Geeky Dreams Explain: Pinkie’s Weirdest Bizarre Vacation

Hello Island Guests! In this blog we are going to do something special! We are going to analyse one of my most vivid and geeky little dreams I have had in awhile. I still remember the story very well. So I thought it would be a good and funny tale to tell. It turns out…it might have had deeper issues than I thought. I have had this dream twice now with only minor variants.. like in the second run I was aware I had this dream before so I could alter some of the events.. but only to minor effect.  For all intents and purposes I shall tell you the story of the first variation of the dream.

My dream begins in the Southern of France, there is some sort of Formula 1 like race going on.. but the cars are also racing Sonic the Hedgehog and a few other video game like characters. This being a great bridge between Dad and me we decide to go watch.. but we still need to buy tickets and no one has money for it. Yet then Fred and George Weasley show up on their brooms saying they have a plan! We could rob the local beer Factory and sell beer for the races cheaper than on the circuit itself.. it would be a gold mine. So I go along with them and we steal a pallet of beer! I nearly fall but Fred and George save me! We bring the pallet to dad who managed to get a sales license but he betrays me.. he only got permits for himself Fred and George as he does not want me talking through the race. Fred and George give me a few beers but really want to see the match so they agree with Dad. I try to get in anyway but dad puts the blame for stealing the beer solely on me and reports me to the authorities so I have to flee.

The dream skips ahead a few days and I am in a different hotel a really weird one. I made some new friends there, some based on my real life friends ..well one.. and the others are new friends.  I help out in a hotel to stay there but now I got some free time and I am able to swim with my friends! But the pool is made entirely out of milk!  People do not seem to mind and bring up the name of the hotel is Cleopatra resort. One of the other pool guests is a Wailmer pokémon and for some reason Widget the alien is sunbathing there. All the other guests are like minor geeky things or elements of my life. The weirdest thing is like a stick of Butter who once tosses us our beach ball, me and my friends play with when in the pool of milk.  Suddenly a wall explodes and there is Deadpool! Who has been hired to kill me for stealing the beer!  (Thanks dad) , he murders everyone in the pool first and I try to hide under a bed.  He comes after me and says I can not escape. I get fed up with him and tell him I will haunt him from the afterlife.. so he says he will hunt me there as well. He stabs me in the heart and then cuts off his own head. I try to escape but the wound kills me as I fall and sink in the milk.

I then wake up in a indoor pool.. the walls are very bland. there is but one big pool with a huge diving board. My friends are there… but all as 6 or 7 year old school girls. I notice I am a six year old or so as well. I notice there is one extra girl who peels of her face.. to reveal Deadpools mask behind it.. but Shoujopool realises she doesn’t have swords. So she points  at the diving board way up high and tells we should hold a diving competition instead. The loser will go to hell and the winner can return to earth. So that is what we do. We realise there is no judge so we decide to let my friends score.. and give a score ourselves.  Deadpool goes first and I talk my friends into giving him bad scores. 1/10 from all.. but that friend who was a real friend who gives him a 9/10 ..saying  he now she loves Deadpool laughing loud at the silly jump. I climb up but my motor skills really make me slow.. I finally get there as I think I already disappointed my friends… This pool is filled with water…but to make the water appear I have to drop a peanut into the pool. Which luckily I had on me and a fountain shaped like an M&M begins spraying water.. he was in a dream before and he was a chocolate fountain then.. each time I need a liquid I need to toss a peanut at him this is a recurring thing ever since I was 16. 

More on  that later though… I jump into the pool.. but flop real sloppily so I think my one friend will give me a bad grade.. but he doesn’t ……because Deadpool ripped the heads of all my friends and build himself a tipi (native american tent)  of their bodies and a hat of their heads. He tells me I scored zero and I lost. I tell him he cheats and he should give my friends back.. so using some of those cocktail sticks he puts their heads back which revives the girliest girl among them somehow.. but not the rest. He says whoops! Then the girly girl tells me to fight him and Gonna Fly now  begins playing and as we both yell Ding Ding.. We punch each other in the face.. the Screen pans out slightly and we become dwan animations on parchment..slowly zooming out while Subtitles roll to reveal we are actually a trading card. After the subtitles are over that trading card is at the Milk pool..I pick it up.. look around and realise everyone is still dead. I swear.. and that is the moment I wake up.

So now I will use a book of interpreting dreams I once got to identify elements of my dream and come up with an analysis! I haven’t done this before but I felt like it might be a funny post so here we go! The father stuff is fairly obvious.. he is increasingly ignoring me from his life so the way he acts in this dream makes perfect sense. A vacation appearing in a dream according to my little encyclopedia stands for desiring a change of pace or wanting to renew my energies. I have been dealing with a very pesky fatigue as of late so I assume it is the later. A racetrack means can mean I feel my life is going in circles according to this book.. given that a vacation is a thing theme as well.. those two might meet.. since we did take a vacation TO a racetrack. Combined with my father I begin to see a connection. Fred and George I did not think had a deeper meaning. Looking it up though Wizards in dreams mean there are hidden forces at work.. so I guess they could represent Dad’s girlfriend who is manipulating him against us.. but never openly does so. Stealing should mean I feel misunderstood and that I feel like I lack emotional support and appreciation.. that in context makes a lot of sense. Beer apparently is an indicator for hiding behind a mask, now showing my true face and that is a big issue for me.. especially around my family, mostly dad. I fake a lot so I don’t get into conflict but I feel sad that my true self can not be appreciated by him.

The scene that my life is being saved by Fred and George apparently means my head thinks I should let go of a unhealthy bond which makes an awful lot of sense in this part of the dream. The betrayal of my father at the end neatly wraps it up as Betrayal means the dreamer is doubting between the bond between the betrayer and themselves. So yes.. my relationship with my father is indeed not a very good one.. the time I had this dream was just after he had successfully had a malignant tumor removed. Before when he was sick he reached out to us and as soon as the operation was done and he was going to live .. he began shutting us out again. I saw this coming from before and even spoke this out to the rest of the family that it would really hurt me.. they said that would not happen but it did.  Nowadays Dad just criticizes us wherever he can so if I need to drive back home with him (as I can not drive myself)  I feel super uncomfy and just talk to keep him from condemning me. Each time we meet he promises things will go better and every time we are shoved out further. So this first act.. makes a lot of sense! Except for Sonic!

The trait that stands out most in the second act of my dream is milk.  Milk stands for the desire to have a better relationship with your friends or family…which makes this dream quite scarily consistent. Imagining friends who aren’t real  stands for having elements of myself that I really suppress.. or at least according to this book. In real life I have indeed been pretending al lot to have a semblance of fitting in. Seeing friends of old signifies a desire to go back to a simpler time and seeing friends die shows i am worried about my friendships continuing to exist. Each time I had these dreams a friend the friend of old in question I dreamed about really distanced himself further from the group. The first time he blamed us for not going anywhere in our lives and how that marooned his ambition and job comes before friends. Second time he was really negative about all the people I care about in our group and wished for a return to the super male energy of before my coming and of my bestie. 

A pool with water I can not see through.. and I assume milk counts as that, shows that I might be emotionally confused which again was true for the time at the dreams. I wish to continue this friendship..with the male energy person and at times he is a great friend. Yet the fickleness at which I can be tossed out when I am not convenient at the moment hurts. I am not sure I can live with that. I am worth more than be a friend when convenient. Butter , also has a meaning, it represents happiness. I think it stands for how I cope with that relation. Some of our other friends are very focussed on how he acts now at them. Hate him for his unreliabilty, he’s hurting us an selfish. I do not want to lose him so I focus on all the good memories. Widget the Alien.. might mean someone pushes me to my limits or beyond. I am not sure he counts but well I bet we can explain that. If we consider Wailmer the whale pokemon to represent a whale it means something is currently overtaxing me or pressing heavily on me …which again makes scarily much sense to me. 

It gets worse when Deadpool shows up. See my book does not mention a fourth wall breaking super hero as a possible analogy thing.. but a masked figure I am scared off like I was in the dream .. is  actually in my dream book thing again. Apparently a Scary Mask means that I feel …. And I wish I was joking… A lack of harmony in my family or friends. When I started this I genuinely thought this might be tons of fun.. but I am kinda weirded out by how consistently accurate these elements are in my dream. I am not fully sure if I believe in dream analogy but this is a pretty big coincidence at the very least. You can easily say.. but deadpool’s mask is not scary..and I’d say sure.. but I was terribly afraid for him in the dream so it counts! I  also think it is safe to kill Deadpool a killer. When you see a killer murder others the dream book explains it means for emotional sadness another has caused in me.

This can both reflect on my dad again as well as that friend who moved away because he chose ambition over friendship. Ever since he left a few members of our group gave up.. he was the host and now even if I try to host some others just don’t come ..because they rather would go to the other guy.. I am not good enough. Being murdered myself by a killer ties in with that quite well as it shows my brain  feels like people are working against me together.  While I do not feel they actually conspire against me.. I do feel that the negative actions of one.. trigger negative actions in the other yet another stays at home because that second guy is not coming and no one wants to break this cycle. So yeah I have to say.. the second chapter of my analogy also makes a lot of sense. It’s more intangible than the first but these are worries in my head at the time of dreaming. I am not lonely but I can feel myself slipping.

Now onto the final part of this dream. Luckily the implications of this part are a bit more positive! I think they actually represent my blogging life because these dreams occured on the time I felt quite empowered by my blog!  The being reborn part stands for getting a second chance to obtain something I thought was unobtainable, to deal with stuff I want to deal with but could not before or it can represent that I am ready to move on with my life. I am getting close to accept how things are and move on from the pain and start a new phase in my life.  Since I see myself as a younger person now I am more inclined to believe it represents that second part! Because seeing yourself as a young person represents the desire to make up for mistakes I made in the past. Or seize opportunities I did not before. 

When my clique was very tightly knit I never had any reason to make new friends.. I loved this group of friends and having these people was more than enough for me. At conventions I rather would hang out with them as new geeks because they were all I needed. They went out to socialise with others a lot though and now I do regret not doing that as much . I was content with what I had but I wished I could have reached out to others and now I can. Seeing a group of kids ..which in this case are my imaginary friends.. which we already discussed were reflections of sides of myself I could not show.. means the merging of several aspects of my personality… In other  words I suppressed a lot of my persona.. and blogging brings this out more and more and I accept more and more those traits of my personality around you guys! I also show it more in real life! If people are slipping anyway, I might as well make friends by being the truest me!

The Clear Swimming pool, stands for a much healthier emotional life. Since my tonal shift on the blog around May.. which was around the first time I had this dream means, I have been much more honest about my emotions. I accepted myself a lot more and the implications being myself had and even if something sad happens like a person not liking me I was more okay with it because at least it was real. The diving board stems from a temptation and the empty swimming pool I saw for an emotional emptiness. Around April and recently..when things were at a low I was very tempted to harm myself…in the permanent way. By jumping from a great height even…a temptation I had a hard time to fight off. There were times that I felt so alone.. and unheard I was empty.. much like the hall this dream was set in. My health sometimes makes me feel like a time-bomb. I want people to have a positive memory of me. When everything is slipping..sometimes the thought occurs that I should exit stage left now! While I still have some some semblance of control The competition however stands for a will to fight..  so I fight that temptation. No matter how often the thoughts are in my head.. I know I have people who love me still. For them I fight! For them I live! So that temptation..will only just be that. A easy to resist temptation that sometimes nibbles in my mind. But let’s not dwell on that.. this part is about positivity!

The Peanut.. believe it or not also represents something.. it apparently signifies gaining popularity on a personal level. The M&M I am going to interpret as a piece of candy because brands are not considered.. candy represents social Pleasures and an increase in friendships and love. I have actually made friends by blogging.. by being more personal with and more me recently I have gained a bit of popularity as well. I know some people still just like a post without reading it and I know who.. but I have gained this “pack” as of sorts.. a group of people I regularly interact with and it has made me so happy. and at ease with myself.. Again showing a full  clear swimming pool.. much more healthy on an emotional level. It’s like as if my mind says! Don’t worry girl you got more people behind you then you think!

The decapitation allegedly stands for me not wanting to think on certain elements and everyone who read my anniversary special knows that this is indeed a worry. I have a demon on my shoulder telling me people actually hate me. I want to starve that demon, not think about those doubts! The boxing shows I have an inner conflict. Like I mentioned I have that little demon on my shoulder that tells me you all hate me.. so you are a source of pain.. yet also a source of happiness and stability. Boxing also represents throwing up to much barriers for myself.. like what I did before!  People can like me well enough without always having to respond to me.. by making them react to me.. I place a barrier on my happiness while just sending them a message or getting a like or a smile can be enough. The Card I pick up at the end allegedly shows I want some form of attention .. which is true of course. I would not be blogging otherwise. The fact that I appear at the world of the living  again means I won from Deadpool and victory stands for successfully overcoming attacks  from rivals or obstacles. I can beat that inner demon and I can have that attention! I need to accept myself for it and accept some relationships do not work! Not everyone has to be a bestie as either. Support and positive energy can come in all sort of quantities and from all sort of places. I just need to be willing to accept it. I should not be scared to lose bonds over time.. I should be happy and excited to form new ones.

And on that high note I will end today’s post!  It was much more interesting to analyse this dream as I thought.. such a silly dream had a lot of elements that really seemed applicable to me and I actually feel a lot more sane now!  Even though my dream was weird.. I think in the end it was mostly about very normal desires that have been a bit fritzy lately! I know I talk about this subject a lot but before I started translating I did not know this was going to be what it is about. Have you ever analysed your own dreams?  Let me know! And for everyone reading truly thank you! You are the reason I do not swim in milk anymore! You gave me a peanut and a card. You give me a reason to decapitate people in my dreams..because in such an awesome community I have better things to think about than my woes and worries!

A Million Anime to pick next: How to Choose What to Watch (Part I)

Dear Island Guests, I have seen sooooo much less anime than the majority of you. Sometimes if I hear you talking you are so intimidating to me! Typing out japanese names of niche anime and everyone jumping the bandwagon. When I ask what anime I should watch next , I get lists that are longer than MY posts, and my posts are rather lengthy. So how do I decide what anime I watch next?! In today’s post I will “review” some ways I use to pick an anime. Plus why I think it’s a good method…but also their downside.


This is strictly my opinion and does not contain facts , I think by now now I finished about 40ish anime series and dropped/tried  about as much as well. So that isn’t a whole lot. I am not inexperienced but I am also not nearly as dedicated as many here. My wish for community does play a large role in these reasonings, this shall not apply to everyone . Any form facts only refer to my opinion.. It is a fact I feel this way.. no one has to share any of these opinions or feel compelled to do so.
<End of Disclaimer>

Let’s start out with one of the more common ways to pick an anime! Watching whatever is in season! Plenty of you out there follow anime seasons and most of you seem to have fun doing it. I have followed MHA season 1 and 2 on season, I picked Didn’t I say to make my abilities average and even Isekai Cheat Magician. It might be one of the easiest ways to pick anime.. in fact those who watch a lot of anime barely have to pick anime at all then. They just watch it all! Everyday you get spoon fed a number of episodes which to be honest seems like a pretty solid way to pick anime to me! Yet now it’s time to pick up my comically sized magnifying glass and analyse this method.


This method works great if you have watched a fair amount of anime. It’s  new so you are very certain you will not watch anything double. In the past I accidently rewatched like 25% of a series before realising I had already seen it before.. (It wasn’t very good)  I just used an english name before and now a Japanese name. When you watch seasonals, you always watch something new. Now for  people who aren’t bumbling fools like me this one still is a great method to watch as it without a shadow of a doubt is the most engaging method. 

While you watch the community watches with you, this means you can talk, discuss and rave about it all you like.. and you are very likely to find someone to join you, doing things together is oftenly more fun. It also streamlines the choices you can make to a handful of choices. Instead of searching for that golden pearl inside of the world’s oceans you instead search for the pearl in on a single ship, even if your gold one isn’t there some clams will still have something shiny.Less daunting and you make some friends with people who sail along then.


This method however might be one of the least consistently rewarding ones, when it comes to your enjoyment. We don’t know how good an anime is going to be until it airs.. now that is not fully true .. there is manga to go off on.. but still you might be digging for gold and all you get is coal.  There have been great anime seasons, there were also those who really can let you down.. and there is no refunding for viewing time. So seasonal anime is more risky.. yet it is also more tiring at least to me. You have to keep up with anime, especially if you pick a lot.

Lag behind a week and there are chances you get spoiled, depending on how many seasonals you watch.. a  friend coming over spontaneously or inviting you for drinks can mess up your schedule and if a episode is REALLY hype and memeable , spoilers arrive within mere minutes. Depending on how active you are in the community and if you blog yes or no.. this method of watching anime can add a lot of pressure and really kill some joy. You do not have to do so immediately, but if you are part of groups and are active in the can’t wait to long either. It’s self imposed pressure depending on why you watch.. but at least I found that seasonals added of self imposed.. forcefulness upon myself.

The final negative point is not for everyone it’s just for those who haven’t seen a lot of anime. Who miss a few classics. The way the community talks often references other series,references the manga or their ideas where the series is headed based on earlier narratives. Spoiler by Proxy I call this. If I haven’t seen a trope before one can simply spoil me from having experience and analyzing. I do not mind as much but I really feel like an outsider when talks get like this.


Pick at least one anime per season to more or less keep up with but don’t go overboard with it unless you are a bit “experienced” . Of course you do not know what this experience will entail until you try. The more experienced you are in the medium the more advise this method. If you are less advanced like me.. this is a method I’d  use in moderation. If you have a lot of spare time this method becomes increasingly attractive though. This can be rather hit or miss so if you only have so much time to burn this can end up as one of your less desirable options.

Naruto, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Madoka, Elfen Lied, Code Geass!  We all know a lot of the big hit names. Me myself I am currently watching A Certain Magical Index as a name most people really seem to know so it should be good! This is the tried and true method for any anime fan that has no idea on what to pick. If you ever want to be an anime expert you’ll need to watch those anime everyone loves to mention! If the entire world likes something it must be good right?! Let’s take out the magnifying glass again.


You can’t go wrong with these picks is a phrase often used to refer to the classics. Re: Zero  is a very good show, Attack on Titan entertained and entertains so many so surely there is a “fact” based sense of goodness to it.. you know kinda like those toothpastes or shampoos from commercials 80% of the test panel said they would buy again. So unlike with seasonal gambles these anime are very likely to be entertaining.  As a result these are great choices for anime fans who want  to watch a good show but do not have a lot of time to  burn.  If you have an hour a week you want to spend on anime just, why not spend it on Death Note or Code Geass.

Wasting free time when you barely have any can be very sad.  For the ones with more times on their hands this one can be very satisfying as well! People are always willing to talk about classics so it’s still a rather engaging way to watch anime. When talking about Elfen Lied.. people tend to NOT compare as much. People don’t say Madoka is like Card Selector WiXoss nor do they say Elfen Lied was kinda similar to Brynhildr in the Darkness. No they just talk about Madoka and all discussions are rather accessible regardless your “skill level”. It’s always fun to talk about the classics!


I have two main gripes with basing your viewing experience around the classics, actually three .. and I am probably going to get a lot of flack for one of these statements.  So lets save that one for last! The first main negative of watching the Classics is spoilers! The iconic anime shows that everyone loves and that are of a certain age can and will be spoiled if you don’t pay attention. Have you ever watched a Watchmojo top 10?  Of course you have! That spoiled a classic somewhere for you didn’t it?  I know exactly how Cowboy Bebop ends and I have never seen even a single episode. That doesn’t exactly make it less of an adventure but if you like to be surprised.. the classics are slippery slope to avoid spoilers on! Especially if you write about them in the meantime and look for images.

Speaking of no surprises a second gripe I kind of have with “the icons” is that they indeed will never give you that feeling of developing your own sense of taste.  The iconic anime, while still different are mostly in the same kind of story. Person gets powers and has to fight evil some way or another.. It doesn’t go for everything.. but most of the classics tend to be a bit “vanilla” High paced, action with some comedy. There isn’t anything wrong persé but it is just less adventurous. Like playing one of those always win Crane Games.. The prize is neat but you the experience seems less exciting. This of course is up for debate, but if you look at the really BIG names in Anime.. it’s all in the shounen ..or closely related pipeline. You don’t experience the full package.

The final negative I have with this is the one the one that will give me flack.  To me many of the classics like , Naruto, Geass, One Piece, Dragon Ball , Sailor Moon are in the 8/10 range. Because so many people think it is great, I lack that sensation of it ever being amazing. It’s like going to a 3 star restaurant.. you know the food is gonna be amazing.. but because you go in expecting that.. it has a hard time to fully live up to it.. Sure it’s still good but you expected more. The community can be a tad testy if you tell them it’s not as amazing as you expected too. While I do not question the quality of One Piece or Geass, neither resonate with me on a deeper level. Elfen Lied same story. I can see why it’s loved, I can have a great time watching it, yet at the same time I never know I will never be mind-blown so in a way these kind of feel like settling for something (really) good while you could be searching for amazing.


Watching the classics is a great way to watch anime if you have little time and can subvert your expectations. They are usually easily available and referenced so often that it’s hard to deal without them. However they do not offer a lot of insight into how deep the anime world can really go. There are some many beautiful things out there for you to discover and the really big names.. all  are a bit “safe”. Get a few notches on your belt and then talk to a massive Otaku for some recommendations like your favorites and experiment a bit more. If you are a veteran..some of these can really become a bit mundane so do not always expect the masterpiece people say.

Now don’t get me wrong .. I don’t mean this in the way that you need a shovel or anything.  No I am simply meaning doing all the work yourself. Pick your own genre , look for cover art that fascinates you, pick something you heard some rumors about or whose plot synopsis really appeals to you. With blood sweat, tears and mostly google you are sure to find an anime that is very much made FOR you. For the final time today (but I will follow this up with a second part) I will take out my looking glass.


No one knows you better than yourself. Only you know what Dere type you prefer in what type of series. You know best what genre you like an art-style you like. There are so many things to consider when selecting an anime and with google you can really get far into finding your own anime. You’d need some familiarity with terminology to really specify what you are into but by simply googling “good anime” you can already pull up a list of suggestions.

By simply glancing at some titles then doing some research on them you can already create a hit for yourself. When you delve deeper though and really find  a hidden gem, that’s when you can really feel accomplished. Recommending that hidden gem you discovered and see it spread across your community like wildfire can be very rewarding on it’s own. This will also help you develop your taste very well.

9 Tailed Kitsune the amazing blogger does some great  “Anime like (Anime Title) “ style posts which can really offer a framework for you to develop your own taste in anime. Others do offer you similar tools The more work you put into this .. the bigger the chance is that you will reel in hit after hit. Enjoyment guaranteed.


That being said though the pool of anime to draw from is near endless. Defining your own tastes can last a long time as each major genre has plenty of subgenres. You can favor studios, art styles, voice actors, genres, subgenres and  character archetypes. Anime to me more than western media has more moving parts. If finding your favorite cartoon is a rubik’s cube than anime can be a rubik’s polygon. Mostly because of excess. Western cartoons are very heavily biased to contemporary , westernly cultured series. In anime we have more customisation options to our preference. As a result it can be rather daunting  to tweak our profiles.

I for example hate, political and military themes, elements that are oftenly tied in with the Mecha Genre.. but my favorite series of all time is a Mecha show (except for the few parts it gets kinda political). I hate people fighting for honour and glory, yet tournament story arcs are amongst my most consumed and beloved products.

There is just so much modifiers to account for. There are still genres I haven’t even addressed. So to be really good at this takes a lot of work and it will result in a lot of drop shows , and thus “wasted” time. It might also leave some very good shows of your radar because you simply did not know “that” was a genre or possibility. It also offers the least option of dialogue, your taste is yours and the more you distill that the more difficult finding people to talk about those specifically. There is always the risk of being misunderstood. While plenty of people are amazing enough to talk to you about just about everything and if you search you can find the proper people, there are also a lot of the “Your Anime Sucks” or “Your Waifu is Shit” types out there that can make your experience less fun! I am not saying you should mind them.. I am just stating they are out there.


Develop this skill as you go on.. use the other methods of this post.. and the next one as well to really discover what you like.. use this one as a mirror of your growth.. like a oenologist.. (that’s someone who knows wine)  at first you get some book smarts but then you develop your own profile.. while you will always require those book smarts. This one I’d say is the best reflection how how much of an “anime expert” you have become

An expert of anime in my opinion is not about what shoe size Asuna has or how many Muda’s are in the seven page Muda when it translated to anime. A true anime expert to me.. will always have a good time when they watch anime because they know exactly what will give them joy and when! This probably is the most labour intensive way to choose and community feedback isn’t always AS stimulating for these efforts as you might hope. This can be solved however.. but putting in yet more effort.

Next time I will look at some other ways to select what anime to watch! How do you usually decide what anime you watch? Like I said this is from my perspective aver having seen a couple dozen of series. Most of you have seen more than me so perhaps views shift over experience and of course personal preference! I am curious to find out though. How do you pick your next anime to watch?

Analyzing Anime: Suspension of Disbelief

Why do we like anime so much? Why do we need it over western media? We can find a drama  about a dying daughter both in anime as well as in Hollywood, we have Superman  where they have Goku. Genre wise except for maybe the fan service we don’t differ that much, yet if I had to choose never Western movies or shows or Never anime again I’d bow out the first one. Why can’t I consume local  stuff? I try to find my answer. To find that answer I must first understand what separates anime from Western Media for me in the first place. Where are they different?

Today I will address something I noticed when I was watching a Spider-man Cartoon passing on tv. Anime and Cartoons to me have a different line on how far they can push me before they break the suspension of disbelief. For some reason I can take a lot more weird stuff from anime than I could in cartoons?! I am not sure if I am the only one but this to me is a thing.
Let’s take a look at Spider-man for example. Spider-man is written very differently compared to most anime characters. While either side is heroic in a weird way at least to me western heroes and villains are described by their flaws. Spider-man  might not be the greatest examples.. but we know him as Peter Parker the somewhat geeky school kid that loves Mary Jane Watson (or Gwen Stacy). Batman..well that is Bruce Wayne.. he has no actual super powers he is just really smart. Superman is Clark Kent, he can fly and shoot lasers out of their eyes and fly but they are also weak to kryptonite.  He loves Lois Lane and when we root for Superman to be alright and be well we hope he finds his romance with his partner.

Now let’s compare our superhero shows with anime. Put them up against Luffy, Naruto and Goku.  What do all of these have in common?! They have no Alter Ego. Luffy doesn’t suddenly become Hank Mugiwara .. a dusty old liberian bloke, nor does he become “Rubberman” No the human and the super part are interconnected. Why does this matter? Well because we are less confronted with their limitations, we do not see them as human’s persé but more as the heroes. Which means I can take a lot more from those weirdo’s as those humans.  Good Example, the choice Spider-man has to make in the Sam Rami movie when facing the Goblin.. save the cable car or save Mary Jane. He saves both. That feels cheap, the villian would know how fast he is .. he faced him before. Make Spidey at least a bit flawed he is not a god.Yet would it be Naruto of Luffy or Goku to save all of them by some shenanigans I’d be fine with it. First of all there is not as much a dilemma for them because they are less human that whole appeal of torn between two worlds is not a thing, secondly breaking limits is much more a part of that media, rather then where Western Heroes are more focused of achieving within your limits. So anime would make me frown less in confusion.

Of course this does not only take place in Shonen shows this takes place in just about every genre. Let’s make a bold move and compare romantic super natural shows,  such as The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Medium and even less supernatural stuff like Grey’s Anatomy with the more outrageous Japanese romance genre of Harem shows.. just to make a point. When Elena Gilbert has to doubt between picking Stefan or Damon you could add Katherine in the mix to complicated things and Caroline to basically give Stefan his Harem but because it is western media your limitations are within being human.If you dehumanise them and make them want to partner up for very vampirish reasons or own fictional ones, the romance doesn’t work. What the hell are they doing we would ask.  Buffy’s romance are Angel Riley and Spike with Xander trying to fit in. While two are vampires, one a super soldier and one a loveable goofball in the end you can not make them to different. Everyone has to  have the same goals of planning to settle down, treat Buffy right, give her some peace. No one will join that romantic pursuit because they just think the other is cute, or heck for a misunderstanding.  If Sookie Stackhouse suddenly would be in a prearranged marriage with a demon would all think the writers have gone insane. Still.. vampire shoes are kinda like our variants of Harem aren’t they?!

Now.. let’s turn Buffy into an anime. Let’s place Angel, Riley Spike and Xander all in the same timeline. Riley instead of a plain super soldier is this ridiculous pretty boy who believes Buffy is the perfect woman and that their genetic offspring would be the most beautiful thing of all, thinking it’s his duty to create this beauty he pursues miss Summers. Spike doesn’t just fall hopelessly in love with her no instead he initially  does fall in love with her like in the orginal but this time when he asks for a soul he accidentally gets that of Buffies former boyfriend who died during the vampire attack in LA. Angel just wants to use her to lose a ancient gypsy that turns him into a woman during daytime, which he can break during a moment of pure happiness, so he just wants to bed her, but he actually begins to fall in love with her. Xander still stands no chance.. some things never change. Now as an anime I’d immediately see this working.. yet as a cartoon or life action show it would not.. why? Because they are anime characters.. they are on some other sort of level with other laws.. we can accept so much more from them.

Never felt I like this .. broke my suspense of disbelief.. somehow

Now let’s delve into the territory of drama and turn Breaking Bad in both a cartoon and into an anime. Both have a much higher suspense of disbelief and just can push the reality out of the window.. for this experiment I would like to see where the suspense breaks for me when slowly adapting this to other forms of media. For this example I will use the Fly in the Lab episode , as it is pretty self contained. Both in Cartoons and anime you can turn the fly into something more menacing. In both cases it could lead to an experiment blowing in Walter’s face chatring it black or resulting in some comical effect. In both cases we can turn the fly into something more menacing.. like a spy droid for Gus.. he controls to mess with Walter to get his batch to fail to make sure he will die or something. However where cartoons can not change Walt and Jesse while anime can.  We can see Jesse put on a jetpack in a cartoon and chase the fly away.. him spying the fly with a magic eye  seems weird.  Walt can invent a device to swat it.. yet he should not be able to change too much himself . Him creating a type of meth that gives him super powers seem out of cartoons range.

In anime though you can push a lot further. Jesse saying ‘Yeah Byakugan Bitch’ before his eye turn all white and veiny I can actually imagine. Anime Walt throwing a  disc shaped object or attack with pinpoint accuracy at the fly could remind you off the Pizza power he displayed earlier so he just kept that in the back for his enemies. Holding back is a pacing thing that is much more common in anime as in western media. Testing out your opponent rarely happens in Western comics. In manga and anime it is a constant. Western Narrative is a lot more straightforward, what you see is what you get. Superman and Batman rarely train, nor does Spiderman.. on very rare occasions they get new tech but over all western media characters deal with what they have. In basically any anime you can add on old lady that kills a fly by throwing a chopstick. Even in the more serious ones or dramatic ones, Bloom Into You for example. If Yu was bothered by a fly while pondering what she should do I could totally see her kill it with some super human action. Like tossing a chopstick or a pocky with sniper accuracy. I’d not notice anything to off.. in a way anime caters more to how they are different.. we can relate to THEM rather than that they should relate to us.  They don’t have to be relatable we will find something relatable about them.

This section title asks a very good question?! Why would I think a show is better if it is less relatable.. or further away from us?  The answer is, it doesn’t feel wrong as often. For a Western show to be good, it has to colour strictly within the lines. We know that it is right because we can it is coloured in between the lines.. or in reality we can sense it. We can sense if Tony Stark or Bilbo Baggins are being stretched too thin. Give Bilbo a Power to turn green instead of invisible and I would ask.. what were they thinking. Let Kazuma from  Konosuba wake up green and I would go like… who cursed him now?! The difference.. with Konosuba I am still thinking within the show I am not taken out of the plot yet with LOTR I am thinking of writing. Another good example is that very first episode of Star Trek the Next Generation. Encounter at Farpoint , an interdimensional being plagues the ship. With trials, time travel shenanigans and weird space jellyfish.  I felt very conflicted about this setting.. how do they balance this out? Yet would it have been an anime i would have consumed it without a single question. Exact same scenario. Where I watched the Star Trek episode as an observer through a screen, I would have watched the anime in world.

I would not go as far to call anime the more immersive experience, but once anime has you sucked in.. it can stumble a lot more before it spits you back out. The medium has less limits and as such we believe the worlds despite some really odd choices.  It can hide mistakes. Not everything we see in anime happens as we see it. Take a magical girl transformation.. I do not know how it would like seeing it as a spectator but I know the world does not fade away. When Menacing appears in front of Jojo characters I know they are not really there but I know what they mean. Now imagine Dr Octopus talking to spider-man but to indicate he is lying we see red flags appearing all around him or danger sounds.. it would feel jarring.

Anime has more options at its disposal to convey a message be it through exaggeration, parallel imagery or even side jokes. It all keeps us in that world while with Batman we ask.. would he really be able to lift that.. in Comic 73 page 12 panel 5 he was unable to lift an item that would weigh about as much. In anime.. not so much.. we can nitpick sure.. but all in all we can accept a whole lot more which makes it much more pleasant to watch, nothing seems fake because trough 90% of the medium, anything can happen.

Apologies for the bad quality.. but this. gif served my point way to well not to use!.

Analysing Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Welcome back dear guests! Today we serve you a cocktail that gives you a rush that pierces the heavens.  One of my least favorite genres in anime , is that off the mech shows. While I did enjoy Zoids: New Century as a pulpy tournament show never did I really like for example a Gundam show, even Code Geass is something I do not look at that favorably (while recognising it’s a good show). The genre tends to be bogged down by heavy political themes and this quasi-intellectual sub tones that forces you to understand a world and their complex systems, it just feels like such a burden to watch every time. My favorite anime  of all time however is all about mechs. My favorite anime of all time is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


I do not think I need to explain the story of Gurren Lagann but here is a quick summary. Simon is a digger who lives in an underground village when he discovers a mysterious robot. His best friend Kamina and him use this robot  to break free to the surface where they find the earth is ruled by beastman controlled by the evil Lordgenome, the spiral king. Together they find allies for mankind to take their world back one fight at a time. While Gurren Lagann does share the dystopian themes of it heavy hearted brothers it doesn’t match their feeling at all. Gundam is a very serious, somewhat gloomy and like most mech shows is very much about ‘the system’ , the political gears that make things work.  Gurren Lagann is very much a *Bleep* the system anime. Where Code Geass much dabbles with emotions versus the cause or versus the smart thing to do, my favorite anime choses for a very primal route of highlighting pure emotion. You can feel the characters sheer determination, there never are any double layers or real choices to make there are never two sides of situation. Simon and Kamina  have such strong emotions and such zeal there is always only one choice. Retreating is never an option, waiting for a strategic opening can happen but they don’t explain you their thought process. Gurren Lagann is the epitome of empathy. When Simon cries , I cry, when Yoko laughs I laugh, when Kamina yells like a caveman… next door neighbor knocks on my door to ask me what is wrong! Then I tell him “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM” and slam the door in his face. 


I am not a religious girl, though I would not call myself a complete atheist either.  While I do not believe in a god, I believe in an energy, a force of some kind. Can it karma or chi or even “the force” if you like. Trough our believes and zeal we can manipulate that energy and make things happen, it grows more powerful if more people share your beliefs. Thusly trough my beliefs everyone’s religion is right and empowering … for them.  I believe a mother can lift a car to save her baby because in that very moment there is not a single doubt in the world , that she can not do that herself as well as onlookers somehow will feel that she can, reshaping the possible.Thusly we can make miracles happen because we believe in them full heartedly. Now those who wonder why I wrote this bit about my beliefs,  are people I think have not seen this anime yet. Simon and Kamina do this exact thing I believe in. They validate my belief. Their ‘spiral energy’ basically is a visualisation of how I live my life. This might seem extreme but it is exactly what happens.  This is best shown when Kamina and Simon combine their gunmen for the first time. Kamina just slams Lagann trough Gurren’s  body and is absolutely 100% sure this will lead them to combine. Everything in our body says ‘that is not how combining works’ yet Kamina’s beliefs make it possible. The scene then shows everyone being completely surprised but to the greatest hero that was ever drawn, there never were any doubts.  That level of determination and belief in yourself and your ways is then used as a blueprint for Simon to grow as well, so he can eventually overcome the final obstacle in the end. His power goes even as far as being able to alter his own body to suit his needs. He can bend reality. 

The complete package

While I do not like to talk about visuals or music to much , I really adore this style of everything. Normally mech’s have very serious designs, oftenly military colours,  white or black. This show has mech’s that look like that but as soon as they fall into the hands of the characters they become more comical , more colorful and even decked out with sunglasses and other vanity items.  Viral’s gunman represents the classic design , sleek white and dangerously looking. Firing big powerful laser beams. Kamina crushes the head of this old design and takes it’s crown.. a crown that used to be white and at their head has a golden, vertical crescent.. almost like a golden v….   As if they took the crown for best mech-show right of a gundam. I mean this show is basically about a bunch of weirdos stealing gunman (kinda sounds like a certain something) from people with a much more limited imagination and then doing some pretty wacky stuff with it. It breaks the mold and the visuals reflect that perfectly.  Mech designs are completely insane, visuals going from a blur, to crisp to completely surreal at times, it mixes what should not be mixed and create something that works. It always aims for bigger down to the very last detail. Kamina’s extreme sunglasses being outdone by even more extreme sunglasses after the timeskip. Combinations going ever more unlikely , with the movie version of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann taking the absolute crown. Their music unsurprisingly does the same. If I ask you to find two music genres that could never mix, Opera and Rap would most likely be one of the things that could very well be mentioned. These two could not be further apart.  “Libera me” From hell   is exactly that and while not my favorite song in the world it does work so well for this show it’s very much what this show is about.  When you read the premises of this show and hear Sorairo days for the first time you think it will not fit a show like that, but you would be wrong again but don’t worry.. that’s what the show is really about.

Strange Characters

While Yoko, Rossiu, Kittan, Viral and everyone else are great characters they represent something relatively minor and their role changes over the course of the series. Simon and Kamina are something way more special. Because in a way the character of Kamina is the anime, he IS ‘Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’. He names everything that is unable to convey their own names, such as the mech’s and their attacks. In a way Simon is the viewer, which is shown by Simon oftenly voicing our concerns as a viewer. ‘Are you sure this will work big bro?’ when Kamina pulls of one of his ridiculous actions is exactly what we have come to expect by watching all these other shows. Kamina basically shows us ‘That is NOT how THIS show works’. “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?’  He is not just any standard show.. he is Mother blipping Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the show where anything is possible. As soon as we the viewer have learned how this show works …………………………… This pulls a weird trick in our minds where now we HAVE to believe. The events that conclude the first ‘chapter’ of this show not only entrust Simon with the belief but the viewer as well. In a way Simon still is the viewer. That final fight is asking as much of the viewer as it is of Simon, we have to to push our suspension of disbelief to the absolute maximum of our abilities in a show that has slower Spiralled out of control. In the end the final “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE” is not only the crew of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE” .. we are the viewers of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, our beliefs are not chained by conventional narratives and tropes. We can believe anything , even your defeat! The drill that shall pierce the heavens is a metaphor of constantly shattering one’s expectations. We have a saying that the sky’s the limit, but the sky is way to restraining for this show. So we have to break open the skies to find our new limit. In a way trough Simon and Kamina , this isn’t just a show about heroes this is about us as well.


I am not one that re-watches anime a lot, I have some pretty solid memory and I can recognise a tv show by simple quotes such as “Here is your coffee, soy milk, low fat” .. I’ll know what episode of CSI I saw that in… once, who did it and how they worked. As a result any show with plot twists or about discovery does not have the same impact on me. This show however is different. The movies and the show both tell more or less the same story, with the second movie even improving on the second half .. of the second half. The final battle is done een better and makes me scream even louder.  At a past animecon in the hague these two movies showed at the ungodly time of 2AM till 5:30 AM and I stayed up to watch it even if I watched both recently. Just so we could yell WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE are at the final encounter with about thirty still awake anime fans. To me there is nothing like this show, not because of it’s story but because how it treats you. It teaches you to stop thinking within the limits.. set your mind free and go beyond what should even be possible. You are a part of this show when you watch it, you play a role in this story and in every aspect this exceeds what you could imagine before. It pierces the heaven of your imagination with the most epic GIGA DRILL BREAKER to the face. So there is only one flavor-grade I can give this show!

Trainer Profile: Jason Voorhees

Halloween is coming little Watsons so during the month of October you will see us post content related to the matter.  We already have the case of Chibi’s mysterious disappearance and Professor Pinkie talking about a frosty ghost. Today I will make a profile for one of the most classic horror villains of all times! Jason Voorhees.

Trainer Class:  Hiker

Hikers in the pokémon game are commonly known for their burly physique and somewhat dimwitted nature. Always hiking across nature trails carrying pickaxes and preferring , ground rock and steel types. Jason Voorhees is an undead man roaming the earth literally and even in space at one point. His favorite spots are campsites and where there are campsites there are usually hiking trails. Camp Crystal lake is the perfect spot for a hiker.  While Jason could have been a youngster as well, as he died as a young boy.. that somehow grew up into a Jojo’s character the hiker analogy seems to work a lot better for this classic villain.

Jason dresses similar to a hiker in usually choosing something practical over fashionable, wearing dark leathery coats and jumpsuits. Both Jason and Hikers have a sympathetic nature… and yes this serial killer has a heart which is shown throughout his movies on several occasions but there are bigger things making him into the murdering menace we all know and love. Jason surprisingly has high moral standard, killing mostly because he hates the immoral behaviour of teenagers. That behaviour got him killed and now will get them killed. Hikers are simple folks, much like Jason’s still somewhat childlike mind. So I say they are a rather good fit.

Preferred Type: Steel

Jason  is a creative killer, who has used several items as weapons during his career, but his favorite method of killing is old fashioned weapons. His signature weapon his trusted machette of course the most well known weapon but he isn’t afraid to go out of the box. In Jason X we see him killing with liquid Nitrogen, in the original series we also see him killing with his brute strength, a spear, meat cleavers, corkscrews and even a party horn. This man loves to wield tools he does. The steel type also reflects how Jason functions himself. Jason excels in his physical attributes. His beastly strength only being overshadowed by his sturdiness. While it is hard to truly ‘kill’ him it even is hard to damage him. We see people trying to fight back not leaving a dent. He is almost an unstoppable object that only takes damage under the right circumstances. In the 8th installment of the series we even see a (somewhat) professional boxer going up against him and it doesn’t do ANYTHING to him. While in Pokémon steel is weak to fighting.. in real life I guess the analogy pretty much holds up. Extremely durable this man, a lover of sharp objects and strong. The steel type seems like a very good fit for him.

The Team

Signature Pokemon: Cubone

Cubone is a lonely pokemon. Jason started his horror career as a hermit. Both wear a mask and wield a weapon. I am sure you can see a resemblance already forming right?  Yet there is a lot more to go for on this one. In the first Friday the 13th movie , the series Jason is from the first killer wasn’t actually Jason at all. It was his mother, she was angry that her son drowned while camp councillors were having fun with another and decided to go on a vengeance spree.  Pamela Voorhees revenge scheme proved moderately successful. While raking up quite the bodycount the fact that she truly died kinda makes her endeavours somewhat void. However her demise gave rise to Jason. A lonely being who is sad for the death of his mother, wearing a mask and wielding a weapon.. makes the two even more similar. The proverbial nail to the coffin however comes in the fact on how they honour their mother. Both Cubone as well as Jason, treat their mothers severed head as some kind of token of their affection. While Jason builds as shrine for his mother’s head Cubone flat out wears the skull of his mother as a mask. I am sure Jason would have done the same if he had the possibility.. but since he is more swole than Kylo Ren it just would not look right.

Both Cubone and Jason are very well known for wearing their masks. Even though Jason’s mask did not come into play until the third installment of his franchise. Jason is also depicted as a deeply tormented character, whose rage stems from anger over his own and his mother’s death. Cubone and Jason have shown to be very territorial as well. While Jason did have his outings outside Crystal Lake, like Springwood, New York and outer space, he has shown a clear preference for his old stomping grounds of crystal lake. Near his mother.  In my post about the Cubone Theory that you can read here, I explain that the pokémon has shown some very territorial behaviour as well. 

Physical Wall:  Honedge

Jason isn’t really the type of person to do things with tact. Giving him a balanced team of a Physical Sweeper, A  Physical Wall, a special sweeper, a special wall and a legendary would not work for Jason. He is simply not the type to go for such a thing. Jason unlike Dio and Cell, doesn’t care about balanced battling and he just wants to use his raw strength.. preferably using tools and weapons he finds along the way. While I expected his team to consist out of nothing but Physical Sweepers surprisingly Honedge has a higher defensive stat than it’s offensive ones.  In a way it makes sense that this is his defensive pokémon because Jason surely would wield this Pokémon as a weapon and would serve as his final defences. Which still is a pretty terrifying thought.

A Honedge is born when a spirit attaches itself to the weapon, it will then drain the life force of its wielder, until every bit of life force of that user is absorbed. Now for narrative sake we will give this a bit of a scenario in the story of Jason. The spirit inhabiting his Honedge would of course be his murderous mother and since Jason has near infinite life force the two would be an ideal pairing. Even if it would be any other random spirit. The blade could consume the life energy of it’s victims while Jason can punish those who show immoral behaviour and lewd Gardevoir or even Flygon. The Steel Ghost type would match very well with Jason as well, as he is some kind of hybrid undead serial kiler with a bunch of weapons. It would not take long for these two to become best friends.

Physical Sweeper 1: Incineroar 

Jason has shown brutish strength throughout all of his movies. He has twisted heads 180 degrees in a single snap and he whacked a girl hiding in her sleeping bag against a tree with the utmost of ease and he has even torn of a limb or two.  The Pokémon that embodies Jason’s style of fighting best in that way .. in my opinion is the final evolution of Litten. Incineroar. The pokémon is currently mostly known as ‘that wrestling cat thing’ in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The Fire-Dark type looked to much like a fighting type again to many.  While yes, he is a professional fighter his methods are quite brutal compared to everything we have seen before. He has no style, he has no grace this cat has something else entirely. His signature move Darkest Lariat is easily a move I can see Jason use to one of his more creative kills. The intimidating style  and those red streaks on its black face even can be seen a bit in Jason’s classic mask.

The wrestling pokémon is according to its pokedex known for its violent disposition and I don’t think I need to explain where that matches up with Jason? The pokémon basicly does what it wants to do.. if it doesn’t want to listen to it’s owner it will follow its own devices.  Given that Jason doesn’t speak this actually is a boon to serial killer trainer. He could simply send this thing out, let it notice some teens doing very questionable things.. let the rage flow and enjoy the sight. It feels very akin to how Jason would use a pokémon too. Let the pokémon do the work.  In Friday the 13th 3d we see Jason crushing skulls and in the 8th one we see him uppercutting a guys head off. If we are honest to ourselves we surely can all see Incineroar do the same thing.

Physical Sweeper 2:  Trevenant

Horror is one of the genres that heavily relies on tropes.  Subconsciously we all think the forest is more scary than your local suburbia. There is a reason that Jason drowned at camp in a wooded area, and wasn’t just the victim of a drunk driver. Trees are scarier than buildings it’s just fact.  Trevenant is one of the scariest trees. Being a ghost grass type he should be scary. A phantump .. it’s pre-evolution is born when a little kid dies in the middle of the woods. While Jason drowned in a lake.. said lake was in the woods so hey.. close enough as far as static pokémon go. So similar like origins. Both Trevenant as well as Jason were once kids that died one way or another in a wooded area.  In the second movie we see Jason living as a hermit with a burlap sack over his face.. trying to keeps the woods clean from , teenagers that do not have horns on their head.. yet still the adjective for such a condition would apply to them. You’ll never guess what Trevenant does! ‘Awwww you guessed it’ Thats right it exact vengeance to those who defile his woods.

Now besides the fact that this tree is horrifically strong and loves to bludgeon people, much like our case study for this week. He is on his team though because he has a power Jason definitely can use. According to his Pokédex Trevenant has the ability to change and alter the forest trapping people in forever.  Of course this would allow Jason to isolate all his victims and pick them off at his leisure. No longer would anyone be able to outrun him in the forest nor would they be able to escape. He can even prevent the police or people like Tommy Jarvis from coming in. For those who don’t know Tommy Jarvis managed to kill Jason in the fourth installment , triggering his absence in the fifth movie. However this was disliked that much he was given regenerative powers in the sixth installment and returned. In the friday the 13th game, Tommy Jarvis is the only one who can kill Jason. So alongside regenerative powers.. controlling the woods would make Jason completely immortal and unstoppable.

Physical Sweeper 3:  Bisharp

A pokémon made out of sharp objects is of course a perfect weapon for Jason to use.  He has used cleavers and other sharp weapon on multiple occasions. A pokemon made out of blades  on basically every limb including the torso would give him plenty of room for creative kills. Think of ramming someone into Bisharps bladed chest, or using said pokemon to cut his opponents legs so they can not run anymore. Bisharp also learns the move guillotine.. a one turn knockout move. He is a pokemon that relies on a quick finish. Jason’s kills also are always brutal and swift. They are executioners of sorts. When you spot them there is a very high chance it will be the last thing you see.

Bisharp according to his pokédex is also a hunter who relishes in finishing off it’s prey. The bladed pokémon hunts using a group of his pre-evolutions to weaken and tire his opponent before finishing it off. No matter what pokédex entry you read, it always makes a mention of Bisharps murderous intentions. So pairing it up with an actual serial killer seems like a pretty good team up. Now do not get me wrong I do not condone violence in any way. I mean with people stressing about the new Joker movie , I have to make the distinction. As a detective I am a servant of the law. Do not actually kill.. we are just saying, there would be a synergy between a pokémon with murderous attention and a pokemon with the same. That is not the same as glorifying it. So back to the subject at hand. I would love to see a movie where Jason uses a Bisharp to murder some politically correct teenagers there is just so much room for creativity if these two combine forces.  Heads are gonna roll! If it’s mine for suggesting this or heads on silver screen we will just have to wait and see.

Physical Sweeper 4: Kangaskhan

Jason’s origins are very deeply rooted with his mother. He worships her and she was the one who started the killing cycle. So it seems we can not leave the mother pokémon out of this list either. Especially when they emphasis Jason’s fighting style again. Pamela Voorhees is a mother who lost her sanity when she lost her baby, Kangaskhan is said to have zero forgiveness for those who harm her baby and hunt her down.  Pretty accurate and a great additional teammate. This would be the pokémon Jason leads off with in battle. Most likely equipped with a Mega Stone, so mother and son pokemon can fight together. Very much a punching pokémon this kangaroo once more reflect Jason’s strength yet again. Its normal typing reflecting his humble origins as well. Jason once was JUST that kid protected by his mother, but it went horribly wrong and ended up in the destruction of dozens of lives.
Somewhere inside Jason there is also still parts of that son left. Unlike for example Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers there is SOME good in Jason… not a lot, but what Jason does he does not only do out of revenge, there is some sort of morality inside him even if twisted.

Jason would lead this pokémon to symbolise the mother was the first killer in the series, as soon as the pokémon would go down it would trigger a deep rage inside him which would allow him to use his other pokémon better. Again Jason does not talk so his way of using pokémon would require some set up. Mega evolution could be activated without using actual words. This would allow the mini roo to be attacked to incite the mother’s rage , if that one goes down Jason and his pokémon could wreak havoc on those the trainers that defeated his mother. This would be the proxy mother and reagent to his violence. The pokémon would be his trigger. It would set up the stage. Jason only battles on Friday the 13th and since he is a sucky battler, the mother would go down every time.. inspiring a new horror sequel where Jason goes on murdering trainers around camp Crystal lake. 

Legendary: Ho-Oh

This one was tricky, while most likely not used by Jason the phoenix has a lot in common with the man nonetheless. Jason , unlike Michael, Jason is canonically dead. Unlike Freddy he actually came back. Resurrection is a big theme for Jason so the phoenix as his legendary makes a lot of sense. There is another one that would fit the brief.. but that one fits in with ALL  of the horror villains so I want to avoid using it when I can. Next week though I will most likely not be able to get around using the other one. Ho-Oh’s hidden ability is regenerator .. which of course applies to Jason as well.. whom at least after part VI has been granted these powers. It was sort of retconned in so it feels a bit cheap but a power is a power. Of course we can safely say that Ho-Oh’s rainbow analogies have NOTHING to do with Jason.

So to make it fit in our little narrative we will write a fanfictiony event. When Pamela Voorhees was slain at Camp Crystal Lake, Ho-Oh was watching, being somewhat of a sap for sad stories it made one fatal mistakes it misunderstood and thought the current generation of camp counselors killed Jason, the mother was so passionate and Ho-Oh decided to revive Jason. Just like happened to the three dogs who became Suicune Raikou and Entei.. Jason came back changed, but inside him an unquenchable rage. Using his strength and  rage Jason somehow managed to capture Ho-Oh now functioning as his power source.. bringin him back over and over again. As each horror villian has a weakness.. taking the power of resurrection away from Jason could very well be the way to actually kill him for good. Jason can control the woods, has a soul stealing weapon on him.. and when he hunts you he is not hunting alone? So how do you stop him do you ask? Well that I’ll leave up to you little Watsons that I will leave up to you.

Question too my Readers:

How would YOU stop Jason?

Now that we have competed this case I think it is time for somes scones and tea.  Next time we will look at yet another classical horror villian very likely even one who Jason has already met! With that little hint I will leave you for now.

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Trainer Profile: DIO

Hello again little Watsons , last week’s profile of the villain Perfect Cell did well amongst you all and it was a very amusing write up for me as well.  Since we are detectives of course , the pursuit of making profiles for dangerous enemies seems like a noble practice so we will do so again today. This week we look at a man who is a time bending, manipulative mastermind. You might have thought it was You might have thought it was Thanos .. but it was DIO!

Trainer Type: Evil Team Boss

Mister Brando is a man who would fit many archetypes for trainers.  He would definitely be able to become a Champion, he has some qualities of a gentleman and most definitely would also fit the role of an Ace Trainer as the man turned vampire can be quite an elitist son of a jynx. However his modus operandi is very unlike most of the trainers n the pokémon-world accept for Evil Team Boss. When Dio has a problem he sends his underlings to deal with it rather than deal with things himself. He doesn’t play as much of an active role as a champion would, he isn’t as interested in a fair competition. He wants his ultimate goal of achieving heaven (a goal only revealed in stone ocean/ part 6). A world in which he can clear any uncertainty. Rule over people by giving them peace of mind. Of course translated into pokémon he and his team that we shall call team Divination (because of his desire to get the perfect godlike form, as well as a reference to the tarot card stands of his followers and himself), try to eliminate pokémon battles as their outcome would be unpredictable and will allow people to grow stronger to eventually match an topple Dio. paranoid as he is. 

Throughout the entirety of Stardust Crusaders, and later looked back on in Stone Ocean, Dio is a manipulator who makes people do things for him rather than to them himself.  He has minions which we can divide into grunts, like how Kakyoin and Polnareff and Hol Horse used to be or executives. Like Pucci and Enyaba and to a lesser extend the egyptian gods stand users near the end of Stardust.  Dio would rule over Team Divination much like somewhat of a Hybrid between Giovanni from Gen I and Cyrus from Gen IV. Having the well mannered and respectful behaviour Giovanni shows to the likes of Archer but having the disrespect for lesser life, much like how Cyrus disrespects life. 

Preferred type: Dark Type

While Dio keeps a very diverse team of underlings his own combat style is pretty direct. Crafted plans are for his minions while when he fights he usually relies on sheer force.  Of course if you are reading this you are very likely to know all about his Muda-Muda-Muda which definitely would be of the fighting type I opted to choose the Dark Type for the best hit for him instead. Dark types easily  fall into the mostly physical category as wel, thusly reflect Dio as well. What makes this type resemble him more than the fighting type is the dark types usually go for the cheap shots. They throw Sucker Punches, Feints , they  throw taunts or items using the movie Fling. Throughout his fights we see Dio using his Stand to land cheap shots on his enemies.

Flinging knives at his opponent with frozen time. Dio taunts his opponents but is not above flattery to manipulate people either. By now of course you must surely understand that Flatter is yet again a dark type move. Foul Play is yet another  move of the type that seems to be made for Dio. Throwing a steamroller on an enemy while engaged in fisticuffs seems like pretty foul play to me. Being a vampire Dio has a pretty nasty bite as well, and with the type being called Evil-Type in japanese, it seems quite useless to argue with this typing.

The Team

Signature Pokemon: Zoroark (Dark Type)

Zoroark is the perfect signature pokémon  for Dio. No it doesn’t resemble it’s stand, we will deal with that one in a bit! Dio nowadays isn’t really best known for his Muda Muda or not even for it’s Za Warudo. Dio is best known for his meme! You thought we would talk about Za Warudo but is I Dio!. You know those kind of shenanigans.  Whenever we think of Dio.. we think of that. Now it happens to be there is a perfect pokémon for this and it is Zoroark. Being a dark type he already is right up Dio’s alley but this is a very special pokémon! Zoroark in the game possess the ability illusion. This makes Zoroark look like another pokémon in your team. Say for example you run a team with Croagunk.. a psychic and poison type, which is 4 times weak to psychic moves and a Zoroark, as long as you lead (being the first pokémon send out)  with Zoroark your opponent will see you sending out Croagunk. He will surely try to use a psychic move to hit you but finds out your pokémon is immune, thusly he loses as turn. Only after Zoroark has been hit once will the illusion break.

‘You thought it was Croagunk but it was ME ZOROARK!’ It’s an incredibly useful battle strategy in the pokémon games. Zoroark will always take on the appearance of the last Pokémon in your team unless that pokémon is fainted or a Zoroark. It will copy nickname, gender, and even shininess to make the surprise complete. It plays dirty by forcing the opponent into a suboptimal play by underestimating it’s speed or attacks. It is one of the best designed and most beloved dark types as well, directly mimicking Dio’s natural born Charisma, Zoroark has that too. While Dio’s Warcry is Wryyyyyyyyy Zoroark’s one is actualy Yrrrwwwwwwwwww which is the same thing but backwards!

Physical Sweeper: Machamp (Fighting Type)

Of course when it  comes to physical attacks there is no other choice than Machamp. Arguably, Hitmonchan is more of a punchy pokémon but the many arms of the final Machop evolution sells this quality a bit more. Being overly muscular like any Jojo character, it was between this Pokémon and Buzzwolle and I need the Legendary Pokémon to be something else so it had to be Machamp, even though Buzzwole poses a bit more. Machamp’s pokédex entries state some very interesting things however.

In pokémon gold for example his entry states “It quickly swings its four arms to rock its opponents with ceaseless punches and chops from all angles’. That is close enough to a Muda Muda Muda level of attack. Yet this gets better in Pokémon FireRed entry “Its four ruggedly developed arms can launch a flurry of 1,000 punches in just two seconds”. Pretty sure that Za Warudo is capable of similar features. Finally in Pokémon moon his pokédex entry say he can easily lift dump trucks , and while some entries even stay he can move mountains the feat described in Moon make it at least plausible he can lift up a steamroller.  Of course Dio’s Machamp would have to be equipped with fightinium-z, the z crystal needed to use the move all out pummeling in the pokémon games but Dio has shown time and time again that he doesn’t really mind some bling. 

Physical Wall: Yamask/Cofagrigus (Ghost Type)

Now rarely do I come across a case where an entire evolution line fits the subject in question but in the form of Dio’s physical wall we got one. While his Part III counterpart would have the Cofagrigus the Dio from Phantom Blood would still carry a Yamask.  Yamask is a ghost pokémon who carries a stone.. mask with him.. which has the face of the human it once was. Dio’s journey into villany truly began when he first put on the Stone Mask from that series. A mask of the dead that turned him into the vampire. Yamask is a basic ghost pokémon has a fairly high physical defence modifier. Even in the first series we see Dio as someone who is quite durable. Yet as a villain he also still has a long way to go and a lot of growth to experience. Only in the arrival of part three we see him fully grown into the megalomaniac we all know and love and it all starts with the find out the black coffin. Which happens to be the shape that cofagrigus likes to take. Well Sacrophagus..but hey Dio was in Egypt.

While extremely slow, this is reminiscent of Dio’s role in the show. We know he is there, but he doesn’t really do anything of sorts until the last half of the second season. The sarcophagus pokémon is also known for its ability Mummy, while the ability doesn’t do much itself it bestows it on others. Much like a trend that Dio started when he began transferring his abilities using the golden arrows.  Everything that survived the encounter gets bestowed with the ability as well as it spreads. Somewhat alike how to stands spread and now Dio works once more. Cofagrigus is also a well known Trick Room user.. a move which is said to distort time. Finally since it is a ghost type it can even be seen as an undead, because ghost types in the pokemon can still reproduce and hatch from eggs and all. So an undead mask and sarcophagus pokemon , that can also bend the laws of time, has a lot of punchy arms and knows how to bestow his ability on others. Yes this sure is a fit.

Special Sweeper: Houndoom (Dark-Fire Type)

Dio has the tendency to use his underlings kind of like dogs. Through a natural charisma they become very loyal to him and willing servants. The devotion Enrico Pucci has for him, but also that of his followers in Stardust Crusaders is akin to that of a loyal dog. So it would make sense to give Dio a loyal dog to symbolise this. Houndoom makes a lot of sense for this. While there are plenty of other dog pokémon they all tend to be physical sweepers or walls and Dio has this covered himself. He uses his henchmen to fill his own gaps. He is aware of what he can and can not do and gathers followers to compensate. He can not go out in the light so sending a henchman that is strong in the sunlight is definitely something that would work for him , it represents his minions quite well and it has a mega-evolution as well. Symbolising how Dio is able to push his followers past their limit by forcing a bond and giving them a cause and Zeal allowing them to become stronger than ever before.

Houndoom choose their leader themselves which is a staple of how Dio chooses his minions. They are never forced they all serve him willingly. While this is mostly based on the vast difference in their strength, this is similar to how Houndoom and Houndour choose to serve. Houndoom is a hellhound, a dog who has toxic fire burning within him. There is something about Dio and a dog on fire, that seems quite fitting as well. But for the love of Arceus I can’t seem to recall that one scene of episode 1 of phantom blood.  

Special Wall: Umbreon (Dark Type)

Another Dark Type, Umbreon like Dio plays the long con. It plays the role of a toxic staller.  It tries to stay safe while withering it’s opponents away slowly, using moves like wish to keep it’s health up while using moves like toxic to bring their opponents health down. The way vampires work in the world of Jojo is that they are everlasting because of their determination and  will power.. which basically replaces their life essence. While this does not fully pan out with Kars for example, one can argue that since he became a vampire god he is lifted from said burden. So in a way a vampire keeps its health up by wishing for it.. with zeal.

Umbreon of course is also the moonlight pokemon, the eeveelution you can evolve by leveling it up in the dark/ at night. As a vampire of course this is Dio’s route as well. He would only be able to level up his eevee and night and the way Dio treats people is with friendship. These friendships might be fake to an extend in his eyes as these people or his pokemon would be tools but they all seem to definitely consider him as a friend. Dio in fact is quite friendly with his inner circle. Talking about philosophy and deeper thoughts with them. There is a form of trust and sharing. So I think he would definitely be able to bond with Eevee enough to form an Umbreon. He would also know how to play the pokémon properly  to realise its maximum potential. Umbreon is often played quite offensively, but a good set doesn’t really have an offensive move. Dio has the patience to blossom this oddball of an eeveelution into the weapon it can be causing despair in his opponents.

Legendary: Dialga (Dragon-Steel type)

Dialga is here for obvious reasons. There are few pokémon that can alter time but Dialga one. Aside from Celebi , which is a little grass fairy it in fact is the only one.  Now Dio can use women , men and children alike .. but a little grass pixie and him would not get along. Dialga can speed up, slow down and even stop time. Definitely the best alternative out there to Za Warudo (the world). Alongside Palkia and Giratina or sometimes Arceus in the latters stead it is part of the creation trio. Dio’s goal was basically to create HEAVEN .. or the ideal world where everyone has peace of mind with him as it’s ruler it makes sense he takes on a pokémon of the creation four as they are more aptly named. Even from a design perspective ,the way Dialga and Palkia are shaped are fairly close to the way stands are designed. While stands are rarely quadrupeds the mix of metal and flesh as well as the crowns and other design elements seem to fit the style quite well. Dialga also exists in a realm outside ours allowing to fade in again much like Dio’s main offence. An ability the pokémon doesn’t really have in the games but it’s canonical so Dio would most likely be able to draw it out.

Dio throughout his existence in Stardust Crusaders is unable to use his full power. Not unless he feasts on the blood of a living Joestar. He locked away his true potential when he fused his head with the body of Jonathan Joestar which held him back until he drank the blood of Joseph Joestar. This partially inspired the plans to deal with the bloodline in Part 3, his fate was connected to the Joestars until that point. He achieved a new form when serving those bonds..sort of .. he looked different at least. Dialga has a Primal form, which it can reach by being severed from its ability to control  Both Dialga and Dio reach new forms when they break free of their destiny, not really great on their sanity. But I am sure that if they work together they can rule THE WORLD!.

Question to my readers:

Which character would you like me to cover next?

With a stand or with Pokémon, Dio will always be a terrifying foe to face in battle. Cunning, intelligent and oh so charming. Do not cross this villian unless you are very well prepared.
To fight Dio bring a lot of fighting types and make sure your they know some dark moves as well, maybe a Zen Headbutt as well and you might be able to win. Some Pokémon may die though. Dio has ended a friendship or two.

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Trainer Profile: Perfect Cell

A jolly good day to you again my dear little Watsons. Over the past few weeks we had some experiences with creating so called trainer profiles for the likes of myself and my family. Now we shall apply this skill to actual delinquents to see how they would look like in the actual world of Pokémon so we know what to expect should they misbehave. Today’s villain is one most of you will know. Calling himself the perfect life form, Perfect Cell from Dragon Ball Z. Why did I choose Cell? Well because if I did them in order the criminals would know what to expect of course! Also Frieza scares I rather pick one that is still in the home for infinite losers. Because I cant say where he REALLY is

Trainer-class: Champion

Perfect Cell could have been a gentleman, as a villain Cell is well mannered, eloquent and even somewhat charming. At least in his final forms (counting instant transmission 100% perfect cell as well). For those who do not know who perfect Cell is, he is the third major antagonist in the dragonball Z series, take third with a grain of salt though because there were some other villians in there as well. Created out of the cells of all fighters by the ‘evil’ doctor Gero this bugman had to absorb two androids in order to achieve his perfect form. When he did this and noticed no one was able to stand up to him he had given the people of Earth seven days to train and come face him in a big tournament he called the Cell Games, if they would not be able to defeat him he would destroy the Earth. While this simplification doesnt do the character justice it shows exactly why his trainer class has to be Champion. He in his very concept is ‘the strongest’ that people have to train up for in order to challenge him at a tournament.

This is basically the entire concept how a champion in the Pokémon World works as well. You gotta train your team so you fight a really strong guy in the end that no one had the strength to face before. Cell is a Boss type villain, like Frieza, Hit  or Jiren. Yes I am leaving Kid Buu out of that list as Buu was basically the only relevant encounter in his arc so he never really felt like a boss to me and more like let’s say the Moon in Majora’s mask that will cause certain doom instead of the final boss encounter. In terms of Pokémon Kid Buu would be your legendary encounter or Ultra Necrozma battle. Cell is a knowledgeable fighter has mastered many techniques and can be both charming as well as an arrogant sack of shiitake mushrooms.  Being a mix of classical champions like Blue and Lance arguments can be made for Cell being the perfect Champion.

Preferred Type: Bug

Being a bugman himself it would make sense that Cell has a natural affinity with the type. Yet I do need to say that Cell probably one of the few people here, who I’d possibly rank as “omni’ type. Cell is built with the cells of other fighters and thusly is super adaptive and can use techniques of others much like they are his own. However there is also merritt to  Cell preferring the bug type other than him being one. Bug types have a super fast development cycle, much like our subject of today. Their evolution cycle is the fastest of any type of Pokémon. Cell evolved from his pod form to his perfect form in the span of a few days. Near a single day. This means he is still the fastest evolving character in Dragonball. The Saiyans had to train for a year to catch up to him and even than they needed an emotional trigger to be pushed over the edge. While Frieza jumped a massive distance in the span of three months of training Cell did, I’d like to say about 20 to 25% of that in terms of power levels (when considering the current scaling)  inside a day and than caught up to Gohan again in a matter of minutes.

Like basically every bug type in the pokémon game he does need some set up though. While he outlevels the Z-fighters on his first arrival he is not that much of a threat until his plans begin to work. He needs to absorb people for strength first, which he was able to do and throughout his saga he needed boosts to reach his maximum potential. That is also how bugs work. They hinder your opponent while they set up a boost for themselves. So in the end this type does seem to work in his favor.

The Team

Signature Pokémon:  Silvally (Any Type)

Silvally is a pokémon that was created to save the world by combatting the Ultra Beasts, which are the Eldritch Abominations of the pokémon world. While some may find my continuing statement an exaggeration, they are all extremely odd creatures that are quite hard to describe or fathom, (except for Buzzwole maybe) that live outside space and time that have the ability to drive you insane. Silvally’s  pre-evolution Type: Null at least was created to combat these creatures. For this Pokémon to be able to defeat the Ultra Beasts they build it from the cells of pokémon of all the types with the idea behind it that it could switch on the fly to be resistance while defending and super effective while attacking against this threat from outside time and space. An ultimate fighter that is made from the cells of others, where have we heard that one before?!

Oh right it fits Cell quite well, yet Cell wasn’t created to defend the world. Or was he?  While most of this is hearsay or ‘after-information’ made in interviews years after the source material, Dr Gero (the creator of Cell) arguably was not a bad guy. As a former member of the Red Ribbon Army, and having lost his son in said army, assumably to Goku, Gero saw Goku as a huge threat to his world. He created the androids to stop that treat to the world. Now of course all of them sort of turned into homicidal maniacs in one timeline or another, except for 16 which was based on Gero’s son. Cell blinded by his arrogance lost his calling somewhere along the way but like Silvally he was created with a semi-noble purpose. I mean I can’t even deny that Goku IS the treat to the world Gero saw him as.. he got the earth destroyed a few times and even risked being wiped out of existence as an entire universe just for thrills. So Silvally and Cell nicely parallel each other, the same type of abilities, the same type of being one having found friendship, silvally needs friendship to evolve, the other one releasing the power of his ego.  A great pairing.

Physical Sweeper: Accelgor (Bug Type)

Accelgor is one of my favorite bug type pokémon, alongside Galvantula and Ariados.. which arguably are arachnids and not bugs. This one makes the list due to it’s high speed which resembles Cell’s method of fighting. When Trunks introduced us to Super Saiyan Grade 3 (not to be confused with Super Saiyan 3.. which is something different)  we saw a shift in tone for power-ups. While Grade 3 overpowered Cell, it became to bulky and lacked the speed to stop him properly. With the term Grade 3 is never mentioned in the anime .. let’s just call it Super Saiyan Swole. Swole Trunks got his Mudbray (the Arse Pokémon) handed to him by a much faster Cell.

While Accelgor prefers special attacks, the same can be said for Cell. He is very much a Ki blast user and Accelgor favors special attacks. Yet both have respectable enough physical traits (in Accelgor case should you focus on them) Both Cell as Accelgor have Moxie and with the ability Guts Accelgor can really put out a great Facade, which seems something also quite befitting of our bugman.  In its own way Accelgore can even be pretty swole!

Physical Wall: Forretress  (Bug-Steel type)

Cell has been known to take quite a bit of violence without flinching an inch. Be it by completely absorbing vegeta’s neck shatter kick, or even taking a saw blade to the neck, (which somehow does physical damage opposed to how other ki blasts work) he has shrugged it all off.  Forretress is the evolved pinecone pokemon whos is a bug with a skin as hard as steel. Which is quite fitting for the man we are talking about today.

Forretress basically likes to control the arena where he builds something with rocks , much like how cell did when he built and destroyed his own little arena for the games.  Having access to Rapid Spin as well as Stage Hazards the Steel Ball pokemon can make or build his own arenas as well. This is not the reason why it is included on this list though, the reason why Forretress is on the list is because it’s endgame is quite similar to Cell.

In Pokémon games Hazards can not be set up indefinitely. Depending on which Hazard you can set up one to to three stacks per Hazard, yet set hazard still takes up an entire move slot. After those hazards are in place the pokémon becomes virtually useless. Fortress however is a hazard setter who learns a particular move that Cell also used near the end of the Cell games. The move explosion! While Cell uses this move he even puffs up almost like a ball.. much like this Pokémon.

Special Sweeper: Lucario (Fighting Steel type)

While Cell’s physical fighting style is closest to Picollo his special moves he mostly borrows from Goku. Lucario is Special Sweeper (yes his special attack stat is higher than his physical one) that resembles their style quite a bit. Lucario and Goku share quite a similar moveset. Both have the after image technique (Double Team for Lucario) both can create blinding Sunlight (Solar Flare for Goku and Sunny Day for Lucario)  Both have stats multipliers (Kaioken for the human and Calm Mind/Swords dance for the pokémon. They can even both transform into a more powerful state with Lucario being a pokémon with a mega evolution. Arguably Dragon Fist and Giga Impact are ultimate finishing moves and the only thing that Lucario seems to be lacking is the Spirit Bomb.

Yes he does have the Kamehameha, that’s why he is on this list as the technique is Cell’s de facto offensive move as well. It is called Aura Sphere and it is EXACTLY the same thing. Literally the ONLY difference between the two is that one is a beam and the other is a sphere.  Aura sphere is made out of one’s on inner energy , Aura as pokémon calls it is basically the same thing as Ki in dragonball. It is gather from within the user and hurled at the enemy in an attack that never misses. Aura Sphere is the Kamehameha Wave to a fault. Plus having a fighting type on this team that is able to transform as well seems to fit Cell quite nicely as well. 

Special Wall: Reuniclus (Psychic Type)

While this Pokémon isn’t particularly specially bulky it is okay at that job because of his high health stat and more than passable special defence but it will struggle against powerhouses. Much like Cell who has been blasted into pieces quite a few times during the Cell games. He doesn’t take special attacks that well. However I did not pick this pocket monster for the time traveling insectoid just because of their shared mediocrity. Reuniclus is the final form of the Cell Pokémon Solosis. The fully evolved pokémon is called the multiplying pokémon.  This means that the pokémon canonically is able to produce new cells or versions of itself . Quite like how Cell is able to produce miniature versions of himself called Cell Junior. A fun detail in this is that while the regular evolution line has a green (gelatinous) skin much like the antagonist that serves as it’s master, the shiny counterpart is blue.  Pokémon can get shiny from multiplying so Reuniclus could technically, maybe create blue juniors as well.

The hidden ability of the pokémion is called regenerator and what do you know.. that is Cell’s main defensive ability as well. Both of them can regenerate as well. So a bulky cell pokémon that can create blue offspring that doesnt take special hits to well but can regenerate?  That seems like quite a perfect pokémon for Cell.

Legendary: Mewtwo (Psychic Type)

A perfect lifeform and another perfect lifeform walk into bar and one says to the other ‘you are coming home with me tonight’ The second perfect life form scoffs and says ‘Why do you think that’ to which the first replies ‘I got some Masterballs with your name on them’ Now bad jokes aside, was there ever any doubt that Mewtwo would be the perfect legendary for Cell? Both created in a lab, both believed to be the perfect life form, both grown in a test tube for many years with the DNA of the most powerful creatures around. Even English Dub Mewtwo and Perfect Cell’s motivations are quite similar. Feeling they are a superior species they want to eliminate the unworthy. In case of Mewtwo that just happens to be Pokémon that serve humans as well as humans themselves and in case of Cell it’s ..everything that is not him. Mewtwo can transform beyond his perfect form and in Dragon Ball Online as well as some Dragon Ball Heroes arcade machine we have seen bugboy do the same.

Cell like Mewtwo is great at manipulating minds, seeing how he managed to trick Vegeta in letting him obtain his perfect form. Of course in a straight up fight between Mewtwo and Cell the later would win, because Bug types beat Psychic types.. so there is that question solved. Besides being their respective universes ultimate life form though they both have one more commonality that is too good not to mention. Both  Mewtwo (Game version and to a lesser extend the movie version) as well as Cell have been beaten by a ten year old boy!

Question to my Readers:

Which Villian (or Hero) would you like me to profile next?

When you fight Cell be warned he is a lot tougher than me, and less likely to play fair. Bring plenty of Fire types when facing Cell and make sure of them at least one of them is a Mega Houndoom that you don’t use against Lucario and you should be fine. Bring a Delphox for Lucario..or like a Chandelure and Cell will go down! 

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