Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Psychic Types

My dear island guests , the Psychic type is super effective against the fighting type so using this technique it steps in the ring. The question which are my favorite fighting types are much harder than most other types. I do not dislike the type at all, nor is it my favorite type, yet almost all psychic types are good in some way or another. Where usually I have deep depths and high highs the psychic type is 7’s and 8’s throughout the board. I even kind of like Bruxish!

Rules and Honorable Mentions

Starting with this list I am instating a new rule. Any duel types that make it on one list can not make it on another. For example Medicham is my favorite fighting type but it would be a bit redundant to put it here. I will favorite it to the type I most associate it with.  This gives more pokémon a chance to shine. Other rules apply like normal like only one entry per evolution line.  While I am free to choose what form I want.. If I dislike later forms and have to evolve them to be able to play them.. those later forms will be held against them. So while I am quite fond of Woobat, Swoobats weird design kinda ruins it for me. The same would apply to Munna.. but I love Woobat just a bit more.

Another rule, a type has to “feel” part of it’s typing to me. If a Pokémon doesn’t feel like a psychic type to me or I don’t use it as one, it will not make this list. Luckily the Psychic type really has good atmosphere and there are virtually no pokémon I would exclude from the type this way. Only one I could think of is the pokémon Victini and even than I still could believe it. Though I’d make it pure fire type.  The final rule is that pokémon has to have it’s typing in its base form. So no Silvally , Arceus or Genesect with typing stuff equipped to them or Mega Evolutions that change typing. Zen Mode Darmanitan is a pokémon I really love that is excluded for this reason. 

Psychic Type Number 5: Mewtwo

Let’s begin with the favorite pick of just about everyone else. Mewtwo is THE icon when it comes to psychic type pokémon and for good reason.  He is the embodiment of the type.The poster boy of the psychic type.   He is the second most powerful pokémon ever and when we count his mega evolutions he even IS the strongest pokémon ever. Even outclassing Arceus.  His design is very menacing and well done, his portrayel in all sorts of media is sublime. He gets some great pokémon cards,  I like playing him in Smash, he is a decent villian in the sub version of the pokémon movies and his part in Detective Pikachu , I like him in Pokken. Mewtwo does deserve to be listed and favorited.

 So why is he my number 5 pick and not number 1?  Because he is to easy to love. Mewtwo gets so much attention we get that been there done that sensation He feels like the easy pick for its power and because that I like him less. It is the same reason I do not like Charizard all that much.. though much less prominent in this case. His spot in the top 5 in favor of Espeon and  Hatterene is saved because of the lore  and how connected Mewtwo is to the world of pokémon. Mewtwo is an important part of the pokémon world. The yang to Arceus yin in a way. Nature versus science,  a theme that is very important to pokémon. In a way he is more pokémon than anything else on this list or any other poké list for that matter.

In combat he is mostly disallowed because of his high stats, but we all know we run a set with psychic on it because of nostalgia. With the inclusion of Mega Mewtwo X however it now also can be ran as a physical set, trough moves like Psycho Cut, Foul Play and  Power Swap. The special set, usually ran along Mega Mewtwo Y comes with Psystrike  and Aura Sphere but I have seen with the nostalgic psychic from time to time as well. Regardless of what you put on your Mewtwo it will hurt like a truck..because it’s Mewtwo. You can’t really go wrong. Not the best pokémon to use if you want a challenge but one hell of a lucky find if you play randomised Nuzlockes because it will wreck hard. It still is the most powerful pokémon ever.

Psychic Type Number 4: Galarian Ponyta

Of course I had to include this rainbow unicorn. While of course it’s final evolution Galarian Rapidash is better, and I will be discussing that one for a viable battle set (because it can’t be run with eviolite or something)  galarian Ponyta is my favorite form of the two. It just feels so happy and cute and fluffy and I WANT one. Had I not spent the entire 24 hour livestream of Glimwood Tangle hoping for more.. and had galarian Rapidash had become a pegasus with a flying type instead of the fairy type.. this line would have taken my number one spot. Still.. a fluffy unicorn that has rainbow patterns when it is happy! That is amazing! If we Dutch believed in Santa that is what I would ask of him… we have this other old bloke who rides a white horse so he would probably steal it from me and never look back.. so I never got to.

When Pokémon and My Little Pony meet, you get this beautiful equine creature. It’s black horn is also super cute. Just seeing this little beast parade around your camp having fun while it is racing other pokémon just made me smile so hard. I loved tossing a ball to it, feeding it banana curry and of course waving a stick with a bell in front of it. This pokémon which I named Flufflepuff,  is still my favorite horse pokémon, and though I do prefer the shiny of the original fire variant of this pokémon it’s base design far surpasses that of its kantonian counterpart. If I could just customise it a bit and give it a cutie mark it would have been absolutely perfect.

Galarian Rapidash can be quite fun to play with during a playthrough through the Galar Region. It’s eyes are a bit to arrogant for me. Which prevent it from being higher on this list. What makes it fun to use is how diverse it’s moveset can be. It still learns a bunch of fire moves to cover the bugs it is weak against, it gets access to moves like High Horse Power for some earth type hits, it has psycho cut, which isn’t seen on a lot of other pokémon other than Malamar and Mewtwo as there are not a lot of physical fighting types out there.  While it’s stats aren’t too amazing with its strongest stat  being speed at 105 and attack at 100 it borders on being “average”. Yet that is what made this pokémon fun to me. There is a nice balance in its power and frailty which makes it interesting to use. It learns lots of elemental attacks and with the way Galar balanced T.M’s and T.R’s  It can be fun to kit out the unicorn with a custom set for each fight. A unicorn that won my won my heart, even if I am not all over the rainbow for it.

Psychic Type Number 3: Wobbuffet

Now this might polarise some people, Wobbuffet, that is such a useless pokémon!?  Honestly it really isn’t. I love the blue weird thing. From its intrinsic stiffness and weirdness, to it The weird lipstick thing on the females as a gender difference I find hilarious, and it is my favorite Team Rocket Pokémon. Just so awkward I love awkward things. It’s voice in the anime is something I am very endeared to and just the fact that it’s one of those.. what is that supposed to be pokémon adds to it’s mystique.. of which their actual is non it’s just Wobbuffet.  While I could easily give this spot to Alakazam that one is basically just slightly lesser Mewtwo while Wobbuffet is completely it’s own thing. I could have given this spot to Hypno.. who steals kids and made some big lore splashes but no.. I love this pokémon so much more.

Wobbuffet has no interesting Pokémon Lore, in fact it doesn’t really do anything…at all.. It just stands there. It’s pokédex entry says so. It just is there to endure other pokémon’s attacks. If it encounters another Wobbuffet it does even less as it stops eating to out endure the other of its kind.  So if you’d put a female Wobbie and a male one in the daycare centre with some incense in reality they would not breed for you to get a wynaut .. they’d die of starvation showing off to each other. The only weakness of Wobbuffet is it’s tail. When you attack that.. it does down.. but it will always try to take you down with you.. and this is why I love Wobbie so much as a Psychic type.

This pokémon is all about predictions. It can only learn Counter, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond, Safeguard, Encore, Amnesia and Charm.. well that and Splash.. but we all know what happens if you use that move.  It’s stats are very bad but they do not matter. All that matters is it’s hp.  Counter will double any physical damage taken and send that towards your opponent, Mirror coat does the same but for Special damage and Destiny Bond will take a target down with it.. it goes down before it uses another move. If Wobbuffet is actually hit and you as it’s trainer predict correctly it basically means the opponent goes down. Encore which locks an opponent into their last used move can guarantee success in this. Obviously a Machamp will try to punch it so counter is a good option.. but you can only take so much hits so at one point you need to set up destiny bond. During gameplay plenty of pokemon are mixed sets.. so using Wobbie can just be so much fun.. that actually involve predicting the future! So it deserves this spot!

Psychic Type Number 2: Gardevoir

Yes this scored very highly since my first playthrough of Gen III and is a regular staple on my team. Ever since it has gotten the fairy subtype that has even increased how much that I love it.. now when I say that I love it.. I do not mean that in any physical or lustful kind of sense.. which apparently is a thing you need to clarify around this Pokemon. It is often waifu ed and lewded and though I will not kinkshame. I love it’s totally unique design  Even among the human like pokemon. Weirdly enough until Galar this Pokemon never belonged to the human like Egg group and only played with amorphous Pokemon.

Gardevoir is the near perfect pokémon, it looks unique , it looks psychic, it has great stats, awesome moves, gets love in all media  but ,with exception for the meme and lewding scene , not OVERLY much. It looks like it’s evolution is telling a story and over time it only has gotten better with the addition of split evolution Gallade. It’s cute a girly, even if it isn’t always a female pokémon and a testament of being yourself. I took one along on my Omega Ruby playtrough just because I knew Wally would have a Mega Gallade in the end. I wanted to give them an epic showdown naming it Virgo as I named my main theme after constellations and I had to capture a pokémon to fit that constellation.  She was my most memorable Gardevoir.

A well played Gardevoir with Trace can do amazing things but is rather situational so the synchronize  set usually more stable. Regardless of your ability though , Gardevoir hits hard. Mega Gardevoir hits harder With a special attack of 165  and a special defence of 135 it dwarfs even legendaries. While still a fair bit away from Mewtwo’s base stat total of 680, it hits harder (specially)  than Mewtwo and it takes more hits (specially) than Mewtwo.. for the role it’s going to be used as it’s simply amazing.  Equip it with Psychic , Moonblast, Shadow Ball and Hidden Power Fire (or Pixilate boosted Return)  and it can get around just about everything. In base form it’s one of the best looking pokémon in the entire game and while it’s mega evolution is a bit balloony for my taste I still enjoy it looks. When a pokémon kicks ass and looks good doing it.. you got a good one!

Psychic Type Number 1 : Mew

It’s Psychic, It’s Pink, It is adorable and playful. While I had trouble determining which pokémon would be on this list there was no doubt in my mind that Mew is my favorite psychic type. Have I mentioned it’s pink?!  Mew has gotten significantly less love than Mewtwo over these past few years but it has been made up for in spades with mystery.
Britain once voted the identity of the Stig from Top Gear as one of the greatest mysteries of the world.. but had Nintendo played their cards a bit closer to the chest I’d theorise “how to get Mew” in Pokémon Red and Blue could have made this list.

Everyone knows about that truck that his hidden on the water next to the SS Anne.  Temtem made a amazing reference to it by placing a island with a  truck somewhere on the map hinting a powerful Temtem might be hiding there. I caught a Missingno and somehow managed to trade it with strength and cut equipped in order to finally get Mew from underneath that truck (As rumors stated the pokémon using strength needed a level higher than 100) No Mew!  I got Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap in the hopes to get it to my Game Boy game.. I caught Mew in Snap.. but I still did not know how to get it in my game. I wanted so bad because the movie made it seem so adorable and playful.. it became that toy people said you could not play with.

In lore Mew is basically the genetic ancestor of every non legendary pokémon. Basically the son of Arceus that got lonely and made some friends to play with.. the lake trio was involved in creating Mew (Uxie Azelf and Mespirit) but how can a pokémon that is basically the source of all other pokémon NOT be the best psychic type out there?  Every Pokémon is like part of it! Without it there would not be any starters to start your journey with.. without it  zero of the other pokémon on this list would exist.

In combat Mew is absolutely amazing. It learns  all learnable moves and it gets 100 stat points in everything. Which means there is no correct way to build Mew.. everything you do is fine. Physical Tank with Screens? Viable.. Speedy Special Sweeper with wide covery? Viable. Toxic Stall set?! Okay! .. It will never be your best option for either of these things but it will always keep your opponent guessing. In a way Mew is still the mystery it has always been. When your opponent brings a Mew  you never know what you are going to get. Unlike with a box of chocolates.. what’s in that should at least be on the back! While Mew’s mysteries live on we now know to things about Mew for sure. It is my favorite Psychic type by a large margin and he is not under the truck.. no .. the way to find Mew has since been found! An ancient secret has been unlocked… You can purchase a single Mew alongside a Pokéball controller for the price of 50 dollars!

What is your favorite Psychic type?! Like I said this one was hard.. there are just so many good ones , so please show the love for your favorites! All pokémon deserve it some love! Next week we will cover the bug type! See you then…and hopefully in the rest of my posts! Do not forget to subscribe!



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5 thoughts on “Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Psychic Types”

  1. Yep, the top spot has got to go to Mew! I also have fallen in love with Galarian Ponyta and I had a Galarian Rapidash on my team during my playthrough of Shield. I think my top favourite psychic type would be Espeon though. I love it’s design and I remember being so excited when I learned it was a new evolution of Eevee back in the day. I also thought the friendship mechanic for evolution was really cool.


    1. Espeon is great, I love using it in the Coliseum games, it defiantly is top 10 for me as well but given how much better some Eevolutions are it ended up just short of the top 5 for me.

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  2. Definitely agree with Mewtwo and Mew being on this list. Wobuffet is certainly an interesting and unlikely choice. That Galarian Ponyta was described as exactly as I thought because it looked like something straight out of MLP (did Bronies play this game because of this version of Ponyta)? That was a good list.

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