A Blog Update

Hey everyone, as most of you have noticed I have been unable to turn out as much content as I want, reason is a myriad of technical and health problems. So while I try to put out as much content as I can , my schedule will be a bit more irregular for the coming weeks. Here’s what it is going on and what is going to happen.

Technical Difficulties

Those following my Twitter, or my latest to post.. and honestly no one saw the snakewood one, already know that my laptop has broken down, it’s screen finally gave up after years of service. Now I live in a 22m² apartment which means I do not have room for a desk, my laptop is on a coffee table next to my other coffee table. Now that I have to add a screen, that is a pretty big hassle. The screen has to be in front of it, which means all my cables are further down .. meaning my mouse and keyboard that are wired.. are incredibly short. Causing strain when I type to much. This makes blogging a much less pleasant experience for now. I have obtained a Macbook from a friend recently that i can borrow to play around with .. but weirdly enough that one also is suffering from many technical troubles. So a lot of my time is currently being eaten by finishing those games on the old laptop whose save files I most likely will not be manage to salvage. You know! Other times I am trying to sell some of my old items to make a bit of cash to get a new decentish laptop.  It’s my most important piece of furniture so .. let’s see what we can scrounge up by selling some old consoles and phones and stuff. All in all.. it’s a back salvage operation that just eats at my time and focus.

Health Issues

Besides being a bit unfortunate in the technical department my own build is also suffering from a few issues. Having some scarred lung-tissue from a bad pneumonia a few years ago the currently very fluctuating weather is costing me a LOT of energy. My muscle issue also leaving me quite cramped up due to the weirdness of the outside world. The blog itself when I post is also performing a bit less than I had hoped as I am not finding to many pokéfans which I originally hoped to find. This is causing me to re-evaluate if I should not change this blog’s concept a bit to a more general geek blog, with one or two days where I focus on Pokémon but also talk a lot more about geek life, and general geeky things. So if you do read this I really would like to ask you to answer the following reader question in my comments

Question to my Readers:

Would you like it if I talked about other stuff than just Pokémon? And become a more cutish geek blog thing?

The Future

What can you expect of me in the near future though? Well it will depend a bit on what people would like to see, do you think a content specific blog is more unique or do you think a bit more general subject would be a better way to go. I might just rebrand as I am also into a lot of other stuff besides pokémon that could make for some fine blogging experience.

Option A: We Stick to Pokémon

In this scenario I will most likely not change all that much, though when Pokémon Sword and Shield come out,  I will focus a lot of the content on this game of course. Professor Pinkie’s Pokédex will discuss topics from the Galar region, and Chibi Pinkie will keep a diary about her journey through the Galar region. Princess Pinkie will keep doing her Top 5’s and we will finish all the pokémon movies as well, while Pinkie Prime  will review the upcoming new Pokémon anime. Detective Pinkie will look for secrets in the Galar region and tell you about those. A lot of Sword and Shield content! Spending many many hours in the game and diving in deep. The Pokémon News will most likely be toned down as the mobile games do fascinate me a lot less. Reports on the currents leaks will also not happen, while I’ve looked at the starter evolution leaks I do want to be suprised a bit about the games still nor make all sorts of promises that don’t end up being in the game.

Option B: We Transform

While Pokémon will be an important part of the blog still , there will be other geeky stuff as well. We will most likely get a format that will look a bit like the following:

-Day 1 : Pokémon
-Day 2 : Anime
-Day 3: Games
-Day 4: Movies
-Day 5: My Personal Geeky things

The other two I would save for either some Pinkie-time or posting  something from the earlier 5 things if I really get into anything or if I really want to tell you something. I want to write because I love writing but I also want a sense of community and unfortunately I do feel the really deep pokémon community is just not that much into blogs but more into art and youtube and due to me having muscle issues, which can also affect my voice, I feel youtube would just be to much of a hassle for me to right.  Expect a bit of a restyle too if this happens of course. Maybe even a site relocation.. but that is something we will see in the future.  

Question to my Readers:

Which of these options sound best to you!

I just really want to talk to you people make friends and find that spark…and due to some unfortunate circumstances that is a bit dim right now .. but do not worry either way I will be back full force before to long! So now it is up to you! What would you like to see of me! I really ask you to comment on this one! Like Goku once said.. Fellow Geeks and Pokémon fans! Give me your energy!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger (for now)  is blasting off again!

Review: Pokémon Snakewood

Hey big reader people, it’s finally time for me to play games again.. and I played a very special game for Halloween. A pokémon game that is set in Hoenn… that has suffered through a zombie apocalypse. Along the way not only do you fight zombies and zombie pokémon but ghosts and demons as well.  So I prepared for horror .. but nothing prepared me for Pokémon Snakewood. 

Nasty Plot

Pokémon Snakewood starts out promising. Your character wakes up with no memories in a completely destroyed Littleroot Town. Among the wreckage of Professor Birch lab, you find three pokéballs. A Koffing, A Baltoy or a Paras, I knew this game was about zombies so I thought.. they are probably using poison thingies a lot! Let’s pick Koffing! I named it Orby back then.. but later on I would rename it Chokes. Apparently I play the younger sister of Brandon…but he is named Landon here. The game is set just a few years after his winning the pokémon league. Landon has vanished alongside his girlfriend May (awww I am so glad they got together)  and it’s up to you the protagonist to find him again, assisted by professor Birch who wants his daughter back safe. Landon being the champion can surely help against his invasion of the undead. Along the way the protagonist finds out they have a much bigger role to play in this story as they originally thought.

Now this in theory would sound like a story I can get behind, unfortunately after reaching Rustboro town, the original location of the first gym, the story starts to fall apart. It’s still okay by then.. but the first cracks begin to show. The Romhacker Cutlerine uses a lot of humor and fourth wall breaks , which is honestly something I normally love. The plot has a lot of random elements and Seth-MacFarlane-esque humor and storytelling. Again these are things I kinda love! This is coming from a girl who had a good time with A Million Ways to die in the West. While inspired by McFarlane  Cutlerine misses two crucial elements to the golden formula. Restraint and timing. The plot of Snakewood is atrociously bad, filled with very obscure references weird in jokes and poorly timed twists. Basically you have an Ally for one or two cities , after which they stab you in the back, and this loops over and over again. The zombie killing guy?! (While obvious) He’s an enemy.. those who convince you he is a bad guy.. they throw you under a bus, then you find yet another party.. but find out they can’t help that much.. after which you find out that enemy you had on Dewford Island.. no that’s a friend! A good plot twist isn’t bad here and there.. but here it happens in every town give or take. In the end we end up with people frozen into a carbonite chamber, while the evil guy bakes you a cake.. totally destroying the world, after which you have to defeat him with the power of Haiku and References end it ends with a party in your honour.. that gets skipped for some limp endgame content. 

If written with timing and restraint this could have worked still but instead this all is resolved through fourth wall breaks. ‘Oh they are frozen in carbonite looks like Cuterline isn’t even trying anymore’ ‘Oh this happens, that sure is convenient to the plot’. The main character is aware of the bad story and comments on it, which can at times be funny but at the same time the story has no narrative impact as there is no logic connected to how the plot will go. You even face the Elite four somewhere in the first half  of the final act. There is a very big chunk of the game left after that, and that bit seems to fizzle out quite badly.

Mean Look

Technically this game doesn’t far much better, the female protagonist sprite glitches constantly, turning from a normal human into a pale grey, or sometimes even other shades. When diving the sprite of May  and not the protagonist is there. It makes the game feel sloppy. While I give the hacker credit for creating a lot of custom maps, with some of them being neat improvements.. others feel lackluster, usually in the more optional parts. We encounter stuff like invisible walls , which sometime are there  as part of a puzzle but sometimes are just there for cutting you off and sometimes even exist as glitches. at totally random spots that aren’t hidden items. It just feels so sloppy, and I know fangames and rom hacks are prone to this but I am not comparing it to the main titles I am comparing this to other hacks and these errors are way more present than in for example Pokémon Sweet Version or Pokémon Clover.

There is little new sound design, which is detrimental to the tone of the game again. A destroyed Littleroot town should not have the Littleroot town theme, while it is hard to implement this .. again other Rom Hacks have managed to do so and this one could have benefitted from it a lot. In the last part of the game there is some swap arounds but never truly great. I ended up muting the music in the end , but more on that when we discuss the gameplay. Sound design is not bad as in it’s not entirely detrimental to the experience nor does it glitch or is ugly but it is very clear the team of the Cutlerine lacked a sound designer making the hack feel more amateurish. Nothing to bad but I’ve seen a lot better .. and just adding some horror music would have done sooo much for this game. 

The game also has some Fakemon , custom made pokémon and some are actually great. The zombified pokémon all look great. Yuck.. the pokémon that looks like Muk.. but swallowing a little child was absolutely amazing.  The reskins of the kantonian starters.. excellent work. Latios and Latias stitched together bravo. These are really well done.
Then they decided to add in their own custom pokémon and they all look horrible. Like absolutely horrible. I can not do better because I am not a drawing person, but I could conceptualise cooler ones and get an artist to make some well within the time that it took me to finish this game. Nearly 50% of it is like a singularly shape pokemon.. like a rock.. or most commonly circles or an egg. Evolutions are quite lazily designed though compliments to Dragooon and Diamantix , respectively evolutions of Linoone and Steelix.. the sprites look like doodoo but at least conceptually you can sorta make out what they were going for which seemed interesting.. but otherwise most of their pokemon evolve by changing colour.. or becoming a circle. Bleh.


All in all we don’t have a very solid game just yet.. but it is an intriguing one so maybe some good gameplay can rescue it?! I can quite honestly say that gameplay wise this is the single most AWFUL pokémon game I EVER played. It’s honestly quite atrocious. Once again the first third  of the game feels solid enough. Challenging as but solid. I made the mistake of starting with a skitty as my second pokémon, I had to trade that in fairly quickly when I found a makuhita. The pokémon battle gameplay is solid throughout the first half of the game. Puzzles however are broken from the very first moment we encounter them. They are .. again Family Guy inspired or something .. because they are completely random.
Example one :  ‘I invaded an enemy based and the floor is laced with pressure sensors.. meaning if you step onto the wrong tile, you get reset back to the beginning of this area’ Now this would be manageable, because you only have three options every time, so for about 10 to 20 tiles of traversal this is doable.  However this game decided it was FUNNY to stretch it out for over at about 90 or so tiles. With characters that you have to use (south straight from the last  in a gauntlet of them) to navigate.. glitching in and out of existence, this process is truly hellish.

Example 2: A series of completely random, unanswerable questions (Is fire better than octopus?) wil reset you back to the entire line of questions for every wrong answer. About 30 gates that on first try have about a 50/50 chance to reset your progress. Of course after which you get a reward chest…. that resets you anyway so you also have to know to skip that. Powering an elevator.. can’t use your electric pokémon for that.. you have to catch a very specific one that can be found inside this dungeon, track back (As by now you will have 6 pokémon)  get that pokemon out of the pc.. to power the elevator.. .. catch a ditto so that it can turn into a key.. which afterwards it never can anymore. This would even be okay if you did not already visit this dungeon once where the puzzle solution was a simple item hunt thus forcing you into that mindset. Finally there is also a very particular teleporter puzzle, that if you choose wrong.. will put you in a no win scenario fight..unless you cheated by then.. which losing will put you outside the entire dungeon. And yes.. it’s that 70 tile memory game one where this occurs. 

Being a rom hack this game is meant to be emulated and sped up, save states made to clear these puzzles and so on. The puzzles are virtually impossible otherwise. Never did I have to look up a walkthrough on a pokémon game nor hack to progress through the game as my goal always made sense to me.. here I had to look it up 7 times.  There is a part where you have to find a Hard Rock CD and put it on a stone.. of course the only place to find this cd is on a Rock Lobster.. that is hiding out in a SINGLE dive tile, no where near the area I need to be in. And this is MISSABLE! If you killed the Rock Lobster.. as far as my research goes.. you can not truely finish the game, even if this is technically endgame. Other story mandatory puzzles involve talking to a random girl to give you an item, flying to another town to get some food, Red Stew and feed it to a mirror.. because something something bible reference. It doesn’t even tell you , you need to find the Red Stew,having it in your inventory will cause one of the dialogue options to have a different outcome, so you cant even deduce you are actually missing an item.  There is a joke inside there somewhere but if you don’t get it.. you do not get the puzzle. 

Finally there is  the battling and the grind… oh dear Arceus the grind. Endgame requires your pokemon to be somewhere in the level 75 area. Using speed up to level I clocked about 120 hours to finish this game.  Which means that is about 120 hours worth of grinding.
And I haven’t even leveled much more than my actual chosen 6.. I could have picked up some stronger pokémon with a guide and used legendaries.. but  I wanted to see if this could be done with regulars.. and one legendary because I worked very hard on that. Early in the game you get an egg… it hatches into a MYSTERYEGG, .. which is an egg.. i figured a legendary would be in here.. so i leveled it up until it evolved into SECRETEGG.. I was close to making it evolve just one more stage.. and it evolved into HYPEREGG. Never has a pokemon been able to evolve beyond their second evolution stage.. but HYPEREGG can, I found out by accident because yet again.. trainers intuition would tell you.. this is it. Most pokémon you are handed are sub par to deal with the enemies completely overpowered beasts… there even is a lvl 100 Kamina (yes the one from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)   and a lvl 65 , non 1 hp , wonder guard pokemon that I could only hit with toxic. It just made every minute of the second half of this game feel so tedious and frustrating..I wanted to pull my hair out and banish this game to my trash can. Yet I wanted to beat it and I did… and I was rewarded with nothing… no credits.. no nothing.. my char wants to discover herself still.. but that I did before the rest.. so I never really got any payoff.
*Curse Words*

Smelling Salts

I am so salty right now.. that the game ended like that… I put in the time and the work and got nothing in return.. so my judgement is very biassed.  Did I objectively enjoy this game? No.. but the first half was kinda nice just glitchy.. the second half was hell. There is way too much insider humor in it , including an entire act based around what I would assume is another game they made, that sounds kinda like a mix between Devil Survivor 2 and Digimon, the references are often to obscure.. like who of us has read the book of Genesis?  I sure did not! While it has potential it also manages to strangle that same potential completely by catering to a very specific group of people throughout the entire hack, essentially nullifying their biggest boon, their humor only leaving the cool zombie theme as their other.. and who wants to play a zombie game that ends up with Carbonite trapped prisoners and Haiku rap battle final encounters…  I am pretty sure it’s no one…and that is the same amount of people I would recommend this game too.

While this rom enjoys some popularity, that seems to stem from the first half of the game.. which is good and worth a look, however as soon as Mauville city is passed this game plummets like a brick into my most hated game so far. I even had to stop playing multiple times in order to collect myself so I could finish it another day. Be smart and stay clear of this one, at least if you are looking for an actually decent game..for the Family Guy experience go ahead… but just watch Family Guy.

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again!

Top 5 : Twisted Non-Ghost Pokedex Entries

Hey little subjects, sorry it has been a while, my kingdom is kind of falling apart as of late.  My trustworthy laptop Sir Lappington has broken.. or well at least it’s screen is gone and being an old troubled beasty, it is time to say goodbye. Not having money this process however is taking its fair share of time. Luckily a friend of mine we shall name Bear borrowed me a screen to hook up to it. Unfortunately a lot of time is now spend on making back ups, finding new laptops and liberating money. So expect a bit of an irregular upload schedule for a little while.  Today however I have a brand new top five for you, something that fits my somewhat glum mood. The top 5 darkest pokedex entries. Yet there is a twist, because all the darkest pokédex entries and the most well known ones are ghost types. So today we will focus on the others!

Twisted Entry Number 5:  Metapod

Most of you know Metapod, the Gen I cocoon pokémon that probably annoyed you as a kid because it only knows .. or at least spams harden. It  only moves very minimally and if you catch it .. it doesn’t move at all . Pokémon Snap showed us how it can descend from a tree using string shot but even then it just descents not moving a muscle.  If you think that is because it’s a cocoon and I can not move, you are wrong. According to the Pokémon Sun pokedex and I quote: 

Its shell is filled with its soft innards. It doesn’t move much because of the risk it might carelessly spill its innards out.’

That’s right subjects if this little green bean looking thing tilts over it’s innards will spill out. Which are so soft they are basically a liquid. While Pokémon Moon describes the shell as breakable.. which would be a major problem for this pokémon, so it has to avoid massive battles,  Pokémon Ultra Moon adds a bit to the darkness scale. It basically states that while tiny bird pokémon can not even crack its shell a tiny bit, that same attack will make it fall over.. causing its insides to spill out. While it’s not stated that Metapod would die from this.. losing your organs seems pretty fatal to me, yet even if we consider that it could do without looking back and it’s earlier pokedex entries state that is has to ready it’s innards for evolution. In other words IF .. and  we are already making things look brighter than they actually are here, Metapod doesn’t need its organs and it’s just evolution juice.. it still means that as soon as this pokémon tips over ONCE.. it can never evolve anymore and is always stuck as a unmoving Metapod. I do not know which fate is worse.

(So that makes this a Deadapod)

Twisted Entry Number 4: Slowbro

Another Generation I pokemon that got twisted by the wonderful minds that made the Gen VII dex entries is Slowbro.  You know that lovable pink goofball that evolves from a Slowpoke once it’s delicious tail has been bitten by a shellder? Well this  pocket monster has it rough. The synapses of it’s pre-evolution are already quite slow.. taking about five seconds to feel any form of pain, it’s a lovable goofball that just loves laying about and things do not seem to change much it just fuses with a Shellder into a symbiotic thing?  I wished for Slowpoke this was it’s fate, but unfortunately the pokemon Sun Pokédex Entry states:

It spaces out while gazing at the sea. With Shellder poison flowing through its body, it becomes even spacier.

In other words, Slowbro is a pokémon that is constantly to experience a personality diminishing high, as it does gain more intelligent .. for a brief moment as explained in Moon’s dex entry where it has a moment of clarity upon being bitten, but then all memories fade away. Slowbro is also one of the few Pokémon that can devolve if the Shellder on its tail ever lets loose. Which is neat for Slowpoke in the wild I guess but for a trainer that is absolutely terrible, other trainers can just knock of the shell to return it back to a mediocre slowpoke. Ouch…. well ouch after give seconds.However a Shellder doesn’t want to let go. Ultra Moon describes the Shellder on a Slowbro’s tail as a greedy being, who loves to suck more and more sweetness from Slowbro’s tail. Basically it’s addicted to the delicacy of Slowpoke tail.. and as we know Team Rocket cuts of these tails to sell them on the black market as high quality food as well so it all does line up. While Slowbro has some amazing stats  to work with it’s symbiotic relationship basically involves having , what little bit it had of, its personality being deleted by a constant poison in it’s system while it’s tail is being sucked dry of it’s essence. All it gets is one moment of enlightenment.. and that is gone after a few seconds. Poor poor Slowbro.

(Mega Slowbro …because Mega Evolution is cool kids!)

Twisted Entry Number 3:  Komala

The cutest little Koala pokémon you have ever seen is one that is arguably debatable. Komala does not suffer, probably, it does not experience pain, probably and it doesn’t seem to have a care in the world as it clutches to it’s little log like a baby to their first plushie. It is known as the Drowsing pokémon.. but that is a falsehood because Komala never drowses.  To drowse is to be half asleep and Komala is unable of that. The move Yawn can make a pokemon drowsy but this move doesnt work on Komala either. No .. it’s not an insomniac, that would be dark enough. It’s ability Comatose already reveals what you can expect but boy does Komala trump that name. Pokémon Sun quote incoming:

It is born asleep, and it dies asleep. All its movements are apparently no more than the results of it tossing and turning in its dreams.

While it is born into this world, Komala never EVER experiences this world. It will never wake, it will never know it’s trainers face and no one in the canonical world of Pokémon has EVER seen a awake Komala. The log is a gift from its parents which it clings onto in a dreamlike state. If the dreaming Komala gets close enough to their trainer.. or their dream interpretation of it , it will cling to them as well but never is it fully aware. It just dreams something that sort of aligns with reality. While Komala probably never really suffers, not experiencing reality seems like a pretty dark. The reason that this little grey fellow will never wake up is because it only eats the leafs of a plant that are a powerful sedative, as stated by Pokémon Ultra Moon. Komala’s fate is to fall into increasingly deep stages of sleep until it as Ultra Sun states..it stops moving all together. 

(Komala sleeps like a log..forever and ever..)

Twisted Entry Number 2: Bewear

Oh Bewear another Sun and Moon pokémon, (what else did you expect by now)  that has a very dark story to tell. This one however is not only telegraphed through the pokédex but troughout the entire Alola region. Warning signs can be found throughout the Alola region and  the theme of it’s entire evolution line is Irony. It starts out as a stufull a pocket monster based on a teddy bear that hates to be hugged or touched intensely.  Wielding tremendous power, it will flail about when hugged and those flailing paws have enough strength to take down a pro wrestler or even split trees in half.  Stufful is being described as an incredibly dangerous pokémon by the pokédex, clearly it doesn’t look like the face of danger. When it evolves however it gets a lot worse.

This Pokémon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many Trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug.

This quote is the Moon dex entry for the now bipedal bear. It is a pokémon that is SO strong.. it doesn’t even comprehend its own strength. The problem is, the pokémon now deeply desires to hug, therefore it’s habitats are off limit throughout Alola. Pokémon Sun calls it immensely dangerous while Pokémon Ultra Moon pronounces it THE most dangerous  pokémon known in the region. This would be okay for the pokémon I guess if it has a predatory nature, but it just wants love. This implies that this pokémon is doomed to be unhappy either way. Either it gives love and kills or it gets denied love and dies sad and alone. There is no winning here. In fact it knows it can not help itself but to claim a hug, and it tries to warn trainers by flailing it’s arm in an intimidating matter. It wants to love.. but it KNOWS that it love is deadly, yet it can not stop itself by its very nature . The final pokedex entry for Bewear goes :

It waves its hands wildly in intimidation and warning. Life is over for anyone who doesn’t run away as fast as possible.

Pokemon Ultra Sun
(Free is a big word when Hugs cost you your life)

Twisted Entry Number 1: Sliggoo

When this slug dragon was introduced in generation VI , it did not seem to have a lot of trouble. It’s eyesight was incredibly bad  and sure it could fire acids at his opponents that would dissolve stuff but we’ve seen worse. Sliggoo is the evolved form of Goomey.. the weakest dragon type pokémon (aww poor thing)  it’s just an orb of slime that needs to stay moist to be able to breath..it will suffocate in the bright sun (can you guess which version added that bit of trivia yet?) so it sticks to caves and damp places. As a result when it becomes a Sliggoo it’s eyes devolve rendering it virtually blind.  ‘Pinkie surely being blind can’t give it the top spot when we have a liquid organ thing and a permanently asleep pokémon there? That would be silly’ Well my friends.. it is time for YET ANOTHER Sun Entry.

It has trouble drawing a line between friends and food. It will calmly try to melt and eat even those it gets along well with.

While a Bewear will kill anyone…  Sliggoo eats it’s friends! Somewhere inside it’s brain can’t distinguish the line of food and friends and it cant even see what is is doing either.  How does he do it? Pokémon Moon has the answer : This Pokémon’s mucous can dissolve anything. Toothless, it sprays mucous on its prey. Once they’re nicely dissolved, it slurps them up. It can dissolve ANYTHING so you as it’s trainer are not an exception in fact if you walk with it it a lot.. leaving it out of it’s pokéball will spell inevitable doom for you as a trainer as  you are reduced to goo .. to be slurped up by your loving pokémon. It is unaware of what is is doing because somewhere in that brain of his .. friends equal food.. That’s seems like a pretty rotten fate to suffer to me. Having my spine snapped would at least be quick. Turning into pudding to be gobbled up seems like a pretty nasty way to go.  The biology of the creature is quite special too. It’s organs and brains are in the shell like goop glob on it’s back. Sliggoo also does not have ears or a nose, it uses some sort of radar system with its four horns. So while it can perceive you ..it has none of the tools to sense your distress. When it dissolves you it can not even hear you scream and it will proceeded to slurp you up happily.

(Taking love goes trough the stomach a bit too litteral there Sliggoo)

Question to my Readers:

What is your favorite Dex-Entry

Thank you Sun and Moon for those happy little images! You really know how to make a happy little game. While I do hope I haven’t traumatised my subjects beyond belief.. I am still a princess and really good at this so.. I will probably see you, after some hot cocoa and marshmallows, in the next post! 

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting of again

Top 5: Favorite Ghost Type Pokemon

Hello little subjects it is a fine day to be a princess/ I wish you could have experienced the same, but to let you bask in my radiance, it is time for another top five. Since it is the month of halloween, i figured it would be nice to do some spooky lists as well. So today I will list out my top five ghost pokémon for you.  Each Pokémon is allowed as long as their first or secondary typing is ghost. Only one pokémon per evolutionary line and for the future if a pokémon appears on this typing list as my favorite it will not feature on the favorite list of it’s secondary typing because that would get boring. Finally no fakemon or unreleased pokémon. So Polteageist .. unfortunately for you, you can’t make this list.

Ghost Type Number 5: Mismagius

This pokémon is known as the magical pokémon and it is nice to start this list of with a witch-like thing. Not only is it one of my all time favorites it fits the brief for this topic so well. It’s design is steller I can’t say anything bad about it, I just love it’s colouring, it’s little hat and the elegance to it’s design.  It really has this spectral quality that a lot of ghost types lack. If this list was purely on design this one might even have been on the top of the leaderboard save for one entry on this list. Yet even outside it’s design it has soooo many good things about it. Even now I feel like the number five spot is to low for it.. that’s much how I love it.  It is funny because I do not particularly am keen on Misdreavus. It’s cute but it never feels as much more than a “female” gastly. Mismagius just feels so much more connected and as its own thing. Like most ghost types most if it’s pokedex entries are misery and woe. It’s cries sound like it is chanting a spell. These chants are said to have the power to torment people with migraines and  hallucinations. However there is some cuteness in it’s lore as well. Because sometimes these chants can also create positive effects. Most notably it’s chants can make people fall in love. It means people actively seek it out at times. As I am almost a spinster and just lack a bunch of cats to complete that transformation , I think having a ghost pokémon that can bless people with love is kind of neat. It fits the witch theme again, oftenly they are bad but there can be some good ones too.  The last one I used I named Glynda, but it never gave me shoes. 

On a more technical level Mismagius has some more then solids stats allowing to to be a great speedy special sweeper and even a good special wall (defender) in the pokémon games.   It can hit like a truck.. but also take a truck to the face… well it can hit like Kamehameha and take one to the face would be more accurate. Having access to a lot of ghost, fairy and psychic moves gives it some great coverage as well plus it movesets is very in line with it’s theming which is always nice to see as well. It evolves from Misdreavus when a dusk-stone is applied to it, the item is not always THAT easy to get but this is definitely worth it. It’s cry is quite spooky.. sort off .. at least it has that ghostly quality too it.  The only thing I do like less about it is that it is a mono-ghost type. It could have real easily gotten either a psychic of fairy typing as well to convey that sense of magic it has, now it lacks STAB in it’s main offensive moves aside from ghost which is why it ended up in spot number five. While the additional typings would have potentially increased it weakness to dark, that type is predominantly physical anyway so it would take my little witch down anyway so I would have preferred it if it was just that tad more offensive. 

Ghost Type Number 4: Marshadow

Definitely the cutest ghost on this list is the fighting-ghost type Marshadow. It is so adorable to look at. You just want to hug it and never let go. Made of spooky grey shadows this little fellow lurks in hiding. It’s hair can flare up green when it enters it’s “zenith” mode which isn’t actually a mechanical thing it is just the name of his hair changing colour when it attacks.. most notable seen when it uses its gorgeous custom Z move, Soul Stealing Seven Star Strike. It is just such a cutie making it’s little punches like that.  It’s lore obviously is tied to shadows. Based on this name it’s hard to expect anything else. Marshadow has the ability to hide in your shadow where it mimics your or a pokémon’s movement until it learns it and eventually even becomes stronger than the pokémon it mimics. A little boxing shadows of sorts. The fact that they made it one of the few physical ghost types out there just reflects this so well. 

It’s fighting and ghost typing gives it coverage over so many typings it is hard to believe how strong this little fellow is. It is super effective against, dark, ghost, psychic, rock, ice ánd steel types.  This also means it is super effective against two of it’s four weaknesses giving it great weakness coverage as well, and that is just it’s Same Type Attack Bonus movepool. It’s general learnset includes coverage against ALL it’s weaknesses. Given how fast this little shadow is that is quite frightening. Marshadow even becomes borderline broken when we start to look at his signature attack. Spectral Thief,  is an attack that steals all your enemies buffs (like it removes them from your opponent) adds to its own (so all multiplier effects become Marshadows) BEFORE damage calculation. This means that Attack boostin is extremely dangerous and even kinda stupid against this little monster. It really is the strongest ghost type out there with a shot of being one of the strongest pokémon out there due to this attack. Of course since it has the mythical status it is near impossible to obtain unless you hack it in your game or get it through an even. This is what keeps it back on this list, I can’t have one!  Luckily it is playable on Pokémon Showdown and each time I get it in Random Battles I can’t help but to grin from ear to ear, which is not very princessy.

Ghost Type Number 3:  Chandelure

This one isn’t receiving much love in Pokémon community, it isn’t THAT good in battle because it dies so easily, it’s best moves require a bit of set up to make it work.. and it won’t live that set up, it has a LOT of weaknesses.  All true! Chandelure is weak to ghost, dark, ground, rock and water moves. Which means virtually anything in the online battling scene, except for maybe a Mega Venusaur or a a Klefki and other hazard setters. It doesn’t learn any moves by leveling up so you have to make sure you teach it all it’s moves on previous evolutions.  It’s move pool is fairly weak having only access to fire ghost and grass moves in terms of offence. This is not a great pokémon by any standards when it comes to battling. At least not in the mainline games. It actually is my favorite pokémon in Pokken Tournament, and even there it is deemed not very good because it is to slow and all. It was my favorite pokémon though during my first playthrough of pokémon Black, you like the ones you carry on your journey more because a bond forms. This shows the beauty of the game. Of course as the one that is factually right I just saw through these rough edges to see the true beauty beyond.

I adore this design, it’s one of the most beautiful pokémon ever. There is a trend to hate pokémon based on objects.. but  those people are wrong. If you want to see animals fight go to mexico or something. I like the diversity and sometimes objects work wonders for me to bring a sense of magic to the world. A ghostly chandelier that evolves from a simple candle is something I really like as a concept as well, especially when we consider it is basically a will o’wisp.   It’s cute as a candle and scary as chandelier it just works really well for me. Litwick is great, lampent is a nice in between and Chandelure is a great final evolution. There is a journey of kinds.. a literal evolution as it grows more ominous. I can actually imagine seeing a chandelier floating in front of you with its big yellow eyes being quite menacing. It’s shiny with normal orange flames might even be creepier.. it feels more hot and dangerous. It’s Gijinka is something I REALLY want to cosplay one day. I can’t put a hand on it why this is this pleasing to the eye for me but it is the atmosphere colour-use and the amount of contrast in this pokémon. It just hits the nail on the head.  The pokédex lore saying that it will burn away your spirit leaving behind an empty body just gives it that extra level of creepiness which makes this one of the actual ghost type pokémon I could see myself actually being afraid off.

Ghost Type Number 2: Mimikyu

I doubt this one is a surprise. I talked to Mimikyu a lot before and it’s lore makes it an easy pokémon to care for. It has gotten songs , it featured heavily into the anime it has some amazing lore and a sense of mystery to it.  Mimikyu again is one of the few physical attacking ghost types out there but is a lot more widely available then Marshadow, but not as powerful by far. It does has his own custom Z-move like Marshadow though so that is a thing.For more info about this Pokémon I will happily refer you to earlier post which you can find here. I talk about all the aspects of a pokémon I talk about here so it feels weird to redo it. So read all about it here.

Of course the Pokémon that actually wears a costume should be on this halloween list. It only lacks the move Trick-Or-Treat to be the ultimate halloween pokémon. Of course there is Pumpkaboo which is cute.. but that is the only thing that one has going for it. Mimikyu is a solid to use as a pokémon, features a nice cute but somewhat creepy design as well. It has this unnerving quality while also invoking empathy and this duality seems to fit the pokémon greatly. Something you can easily bond with and that will be more than just a soldier on your team.

Ghost Type Number 1: Gengar

Do you know that moment when you feel a chill down your spine for no apparent reason, that means  a gengar is close. A sudden temperature drop while the moon is out, that is most likely a Gengar. It pretends to be a shadow, or sometimes merges with a shadow to cast curses on those who travel through the mountains. Gengar unlike most other pokémon doesn’t go in for the kill quickly they, they like to toy with their victims and revel in their victims fears. Like most ghost pokémon they  feed on the life force of random living targets. Gengar is called the Shadow Pokémon, but in a way conceptually he is much more the “fear” pokemon. It encompasses so much fears. That shiver down your spine, eyes staring at you from the dark, evil shadows, and malicious laughter. All those types of spooks gengar is accountable for. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon it is even told that it can invade your house and lurk in the shadows your furniture and there are rumors and tales about Gengar visiting naughty children at night. Thus gengar is quite literally the Boogeyman , the monster under your bed and is very much related to primal fear. Gengar is a pokémon who knows it was once human (even if the theories say it’s a clefairy that got consumed by shadows) and because it wants traveling companions it keeps killing other humans in the hope one of them will become a Gengar for it to travel with. So this means Gengar is a serial killer, who kills without remorse, to fill its own agenda, at least when not caught. This is a universally scary concept, and regardless of how brave you are or how faint of heart , you will know one of the basic fears Gengar represents. It’s design also appeals to those primal fears with that insane smile and those deep red eyes, it’s warping body. 

Mega-Gengar was banned from the competitive battling format because it was to powerful, and even regular gengar is no slouch when it comes to dealing a massive amount of damage. Mega Gengar has a special attack stat off 170, which is STRONGEr than regular Mewtwo and it also gains the ability Shadow Tag, which means it’s targets can no longer escape from battle.With a base stat in speed of 130 it is fast as well. It being a ghost and poison type means it has same type attack bonus on moves like Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb and Venoshock (which  with the proper set up can be a killer) but Gengar also learns the most powerful Fairy-type and Dark type Special Attacks. It can use electric moves with ease and even the strongest fighting special move Focus Blast is in it’s learnset. This means Gengar can wreak havoc on any Pokémon it encounters, and you’ll never know what it’s set actually is. You can never truly prepare for it, you can bring something faster.. but perhaps they equip it with a choice scarf, you can try to use your ace against it to one-shot it but perhaps it brings destiny bond. In battle gengar is an enigma but a puzzle you have to solve or it will certainly mean doom for you and your team. A ghost type that is THIS scary on and off the battlefield certainly deserves the top spot.

Question to my Readers:

What is you favorite ghost type Pokémon?

So these are the five factually best ghosts, because I Princess Pinkie have ordained so.  On this day let it be known we finally have our objective answer. I know people on the internet can be mean and say that I should die for having this opinion, but if you wish me to death.. I will become a ghost and will come haunt you! And I am a ghost you definitely do not want.

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Review: Pokémon Heroes-Latias and Latios

*snif* Hey there little subjects *sniffle* it’s a Monday-Movie post again *snif*  and today we will be discussing the 5th pokémon movie. *Snif* This one is a fan favorite praised for the genuine feels *sob* and as you might be able to tell this movie hit me as well *sniffle*. Like always , I watched the original uncensored cut with English Dub and no shorts. Like in the fourth movie I will keep this post, relatively spoiler free. The movie was released in 2002 in Japan and got a limited 2003 western release.  While the movie was received very poorly with only a 16% score on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is among the highest ranked movies by pokémon fans. Possibly even THE best on average.

How does it Look and Sound

Let’s begin on a positive note and say that viewing deeply captivated me…. for the most part.  Where this movie really is a let down is in terms of visuals and sound design. The animation quality is incredibly inconsistent with some amazing visuals , mostly in the second half of the movie up to extremely lackluster animation with shots lingering on people waving while not having a face. Like in the earlier movies there has been a lot of computer animation, this time it is mostly free roaming through the streets of Alto-Mare , the city where this movie is set. Unfortunately these roamings , while looking somewhat compelling have no “animation” to them, it is just a gliding camera. Which works for when Latias or Latios is gliding through the street, but not when Ash is running or ‘wakeboarding’.  The Macguffin of this movie the Alto-Mare-Defence-Device is animated nicely and feels like genuine ancient technology even though it looks a bit to CGI’s I still have to take into account this movie is 17 years old. I could say that drawing a face in the distance has become easier over time with technology as well, but there is no reason to linger on shots where you cant even animate a face. Pick your battles and all that stuff. The Pokémon themselves are animated very nicely, even those who looked a bit “off’ from their regular renditions worked because they were corrupted and the thick outline on their bodies may have twisted their dimensions a bit, it really helped convey a menacing aura. The bad , alas , outweighs the good animation at least in quantity, which actively made me think, why isn’t the rest of the movie animated like this, more than once.

Soundwise it is a bit of a mixed bag for me. The opening scene begins with an animation, something you expect to see in a Zelda game, with crude depictions of history. In the japanese version , movie antagonists Annie and Oakley narrate this scene. In the dub they remain silent. We find out they are breaking into a museum so I actually find the american version more clever. HOWEVER , the music isn’t even mixed up  , its very soft background music that is meant to be talked over, now I barely hear anything and the movie starts of with a colossal miss. Right after that Annie and Oakley have to flee from the museum and they use all sort of spy-gadgets to escape while very James Bond’esque music plays. This nails who Annie and Oakley are so dead on, even in terms of character. Great sound design. We see the theme of Pokémon Master Quest being used during the opening credits, which feels lazy but right after that we see a tense moment where Ash runs down the streets with a girl and it plays the ‘tense moment’ music from the anime series with just a SLIGHT rework in there and that feels great. For some reason they replaced Latios dubtrack with that of Latias and that is where things really start to get annoying. When Latios and Latias are in danger together a cacophony of shrill shrikes play about every three to four seconds, and this goes on for 15 minutes. It kinda sounds like this:

How does it Feel

Now this may sound overly negative but I actually think this movie is pretty good. For a 70 minute movie it is pretty well paced and while not every scene works out,  I think it at least nails it in terms of pokémon mythos..aside from the pokemon containing hula hoops and slime traps and all that stuff. I mean I do get why Team Rocket uses nets, but Latios and Latias aren’t owned pokémon so why not just use some variation of a pokéball. (Not the evil ball that is just to edgy and non sensical). You could imagine paralyse balls, or even forcefield balls that even if the pokémon manages to break out of the ball is still contained.. why does it have to be Hula hoops?! Other than that I have very little complaints on the general feeling of the movie, though I do think Lorenzo looks immensely weird and as if he doesnt belong in the pokémon world. He looks more like he is Mr Clean’s jolly , slightly drug abusing uncle. 

The movie really makes an effort so makes us get to know Latias and too lesser extend Latios.  Latias is a people pokémon who loves to play and scenes are crafted to convey these qualities, when things happen to her, good or bad , we can already tell what kind of emotion she would feel because we actually get to know her. Latios we get to know less, but this helps sell the events that are to come in the movie as well. He seems like the much more clear headed, intelligent one of the two, with Latias being the compassionate. We see and feel the synergy between them.  This movie has VERY little action, at least in the term of pokémon battling. We get people defending themselves from Pokémon rather than your mandatory straight up battles. These battles are always a means to an end and feel sensical. Annie and Oakley are solid villains, who through the dub now belong to Team Rocket but in the orginal are a force by themselves. Either way works, I believe their technology is the same as that of Team Rocket and it gives Jessie and James more reason to chase them than just ruining ice-cream.  The two females try to obtain the “Soul Dew” and use it to control the Defence Device and hand the power to Giovanni. Since Alto-Mare , is based on Italy and Venice, that just makes so much more sense. They aren’t just evil for evil’s sake, nor are they especially powerful. They are petty and want a prettier world tricking themselves into thinking they are style icons and even they learn a few lessons throughout the movie.

Latias is basically the main protagonist , even outclassing Ash, he just happens to catch the spotlight again, although this time for slightly different reasons. Which may or may not be morally wrong.  Brock and Misty are basically throw-away characters again, which is a shame because this would be Misty’s last outing with Ash in terms of movies at least. Team Rocket once more strictly provides comedy but they are used in a way less intrusive manner, and the running joke they had throughout the movie actually made me chuckle.. it felt almost clever, if you know how things normally proceed. Yet even this I will not spoil. 

How is the Plot

While it is a lot more straightforward than Spell of the Unown, which is currently the best Pokémon movie in terms of quality (even though I rated movie 1 higher..due to sentiment.. which is a thing in my rating system) I really enjoyed the story of this movie.  It lacks some finesse and polish and basically  is the whole “Pokémon gets captured, Ash has to go save it .. or else’  kind of thing, there still is a bit more too it. It has some themes and morals in it. It shows us how sometimes your desires, no matter how pure and well intended can have consequences, it also shows that , that same desire can corrupt if you do not take others into account. We learn that power and greed can get to our head, but also how being too carefree can lead us into trouble. The movie doesn’t follow the same fairy-tale story telling the tv series does where everything will be fine and dandy in the end. Mistakes are made which will lead to lasting consequences for many characters in the movie.

The plot flows fairly well with little weird leaps in motivations.  Everyone reacts like how they should react, down to little details that just fit. The first incident leads to an unexpected friendship, but that friendship leads nicely to into the next incident. There is a natural flow where things happen for a reason, even the final encounter which consists out of multiple layers has rhyme and reason to it. ‘There is some sort of ‘this isn’t even my final form’ shenanigans where a seemingly solved encounter escalates but that is because of some character arcs that are not completed yet. The incident makes sense and there is a purpose to it all. Cleverly Ash this time is almost disconnected from the plot, making it about the new pokémon giving them the room to actually tell their story without making him some sort of chosen one.  He gets involved but it is clearly something bigger than him the device and the ancient prophecy is not on his scale. He simply is there because of who he is as a person which catches Latias attention. It helps humble him a bit more and this time he really is humbled. At a certain point Pikachu , fights Latios but where he could normally hold of a legendary pokémon, this time they decide to do it right and make sure Ash and his pokémon feel outclassed. His tears don’t resurrect, he doesn’t become smarter than he actually is, he is just a guy that makes a friend and this friendship sets in motion bigger events.

After Spell of the Unown , this is the only movie which nail the motivations of their characters and that doesn’t hyperinflate their meaning. In the third Movie Ash had a real goal, in this one he is just Ash, not a chosen one for his incredible skill or stricken by some incredible twist of fate. Latias takes a liking too Ash for seeing his character and why it does seems somewhat unlikely on how they encounter each other, it still seems like a hell of a lot better than a Celebi randomly jumping a certain amount in time, arriving at exactly that spot where Ash would be in time. The location of Alto-Mare (or basicly venice) is used cleverly as well which amplifies this story. The Da vinci like machinery makes sense in the setting wherein it is placed giving it all some credibility and the soul of a legendary pokémon working as a powersource for such an incredible machine works , because we have seen before what power the spirit of a pokémon can have. So all in all this movie  weaves a web of things we have seen before, sure, but it manages to connect the treads with enough credibility to enjoy this ride. It results in a meaningful but emotional ending that plays on emotions we have, that have been carefully placed by the plot and scene layout. 

What is the Verdict

Pokémon Heroes- Latias and Latios is not my favorite pokémon movie, but  it takes a good second place, as long as we take of the nostalgia goggles and look at their stand alone experience. It is a cleverly written movie, that manages to play into the viewers feelings.  It then is also so smart to USE those feelings to lift this movie to another level. That being said, not every scene lands. GIven how useless Brock and Misty are, scenes with them in it become a bit throwaway, the animation really brings down a few decent scenes as well. Not being able to read emotions of faces or them even completely missing an impact because you cringe to hard behind your screen. The dub tracks for the legendaries is a hard on the ears. Regretfully the best animated scene is one of the scenes with Brock and Misty alone where they send their pokémon to help Ash. It puts a blemish on what could have been the most amazing pokémon movie and I can pardon these flaws. I can not love this unconditionally, yet it kept invested in a positive way. So I have to conclude that this movie is quite cool.

Question to my Readers:

What is your favorite Misty memory?

And so we have reviewed 5 out of 23 movies. We have reached the end of the Misty movies and now enter the era of May and ………. Max *hurling sounds*. So be a good little subject and tell me your favorite memory you have of Misty.  She was the first Tsundere I knew. What is your favorite pokémon movie? Time for me to go, I have a Latias to catch now!

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OWLS Fantasy Special: A CLASS in Chaos

Believe it or not, I do not spend every waking moment thinking about pokémon.  I have some other hobbies as well. One of the includes being a Dungeon Master in three games. Though of course one is a  pokémon, another one is a classical high fantasy D&D 5th game. The type where you face dragons and crazed goblins side by  side with your friends using twenty sided dice to overcome any challenge along the way. Over my years of playing and mostly hosting campaigns I have noticed something however, no matter what campaign you play, who you play with or even how long you play… each campaign has “that guy’. Several of them even.


My fellow OWLS came up with the topic of Fantasy to be the theme of October. 

“The genre of fantasy focuses on telling stories about our external and internal environments. There are many ways we can interpret the word, fantasy. For example, we can talk about how a fantastical place could glorify what reality should be or the dangers of ideal expectations. Fantasy could also be seen as taking a “wild journey” or a “hallucination” and how that can affect our psyche and well-being.  Fantasy can also focus on our personal dreams and expectations and how those expectations do not align with our reality. “

My post will focus on a combination of these aspects through the beautiful medium of Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop RPGs , answering how and why we play it. How we deal with fantasy and D&D can be divided into ‘Classes’ a trope that is very connected to pen and paper, or even any , role playing games. We can not colour outside the lines to much because in these games we SHARE our fantasies. So not only do we have to live up to our own expectations, we also have make sure the others see that same character we want to be. When we push our fantasy outside of the limits, people will think we are bad at this whole fantasy theme.. so as a result we have developed certain arch-types which always work  for enjoyment. As a DM however I also see how these ‘Classes” can create ‘Broken Parties’.
The anime ‘Konosuba’ portrays this wonderfully well and the main heroes of the story really resemble the types of players one can get in a D&D. So let’s examine this .

The Hero

The first archetype I wish to discuss is the noble hero. The knight in shining armor. Players who follow the path of the hero usually choose character classes in D&D  like Paladin, Fighter or Ranger. That being said, your class doesn’t always have to be one of the three but people are naturally inclined to gravitate towards these roles. Oftenly they prefer to play fairly standard races, like Humans or Elves but basically any race is a possibility to them because everybody can have a good heart.  Oftenly they come from noble backgrounds but got fed up with the injustice in the world. Sons or daughters of people who matter or mattered. They follow the path of Bruce Wayne or oppose their “tyrannical noble father and have been outcast. The characters are often very religious with strong moral fiber. They have denounced love or have created a loved one NPC that  drives them to do what they do. Characters developed by the ‘Hero’ will oftenly abstain from drinking alcohol and will relatively have few vices. Yet most of their story arcs revolve around redemption.

(Ashley Johnson is an
example of the Hero

Players in this “class’ will be recognisable by always taking the  ‘good’ option. A friend got kidnapped and they demand ransom? They will at least show up with whatever the bad guy wants in return as well as set up a trap for them.. so that evil will not prevail that day.  They will try try remove the corrupt from their seat of power and try to turn whatever fantasy world they are into a utopia. Their characters are often played as naive OR overly cautious and aware of everything. This is the archetype that is most appealing to new players. They follow the DM’s story very neatly and their own goals are made to align with that of the campaign. They are by far the easiest players to deal with, but the easiest to disappoint when the DM throws a spanner into their plans. They do enjoy their comedic moments from the more chaotic party members and make sure they can aid them at all times. The hero does like the serious moments a lot better though.

Lalatina Dustiness Ford, better known as Darkness,  from Konosuba highlights what creates chaos with these types of players. Your average hero is extremely self sacrificial, putting themselves in harms way to save the rest of the party. They have little to no self preservation and would give their lives to save a party member from a low level imp creature , if it was bluffing it had an instant death curse. They are tension breakers, who like Darkness have some masochistic tendencies. If someone loses their character first, it should be them, if someone has to be punished for the rogue stealing things.. it should be them.  Darkness loves being punished and it arouses her. While I am not implying this goes for every hero player they do share a lot of similarities.

They oftenly reject quest rewards because taking payment for saving people is wrong. During campaigns it means these people can easily get undergeared while still throwing themselves first into danger.  They have tend low self-esteem in real life and value them and their character less over the enjoyment of others. However since they are often very armoured they can be incredibly difficult to hit. Creating stalemates where they are to undergeared to hit anything properly, but are too to take damage. Exactly like Darkness! She can’t hit a thing, but can survive critical hits from bosses like it’s nothing. While players do not flaunt their masochism as much as Darkness does it will always be them who pays toll for their fellows who are either short on cash or unwilling to pay. When someone has to drink a poison to move through a trial it will always be them, and if someone has to take a cursed ring that can eat on one’s sanity it will ALWAYS be them. At times their noble and even corrective behaviour can really put other player out of play. However these people are often the heart of the party, and can bring balance between the more serious and the more wacky players. They enjoy this experience with their friends and alongside the DM they will try to make sure others have a good time as well.

The High Roller

The second type is the High Roller, this type of player doesn’t really care about being noble nor does he aspire to be evil. In fact this one doesn’t even care about the story all that much. The High Roller just wants to outdamage everyone. They want to roll as much dice as possible and maximise their damage output. If someone deals more damage as them, they’ll have a bad session. The High Roller mostly sticks to classes who deal magic damage. Wizard and Sorcerer are very popular with them but they may also dabble with Rogues and are the first person who will ask the DM if they can use third party classes. They play races which benefit their chosen class. So if they play a Wizard, they will choose a race that has an intelligence bonus. Characters they play have less of a fleshed out background , because their story is not that relevant to the numbers they roll. More often than not they play edgy loner characters. The ones who do not make friends easily, who sit alone in a dark corner in the tavern where everyone starts their adventure. For a DM these are the hardest type of characters to get involved into the main story. Be prepared for some creative storytelling. High Roller players have optimal stats for damage , as a result their characters are not very versatile. They can’t use a sword because “strength” is a dump stat,  they can’t talk their way out of things .. because Charisma is a dump stat. Characters of the High Roller almost disappear when they have some time off from slaying goblins and oftenly just pick up a book and read until it is time to kill again.

(Liam O’Brien is a High Roller)

The High Roller player are very driven by the printed game rulings, they do not take kindly to homebrew rules and other interpretations  and are the ones who will argue with the DM the most. High Rollers know which spell they will take for many levels ahead. From the moment of creation their character is already fully build out. They know what spells to take, what feats to select and they know what sort of enemies not to hit. They want to be the one that kills the boss of each session, they want to be praised for that 72 damage they did when the ranger only did 20. It’s the big hits that count. Even if the rogue hit the enemy 5x with 15 damage .. that single 72 roll is still better. The high roller doesn’t like to spare enemies as it means they miss out on the kill. These are people who love to track how much relevant kills each player has made and more often than not they will be on the top of that list.  While most High Rollers do not care as much for a place in the spotlight there are those who do. Because they do so much damage a lot of those tend to get “protagonist” syndrome where they inflate their own importance compared to the rest of the group, oftenly resulting in the character and sometimes the player being less liked. In puzzles they also want to be the one who finally solves it, even if their friends actually solved the riddle, they will take credit for opening the door.

Megumin is the character in Konosuba who fulfills this role. She is an archwizard who has learned the most powerful spell EXPLOSION. Due to it being a spell that is over her limit however she can only cast it once before falling to the ground completely useless. However she is so in love with casting this damage spell she will oftenly put herself in harm’s way to be able to do so. This is a classical high roller player problem. They do not always play that nicely as a team. The High Roller has to do the biggest number each session so sometimes even though he is frail he has to put himself in harm’s way just so he can roll those dice.  This can create chaotic situations where everyone has to save the glass cannon all of the sudden, forcing them to turn their backs on enemies and they can find themselves up a creek without a paddle. Plot Twists that the final boss, was not actually the final boss can be extremely dangerous for your party if the High Roller is baited into using all his good spells early. Megumin embodies this so well, even the fact that she almost “steals” screen time. Her odd ‘non immersive’ name is another indicator where she doesnt care if she even fits in the world. It’s all about that damage. 

 Players who follow this path oftenly feel unrecognised and invisible in the real world, a trope that oftenly is liked by the ‘number’ guys of gal of the group. The “smart” ones as it were. People who like this role tend to flaunt their intelligence in real life a bit, oftenly choosing more serious table conversations than the other three categories. Not exactly the life of the party but these people are very grateful towards the DM because they are granted something by them that they lack. Their loyalty to the game is oftenly unsurpassed and with some health cheating from a DM (and we all do that)  they are among the easiest of crowds to please, which will give them actually great joy. In most groups the High Roller feels like the odd one out, yet we all need them to keep the game into motion because….

The Survivor

D&D is a game where characters can  and in case of long campaigns, most likely WILL die. However there is one type of player who above anything else is very afraid to lose their imaginative character. I call these people the survivors. They tend to play versatile classes, which have access to self heals, ranged attacks and even some melee possibilities .. just in case they ever got forced into such a situation. They like to play healers as well as those tend to be targeted less (unlike in my campaigns where enemies ACTUALLY have eyes and will take countermeasures) . They tend to play some of the more relatable races like humans and elves again. Oftenly very beautiful and sweet. They aren’t adverse to picking another good looking race though, if it gives them better stats. The survivor tends to choose a background story that makes their character beloved and popular or at the very least desired by their beauty. They are oftenly the rightful noble ruler of a land who had to flee or got taken off the throne by some mysterious force. These characters fall in line the fairytale tropes a lot. Even when played by non-females they prefer choose to make a female character. I have seen male survivor characters but they occur significantly less. These characters tend to be very fleshed out, with players even being able to describe what scent their character have or how they move their eyes, in an instant . They tend to be obsessed with even the smallest details of their looks and will describe every single outfit within fine detail.  Characters like these blossom in downtime/ free time , making themselves very popular in towns and being kind to most npc’s, as long as they are not evil.

(Laura Bailey is a Survivor)

The Survivor themselves however is not nearly as strong or confident as they make their character. Ruled by a constant fear of losing their character they would wish their character was a god. In terms of building their character they are the exact opposite of the High Roller. When A survivor gets in trouble because of poison, the player will tend to choose a spell or gain new equipment to counter that in the future.  They “patch’ out their weaknesses as it were but tend to lose oversight of the bigger picture trough their fears . When I as a DM send you through a poisonous bog, it will most likely mean you will not encounter a similar challenge for a good while after. However the survivor is paranoid by nature, they saw they were weak to this.. they know I saw, what if I use it to finish them off now better patch it out. The Survivor tends to demonise the DM , sees them as a heinous monster just out to kill them in the most brutal way possible.A survivor oftenly refers to their character as themselves . They also tend to suffer from protagonist-syndrome even more so than the High Roller. They are unmissable to the story in their eyes and will make an effort and play to actually be that.. They will carry the macguffin,  as long as it does not harm their character. They will offer to be be the leader of the group, as long as that doesn’t put them into additional danger. They will do anything to inflate their character’s importance as that equals survivability in their eyes. To kill the character would be to kill the story. They keep looking backward instead of forward, taking abilities to overcome trials like the one they just overcame and banking on importance of NPCs they befriended when they already moved past.

Aqua, the former goddess from Konosuba is a bit of a spoof of the classical survivor trope. While we do not see her take useless skills in the form of “after event skills” she spends all her skill points in their magical world on party tricks. Which she uses to make herself more popular and beloved. Claiming to be an actual goddess (which in her case is true)  and very much disliking the current god Erris (Which is basically is sort of the DM of that world) she even goes as far as to blackmail that god into bringing back a dead character for her own sake. Her over reliance on ‘useless’ skills can make her extremely situational and sometimes even completely offside her, which we see happen when she tries to punch some toads. During her dealings with the poisoned lake we also see the typical panic that goes through a Survivor type player. She is portrayed whining a lot, and crying , overvaluing  herself and her items.

When rolling a dice you average about half of it rounding up, effectively.  This means if you can roll a d6 for damage you average 4..This is not the case in the eyes of a survivor. They will always assume the worst. A survivor will ‘never’ risk their character even if there is only a 1% chance of death. I once saw a Survivor player flee a dungeon, leaving the party behind causing one player death because there was a 0.16% chance that she would be finished off before she could end the fight. In the eyes of a survivor they will always get the worst outcome possible and they will act accordingly. This can drag on encounters a lot longer than they need to be and the survivor will always take the longest to finish their turns. Players who follow the path of the survivor are oftenly uncertain in real life and their fear can cripple themselves as well as your game. However this type tends to heal and find more confidence in themselves trough games over time. The survivor is the easiest to spot as he or she will be the player who will have the other players reaching for their phones.  They can not plan ahead because they need all information before they can decide on any play. Survivors are among the  greatest of roleplayers though, they make sure you care about their character and really make it a part of this world. They are the easiest of characters for everyone party member to hang out with and where the hero united players out of character, the survivor does so in character.

The Disruptor

The Hero can break your tension arcs or force you into using overpowered monsters, the High Roller can risk party-strategies and is not very well equipped for sudden twists and the survivor can make your game very panicky and long winded. The ‘worst’ one however and the true “that guy” of them all is the disruptor. They  will always be there in any fantasy game and their goal is to break your story. Where the other 3 classes try to follow the game’s story the disruptor actively tries to make your adventures NOT about what the DM planned. Rogues and Bards are by far their preferred classes, but they also Barbarian. Disruptors rarely play humans, they like to play races like Orcs, Goblins and alcoholic Dwarfs. Their backstories are loaded with vices, be it ale, women or recreational herbs, gambling or a knew crazy thing they invent themselves.  Regardless if their character is a rogue or not .. they always have skill points invested in Sleight of Hand (which is pickpocketing) and the law means about as much to their character as the DM’s will to the players. They are extremely quirky and quite cartoonesk. I DMed for a goblin named Scruffy ones, who lost all sense of reality after he fell in some sort of hallucinogenic potion as a result he had a pet he named Ugly Batstard.. a bat that didn’t exist. Within the first two minutes of the campaign he walked over to a table with the bulkiest dude and said “Hey Ugly Batstard” get your fat ass off, Chaos was born. In another campaign there is a guy who plays a chicken, he robbed a store quite early in the game.

(Sam Riegel is THE Disruptor)

The disruptor type player is the one who enjoys the game the most though, come high or come low rolls, the disruptor is the player who is always entertained. The disruptor lives for the RP using it to act out like they can not in real life. They don’t play to win, they play to break some rules and have fun doing it. If you as a DM describe “a tavern and a man sitting , he is reading a treasure map of sorts scratching his stubbles with a dagger while he has a cloak that seems to fancy for him,” the disruptor will ask ‘who else is there?. If you say ‘some random goblin by the name of  Skurft the disruptor will go talk to Skurft. If you say no one, they will walk outside to talk to random people there. They do not want to play by the rules and they WILL find way to skip encounters or even complete dungeons. They will cost the DM hours of work by simply, not going to the route you had planned before them and someday they will succeed. Each DM learns about the ‘Illusion’ of choice  trough disruptor type players. Sometimes you only have to make players think they are making a game changing choice. While the rest of the archetypes described play against the game, the disruptor plays against the DM, they want to stump their creativity want to dumbstruck them. A DM drawing a blank is their victory.

Kazuma is 100% a disruptor, so much even that the guy who played that Goblin (and the chicken too)  made him his avatar for about a year. From the moment we get introduced to the man he is a clear and plain disruptor. Sometimes by his own design, like when he choose Aqua to be his weapon in this new world and drags her away from her god status, too random moments where his high luck stat causes things to move in a very unexpected path. ‘I’ll cripple the enemy by stealing their weapon!’ He ends up crippling them by stealing their panties instead. ‘A magical powerful weapon comes onto your path?’ Sell if for money so I can booze a lot. Kazuma feels very detrimental to the story progression of Konosuba, where they plan to stop the Evil Demon king, but Kazuma’s action basically constantly creating ‘side arcs’ and side quest that have to be resolved first.  Because of their massive impact and alterations on the story disruptors often end up becoming a sort of main character of the campaigns they are in. Kazuma again fills this role quite well. They are always deeply flawed characters and I do not think that I need to convince anyone who saw the anime that this boy is a flawed character.

Disruptors unlike most of the other archetypes are relatively more socially outgoing, they like to mess with their friends , they aren’t that insecure about themselves  and they are the most socially capable of all the Player Archetypes, in general. They aren’t necessarily socially strong either though. Disruptors tend to be people who tend to be “bored” in reality , who feel suffocated by having to be normal and that usually does mean they can’t really let themselves go in a bar either. They tend to be a bit more random in real life though too , perhaps being a bit shunned because how strange they can be. The real disruptors can not 100% hide that they are a bit goofy. As a player I myself am a disruptor, you notice I am socially “odd” in real life but when I rp I can let that side out and be myself. I played an heavily Autistic Draenei clumsy in World of Warcraft and I played a pink wearing , singing cheery Sith who claims Friendship is Magic in Star Wars the Old Republic. I like to break the mold. While by their very nature they cause chaos the Disruptor also makes your game so much more vibrant and alive. They make all other classes better at their roles and stronger roleplayers, because they always have to expect the unexpected and they can boost your creativity. They pay close attention to every word the DM says (to use it against them) and really can bring a game-table alive.

Order and Chaos

So even in the limitless world of fantasy we are somewhat bound, by who we are, no matter who we play or where we pretend to be, there is always that part of who we are that we can not truly shake. No matter if I am an kawaii evil space wizard or a dojikko demon girl , I am a disruptor. No matter where my best friend her boyfriend plays his campaigns he will always be a hero. There is a thoughtprocess we can not shake even if we shed ourselves of our limits. There order even in imaginatio and fantasy. No matter who you pretend to be, deep down you do it because of who you are. You can never truly betray yourself and this is why tabletop roleplay will always feel so therapeutic. 

While I do think your typical hero does have little self esteem, trough rp he can see that he in fact IS needed. We can rationalise it and say.. he is just needed in this fictional game.. but for the survivor this is much more than a game, it’s an escape they truly need. So a hero can ACTUALLY be a hero in reality, even if it is acted out trough fantasy. A disruptor can shed their shackles , even if it is just for a three hour gaming session. The high roller can proof their intelligence can gets them far, because the numbers he crunches in real life might seem insignificant in the big pile of real life, in the small contained world of D&D his numbers visibly matter. In real life he might , if lucky ,  get a compliment from his boss.. once.. and that’s it, in fantasy he can use that same skill to see numbers explode. He can be himself in a rewarding way. The survivor can get validation, a sense of winning by surviving a game and see their character grow up to be a noble king or queen, their good intentions recognised by npc’s. While arguably an npc is ‘not real’ they still react to the words of the players, they offer them feedback and when Dm’ed correctly they have their own feelings and emotions. The social interaction thusly in a way.. being still real.

We can learn, grow and truly discover who we are through the power of fantasy. Not in the chaos we create by doing our thing but in looking at the order that is left when we take the chaos of both the fantasy world and our own world away. We aren’t defined by our flaws or our quirks, we have those flaws and quirks because of who we are. To deny them is to deny a piece of yourself. So through fantasy  and D&D we can find who we are, not though what we create but trough what we bring to each world no matter the world. While our goals may never really align with one another, even if they seem to directly contradict there is a symbiosis between the four archetypes as well. We all have our roles to play, even our flaws allow our party to shine. No matter who are what you are, you will always contribute to the fantasy of D&D , be it to yourself or to the party! You can discover who you are in your very core and be that person you want to be! That way in fantasy and outside it you can build a stronger character.

Question to my Readers:

Which Player-Class would you be in?

Let me know what class you would be in in the comments. If you still want more OWLS check out Matt in the Hat’s post about Kingdom Hearts right here! His profile picture doesn’t show him wearing a hat though? So is he actually in a hat?! That must be a big hat then!
Tomorrow it’s time for Flow. The subject will be some fantasy Light Novels and some angry melodic music called death metal. While that music is not pink enough for me I will take a careful peak, or even better you guys take a peak for me and tell me how angry the music was! I’m scared! Then come back and tell me if the music is too angry for me! Flow’s blog is here! Be sure to check the Youtube channel as well.
Let’s do that! I am counting on you my little monsters!

The pinkest Poké Blogger is Blasting off again!

New Gigantamax Pokémon

While we are fighting of a fever, the sniffles, teary eyes and all sorts of other physical discomfort we have decided to update you all still on the newest developments of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Not because we can but because Fat Pikachu is about the only thing keeping us from allowing my flue to become the man-flue thing.  So now we proudly present the slightly delayed version of: Pink-Poké News!

Gigantamax  101

The magazine CoroCoro leaked it already on tuesday. One day later at 3pm Standard Pinkie Time a new Sword and Shield Trailer dropped revealing some new Gigantamax Pokémon. For those who do not have any idea what a Gigantamax Pokémon is first a brief explanationIn Pokémon Sword and Shield, Z-moves and Mega-Evolution have been rooted out for something that is more like an amalgamation of the two, yet still feels new. In these games you can turn your Pokémon from a pocket monster into a full blown Kaiju for a limited number of turns. If you are geeky enough to know what a Kaiju is..it’s a big  monsters, like Godzilla, King Kong (sort of) Mothra, King Ghidorah and basically every monster in Power Rangers after the villians make it big. The process of turning a pokémon into a Kaiju has two methods of which the more common one is called Dynamaxing. It basically resizes the 3d model and adds a magenta aura too it, replacing its moves by MAX moves.. which are super powered moves very close to Z-moves. Dynamax pokemon can’t flinch and all Max moves create a beneficial effect for types of the move it used. When Dynamaxing you can feel like Rita Repulsa , Lord Zedd and all those who came after them because you can literally yell ‘MAKE MY MONSTER GROW’. Gigantamaxing is about the same, only if your pokémon grows too football stadium heights it also changes forms. A little whipped cream girl can turn into a wedding cake and the most edgy bird imaginable ..goes to a bird that is edgy beyond imagination. That kinda thing. The newest trailer revealed five more of these “altered growth” pokémon… and they are all from Kanto.

Kanto Pandering

Gen I is something that gets a lot of love, a lot more affection and attention from the devs then other generations. So a lot of youtubers have been outraged by the so called Kanto Pandering that this new trailer does. We see 5 new pokémon and these are: Eevee, Pikachu, Meowth, Charizard and Butterfree. Now I too would have preferred different choices but these make a lot of sense still and that is because of the method to obtain them as well as some general sensibility. Let’s start with the weakest link first. Butterfree!This one’s here without any special reason. They just wanted a Kaiju Mothra Dynamax and chose Butterfree for it. Mothim, the actual moth Pokémon or Dustox would have been the superior choices to been granted that form maybe even Vivillon. However , who really uses a  Mothim or Vivillon, those aren’t that memorable at least the anime gave Butterfree some staying power… even if that is hugely ironical. Dustox was used in the anime and would have been the superior choice in my book but in fairness this “trailers’ better.

Pikachu and Eevee getting a Dynamax form  just makes sense. Getting Dyna-Pika and Dyna-Vee  is done through promotional methods and is just a neat little reward for loyal pokémon players who played the earlier games. I have no qualms with rewards for loyalism, and since Dynamax forms won’t contribute to the pokédex it is completely optional. If your Nintendo Switch has Save-Date for Let’s Go Eevee, you can obtain a dynamax eevee thing in the wild lands , which you can reach after about two hours of play.  The same thing applies for those who played Let’s go Pikachu, but you get the little yellow electric mouse instead. Charizard gets love again and people hate him for it but the Pokémon Company is still a company.. they do want to make money. Dynamax Charizard will sell A LOT of pokémon trading cards and keep the franchise healthy. Where Pikachu is the mascotte of the video games, Charizard basically has taking that role for the trading card game to satisfy THAT fanbase you simply HAVE to include it. Sure I would love to see gigantamax Hydreigon into a Ghidorah or Torterra into Gamera but hey if a single inclusion can make the trading card game more popular again i’ll happily sacrifice that slot for yet another charizard thing.  Dynamax meowth already leaked in the Ben Affleck leak and functions as the first Mystery gift, for those who order early. It again makes sense that those are there from the beginning get something from pokémon’s beginnings and being a mystery gift Meowth makes sense. It won’t unbalance the competitive scene.. it is just there to be a nice little reward for those willing to pay full price and play from day 1.

Kaiju up Close

So now that we established I near fully support these choices let’s take a look at all of them a bit closer. Judging their design, abilities and lore. Like princess Pinkie Ranking them from 5 to 1

5. Gigantamax Meowth

While I like this one significantly less than the other four , it certainly has its merits. It’s stretched out body kinda looks like a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman, which in my humble opinion makes it very well fitted for the sports heavily themed Galar region. It also looks like a cat scratching post, I think.. cats do not like me because I am twitchy and use me as a scratching post instead.. and because Meowth is the scratching pokémon I’d deem this design fairly clever. It’s coin takes a bit of an egyptian theming giving it also a bit of a celestial quality which again I think is fairly clever, it really looks like a supered-up Meowth. I still would have preferred this slot to have been used in a cooler way but for what we got I do not think it is bad at all. 

In terms of t’s abilities it will have the technician ability and the move G-Max Gold Rush which significantly increases the amount of money you get from a match. This could be potentially interesting for people doing special challenges like alternate Nuzlockes or Static-Lock or the “can you beat a game with only a Meowth’ kind of challenges.  It will also help you farm out money for new clothes and customisation items. There seems to be a lot of options in that department so I can even see it have some actual use during normal runs as well. Imagine all the bags and shoes I can buy if I run this on my team.

4. Gigantamax Eevee

It is unfortunate that I do not like this one better than I do . While I love it’s lore the design is to easy for me.  It kinda looks like how Eevee would look like if it survived playing in your washer dryer combo for an entire run. It’s just so fluffy! While fluff is a weakness to me, it only manages to edge it out above meowth by a little. It’s lore raises it up a lot, where meowth simply scratches buildings, Eevee’s character is enhanced by being Gigantamaxed. It becomes even more playful, even more cuddly and even more loveable. It’s fur is so soft it soothes the enemy that gets tangled in it to lose their fighting spirit. It likes to play a lot more so sometimes it accidentally crushes its foe because it was feeling so playful and it pounced on it. N’awwwww.

Having the ability adaptability (try saying that 10 times in a row real fast)  it’s normal type moves are super powerful and I can see it crush it’s non dynamaxed friends really easy indeed. It is a great move to have giving it some usability in combat with the issue that it doesnt learn to many good normal moves. This is something you’ll have to teach Return too.  It’s G-Max move is called G-Max Cuddle which sounds super cute .. and it kinda is but it is quite situational as well. G-Max Cuddle lets any foe it hits that is of the other gender fall in love with this pokémon. Now ‘in love’ is one of the most useful status conditions you can hope for but it is useless  slightly more than half of the time. With a higher chance throughout the generations to work if the pokémon using attraction moves is female. (In most games trainers use pokémon of their own gender and there are a lot more male trainers). So even if trainers now use a 50/50 ratio of genders, there are still a lot of genderless pokémon dropping your chance well under 50%. Since it is an event pokémon the chance of getting it in a specific gender is even tinier. Cute that it exists, but I’ll be honest I am probably not gonna be using this one. I might just look at it though.. it’s so cute!

3. Gigantamax Butterfree

This one is basically just Mothra.. while it looks to cute to be Mothra it’s lore is near identical to it. It’s design comes as close to it as a purple butterfly could.  So yeah this one is just the classical movie Kaiju. When it flips its wings it can create gusts of wind powerful enough to know over dump trucks and it releases poisonous scales as it flaps that can be lumiscent as well and look quite beautiful. So yeah.. Mothra.  Dustox would have been such a more obvious choice for this but I guess it just lacked star power.

It’s ability compound eyes improve its accuracy, but there aren’t THAT much moves in it’s moveset that can fully exploit this ability, like it’s normal counterpart. I would in fact assume that Max moves have great accuracy like Z-moves , but I might be wrong, so it feels throwaway. It’s unique G-Max move is called Befuddle. It will replace all of it’s bug moves. After damaging it will inflict a random status, either poison, sleep or paralysis. The 100% stat chance is great but the reasons to paralyse or poison someone are very different so I don’t expect to see it a lot in competitive, unless you can somehow choose your status but this seems extremely unlikely.

2. Gigantamax Charizard

Stunning design, this Pokémon looks amazing, albeit a bit digimon-esque with all the particles that now are visible on his body. Gigantamax Charizard kind of looks like a digivolution of the regular charizard, which kinda fits the Kaiju theme for me as well. Think of the amazing pokémon cards they can make with this design. While I do get that this pokémon gets too much love, what they do is very nice. By far the sleekest looking Gigantamax Pokémon yet. It’s burning wings have given it a truly intimidating and monstrous quality.  These wings now burn with a heat that surpasses magma and Charizard can fire these wings at his opponent and regain them by an eternal fire burning inside.I kinda love it. 

It’s ability is Blaze, the standard fire starter ability that strengthens fire type moves when you are at low health, while normally I do not like this ability that much it just makes so much sense for this pokémon, so  you will not hear me complain about that one. It’s G-Max move is called Wildfire and this I absolutely love! It will not only damage but also apply a 4 turn DOT on all non fire pokémon in the arena. A Gigantamax transformation only lasts 3 turns so a four turn dot is really a nice momentum control. 

The best: Gigantamax Pikachu

In the late nineties and early two thousands we did not care about being politically correct, we did not know there were more than two genders and we did not recognise  people had a choice in what they wanted to be. We were concerned people would copy bad examples on television. So our brave soldiers , the concerned mothers, tried to ban and force changes on our little kids shows so we could grow up into a nice  generic little human. They tried to ban Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies, claiming his holding a purse as his favorite toy was promoting the gay agenda and would tell kids that being gay is okay.. so the purse had to go. Pokémon was about as controversial as South Park back in the day and one of the hot topics.. Pikachu was telling our precious children that it’s okay to be Fat. So of course.. he would have to go.. however they chose to slim him down instead. I missed my sweet little original Pikachub for twenty years…but through the power of Dynamax it is finally back.

This pokémon will not be much for competitive play, because it’s ability static and it’s move G-Max Volt Crash both inflict paralysis , making the ability mostly obsolete, except for maybe in double battles. Yet like I told before, this pokémon is not meant to do that. It’s simply a reward for being loyal, and fat pikachu is an ultimate homage to the series origins.  I loved the original design so much more, it felt so much more cuddly and adorable and aside from this version having a glowing tail, it is back! Thank you Game Freak and Pokémon Company! Thank you for bring back the Pikachu that I actually like!

Question to my Readers:

Which Pokémon would you like to see get a Gigantamax Form?

So with that we discussed the biggest news this week, time for me to make me some chicken soup and go back to bed to recover. I will all see you in my next post!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again
OO (other wise I am infectious)

Review: Pokémon 4ever – Celebi the Voice of the Forest

Hello my dear little subjects it is time to be right again, this time about the fourth pokémon movie in my monday movie review series. So far we have looked at three pokémon films, without their short and reviewed them including a spoiler heavy plot discussion. This time we will do things a bit differently. While I will talk about some plot elements , which you can see as minor spoilers, I will keep things a bit more suprising for those wanting to watch it for themselves. Reason for this is because I was ready to condemn this movie to a harsh grade when a surprise twist (I hate myself for for not noticing) saved this movie completely for me.

How does it Look and Sound

Technical stuff first let’s discuss the artwork and the sound first. This movie is about 70 minutes long, if we include end credits and if not lasts about 60 minutes. Visually we see some improvement of the last movie again and even the cg they used looks quite nice actually. It still has this … it doesn’t really belong their quality to it, but that actually works well in this movie. There is a theme of visual grandeur going on in this movie anyway, there are a lot of scenes in this movie that are meant to be beautiful and those moments shine at least in the visual sense. There are a lot of sparkles and mystical glows and the woods got some sense of life to them.  We get introduced to six new human characters, including secondary protagonist Sam. Their designs are all very fitting to the pokémon world, they do feel like they belong, unlike some of the filler characters of the second movie. Their is just one exception. The main villain suffers majorly from overdesign and I mean like majorly. He looks waaaaay to edgy.  He is a team rocket member, but wearing the traditional black outfit.. along with a metal vest that contains “dark balls” pokéballs that make pokémon evil.  His face is always hidden behind a golden creepy face mask, that again makes him look as if he is wearing high level MMO armor. All in all the movie has some nice visuals, a great set piece in this forest but a way to edgy villain, who comes with his own whole set of edgy effects.

The sound design in this movie starts atrociously bad.  At first I was thinking, something is wrong with my sound. Brock begins to narrate but it sounds like he is telling it through a tv or telephone as depicted in their world. After Brock has told everyone who Ash is , another narration track begins to play which does the exact same thing… clearly there must be something wrong with my soun…. oh no the characters just started talking and sound perfectly normal, i guess it’s a sort of weird style choice. All in all the english dub was done pretty well, Ash really carries some emotion in his voice this time which helps. Brock though… has some seriously stupid dialogue in this movie, and you can hear it in the preformance. He has zingers like ‘So maybe.. the lake of life.. is connected to life!….Wait! I get it restored Celebi back to life! ‘ You can just hear Eric Stuart shrugging in the recording studio going ‘dudes , what garbage is this dialogue?’ Unfortunately this is reflective for a large chunk of the dialogue that is not Ash or Sam. Oh and did I say that the villian sounds way to edgy as well?I have to give props though to the voicing of Celebi, you can really hear the emotion in that one. And it just says Bi all the time.  Quite impressive how they managed two put so many emotions in two letter words each time.
The music is nothing special, it reuses a LOT of the best music. There is some good music here.. it just has been used before, the original pieces are all very iffy to me. A choir playing a remake of Jason Paige theme into a rap thing..  it is really a mixed bag.

How does it Feel

It is strange that this sixty minute movie still managed to feel to long, at least during it’s runtime. There are a lof of ‘fluff’  scenes that do not really seem to further the plot and even convolute things. Through the twist at the end those scenes are given weight to salvage things. However, except for the twist, which is both briljant and lazy at the same time , the movie doesn’t really gel that nicely together. It feels like a bunch of scenes lighty strung together through the story of Celebi.  These scenes on their own feel entertaining enough but when you look at them all together, it makes things feel a bit ‘stupid’. For example the villain of the movie is chasing the heroes to get Celebi for himself, to make it evil with his dark balls. As he lays pursuit in a giant mechanical mecha, the group has to find some healing water to restore a battle damaged Celebi. They do not seem to notice a three meter high (10 foot)  giant mechanical spider in the forest. It gets even more stupid when the Masked Brawler or ‘Masked Hunter’ as he does not have a consistent name lays chase to them. For some reason even though he is chasing them, Ash and Sammy manage to camp out for a night, play with celebi for almost an entire day, travel from point A to B with the man chasing them.. and then manage to travel from point B back to A again BEFORE he finally intercepts them. Still they are not noticing the 10 foot giant mechanical spider mecha.

Characters are fairly flat set-pieces here, they had to be careful with Sammy because he was from the past but his arc is kind of weird. In the past he is chased by a hunter who wanted to catch Celebi and because he tried to save it he gets thrown 40 years into the future. Initially he seems perfectly okay with that, he just wants to find and rescue Celebi. While I sorta get what they are aiming for in terms of his persona, as he cares for pokémon more then himself’ it feels odd to get no reaction at first. It is only after Celebi has fully recovered and might have the energy to send him back he begins to start worrying. It both makes sense and it doesn’t .  Had they simply made him express these feelings before they found Celebi but made him say , let’s safe Celebi first though, we could have seen it’s a process. Then again.. home sickness can grow over time.. it just is not presented that well.
In this one Misty has been the one who is thoroughly sidelined.  Most of her lines are “Hello I am Misty I am a water pokémon trainer’.  As well as some jokes about Ash’s climbing skills. Brock at least gets a battle and is useful to the plot…sort of.

However easily the worst element of this movie is the villain. He is not as stupid as the one from the second movie but he is just this random evil dude who wants to use celebi of all pokémon to rule the world. Using Dark Balls to turn pokémon evil feels cringeworthy to me as well. It basically goes against the entire philosophy of pokémon and just feels needlessly ‘dark’ for kids. A pokéball that would prevent a pokémon from disobeying would have worked just as well and would have been less detrimental to the inevitable moment that the guy manages to catch Celebi (I do not consider this a spoiler since the entire movie is about movie trying to catch Celebi with Evil making balls, and each pokémon movie has Ash going up against a legendary.) Celebi as an antagonist doesn’t really work let alone under someone as edgy as the masked guy. The guy literally only yells words like “Destroy, Kill and Crush’  His goal is to ‘rule the world or at least take over Team Rocket and then maybe even the world’ He is so flat.. I asked him if I could get my bra back. 

How is the plot

Celebi gets chased by a hunter and flees to another time while he takes young Sam with him.. who was trying to help him, 40 years later the masked Rocket guy finds that same hunter for discovering Celebi once and turns his pokémon evil. He uses those pokémon to go hunt for Celebi himself, but this time not only does he has to deal with Sam, Ash is there too. Heroes of the past and present unite to fight against the force of evil, to free Celebi from his clutches.’ This is in short the plot summary and it’s executed pretty decently in terms of the overall narrative. It feels like a good movie plot and it works well enough to carry the movie trough it’s runtime. All scenes that need to get addressed get checked off properly.
Predictable? Yes! Entertaining? For the most part. There isn’t that much wrong with it, it is just cheap. Remember those colour by number things you could buy? That tells you where to put what paint? It kinda feels like that. In the end you get a decent enough product , but it doesn’t feel very exciting to sit through this.

Like I said earlier every scene in itself is done solidly enough, the Celebi fight is entertaining but if you ever saw any hero turning into a villian, you know how this will go beat per beat. Cue the sad moment that is in all these movies right after that. Yep! It follows suit in that regard as well. Where the film really falters though is in the dialogue. Ash and Sam get off fairly well but the rest of the characters are all so throw-away.  Their lines feel so wooden and often inappropriate. There is a scene where Misty twists her knee, while they are being chased, so you expect the villains to close the gap between them because of it. Nope.. it doesn’t effect the story at all. When Ash is nearly falling off a tree due to a psychic attack and he climbs back again ferociously Brock and Misty make a monkey joke about him rather than be concerned. This movie is about the blooming friendship between Ash and Sam and because of it , Brock and Misty could not have anything interesting to say.  Even if Brock had a battle in this movie, if both of them weren’t there.. nothing would have changed in the course of the movie.  

There are a lot of throwaway scenes there too. While it does show Ash and Sam becoming friends because they saw these scenes together, which works in the end, they could have bonded trough talks or trough fighting harder together, but now they see a bunch of Metapods evolve and they eat berries together. Sam gives Ash some bread when he gets hungry in the middle of the night, because he thinks of his mother’s cooking?!. It’s cute but do we really need to spend 5  minutes filled with that in a movie that is already kinda short. The scenes aren’t bad but they could have just been so much better. We see Sam use an old fashioned style pokéball and not knowing off the pokédex, tell us how things went in his time then! At least that would be interesting lore. We’ve seen metapod evolve into butterfree already so why this.  There is a great playscene with Celebi which I love though, Sam and Ash play with Celebi and they bond over it.. which works very well but that one would have been enough to convey the message of blossoming friendship. All in all, without spoiling to much , the movie does what it needs to do but it feels like it is aiming to be passable rather than good. As a result it barely succeeds at being passable. 

What is the verdict

The last pokémon movie had the title 3d and in fairness it had many dimensions. This one just has one. The villain has no layers at all, but at least he didn’t become a megalomaniac over a trading card. Celebi is super cute and it’s struggles are by far the most interesting thing in this movie, but they are repeated to many times. It is to predictable as well. Brock and Misty do very little in this movie other than maybe keep some additional animators employed. I was ready to give this the “full of smoke” verdict much like the second movie when a twist near the end saved this movie for me a bit. I realised it just before the big reveal and felt stupid, i could have known this, but somehow I was blinded by other obvious things. 
The twist did not only impact the movie for me but the anime franchise as a whole. It made me think about things reflect on what I’ve seen before. It was purely from this moment of reflection of my childhood that this movie had gotten some additional value.  It is overall very inoffensive just very lazy and while I am critical on that in the end it shown to have some value in the franchise for me , which I am glad about, because the movie felt to good for Flareon rating and those final minutes made me smile as I could now confidently put it in my espeon tier. I do not mind this movie ,it is okay and that last revelation made me feel I did not waste my time.

Question to my readers:

What is your favorite time travel movie?

So little subjects that concludes yet another factual review. Do note that the plot twist though is only interesting if you know something of the pokémon world. That being said the stupid diaglogue is also only stupid you know something about it either, so I guess it balances out. ‘So you really like Pokémon?’ is a really stupid question to ask to a pokémon trainer though regardless! So have a wine or something before watching this one. Maybe I should ask Irina for some tips to sit through the next 18 movies!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again

Pink-Poké-News: Week 41

So last week, we lost all contact with reporter Pinkie Cherryblossom. Luckily earlier this morning we picked her up at Shalour City. Kalos’s most prominent costal city. She seemed confused and was not able to recollect what she exactly saw near the end of her log. She kept rambling about a wise man, stolen food and wings. So we slapped her in the face, told her she had a job to do and give her take on the latest pokémon news. So please welcome back reporter Pinkie for this week’s edition of the Pink-Poké-News.

Galarian Ponyta

Hello again little monsters, Pinkie Cherryblossom here reporting live for Pink-Poké-News. I am incredibly excited to announce the existence of the Pokémon Shield only Pokémon , Galarian Ponyta. Apparently it was announced in a 24 hour live stream we unfortunately seem to have missed completely. A rainbow unicorn pokémon is exactly what I wanted all my life. However the fans seem to be confused to why it is not a fairy type. Galrian Ponyta has been announced to be the psychic type, and to be honest when you think rainbow unicorn (I actually dance each time I say that word)  sounds pretty much like a fairy to me to. So why is it a psychic type instead? Of course I asked the other Pinkies what they feel.

Professor Pinkie told it is a typing that goes a lot better alongside its ability Pastel Veil, an ability that prevents the poison status from occurring on your pokémon.. or even curing it of others when it is used next to a poisoned pokémon in double battles. Since fairy types have a weakness to poison this would already pose a conflict lorewise. Why would something weak to poison be able to heal poison. Secondly she says that it is most likely to add some speed to the rainbow unicorn. Psychic types are among the fastest pokémon in the game and given her theories about it’s evolution getting as much speed on it would seem like a great move. She was reluctant to say what she believes this evolution will be though. 

Detective Pinkie however , whom is all about theories , did not share such sentiment. She agreed with the speed idea because she believes Galarian Rapidash will be a psychic flying type, apparently she has seen images of the live steam where the Ponyta’s look up so she believes it might reflect them looking up to their flying mother. Fairy types usually do have mediocre speed so for a speeding pegasus the psychic type makes most sense. Even more so if we look at the legend of Rhiannon. She is a figure in celtic mythology that is known for her intelligence and strategic sense and sharp mind.  She is a hero of sorts which was strongly linked to white horses and was even depicted flying a pegasus. She was linked to the horse goddess Epona (so now you know why a certain horse is called that way).  It could very well be that this myth stemming from Britain has directly influenced their pony designs.

Chibi Pinkie, our gamer feels that since Galarian Weezing already is a fighting type, as well as plenty of others being in the game now, it serves a balancing purpose. It’s  pokédex entry of absorbing mystical energies does work for both types. She also feels we might not officially see a Galarian Rapidash but believes Ponyta might evolve into something else. To make it more akin to Galarian Farfetch’D it’s mirror pokémon in Pokémon Sword.

The Wise Man

A new leak of Pokémon Sword and Shield recently surfaced. Using the icon of an indian shaman and the handle of Wiseman.  So it has been dubbed the Wiseman Leak. While not confirmed, the wise man uses a lot of information the so called Ben Affleck leak used as well. The Ben Affleck leak has so far been proven to be incredibly accurate and Wiseman seems to expand on this a bit. While easy enough to do recently Game-Informer had an interview with Game Freak which seem to bring credibility to this leak. A lot of the names mentioned seem to be extremely well thought off and in line with how Nintendo and Game Freak name their pokémon. So while not confirmed this leak belongs to the more credible ones. Then again, the Riddler leak looked promising as well and that has shown little as of late, it wasn’t really wrong but offered little info either.

The Indian guy  is very clear cut, little mystery here. He for example tells the people that the Coal Pokémon Rollycoly, the coal Pokémon, will have two evolution stages, in his first evolution it should evolve into a pokémon called Rollycosta, a minecart pokémon. Since Rollycosta is introduced to us in a mine and it’s first forms already have wheels this seems to be quite plausible. It fits theme very well and it is this reporters belief that would be a perfect inbetween stage to let it transform into a steam train pokemon. Strongly connected to the new ability steam engine that Rollycosta gets and very fitting of the theme. 

The Wise Man also has his say about how the story will go. Especially when talking about Marnie. She is a somewhat reluctant Idol who has to keep her fans happy but has the actual goal to stop Eternatus and thus the power the power force of Gigantamaxing. Eternatus is the the name the Ben Affleck leak gave to the third legendary that is oposion Zamazenta and Zacian. It is said that is called ‘he who lives below’ and through its power Dynamax and Gigantamaxing has become possible, because it hopes to use this force to eradicate the world of technology and eventually even human life.  This could certainly be an interesting story and would make Max Raid battles quite believable, however it seems unlikely that a new battle mechanic would be disabled for the endgame so perhaps people will learn how to use it properly and if not this one might not get to fruition.

Other info he tells is that the character Oleana is like Plumeria , an evil Team Admin from Sun and Moon, but Rose (the Chairman of the pokémon league) who fans suspect to be evil is not like Guzma. It is unsure if he means Rose is not an evil guy or if he just eludes us by referring to personality.  The Wise man also told that Zacian and Zamazenta would both be Steel Fairy Types. Their abilities would allow them to Gigantamax for the entire battle rather than just three turns. The pseudo legendary is said to be a dragon ghost type based on the Ouroboros. The snake that eats its own tail. 

Starter Evolutions

The most interesting thing that this leak contains however is the names and very general descriptions of the starter evolutions including their typings. 
Scorbunny is said to evolve into Raboot and then into Haretrik while the Ben Affleck leak already named the first evolution Wiseman is the first to name the final form. He describes it as a very human like pokémon with a very animal like face. In the Game Freak interview they described the patch on Scorbunny’s face to be that of a deliquant. So I expect the pokémon to take on a Bancho like appearance.. I imagine it like a sort of rabbit version of Jotaru Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures (Stardust Crusaders version). It will remain pure fire type through its entire line but will learn a lot of fighting moves.

Grookey is said to evolve into Grunkey and then into Gorocka, the Affleck leak described the final evolution as a Gorilla with drums so this seems to match up very well.Interestingly enough is is said this line will be a Grass-Normal type line. Which seems like an odd choice at first but given that all sound based moves are almost all normal types it actually would make a whole lot of sense.

Sobble is said to evolve into Sizzile and then into Intelleon. Wiseman claims the pokémon to be a water-poison type which would make it the first starter ever that is both super effective against the fire, as the grass type. This does sound like somewhat of an odd choice, but hey after 8 generations we could use a change up.  The pokémon is be claimed to follow a spy theme, which makes a lot of sense to how the first trailer introduced Sobble to us. With a lot of camouflage and hiding skills, and let’s not forget the british theming when we talk about spies. The poison typing would fit nicely into such a theme as well. During the game freak interview they were very mysterious around sobble’s evolution evenly openly so , which could line up as well with the alleged theme.

While I am not very excited about the Scorbunny line the other two seem very interesting and very possible. The fact that we haven’t had a pure fire type in quite a while..(there hasn’t been any since gen 2) but water and grass had pure types in Gen 5 it would also feel appropriate)
Since the Affleck leak has yet to be flat out wrong on anything this might be what we are actually getting. Once again this is not confirmed yet so take everything with a healthy grain of salt. This is simply speculation right now that just so happens to match up with a lot of confirmed things so who knows.

About the blog

Now that we have been blogging for nearly four month , with an article each day it is time to analyse a bit. Currently we a follower count of 78 which about 30 individual followers visiting each day, sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less. We of course still hope to expand the blog. We are growing at a nice and steady pace but given the length of our articles , it might not be possible to keep up 7 posts per week. So do not be afraid when soon we start missing a day at times, we are simply experimenting on how to optimise our little space here. Pokémon is a wonderful hobby to have and to share with the world. With plenty to tell. However I will need some time to play through pokemon  fan-games watch a bunch of movies and edit some pictures for my stories and all. I have a fairly active social life and I am beginning to notice stuff is moving a bit out of balance and I need to figure this out.

Expect to see some experimental content in the future say for example instead of an entire review I do episodic let’s plays ending with a review. Expect items to get cut if they aren’t getting me views etc. So to all those who follow me I’d like to ask help me improve the site by really showing me what content you like. If you want me to return to your favorite what if story, or talk about your favorite pokémon, give more play tips or whatever let me know so I can improve this place and let it grow. If you have tips, want to help out , want to request something or whatever you desire feel free to use our contact page to reach out.  I really want this place to be a unique voice in the pokémon world where both fans and non fans can discover something about the franchise. So if you have any ideas, don’t wait for the Pinkies to think up of them! Make a suggestion! Of course if you really like a certain type of content be sure to let me know in the comments or by liking a post so I can play the numbers game a bit better!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support for this blog and I hope to bring you a lot of content in the days to come! Stay Pink and thanks for reading!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again

Saturday Special: The Real Neat Blogger Award

It is always nice to get an award let alone one that uses a Peachy Pink in its logo. It’s all thanks to Megan of A Geeky Gal. I really like her blog, it is all very neat with a nice personal note to. Both her Youtube channel as her her blog show a lot of herself. It also helps that her icon is pink! That is a big plus in my book. It seems that she mains the wrong console, Playstation over Nintendo, but she is excited about Animal Crossing so we can forgive that. She seems very down to earth and charismatic which also shows in her youtube videos! I doubt she is actually a no-maj/muggle but I can’t prove that yet! Help me uncover evidence  by visiting her blog and youtube!


The Rules

  • Display the Award Logo.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them seven questions.

Questions to Pinkie

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

I always have a bit of difficulty talking about this, not having the healthiest of hearts the easiest answer would be in a jar, in some weird place.  Yet that might a bit to grim even if it is almost halloween. So lets alter this question a bit too , where do you want to be in 10 year. In which case I would love to own a bar, dedicated to boardgames and hopefully even D&D. A geek bar where people come to play trading card games, D&D  and where sing Jason’s Paige theme song every time on Karaoke night. Most off all I just want to be able to be myself in ten years, free myself from the societal stigmas as much as I can. Just be me and have everyone know that what they see is 100% the true me. I want to be able to walk in a pink coat across the street not caring if people think I am immature. , I want to be able to host game night for my friends and people thinking.. “good for her” rather than “they should just go to a bar like normal people”.

I would love to have some money to spend and have a pet duck named Eggs and a pet Sharpei (wrinkly dog) named Steak. Possibly living in the city of Utrecht. Of course I would also settle for a job for the Pokémon Company or working in the Pokémon Café but that might be hard to do, yet one can dream. I at least would love to do something with storytelling and geekdom. Enabling others to be themselves like me.Not be like me.. just encouragin people to be themselves.

Who or what is your spirit animal

The easy answer would be a unicorn! I could leave it at that and anyone who even remotely knows me would say, yep that’s right. Yet that would be boring content so my answer would be Fluffle Puff.  This character first appeared on Dan vs FiM and later on Fluffle Puff Stories. She was created by Fluffymixer.

She is a pink Fluffy Pony. She is a a gay pink ball of fluff and randomness that is very happy and loves everything and sees everything as alive and such.  She lives together with her partner , whom is a bit of a Tsundere Eldritch Pony type kind of thing. Fluffle features in the song Pink Fluffy Unicorn Dancing on Rainbows, which has become somewhat of an anthem of me. She embodies everything I wish to be about. I would also like to get myself a Tsundere Goth girl which I can annoy by pinking up the house or by buying new sets of plushies.. and she reluctantly can not help to crack a smile seeing me bounce in happiness. I even made a video about a look in my mind which shows this best.

So this my mind!
And the actual Song!

What is one thing on your bucket list

The easy answer here would be: A pink bucket preferably with Hello Kitty on it.  I would not really call that a list however as it is the only bucket I would ever want.. unless there is a bucket with pokémon on it too which there probably is.  I however assume we are referring to the things I want to do before we die. That one is easy for me to answer as well. I want to travel to the Pokémon Center in Tokyo and the neighbouring Pokémon Café. More specifically I want to visit that Pokémon Café and have a Mew’s Fluffy Marshmallow Drink, a pink strawberry flavored drink with a Mew Straw a lot of marshmallows and heart candy on top. I am fairly consistent in my desires, if it’s pink, cute, sweet or geeky I want it. So something that meets all those conditions would be very high on my list. This drink combines a lot of my desires and dreams together into a somewhat achievable sounding goal ,so it made the list.  If you want to know more about that dream… I ramble about it in this post!

What is your strategy for the zombie Apocalypse.

Spoilers! I would try to become a beloved blogger and find fans who would give their lives to keep me safe.. just kidding that is the easy answer again. Honestly I would be in pretty hot water,  living in a one exit flat at seven high. Then again my home town is known for a rapper guy who claims he has 100 guns and 100 bullets. He tells everyone how whack he is and if how you cross him he will amputate your leg. So I count on him dealing with the zombies. Since he is an idiot though I doubt he will last to long. So I will create a body suit made out of all my plushies. Zombies can’t infect me  if I am covered by a three cubic feet of cotton. So after creating the ultimate form of armor i’d probably roll around like a Katamari adding new plushies to my suit as I go on. I’d probably take shelter in the government instance that provides benefits, no one goes there willingly not even the staff so I would assume it’s just an empty place where even zombies have some latent memories of .. ‘braaaaain….let’s not go there’

What movie/book character are you most like.

Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon (the game version) would be the easiest answer. But she is not from a book or a movie! A girl who fights to find her own voice and identity in a world that is foreign to her. She is someone I very much like but there is a character I feel is closer to me. That character is Princess Unikitty.. or regular Unikitty. From the Lego Movie!  It’s a pink unicorn cat hybrid, that I remember as the leader of Cloud Cuckoo land but I can’t find written proof about that memory. It doesn’t really matter as her home gets destroyed soon anyway. She is a character who lives for being different who openly rebels against being normal.. but also someone who’s main agenda is to be happy, dressing the world with happy bubbly euphemisms and living in a bit of a fantasy bubble. Underneath all that pink frosting of a personality there is a lot deeper stuff as well. She can strike with furious anger when something stands in the way of her happiness. Her true  dream is that everyone will be happy and creative and in those goals I relate to those ambitions a lot.

We have to build our own dreams and stop all dreaming about the same stupid picket white fence. Umbrella dreams, like the american dream, make me sad. It feels like brainwashing to shove is into socially desired behaviour. The entire goal to get married have children, live in the country… eeewww. I mean it’s fine if you want that.. but it doesn’t tell the world a single thing about YOU. It doesn’t make you , you.. it just makes you ‘alive’. Unikitty for me is the prophet of the message “ you do you,” . I wish to inspire that way of thinking  in people as well. One of my friends just wants to be normal but she can’t explain why she wants it, she just has to because other people would think less of her otherwise.. when I tell her “that’s why they want you to be normal but why do you want it? ‘ she can’t answer. She doesnt know because it is not really her talking it’s the common good. I WANT A MEW’s FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW DRINK, because it would make me happy. I want to blog because I feel I have a message to tell. My life goal is not to achieve everyone’s goals.I want to be remembered. Oh Pinkie.. that was an odd one.. she wore a crown of leaks once.. just because.. is something I’d rather see people talk about then. ‘Oh it’s that girl that was married to the baker’s younger sister.. yeah I heard they want to adopt a child soon’ that last conversation talks about me but says nothing about me! I do not want that.. And again Unikitty to me is the fictional character that shares my vision like that.  She has multiple forms as well, like me and my other Pinkies! So a perfect pairing.

If you could do anything for a living , what would it be.

The Easy answer would be.. see question 1.. but you know it by now I don’t do that. A Pokémon Master is a bit to unrealistic and a pro pokémon player would be to vanilla. I would love a job at the Pokémon Company… ‘so if you are out there PC! I WILL move to Japan.. or anywhere in the world for you!’  Let’s take this answer on the more interesting tour though because I wanna have money. So if I could do ANYTHING in THIS world, besides working for Pokémon.. I would love to be a singer. Unfortunately my condition is bad for my motor skills so I can not dance and my voice is oftenly weak so I can’t sing either, but hey I could be anything by the question by Arceus will I be anything. Of course I would produce ‘pink’ music. Like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Love Live and a bit of Hatsune Miku. Mostly Kyary though! The english version of it.. for international success. For those who don’t know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. On the stage with lots of ornaments and fun and cute costumes seems like a dream to me. I do like to sing, it makes me happy even if I am bad at it, going at it with a geeky and pink angle would only make it batter and me one happy pink little thing. The crown jewel of my career would be if I could sing one of the theme songs for the pokémon anime!

(My favorite song first! I would love to make a clip like this!)
(The most famous one)
(And Finally an idication how my english style of it would be)

If you were forced to wear a warning label what would yours say?

Do not Microwave, I may look cute and fluffy but I do not microwave very well!. I would explode! Even if I don’t I doubt it is good for my mechanical parts. I guess if I would have an ACTUAL warning symbol I guess it would have to be. Warning: Excessive use can lead to unexpected behaviour. I am good at manipulating, not necessarily in a abusive way but I can get people to do what I want fairly easily. If me and my friends go out and we are looking for a place to go to I almost always  am the one that gets to push her pick. Not because I am that stuborn, but because I make you want what I want. For example say I want to eat sushi and my friend wants to go eat Italian. I look for a desire in that person that overlaps more with sushi than Italian and I pull on that. For example to a health minded friend I’d say.. I prefer sushi because they also have a lot of less Carb options on the menu like Sashimi and normal prawns and Cucumber or something. Too a social friend I say I like it how during Sushi it’s a bit easier to talk with all the shared food on the table ( I don’t know why but Sushi actually talks easier than some other sorts of food). Then they become like ‘I want that too’ after which they are like wax in my hands. I get my way without my friends ever feeling duped because I simply give them something they desire in return, even if that is just a bit of an illusion.

During a board game with social aspects I can make players make the moves I want them to make. I can read their intentions based on their regular playstyle and lure them into traps. Yet it will never because I advised you to make the move .. I make you want to make that move because I know you well enough to trick you into it. You will not feel duped by me.. you feel YOU misplayed. That sounds a lot eviller than it actually is, I just make sure that everybody gets something they want… I just happen to maybe get just a little more out of it than you, but unless you know me VERY well, you’ll barely notice.

Questions FROM Pinkie

Now it is time to ask seven questions to seven people! And since the questions megan asked me where fairly personal I will follow the same course. Adding a bit of a halloween touch to it all because why not.

1. What is the thing that you fear most?
2. You are a character in a horror movie (a teenager) what trope would you be?
3. What do you think comes after death?
4. You are now a Horror Villain, what is your backstory and what is your main weapon?
5. What is the weirdest (mysterious)  thing you have ever experienced (think ghosts, aliens , elvis spotting etc)
6. You become a ‘classic’ monster you can choose between, A vampire who sparkles and has to drink to death. A werewolf, who loses control at moonlight and will hunt, a green skinned warty witch who eats children or a regular zombie what do you choose?
7.  What is your favorite scary movie?
(Bonus question : What is that weird thing standing behind you?)


Tiger Anime
A Girl and Her Anime

Of course if you do not participate in such challenges that is totally fine! If at all possible try to pass on your nomination to someone else deserving, so we can all keep meeting new people and learn more about our wonderful community.
If I haven’t mentioned you and you really want to participate let me know! I have two nominations left which I like to save for someone wanting to answer these questions!
Thanks again Megan for the nomination, This one was really fun to do!

The Pinkest Poké Blogger is blasting off again