Top 5: Normal Type Pokémon

Two top fives in one week?! How uninspirational of me! Yet it is time to talk about pokémon again and stories about pokémon are just so much easier in top five form since there are so many of them and so much stories to tell! I never told you my favorites of each type, so let’s start with the most basic one! The Normal Type.

Before we start a few rules. I will only use one entry per evolution line. Other than that I have to actively use them AS normal types. Chansey for example is one of my favorite pokémon ever, but I run it as a toxic stall or counter set (a poison and fighting type move.. as well as a normal type recovery)  it just doesn’t feel like a normal type to me.

Ditto and Smeargle are in a similar situation for me. Pokémon who once were normal  type do not count either, their typing stands as it is currently. Dual typings are allowed..but did not make the list this time. Yet now you know for the future! Now onto the ranking

Normal Type Number 5: Regigigas and Slaking

Another top 5 AND a shared spot… Boo Pinkie Boo… but hold up! These two normal types have a shared trait that endears me to them. Aside from their monstrous strength they are known for having BAD abilities. Their abilities hinder them and make them unpractical to use, which compensates for their amazing stat pool. Slaking has to skip his turn every other turn and Regigigas has it’s stats quashed for the first five turns it is on the field. 

Slaking is the more viable of the two as it usually is set in as a revenge killer using moves like retaliate, or sometimes slash. It’s first form Slakoth shares it’s truant ability but it’s second form VIgoroth has the ability Vital Spirit which prevents it from even being asleep Design wise Slaking feels rather intimidating even it it’s lazy… something I would see as a viable evolution of Snorlax as well… just  not AS large. This is the only normal type that gave me more trouble as  the infamous Whitney’s Miltank. In Pokémon Colosseum the final boss Evice uses a Slaking alongside a Slowking that skillswaps the bad ability away leaving a relentless raging monster for you to face . Truly scary.

Regigigas is a bit of a weird beasty. It’s robot/golem like thing that makes the weirdest cry that really endeared me to it. It’s fun to try to keep a Regigigas alive on the field until it can unleash its full stats.  The issue I have with this one however is that if another pokémon keeps boosting it’s stats .. it can outdo even a Regigigas at it’s “normal”  level.  So you have to find ways to break Regigigas ability, which makes it super fun to use in double battles. But I even had fun with it in singles.. pairing it up with a Cofagrigus, who has the ability to create an infections ability to everything that uses contact moves… thus would allow you to replace it’s hated Slow-Start.  You really have to build your team around these two..which makes for fun little dips into battle and for memorable pokemon.

Normal Type Number 4:  Wooloo

While I loved the feeling of the world in Gen VIII’s  Pokemon Shield, there were few pokemon I feel head over heels for. Of course there was Galarian Ponyta, Polteageist and Alcremie but I had little sentiment for Corviknight or Perserker for example. I would describe the 8th generation of pokémon games as having lots of pokemon that I think “Wow thats an awesome looking pocket monsters’ but lacking in “O.M.A. I love it I love it.. add it to the team now”. However Wooloo was definitely in the latter category. It’s the generation mascotte and a lot of work went into making Wooloo and it shows.

Wooloo quickly became a fan favorite and was turned into a meme. I cried a bit when my Wooloo evolved because even though it was still my pokémon some of that appeal had gone. I swore not to catch another Wooloo because I loved Beep so dearly that even now that he became kinda ugly, nothing would take his place. So I started to shiny hunt for a black one., why do  normal types have such awesome shinies anyway?! My Switch controller broke which ended my hunt and I sending them in was a bit difficult for me.. since it happend in Corona time.. so I just got a new controller and Animal Crossing. Which meant I haven’t searched for Beep Beep yet since.

Wooloo DID make me cry a second time. During the animated series Pokémon Twilight Wings. It’s a  seven episode series of 6 minute short episodes, telling self contained stories from the pokémon game universe, opposed to the more liberate anime universe. These stories are connected by the fact that they feature a corviknight taxi, hence the name. The third episode is about Hop’s (your rival) Wooloo. This six minutes of animation are amongst the best I have seen. This is so utterly adorable and charming and since it is on the pokémon official channel I can share it with you! If you want to spend six wholesome minutes please.. look at this youtube link.. if you are using wordpress reader.. please look at it from my site.. or just look it up after.. it is so worth it.

Normal Type Number 3: Furret

Another  route 1 rodent making it on this list makes a lot of sense in my opinion. You encounter these pokémon first in the game, so whenever you add them to your team very soon. You build a bond with them because they are often lackluster in stats. You struggle with them so you talk to your screen. You can do it Sentret, you can get a flinch Rattata or even I’ll EV train you into a Bidoof! While Hoehn Form Linoone is the most competitive and “factually” good starter it never became that endeared to me. Simply because I first  caught a Poochyena instead and ran that on my team.  Had I had the third gen rodent as my first encounter the day I first played pokémon Sapphire, this spot might have belonged to the shaggier , belly drumming rodent.

Yet it was not the case so my favorite rodent is that of my favorite pokémon game.  Sentret’s evolution Furret has since the publication of pokémon animation have gained some pretty big popularity, Walking all across the world to the sweet tunes of Accumula Town (Gen V had some REALLY good music) it has walked into people hearts as well. The Shiny Furret Candycane is one of my most treasured pokemon  in Pokémon Go, It’s pink! It has some minor combat options as a  Frisk , Toxic Orb , Physical Sweeper, with moves like Trick , Brick Break and Facade. It’s solid and cute and it walks in my mind a lot. It is a perfect analogy for mt brain at times.

Normal Type Number 2: Cinccino

Now it is actually time for pokémon I use in battle and really enjoy running on my team. It’s the Chinchilla pokemon  Cinccino, whose name I always spell wrong. Cinccino is the evolution on Minccino.. so it has the the tiniest name change of all the evolutions. It’s cute and fluffy and it has the ability Skill Link. which makes it quite useful. 

While Aipom, my number six barely not on this list shares this ability , Cinccino can run it much more effectively.  Skill link is a move that make sure multiple hit move always hit the maximum amount of times. The little chinchilla learns, tail slap (which gets same type attack bonus), Bullet Seed (which is a grass type move) and Rock Blast (which is a rock type move if you would believe it) 

Equipped with a Choice Band, this pokémon  can really kick ass and take names. It’s super easy to counter and it is very frail. Unlike chansey this one gets access to a solid Normal move it can deal a lot of damage with, it can be fun and trolley if you run it with a Kings Rock which allows for super high chances to flinch your enemy which can be great in a toxic stall team. There is just so many ways I can have fun with this little guy and ontop of that it just looks super cute and fluffy! I really want a plushie of this one as it looks Kawaii as  heck and I just want to snuggle it’s fur!

Normal Type Number 1: Exploud

Exploud has a horrible shiny, it goes from a blueish purple to a more Muk/Grimer is purple.  Changing from a Lavender shade to something more akin to the Amethyst or muddy Lilac spectrum is not that special. With both 91 base attack and base special attack it can really make you hurt. Pokemon like these is where the normal type shines hence it is my favorite. 

It’s sound based moves, like Hyper Voice and Boomburst, move through substitute. Not a single type resists them, though ghost types are immune.However Exploud can come with the Scrappy Ability which solves that problem as well. It’s super reliable and since you usually would only use it for it’s sound move it’s great with Choice Specs.  Really fun to use as it just shouts it’s enemies to their demise.

It’s ugly. but it’s ugly in a good way. Whenever you look at it you feel like it is gonna be loud and obnoxious and gonna ruin your party and that is exactly what an Exploud does. It’s the number one pokémon to justify making Sound  an official pokemon type and it that happens.. you bet I will get a plushie of Loudred as well. It is just such an amazing pokémon to me. It’s evoltion line tells a story of it getting louder and angrier as it evolves and it makes sense for it to go that way.

There is also something oddly satisfying about yelling, Exploud use Boomburst to your game.You encounter it relatively early in Hoehn as the shy and pink Whismur.. so of course  since I caught that Poochyena I mentioned earlier.. I’d take this as my normal type. Given that Zinnia made me like Whismur even more it just helped push this pokémon to greater heights to me. Fun to use, solid design and for now embodies what the normal type to me is about! An absolute number 1.

Special Shout-out to The Holy Mailman
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Which is your favorite normal type?
What type should I list next?
Let me know in the comments and enjoy Paradise!


Top 5: Favorite Pokémon Types

Since I aim to make this blog into a youtube channel one day, we can not escape clickbaity stuff. I am not sure if clickbait works for blogs but we sure as well might try.  I always think they are nice and fun reads. For a first one let’s discuss what Pokémon types I prefer raising.

Number 5: Fighting Types
The odd one out I guess would be my number five, I in general go heavy on the special attackers, those are generally less ‘mother-law-like’ when they evolve. Physical attackers tend to get very bulky and scary looking, much like my former mothers in law. But one of two physical types I actually really like is the fighting type. In Pokémon TCG it’s my main typing and there are some fighting types I truly adore. Mega-Medicham, Lucario and it’s mega Hawlucha and good old classic Hitmonchan are amongst my favorites of the type. Shiny Mega Lopunny as well..because pink! Yay! But the fighting type is such a good type, most fighting types learn elemental punches, giving them great coverage, and a lot of fighting type moves actually have quite unique mechanics. High Jumpkick for example is one of my favorite moves in the game, not just for its power but because of the high risk high reward. Moves like Low Kick, drain punch, power up punch , brick break and more result in so much possibilities with your fighting mons and you can just have so much fun with them. Easy to pick up, hard enough to master and featuring some very memorable designs this type certainly packs a punch. 

Number 4: Grass Types
No starter can ever beat Bulbasaur for me it was my first back, and whenever I can pick him now, I feel bad if I don’t. It gave me a big connection with the typing since I was just a sprout myself. It might be the type where I dislike the least amount of Pokémon in it’s typing line.
All grass types are quite enjoyable to me, I can hardly think of one. Perhaps Pansage and Simisage but in the latter’s case I quite enjoy it’s pompadour design.  Grass types are nice and versatile they being able to wall, status, heal, dot , weather or sweep. Their designs range widely and they often have some of the best shinies and take on nearly all secondary typings. In the Pokémon TCG, the grass type is usually widely supported with some interesting tactics as well and there are both cute and tough looking designs for everyone to enjoy. If you prefer sceptile like many or Lurantis like me?  In the world of Pokémon it IS easy being green.

Number 3: Normal Types
‘Okay Pinkie, you got to be kidding here? You actual favor the normal types? They are so lackluster, not super effective against anything and they are just soooo basic.’ Well yes, you are right, the normal type does feel a bit lackluster, but they are not useless they just need a little love. I love a lot of normal types, Ambipom, Blissey, Slaking, Snorlax, Exploud and Swellow belong to my all time favorites. They are just incredibly fun to run and raise in a gam. You can get normal types in all sorts and flavors. It’s not just plants and fish. From Gorillas to pink teddies, from a virtual duck to an ancient construct. Only weak to the fighting type they compensate by an immunity to the ghost type.  So they are quite safe to use. Not all of them are green or yellow, like the grass and electric type for example which makes all normal types feel a bit more unique and grounded, which is a nice change from your giant steel snake with spinning disks over his head or your christmas suited bird. Most normal types are speedy enough, and with moves like Return, there is some effort you need to bond with that Pokémon, you can’t just fetch it from your pc. Most normal types have a high level of a “pet” feeling I really appreciate in my mons. I also am very fond of ducks and this type holds some of the best duck with Porygon and Farfetch’d. Whitney is one of my favorite gym leaders, we both like normal types, both have pink hair , cry really easily and we both can use our Miltanks to totally destroy your team and devour your soul!

Number 2: Poison Types
While not very prevalent in any meta due to their ground and psychic weakness, the poison types have earned a place in my heart. I feel for Pokémon that are not very loved, and the poison type does not get a lot of love. Sure there is Gengar that is a crowd favorite, but no one cares about poor old Koffing and Trubbish is even hated by the community, this in itself endears it to me. I will show the world it’s okay to love a stunky or even a little trash bag filled with hopes and dreams to become  a strong mon one day. The poison type is all about damage over time, something only ghost and grass types can do as well, but the grass type is not as effective at it and the ghost types have to cut their hp in half for it and their hp is not their strong suit anyway. So if you go for dots, go for poison. The poison type also has some good combo possibilities in the form of Venoshock as well as being quite good hazard setters. Most poison types can learn at least some form of dark type moves which at least covers one of their weaknesses. Gen VII offered us some very interesting new poison types in the form of Salazalle , Poipole  and Toxapex which I all love to bits. Besides from my obvious number 1 type it would be the only type I would ever run as a mono type game.
With some of the best designs in the game and some of my favorite moves of all times, I can happily state that the poison type is not trash!

Number 1: Fairy Types
Even if you have not read my other posts up until now , I think it’s quite clear what is my favorite type. It’s the only type featured on my banner, and my entire site is coloured in their defacto tint. One of the best designed typings with only Aromatise as a bit of design fail. Jigglypuff , Xerneas, Mimikyu, Alolan Ninetales and of course my pal Sylveon, every single one of them looks so amazing. I love so much of them, I genuinely think Slurpuff looks delicious and Mega Audino, despite being somewhat useless looks very huggable.
With a whopping 7 legendaries of the type it’s represented well in the upper echelon of Pokémon as well, 8 if we count pixie plate Arceus. Having access to a vast array of secondary (or primary) typings, it’s very easy to run an all fairy type party, with Impidimp of gen 8 only increasing its viability even further. The fairy type being super effective against fighting and dragon .. and even immune to dragon make it so good and meta viable that only the steel type is a metagame usefulness , and the latter usually is just to slow in play for me.
So really there is no comparison. I love the Tapu’s , Magearna Soul Heart ability is great, Pixilate, though not very unique is so much more useful in the metagame then glaciate for example, though Aereliate is a stiff competitor , I just feel Pixilate would cause pink sparkles and those are so much better then some puffs of air…so there! The introduction of the fairy type also made no mon’s worse. They all became a lot better.  Where poison types weren’t that common and normal types did not fare well against steel before anyway.. none of them got worse. When the steel type was introduced it kinda made magnemite worse giving it a quad weakness rather than a double. The dark type was never given to a Gen I mon, so the fairy type has been the only typing that has enhanced old Pokémon, and in case of gardevoir even made some great again. Twinkle Tackle is easily the best Z move, mostly because of the activation dance and they are all just a treat to use. Fairy type is my dream type, and in my humble opinion one of the best typings there is in the game.
If Pokemon ever become real.. I will collect them all and snuggle them forever.

Now that you know what types I favor , feel free to challenge me to a battle on Pokémon Showdown, you know what types I am most likely to use! Leave a like on the post and let me know what your favorite type is, who knows we might pit them against each other in battle one day. But before that time comes, don’t hate on fairies, love the pokémon you love and most of all stay pink!
Untill we read again.