-oh once more is just more than just an anime. 


Not sure how I got to see this one but I think it is the only anime with a Z I have ever finished maybe even watched. The story of two friends being placed in a fight for justice on oposite sites of the spectrum has always facinated me, I also like in in Owari no Seraph for example.. but this one was really visceral.. deaths were messy.. Innocent girls turn into monsters with no way of returning then are slain by the hero of justice, while the hero of dark befriended her..As the monster is cut in half we see her soul be cut in half as well as she yells out as she begins to fade away into the abyss.  Stuff like this made me really respect this series. It  had a bit of a devil may cry vibe.. with a Dante versus Virgil feeling (not talking about the DMC anime in this case but the the games) . What is right might not always be the good and what is good might not always be right. This is a theme that was heavily dominant in this show and you could easily side with both parties.  Yet are also gently nudged to look at things from different perspectives from time to time.Not all to special but hey it’s a Z!

Editting was a lot more work than I expected! I hope my taste has not made you unfollow! So now that you know my favourite anime from A to Z i’ll just slink of into a cold shower and ponder about Oban Star Racer a bit more! Have a great day and see you all soon!

Short but sweet? Nah! Give it A Light Novel Title! That Time Pinkie Got Nominated To Be Weird!

I got so excited I could not wait for the next day to come anymore! I really love this new tag thingy so since today’s post failed I might as well do this one as it is quick and hilarious. Let’s try the “Give It A Light Novel Title Challenge” For those who don’t know, most Isekai shows  hold similar titles such as. “ I did not want to get hurt so I maxed out my defence” “Didn’t I tell you to make my stats average in the next life”
Some more “niche examples can be found in visual novels ..for example  “My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress as Him and Now I Have to Deal with a Geeky Stalker and a Domme Beauty Who Want Me in a Bind!” Today we will do that.. to existing anime!

The Rules

Insert the obligatory rules copy and past right here:
Of course I would like to thank Iriina Senpai very much for nominating me for this one. This sort of wacky stuff really cheers me up and I needed a little pick me up today! So yay for her! Kinda scary if she knew.  I got nominated by Shallow Dives into Anime for a Real Neat Blogger award once so you should already be subscribed to them.. if you listen to me last time! If not here are both A Wodka Mar-Rini and a Shallow Swimming Pool (that saves me on some booze) cocktails to take you the these amazing blogs

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Now that I made these cute drinks it is time to press Crtl+V.. and the next part writes itself.
“I am a magical girl I make text appear like POOF”

  • Choose up to five anime, manga or visual novel series that have a short title
    • Light novels that have shorter titles (Date A Live for example) are also allowed.
  • Give these series a new title based on those classic overly long Light Novels we love!
  • If someone has already picked a series you wanted. It’s OK! Let’s see your own take on the title!
  • Link back to the original post so I can read people’s suggestions, I’d love to read everyone’s ideas. (it’s this post right here)
  • Include Give it a Light Novel title in your tags so everyone including myself can find them all easily. (my tags are getting out of hand)
  • Nominate around 1-6 bloggers.
    Iridium Eye

And now it’s time to get creative with names. I hope Senpai will like approve. Even if some of my titles are a bit META.. I think it will be alright! So here we go! Of course I will be doing six instead of five titles because six is the number of love.

The Challenge

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders.

Okay.. this one is not a short title.. but the first part is a brand name so please forgive me. I think it’s clear that the actual title should have been.

Yare Yare Daze! A Vampire killed my ancestor’s dog and stole his body, now I have to punch The World to save my mother!


Kill la Kill 

Of course I would pick this one I love this anime! The plot is so insane so we can have a lot of fun with the name! Also why do always prefer shows with flamboyant antagonists?

My family … and clothing…..  is Evil,wearing my skimpy, talking outfit and using half a scissor I have to battle them.

Unlike Senketsu …. the new title fits!

Fullmetal Alchemist

Now it’s time to get  to the good stuff. The next one is  more of a Meta name. Rather looking at that the series is,  we name it for one of the most iconic scenes.

I am not SHORT! I am the Hero! So why does everyone keep talking about that guy who Gattaid his daughter and her dog?

I guess I did not have to COMBINE this anime with this challenge.. but might as well fuse it with a meme thing as well.


Now something a bit more niche though probably most of you have heard ot his one. I chose this one because over explanation only makes it’s better.

My melon soda turned into a cute girl, I have to keep her carbonated and win this weird war game.

There was a lot of naked protagonist shots in this show! So that is not my thing! Yet I liked the light hearted tone.. and with our new title.. we made it even more bubbly!

Brynhildr in the Darkness:

Now one more niche title before I move on to my final pick! I watched this show and felt it was a bit of a mediocre elfen lied imitation. Yet it gets so much better with a Visual Novel title.

My childhood sweetheart fell of a dam. Now she is a goverment controlled super weapon with a melt button!

This show is mediocre at best.. but with a cute title like that it can’t help but to melt your icy hearts a little .. right?


Finally the long awaited number 6! A series everyone will know. .in most cases not for it’s qualities but for this particular trait. Which we will use in the Visual Novel Title.

This Hero Can’t handle conclusive battles! So each epic fight, he isekais to a brand new story!

Now I could conclude this with a joke about bleaching my eyes or something..but any joke here would just feel like filler content.

Which title is your favorite one? How would you name one of these? Let me know in the comments and if you like what I did do not forget to subscribe to my sweet little blog! If you don’t I will replace your bleach manga.. with bleach filler! Love you all! Keep smiling