Cyberpunk…Film Noir… Disney.. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Review

Konichi-welcome back  Island Guests!   This blog has been around for a year and a bit now and while I was just starting out fresh as a Pokémon Blog, a movie came out recently that I JUST missed out on being relevant about.  Before Halloween Month came along, I decided to review video game movies and.. luckily that Pokémon Movie was specifically based on a Video Game! Even Better .. it’s NOT a sucky Video Game movie! Hurray you guys, I finally reviewed Detective Pikachu.

Researching History

In February a short, almost demo like game called Detective Pikachu hit the markets in Japan. It gained a lot of popularity and in 2018 it saw a Global release in a much more fleshed out, full game  version because of it. In it we would play Tim Goodman, a do-good boy that solved mysteries with his gruffly voiced Pikachu! It did not take long before the rumors of this becoming a movie began to pop up! With a huge petition for Danny Devito becoming the hatted electric mouse. Ryan Renolds however wanted it more.. and with Justice Smith taking the role of ..what in the game was a very white Tim, we  in may 2019 we got Detective Pikachu the movie. I must say.. I am SOOO happy with these casting choices. 

The Tim in the video games was a super generic blank sheet of a character that was like Phoenix Wright if you take all his dialogue and charm away. Just a guy who responds to something and occasionally solves a puzzle in a very kiddy way.  The movie while still clearly aimed for kids aimed at kids at least decided to age the characters up a bit to give them actual stuff to do and make them feel like a cohesive part of this world. For that I am grateful. Ryan Renolds clearly cares more for Pokémon than Danny Devito ever would so we got a bland character that is made more interesting and actors who are really involved with the franchise! This is how you do re-casts and change up the status quo! Very well done!

Finding Evidence in the Story

The movie does follow the plot of the game for a big part, with some twists here and there! Since this IS a detective movie and there is fun to be had in solving this riddle.. even if it is quite an easy one, I shall try to maintain spoilers to a minimum but I will spoil what the plot of the movie is about. So if you think that is a spoiler, this review might not be for you. Tim wants to be an insurance guy and live without a Pokémon.. because having a Pokémon reminds him of his neglective father who Tim has since banned out of his life. That ban is put to a screeching halt though when Lieutenant Hide Yoshida calls him from Ryme City!  Apparently Tim’s father has been in an accident and he died!  Now Tim has to get there to wrap up some business and say goodbye to his estranged father.

However things do not turn out to be that easy! Tim finds some weird “drugs”  that turn Pokémon feral in his father’s apartment as well as a talking Pikachu. This Pikachu believes his father might still be alive..but is struck with Amnesia and together the two discover a plot that involves fighting many other pokémon including the most powerful pokémon off them all, Mewtwo. … but since it is not Mega Mewtwo… I gotta say that technically is not true..but hey!  We will roll with it. We will see a lot of interesting locations within and just outside Ryme city and are introduced to Pokémon in a way that is less intrusive or knowledge intensive in a plot with some interesting twists. While it all is very predictable there are enough events and plot threats to keep the movie interesting to the slightly older audience.  Even if you don’t know that much about Pokémon…because in reality.. Pokémon is just a dressing put over a cyberpunk story for children. Only instead of robots helping society it’s pokémon… or animatronics. It’s Blade Runner for kids!  

Interrogating The Pokémon

Without the whole Pokémon thing we have a 6/10 movie I’d say.  There is still some very funny jokes in the movie like the interrogation of Mr. Mime working even if you do not know anything about Pokémon. Detective Pikachu making jokes about Cocaine in a Pokémon movie.. and the whole litle “drug” subplot .. and the finding of the father that has gone missing/is dead  it can carry the story well enough. The movie is well acted and shines best when Tim is meeting with the lieutenant. Those two bounce off of each other REALLY well. Weird but some of those scenes really hit hard.  The heartfelt talk with Pikachu works well enough without any Poképuns with it alll feeling really endearing and there is enough sense of adventure and science for everyone… However the more you know about Pokémon the better this movie becomes. My Arceus the sheer number of easter eggs here in this movie are insane.  Everything oozes Pokémon.. even though it somehow is on a completely separate layer than the rest of the movie. This movie would have worked just as well for people not knowing about Pokémon if the plot was with little robots or something fitting in a cyberpunk Scenario.

From the moment Tim tries to capture a Cubone that is very sad and lonely.. right until the very last second of the movie there are some may callbacks to everything pokémon.  Mostly in Ryme city itself. The neon lit streets of this magnificent city feature so many pokémon.  Every single commercial sign is a reference to a pokémon or something in the pokémon world. From a call to the berries in the pokémon mythos to having brands based on pokémon names, pokémon models and so much more.  Pokémon are very much a part of this world.  The Jigglypuff singing at the bar.. standing on a table with guests who have fallen asleep. Pikachu riding into battle on a Pidgeot feels like a callback to the original opening of the anime, There is just so much to unpack here! So many layers and on a single view you will never see it all.  There is a cleverness in how this world has been built. For example there are Loudred at a club working as “speakers’. Machamp is being used on a crossroads because it can hold up four signs due to having so many arms.  Dodrio being a flightless bird thus being seen walking in the city all over and Aipom being mischievous little miscreants it all works wonders. 

It is a bit weird to place this in the Pokémon timeline though, as the rest of the regions seem to have the traditional.. capture a Pokemon system.. Ryme  city works on a Pokémon buddy system.. humans and pokemon befriend each other and walk across the city as friends and equal partners.. ..but outside the city it is the traditional pokemon world.. I honestly wish they left this scene out.. even though I love the Cubone in the beginning ogf the movie.. it means that Kanto exists in this universe and so the idea that Mewtwo exists suddenly happened twice.. it’s an implication that is tricky to unify. Luckily even then there are small visual cues that could provide an answer. Maybe this research station had a particular organisation funding them ..something from inside the Pokémon world. However since this is set in the future from Red and Blue a few problems still arise with that.. so let’s just not think about it and take a look at how cute Snubbull is! Yes, who’s a good pink doggie!

Effects under the magnifying glass

Like I mentioned before the movie does a pretty good job of following the plot of the movie though some significant twists are made towards the end. Which I think is a good thing, we get a new case with a new perpetrator and new developments. Which means even if you have played the game before the mystery is still yours to solve.. which also is quite in line with the puzzle type of game it is.  We do see Tim hunt for clues and little scraps of hints on what happened yet it never feels as Mundane and trivial as in the game.. which isn’t nearly as good as the movie. Not even close!  Strangely the video game movie is better than the video game.. as it feels a whole lot more love went into this one.   The game felt a bit cash-grabby but here there is so much attention to details it really feels like it is made for the fans.   While obviously there is a LOT of CGI in this movie a lot of the pokémon are also made practical. Their faces have been animated in later but there is actually something on set.   We get a strange atmosphere of effects that are decently enough to be believed.. but you are aware there isn’t anything there..

I would like to compare it to seeing a ghost..  in real life and you know it’s a ghost.. but you can’t walk through it.. it is still there.. you can bump into it.. this movie feels a bit like that.  Pokémon have another wordly quality  yet also  something tangible. They aren’t there but it feels like you CAN touch them. I think this is the best way to go about this to be honest. Pokémon are strange and if we had to make them realistic they would lose lots of features that would make them so recognisable.  Feathery pokemon feel feathery, fluffy Pokemon feel like they actually have fur … and Mr. Mime has that sense of creepiness that his game counterpart has as well. Every effect is a bit like that.. in the fact that it really doesn’t feel like attack..but an effect yet if you saw it in 3d you’d probably still duck dip or dodge.  Almost on a seperate layer.. which calls back to how animations worked in the sprite based pokemon game that also was just another layer. So weirdly for me this level of fake.. sells it more as Pokémon. The Squirtles and Bulbasaurs are adorable.. and seeing Greninja, Charizard and Torterra.. gave me that sense of wonder again of first encountering them and thinking they were really cool!  Everything is just different enough.

 I DID have a few issues with some of the stunts though, it all feels just a bit safe.  The stuff human actors have to put up with is kept to a fair minimum except for one scene.. which is such a shame because I think that is a missed opportunity.  It would be hard to realise, but the idea of a human facing against the raw power of a pokémon or facing trouble from a pokemon seems very under explored here.  There isn’t as much of a sense of danger as I would like. That does fit the videogame .. but it fits the world a lot less. Oh well.. we always have the upcoming Monster Hunter movie for that type of stuff.. *cough*

One level short of evolving

I had a blast with Detective Pikachu but it has issues. The biggest gripe is the “Disney” vibes we get from some dialogue.  We get the classic boy whose mother died and now did not want to live with his father.. but now everyone is dead and he must go look for the truth.. while encountering a girl. Who tries to be way tougher than she is.. Luckily it isn’t the Late 2010’s “I can do everything” myself kinda woman.  No she acts like this .. but it is shown to be an act to be tougher then she is.. it gives her a sense of frailty and makes her different from most of her peers who are actually that sassy .. bratty ..I can do this by myself type.  No, she is actually the footwipe of her boss, not taken seriously in her career and dealing with actual problems instead of being strong enough to rise above them. Making her feel more real. She has some Misty vibes so giving her a psyduck is a bit unfortunate and feels as if this is Misty.. but if we look closer we can see she is different enough!  We just need to really look.

Other than that.. There are a few instances of weirdly written dialogue that are not akin to normal speech but are needed to further the plot in a certain way and create barriers. For example at one time Tim gets his hand on a part of dialogue.. which seems a clear indication of some dark motives, however later in the movie we see this message has been pulled out of context.. . this trope can work.. but with the reveal that is made later on.. it seems strange that the dialogue flowed like that in the first place. It is just a very awkwardly worded conversation that has been designed to sound confusing if you only hear a specific part of it. It is here that we realise this is a kid movie and then the writer did not want to bother making it more compelling and sensical. There are a few moments like these.  where “it’s good enough for children” It’s a shame because so much of this movie seems to be made for all and new fans alike.  I know that little kids will not notice this.. but most times kids movies are just as much watched by adults as Mommy and Daddy have to come along… or any combination of the two and not forgetting a non binary parent.. regardless of who sees it with their kid.. there usually is someone.. so that excuse.. it’s just a kids movie.. I find  a bad one.

In the end we got a delight of a movie that I had very gleeful feelings watching, both times.Yet it is also a movie whose faults are very apparent from the get go.  The predictable plot, the sloppy dialogue and the low stakes make me realise there is more potential in this type of story than we got out of it right now. This is good for everyone… adequate for the non pokemon fan and a blast for the actual pokémon fan. It does get better the more you know about pokémon and the more things you can spot in the background. Having seen it two times now though I doubt I will watch it again any time soon.. at best just to stare at the backgrounds of the more crowded scenes.  I would like to compare it to a level 19 Tyrogue. It’s cute.. can kick your ass and we know it has a whole lot of potential. It is not fully clear where this could go.. but it just needed that little push to be better! Now it still great but it will not endure indefinitely.  It still is one of the best video game movies made!

Pokémon Top 5: Favorite Electric Types

The electric type in Pokémon is a bit of a weird one. Super effective against only the water and flying type, and weak only to ground. As a result it is one of my least used typings. Since I mostly start with a grass starter I tend to start with a grass and rock/ground core rendering this typing a rather ineffective addition to my team. Yet there are so many great electric pokémon. So today let’s look at the ones that are SO special they won a spot on my team anyway in this week’s top 5.

The same rules like always would apply to Pokémon… but.. I have a problem here. Hardly any of the rules are applicable here! Normally I’d say only one entry per evolutionary line where if the evolution and its necessity is factored in should I dislike where forms go. Yet every single electric type has amazing evolutions. There isn’t a single one I’d disapprove off. The only one that kinda meets this brief is Yamper. I adore Yamper and do not feel very strongly about Boltund. It’s a good dog but I liked the clunkiness of the first form a lot more.. like the whole “loaf” feeling it has going. Boltund is only a type of dog I prefer slightly less.. but hey since I need honorable mentions it counts.

Pokémon that featured on other lists do not count either,since I love Galvantula so much and it was on my bug list, it will not feature on this one. Otherwise it would most likely be in the number two spot yet again. The honorable mention goes to it’s pre-evolution Joltik whom I love dearly as well.. technically it could make the list because it’s not Galvantula..but since I have the one entry per evo line rule as well it still felt wrong. Still it is so adorable so it deserves more shoutouts than I can give it!

In every other list I managed to mention a pokémon that did not feel like it’s typing to me.. the electric type doesn’t have that to me! All of them feel tied to their given element. The Psychic type gave me trouble with this as well but with these ones.. I am convinced I could even show the biggest pokémon non believers a picture of a pokémon and ask what type it is and you’d all guess correctly.  Luckily I also made a rule that disallows  temporary forms because of how situational it is .. which gives me my final honorable mention Pop Star Pikachu.  Just because it is because.. It’s Pikachu in pink.. This one would be disallowed either way because….

The Pikachu line in Pokémon has always been a bit lackluster except for the whole mascotte thing of course. Kantonian Raichu wasn’t all that good. While normally I say that an entry in the anime is beneficial this applies to me for everything but the Pikachu line.. and to a lesser extend Greninja and even Charizard. All the Pokemon Ash made hype.. kind of let you down in the games. The final evolutions less than Pikachu ..but if you saw Ash first.. they still feel lacking in oomph compared to how they are build up. Raichu was always one of those for me.. We see Pikachu do such epics things and ours.. fizzle.. as if we are playing with a bootleg. However this all changed when Alolan Raichu came along.

While it stats do not change , it addresses the generic looks of the original Raichu and they give it an additional typing in the form of the Psychic type. Electric Psychic is a great offensive typing!  It is super effective against flying, water, poison and fighting which actually makes it great to use next to Rowlet or Popplio, who both have a weakness to poison and Litten which has a weakness to water.  Regardless of the starter you choose this is a great accompaniment to them all. In Kanto, Normal Raichu doesn’t help you much when you pick Squirtle and if you start with Bulbasaur going with Geodude would be a better way to cover your flying weakness.  But let’s back up a bit and talk a bit more about the looks. Original Raichu was originally meant to be a midway station between Pikachu and Gorochu and in a way you feel that. Alolan Raichu has much more finality to it’s design. The surfing on it’s tail with electromagnetism, the tanned look, keeping Pikachu’s cuteness. I really adore it’s looks.

Statwise this Pokémon still feels like a relatively weak end station. It’s main offensive stat is only 95 which is okay enough but something you can easily find a better answer for. For reference the area between 70 base stat and 100 is deemed okay and above 100 a stat is great. So 95 is good enough. However here is where it’s new typing comes into play. Since Generation VII Raichu can learn Calm Mind.. the best set up move for special attackers. It raises special defence and special attack. Prior to this Raichu had no proper setup for offence, only evasion so even if it made it hard for an opponent to hit it could never really hit back hard either. It’s move pool has also vastly expanded. Same Type attack bonus boosted psychic hits harder and more reliable than most electric moves and using the ability surge surfer it’s speeds can reach insane levels so even in its core moveset it already deals a lot more with it’s own weaknesses.  It can set up defensive screen which half damage, it can set up terrain and it can set itself up to hit hard.  While it’s still frail it reviced a lot of weaknesses with the originals and when you look so adorable when dealing a fair amount of damage as well as be Hau’s best buddy! You are doing something right!

I was trying to decide whether to put the final evolution of the magnemite line in the Steel Type top five or the electric top five. In retrospect I should have put it in the other one as I like a lot less of those.. but since in Gen I the line was still pure electric I always see it as that first. Magnezone is on this list because it lets me combine two of my least used typings in a pretty amazing pokémon that is very weak to ground type moves though. Magnezone came to me via a trade in Gen V, it was a very random trade but there it was. A magnet Ufo that to me.. had some cop vibes/patroller in it as well. I did not know that Magneton could evolve. It was named Kilowatt. The original trainer was LeLouche all of people.. I never figured he would be into pokémon! Kind of makes sense though with all the tactical battling.

While I never really was appealed by balls and magnets sticking together they already looked very gleefull in Pokémon Snap when you fed them apples.. I always remembered those happy eyes. I imagined this Ufo like thing do the same thing and I was immediately sold. A magnetic Ufo who doesn’t want that?!  These pokémon are so Magnetic they attract each other and then become unable to move! That sounds clunky! I like that as well! Implications that this pokémon has alien contacts were made in Sun and Moon.. when all pokédex entries were particularly ominous and it added to it’s mystery. While made by man scientist kept trying to evolve it again.. could it be that in the future this will be the first pokémon we see get a stage 3?  <Pinkie Explains: A first form is called a basic.. the second form a stage 1 evolution.. if that evolves it’s stage 2>  Will it call something from out of space like a new legendary tied to it?! Kind of like Carbink and Diancie? Mysteries keep surrounding this pokémon, along with the unique and fun design I think Kilowatt is a keeper.. Had I not sold that game for convention money back in the day.

In combat having using steel and electric moves are basically it’s entire bread and butter. It also gets hyper beam which then can do big damage with the Analytic ability. Since Magnezone is a fairly slow Ufo with a base speed of 60 so the ability is quite usable as well.It will outspeed ground types.. but unless you equip it with a Balloon you’ll want to swap out when those come out and threaten your space ship anyway. It’s special attack being at 130 as a base value is amazing and really makes this a floating attilery thing. It’s best when paired with big damage moves such as Zap Cannon, Flash Cannon and Hyper Beam, I either run it with Magnet Rise ..which makes it immune to ground type moves with a Life Orb as held item or I put it on a Balloon and give it Signal Beam  as well for some extra type coverage and possible confusion. The first set is usually better though. It also makes sense that it floats on it’s own abilities..being a Ufo at all.. why would a Ufo be on a balloon? That is just silly.

What’s up with my favorites  and quad ground weaknesses. This is yet another that could look at a patch of soil and die in agony! Yet poison electric is such a cool typing. I really like the poison typing as well. Much like my Pokémon flying list though.. this would have been an ideal candidate for the sound type! Which funnily.. I would make weak to ground types.  This pokémon is all about playing air guitar.. or Keyboard as some version of this pokémon would.  Toxtricity has two forms, the Low Key form and the Amped form. This is on Toxel’s (its basic stage)  nature. If it has an energetic nature like Rash or Bashful  it will become Amped and if it has a more tranquil spirited nature.. for example Modest or Mild. That is SUCH a great idea. Letting a pokémon evolution look differently based on their character. Amazing!  I really love the colours of the Amped form myself.. but the Low Key version is pretty neat itself. Competitive it’s mostly Low Key though since the Modest Nature fits it the best. That’s a bit a let down in that system for me. 

Lorewise there isn’t that much known about the pokémon yet except that is quite arrogant and it plays air guitar or Electric organ to generate up to 15.000 volts on electricity. It’s poisonous nature is never really mentioned anywhere..but I think it comes from being a punker.  Or from being purple! In the world of pokémon the colour of your skin quite oftenly depicts your typing. I wonder if Lucario gets bullied for being blue but not being a water type?! The design however looks so friggin amazing, this is one of the coolest designed electric types out there. Tying it’s theme to the electric guitar was a briljant stroke that we untill now have only seen in a trainer type. I can just imagine  it singing the Sex Pistols version of I did it my way while frying it’s opponents with its electric waves or tossing some goop their way! This is a rebel and for once I like that.

In combat you mostly would like to rock out with a Low Key… Mild Toxtricity. It’s defences aren’t good at all and you really want to capitalize on it’s special attack of 117 without compromising it’s speed and preferably not it’s attack either since that being close to a 100 at 98 can allow you to run it as a mixed attacker.  It should be decked out with the ability Punk Rock which boosts sound type moves by 30% offensively while reducing damage taken by 50% defensively. This one definitely needs it’s own signature move Overdrive to be good, but if you equip it with Boomburst it might even be scarier. The last one has a base power of 140 so boosted by 30% that is one of the most powerful moves in the game. Though still not coming close to a fully boosted Fisheous Rend.  As a third move and fourth move I’d run it with Toxic and Venoshock, but that is mostly when I have other toxic users or stallers as well.  There are other options as well like some physical attacks like Gunk Shot.. or Throat Chop to give it something to defend against the psychic type. As an item you definitely want to give it some Throat Spray. As a side node why are some many electric type pokémon names so hard to spell?!

Ah the moment I begin writing this entry I realised how big of a whole I have dug myself. I normally blab on movesets and designs and Rotom.. has six forms, six typings and six designs. This is going to be a tricky one. Technically this one even has nine forms, if we count the pokédex, phone and drone form as well. It’s also the weakest pokémon on the list of today..but I can’t help but to love Rotom. It’s such an amazing concept. Basically he is the poltergeist that make your electric devices go bump in the night. It’s very mischievous as well. It loves to ruin your day. If it possesses the microwave it gleefully burns your favorite clothes, if it possess your fan it giggles why blowing away important documents and if it’s a freezer it will freeze your bath  water or give you a very cold shower. When it possesses a lawnmower it will destroy all your flowers and when it possesses the washing machine.. well you probably have a good idea what happens then! Let’s hope you don’t have any wooden floor.

The concept of a ghost pokémon animating things is great of course and since it is a ghost electric type animating devices makes so much sense! The fact that it loses its ghost typing and replaces that with the element it possesses even more so. If you have the ability to swap devices this pokémon can be incredibly versatile, although a bit of a hassle to set up. Will you run it as a lawn mower for the water type gym or will you run it as a  fridge to defeat that guy who has some strong ground types? The sky is the limit.  Having access to water-fire-grass-flying-ice OR ghost typing as a secondary STAB is an unparalleled feat for a pokémon. I know temporary forms do not make the list but these are semi permanent and I count this pokémon in its entirety so it’s all good! If your game does not have an area to swap rotom tools you’ll just have to work with the one traded to you. I like the idea of customisable pokémon and it doesn’t get much more customisable than this.

In the competitive scene Rotom Wash is the most popular form to use. Water Electric is a great typing and since Rotom has the ability levitate it doesn’t have all that many weaknesses. Rotom is mostly used as a trickster. Use Will O Wisp to burn your opponent and lower their attack stat. It’s a bit in that “float like a butterfly sting like a bee” segment of things. I like Rotom Wash the most myself as well.. the square design with that pipe as some form of weird tale is adorable. It can be a bit more offensive due to learning scald. You can get those burns while attacking, yet each Rotom is fun to use in it’s own way. I had a blast when trying Rotom Freeze uit for the first time. Rotom Mow i’d say is the most tricky form to use but if played well it can be hard for your opponent to deal with as well. Rotom Fan i’ve seen a lot in Showdown battles and now that Dynamax Air moves boost speed it has quickly become much better than it was before!  Maybe a full Rotom Playthrough would be fun.. it would be pretty balanced at least.

The first electric type I ever actively  used and my strongest pokémon in my favorite pokémon game. At least in main line Pokémon games! In Pokémon Stadium I used Pin Missile Jolteon to take down my sisters all Mewtwo team. I am not sure why that worked so well back then because I never was able to reproduce it. Ampharos though I can make good time and time again. I am using it again on my Pokémon Reborn playthrough..but that games runs so much more horrible now than it did before.. so much lag.. so now I only play it when someone is live streaming and I need some side content.  Still Ampharos is there for me. My first one did not have a name, I needed to remember the new pokemon names still. The second one was called Apple, I think, I used it during a Soul Silver playthrough I named things after fruit. I used one in my main team in Gale of Darkness XD  named Shaun and my custom shiny Ampharos in Reborn is called Choked Sheep (because it turned blue, and my nicknames are descriptions)

I also played the crap out of the pokémon in Pokémon Stadium 2. If I can get  the monster early on I will use it. Now it took me way longer than I am willing to admit to discover that this one has a pink shiny… oh no.. I admitted it!  So now that I know that it makes this pokémon even better though I only have a few pink ampharos (pokemon plural is the same as singular) on Pokémon Go due to community days. I never had a pink Amphi in a fun game though.  I am always drawn to it no matter what media it appears on almost as if it’s a beacon drawing me in.. what do you know! Pokémon Lore bride.. Ampharos only lore is that it can store electricity in it’s tale to shine very bright. So it functions as a lighthouse. This light is so bright that it can even be seen from space. It seems to hurt it’s own eyes though so it doesn’t really like using it.. the way it moves.. is also kinda clunky and it isn’t exactly elegantly shaped. I begin to see why I like this.

In Galar my troupe of sheep isn’t that special when it comes to stats.  It has a special attack stat of 110 which is great but it is on par with most the electric types here that take less work to evolve.Yet in this last generation my baby got robbed of its mega evolution. In its mega form my sweet hairless sheep had an amazing 165 base special attack and gain the dragon typing as well as a bunch of wool back as fancy luscious locks. It’s so good as a Mega, even though the hair kinda looks silly, that’s what made it so sexy to me! Not as in Bomchikawawa sexy but non sexual sexy! That is a thing! Mega Amphi is kinda like my Totoro! So I was robbed! I can’t even put it to words but this pokémon is so charming to me! If I only could make one pokémon real this would be a consideration. It would probably be Sylveon in the end.. but the whole flesh ribbon things is kind of off putting. I am not going to make a battle set because all my Amphi’s were different and I love them all and I feel one of them might cry if I favor the other and I just can’t bear to imagine that!  Given the fact that I consider the feelings of digital picture I resetted over twice, and that they are still with me in spirit tells something on how much I love this pokémon! A deserved number 1.

What is your favorite electric type?! Did you ever use one of these in your team?! Do you use the electric type a lot? Leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s start talking Pokémon! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you want to make sure that you catch nexts weeks Earth Shattering top 5! That’s right! Bring your balloons cause there will be earthquakes! Now I have to go to the store because my Joltik drained all my batteries!

Top 5: Pokémon I Forget Exist

Now I bet this is a list very little people are waiting for! The top five Pokémon I keep forgetting are a thing! So I bet for most of you this will be a list of “these are pokémon?” But I have been recently been replaying Pokémon Reborn and hunting for shinies. Thus I encounter many pokémon and since the game kind of starts handing you Never Used tier pokémon at the start, I encounter a lot of these. There are a few rules in this list such as one entry per evolution line.. because obviously if I forgot one stage exists I barely know the other as well.

Forgotten Pokémon Number 5: Buizel

This is the strangest case of a pokémon I keep forgetting about.  Each time I see the sea weasel pokémon or it’s evolution it barely registers with me. Even though I really like the design of a weasel with flotation devices. I recently caught a shiny one in Pokémon Reborn and I was like… oh yeah that’s a pokemon!. When it was first released in Pokémon go (and that’s not even that long ago) I had the same experience. There is something so forgettable to me about this pokémon that It faded away in relevance within months. Which isn’t even the weirdest thing.

Buizel and it’s evolution Floatzel formed a important part of my playthrough of Pokémon  Pearl. It was of my core squad members. I know it was there… but that is all I can remember about it.  I know I started with Piplup that I nicknamed Scottie Pippin, I also had a Shinx/Luxio/Luxray that I named Star Boy. Even though I already had a water pokémon I know Floatzel came with me… but I can’t remember what it did, where I caught it, what I nicknamed it. It definitely existed but still I have no memories of it. I actively used it and was charmed by it’s design so much I kept it even with type redundancy.. yet in my mind there is nothing.

This  is very uncharacteristic for me. I know what table at which restaurant I sat in 27 years ago, I knew what I ordered and where it was on the menu… and yet a Pokémon that I carried with me for an entire game… I think…. is one of the pokémon that keeps slipping my mind. Even the Floatzel I have in Reborn I like forgot the next day! Oh right I have a Floatzel now?!

Forgotten Pokémon Number 4: Chingling

Another Pokémon that Reborn remembered me it existed. I think the shiny one in reborn is the first one I ever bought catching. It’s evolution Chimecho outdated it but I didn’t even know that. I  have ONE memory of Chimecho and that is seeing it in the anime going Chim-Chow.. and I was like.. that’s how you say it?! And it’s not! It’s pronounced as Chime and Echo strung together… so why do I remember this?! I can’t even find the episode anymore?! It’s baby form.. even more forgettable. It’s one of those breed with incense things and since Gen IV was a loaned game to me.. I never got into finding them all.

Chingling is a bell with a ribbon and a psychic type. It’s only known feat to me is that it appears on both this list and the next pokémon top five I have planned. It’s pokédex entries are bland and even when evolved it knows little good combat moves. I have known zero people who used Chingling or Chimecho and I have watched Pokémon Free for all Roulettes for years now (where people battle with randomly rolled pokémon)  and I don’t think I ever saw a chingling or Chimecho there. I can recognise it when a picture is shown to me, but it one of the ones that fils me with the greatest doubt.

Forgotten Pokemon Number 3: The Spiky Eared Pichu

Now it might be a bit unfair to put a special event pokémon on here…but  I know all the other ones!? In fact if a pokémon is more unique and rare should we not be able to remember it more?! It’s even an event in my favorite pokémon game! So I would count among those mystical pokémon or movie releases and the likes but I know all of those. For this list I was scrolling true a list of all the types to make sure there aren’t pokémon I forget.. you know kinda needed for this type of list. When I passed this one I knew it had to be included.

I know all the cosplay forms of Pikachu, I know all it’s cap forms and in general I am fairly up to date with  the line but to hear there is a special form.. was new to me… though I remember knowing it before. Like when I saw “Spikey Haired Pikachu” I was like “THats a thing?” then when I read how you are supposed to take the Pikachu Coloured Pichu (which I do remember.. although vaguely.. on account of lame it’s name is) to Ilex shrine I was like… wait I do know this! I also remember that Pichu..except I don’t.

The Spikey Eared Pichu can not be traded outside Heart Gold Games (not sure if that is fixed now or not) It can not evolve and so it’s not really anything you can do anything with. It isn’t even that special looking. It just has three little spikes and can only be female.  I often wonder why all those special pikachu forms exist , however when I am confronted with this Pichu.. I only wonder.. did It really exist?

Forgotten Pokémon Number 2: Deerling

Now I am fairly alone on this but I do not mind if Pokémon are depicted as objects. People really hate Vanilluxe and Klefki  and I really like them myself. I think it is cute that monsters can also take on the shape of objects and it helps distinguish them. What I dislike more is pokémon that are “just a <blank>” with the exception of Wooloo.. man do I love Wooloo. But you know the kind.. pictures of animals and you wonder.. am I looking at a pokémon or at an actual animal. Examples are Finneon, Sentret, Herdier, Pidove and Deerling. 

Now Deerling can be Pink and Green but also a orange or brown depending on what season you catch it in. If you get a fall or winter deerling it’s kinda like Bambi with a Ribbon. It is the only pokémon I keep forgetting it’s typing off.. and it has a unique typing! Why did fire hit me super effectively?! Oh wait it is a grass type. Unless you catch the green spring form.. it doesn’t feel like a grass type and if I use the green form.. I keep forgetting it’s a normal type.

There is something so aggressively forgettable about this pokémon to me that I can’t even  remember it while I use it. While Sawsbuck makes an occasional appearance in Pokémon Showdown I keep thinking it’s like an alternate evolution for Skiddo for some reason (probably because  they use the green one). The fact that I forget one of the pokémon that can be pink is speaking volumes on how forgettable this is to me. Me not remembering a pink pokémon?! There aren’t even that many deer pokémon, with other than them just Stantler being there and Xerneas of course. It’s moveset is very similar to Gogoats and it arguably might be better because it gets a boost on Normal Attacks so it deserves some love. Unfortunatly by the time that I post this I probably will already have forgotten it.

Forgotten Pokémon Number 1: Glameow

In the entire pokémon library there is only one pokémon  whose name I keep forgetting. Whose existence is only know to me because I casually like the evolution..thinking it is the evolution to Purrloin. A Pokémon I very much loved until it began to stand up straight.  Glameow evolves into Purugly, which sounds like it could come from the third loveliest cat pokémon in the game. With some slight recolouring I think the evolution would be better than Liepard as well. Glameow however.. means nothing to me. 

It’like a diva cat with a springy tail. The springy tail have seen on spoink already, the diva behaviour works better on Snivy, Misdreavus even Kirlia and Gardevoir to an extent.  It feels a bit like the Gen IV’s rendition Spearow to Pidgey.. this feels like edgier counterpart to Bidoof. At least bidoof became a meme. I love my bidoof pokemon cards. I am not even sure if Glameow cards exist. It doesn’t help that they made it grey. I even tried to imagine it’s design after looking at it and I still remember it wrong. I remember it with make up in the face and facing the other way around.. so my retention span for this pokemon is less than 15 minutes.

Maybe it is because I am not a cat person, I really like using Normal types.. so that can’t be it! This is the only pokemon whose name I keep forgetting. I keep forgetting what generation it is from and I know nothing about it’s moveset. It’s pokedex entry tells us how it plans to hook it’s claws in it’s trainers nose if it isn’t fed.. but it hides these fantasies so it’s a meanie bo beanie as well! It’s also described that when it is happy it purrs. So even the pokédex doesn’t really know anything about it! It literally just does stuff a normal cat can! Oh it also stares at an enemy before clawing at it… just like a cat and it’s prey again.Which is kind of a relief.. I haven’t been mean to a pokémon.. just to a cat..but less real.

Honorable Mentions

Finneon and Lumineon are pokémon people easily forget but I really like them. Mostly for their cries because state wise they are quite forgettable indeed. I do love both their designs though and I feel like they are a welcome addition to the plentiful fish pokémon the game has.  Clamperl is another pokémon that is quite forgettable due to it only existing under water on diving spots, and the strange methods to evolve it.

Yet Clamperl with Shell Smash a move it legally learns has the potential to have one of the highest attack stats possible in the game, which makes it memorable at least. Gorebyss wears Ariels Bra and it has slightly become a meme for that and Huntail.. is an okay-ish pokémon! THat honestly could have made this list but he is something I just don’t actively remember than something I forget.

What are some pokémon you keep forgetting?! Did you remember the pokémon on my personal list?  I have a feeling lots of people will mention Audino..but I have a weak spot for that one. Let me know in the comments!
Audino might feature in the next top 5 next to chingling.. so maybe you can already take a guess what we will be talking about next time?! Impress me!


New Gigantamax Pokémon

While we are fighting of a fever, the sniffles, teary eyes and all sorts of other physical discomfort we have decided to update you all still on the newest developments of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Not because we can but because Fat Pikachu is about the only thing keeping us from allowing my flue to become the man-flue thing.  So now we proudly present the slightly delayed version of: Pink-Poké News!

Gigantamax  101

The magazine CoroCoro leaked it already on tuesday. One day later at 3pm Standard Pinkie Time a new Sword and Shield Trailer dropped revealing some new Gigantamax Pokémon. For those who do not have any idea what a Gigantamax Pokémon is first a brief explanationIn Pokémon Sword and Shield, Z-moves and Mega-Evolution have been rooted out for something that is more like an amalgamation of the two, yet still feels new. In these games you can turn your Pokémon from a pocket monster into a full blown Kaiju for a limited number of turns. If you are geeky enough to know what a Kaiju’s a big  monsters, like Godzilla, King Kong (sort of) Mothra, King Ghidorah and basically every monster in Power Rangers after the villians make it big. The process of turning a pokémon into a Kaiju has two methods of which the more common one is called Dynamaxing. It basically resizes the 3d model and adds a magenta aura too it, replacing its moves by MAX moves.. which are super powered moves very close to Z-moves. Dynamax pokemon can’t flinch and all Max moves create a beneficial effect for types of the move it used. When Dynamaxing you can feel like Rita Repulsa , Lord Zedd and all those who came after them because you can literally yell ‘MAKE MY MONSTER GROW’. Gigantamaxing is about the same, only if your pokémon grows too football stadium heights it also changes forms. A little whipped cream girl can turn into a wedding cake and the most edgy bird imaginable ..goes to a bird that is edgy beyond imagination. That kinda thing. The newest trailer revealed five more of these “altered growth” pokémon… and they are all from Kanto.

Kanto Pandering

Gen I is something that gets a lot of love, a lot more affection and attention from the devs then other generations. So a lot of youtubers have been outraged by the so called Kanto Pandering that this new trailer does. We see 5 new pokémon and these are: Eevee, Pikachu, Meowth, Charizard and Butterfree. Now I too would have preferred different choices but these make a lot of sense still and that is because of the method to obtain them as well as some general sensibility. Let’s start with the weakest link first. Butterfree!This one’s here without any special reason. They just wanted a Kaiju Mothra Dynamax and chose Butterfree for it. Mothim, the actual moth Pokémon or Dustox would have been the superior choices to been granted that form maybe even Vivillon. However , who really uses a  Mothim or Vivillon, those aren’t that memorable at least the anime gave Butterfree some staying power… even if that is hugely ironical. Dustox was used in the anime and would have been the superior choice in my book but in fairness this “trailers’ better.

Pikachu and Eevee getting a Dynamax form  just makes sense. Getting Dyna-Pika and Dyna-Vee  is done through promotional methods and is just a neat little reward for loyal pokémon players who played the earlier games. I have no qualms with rewards for loyalism, and since Dynamax forms won’t contribute to the pokédex it is completely optional. If your Nintendo Switch has Save-Date for Let’s Go Eevee, you can obtain a dynamax eevee thing in the wild lands , which you can reach after about two hours of play.  The same thing applies for those who played Let’s go Pikachu, but you get the little yellow electric mouse instead. Charizard gets love again and people hate him for it but the Pokémon Company is still a company.. they do want to make money. Dynamax Charizard will sell A LOT of pokémon trading cards and keep the franchise healthy. Where Pikachu is the mascotte of the video games, Charizard basically has taking that role for the trading card game to satisfy THAT fanbase you simply HAVE to include it. Sure I would love to see gigantamax Hydreigon into a Ghidorah or Torterra into Gamera but hey if a single inclusion can make the trading card game more popular again i’ll happily sacrifice that slot for yet another charizard thing.  Dynamax meowth already leaked in the Ben Affleck leak and functions as the first Mystery gift, for those who order early. It again makes sense that those are there from the beginning get something from pokémon’s beginnings and being a mystery gift Meowth makes sense. It won’t unbalance the competitive scene.. it is just there to be a nice little reward for those willing to pay full price and play from day 1.

Kaiju up Close

So now that we established I near fully support these choices let’s take a look at all of them a bit closer. Judging their design, abilities and lore. Like princess Pinkie Ranking them from 5 to 1

5. Gigantamax Meowth

While I like this one significantly less than the other four , it certainly has its merits. It’s stretched out body kinda looks like a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman, which in my humble opinion makes it very well fitted for the sports heavily themed Galar region. It also looks like a cat scratching post, I think.. cats do not like me because I am twitchy and use me as a scratching post instead.. and because Meowth is the scratching pokémon I’d deem this design fairly clever. It’s coin takes a bit of an egyptian theming giving it also a bit of a celestial quality which again I think is fairly clever, it really looks like a supered-up Meowth. I still would have preferred this slot to have been used in a cooler way but for what we got I do not think it is bad at all. 

In terms of t’s abilities it will have the technician ability and the move G-Max Gold Rush which significantly increases the amount of money you get from a match. This could be potentially interesting for people doing special challenges like alternate Nuzlockes or Static-Lock or the “can you beat a game with only a Meowth’ kind of challenges.  It will also help you farm out money for new clothes and customisation items. There seems to be a lot of options in that department so I can even see it have some actual use during normal runs as well. Imagine all the bags and shoes I can buy if I run this on my team.

4. Gigantamax Eevee

It is unfortunate that I do not like this one better than I do . While I love it’s lore the design is to easy for me.  It kinda looks like how Eevee would look like if it survived playing in your washer dryer combo for an entire run. It’s just so fluffy! While fluff is a weakness to me, it only manages to edge it out above meowth by a little. It’s lore raises it up a lot, where meowth simply scratches buildings, Eevee’s character is enhanced by being Gigantamaxed. It becomes even more playful, even more cuddly and even more loveable. It’s fur is so soft it soothes the enemy that gets tangled in it to lose their fighting spirit. It likes to play a lot more so sometimes it accidentally crushes its foe because it was feeling so playful and it pounced on it. N’awwwww.

Having the ability adaptability (try saying that 10 times in a row real fast)  it’s normal type moves are super powerful and I can see it crush it’s non dynamaxed friends really easy indeed. It is a great move to have giving it some usability in combat with the issue that it doesnt learn to many good normal moves. This is something you’ll have to teach Return too.  It’s G-Max move is called G-Max Cuddle which sounds super cute .. and it kinda is but it is quite situational as well. G-Max Cuddle lets any foe it hits that is of the other gender fall in love with this pokémon. Now ‘in love’ is one of the most useful status conditions you can hope for but it is useless  slightly more than half of the time. With a higher chance throughout the generations to work if the pokémon using attraction moves is female. (In most games trainers use pokémon of their own gender and there are a lot more male trainers). So even if trainers now use a 50/50 ratio of genders, there are still a lot of genderless pokémon dropping your chance well under 50%. Since it is an event pokémon the chance of getting it in a specific gender is even tinier. Cute that it exists, but I’ll be honest I am probably not gonna be using this one. I might just look at it though.. it’s so cute!

3. Gigantamax Butterfree

This one is basically just Mothra.. while it looks to cute to be Mothra it’s lore is near identical to it. It’s design comes as close to it as a purple butterfly could.  So yeah this one is just the classical movie Kaiju. When it flips its wings it can create gusts of wind powerful enough to know over dump trucks and it releases poisonous scales as it flaps that can be lumiscent as well and look quite beautiful. So yeah.. Mothra.  Dustox would have been such a more obvious choice for this but I guess it just lacked star power.

It’s ability compound eyes improve its accuracy, but there aren’t THAT much moves in it’s moveset that can fully exploit this ability, like it’s normal counterpart. I would in fact assume that Max moves have great accuracy like Z-moves , but I might be wrong, so it feels throwaway. It’s unique G-Max move is called Befuddle. It will replace all of it’s bug moves. After damaging it will inflict a random status, either poison, sleep or paralysis. The 100% stat chance is great but the reasons to paralyse or poison someone are very different so I don’t expect to see it a lot in competitive, unless you can somehow choose your status but this seems extremely unlikely.

2. Gigantamax Charizard

Stunning design, this Pokémon looks amazing, albeit a bit digimon-esque with all the particles that now are visible on his body. Gigantamax Charizard kind of looks like a digivolution of the regular charizard, which kinda fits the Kaiju theme for me as well. Think of the amazing pokémon cards they can make with this design. While I do get that this pokémon gets too much love, what they do is very nice. By far the sleekest looking Gigantamax Pokémon yet. It’s burning wings have given it a truly intimidating and monstrous quality.  These wings now burn with a heat that surpasses magma and Charizard can fire these wings at his opponent and regain them by an eternal fire burning inside.I kinda love it. 

It’s ability is Blaze, the standard fire starter ability that strengthens fire type moves when you are at low health, while normally I do not like this ability that much it just makes so much sense for this pokémon, so  you will not hear me complain about that one. It’s G-Max move is called Wildfire and this I absolutely love! It will not only damage but also apply a 4 turn DOT on all non fire pokémon in the arena. A Gigantamax transformation only lasts 3 turns so a four turn dot is really a nice momentum control. 

The best: Gigantamax Pikachu

In the late nineties and early two thousands we did not care about being politically correct, we did not know there were more than two genders and we did not recognise  people had a choice in what they wanted to be. We were concerned people would copy bad examples on television. So our brave soldiers , the concerned mothers, tried to ban and force changes on our little kids shows so we could grow up into a nice  generic little human. They tried to ban Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies, claiming his holding a purse as his favorite toy was promoting the gay agenda and would tell kids that being gay is okay.. so the purse had to go. Pokémon was about as controversial as South Park back in the day and one of the hot topics.. Pikachu was telling our precious children that it’s okay to be Fat. So of course.. he would have to go.. however they chose to slim him down instead. I missed my sweet little original Pikachub for twenty years…but through the power of Dynamax it is finally back.

This pokémon will not be much for competitive play, because it’s ability static and it’s move G-Max Volt Crash both inflict paralysis , making the ability mostly obsolete, except for maybe in double battles. Yet like I told before, this pokémon is not meant to do that. It’s simply a reward for being loyal, and fat pikachu is an ultimate homage to the series origins.  I loved the original design so much more, it felt so much more cuddly and adorable and aside from this version having a glowing tail, it is back! Thank you Game Freak and Pokémon Company! Thank you for bring back the Pikachu that I actually like!

Question to my Readers:

Which Pokémon would you like to see get a Gigantamax Form?

So with that we discussed the biggest news this week, time for me to make me some chicken soup and go back to bed to recover. I will all see you in my next post!

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OO (other wise I am infectious)

Mimikyu: The Lonely Pokémon

Greetings again little monsters and welcome to another wonderful post about Pokémon. As an Owlet (a young OWL) as well as a person with a certain ideology, to me it’s important that one can be themselves. It’s hard enough for all of us, not to blatantly follow  what society tries to impose of us, but did you know there is a pokémon that perfectly mimics humanity in this aspect? That is right today we will be talking about the disguise pokemon Mimikyu.


Mimikyu is a ghost-fairy type pokémon. Being the only one of that typing already makes it look a bit lonely but also makes it quite unique and lovable. Now being primarily a ghost type oftenly results in the pokédex saying some messed up things about you. Drifloon the balloon pokémon tries to guide children away to steal their life , Phantump are children who got lost in the woods and died of starvation and the pokémon Yamask is a human spirit reincarnated as a pokémon but it is forced to carry a masked shaped liked the face of the person it once was for eternity just to name a few. This adorable looking ghost pokémon was not spared of a similar pokédex entry.  The pokémon we know as Mimikyu is a lie, the actual pokémon crafted a costume to interact with people and get some of the attention it wants to break it’s loneliness. It has good reason to do so as well. Mimikyu’s true form is said to be so horrible that anyone who looks at it suffers a terrible fate. In official Pokémon lore there once was a college student trying to become a pokémon professor who examined Mimikyu and managed to sneak a peek of what was underneath. Not only was he utterly unable to coherently tell what was underneath anymore, somehow he also got sick which led to him passing away. Which brings us to the sad realisation that Mimikyu is so scary to look at.. it will bring death to anything else or at least from the humans. This could have been fine if Mimikyu’s liked it that way.. but no they actual crave for some affection just like everyone else. So this pokémon is forced to hide itself if it’s ever to receive any love at all. That’s quite heartbreaking.


The Mimikyu of Alola found a solution though, when they saw how popular Pikachu was and how it’s trainer would hug it they decided to make a costume of that beloved pokémon. Creating a costume with a fake head to compensate for its own small size, using a piece of wood as it’s tail. Now that it looked like Pikachu it was actually able to interact with humans and other pokémon alike, but there still was a problem. Apparently Mimikyu’s crafting skills were so good that people actually began to see them as Pikachu. So even if it could receive hugs now it was being seen as something different. It received love that was not initially meant for it. The love it got was a lie… and Mimikyu was aware. While some may be sceptic and think.. you clearly see a difference, yes you see a difference but Mimikyu is scared of the light, it harms it even if it is really exposed to it. While the suit protects it from that.. it is still scared enough to only come out at night. In the dark the difference is already a lot harder to tell. In the dark even you and I may just see a Pikachu, and Jessie and James definitely have pulled off worse costumes so eyesight is debatable there anyway. Even though Mimikyu can be resentful to Pikachu for stealing all the love away, it has a deep love for it’s own costume. In fact the costume is so well done that everyone always attacks the fake head first, indicating once more people really see a Pikachu. They don’t stare at the real pair of eyes staring at the torso. Even if people realise it’s a Mimikyu they oftenly still stare into the wrong eyes.When the costume breaks a Mimikyu is filled with great sadness that it will keep feeling until it manages to repair  the disguise. It will not rest until it looks cute and huggable again. It will also get sad when people call it Pikachu, but he keeps doing it because it has to because otherwise it will get no love at all.

Mimikyu is me

To express its individuality  Mimikyu has developed quite a unique moveset. It’s one of very few ghosts who prefer to attack physically and also the majority of fairy types prefers special attacks. So while it’s not the only physical ghost, or the only physical fairy type ,, it certainly seems to go against the meta of it’s typings as if it was trying to be unique. In the game you will generally run a moveset that is something close to Sword Dance, Play Rough, Shadow Sneak and a fourth move up for grasps, Wood Hammer, Leech Life or Destiny Bond all have their benefits, though I prefer Wood Hammer myself because Leech Life only adds grass super effectiveness and Wood Hammer adds Water, Rock and Ground. It’s speed is not good enough to rely on destiny bond. Substitute is a possibility as well but is only good situationally. You’ll generally want to run it with maximum Attack and Speed EV’s but with a web team you could also run it as a bulky sweeper. Point is Mimikyu’s moveset is not something you see to often in it’s typings. Alongside Aegislash it’s the only ghost type that uses Sword Dance and aside from Slurpuff I can not think of a decent STAB play rough user like Mimikyu either. Mimikyu is a pure physical attacker, thats where its strength lies and that’s how it distinguishes itself from Pikachu and most of its ghostly peers.  The statpool of mimikyu in a way reflective of its physical attention. With a base attack stat of 90 it has quite a fair attack stat, with sword dance freely doubling it up due to the disguise ability , which makes Mimikyu invulnerable for a turn. It’s special attack is nothing great the golden standard of mediocrity a base stat of 50. Yet Mimikyu is so dedicated to its role to play Pikachu that it even learns thunderbolt.. a move that is non STAB and off stat for it. Yet he just wants to be loved.. so copies one of pikachu’s most popular attacks. Willing to sacrifice a bit more of himself.. just to find acceptance.

One Last Hug

Having a unique typing, a fairly unique moveset  a unique ability and a rather unique story is however not enough for Mimikyu, it also as a unique Z move. While most people just see a funny animation, I see something a bit deeper. A Z-move is activated when the trainer strikes a Z-pose after a watch. Mimikyuim-Z replaces the move Play Rough one time with a suped up version unique to this pokémon. It’s called Let’s Snuggle Forever or as the Japanese call it Snuggly Friend Time. While using this move we see Mimikyu swell up, using as the anime states it, hot hair to expand its costume to envelop it’s target while punching it with its shadowy claw from the inside.At least that is what is suggested. Now this may seem harsh but lets not forget if Mimikyu did not beat the living Krabby out of them they might see his actual body and die of the curse.  Yet we can’t really tell what’s inside..maybe they just see Mimikyu’s true form and take big damage from it. However there is also a beautiful moment in it. For a trainer to use this move means they have to equip the pokémon with the Mimikyuim-Z crystal therefore knowing it is a Mimikyu and not a Pikachu. Again your Pokédex and moveset would explain it… but at the moment you use this Z move, Mimikyu acknowledges the command while the trainer looks at its actual eyes. Mimikyu briefly flicks it’s disguise to it’s broken form allowing a moment where the truest form of Mimikyu one can ever see and it’s trainer interact with each other and recognise each other. Here it finds a true friend and completes its journey of recognition. It has finally find someone to snuggle forever.

True Self

Now who or what is Mimikyu really? We will never truly know we do know it is tiny. While Pikachu is about 1’04 in feet or 40,6 centimeters, the Pokédex classifies Mimikyu’s seize about half of it. A regular Pikachu weighs in at about 6,5 kilograms or 13 pounds  while Mimikyu weighs just under 10 times less than that a 1.5 pounds or 700 grams. This includes its disguise. Which contains a wooden tail and the wood that is most likely on the inside to keep the head sticking up. Since , counting the ears, Mimikyu’s lower body hiding space is about a third of its total length it means it can fit in a 7 by 7 by 7 centimeter cube with now trouble equaling a 2.7 x 2.7 by 2.7 volume.  Yet it is also capable of extending that length greatly as it’s claw can stretch and even claw at legendaries.

However it’s true form has to fit inside the mimikyu costume because a guy looked underneath and saw it’s true (thusly not compressed form) .So whatever it is .. something horrible that is about the size of a scoop of ice cream. Something we will never truly know, something that for always be loved as something it is not. It is really sad and something I wish upon nobody. So for anyone out there who is out there having difficulty showing the world your true self, because you don’t like the “right’ gender or don’t feel the right gender or whatever you feel , that you believe you can’t share with the world, please don’t become a Mimikyu. Pretending to be straight so your parents will love you doesn’t really mean that it’s real. Pretending you are Cisgender so your friends will remain your friends, only means they weren’t even friends to begin with.. if they would not. It is great that you consider the feelings of others and that makes you a better person but if you love anyone they deserve to know the real you.

Mimikyu tries but will never truly get what it is after. Do not let that happen to yourself and your truest identity. Yes Mimikyu is one of the most beloved Gen 7 pokémon and has enough fans..there is even plenty of art of Mimikyu finally getting the hugs it so desired..and about 90% of them draw it wrong.. in such a way that the actual life form is not getting hugged at all. Don’t be like this poké you!

Now that you all know Mimikyu a little better , we come can love it a bit more. While it may be a lesson to be you should not hide yourself it doesn’t mean we should ignore those who can’t fully be themselves yet. Like how Mimikyu’s Z-move shows the bond with it’s trainer we can achieve the same with our friends. Show them we would accept them.. no matter whats underneath their disguise and together we can unleash our Z-move to clear all obstacles.

Question to my readers:

If you had a Z-Move what would it be called?

Mine would be called Friendship is magic and would be of the psychic type! I will tell you more on THAT subject somewhere in the future!I thank you all for reading, if you haven’t already please follow this blog and leave a like!

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Pikachu’s Stolen Evolution

Top of the day to you my dear Watsons! I am back from my escapades as Zubatgirl. Last week’s posts was one of the least liked posts that have been recently made! Princess Pinkie told me that is because I am the least liked Pinkie and that I am boring. I do not wish to believe such poppycock so today we will return to format and get back on the regular cases. Today we investigate the story of the stolen evolution!
The story of Gorochu!

A Neutral Choice

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone in the world knows Pikachu even if you haven’t  played anything of Pokémon, one could not have missed Pikachu… well at least not if you’re reading this blog. I am sure your aunty Trisha from that manor in Higher Upton who has silverware ranked for how fancy her meals are and who collects Hummel-statues  might not have heard of the electric mouse. Pikachu is the official Pokémon mascotte. The electric mouse pokémon is so present throughout the franchise the games might almost have been called Pikamon. Few people know however the story on how Pikachu became the mascotte. An anime was planned to launch alongside the game with a young trainer going on his pokémon journey. However there was a problem, from a marketing stance it would have been unwise to let him choose either Bulbasaur , Charmander or Squirtle.  If Satoshi/Ash chose one of the three people playing the game might have felt they picked the wrong one. So an election was held. Kunihiko Yuyama, the lead for the anime printed out the , not fully official, line up and have a popularity contest.

Pikachu’s original sprite was elected as the most adorable partner for the anime protagonist.  Atsuko Nishida was the woman behind this design says she based the design of the shocking little rodent on a  long Daifuku rice treat with ears.

It resulted in a more plumb looking Pikachu a very fat looking mouse, that nowadays more resembles pika-clones  like Dedenne , Marill and Togedemaru. However thanks to some concerned mothers who feared Pikachu’s fat look might promote childhood obesity and issues like that Pikachu was eventually slimmed down due to peer pressure. An inquiring mind like me can’t help but to wonder. Would Pikachu still have won the election if it started out slimmed and not so adorably plumb?  Maybe they would have elected another Pokémon to be the cutest and we could have had Farfetch’D or Snorlax as our mascotte. We do know that miss Nishida designed is quite different from what Pikachu is now and in 2018 she told us Pikachu wasn’t only meant to evolve into Raichu it was meant to go even further beyond. 

Devilish good looks

Anno 2019 we know this for a fact Pichu->Pikachu->Raichu (or Alolan Raichu)  but in 1995 Atsuko designed it as follows Pikachu->Raichu->Gorochu. The latter would a more devilish design. Witth horns and large fangs it would resemble an electric demon and look somewhat more serious than the other two. This would also be reflected by it’s name. The Pika for example is a certain type of mouse/hare like creature indigenous to most of the northern hemisphere, western europe being the exception.

From the forests and plains of Asia to the Himalayan caves as well as large parts of eastern Europe and North America, much like Pikachu this mouse is everywhere. Pika is also the onomatopoeia (sound-imitation) of a japanese spark… yes sparks sound differently in japan! They make a Pika sound. Rai is japanese for thunder. Gorochu’s name would have been derived from Gorogoro the japanese  onomatopoeia for a threatening rumble in the distance. Though the original design for Gorochu has never leaked, and twenty years after it’s planned release it is unlike that it ever will, yet fans have come up with a few designs of how it might have looked like. Such a handsome devil I must say.


At some point Gorochu was scrapped from the game. Now it’s easy to blame the design. Western mothers are terrified of any religious references let alone the devil. It has lead to many dubismn’s and censors. Stuff like Dark Magician Girl from yu-gi-oh losing her pentagram pendant.

Digimon censored a lot of religious names  mostly in attacks and even completely negated Joe’s budhiman in the first season. Perhaps one of the biggest examples is Kami from Dragon Ball, he is actually meant to be God.. like THE god. Of course that did not fly with some people so that is why we call the green guy Kami to this day. Could Gorochu be the same?  

Ken Sugimori the final artist of Pokémon claims the answer to this question to be no. ‘There weren’t any problems with Gorochu’s design at all, it was removed from the game for balancing reasons’ he said in an interview with Yomiuri. Now this seems a somewhat odd statement to make for a few reasons. First and foremost stats are simply a numeric value which would be very easy to change to rebalance the monster. There are no two stage evolution electric pokémon in gen I  at all so makes it rather unique as well, in fact it may very well be the only typing in the generation that doesn’t have any stage 2 evolutions (not counting the repurposed fairy) the only other typing that didn’t get a stage 2 evolution would be the ice type and those are extremely rare in the game as it is unlike the electrical type. So state wise as well as type wise it would not seem THAT unbalanced at all, at least nothing that is not fixable. Raichu itself does not have to great stats either, though Alolan Raichu is decent , regular Raichu has fallen flat for many years. It’s one of the more lackluster evolution lines so once more excluding Gorochu seems a very odd call when it comes to game design and balancing. Could it be that there actually is some ulterior motive behind these choices? Would Gorochu really be that overpowered it would unbalance and already unbalanced game?  Why come up with such a easy excuse. Even if it was unbalanced it could have been patched in generation II where a few others pokémon got new evolutions as well. Why was it completely omitted?  It is time to come up with some theories!


How would Gorochu evolve is the first question we have to ask us. Would it be by thunderstone and Raichu by level?  No! There is still some dialogue in the game that flat out confirms that Raichu was meant to have a trade evolution. When you arrive on Cinnabar Island there is a laboratory there. Inside that labtratory you can find a trainer, an old man wanting your Raichu and offering an Electrode for it.  Now this is not a trade many people would make because in Gen I Raichu was actually better (nowadays it arguably is not). However should you have traded and talked to the man he tells you that the raichu you traded him went and evolved.

So Gorochu seems to function like a trade evolution and this trade though bad was meant to clue us in on that. With that in mind we can distill a theory that Gorochu was scrapped for being the  fifth trade evolution. It would be a lot easier to have 4 trade evolutions and you can bounce them off each other, with a fifth you’d have to put faith in the other trainer at some point… but this argument doesn’t fully hold up as you can basically trade anyway you want and both can trade the same trade evolution as well, both could trade a Raichu to get Gorochu. But the companies do prefer round numbers so four for trade makes more sense than five A flimsy excuse but an excuse nonetheless.

The official Gen I trade evolutions we coould have had 5!

it is strange however that the line of dialogue made it into the english version of the game. Dataminers never found any artwork for Gorochu as it was scrapped n the japanese version already and the american version came out nearly two years later.  For the dialogue to exist it would mean they deleted Gorochu in the japanese version and making the mistake not to adapt the dialogue, then letting it go unnoticed for two years after which the american production makes the mistake to directly translate it without noticing it either. Not impossible, but in a game with so many secrets and where they are discussed at playgrounds and all.. somewhat unlikely. If we talk about the Mew/Truck why not speak about the secret Pikachu evolution? Could it be the perfect storm of a trade that none one really wanted to make and translators not knowing the game in addition to a oversight from japan? Most likely yes, but could it be that they initially planned for Gorochu to return in the future as well and left the dialogue in as a tease? … they just might have.

Why would Gorochu be that unbalanced? Could he have competed with a pseudo legendary?  Could that be the reason why the anime Pikachu became such a Gary Stue, having access to incredible powers? Was Pikachu meant to evolve and be Ash his way to glory? The story seems to have begun with the idea of an immensely strong Pikachu that got more and more retconned as they went along.  There seem to be some oddities about the way the original story was told, Pikachu got reinvented as the show went on.. he slimmed down, became weaker or less powerful and around the third gym the door to evolution was closed off to us in the anime at least. Could the decision the anime made have led to Gorochu never being reintroduced?

We might never know! One might speculate though that had Pikachu never been fat, we might have had another mascot and Pikachu could have evolved because there would be no need to freeze it in time much like Ash. Maybe they did not want their mascot turning into something quite so evil themed…. maybe if they had implemented it I could have ran the pokémon onto a decent team. As much as I adore Pichu for it’s cuteness, the moment Gorochu was deleted from the game they robbed the line of it’s true potential. Alolan Raichu may have patched it up a bit but we could have had such a great electric type that got snuffed out for some very weird reasons.

What do you feel happend to Gorochu? Why did that beautiful boy have to be cut from the game?  Do you know of other Pokémon that didn’t make the cut you would have liked to have seen become a reality?  Let me know in the comments or leave a like! Onto the next mysterious case and onto new adventures and remember
I am not weird! Just very pink!
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Pokémon Gadgets for A Pokémon Detective

Top of the day to you my little Watsons.  As one may have noticed I am somewhat inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brainchild, Sherlock Holmes, the best detective in entire Galar. However Princess Pinkie told me that there factually is one detective that is greater than mister Holmes.  She did seem pretty sure of herself and I could not detect a lie. The detective she said is factually better goes by the name of Bruce Wayne… but when crime is about he turns into… Zubatman!… At least that is what she told me. Wayne seems to be intelligent but not as great as my beloved inspiration, so I can only deduce that this bat-person is the greater detective because of their use of gadgets. In an attempt to further myself as a detective I will look for some to make my own utility belt. 

Pokeball Chargers 10,000 mAh

These days we do everything by smartphone! That goes for detective work as well. Not only can I research leads on my 4g internet, this nifty device also allows me to take pictures of evidence, record my own voice to hypothesise or even record others. It also allows me to follow some criminal scum on weird applications called Instagram, Facebook or recently WordPress. The Smartphone is thusly the main and most trusted gadget of a detective. Much like in those sony product placement James Bond movies like Casino Royale. They could do everything for him, they can do so for the world’s pinkest detective as well. The problem with these nifty devices however is the fact that they have a shorter lifespan than Yamcha when facing a Saibaman. Luckily we can compensate by using the power that is inside these Pokéballs. Quite literally in fact. These capture devices can be hooked up to your phone to provide some much needed oomph for your quickly drainable device. Coming in at about 20 american dollars, they are fairly cheap, depending on where you live in the world and what politician would drive your country of the edge of course.Their look is nothing shy of phenomenal, they look just like the real thing with a nice glow when you wield them. Fooling everyone you are trying to spy on that you are just a regular trainer. A great bit of Pokémon parefeniia to collect. They come in three variations, regular pokeball, great ball and master ball. Now we will just have to wait for the love ball variant to release and this detective is good to go.

Pokémon disguises

Sometimes a great detective has to bland in her environment Be unseen, yet still be there. Imagine my surprise when I found out that pokemon disguises can be really cheap in this world. They are called onesies and there is a LOT of them out there. Coming in as cheap as only $9 dollars , not using my own currency but american dollars as it is usually the  standard chosen price online. Of course there are pricier ones out there, but the point is we can put together a disguise collection for relatively little money. It is the perfect way to sneak up on a Pokémon Go player who is catching in AR mode or to infiltrate the base of an evil team. They also keep you rather warm and snuggly in your homestead! In fact they are excellent apparel for a lazy sunday or a rainy evening. Keeping you nice and toasty.
A detective should always keep their minds sharp and relaxing in a onesie at the proper time can certainly make this happen. These multifunctional infiltration suits double as a mental soothing contraption and thus are a must have for the pinkest detective.

A robot sidekick

My Ditto called Evidence is a great sidekick to have don’t get me wrong, but being imaginative really hurts it’s practicality.  In this day and age I also can not get a young boy or girl to join me on my crusade against crime or people would think ill of me. I tried training a cat once, but PETA showed up and said I could not and when I tried to recruit someone on the sidekick reddit, this government guy showed up at my door telling me I’d need to pay them minimum wage… which is more than what I get! So, with no options left looked to see if there was a gadget that could help me out. Lo and behold the UchiPika Pikachu Robot. For about $58 dollars, excluding shipping you can own this robotic tiny pikachu what bobs it head in such a nice and sweet manner that no bad guy would ever think to harm it. It will teach you some basic japanese, as you need that to control it,  which is nice because the more language you speak the more chance you have to overhear some good clues. UchiPika however is a lot more functional than just a training tool. Like a proper electric Pokémon it has the power to turn on electronic devices such as a tv, which is perfect to create diversions and create an opportunity for the detectives to sneak by into another room to continue their evidence gathering. Judging on the commercial I show below it can also create EMP pulse to shut down electronic devices such as lights. This already makes it so much more useful to that homeless man i once tried to hire as a sidekick. He asked for change so I figured turning his life into something heroic would be just the change he needed, he disagreed and tried to steal my kidney.  Should such a case ever happen again now though I will be prepared, because I have UchiPika.. and he knows Jūman Volt (Thunder Bolt) so the toy is a taser as well. Though my japanese is a bit rusty it may not EXACTLY work like that, but we shall see.

The Pokérang

Batman has these little bat boomerangs he throws which he seems to be using to great effectiveness. We can deduce such a gadget must certainly work. Not having access to any of Wayne Enterprises production companies , I was forced to scour the net for a replacement.  I think I found the perfect devices to use. They are called fidget spinners. A long time ago these enjoyed some popularity but in this day and age , no one seems to really care for them, making it plausible the aspiring detective/superhero can buy them in bulk for cheap. Unfortunately the cheapest one I found, was one featuring a Pikachu design coming in at about 18 dollars , for a tossable that is a bit steep and that one had blunt edges. The one I would prefer has edges. I found it online for 44 …. well I don’t exactly know the currency, the page was in arab and the currency symbol look strange to me as well. More research is needed, but who knows if 44 , unknown arab currency equals like 4 dollars I might be able to know the guns out of people’s hand with some obsolete gadget soon. If nothing else it can at least help me relax while I wait for my Pikabot!

The Pikachu evidence collector

Gathering evidence is an important task of a detective. As Pikachu is a detective himself he knows this to be true, so it makes sense that this evidence collector device has been fabricated with his face on it. The concept of this device is very simple. You carry a portable vault with you once you put evidence on the button on top of the vault the device will crack open a little bit as a pikachu made of plastic will come out and paw the evidence inside the vault for safekeeping.  A wonderful device to assist any detective. Pikachu does however seem to be kind of fickle in the type of evidence he collects. He seems to function best when a small flat disclike metal object is placed on the button. Peculiar he is so picky because anything can be evidence. Luckily it also works with dried up gum, which can contain dna evidence and when combined with these discs or even with a regular coin it can also rake in hairs and other small materials. However with the average price of $30 I would have hoped for just a little bit more practicality. Nonetheless. since Pikabot will not collect evidence having this Pikachu do it is still better than not collecting it at all? Why I can’t collect it myself?  Well because I am ZUBATGIRL!

Now that we are equipped with gadgets maybe Princess Pinkiie will stop picking on me!  Thank you for helping me find these gadgets little Watsons or is it little Robins…little Tailows? Maybe little SideKricketots?  Let me know your preferred nickname and your favorite gadget in the comments! Stay sharp my junior detectives and remember!
I am not weird just very pink!
Until we read again.

Review: Pokémon Quest (Android)

Hello once more my little monsters. I had a bit of a crappy day today, so I decided to forget all about it and write you all a nice little bonus blog. That will cheer me right up! Recently I got a phone that actually works, and isn’t powered by fossil fuels anymore. Finally I could play what some people consider worse than Fortnite, Mobile Games! What else what I play but Pokémon though? So today we have a review for Pokémon Quest!

The concept:
Describing what Quest is about is already a bit difficult, in essence I would describe it as an on rails Pokémon Mystery dungeon like game, which played a lot of minecraft at the daycare center. From the egg between those two, came Pokémon Quest. In non poké-players terms, it’s a semi automated dungeon-runner with cubelike pokémon. You play a nameless and faceless adventurer along with their robot pal MoBee. Mobee and you travel on a cute little ship , when you stumble upon Tumblecube Island, which is is a very diverse island, with lush jungles and scorching deserts, alongside vast pink plains and some cavelike stuff, among other things. Each area holds a variation of the original first generation pokémon, as well as some tribal statues you and Mobee are trying to collect. Don’t ask why, it’s just a thing you do. It doesn’t take MoBee long to locate you a starter pokémon, you get choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee and Pikachu. Of course I chose my pal Bulbasaur.
From there on out you get to explore the island.

Tumblecube Island: Can you guys guess where I would live?

The Atmosphere
The game’s main selling point is how freaking adorable it looks. Cube Bulbasaur is kawaii as frizzlesticks. Kawaii being weeaboo for cute. Man is this game adorable.  After your first expedition you get a base camp where all your pokémon gather and hang out. You can see your cube pidgey hang out with your cube bulbasaur playing together by jumping in rhythm. Sometimes they even stack themselves on top of each other, which also looks adorable. Sometimes you just see them talking to each other, well you actually see a bunch of shaking cubes.. but you know what’s it about.  The amount of life they managed to get into these cubes is truly amazing Attacks are mostly recognisable , for example my bulbasaur knew petal dance which is animated a series of pink cubes spinning around, but pidgey actually got a little tornado for gust. The cubiness never is used to excessive and there is still a distinct pokémon feeling about how everything looks. The sounds are okay, of course it does feature the original cries of pokemon, which is super neat and whenever you attract a new pokemon, you get them blacked out with just their cry, reminiscent of the “who is that pokémon” game we all know and love. It’s charming throughout.  The music is nice and peppy, though they oftenly feature weird sound bites inside them and can be really busy. I don’t mind , cause it’s totally me, but I can see this getting annoying to some in time.
The game is quite grindy so music is created a lot.  I am not particularly fond of the boss theme for that reason. All in all they create a solid atmosphere that makes the game fun to look at and listen too. A nitpick of mine is how they could have made the layout feel a bit more inline with what we usually see from Pokémon games. The chosen Icon and HUDS just don’t feel very Pokémon like to me, making me believe this might have started out as a different game. 

SQUUEEEEEEEE, I want plushies of these!

Technical Thingies:
Programming wise the game is pretty solid. I have to commend the Autoplay AI (which you in time will use)  for actually being somewhat tactical in when to use powers and when it doesn’t. Yet for boss battles you might want to consider taking back control, because the difficulty scale is a tad on the harsh side. The game oftenly provides a power level you need to have to pass a mission, but this doesn’t always fly true. Nor do the reckoning type badges apply to each level making the game feel a bit wonky at times. Loading times also seem a bit longer then what is needed for the actual screen to appear, causing me to press buttons without them responding, however in fairness this may also be due to the hot weather slightly affecting my screen. The biggest technical snafu however is the pathfinding.
As mentioned earlier pokemon move sort of on rails. However that rails is randomised each time. They just run to a new random spawn zone on the map without you controlling it. In doing so however both your team as the enemies can’t tell if there is a river , a mountain or nothing in between you. They do learn but if Pidgey and Bulbasaur clip behind a rock and Vulpix is free, the latter will not wait for it’s team members and go on a suicide mission, which can be detrimental to runs. They did make a button to fix those issues though, that cause a pokemon to backdash.
On the plus side, controls are simple clean and as soon AS they are responsive they react accurately and properly. Swapping item, placing decorations and all the extra stuff works very smoothly so I’d say the game preforms average to okay on this area.

Green Hiils, only Sonic can cope with those! Pokémon just up against them!

The gameplay
Unfortunately I can’t be quite as positive about the gameplay, though I would not call the game pay to win too much, the pase can be dreadfully slow if you don’t pay. 
In essence the game works like this, in your base camp there is a cooking pot. You toss some fruits, mushrooms and fossils (for some reason) in the pot to cook meals.
These meals attract pokémon that you can add to your team. You can take up to three cuties on an expedition with you, giving you new power up items and ingredients to cook with. Each time you start cooking it will show you a 0 out of X number. The X is how many expeditions you have to do before your new soup is ready, iow you need to play that many rounds to get a new pokémon. You level up your Pokémon by having them go on expeditions or by doing training. New moves can only be learned through training and that is exactly where the game falls apart for me. Training..sacrifices pokémon you caught, the more pokemon of the same type you use.. the more experience you get. Move learning however is an entirely different form of training als requiring you to sack of some Pokémon. A soup will, at least in the earliest stages take you about two two five expeditions. Each expedition costing Mobee some battery energy. He has five! energy. Each bar recharges in 30 minutes. This means you’ll get one or maybe two pokémon per two and a half hours. These pokémon are heavily RNG influenced. A pokémon can learn one or two moves, which can both be status or attacking moves. Everyone has a basic attack as well.  These basic attacks are super weak though, so basically if after two and a half hours you get your new mon and it only learns lightscreen… you either need to sacrifice four pokemon (10 hours of work) to learn it a new one, or rely on RNG and hope that you attract a better one by creating a similar soup. Luckily this is somewhat compensated by recipes. Certain types of soup attract certain type of Pokémon, so if you need a water type, it’s a safe bet to cook with a lot of blue ingredients. My luck in attracting Pokémon is horrendous , though I did manage to get my hands on a shiny machop! If you pick up certain package deals you will get up to three extra cooking pots, which I must say are somewhat fairly priced for something that effectively doubles up to quadruples  your game speed. The expeditions themselves are fun and short enough just to fire your phone up for briefly. The descent autopilot makes it into a decent idle game as well. Just turn it on while chopping your salad or flipping your burger and you can still have a fun time, if you don’t mind trying your luck. The in game currency you can get fast enough to expand your pokemon slots and item slots without it limiting your game, just don’t go crazy and shop for to many decorations in the beginning. Those offer you a bonus themselves but until you get a versatile team, having power up items and plenty pokemon is more beneficial. No great gameplay, but it’s free to start so it doesn’t underachieve for me either.

Your pokémon will have a lot more fun at basecamp than you , if you play for free.

Definitely the cutest pokemon game, (at least if we don’t consider the ones who use the IP illegally) you can get on your phone, but with plenty of frustrations to be had if you allow it to. Something you can easily pass upon  and you would not really miss out on anything, yet again if you really love pokémon or even just love to see some cute cubed monsters running around there is no really any harm in playing it either. You will not even feel totally ripped off, if you buy the adventure packs. As for available purchases this game does actually give you some worth for your buck. Guaranteed pokémon, and permanent game speed upgrades?! I can totally live with those.  Don’t expect a Pokémon Go like mobile game which you can constantly play though. Compare this game to an episode of a Joy of Painting (Bob Ross).
There’s a lot of happy little things and some bosses you can beat the devil out off, but in between those waits it’s borings as flan.

Final Score

An I don’t mind it, seems like a perfect score, it’s exactly how I feel about the Joy of Painting as well. Have you played this game? What is your favorite mobile Pokémon game?
What is your best happily little accident? Leave a like and thanks for reading once more.
Stay a thinned Alizarine Crimson! (That’s Pink)

What if Ash started with Eevee, Part 1

Another Wednesday, Another What If, now that this blog is one week old, things are really beginning to flow. Last week, we began the story of What if Red had joined team Rocket at Nugget-Bridge. This week we will take a crack at an arguably more popular story. The story of Ash Ketchum, now that he has his own Eevee in the sun and moon anime, it begs the question. What if Ash started with that other mascotte from the very start. What if Ash started with Eevee?!

Chapter 1: A rough morning
Our story starts , much like the beloved original, Ash excited about his starting his Pokémon journey  stays up way past his bedtime and in his sleep, he accidentally breaks Voltorb alarm clock. When he finally gets to Professor Oak’s lab, he bumps into Gary and here we will find the story is beginning to branch off. Gary you see is followed by a Pikachu.

Ash sees Gary and one of his partners

Oof, with a loud thumb, Ash just slammed into the boy walking with such swagger, the force toppling the already unstable Ash over. The arrogant looking boy takes a look at him, his hairs perfectly groomed kempt upwards in a flowing waving motion, donned in simple yet expensive blue long sleeve, a pendant representing balance around his neck. He would look onto Ash and say, well well you must be Ash, a little late to the party are you? Well at least you got to meet me’ Ash looks at the boy and can only usher out ‘Gary?’ before he is once more interrupted by his soon would be rival. “Not only did I get the bester starter from professor Oak, I also got this special Pokémon, since you did not show up gramps felt it was best to give him to a capable trainer. ‘ He spins the Pokéball with hs starter around and looks at Pikachu, who turns his back on him. ‘Sure he might be a little sassy but he will fall in line soon enough, after all who can resist the charm of Gary Oak?’ Gary’s cheerleaders do their thing, while he gets into his car and takes his leave, Ash being the sole person remaining when the professor shows up. ‘Oh goodness, I did not believe you would show up anymore, a lot of would be trainers get cold feet to leave the house, so… well I am afraid I do not have anymore Pokémon for you Ash, return next year and be in time and you can start then’
Unlike the prof from the original timeline Oak, now having made a mistake,  takes a more sympathetic stance with Ash. Our hero , who has had the worst morning of his life, shows his age as he begins crying. ‘I really wanted a Pokémon, how could I have been this stupid, m-my clock.. I broke it…’ Oak looks at Ash and says ‘There there, crying in your Pajamas  is not a very good look for a young trainer, perhaps I can give you something after all, my grandson might benefit from someone a bit more humble like you. However Ash, i’ll warn you this Pokémon was never intended for a young trainer like you, you may found your journey very difficult, perhaps it would be wiser to come back next year. Ash wipes his tears as his eyes flare up. “No professor this is the year I will become a Pokémon master, no matter how difficult the challenge will be.

Ash dreams of the night before might never come true!

Chapter 2: Who’s  that Pokémon?
Samuel, yes that is Oak’s first name,  would take Ash to his lab.’ I have been doing some research on this Pokémon, it can evolve into three separate Pokémon,I was studying how that is possible, and if maybe other Pokémon can evolve in multiple ways as well, however it is quite timid, it doesn’t seem very eager to battle and seems to be scared to death of evolutionary stones, because it is so scared it also doesn’t seem to like playing with other Pokémon either. Yet perhaps you can draw something out of it that I could not’ Oak looks at Ash in a pensive matter, his grey hairs somewhat thinning, as his age and work stress is beginning to show in his appearance.  ‘Oh and I should also mention this Pokémon is to scared to be in its pokeball’ Oak walks into a room where an Eevee is sitting in a cage eating some pellets, flinching when the two come in. ‘It’s alright Eevee , this will be your new trainer Ash’. The young boy excitedly moves to the cage and holds out its hand to let Eevee sniff it. The creature having basically understood what the professor just said to it sniff’s Ash hand, and reacts surprisingly enthusiastic. ‘Oh look at that professor it seems to like me!’ Ash clamoured with joy. Oak nods with a smile, a look he would become somewhat familiar for. Ash releases Eevee out of its cage and asks the little monster if it is ready for an adventure. The creature flinches a bit, adventures sure sound scary, yet it does like this boy. For some reason it makes Eevee feel safe, kind off.
And so Eevee and Ash set out to adventure together, at the gate of Oaks lab, Delia Ketchum stood to wave her son goodbye, giving him some actual clothes rather then Pajamas, as well as some camping supplies, and LOTS of clean underwear. ‘Whose this little darling’ Delia would ask her son, as Eevee hid behind it’s new masters legs. ‘Mom this is Eevee and with it by my side I swear on this day that I will become a Pokémon master.’ Ash put on the cap from his bag as he said so, taking a pose, that kinda looks silly from a boy in his sleepwear. Delia knew her son had always been a dreamer so she just chuckled and waved at her son, teary eyed as he and Eevee began to follow route 1 towards Viridian city, she would miss her boy so much!

Eevee was not a big fan of crowds

Chapter 3: Killing two birds, with one stone.
About an hour or so into their journey Ash began to truly notice how skittish Eevee was with each sound it would hop in of his legs, sheltering itself against the scary wind or ominous moving twigs. ‘Come on Eevee, you don’t have to be that scared of everything, don’t you pokemon like adventures normally?’ Our hero would say this with some despair and annoyance in his voice. Eevee shaked it’s head fastly in response it was not ready for adventure yet, when suddenly a rustling sound could be heard , as a pidgey popped up from the grass.”Ah Pidgey, Eevee let’s capture it’  Ash took a stance waiting for Eevee to jump by his side, however Eevee chose to tactically retreat and stare at the scene from a bush. ‘Oh come on Eevee’ Ash shouted. The sad looking eyes in that shrubbery however made Ash forgive his Pokémon fast as he told it to just look and see how he would do it. Ash however had not one bit of expertise when it came to Pokémon so he found out fairly soon he would have to deal damage to a Pokemon to capture it. After trying to use his pyjama to trap the pidgey, and getting blown away of wind, eevee screamed in terror fleeing up the tree. ‘Are you sure you can not help me weaken it? ‘ The young trainer would look up at the fox that was now stuck in a tree, just to see it heavily shake it’s head again. Ash picked up some rocks, missing the first stone he scared away three pidgeys, but in the distance he spotted one that was sitting perfectly silently, he would hit it capture it and thus he could teach Eevee how pokemon should normally behave as well, things might work out after all. He just had to land this hit, he trained for this when he tried tossing pokeballs, carefully aiming and YES!
Ash rock hit the bird straight in it’s head, however it turned out this was not a pidgey. It was a young spearow. With some tears in it eyes from the sharp pain it glared at Ash and began it’s attack.

Ash made Spearow miss a delicious worm, he had been looking forward to it a lot!

Chapter 4: A fated meeting
Spearow took flight on a collision course with Ash, who managed to stumble away. As the angry bird pulled up, his gaze met that of a terrified Eevee, deciding it would be its next pray Spearow aligned his flightpath to peck the living hell out of that terribly spoiled, owned pokémon. It hated trainer pokemon and it would pay for what it’s master did to him. While Ash shouted at the spearow to leave his eevee alone, Eevee in blind panic fired a sand attack at its attacker hitting it dead in the eye. The spearow shrieked in pain, getting sand tossed into your eye hurts a lot, blinded by the process it slammed into the tree. Spearow now dazed and confused and angrier than ever felt helpless in this moment, signaling he was in trouble and afraid of being captured he send out an S.O.S call , a call that was answered by plenty of allies.  Ash and Eevee saw the sky darkening as at two dozen, if not more spearow came charging towards them.”Eevee Ruuuuuun” Ash commanded, however the pokemon would have run anyway, the pair began to dash of towards a small waterfall in the distance. ‘Don’t worry I will keep you safe pal’ The ten year old looked at his partner trying to inspire some confidence, to no avail. Eevee spurred on by pure terror began moving faster than Ash could run, not hearing Ash cry for it not to run ahead, it’s mind to clouded by fear. The pack of spearow taking advantage of this to catch up with the Eevee began pecking at it relentlessly, causing to to sustain heavy injuries. Ash, only now becoming a target picked up the injured little fox and with one big plunge jumped off the waterfall. Being dragged by the current, the next thing Ash clearly remembers was being pulled out of the water by a , quite stunning young lady. “Oh my are you okay”  she asked looking visually shocked. ‘Yeah I am doing alright’ the boy would reply grunting a bit in pain as he does so. ‘Not you! your Pokémon, it needs help right away, there is a Pokémon center in the city not far from here’ Misty would look very concerned, where in the classic story it was a pikachu and one of the Pokémon types she isn’t too friendly with , seeing a harmless eevee injured this time, would push her concern over an important edge. ‘Here take my bike, you’ll get there faster’ she would say. Ash would thank her before sprinting off with Eevee in the bike’s basket. Ash thought to himself… “Ash now is the time and place to show what your worth, you have to protect Eevee’, sprinting off with the bike as fast as he could. 

Ash and Misty’s meeting was a bit more friendly….just a bit.

Chapter 5: Ash
Our unfortunate protagonist could not outrun the Spearows for to long, being knocked off the bike, Ash knew this would be his final stand, the skies darkened by storm clouds. ‘Eevee get in your Pokéball, I can keep you safe… just hurry up in and get inside’. The wounded fox creature saw how Ash was about to take some serious damage to protect it, something awakened in Eevee, it had never seen bravery before now..but seeing his new trainer willing to take all these hits for it, filled eevee with strength.
As the spearow began their attack on Ash, Eevee jumped on his shoulders to join the fight. The cowardly pokémon launched it first ever quick attack, having finally found someone to fight for. As the quick attack struck one of the spearows, Eevee realised it’s attack was not very effective. The pair was completely brutalised by the group of swarm of spearow, as Ash saw how they were still attacking his already knocked out Eevee, he knew that this would end badly, that was the last realisation he had before everything went black.

The Spearow would not stop attacking Ash and Eevee for a good while after they went down

He had no idea how many time had past but Ash woke up to a slander hand grabbing his wrist. “Looks like he is alive” a feminine voice says.  The hand that isn’t being held by the slender hand is suddenly licked by a narrow tongue. Ash opens his eyes just to notice Misty checking his pulse and Eevee, covered in grey dust licking his hand. Noticing he is covered in the dust himself, he tries to get up. To his surprise , he doesn’t have any trouble with it at all. Nothing hurts at all! As he tries to dust himself, the girl asks him for his name. ‘It’s Ash’ he replies. ‘I know it’s ash, but how did it get here, and what is your name boy?’. The orange haired girl sounds quite demanding yet there is still a lingering calmth in her voice.  ‘I mean my name is Ash’. The woman giggles a bit, well then Ash covered in ash, my name is Misty’.
Our hero pets his pokémon which gets dusted off a bit with each pat. ‘How did you heal your pokémon so fast, and what’s with the spa treatment in the middle of the road?’  Misty sounds curious as she examines him, doesn’t she notice he wounded he is Ash wonders. That’s when he realises he has no injuries at all, not a single bit of flesh is cut anymore, yet his clothes are in bad shape. ‘I … I don’t know’ the boy must confess he has absolutely no idea on what happened. ‘I thought we were going to die’ Ash looks down to the ground, noticing some weird rainbowlike reflection, he looks up to the sky to see where it is coming from, only to see clear blue skies. ‘Well, we will figure it out, looks like you can use someone who can teach you a bit about Pokémon, I’ll travel along a bit with you… think of it as way of me saying thanks for returning my bike back safely to me. Misty points towards her bike that although being covered in ash, still looks quite fine.’Thanks.. that might be useful, right Eevee?’ The Ketchum boy looks at his partner which shouts out his name with enthusiasm, looking eager for an adventure now. “Ash there is something in your hair” Misty would  gently touch the boys head, seeing how caring he is for his eevee made her smile, gently caressing the hair before taking the item and handing it to the boy, their gazes lingering on each other for a bit. Looking at the item in his hand, he realises this was what gave off that weird rainbow reflection from before. In his hand rest on bright multicoloured feather that seems to give off some shine.

Eevee and Ash stared at their relic for quite a while, while night began to set in.

In the distance a balloon lingers in the air, three strangers are using magnifying glasses to see the group. A female whips her hair back as she removes the binoculars from her eyes. Did you see that? That boy and his Pokémon died out there… than that stuff fell out of the sky. I bet the boss would like that feather very much’. A posh male voice would add ‘and I bet he would not mind an Eevee that came back from the dead either. The third voice doesn’t belong to  a human but to a pokemon a golden coin shimmering on its forehead as it simply agrees with the others “That’s Right!”

The End

Yay my little monsters, part one has concluded, I quite like how this turned out. Expect some major changes coming in the near future. Until then, let me know if you are Team Pikachu or Team Eevee, leave a like to brighten up my day but most of all stay pink!

Interview with Straw Hat Pikachu

Hey there my little monsters, today Pokémon Go launched a special event.
Rather than report to you that the “One Piece” Pikachu is catchable in go, I put on my own straw hat  and went on a cruise through town to catch one. I interviewed it and now here WE ARE.

Pinkie: ‘Well hi there little one, could you introduce yourself to us?’
SH-Pikachu: ‘I am Straw Hat Pikachu, me and my Nakama ,that is like our word for friends and teammates, boarded Pokémon Go today. ‘

Staw Hat Pikachu: Available from 22-7 untill 29-7

Pinkie: ‘Mind if I call you’s a bit faster? So SH what makes you so special’
SH-Pikachu: ‘Well I am a Pikachu with a special hat that already makes me kind of special right?’
Pinkie: ‘Not really, your kind kinda cosplays a lot, you guys have more hats than I have shoes, and that’s saying something.’
SH-Pikachu: ‘Uhm well , instead of being your Pokémon I will be your Nakama, and with my launch you can wear a matching cap, that’s in the Go style shop’
Pinkie: ‘Well I am a sucker for matching outfits, so you got me there, but tell me , would it not have been cuter if Niantic chose to use Aipom for this event?
SH-Pikachu: I’m Pikachu I get all the hats, also why would they give it to Aipom, I am the mascot here.

Channel Luffy with this classy Styleshop Item..or protect yourself from the sun…whichever….

Pinkie: ‘Of course you are but I mean MONKEY D Luffy!? Kinda would have made sense.. it also has a somewhat stretchy tail hand It would have made a lot of sense and diversified the game a bit. I have a LOT of versions of you.
SH-Pikachu: ‘Wait i am based on that stretchy pirate bloke? I thought this hat was just to protect me from the hot summer sun.
Pinkie: ‘No No, that’s Sun-Hat Pikachu that’s also a thing’
SH-Pikachu: ‘Well Arrrr then, time to plunder your booty’
Pinkie: ‘Thief is not in your moveset, so there will be no plunderin from you. Anyways, how long can we find you?’
SH-Pikachu: ‘Me and me mates will be here until 1PM on the 29th , then we shall hoist the anchor, keelhaul those who have not caught one and sail further down the Grand Line again.
Pinkie: ‘That means my dear reader that you have seven days to catch yourself a stretchy pirate Pikachu, speaking of which will there be anything else special about this event.
SH-Pikachu: ‘Nay Lass, except for the hat, and the hatted chu’s  that may be as shiny and valuable as One Piece itself, there is nothing to shiver your timbers.
Pinkie: ‘You realise Luffy doesn’t talk like that right..also.. maybe you should tell the people about the stuf in Japan.’
SH-Pikachu: ‘Awww… but I am already kind of boring if I dont talk like a pirate what else do I have?! Well should any of your three or so readers be in Japan, in the Kumamoto Prefecture , the statues of Luffy there, now will function as a Pokéstop. Doesnt that sound exciting.

Pinkie: ‘It does not’
SH-Pikachu: ‘Yeah you are right it really doesn’t’
Pinkie: ‘Anyway, I never asked, howcome you can talk? Did you eat the human human fruit or the Hito Hito no Mi, as the Japanese call it?
SH-Pikachu: ‘No, you are just talking to imaginary creatures again!’
Pinkie: ‘Frizzlesticks, I thought I got rid of my insanity’
SH-Pikachu: It’s okay, I can offer electroshock therapy

Did you manage to catch your own little Straw Hat? Did you like this cross over event?
Let me know in the comments and make my day by leaving a like, but most of all stay pink!