Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Fighting Types

Hello again my dear island guests, it is time for another top 5! Another Pokémon type! So let’s go super effective against our previous lists and pick the fighting type to discuss this week. A type that is very close to my heart, because for a long type it composed my favorite deck to run  in the pokémon TCG!

Rules And Honorable mentions

Like always the same rules apply!, In this case.. special forms do not count. Mega Lopunny, Mega Mewtwo and Meloetta all gain the fighting type and could be considered for this list. However I did not feel it was right to select pokémon like these for a list like these. Only one pokémon per evolution line.Also if I can not prevent evolution without an everstone an evolution that will make the pokémon less awesome will be held against its earlier form.  For example while I love Clobbopus, I do not like Grapploct nearly as much, and while I could still not learn it taunt.. I did not know the first time and the Pokémon was kind of ruined for me. So it just gets an honorable mention here.

Secondly and more vaguely the pokemon has to fit to my standards of fighting type. If I don’t believe it’s a fighting type and the typing has just been added to give it STAB boosts, it will not make the list. Noticeable examples for me are Marshadow , the adorable little ghost , which in my eyes should be pure ghost and Bewear. Whose typing I would not know.. I guess I’d give it Normal-Fairy. It’s strong sure.. but it likes hugs and just wants to do bear things. It’s based on a stuffed animal.. that doesn’t really scream fighting type to me.. so while it is in my heart it’s not on the list. What said..let’s start the match. 

Fighting Type Number 5: Lucario

Lucario is a bit the de facto favorite fighting type of people and it made many favorite lists and here it is yet again. So what exactly is so great about Lucario?! First of all it basically has Ultra Instinct.. or Tsuna’s  Hyper Intuition from Hitman Reborn. By sensing the fighting aura of it’s opponent it can read the movement of it’s opponents now that is cool! Designwise I’d put it in the top ten of best designed pokémon easily and this pokémon has gotten so much love in just about every bit of pokémon media that it is hard to miss or not find an incarnation you like. It was amazing and heartwarming in it’s own movie.. it made me cry, it’s a great character in Pokken, he is a pretty solid fighting in Smash. Lucario does it all.  His mega evolution nicely designed as well.

In battle Lucario is also a gambit, he has an great 110 base stat in both special as physical attack. While it’s physical moveset is more diverse getting access to all elemental punches, ghost, ground, dragon  fighting steel the covery is amazing. Yet Special Lucario gets access to calm mind to bolster his somewhat lackluster defences and has access to some of the most competitive moves like Focus Blast for stab, Shadow Ball for weakness covery and Dark Pulse for trying to get scummy flinches. Lucario is so diverse you can literally build your very own fighting badass. I like having options and few come more diverse than this fan favorite. I would dress up like him.. but I doubt I could pull it off!

For just 80 dollars this could be you!

Fighting Type Number 4: Breloom

Breloom is a bit of  a weird fighting pokémon. At first glance you might not say it is fighting.. yet to me this one is very deeply connected to the typing. Because back in the time I played Showdown Breloom was a pokémon that kept kicking my ass. A friend by the name of Olivia ran one in her team and it was insanely strong. With a base stat of 130 in physical attack it also has Lucario beat in a straight up conflict of strength.  While it lacks in the other stats, it’s access to priority moves and speed reduction can make it a hassle to get around. It’s ability technician makes these abilities double in base-power. While frail.. it hits like a truck which makes Breloom fun to use. I am very keen on glass cannons, Pokemon can be kinda easy and I care for my Pokémon I do not want them to faint so it makes things fun!  

What really sells me on this Pokémon is it’s design though. I am not sure why but it mesmerises me. It feels awkward yet speedy. It’s a mushroom chicken.. thing. While of course i could have put Blaziken on the list in its stead as the thought fighting chicken but Breloom has something I really  a personality quirk that I miss in Blaziken. While Blaziken is cool this is a pokémon I end up caring for. Blaziken just doesn’t do that for me. This little super fastly shadowboxing plant guy never got enough love and than I could finally use it on my squad.  I even got a secret ability one which is what makes it so good. A technician boosted Mach punch .. I could have named it Saitama! I named it Colonel though! Because of the military color scheme and the chickeny face vibe. I shall always remember Colonel!

Fighting Type Number 3: Falinks

Gen VIII had a few pokémon I absolutely fell in love with and this pure fighting type pokemon is one of them.Even if it never made my squad because it did not fit in with my Princess Tea Party theme it became endeared to me. I would have called mine.. The Bobs.. because  well it’s a bunch of little spartan ball like things that have the cutest marching animation. Not a lot of fighting pokémon can get away with looking cute and still feeling like a fighting tupe Point and case Stufful. Kirby that looks like he stole the powers of Leonidas followed by a bunch of his allies really works well for a fighting type. Their special move No Retreat is super cute as well and really shows the warrior atmosphere. Which is kind of a new take on the fighting type. Up until now fighting types usually were martial artists or wrestlers but this is a very interesting take that I am up for.

Falinks is a regular in Pokémon Showdown random matches as well. While it’s base stat total isn’t amazing nor are it’s stats, as its hidden ability it can learn Defiant and having acces to No Retreat which boosts all stats in return for being unable to switch out can make it  hard to deal with. With just one boost it’s defense and attack are up their with the bigger names already. While Close Combat will decimate it’s defenses it’s speed and attack will remain. So to best utilize this you might put it on a sticky web team with something something that uses sleep as well.  It is also useful in PvE  because it is one of the few creatures that can learn false swipes. A move that will always leave your opponent on 1 hp. So it is great to hunt shinies with! While you get it a bit to late in game to really be fully used on in game team you still should be able to take it along if you are prepared to struggle a bit against special attackers. It’s a great charming pokemon and one of the best things  Gen VIII gave us.

Fighting Type Number 2: Machamp

I considered Scrafty for this list because I really like the dragon dancing power set. Yet for the same reason as in the Dark Type list it did not make the cut. While  I in both cases considered it like a close too favorite.. it is just a single battleset I like. I REALLY like it.. but in the end I had to scrap it.. for Pokémon I love for several reasons. Take Machamp for example. He was a staple in my TCG deck.. in two renditions, a evolution card that boosted my mons attacks and a EX version that worked as a revenge wall. Bring up Pokémon Twilight wings again. Bea and her Machamp were quite heartwarming, though not as heartwarming as Wooloo. Machamp is THE  first trade evolution I ever got as well as the first self caught shiny I ever got. A  Pokken character as well, the first I played, Machamp has been there for me in so many ways.

Now Machamp was one of the first thoroughly broken pokemon as well. It learned No Guard as an ability and Fissure as a move. Which meant it could land 1 hit KO moves with 100% accurancy. While the set always was somewhat “Illegal’  and hard to obtain, it is THE most famous Machamp build for those know know the basic of battlesets. Now other than that.. Machamp can be a bit dull to run.. It punches.. so he gets all the punchy moves, including the elemental ones. It just gets about everything you expect from it so it works great.. both in PvE and in PvP as it is diverse enough to be viable yet it slightly misses that excitement. That being said this is an excellent Pokémon that is easy to use and easy to master for beginners.  It’s diverse moveset can really help you in learning to call your opponents plays. Knockoff, Ice Punch, Cross Shop , Bulk Up goes for miles and really can help you rip trough an opponents team. Given how OP fighting Dynamax moves can be, this really is special in it’s own slightly dull way.

Fighting Type Number 1: Medicham

The ace of my fighting pokémon deck.. the card that one me an anime con tournament and that is feared by my friends who ever faced the my double kicking medicham deck. This card is the reason this pokémon is here because I have such fond memories of it. It doesn’t hurt that it wears a pinkish kind of suit and the whole concept of Fighting Psychic really works for me. It’s such a cool typing and while Gallade is arguably the more stylish choice with the higher stats.. I really like this pokémon so much better. Medite it’s basic form, has become sort of a meme in my group of friends. A non Pokémon friend called it “smurf with a more stupid head”.. or sometimes “Diaper Smurf”  and the little tyke became endeared to us through this silly nickname.  While Lucario can read Aura’s of Pokémon trough battle skill Medicham learned to do this through starvation and meditation. It kind of reminds me of piccolo of dragon ball z but pinker! Pinkolo!

Definitely the weakest pokemon on this list, with a base stat of only 410 and a physical attack of 60! It has BAD stats. Very bad even. However when trained up with the ability Pure Power that attack stat gets doubled when it enters battle.Putting it at an attack of 120 which is fairly on par with most the monsters here. However in games where it has it’s mega evolution this beas’s base stat grows to 100 and thus a base attack power of 200 due to its ability! Now THAT is scary! It even always has the Pure Power ability when evolved so it also saves you a lot of breeding. So it can hit hard!  Yet that isn’t the only way you can run this. Medicham can be used as a screen setter as well. Screens are defensive buffs that offer significant damage reduction for either physical  or special attacks.. and both can be set up at the same time. It can set up the two major weather conditions of sun and rain. Which means you can always have your opponent guess on what type of set you use. In a game where a wrong guess or read can lead to absolute defeat..having something like Medicham  can be much scarier for an opponent than a high stat total.Just like in martial arts it doesn’t always matter who is physically the strongest but how well you read your opponent. Also did I mention it’s kinda pink?!

This list was so much harder to make the fighting type has a lot of good pokémon that really emobdy their type well and with Kubfu  coming out in the near future it hasnt become any easier to pick. So many fighting types are absolutely great! So which one is your favorite?! Leave a comment and see you next time!

A BIT of History Part 4 : Altered Beast (Sega Genesis)

My TALDIG had some issues working for a while but I had it fix. Now that we are  ready to travel back to the past that shows us the past again, I find myself asking, is this to weird?  Perhaps we should make these things a bit more straightforward? 


Altered Beast is a well known classic for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It started out as an arcade title in 1988 but was ported to Sega console the same year at least in Japan. The game then appeared as a launch title for the system for Europe and America and got numerous arcade releases bundle releases and was a part of the Sega Genesis Mini.
In this game you play a nameless fighter who gets resurrected by Zeus back in the days of ancient Greece (which roughly puts it at around 1200-900 BC) were you have to rescue his daughter Athena from the evil god of the Underworld Ha… I mean Neff. I distinctly remember that being somebody else though.

Altered Beast is all about changing, it’s a beat them up, the changes up the formula quite a bit. The length of the stage depends on how long it takes for you to gather three orbs that change you to more powerful forms and the final boss can only happen when you acquire beast mode. If you encounter Neff before this happens, the stage .. kind of loops on you.
You take the role of “Fighter” .. a guy in a pinkish Toga so clearly I was excited to play this one, but it left me wondering. Should I change as well?

I feel that the ‘A BIT of History’ concept might be a bit too weird to focus on. The history lessons taken from these games might be a bit too flimsy to focus on and best be relegated to a paragraph should I find such a game. So I am thinking of changing this series into “A BIT of Nostalgia’  in which  I revisit famous classic games or games that are very dear to me.
It offers me a bigger spectrum of games to play and allow me to play the games I would actually want to play, rather than have the time setting dictate which ones I should play. It took me a fair bit to get me to play this one because I wasn’t in a beat them up mood. Yet it was one of the most iconic ancient greece games. So expect some changes to this format soon. Now back to the review, because unlike the era of the ancient greeks, this game has not aged well.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

This game features Fighter in Pink.. our hero that we all know and love! Back from the dead he has to stop the evil god of the underworld Neff and not Hadas..who turned Athena into a blue bird, which anime taught me mean she is a lesbian now. Throughout five stages you have to fight classic greek enemies such as cyclops (plural) and …. well there are Satyrs…sort of they have goat heads as well but I guess they are there? Though they are called Gory Goats here… then there are zombies, demons ant wasps and evil chickens with poisonous stingers. So clearly the greek setting is used very well. I can only assume all these creatures died out because Fighter in Pink really disliked them and punched them all to death.

The most important enemy in this game is the three headed wolf though, which came in two colours. The useless brown variant and the all mighty blue variant. Both will make the sound of a paper crumpling when you kick them and die right away, but by killing blue three headed wolves the ancient greeks could call upon the power of an orb, that turned them from buff philosophers into half naked Jojo characters.

Killing another  one then turns them into the old Dragon Ball Broly, and after killing a third blue three headed wolf the ancient greeks could turn into beastmen. The buffing up and the whole Neff  standing menacing before you, checking out if you are worth his time has a pretty big Jojo feel, this could be a new take on that series and since it’s set in ancient history I decided to name this Fighter in Pink. Jorges Jorda is a farmer who died from being attacked by animals.. now zeus resurrects him and by gathering the power of death…he can channel what caused his death.

The game does feel like a bizarre string of adventures with stages strung together like the graveyard, the swamp, the cave, the Greek building and the underworld/city of the dead. Wait.. if the hero died wouldn’t he already be in the underworld? Would that not be better to start? Now he gets resurrected and has to travel back to the underworld again. One could argue that Jorges would have to find his power orbs but Neff steals them at the end of each stage, assumingly needed to make him reach his final form or something.  Hmm.. clearly not all the ancient Greeks were philosophers. Zeus clearly wasn’t the smartest god either, then again that seems to be a bit of a theme with Zeus in games or movies, he tends to get blindsided a lot. So you heard it here first guys! Zeus can be outsmarted by uncle Fester from the Addams family.. because I am pretty sure that is who Neff is.

Too much bits

The Mega Drive was the first sixteen bit console, with amazing stuff like blast processing and an iconic sound chip.  Unfortunately it clearly shows that this game was not designed for this console and people were still a bit unfamiliar with the power of this machine. The enemies don’t look very clean. The three headed wolves look more like misshapen bulls to me and for a few other enemies I also had to struggle to look what they are. Now of course this in part is due to the home consoles being less powerful than arcade cabinets, but if we look at Turtles in Time, which although appearing later did it much better. Stages were changed up , difficulty was slightly adapted and  visuals and vocals were changed.  This games suffers from this being NOT the case in this port. In fact I like the Master System port more because it feels more distinct.

With the speech of Neff  included he welcomes players to their doom before the start of each boss fight, and doom you will face , over and over and over and over again. This is a problem with a lot of Beat Them Up ports. Most of these games were designed to be unrelenting so they can guzzle up as much of your quarters as much as possible. Basically in the arcade you have infinite lives as long as you have quarters. Good Beat them up ports thusly either give you infinite lives… as the price of a full priced game should get you infinite quarters or at least a series of lives and a handful of continues. Altered Beast on Genesis asks you to beat the entire game on three lives which basically equals three quarters. If even that!

There are NO healing items in this game so all damage is permanent. You get three “hearts”/blocks of life that can all take 1 to 3 hits depending on the enemies strength. Given that a random chicken enemy (who crossed over from Golden Axe) can take a complete life block away due to you having virtually no invincibility frames after being it.. this game is relentlessly hard.

Luckily by holding A (or 1)  plus start in the main menu you can at least continue on the stage you died on. Yet still finishing a stage is a rather herculean feat. Yet like most arcade games this doesn’t really come down to your gaming skills,but more to pattern recognition. If you know where the blue wolves will show up and you can manage to hit them quick and fast and gather your orbs fast enough these stages are fairly doable. Mostly because the bosses once you get their pattern down are actually quite easy. Except for the second boss.. whose tell of damage is so deceptive it took me five times to figure out that I wasn’t exactly damaging it when it flashes red when I hit it.. I needed to hit different hitboxes, which do not flash at all!?It’s things like this that show this game came out so early in the console’s life span, that actually influence how enjoyable the gameplay is.

Sega Does

I really wish I could be more positive about this game, but unfortunately there was very little that I liked about this game. That doesn’t make it is a bad game, just that I review if negatively, if you enjoy this all the power to you! I hope and know people do like this game, which is great, everything deserves love. I did like the variety in bosses and how you have to actually use your beasts powers and some strategy to take them down. I especially like the fourth stage boss, which is like a baby dragon with a huge lava ball. It releases some firebird minions as well as big strings of fire balls and avoiding both felt like a good challenge.

The third boss and the final boss however are total pushovers I beat them first try both without taking a hit just by using cheap tactics.  The third boss is a sort of dragonhead stuck on a helix fossil with some gooey egg sack material attached to it.. and it shoots purple balls and blobs. By using the Bear’s  (that stages animal)  spin jump while on it’s body you can defeat it without any trouble.  The third stage itself though has some awkward platform jumps which can be very irritating to get trough.

In the fifth stage we see Neff finally taking his true form, that of a white Rhino. Yet in the Master System it is Cyan and in the Arcade it is pink. It always grinds my gears when pink things are such pushovers. It isn’t much harder than Rocksteady from the first TMNT game on NES. You can easily jump over it and spam damage until it dies. No skill required. However everything else on that stage deals soooo much damage, especially the dark unicorns, so getting there.. is a long arduous process of learning where things spawn and when to punch it to death.

If you miss a blue wolf on your first roulation I found it rather impossible to stay alive long enough to reach the boss. The music is the same in about every stage with fairly little sound effects other as coming from the player so I am glad the fifth stage was the final one.  We see Athena standing next to some beastmen.. in the final cutscene and then we are done.
In the fifth stage we turn into the wolf again, we turned into the first stage as well..but this time he is golden. So I guess it’s a super Wolf?!

Also why go for choices like the Dragon and the Tiger? I get the wolf and the bear as those might be found in ancient greece but why not make one where you turn into a Bull/Minotaur and one in a horseman/centaur. So much potential here goes away with bad flavoring. I barely learned anything about ancient greece because.. nothing is done with the setting at all. The cutest thing is that they have  the chicken enemy from Golden Axe as a homage.

There was so much more they could do with this formula, even for an arcade cabinet. It’s not like the greek mythos is lacking in mystical creatures or cool enemies to fight. Yet according to this game it does, which by the logic of A BIT of History .. now means that I learned that ancient greek had plenty bland video game type enemies.. which in truth I never knew!

While I have no doubt that this game was amazing in 1988 and even in 1990 this game has been surpassed left and right by just about every other beat them up out there. Turtles 2 the arcade game, Turtles in Time, Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Towers of Mystara just to name a few. Nintendo in particular has time and time again shown that this does not need to happen to games. Sega more or less in their original IP’s as well. Yet even when we consider this one in the arcade , the better version it has been surpassed by just about everything. Sure the classic mario has been improved upon but you can still enjoy the original game, this just made me want to play Turtles in Time instead. I guess Sega really does what Nintendon’t . Because Nintendon’t age this poorly.

This cocktail has been sitting here for a while.. and it has fermented which leaves a Pine-Meh-Pple taste in your mouth if you can not add enough nostalgia sugar

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Top 5: Favorite Pokémon Types

Since I aim to make this blog into a youtube channel one day, we can not escape clickbaity stuff. I am not sure if clickbait works for blogs but we sure as well might try.  I always think they are nice and fun reads. For a first one let’s discuss what Pokémon types I prefer raising.

Number 5: Fighting Types
The odd one out I guess would be my number five, I in general go heavy on the special attackers, those are generally less ‘mother-law-like’ when they evolve. Physical attackers tend to get very bulky and scary looking, much like my former mothers in law. But one of two physical types I actually really like is the fighting type. In Pokémon TCG it’s my main typing and there are some fighting types I truly adore. Mega-Medicham, Lucario and it’s mega Hawlucha and good old classic Hitmonchan are amongst my favorites of the type. Shiny Mega Lopunny as well..because pink! Yay! But the fighting type is such a good type, most fighting types learn elemental punches, giving them great coverage, and a lot of fighting type moves actually have quite unique mechanics. High Jumpkick for example is one of my favorite moves in the game, not just for its power but because of the high risk high reward. Moves like Low Kick, drain punch, power up punch , brick break and more result in so much possibilities with your fighting mons and you can just have so much fun with them. Easy to pick up, hard enough to master and featuring some very memorable designs this type certainly packs a punch. 

Number 4: Grass Types
No starter can ever beat Bulbasaur for me it was my first back, and whenever I can pick him now, I feel bad if I don’t. It gave me a big connection with the typing since I was just a sprout myself. It might be the type where I dislike the least amount of Pokémon in it’s typing line.
All grass types are quite enjoyable to me, I can hardly think of one. Perhaps Pansage and Simisage but in the latter’s case I quite enjoy it’s pompadour design.  Grass types are nice and versatile they being able to wall, status, heal, dot , weather or sweep. Their designs range widely and they often have some of the best shinies and take on nearly all secondary typings. In the Pokémon TCG, the grass type is usually widely supported with some interesting tactics as well and there are both cute and tough looking designs for everyone to enjoy. If you prefer sceptile like many or Lurantis like me?  In the world of Pokémon it IS easy being green.

Number 3: Normal Types
‘Okay Pinkie, you got to be kidding here? You actual favor the normal types? They are so lackluster, not super effective against anything and they are just soooo basic.’ Well yes, you are right, the normal type does feel a bit lackluster, but they are not useless they just need a little love. I love a lot of normal types, Ambipom, Blissey, Slaking, Snorlax, Exploud and Swellow belong to my all time favorites. They are just incredibly fun to run and raise in a gam. You can get normal types in all sorts and flavors. It’s not just plants and fish. From Gorillas to pink teddies, from a virtual duck to an ancient construct. Only weak to the fighting type they compensate by an immunity to the ghost type.  So they are quite safe to use. Not all of them are green or yellow, like the grass and electric type for example which makes all normal types feel a bit more unique and grounded, which is a nice change from your giant steel snake with spinning disks over his head or your christmas suited bird. Most normal types are speedy enough, and with moves like Return, there is some effort you need to bond with that Pokémon, you can’t just fetch it from your pc. Most normal types have a high level of a “pet” feeling I really appreciate in my mons. I also am very fond of ducks and this type holds some of the best duck with Porygon and Farfetch’d. Whitney is one of my favorite gym leaders, we both like normal types, both have pink hair , cry really easily and we both can use our Miltanks to totally destroy your team and devour your soul!

Number 2: Poison Types
While not very prevalent in any meta due to their ground and psychic weakness, the poison types have earned a place in my heart. I feel for Pokémon that are not very loved, and the poison type does not get a lot of love. Sure there is Gengar that is a crowd favorite, but no one cares about poor old Koffing and Trubbish is even hated by the community, this in itself endears it to me. I will show the world it’s okay to love a stunky or even a little trash bag filled with hopes and dreams to become  a strong mon one day. The poison type is all about damage over time, something only ghost and grass types can do as well, but the grass type is not as effective at it and the ghost types have to cut their hp in half for it and their hp is not their strong suit anyway. So if you go for dots, go for poison. The poison type also has some good combo possibilities in the form of Venoshock as well as being quite good hazard setters. Most poison types can learn at least some form of dark type moves which at least covers one of their weaknesses. Gen VII offered us some very interesting new poison types in the form of Salazalle , Poipole  and Toxapex which I all love to bits. Besides from my obvious number 1 type it would be the only type I would ever run as a mono type game.
With some of the best designs in the game and some of my favorite moves of all times, I can happily state that the poison type is not trash!

Number 1: Fairy Types
Even if you have not read my other posts up until now , I think it’s quite clear what is my favorite type. It’s the only type featured on my banner, and my entire site is coloured in their defacto tint. One of the best designed typings with only Aromatise as a bit of design fail. Jigglypuff , Xerneas, Mimikyu, Alolan Ninetales and of course my pal Sylveon, every single one of them looks so amazing. I love so much of them, I genuinely think Slurpuff looks delicious and Mega Audino, despite being somewhat useless looks very huggable.
With a whopping 7 legendaries of the type it’s represented well in the upper echelon of Pokémon as well, 8 if we count pixie plate Arceus. Having access to a vast array of secondary (or primary) typings, it’s very easy to run an all fairy type party, with Impidimp of gen 8 only increasing its viability even further. The fairy type being super effective against fighting and dragon .. and even immune to dragon make it so good and meta viable that only the steel type is a metagame usefulness , and the latter usually is just to slow in play for me.
So really there is no comparison. I love the Tapu’s , Magearna Soul Heart ability is great, Pixilate, though not very unique is so much more useful in the metagame then glaciate for example, though Aereliate is a stiff competitor , I just feel Pixilate would cause pink sparkles and those are so much better then some puffs of air…so there! The introduction of the fairy type also made no mon’s worse. They all became a lot better.  Where poison types weren’t that common and normal types did not fare well against steel before anyway.. none of them got worse. When the steel type was introduced it kinda made magnemite worse giving it a quad weakness rather than a double. The dark type was never given to a Gen I mon, so the fairy type has been the only typing that has enhanced old Pokémon, and in case of gardevoir even made some great again. Twinkle Tackle is easily the best Z move, mostly because of the activation dance and they are all just a treat to use. Fairy type is my dream type, and in my humble opinion one of the best typings there is in the game.
If Pokemon ever become real.. I will collect them all and snuggle them forever.

Now that you know what types I favor , feel free to challenge me to a battle on Pokémon Showdown, you know what types I am most likely to use! Leave a like on the post and let me know what your favorite type is, who knows we might pit them against each other in battle one day. But before that time comes, don’t hate on fairies, love the pokémon you love and most of all stay pink!
Untill we read again.