Conversation with my plushies: Pinkie talks about her beliefs

Hello my dear Island Guests and welcome to another geeky lifestyle post. In the first blog tag I ever created “The Super Happy Love Blog Award”  I already told you that I love about myself that I am not afraid to cling onto the child inside me, talking to my plushies. However I also told you this stemmed from a bit of a deeper , perhaps naive belief in “magic” if you will. So with this blog I wanted to talk to you a bit more about what I belief in.  This also fuels my idea to make this category a bit more about myself giving me more direction in my topics, like we discussed in the Episode 0 of A Bit of History. So Yay me for multitasking!

There is no knowledge there is ignorance.

I am not a woman of god, while I do not believe in god I do think god is real. While that sounds conflicting it still is very true. You see while I am not a woman of faith I do believe that the world is bigger than us.  There is plenty of things we can not comprehend. Miracles happen fairly regularly, like a mother gaining strength to rescue her baby or a man surviving a wound or sickness he would not have survived just because he wanted to see his significant other. Do I think it is god? No there is bound to be some logic behind it, but it is knowledge we can not comprehend yet. Maybe one day. I still believe these things are forces of nature but of a nature we can not explain yet. I do feel our emotions however play a critical part in it. Somehow these emotions empower us or alter the environment around us to create a certain effect.

(Peach had the power of emotion once…and a talking umbrella!)

The closest thing I have seen to an explanation I have seen is the (pseudo) science of Noetics. In the book The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown this science is given the spotlight. It claims that ice crystals have frozen up more ugly in times of a russian crisis while in that same area during a time of welfare the ice formed much more beautifully. It focusses on trying to measure how consciousness can influence the outside world. While the science claims to have results on several occasions these discoveries have usually been declared invalid. Mostly because all proof is either subjective or those who saw the scientists results where connected with them and thusly deemed biassed. So while nothing is really “proven” we all play music to our baby, send it positive thoughts to be big and strong,  talk to our plants to make it grow we even play music to our plants at times. On a subconscious level we can all feel it.. there is more to the world than we know. We are still very ignorant. We once KNEW  you could sail of the edge of the earth. We once KNEW the atom was the smallest part.  We once knew that pluto was a planet. Yet all that knowledge turned out to be nothing more than ignorance in disguise and just because it was labeled knowledge we followed it like sheep.

(Beep Beep, Yeah Science B*tch)

There is only Passion

Knowledge is subjective and often temporary. We seek to proof that what we we think we know is real but oftenly turns out differently. Eating a lot of eggs made you strong in the age Gaston from Beauty and the Beast lived in… eggs killed you  just a few years ago and even more recently we discovered that eggs might not be as bad as we thought. The actual force to make something real .. is the drive to proof that it is real. One has a theory they believe in very hard, they find other people who share your views and fight to prove alongside each other. Thusly they end up in an area with plenty of people who share a form of consciousness and passion about something. Just like that woman trying to lift a car to save her baby, who is able to because there doesn’t exist a doubt in her consciousness only thinking about her child, the same in reverse applies to those who tried to break down the atom.. trying to prove it’s the smallest part. They deeply believed it could not be done.. thus it could not be done. It really was the smallest part.

(A surprisingly on brand scientist)

Do not get me wrong, I do not believe you can run a marathon by simply believing in it. I am just not sure if that is because your body is incapable of doing it or because there is  always one of your friends around thinking… they did not train they are never gonna make it. If every single person in the world would all deeply belief in you with passion.. no disruptions.. you just might make it. Stopping would never occur in your brain, no one on the side would demotivate you and put that thought in your head. Like that first guy that ran a marathon… no one believed he could not do it! Sure he dropped dead afterwards but he did make it. That can not be done without faith or without passion!

(You can do it! You got the power! Elimnate doubt…don’t run a marathon!)

There is Emotion there is no peace.

A second element I wish to discuss is talking about what is considered real and what is not. The tv show South Park, of all things,  once asked some very interesting questions which I now will use for myself. Reality’s definition is “the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them” Existing is being described as being “objectively real”. So how can we proof that something is real if we need it to exist..but for us to proof that it exists it needs to be objectively real?  South Park stated that Luke Skywalker inspired many young man to be like him, which is more an ideal and could still count as not real. But he inspired the in the real word existing belief of Jedi-ism, that’s pretty real. I heard about people beating depression based on ideals of fictional characters so that is pretty real as well.  For me Kamina from Tengen Toppa made me believe I can defeat being sick or at least not be taken down by it.. I care about my friends to much to be done in by a stupid thing like being sick. So I fight! I will do the impossible and hey I am still around so Kamina is pretty friggin real to me. 

(Kamina really is my hero.. so thats why you see so much of him)

This finally brings me to the god thing. I belief he is real because people believe he is real. To them he IS real. Because real doesn’t mean what we think it does. Real is a subjective term rather than an objective therm. Sure there is objective realism as well, I mean I can’t deny that stone stairs Rocky ran on is there..but what is it really? For some it is FACTUALLY a symbol of perseverance for some it’s a big hassle to climb and yet for others it is just a that stair. Does it mean that is not really a symbol? No! Because that guy REALLY got inspired. We focus on objective reality to much because if is easy, it offers us a peace of mind as it does not require us to think about it.  Yet it is also fairly useless.

(Ugh I get tired just looking at these stairs)

Let’s change the stairs to a meatball sub for example. Factually it is a meatball sub…but if you are eating it no one thinks.. this is a meatball sub. You either think “Hmm this is a delicious sub” or “Eeew so many carbs” or maybe “This is so gross”. To YOU a meatball sub is never just a meatball sub. What truly matters is your perception of it. Same goes for those stairs in a way. Walking up those steps either inspires you and makes you feel good, or they tire you out. Perhaps you fear breaking your neck on them, or sigh in annoyance as you are already slightly late and this is just another delay. Objective reality means jack diddly squat. I have a pink pillow…(surprise)  but to me it’s not a pillow, it’s something that makes my house look more comfy and makes me feel more at home. No one thinks just pillow.
So yes god is as real as people make him, people take inspirations from him, people love him and people feel good about it. They don’t think .. ah just god it impacts them.. and that is what makes things real to me! So yes I do not believe in him.. but he does exist.

(South Park God..kinda looks like a Pokémon!)

My Chains are broken

Now I hope I made at least a bit of sense before right now because I am about to throw it all away. Ever since I was little my mother has made me eat food by making it talk, telling me it would be so sad if it would not be eaten. She gave voices to objects I just tossed aside and when I played and talked to my plushies when I was a kid I had the courage to tell them stuff no one else knew. I did feel bad for the food that I left, so I ate it… it did inspire me to eat.. so in a way this is real. I did feel bad for my toys I did not love as much as others and just tossed aside. I apologised to them and cleaned them up.

(Sorry for not cleaning you up Mr Duck.. not my actually toy but would have loved it)

That voice inspired me and yes that voice factually and in objective reality belonged to mom.. but it still made me care for the toy. So in subjective reality it was not my mother’s voice. I was in the store the other day and wanted to replace what I had selected for lunch with something else and when I was putting it back I heard the food cry in my head. They did not want to be returned. Last time I bought the same mini rolls the food had been utterly destroyed by some youth who just tosses the packages around or just break it for fun so the store has to toss them out! I did not want that to happen to them so I bought them and had them as lunch for the next few days. I heard them cheer in my basket as I gave up  on my alternative idea. I actually felt really good and it made my food taste a lot nicer because I knew my food was happy!

My plushies are the same, I treat them all with respect, because when I get one I do not just see a plushie. I see Yuni, the pink somewhat posh unicorn. When i first held it I just imagined a personality of it. When I won a green unicorn in a theme park I did not see a cotton stuffed horse toy, I saw Cohn the derpy green pony that loved to cosplay but always looked ridiculous.  When Lita, Hawnd and Horsey where bestowed upon me I saw a triplet of singing unicorns. (Yes I have a fair few unicorn plushies) Who where to tiny to fend for themselves so they had to be protected by Yuni and Cohn. What made me come up with these personalities. Was it just my brain? Maybe something ineffable force made me feel this was correct. Even if it was just my brain… what of noetic sciences are right? What if thought and consciousness do have mass? That would make  Yuni, Cohn, Lita, Hawned , Horsey and Fay Bell (my tiny pink unicorn that speaks with a french accent and has a taste for fine pastries) real to an extend as well. Mono is there as well she is Tsundere.

(I told you Cohn liked weird costumes.. he loves his pink leopard tie)

So I better treat them nicely. I may not be fully able to understand it yet but one thing I know for sure. It is not others who define our reality.  My plushies are “soon to be cash money” for some, a cute decoration for others, for one friend it’s a slap in the face because I blew him off to go to the pub as I wanted to spend my money more on Ai the Sylveon at a con.  To may they all are something that make me smile, cheer me up and are always there for me when others can not be there. They sometimes sing, sometimes they are insulted, and other times they just look pretty. Emotions and passion create our real reality so think of me what you will but never think. Pinkie is a blogger…or those are just plushies. Because nothing ever is just that word we use to define it with.

Do you have your own beliefs? Do you like following a certain faith? Do you think I am crazy? Let me know in the comments.

Trainer Profile: Myself

Top of the day to ya dear Watsons! Much like last time on Detective Pinkie  we will profile an individual and review their trainer class preferred type and their team of six. I asked for suggestions  for fictional or less fictional people to use. Unfortunately we got no suggestions so I picked someone I am fairly familiar with. Today we will be reviewing myself.

Trainer Class: Fairy Tale Girl

Not good enough to call myself an ace trainer, not insane enough to call myself a hex maniac, the trainer class that fits me best is known for their pink dress and usage of the fairy type. For those of you who have actively read at least one of my blogs right now this should already start to make a bit  of sense. Yet the Fairy Tale Girl fits me for a lot of other reasons as well. Introduced in the Kalos region , which is the pokémon variant of France it’s about as close to home as I will ever get. Technically Britain might be closer but where I live I can be in Paris within a few hours. About five or so, London would still take me more. Kalos trainers do like fashion and good foods and sitting with their friends in one of the many café’s.  For a geek I am fairly social and so are the Fairy Tale girls… sure will not call you as often as Youngster Joey but we are fun to play and battle with. Kalos is also home to the battle mansion, Fairy Tale girls who pop up inside there use a mix of Psychic , Fairy and Normal types. Two of which are among my top 3 favorite types, Psychic types I also like to use, however I feel they are a bit to overhyped. A lot of fairy types share dual typings with the psychic variant though and before the pink type appeared, I was a devout follower of the classical purple psychic type. Quite playful .. waaay younger in mind than in body and fascinated by tiny lights magic and of course fairy tales would make me perfect to fit this archetype.  I like ribbons and frills and dressing up. I allow myself to partially live in a fantasy world simply so I enjoy myself more. While I am not naive I would say I was schooled by naivety. Not overly ambitious nor competitive I participate in the world , as well as Pokémon, because I think its fun.  

Preferred Type: Fairy Type

Now there is a surprise, my preferred type is the actual type that I ranked 1 in a top 5? Geesz.. talk about a fastball here. But my dear little Watsons fear not because there is more to it than just me liking it. Fairy types are weak to poison and steel types. while being strong against darkness dragon and fighting. As a pacifist I go out of my way that every situation I resolve is done without violence. To this day I have only punched someone once.. waaay back when I was a little kid. People have wanted to beat me up but I always outsmarted them or managed to charm my way out of physical altertrications. In a punching battle I’ll cry and faint at the first hit but I will make pretty sure you do not get the chance to do so. Whether it is through trickery or charm … I usually come out on top.  Darkness and Dragons also face a lot in real life. Darkness is the depression I see in a lot of my friends and family and even me… I don’t have an immunity for it. Yet to many people I am a confidant.. people share their trouble with me, even when they know little about me.. people share their worries with me. I will do my utmost best to help you overcome that darkness in your soul as well and usually I succeed. A lot of people have actually suggested me going into the psychology trait yet unfortunately I lack the means to take on a study. I just help people for free then, means I get more time for my friends anyway. Dragons to me are the obstacles we encounter in daily life. My motor functions are below average, my heart is weak , I regularly have no money and quite honestly with a distant father, a sickly mother and a sister in a very bad place right now.. there is plenty of obstacles in my way already. Then there are my own issues as well, but those I won’t go into right now. Yet every day I wake up with a smile happy to write a new blog or go have some fun with friends.  Dragons do not define me nor do they affect me all that much. It’s something I have to deal with for sure but never will they make me a different person than I already am.

Onto the weaknesses of the fairy type being poison and steel. The first is quite easily a weakness of mine as well. Being of weak constitution any cough or flu bug can really bother me but being whimsical little me what really bothers me is toxicity in the figurative sense of the word. A few friends gave me Overwatch so I could play with them but the moment I logged on myself to try and learn the game to impress them.. I got so much negativity for not knowing how to play D.Va it ended with me vomiting while the game was deinstalling. I tried to play League of Legends with a friend, whom went toxic when I messed up, he told me some horrible things in sheer rage, I dodged seeing him for months and was super stressed about it, he could not even remember… So yeah.. I am weak to that. The steel type weakness is reflected in me not caring about cool metallicy stuff. I hate knights, vikings, cars, mandalorians, armor, blacksmithing. When someone has a knights code.. or follows any form of warrior tradition I tune out completely. A friend talked to me about warhammer 40k once talking about their weaponry their codes and beliefs and the warriors honour etc, I apparently listened to the man for the entire evening.. and can not remember a single thing about it.. I completely blanked out I don’t even remember being bored… I was just gone but smiling.

The Pokémon Team

Signature Pokemon : Sylveon (Fairy Type)

My favorite pokémon is also my signature pokémon, yet again completely unsurprising, if any of you even read the post about my favorite pokémon it was one of the very first I posted on the website. Yet if you read the Trainer Profile of last week you notice I don’t just pick a pokémon on a simple fact alone, there has to be a resemblance to the trainer as well.  Sylveon and I were both raised in a loving home. While sometimes I doubt if my father feels this way, mother I have zero doubts about. In fact I don’t even doubt dad loves me.. he just might not love me in a loving way? Regardless, mother is like a saint who showered me with a lot of love as I grew up. So I could definitely evolve into a Sylveon.. if they would actually LET me is a bit of a complex story for which I do not have the time here, because I also want tell you how I am all about love.  Friendship is magic is one of my personal catchphrases and I try to keep my friendships healthy. I love the people close to me.. yet I am not afraid to let go. Love is unconditional and even if some friends have turned out to be humongous Grasshole (thank you Pokémon Clover) I do not love them less for it. They gave me some amazing moments and even if we are unable to happily spend time together nothing will take away the gratefulness and love I have for those wonderful moments they gave me.  Also I am pretty darn good at putting on some Baby Doll Eyes.

Physical Wall: Luvdisc (Water)

Luvdisc is a weak little heart and that fits me quite well.  Not only do I have a weak little heart myself, my HP stat isn’t that high and I am quite fragile to physical things. I can get seasick from floating in the sea on my very own back, I can harm my neck just by getting up out of my chair and I can physical adversity always seems only one step away.. Though I have never broken anything I had some pretty weird injuries, like every single toe bruised because a goose attacked them, I had a volleyball bruise all my fingers (both hands excluding thumbs)  at once and I threw my back out while cringing in pain because a forklift truck drove over my foot!.. So yeah I am weak and frail like luvdisc .. and my heart is like well just like the tiny heart shaped pokémon. Yet luvdisc is someone who is there for you in it’s own way, in its vulnerability it drops an item called heart scales, which in the pokéverse allows other pokémon to remember previous or hidden moves. Because going skiing with me equals death for me , and because playing a game of soccer results into me being crippled for a few days after.. i’ve always preferred to spend time with my friends in a bit more tranquility. We talk I’ve become the group psychologist in a way. At times I have to remind them who they are, something that has been actively asked of me,  or help them find their strength again when they lose it. So In a way my love is like a Heart Scale. So Luvdisc and me are a pretty good match!….Oh and we are both flat!

Physical Sweeper: Magikarp (Water)

A long time ago a friend sang a song about me , how utterly physical incapable I am. I just flop and fumble around, just like Magikarp whom we talked about earlier on this site. I once had to box in highschool and I was knocked out by the tiniest girl in class because of how I was flailing.  When someone is asking to help them move I get skipped.. because I CAN help you get rid of stuff.. if you want to keep it , your probably better of asking someone else. I guess a Magikarp Gijinka ( human form anime like person thingy) would be a Dojikko.. like me. That’s a difficult weeb word for Klutz-Archetype-Girl. I broke a boat once.. well it’s railing. I held it in such a cramped manner that somehow I broke it.. in two spots..(sat at different places)  of course this resulted into that part of the railing sinking and some turkish boater looking at me REALLY angrily but hey I broke a metal rod in half… twice.. while not even trying, while feeling miserable. (I get sea sick while floating on an aircraft in a pool let alone on a fast boat) Kind of like how Magikarps flail attack works. While I am helpless on my own , my dads words as much as mine, my friends seem to be able to push me beyond my limits. I’ve danced on a small ledge seven meters/21 feet in the air on some scaffolding..without dropping. I have passed ONE running gym class (because a friend buffed me)  and I managed to climb a rope , which I never could before. Now these might not seem like big feats but due to my weird muscle and movement disorder these are quite legendary achievements for myself. Climbing that rope up all the way to the ceiling feels like one shotting Rayquaza, to pass the shuttle run test felt like beating the mighty mewtwo and dancing while not falling from scaffolding felt like conquering Ultra Necrozma himself. Sure I might have ended up blacking out from running after I got the passing grade, and I might not have fallen of that scaffolding but I can’t say the same about that rope and I might have hurt me still while climbing down the scaffolding .. but that is besides the point. My friends made me greater than I would be able to be myself and I manage to beat big obstacles that way just like that fish. Friendship is magic.

Special Wall: Chansey (Normal)

It’s pink, it dies a lot slower then you expect it too, it’s all about helping others and it hates children so much it keeps tossing it’s own egg. This is a good summary of me, with the exception that I do not throw my eggs about … even if I did they would not land where I’d aim them well as it would be kinda lewd and I don’t do lewd stuff. Chansey is one of my all time favorite pokémon ever and it fits me very well as a person as well. Chansey’s role is to survive a lot of special attacks. No mind games can break Chansey and I am the same. Sticks and stones will break my bones.. even if they are just there on the floor, but mind games not so much. Sure you can be openly toxic to me and I crumble like Betty White on a trampoline, but try to play me and you get nothing. Special tricks do not harm me and I am to dense  and panda to understand flirting and innuendo. You can call me out on what or who I am, call me names and i’ll stand tall. Link it to something and I crumble. ‘Hey your a girl.. means you are a slut’ I can handle. ‘You can’t write for shit.. but you do it anyway because you are so full of yourself’ will make me cry my eyes out. … I might have been better off had i not told you that. I can face adversity well enough let’s keep it at that , despite being faced with a lot of adversity in the more intangible regions I still stand here. Chansey is like that as well having incredible longevity and durability against the non physical. We both cosplay..though I don’t get away as easy when cosplaying as a nurse. We both are pink and both of us like making others feel better. Finally both of us are on our best while we don’t fully grow up. Chansey is more durable than her evolution while holding an item called Eviolite,  and I am just much more charming like this.

Special Sweeper: Gardevoir (Psychic-Fairy)

Being a Psychic Fairy-Type Gardevoir is both cute and smart. I’d like to say the same thing about myself. Like Gardevoir I do like mind games. Board game night with friends is particularly fun for me , because I do not only play the games, I play my friends as well. I must admit I am pretty darn good at it too.While playing the zombie survival game dead of winter I can tell which of my friends are a betrayer through the subject we talk about during the game. While playing Munchkin I notice if someone can stop my attack by the way they hold their cards. After which I can play them around, I managed to manipulate the munchkin player into thinking the right play was to help me..because I made the number two come after me hard, who also had a chance at winning. I made the betrayer think I was a betrayer as well  asking him for a hand out of items (which you can do in that game) and revealing his betrayal. They were gonna exile me after my turn because they believed I was a traitor yet I ended up saving the game. I am very good at play into each other’s mind games like Dixit and Mysterium as well. I just love it. Playful being Gardevoirs Fairy typing and the Psychic Typing explaining the mind games. We are both very girly as well, share about the same skin pigmentation. Physically we both aren’t a presence but mentally we can blow you away!

 Legendary: Mew (Psychic)

When you can’t find us there is quite a possibility you can find both or any of us under a truck. In my case for different reasons than Mew’s though.  Joking aside, I chose Mew as my legendary because we are both the creators of world’s . While arguably Arceus has created the world and the legendaries created the land, the sea, the sun the moon and all that jazz respectively.. Mew created Pokémon life… without the little bugger it would just be another world. I like to write stories create my own worlds, not only as a blogger but also as a dungeon master. Having finished a Digimon campaign, having ended a Star Wars campaign and currently hosting an Contemporary- Anime-Eldritch, High Fantasy & Pokémon game I like Mew like to create plenty of life forms. From the depths of my mind they all come to existence and to life as each week me and my friends gather to enact these stories.  They are my pride and joy and much like my blogs my babies. Mew creates content for me to blog about, I make Mews creations come to life in a new way. Be it a Fairy-Type tale or in a design for my very own pokémon game. We are pink cute creationary forces..although I am not legendary………………………………………………yet.

Profiling myself was a hoot and a half! Do you have a character or person you like to see profiled let me know in the comments or at least leave a like.  I hope to see you in the next post my little Watsons!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!